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The Call of the Blood:
Some Advice to Multiracial Children & Third Culture Kids

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The métis – individuals who are multiracial or multicultural – is by definition conflicted in his identity. He is, as is well known, part of two worlds but is a full member of neither. The result is a great deal of suffering and incomprehension, as the métis must struggle to imperfectly conform to the norms of two different worlds and feel alienation at being a partial foreigner in both. 

Unsurprisingly, this leads to significant psychological damage to the young métis, which are well-documented. The National Children’s Bureau, a major British charity, reports that:

[M]ixed race children and young people do experience greater risks to their mental health as they struggle to develop an identity for themselves which they find comfortable. The report points out that young people of mixed race are:

  • significantly over-represented in the youth justice system, the child protection system and the looked after system. [Mixed-race children and youth make up 3.5 percent of the population, but 7.4 per cent of children on the child protection register and 8 percent of children in [foster] care.]
  • potentially at greater risk of experiencing mental health problems as a result of poor self-esteem, hostile and rejecting relationships, and the experience of discrimination from both black [meaning all people of color] and white peers.[1]

Mono-racial children raised in diverse environments face similar problems. The term “third culture kids” (TCKs) refers to the (often White) children of expatriates living abroad in an alien environment, often with frequent moves (such as children of diplomats, military personnel, upper middle class international work), but can also refer to bilingual children or multinational couples of the same race, etc. TCKs are known to have rather strange characteristics: They tend to be more educated, more likely to experience depression, more likely to commit suicide, more likely to feel alienated, and, paradoxically but perhaps unsurprisingly, more likely to be nationalistic (they often superficially embrace and advertise their nation of origin in response to identitarian unease).[2]

Mixed-race individuals and TCKs then suffer from a perpetual feeling of rootlessness, of alienation, of loss, of not quite fitting in, of never quite feeling at home. Worse, there is an ever-present feeling of a kind of homesickness, of longing for a home one has never known. 

No doubt the most famous mixed race individual and TCK today is President Barack Hussein Obama II, who shows many typical characteristics. Obama is peculiar, we must remember, not simply in a being a biracial man with “a mother from Kansas and a father from Kenya,” as he and the media like to emphasize, but also in being a third culture kid who spent virtually his entire childhood and most formative years in Indonesia and Hawaii. For Obama, going to the mainland United States at the tender age of 18 to attend Occidental College, California, was quite effectively like moving to a foreign country. While Obama was raised by a loving White family, especially his grandparents, his deadbeat absentee Kenyan father was an alcoholic, a Marxist, and a polygamist philanderer who killed himself in an automobile accident while drunk driving (his third such accident in his final years). 

A feeling of homelessness typical of TCKs and mixed-race youth is the basic narrative thread throughout Obama’s verbose first memoir, Dreams from my Father.[3] Though Obama had yet to make any significant accomplishments, he believed his multiracial/cultural experience and suffering were enough to warrant such a lengthy opus. 

In my view, the métis can serve a useful social and cultural role – for he also has many gifts – but he must not be central to society. He is doomed, for his entire life, to a certain degree of suffering and alienation. That is the pain his parents and the world have burdened him with, and he must accept it. But, what is life anyway but suffering? That is how we learn and build character. As the Greek poet Aeschylus wrote: “Wisdom comes from suffering.” Rendered in the American proverb as: “A burned child won’t go near the stove.” The métis has a chance at being wiser than his fellows. 

The métis also has a more mundane but significant knowledge of nationhood. An Anglo-Japanese woman knows England both through the experience/self-perception of the English and through the foreign view of Japanese; she knows Japan too through the eyes of England and the experience/self-perception of the Japanese. She then knows not just one country but four. Now suppose a purebred stay-at-home Japano-Japanese: He knows his country only through his own nation’s eyes, he knows not what makes her unique compared to others, for he does not know others.

The métis then has a kind of three-dimensional view of nationhood. His mono-cultural compatriot lives his national life, and this is indeed the way things should be for most, but he does not know his nation in the wider context of her differences with other nations. The métis’ knowledge of the uniqueness of his cultures may well motivate him to work to preserve them. (One is struck for instance at the number of pan-European advocates having been raised or lived in Japan, such as Jared Taylor or Bruno Gollnisch. An intimate knowledge of the extreme culturally-particular Land of the Rising Sun seems to make Europeans more aware of their own precious specificity.)

The métis also suffers, throughout his entire life and right down to the deepest crevices of his soul, from the contradictions and alienation of multiculturalism. This can be a strength: His early experience of suffering can build character and, if the métis is mature, he may be motivated by his suffering to prevent the national dissolution of his fatherlands.

In the case of Obama, he does not seem to have reacted to his pain as a “tragic mulatto” in a constructive way. He writes that he consumed alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine to “push questions of who I was out of my mind, something that could flatten out the landscape of my heart, blur the edges of my memory.”[4]

Today, all nations are being destroyed, slowly but surely (even Japan and China, I would wager are not as secure as we may think). In the European World, the world which concerns us, our nations are being destroyed through a combination of Zio-Americanization of mass and elite culture, and displacement-level immigration from the Third World. The head is being transnationalized by an international, Atlantic, and heavily Zionist plutocracy, the base is being Balkanized through mass Asian/Hispanic or African/Islamic immigration, as the case may be.

In this, Provence and Texas are equally victims of New York and Hollywood. We are all becoming homeless mongrels. Today, native Frenchmen are increasingly foreigners in their own country, forced to passively suffer, adapt to, and conform to the English language and a forced “American Dream,” and to an emerging Afro-Islamic majority. The Anglo-Texan is no different, seeing everything he holds dear be destroyed, his culture desecrated by TV and film producers (watch King of the Hill), and his land shockingly rapidly reclaimed by Mexico through sheer force of numbers.

If the métis is mature, he will want to prevent his own affliction from befalling all of his compatriots, but rather will use his special knowledge for the noble purpose of developing and perfecting the genius of each nation, in all their glorious personality.

