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An Appeal to the Bernie Bros

notwithher2,385 words / 16:29

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There are a few words I would like to share with you Bernie Sanders supporters, as I feel like you guys might ultimately be the last line of defense against America plunging head-first into the abyss. I never thought I would say something like that. Please, take a moment to hear me out while sipping your latte or reading your Greenpeace blog. 

I truly feel that Sanders voters are generally more intelligent, informed, and open-minded than the standard Hillary supporter, so I trust that many of you will at least hear me out. Hopefully the majority of you will even come to agree with what I am saying.

Many of your ilk, no doubt, are of the opinion that on Election Day, you need to do your best to drag yourself out of bed and over to the voting booths, where you must painfully and begrudgingly cast your vote for Hillary Clinton. You do not want to do it, not in the least, but out of some stubborn loyalty to your party — the party that corruptly stole the nomination from the candidate you wanted — and out of a misguided hatred of Donald Trump, you’re convinced that it must be done. Others of you are planning to cast a wasted vote on the clown, Gary “what’s Aleppo?” Johnson, or Jill Stein. Still others of you are convinced that the best, most moral option is to stay home entirely.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there is, in fact, a better alternative to these three paths of defeatism. It will probably make you wince at first to hear it, but please hear me out until I’m done. Truth, after all, usually causes a degree of pain in the person who first encounters it.

On Election Day, you do need to drag yourself to the voting booths . . . and you need to cast your vote for Donald J. Trump.

I can hear your cries of indignation across the country and across time, even though this is prerecorded.

You guys are the smarter contingent of Democrats, so please, bear with me as I explain.

You gave thousands upon thousands of small donations to Bernie because you strongly believed with religious fervor that he was the best option for the Democratic Party. You scrounged up as much money as you could without depleting your rent and nutrition needs, and used these small funds to propel him to second place in the primaries. You believed in his message and the kinds of changes that it proposed for America. Some of you even took to the streets and engaged in violence against Trump supporters out of the misguided view that we were the diametric opposite of you. By the end of this, hopefully you’ll see that your violence was misplaced.

And what was Bernie’s platform? What exactly did he want to do to and for America?

First and foremost, Bernie was a grass-roots populist. His support came not from the special interests, the big donors, the billionaires, foreign lobbies, or anywhere else that the standard politician gets his campaign paid for. His money and support came from ordinary citizens, mostly suburban college students sending small donations of a few hundred dollars each. He was essentially a man of the people, and his promises and even his voting record reflects that he put the interests of America before any extraneous interests.

Donald Trump is also a populist, but whereas Bernie was of the socialist brand, Trump is a nationalist. Like Bernie, Trump is also not a candidate bought and paid for by the special interests, the foreign lobbies, the globalists, or anyone else. His financial support comes from his own coffers, which he worked hard to fill since his youth. This is incredibly important, nay, it is crucial in proving that he owes no allegiances to any questionable forces. His support comes mostly from large swathes of the working and middle classes of America, people who are sick of seeing their neighborhoods get destroyed by the exportation of jobs and the importation of labor.

Bernie wanted to curb the influence of the economic elite over our elections, our policies, and our country at large. Like you, he was sick and tired of seeing politicians with the wealthiest connections and the shadiest dealings getting propelled to leadership positions and then squandering them or abusing them entirely, all at the expense of the people they were supposed to represent, of course.

Trump seeks to do the very same. I know many of you would argue “But he is one of the special interests! He’s donated millions to politicians before!” Yes, you are correct, and he has admitted this. He has been among the ranks of the donors. He has seen how the corruption works from the inside. As such, he knows how to combat it better than anyone else. And if you feel he does not legitimately seek to take on the donor class, then I must once again remind you that he is completely paying for his campaign with his own money. On top of that, he has made it crystal clear that he has slated these special interests as his enemies. At his most recent speech, he referred to the globalists who control our nation and use their power to get policies enacted that they want enacted. As a democratic socialist, you should be enamored by this dog-whistling.

Bernie stands against free trade, against allowing businesses to move overseas so they can make formerly American products in foreign sweatshops, then sell those goods back to us without any taxes. This is destructive to the economy at large and to the American worker specifically. This is a major ploy of the special interests, the donors, the Koch brothers, etc. His record proves this, as he stood against NAFTA during the Clinton administration and stands against TPP today.

Trump stands against free trade. He has stated very clearly that he intends to bring jobs back home, revive old factories and build new ones, staffing them with Americans who need jobs, and enacting policies that incentivize the factory owners to stay here. Trump too was strongly against NAFTA, which closed thousands of factories and shipped them to Mexico and Canada. He is also very strongly against TPP today. He and Bernie offer different methods, but their principles and end goals are the same. As such, it is no surprise that both of them were targeted by the establishment. But again, you Sanders people are smarter than the other liberals, so please don’t fall for the establishment’s lies.

