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Fróði Midjord & Ruuben Kaalep:
Defending a Modern Ethnostate

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Fróði Midjord sits down with Ruuben Kaalep, a member of the Estonian Parliament (Riigikogu) for EKRE, the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia (Eesti Konservatiivne Rahvaerakond) for an interview inside of the chambers of Estonia’s Parliament building in Tallinn. Kaalep is also the founder of EKRE’s metapolitical wing, known as Sinine Ӓratus, or Blue Awakening. Blue Awakening organizes the annual Etnofutur Conference held the night before this interview, where both Kaalep and Midjord had delivered talks related to the conference’s themes of nationalism and identity.

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  1. Benjamin
    Posted March 16, 2020 at 4:01 pm | Permalink

    My only problem with “White nationalism” is that it’s too broad, and the leftists are technically correct when they say that “White” is a social construct of the post-WWII era.

    You can have ethno-states in Europe, where you have a real ethnos.

    But in America, you’d need a Dixie identity, Yankee identity, Texas identity, Mormon identity, etc.

    There’s not enough in common amongst the various European descended people living in the New World to forge ethno-states that correspond to the presently existing borders

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted March 16, 2020 at 4:39 pm | Permalink

      White Nationalism as I define it is simply ethnic self-determination for all white peoples.

      • Grandiose
        Posted March 17, 2020 at 1:47 am | Permalink

        I remember, a couple of years before the rise of the Alt-Right, when Pastor Robb was being interviewed by some European journalists. He’s not really my type of guy (KKK), but there was some wisdom in his words. They asked him:

        “Are you a nationalist?”

        “I’m a WHITE NATIONALIST.. I mean I love America, but my RACE IS MY NATION. Whether they are in Europe or Australia, etc.”

        So personally I think it’s pretty clear what white nationalism was and what it has become.

        White Nationalism is a brand new variant of Western Nationalism that has its roots in colonial racial thought and of course the great traditions of Mosley and (partly) Yockey.

        Ethno-nationalism, on the other hand, is merely the continuation of a more moderate kind of the old style nationalism that gave us World War I, among countless others conflicts and wars all across the continent.

        Soon, WN will be a precondition, once things get worse than we could ever imagine. In the end, the entire the Western Hemisphere will become, as Mosley said, a fully integral nation just like Britain, Spain, or Italy. To try to hide behind ethno-nationalism will lead us to nothing, except the same transfer of population and constant change of borders that you see in the Balkans.

        Aaah, I wish that Europe was like America (which it will have to become in the future anyway)..

        Yes you have all these Ethnos crying out loud “muh Yugoslavia” “muh Czechoslovakia” when these weren’t even Pan-European projects to begin with. “Muh there’s not really much in being white anyway, it’s a left leaning construct” “there are significant differnces between blah blah blah”.

        White+White=White. The colonies have shown that fusion is more than feasible. People are just delaying the process.

    • Grandiose
      Posted March 17, 2020 at 1:50 am | Permalink

      You simply have English-Speaking, colonial-cultured White People. What do you think White Ethnostate means anyway? It’s not Scottish Ethnostate, French Ethnostate, it’s White.

      “In Europe the local stocks have been broken down, whereas in America they have been re-United”

      -Sir Arthur Keith (original excerpt is somewhere in this website)

    • Fróði Midjord
      Posted March 17, 2020 at 4:55 am | Permalink

      White nationalism was simply taken for granted in the US before the 1965 immigration reform, and even after that (although the term wasn’t used). An American ethnostate is possible, because the US used to be an ethnostate — it used to be a self-evident norm.

      • R.ang
        Posted March 18, 2020 at 2:28 am | Permalink

        I feel like the perfect example of that are all those towns named after their European counterparts. Those settlers weren’t doing something new, they were just expanding Europe really. Sometimes they wanted more religious or other freedoms or simply make a better living, but they never wanted to leave their roots behind. Even as late as the 90’s our (Czech) children were taught that America is a white country with black, Asian, etc. minorities (in the 90’s most Czechs wouldn’t have seen a black person in real life, that has changed for us greatly too). Then the rhetorics changed to a “melting pot of cultures” and nowadays I’m not even sure they teach about this part of America at all.
        That said, even the European ethnostates weren’t 100% clean, there always were Gypsy and Jewish communities and merchants, etc. from other countries. And in that sense, America is still a white ethnostate. For now, anyway. If the dems keept bringing in so many migrants and Americans don’t do something about their birthrates, this fact might change eventually. Though blacks might be surprised, as the most likely ethnicity to grow to be the largest are the Hispanics.

    • Christopher
      Posted August 2, 2020 at 5:44 am | Permalink

      Leftists: ‘White is a social construct’

      Also leftists: ‘All white people are collectively responsible for the acts of a tiny mioritiy of white people. Also, all white people are evil racists.’

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