The pain of the métis stems from the disharmony between the individual, the family, and the society. In a genuine nation, these are in harmony: the individual is educated by a French family and a French society in which both individual and family are embedded. The nation is not known but lived. All is different for the TCK: The family’s culture does not correspond to the society’s, leading to constant tension and contradiction between the two.[5]

A White American child raised in France, for instance, would be torn between the assumptions of American culture (the First Amendment, individualism . . .) and the assumptions of French culture (statism in both cultural and socio-economic life . . .). The child would never be able to reconcile the two but would, at best, learn to navigate the two, which is a good deal more difficult than simply living one’s own culture.

Barack Obama is quite skilled at this kind of navigation, able to present as an “articulate” Black man to White liberal audiences hungry to prove their anti-racism, and do various “Black” things such as energetically preach in Black churches or fist-bump Black janitors. This is not such an easy thing when one considers the chasm between ghetto Black and middle class White cultures in America (he is greatly aided by the fact that liberals pretend to embrace Black culture to be “cool” and by the heavy promotion of ghetto Black misbehavior to all American youth in pop culture, e.g. gangster rap, Miley Cyrus, etc).

If one is merely a bicultural TCK, then one navigates two cultures. If one is a biracial individual, then the conflict is in the blood. A young “tragic mulattress” doesn’t know whether to start “twerking” with ghetto Blacks or play Mozart sonatas in mother Europa. (You can’t do both in good faith.) The White-Black half-caste in particular is driven mad, embittered by the abysmally tragic contrast (and really that is too weak a word) between the innumerable and manifestly glorious accomplishments of Europe,[6] and the reality of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Obama made a particular choice, as all métis must choose sooner or later, of consciously rejecting White America/Europe and embracing African-America. Obama writes on touring Europe: “And by the end of the first week or so, I realized that I’d made a mistake. It wasn’t that Europe wasn’t beautiful; everything was just as I’d imagined it. It just wasn’t mine.”[7] He admits to dumping a White girlfriend on racial grounds. Instead, he chose to embrace Black America, marry into a middlebrow Black family, move to Chicago, and spend a life agitating for the Black American race through “community organizing” and ethnic litigation.

Personally, I cannot quite see the appeal of the Bantu over the European,[8] but the young adult Obama’s choice was perfectly “patriotic” so to speak. Torn between two cultures, he rushed for one, even as he noted the similarities between fatherless households in both Kenya and Chicago, the latter having mysteriously reproduced African reproductive patterns across the thousands of miles of the Atlantic . . . He was rejected by a part of the Black community as an upstart and an alien, not a legitimate descendant of slaves, but no matter, he made his choice and has lived with it since. He made his bid to find a home in Black America.

In a mono-racial individual, the call of the blood is the life instinct, the urge to defend one’s tribe and people, the basic biological drive behind both disorganized ethnocentrism and political nationalism. The mixed-race individual is lost however: Which way does the call of blood pull? That is a choice each must make.


1. National Children’s Bureau, “Challenges face mixed raced children and young people in the UK today,” February 26, 2014. There is similar data for the United States. Richard Udry et al, “Health and Behavior Risks of Adolescents with Mixed-Race Identity,” American Journal of Public Health, November 2003, 93 (11).

2. “What is a Third Culture Kid?”

3. Barack Obama, Dreams from my Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance (New York City: Three Rivers Press, 2004, first published 1995). On reading Obama’s memoir in plain English, see Steve Sailer, America’s Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama’s “Story of Race and Inheritance” (VDARE, 2008).

4. “Obama gets blunt with N.H. Students,” Boston Globe, November 21, 2007.

5. Things are even worse in an officially multinational/multicultural society. In this case all national self-assertion is suppressed and government is reduced to shallow inter-ethnic compromises between elites, then insincerely implemented by the various groups. This sort of thing accounts for instance for the dullness, ugliness, and contradictions of the Belgian and Canadian regimes today, but really all Western nations are heading for this. This was also evident in the old Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the ugly compromises of which drove the young Adolf Hitler to wild fits of rage in fin-de-siècle Vienna.

6. See @EuropesHistory on Twitter:

7. Obama, Dreams, 301-302.

8.  Though I would add, given the alienated and truly degenerate state of Europeans today, and the possibility that Sub-Saharan Africans will replace them even in Europe herself, the primal Bantu virtues are acquiring a certain glory.