Bernie was against unnecessary foreign wars, particularly in the Middle East. He did not support the regime change policy of Bush’s neocons, which is the same policy that Hillary will pursue. As such, he voted against the war in Iraq, a decision he regards as one of his most important as senator. Trump also stands against this kind of foreign interventionism. Despite his fiery personality, you must remember that he is NOT the war candidate by any means. He was against the war in Iraq, arguing back even in early 2000s that it would destabilize the Middle East, which it has. He is against regime change in Syria, just as he was against the disastrous overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya that Hillary spearheaded. He wants friendly relations with Russia, which could very well make him the only thing that could protect us from nuclear war. You need to focus on his stated policies rather than his personality, here. While he may come across as a blowhard, you must remember that like Bernie, he seeks to put America first in foreign relations.

Bernie and Trump have their differences, but they are the same kinds of men where it counts. Both are populists, both are against the 1% having control over the country, both want to rebuild the working class, both seek a sound foreign policy that puts America first without being unnecessarily aggressive to other nations.

Now let’s look at Hillary, who could not stand as a starker contrast to both men.

Hillary is no populist. She is completely bought and paid for by the oligarchical establishment both at home and abroad. Her donors are the Goldman Sachses, the Koch brothers, George Soros, the major media companies, as well as countless other billionaires and conglomerates. She also received massive campaign contributions from nations that support ISIS, like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, because of what they know she can do for them.

Hillary supports free trade, which means she supports the destruction of the working class in America. Her husband created NAFTA, and she supported it, and we all know how that worked out for us. She supported TPP, calling it the “gold standard” of trade deals, which will send countless more jobs to factories in Asia. She ended up backtracking on that statement after it was clear so many Democratic voters were against it . . . but make no mistake . . . once back in office, her initial support for it will return like a stubborn cold. Look at who her fucking donors are!

My next point is perhaps the most important. It is the point I really want to drive home to you folks more so than any others: Hillary is the war candidate. Hillary will give us World War III. Hillary will see civilization as we know it drown in a sea of ash.

Hillary supported the war in Iraq. What did that give us? It gave us destabilization of the Middle East, and it gave us ISIS. As Secretary of State, she actively worked to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya. She assisted violent, psychotic fundamentalists in removing Gaddafi’s secular Arab regime from power so that ISIS could entrench itself there. Gaddafi was brutally murdered for the simple crimes of not allowing foreign interests to wrap their tentacles around his nation, and for being against Israel. Her seemingly deliberate mismanagement of the situation led to the terrorist attack in Benghazi and the death of several Americans, among countless other non-Americans.

Hillary currently supports regime change in Syria against its own secular Arab leader. Were it not for the interference of Russia, her efforts would have succeeded, and ISIS would have taken that country over as well. It is no surprise that she receives massive donations from fundamentalist Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who have everything to gain from the removal of secular Arab regimes. It is no surprise that her staunchest Republican supporters are the same neoconservatives who got Bush to go into Iraq.

Most frighteningly, Hillary has proposed a no-fly zone over Syria. This would lead to a direct war with Russia, as Russia has its airforce stationed there and has anti-aircraft weaponry in place to defend its bases. Since 2008 she has promoted confrontational policies toward Russia. The globalists who paid for her campaign want nothing more than to see Russia weakened so that they can return their shadowy tendrils to that country, which they lost after Putin took power and kicked out the oligarchs.

Make no mistake, a Hillary presidency would mean war with Russia. War with Russia would go nuclear. A nuclear war would mean the vaporization of everything we love, specifically life itself.

Forget about the differences that exist between Trump supporters and you Bernie supporters for a moment. You want the right to smoke weed whenever and wherever? Fine! You want to protect the environment by going green? Great! You want free college? Wonderful. But guess what . . . you won’t be able to accomplish any of things in a nuclear wasteland. Hillary is unhinged, and her globalist masters are diabolical. Plus, they have their own fallout shelters, should the need arise. Even Jill Stein, whom I’m sure many of you support now, has made similar statements about her.

So who is the lesser of two evils now? They guy who said a few un-PC comments about some minority groups, or the woman who will actively bring us the apocalypse?

Hillary has referred to you guys as basement-dwellers who don’t understand politics. She has referred to us Trumpists as “a basket of deplorables.” I say that, just this once, we create a basket of deplorable basement-dwellers and work together to put her aspirations of power into the waste basket. We can fight our own battles with one another in the future, after we won’t have to worry about a mushroom of radiation turning us into wall-shadows.

I recognize that Bernie himself has come out in support of Clinton, and has even defended some of her statements. But I gotta say . . . I think he has done this out of a degree of fear. Fear for his job prospects, perhaps. After this past August, when several people who posed a threat to the Clinton foundation and DNC ended up dying under odd circumstances, all within a short time apart, perhaps Bernie even fears for his life. Therefore, I wouldn’t assume that his support for Clinton is 100% genuine.

Speaking of which, allow me to make a few things clear about myself, in the event this recording goes viral. I am not suicidal, nor have I ever been. I do not slip in the shower. I will never drop a barbell on my own throat. I live in a neighborhood where the likelihood of me dying in a botched-robbery attempt is zilch.

Glad that’s outta the way.

