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What is the Alt Right?

pepechet739 words

Frog memes and hate speech.

Well that would be the answer on Twitter.

The Alt-Right is a synod of dissident right-wing, nationalist, identitarian, and fascist (oy vey!) thinkers opposed to the postwar liberal order in the White nations of Europe and the Anglosphere. This order has presided over and enacted government policies that result in Whites becoming an increasingly smaller share of the global population and of the population of each country where we form a majority. No other people would accept this kind of social and biological disintegration of their society. It is unacceptable, and the foundation it rests on is a moral order that views people of color and their demands as superior to ours in any and all situations (decolonization), one that insists race is skin deep and evolution stopped at the neck (anti-reality), one that believes we are all literally equal (utopia), one that believes hierarchies are evil (disorderly injustice), and one that believes the ideal of womanhood is to become a male laborer (anti-natalism). This cosmopolitan elitist worldview puts the free movement of capital (human or otherwise) ahead of the needs of the native populations and regards the existence of White people as an obstacle to “social justice.” We value our communities as much as anyone else, and just as the Egyptian, the Indian, and the African sought their independence from anti-native governance, so shall we.

The Alt-Right is a radical critique of conservatism as well. Conservatives, in failing to realize that their values are just watered-down White values (most GOP voters are White and most Whites vote GOP) and instead trying to pander to non-white voters who reject their ideology, have doomed themselves to political suicide. When the United States becomes minority-majority, as the under-5 population currently is, no Republican will win a national election ever again. Some conservatives the Republican party are. They don’t even understand what it is they should be conserving.

Ultimately, we believe that as a people we need to take our own side in the debates of our time. We cannot let our enemies set the moral parameters we are allowed to operate in either. They don’t want us to succeed, after all.

Below are some links to get you started exploring the Alt-Right, if you are so interested.

Major Alt-Right sites:

Selected articles I’ve written:

Very incomplete list of quality content from other writers (too many to list):

You made it to the end. Here is your 5000-word reward!




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  1. Ogier the Dane
    Posted August 26, 2016 at 3:18 pm | Permalink

    This is a brilliant introduction to the newbee, who’s interest has been provoked by the Harpy speech.

    I googled “the alt right”, and at number three came Milos Breitbart article, where he tossed in a link to your article “multiculturalism in action” at the TRS site.
    May I suggest you asked them to edit the article and put in a link under the subtitle to this article, to give the curious the best start possible.

  2. Dov
    Posted August 27, 2016 at 5:30 pm | Permalink

    The best introduction to the “Alt-Right” worldview I’ve ever read:

  3. Doug Huffman
    Posted August 31, 2016 at 6:30 pm | Permalink

    I live in an Icelandic-American community. Our common expletive is Uff-da, Norwegian for Oy veh.

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