  1. Thor Hammer
    Posted December 15, 2015 at 5:43 am | Permalink

    I am a person who has always been accepted by Whites as just another White person. They have always been kind and welcoming to me, treating me as one of them. My mother is a pure White, but my father is an individual of European White, Middle-Eastern White, Chinese, and a little bit of African decent. My father is an exceptionally intelligent man, and my mother recognised this openly, admiring my father’s intelligence. I have never met in my real-life as an intelligent person as my father, and this is no mere exaggeration simply to praise my father. I have to emphasise that my father’s father was a very White-looking Middle-Eastern man who was always mistaken for a pure White. My father’s family is from an upper caste family which once lived in a European colony before moving to the West once the colony became independent. My family has always been Social Dawrwinist and they always valued purity of blood, though my part of the family failed to stay true to that ideal. In any case, racial purism is still alive in my family, and I am often reminded by them not to mingle with non-Whites or non-East Asians, i.e. to have any contact with “foreigners” (and it does not matter of what generation they are). Like many from the colonial era, my family believes that a lighter skin tone proves their superiority, making them inclined to separate from their inferiors. I do not disapprove of this ideology, because it evidently helped not to create a dysgenic situation in my family, and rather helped to select for intelligence, though unfortunately not racial purity in my part of the family. In any case, the Chinese ancestor in my father’s family is said to have been very intelligent, so was my father’s father, and so were my European ancestors in my father’s family. I think my family may have been inclined to mix due to a shortage of Europeans. In any case, they used their common sense not to mix with Africans and to select for intelligence. My family has always lived an isolated existence in the colony, only wishing to interact with Whites and sometimes East Asians, whom they regarded as reasonably equal to Whites. To speak of my situation, although I love my father, I have often even doubted whether he is my father, because I look too European: I have light-grey eyes, auburn hair, an unusually White skin, making me even lighter than most Europeans themselves. The only feature that my mother has always used to convince me that my father is my father is my particularly big nose, though I have seen pure Scandinavians with the same kind of nose. I once had a discussion with my White female best friend who was a top student in our grammar school, and I told her about my ancestry. After a long recital of my lineage and emphasising my multicultural background, she said to me in a cold tone: “but you look European.” She said this with an evident undertone of disbelief. Since then I have had no doubt anymore that I am European, that I should identify as such, and that despite my rather unique background, I should live in the present, and recognise that I am much more a European indidual than anything else. Even when I was not yet sure of how to identify – although those around me always identified me as White – I felt an oblogation to help preserve European culture, civilisation, history, language, etc. I loved Europe, and never felt not at home in Europe. I never felt any such sentiment towards my other cultural backgrounds. I wished those cultures well, but felt bo connection with them at all. My family has also always been strongly pro-European, and they have been particularly anxious about the decline of European man for over a century. They may not all be pure Europeans, but they certainly looked out for their interests, because they have always considered European civilisation and European man both physically and morally superior – the only other civilisation they admired was East Asian civilisation. In any case, Social Darwinism, racial purism, and Apartheid-style racial separatism created my family, and finally me. I find it only logical that I should support pure European blood, because the most prominent blood in me is my European blood. I simply have a higher percentage of European blood in me than any other type of racial blood; this makes my European background logically dominant. I have figured that I must be something like 25% Levantine White, over 50% White, and less than 25% other. My Levantine White blood must be quite European genetically, because my father had blonde hair when he was born and my father’s father had strikingly light-coloured eyes; some say he even had blue eyes, but most agree his eyes were somewhat greenish-greyish. Another factor that drove me towards feeling the need to help Whites and fight for their purity is the fact that I was severely discriminated against by Muslims in Europe who hated me deeply for being White, and even more so when I stood up for a White boy being bullied, for which they physically attacked me in a group of more than 20. This incident literally made me vow to hate Muslims for life. They liked to treat me badly because I was merely an “infidel” and a “White” to them, and I had become deeply aware of this. I see the Muslim problem as one of the greatest problems in Europe. However, Europeans are still too soft on them, while they are violence-loving brutes who deserve a beating. I think that Europeans should also train themselves in self-defence. I could not defend myself well enough when I was attacked by that group of Muslims, I am just happy I was not too badly hurt. Now to speak of my personal history and what made me turn to nationalism: I lived in a foreign country with my mother and father for a while. I learned to speak English there. However, I became acutely aware of how European I really was, how much I liked to speak my European language, and how much I really liked being around other Eurooeans of the same culture. What we also realised is that we could not survive without adopting a European diaspora strategy: we had to network with other Europeans of the same language and culture. This made me and my family more fiercely patriotic than ever: we wished only to speak our own language and culture among ourselves, we despised everything about the “foreigners”, and we longed to return back to the fatherland, which we had started to idealise. Once my family returned to the idealised fatherland, I returned as a fiercely nationalistic individual who did not comprehend why his peers were not nationalistic enough; I started noticing I was different from my peers because I had become an ethnic nationalist who would favour his own kind at all times and think of ways to help his own group get ahead. I needed some time to get adjusted to Europe again and get used to the idea of pure Europeans being not so nationalistic as myself. However, staying abroad for some time has changed me forever. I would never look at Europeans the same way, and although racial purism and Social Darwinism had already influenced me from birth, my identity had gained a whole new dimension once I had returned home to realise just how nationalistic I had become. I know a lot about other cultures now and I speak multiple languages, including a European minority language which I hold in high regard whilst the minority people to which that language belongs is my mother’s native culture. As I have this knowledge, I only know too well how important it is to defend ourselves. Being part of the European diaspora made me used to difficulties, and it helped me to see the dangers that could potentially lead to the destruction of my family, my ethnicity, and my race, because we were confronted with those dangers as harsh realities almost every single day. Indeed, not even China and Japan can be too sure that they are safe; the struggle for preservation is difficult everywhere. It is good to see ourselves in context, and that should motivate us to struggle for European preservation. On a personal note, I have always not wanted to reproduce because I did not want to burden pure Europeans whom I regard as my fellows, but since I do not want my intelligence to go to waste, I have decided it is my duty to reproduce as well; after all, my children like myself could help pure Europeans survive. I have long considered reproducing to be a be a bad thing, certainly for me, and I was horrified by the idea of continuing myself and my family line, but maybe becoming a parent is not such a bad idea after all. In any case, to make up for it, I can raise a few pure European children as well; artificial insemination makes this a real possibility today. My family will be happy, because they love pure Europeans, and I will be happy as well, because although I am repulsed by the idea of reproduction, I like the idea of being a father. I like social things, and I care not for sex; I like people. I think that reproducing my family’s intelligence by having 2 kids of my own and then a few pure Europeans should be fine. Although it may go against nature to favour pure European kids according to some observers, I realise my children cannot be as pure, although they will look entirely European. Purity is important to me and my family. That cannot be changed. It feels like this love of purity is inborn.