Back to my conclusion. Guys, regardless of who Bernie claims to endorse, here’s the deal. If you vote for the pro-war, pro-globalism, pro-banker, pro-special interest candidate, you will be betraying everything you believed in when you supported Bernie. If you vote for the person who’s campaign actively colluded with the news media to steal the nomination from Bernie, you will be betraying Bernie himself.

If you want someone who will give you the populism you wanted, and the jobs you need, and who will take on the oligarchs, and who will not threaten our very existence with a major military confrontation with a nuclear superpower . . . the choice is simple. Vote Trump. For the sake of our very lives, vote Trump. For the sake of revenge against the candidate who robbed your own candidate of his rightful place, vote Trump. The other social battles between us can come later.




  1. R_Moreland
    Posted October 21, 2016 at 11:57 pm | Permalink

    Noam Chomsky has commented that every several years the Democrats and Republicans switch their party policies and none of the voters seem any the wiser. And once upon a time a tenet on the spectrum of the left running from Radio Pacifica to Jim Hightower (remember him?) that America effectively has a one party system. Here we have the 2016 presidential election with all this being shoved in the electorate’s faces, yet too many liberal-leftists refuse to recognize what has happened.

    Wall Street finances Hillary Clinton? No problem, we’re onboard with the 1%!

    Clinton is a proponent of globalism? Hey, let’s forget the Battle of Seattle and rally behind her!

    The corporate media locksteps as the Democratic campaign’s propaganda arm. Nothing to see here, folks, move along!

    Clinton is militarily intervening in more country’s than George W Bush could every shake a big stick at? Well, at least she will not use scatological terms in private!

    And oh yeah, the Neo-con Establishment and even Mr New World Order himself (Bush sr) are voting for Hillary? It’s up to all good progressives to march to the polls and do the same!

    Surrealism and Dadaism had nothing on the Democrats in 2016. If one were into Conspiracy Theory, you might call Clinton’s campaign the Uber Revelation of the Method.

    If nothing else, the Trump campaign has exposed the System for the fraud it has been for decades. And there are millions of Americans waking up to it. Let us hope that there are enough to put the nation on the course of reality in November.

    • Dov
      Posted October 22, 2016 at 7:17 am | Permalink

      Unfortunately, I don’t think there are. It’s time for contingency plans.

  2. Klause
    Posted October 22, 2016 at 1:51 am | Permalink

    Nice piece. The only way we throw off our corporate globalist overlords is if the left and right join forces. I don’t think either side can do it alone.

  3. Lovekraft
    Posted October 22, 2016 at 7:33 am | Permalink

    It’s also notable that Hilary is using the desperate tactic of feminism appeal. Telling women that they can depend on her to continue the BigDaddyGovernment gravy train running, which we all know has resulted in debt/deficits, gender animosity, affirmative action, abortion gone wild etc.

    This is the same appeal as blacks voting for the Alinsky-ite Obama, who ends up importing millions of third worlders who will compete with those same blacks for jobs.

    The alt-right has recently been using the same RHETORICAL (as opposed to dialectical) tools the left has used to hammer the right. And their butthurt (Pepe is a hate symbol lolz) is epic.

  4. Generation Abyss
    Posted October 22, 2016 at 9:23 am | Permalink

    While it would be nice to persuade as many of these folks as possible that there is a better way… That is going to be hard to do.

    Better, I think, would be to blackpill them constantly, via sock accounts which present as allies, every single day.

    This will serve two purposes: preventing any attempt by the Clintons to co-opt them as well as rendering them so disillusioned as to make them receptive to real alternative ideas.

    The Clintons will attempt to triangulate as they did in the Nineties. What we need to do is to flip this script and instead place them in crossfire between the Progressive Left and the Alt Right.

  5. Peter
    Posted October 22, 2016 at 10:12 am | Permalink

    Aha. “Forget about the differences that exist between Trump supporters and you Bernie supporters for a moment. You want the right to smoke weed whenever and wherever? Fine!”

    So I have rooted for a coaltion of identitarians (i.e. “racists”, “WNs”) with cultural libertarians and leftists who get race because for me, this is about saving our race, NOT about political positions, of heroism or feminism or gays or whatever. The answer in the usual rightwing forums was clear and unsdisputed: the DEATH SQUAD for the political opponent. No forum moderator would object, nobody would mitigate, ah that´s only bantz. Nope. Violence, extermination is the way to go.

    Seems like the incredible political immaturity and inaptness comes back to bite them in the ass, no?

    • Matthias
      Posted October 22, 2016 at 6:51 pm | Permalink

      You seem to forget that it was THEM who started the systematic denigration and even dehumanizing of the political opponent. When even mere libertarians or Classical Liberals get clubbered by “muh Nazi”, the hand stays open only for so long.

  6. rhine gold cowboy
    Posted October 23, 2016 at 7:19 am | Permalink

    I think there are quite a few of us out there whose preferred candidates this year were Sanders>Trump>Clinton. I’m a little old for a bernie bro, but I am a registered (Reagan/trade unionist) Democrat looking forwards to voting for Trump and confusion to the globalists.

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