    • Thor Hammer
      Posted December 15, 2015 at 6:29 am | Permalink

      I made a few mistakes due to the fact that I am using an Ipad, but what is more important is that I forgot to clarify the nature of the disbelief of my friend: she did not believe that I was not European, and she spoke in her typical disapproving way implicitly telling me “how can you think such an absurd thing?” (i.e. how on earth can you delude yourself into thinking you are not just a normal White like me). She did not need to use so many words, because we implicitly understood each other very well, as we had very similar characters and a very similar outlook on life. I am sure she was just telling me: “if you hadn’t been White to me, we wouldn’t even be friends.” Of course, that would have been politically incorrect to say, so she just told me in another way. Her family always treated me very well, and they were also implicitly fiercely nationalistic, because they had lived in Japan for quite some years. Before I could be friends with this girl, her parents wanted to meet me and my parents; they did not allow their daughter to befriend anyone they disapproved of. They liked me, however, from the beginning and so they accepted me immediately. Her family happened to also be of the same European minority culture as my mother, though their daughter could not speak the language, but she wished to learn it together with me. Her parents made a special effort to teach me a little bit of Japanese, and the father even bought some simple Japanese books for me and his daughter when he was in Japan. My friend’s family had four children, and she also told me a couple that she wished to have four children in the future. Her family had a tradition of having many children, and this is very good because her family produced many exceptionally intelligent individuals, my friend being one of them. I like families that practise eugenics. However, to do so, they must be loving, strong, and stable. Without that, families inevitably decline.

      • Anonymous
        Posted December 15, 2015 at 8:00 pm | Permalink

        The anguish that comes across in your comments strikes me as a demonstration of the article’s contention. Whether you should reproduce is something only you, and a woman of your choice, can decide, but I don’t think you should feel any obligation. If you marry a White woman your children, or their children, may qualify for citizenship in a future ethnostate; the rules as to who is in or out are necessarily sketchy at this point, but even under the Nuremberg Laws there were full citizens with a non-White great-grandparent.

        • Skyler Thomas
          Posted December 16, 2015 at 4:22 pm | Permalink

          I don’t know much about The Nuremberg Laws, but I believe they were in pertaining to persons who had non-German admixture (i.e. Polish, possibly Jewish) but still virtually European, but likely didn’t include people who were racially mixed. Just as the Japanese likely wouldn’t make a big deal about people who are 1/4th Korean or Chinese but almost certainly would drawn a line with “Japanese” people with Negro lineage. Thor Hammer isn’t only racially mixed, but relatively recently and very racially mixed. It might be if Thor Hammer had one Mongoloid ancestor from 10 or 15 generations back on his paternal line, but being one-quarter non-White (at least), with Middle Eastern, Chinese and African ancestry, that’s simply a bit much.

          Also, The Nuremberg Laws were, in large part, phenotypic-based, not genotypic-based i.e. kinship based. Future White ethno-states would be wise to implement genotypic kinship-based policies. The reason why we must have DNA testing to determine racial classification and not solely phenotype: What if someone with MORE non-White admixture (e.g., 1/8th Chinese, 1/8th Nigerian, etc.,) “looked” Whiter than someone with LESS (e.g., 1/16th Japanese)? Would we actually accept the former because they “look” Whiter than the latter – even though the latter is genetically closer to Whites? Do we accept them both? Would we embrace someone that’s 1/32nd or 1/16th non-White and someone that’s half or 1/4th non-White equally? Because I see a very slippery slope. I see a future ethno-state that accepts people who are 1/8th or 1/4th or even half non-White merely because of what they “look” like, while completely ignoring their genetics. And then Whites are right back to where we started, being genetically swamped by non-White genes, this time by “partially” non-White people – as if that’s any improvement over being genetically swamped by the totally non-White. We currently live in an age of science, DNA sequencing and 23andme, etc. The times of looking at someone and saying “looks White enough to me” are archaic, frankly. What our future ethno-states need is to reject phenotypic-based policies and implement genotypic-based ones – which set an established genetic president – regardless of appearance. No exceptions. Otherwise all of this is moot. Non-White genes, and people who carry them, simply don’t belong in White societies. We aren’t trying to preserve or promulgate non-White genes but White genes, and we can’t do that if we’re introducing non-White genes into our societies and gene-pools.

          Lastly, I totally disagree that reproduction is a purely individual decision. Reproduction is most certainly not solely up to “consisting adults.” It’s up to the society, as whole, because the society, as a whole, is effected by it. It’s just as with the whole Welfare State: Lower-class people having children which upper-class people have to pay for. I shouldn’t have to pay for anyone’s children other than my own. Period. If people can’t afford to have children then legally they should be prohibited from having any. When YOUR ACTIONS effect OTHER PEOPLE those people NOW HAVE A SAY in YOUR DECISIONS – and only a sociopath would think differently. Immigration, homosexuality, miscegenation, etc., are all actions and decisions which effects the society as a whole, so the WHOLE society gets a say in the matter. If China can limit people to one child then surely a White ethno-state can sterilize its mixed inhabitants. A White ethno-state should only incentivize its purer inhabitants while totally disincentivizing its non-Whites and racially mixed from having children. If Thor Hammer does indeed have confirmed African and Oriental ancestry, then he isn’t White. He may look White, he may identify as White, he may even be a humble human being. But he isn’t White. By mating with a “pure White” he wouldn’t “breed-out” his non-White genes – genes can’t be bred-out; they can be masked over time by the more dominate and consisting genes, but NEVER completely gone – but instead would dilute and introduce his non-White ancestry into a pure White bloodline that otherwise could’ve produced more pure White offspring, thus making the same mistake his mother did: Birthing racially mixed people who, genetically, don’t fit in and will always be plagued with doubt and alienation. Reproduction (mating, having babies, etc.,) isn’t about “love” or any religiously-driven spiritual hocus pocus or status quo. It’s about increasing your numbers. Increasing the numbers of your your tribe. Thor Hammer, being racially mixed, ISN’T apart of our tribe – perhaps partially, but certainly not entirely. The White race doesn’t benefit by having the racially mixed mate with our members and introduce their non-White genes into our gene-pool – if anything it’s maladaptive. If the racially mixed are permitted to live in our White ethno-states, they’ll be very much “second-class” citizens of a sort. They’ll be allowed to benefit socially, economically and academically (which should be good enough). They’ll be allowed to make friends, attend school, find a job – nothing in science or politics, of course – but they couldn’t mate with White people. They couldn’t mate at all in fact. The racially mixed would be incentivized – perhaps even with a pay-off – to become sterile, so as to ensure that their non-White ancestry isn’t transferred or promulgated i.e. that their non-White ancestry dies-out with them and isn’t passed on to the next generaton. I believe this is more than fair, and anyone who truly wants the White race to survive and progress as a genetic entity should be on board. Anyone who dislikes may freely leave.

          • Anonymous
            Posted December 17, 2015 at 12:23 am | Permalink

            Fair enough points, Skyler.

            Regarding the Nuremberg Laws, though, my understanding is that they were based on a person’s family tree, not their appearance. And I agree that in the 21st century genetic testing would make this approach largely obsolete. But the main purpose of the Nuremberg Laws was to get Jews out of the gene pool, and as Jews are non-White, I do think there is a valid analogy to be drawn with Thorhammer’s situation.

            Perhaps I was being too nice. I understood from what he wrote that he was about a quarter non-white, and that a mixture of Chinese and Arab, not black African. His grandchildren would then be one 16th non-White, which doesn’t sound like a Trojan horse to me. But maybe I don’t know enough about genetics to make that call.

            Regarding sterilisation for the greater good, yes, that sounds reasonable as long as it is voluntary. Give reproducing-age non-Whites the option of deportation or the snip. But I will not tell a person of mixed race that they have no right to reproduce outside of a White ethnostate; they can emigrate to Brazil or some other mixed country where they will fit in, insofar as it is possible for such a person to fit in anywhere.

            And if I were such a person myself I imagine that I would look for the Whitest mate I could find, adhere to European cultural norms and think of myself as an imperfect, exiled White person. I also imagine that I would hold out hope that my lineage would rejoin the White gene pool at some point in the future. This reminds me of the light-skinned mulatto character in Tom Wolfe’s novel Back to Blood, a Professor of French who thinks of himself as “essentially European” and who is horrified at seeing his almost-White son hanging around with “American negs” because of where he goes to school–or who knows, because of some atavistic call of nature…

            This is a discussion that has been had at Counter Currents many times, and I must admit that it fascinates me. Personally I feel much sympathy for these people, while at the same time I worry as you do that the whole concept of White identity will unravel if its definition is to be diluted in any way. It seems we are dealing with an application of the sorites paradox: one grain of sand is not a heap, but how about two? Twenty? Two hundred…? Well, say someone has a Jewish or Chinese great, great grandparent? Are they White? How about if they have two…? The line has to be drawn somewhere, but the crucial thing to notice is that Whiteness still exists, just as the heap of sand exists, and still exists when a grain or more is removed. It’s obviously a fallacy to say that because someone with distant Non-white ancestry is for all intents and purposes White, that therefore Whiteness is a false category or a mere social construct.

            I also think it’s salutary to remind ourselves that if we weren’t being flooded with genocidal immigration, it probably would not cause us any anguish if someone like Thorhammer chooses to identify as White. I would not feel the need to exclude him if he were one of a kind, or a very rare phenomenon. China is still Chinese even though there are now some blacks living there (which is not to say it was a good idea to bring them in). But again, how many grains make a heap? How many mischlings make a multi-racial society?

        • Thor Hammer
          Posted December 16, 2015 at 6:13 pm | Permalink

          Thank you for your kind comment. I know what you mean concerning the emotion that my messages give off. Excitement, seriousness, and reflection are typical for me. It may come across as that I have a deep fear rather than that I am merely excited, but then an emotion is being projected into my brain that I do generally not have. Concerning obligation, I have my relations with others and this produces obligations; I cannot live doing whatever I want, and because of this realisation, I have to accept my obligations towards others. As I have said, I know that my children will not be pure, and I come from a family that values racial purity; the only rationale for me producing my own children is reproducing my own intelligence and personality in order that those qualities may help the White race, yet at the same time – though not as a contradiction – I wish there to be more pure Europeans, which makes that I want to resort to artificial insemination. People may call me crazy for wishing to create pure Europeans through modern technology, but my family has already adopted a few pure European and raising them in our family went extremely well. My father has also adopted a pure European boy.

          So the next step is simply using modern technology to create the heirs that we wish to have; my family has racialist traditions stemming back at least to the 19th century, and hence many racialist credentials. The only fear that can be read into me is an intense xenophobia and fear of impurity which I will not deny at all because that is who I am and what characterises my family; I want to have nothing to do with racial “foreigners” and I wish to reduce impurity in the world. I fear for the future of the purity of the White race, but I will make sure to do whatever I can to help; whether my children will be eligible to a White ethnostate, or whether they will eventually have to be sacrificed is not up to me, nor is it one of my gravest concerns. Sacrifices have to be made. If ever I have to be killed myself to stay true to my ideal of purity, then so be it; maybe a “tragedy” (only relative) will occur that the people whom I have always supported will turn on me and my family, but that is a small price to pay for the ideal. I would rather die than let impurity prevail in the world.

          I do not believe in individual freedom. Therefore, I do not believe it is my right to forsake my duties. However, I merely had to figure out whether the expectations of others made sense; I had to know for myself whether that which others expect of me is truly good for them. I have drawn my conclusions, and I will try to fulfill my duties until the day of my death; I will either try and succeed or die trying. It will be the biggest shame to me and those around me if I neglect my duties. My only right is to question whether my duties are indeed good for others; however, once I know the truth, I cannot pretend not to know anymore. My family’s intelligence and hence that of my children can be useful to the cause of preserving European purity and for the survival of humanity in general. Using that intelligence to make a small contribution would be enough.

          That is my only reason for continuing my lineage, otherwise I would have sticked with my original plan to abort my lineage in order to make more room for superior pure blood. I do not care whether my descendants will be killed in some distant future perhaps by the descendants of the same people I and my family (at least since the 19th century) have supported; I do not care whether an ethnostate will annihilate them all, to be frank with you. My only concern is that pure blood will survive and that the White race will make it; I am willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for this goal, otherwise I would not be a true member of my family adhering to the ideology that has kept my ancestors alive in the colonies and has even created my family. If my family educated me for anything, then it is for death. Our only merit is our intelligence; we must use that to the benefit of others and ultimately meet an honourable death. Making place for others in this world will allow for superior life forms to freely evolve; we must meet our death for you to thrive, and that death will hence be the greatest honour to us. I will serve pure and superior blood for as long as I live; I care not where it leads for myself, I only care where it leads for people of superior and pure blood. Ultimately, all the less perfect ones must die; the better ones must remain and inherit the earth.

          This is the Social Darwinism that I have been fed from birth. Like so many life forms, my lineage may need to die as well; if it must for the sake of the purity of the European race, then that is ultimately a small sacrifice to make for the greater good. I may be called a psychopath descending from a long line of psychopaths, but I deny that I am such; I am merely being realistic, and I do not fear reality nor fearfully hold on to unrealistic dreams, merely to feel good about myself and my family whilst feeling entitled to self-preservation at the same time. No, death may be our ultimate duty after fulfilling all our other duties. When our superiors say “you have done well and now you must die,” we must obey and die with pride. We are not free individuals, but people with relationships; those relationships create rights and obligations, not the universe detached from humanity does that. The fact that we forgot this simple fact of life temporarily is what got us in this mess in the first place.

          Although my words may come across as harsh, xenophobic, and paranoid, I can assure people that I am none of those except for xenophobic in addition to being afraid of impurity; I am not a person who is unkind to others, but I think the way I do for the sake of others, and that clearly distinguishes me and my family from selfish psychopaths. I love my friends of pure European blood, I love seeing my pure European neighbours every single day, and I know the only productive thing I can do is fight for the purity of the European race. I can be jealous of those around me, but that will not change anything; what will change things, however, is doing and fighting for what is good for preserving the purity of Europeans. I can imagine no better world than one where practically no one is born impure; people like myself can help to bring about that world through extreme personal sacrifice. I would have wished this world would already encourage people like myself only to either adopt pure European children or to create them through artificial insemination; if every impure person raised a few pure children, he would magnificently contribute to the preservation of the purity of the European race. There should be financial incentives for doing so.

          Furthermore, I do not really have much say in choosing my future wife; my parents and the pure European parents of another girl already decided for me when I was still a baby. The reason for this is that this family also has a strong tradition of arranged marriage and mine just reluctantly agreed to it because my family liked that family and has a similar tradition. However, even if that marriage were not to take place for whatever reason after finally receiving my PhD (which I am working for right now), my life will still be decided for me because my family practically wants to meet the girl and her family before I do; I cannot choose for myself if I do not wish to lose contact with them. My family is truly a bit feudal, but I love them still and agree with them in my heart, though I do openly admit that my mind cannot always comprehend their strict rules.

          Also, there has been no shortage of girls in my life, though I have never been interested in them because I need to study and I am not allowed to be interested in them anyways, which I am actually quite glad about, because I still abhor the idea of reproduction, particularly the whole process through which it traditionally needs to be done. My mind is bored by the idea and there is a sentiment in my mind always saying: “I am too intelligent for that behaviour.” A wrong – and to observers perhaps an arrogant – way of thinking, but I do not fight it because otherwise it only becomes much worse. No, reproduction is not really my thing, and that is probably also why intelligent people do not reproduce enough. They think too much, like me, my father, my father’s father, etc. My father did not really want to reproduce either; he was rather “forced” into it by my mother who wished to have children, much more – I am sure – than he ever did. However, he likes being a father now and that gives me a little bit of courage as well. I have no real patience for the wife selection thing either, so I am actually glad my family provides for me.

          In any case, I am happy that I got a kind response from someone who shows real empathy. I understand what you are saying, and I take your words seriously. I think that although I like the ideas that you present to me, it is not the right path for you and me. After all, you have an interest in me doing what I am doing and me thinking the way I do, and I am aware that I have an interest in it as well. I am European by and large, and therefore I must kindly reject your suggestion of putting myself before others; only an individual who has no relationships in this world can freely decide to do whatever he or she wants. I, however, cannot live merely for myself. I hope neither can you. The conclusions from this idea are perhaps not nice to the individual, but it is better to the group. I have an “others first” policy in life, and that is what I believe can make the world a better place. It may lead to huge personal sacrifice, but it is all for a greater good. I hope you understand and can agree with some of what I say at least in your heart.

  2. Posted December 15, 2015 at 8:44 am | Permalink

    How shall we deal with mixed-race and “mystery meat” children in the future? It is clear that having significant numbers of them is destructive and disruptive. Their further reproduction needs to be curtailed, but it must be done in an ethical and charitable manner. The issue of white TCKs is probably not overly significant, since numbers are relatively small, but TCKs need to be aware of the psychological peculiarities attendant on their situation.

    • Peter Quint
      Posted December 16, 2015 at 11:15 am | Permalink

      “Mystery meat,” that’s a good one! I will remember that one. The white nationalist jargon dictionary continues to expand; my favorite new phrase is “jewish crypsis.”

  3. Peter Quint
    Posted December 15, 2015 at 11:02 am | Permalink

    It is disgusting how hard the jews are pushing miscegenation on television. I only watch broadcast or syndicated (whatever you call it) television when I go to a local sports bar–almost every commercial shows a white/black couple! Then, there is the family tree DNA testing kits that they are pushing hard–the test subjects always display a Nordic, American Indian, Kenyan, mixture! On the local radio stations they are constantly pushing a Spanish language course that is supposed to make us better persons, how, they never say. Such sophistry, what if I am a criminal, will speaking Spanish make me a better criminal? The white christian clerics are delirious with happiness at the thought of the increasing miscegenated couples, and the eventual destruction of the white race.

  4. Skyler Thomas
    Posted December 15, 2015 at 1:29 pm | Permalink

    Right off the bat, outstanding article. That being said, I’d like to address some issues I have and introduce a little constructive criticism:

    Firstly, as someone like Dr. Johnson could concur, I’m sure, the exact same expierence can mean two completely different things and interpreted two entirely different ways by two totally different people given their two totally different ways of thinking. While learning about another people’s country, culture, language, etc., may very well assist in understanding, even appreciating that particulat people a litte better, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll appreciate or understand your own any more or better – I’d argue it doesn’t. For all we know this “purebred stay-at-home Japano-Japanese” man CHOOSES to view Japan through his own nation’s eyes; from purely the perspective of a Japanese person, and frankly doesn’t care what the cultures, languages and identities of other nations are, or how they compare to Japan. All he knows is that he is Japanese, Japan is his home, and that alone makes it unique. You certainly don’t have to learn about the lives of other people in order to appreciate your own. It’s your life, you live it, and if that alone makes it unique then that alone makes it unique.

    Secondly, Durocher does a fantastic job highlighting the importance of tribe and blood. In addition to citing the various health problems associated with the racially mixed, Durocher is absolutely in the right when he points out that the racially – and to a lesser extent, culturally – mixed belong to no particular and/or existing identity, and struggle with this shortcoming throughout their lives. Durocher is again in the right when he tells of how the racially mixed can’t belong to a singular identity because they possess foreign admixture which – however “small” and whether they like it or even care to acknowledge it – is as much apart and as defining of their character and identity as their White side. But this is where Durocher falls short.

    And of course, genotypic variation aside, there’s the all-too-obvious reality that racially mixed persons can’t “fit in” because the people wont accept them – because they easily recognize that they aren’t like them. One wonders why the racially mixed even feel the need to be accepted by a mono-racial/cultural society, rather than forming their own which would be accepting of them as they are and by default. Forming societies that not only reflect their particular character and identities, all of them, rather than trying to reside in and be accepted by mono-racial societies which, genetically, they don’t belong and, socially, they aren’t wanted.

    Thirdly, though I hope, I pray I misinterpreted it, Durocher ends his article by asserting that race, racial identity, tribalism and expression is a “choice”, and that the racially mixed must, and are able to, “choose” which path (race) they desire. That a Mulatto, Quadroon or Octoroon can “choose” to be White, so long as they listen to Mozart and reject their African ancestry and MTV-coined Ebonics instincts and customs. (Side note) I should mention that I don’t stop the White-mixed divide purely at “halfies”, but ‘anyone’ who has visible, substantial or recent non-White admixture. I don’t believe that individuals who are one-quarter Negroid, Australoid or Mongoloid are any less genetically alien than individuals who are half, and believe the infamous “One Drop” rule was not only justified but should be kept in mind in the making of our future ethno-states; after all, how can we preserve the White race if we’re introducing non-White genes, and carriers of non-White genes, into our ethno-states? If choosing one’s race were even possible, if the racially mixed could “choose” to be White and identify with European culture, under what obligation, if any, would White people – the true carriers of European civilization and identity – be to accept and embrace them? Absolutely none, in my opinion.

    Lastly, if one were to take a close look at “African-American” or “European” history, one notices a history of grasping at straws. Contrary to the claims of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, Blacks never developed an alphabet or domesticated a single crop while in Africa and, in fact, had no written history at all before being brought to the White world as slaves. All of the illustrious Black poets and botanists they champion and invent entire curricular courses to celebrate came AFTER they were introduced to White civilization, taught the White man’s languages and customs, and educated in White universities by White teachers. And Blacks feel this shortcoming. Despite all of the assurances of White liberals and “Cuckservatives” that they’re “equal” they don’t really believe it. Deep inside them there’s a harassing certainty of alienation and intrusiveness, possibly even inferiority, and they’ve grasped at straws in an effort to quell that harassment. Their invented Black American history and their tenacious attempts at “blackwashing” traditional White idols and characters, even White ethos (the introduction of a fictitious Black Nordic God in the Thor films) and history itself i.e. Black Ancient Egyptians, Mozart as”partially Black”, and if you were to ask a Negro to name a famous “Frenchman” or “Russian” they’d almost certainly mention Alexandre Dumas (Black) and Alexander Pushkin (partially Black), etc. The obvious reason for doing so is that Blacks simply can’t relate or identify with White people, or with anyone who doesn’t have Black heritage, and I see no reason to expect the racially mixed to behave any different. Much like their Negroid counterparts, Mulattos, Octoroons, etc., will also grasp at straws, demand that the racially mixed be more “represented”, and that the next Bond be part Black, etc. Because they can no more relate and identify with White people than the Blacks can. The racially mixed can only relate and identify with the racially mixed.

  5. Sharkeisha
    Posted December 15, 2015 at 4:46 pm | Permalink

    In my own career and experience, I’ve come across a number of hybrid families and children. Due to so much time in and around the military, they are mostly of a White-Korean mix. What is interesting is how those hybrids have developed in their lives. Essentially, it is pretty uneven. I’ve noticed a large amount of these mixtures who never really got it together in their career and personal life. In one instance, a Baby Boomer who worked for me for several years and who married a Korean when he was stationed there in the service told me he was disappointed with his kids. His oldest son in particular had failed to thrive in a severe way. Again and again, I’ve seen these hybrid kids who seemed to show so much promise when they were kids fizzle as adults. In my own family there are no adults who fizzled in quite the same way, although two of my cousins are under-employed.

    They don’t all fizzle though. I’ve noticed that some go into the military and strongly identify with it. I suspect that they get a sense of belonging as there is a sort of soldier worship in the United States.

    There is also many devout Christians of my acquaintance who adopted Korean babies. As they grow up, those kids never really meld with their adopted family. One person went back to Korea and disavowed his White family. Another that I know doesn’t identify with her family at all and her Facebook profile name is in Korean. This person lived most of her life in the States and was fed, housed, and schooled by a White family.

    So, from what I can see from all this race-mixing is that the results are uneven. The utopian promises of people like Rogers and Hammerstein, and Christian Adoption agencies don’t really come true. It is best to not do it and avoid the trouble.

  6. GenYES
    Posted December 15, 2015 at 9:52 pm | Permalink

    The world is facing an overpopulation problem; we need a solution. The world is succumbing to metissage; we need a solution.

    When life hands you lemons…

  7. Stronza
    Posted December 16, 2015 at 6:50 pm | Permalink

    The métis also suffers, throughout his entire life and right down to the deepest crevices of his soul, from the contradictions and alienation of multiculturalism.

    [M]ixed race children and young people do experience greater risks to their mental health as they struggle to develop an identity for themselves which they find comfortable.

    Maybe so, but mixed white/dark seem to have no difficulty spontaneously identifying with whatever is politically correct or beneficial at whatever point in history they are living in. Today, even if you are only 1/16th black, jewish or “aboriginal” (seems to be Cherokee all the time) it is always the tiny dark portion of your genes you claim to be. Because there’s benefits from society as a whole. There’s probably no anguish at all. Do those of multiple racial background suffer? I recall seeing an interview with Tiger Woods where he called himself Cablanasian. Indeed, on Urban Dictionary, this is what they say:

    A term Tiger Woods himself made up. It is a portmanteau of Caucasian, Black, American-Indian, and Asian, which is his ethnic make-up of a quarter Chinese, a quarter Thai, a quarter Black, an eighth Native American and an eighth Dutch.

    Now, if you think he is somehow more disturbed than any 100% white or 100% black or 100% Asian, I think you would be wrong. I see plenty of men behaving like he has.

    As someone pointed out, Obama is not so much mixed race or black or white; rather, he has the appearance of an international, unidentifiable “diverso-person”. It is true. The perfect president for our times.

    By the way, Skyler, I would suggest that a good many of us might be shocked to find we have some troublesome genes. I am naturally light haired, light skinned and blue eyed, but my grandfather on one side, plus some relatives, would look at home in camp of gypsies. My progeny, however, look like me 🙂

    • Skyler Thomas
      Posted December 17, 2015 at 8:01 pm | Permalink

      No, I’m sure Tiger Woods’ marrying a blonde-haired Nordic woman, producing less heterogeneous (but still very) mixed offspring, and then cheating on his blonde-haired Nordic wife with multiple women – many being prostitutes and porn-stars – ALL of which were White, and the majority being blonde-haired Nordic-looking – coincidently – has no correlation whatsoever with his self-conscious mental psyche, opinions of himself, feeling alienated in Western civilization, longing to fit in and to be something he isn’t, etc.

      The problem with Woods’ (really all racially mixed) theorization is that he possesses multiple ancestries and identities that effectively cancel each other out. After all, “how” exactly and “where” precisely does someone who’s Amerindian, and African, and Chinese, and Thai fit within Dutch identity? Woods’ great grandparent may have been Dutch, he is not. Rather than being Chinese, Thai, Amerindian, African and Dutch, he’s neither. Rather than being “the best of both (all) worlds”, he belongs to none of them. As I mentioned, by living in White societies the racially mixed feel the shortcoming of being racially mixed, and have grasped straws in an effort to quell their feeling alienated and unwanted. And again, such straws (e.g., token White trophy wives and afro-haired half-White children who have no better chance of being accepted as White than their parent) wouldn’t be necessary if they were living in their own societies – societies which they created. Societies which reflect them and their identities.

      I disagree. While it is true that – save from DNA testing – it’s difficult to tell one’s entire genetic ancestry. Most people can say who their grandparents and even great grandparents are. Only a few can go back as far as five or so generations, however. Jews, equalitarians and indeed the racially mixed (for biased, obvious and selfish reasons) seize on this fact to intentionally, shamelessly confuse people with the claim that “we’re all mongrels to an extent,” that there’s no such thing as a “pure” race, etc., – and therefore, it doesn’t do any good to try to preserve the White race, because it really doesn’t exist – certainly not as a genetic entity: As long as you’ve got blonde hair, or blue eyes, or listen to Mozart. . . . . whatever.

      But genetics studies – – – – confirm just the contrary. We must be practical. We know that there is indeed a White race, and that it is easy to select individuals from that race who constitute a relatively pure sub-group. We also know that the White race isn’t a social construct, or even a construct defined by superficial physical traits, but is indeed a genetic entity. A people with their own genotype and distinct origin and ancestors, evolution and adaption, temperament, lineages and ethos, etc., and that simply “having blonde or lighter hair, freckles or pale skin” doesn’t necessarily mean that you belong; doesn’t mean that you’re White. Because the genotype must be taken into consideration along with the phenotype.

      • Stronza
        Posted December 18, 2015 at 12:23 pm | Permalink

        Thanks for replying to my comment. Now, what you concluded about Tiger Woods’ behavior with women. I’m not being snooty here, really I’m not, but if you can know what motivates a person to behave in a certain way, let’s continue: why would some 100%-looking European-blooded men be so taken with either far eastern women or, locally, “aboriginal” women. Why would these men feel like outsiders if they are part of the majority race?

        And don’t think that such unions haven’t been going on for a good long time. Maybe when the Euro explorers were here back in the 17th and 18th centuries and they didn’t have access to their own kind, it is understandable – given that men are apparently harmed by going without sex – that they would take up with the locals.

        But I sure do see a fair bit of mixing with nonwhites on the part of white men.

        I have no opinion on the ideas of Negro psychologist Emanuel McLittle as to why some people are hell-bent on disappearing themselves thru miscegenation, but you might be interested in what he has to say about race mixing:

        A short excerpt from the above article:

        I have counseled many mixed couples who falsely believed the races carry no psychological/spiritual differences. I have rarely spoken to such a couple who see marital troubles were not compounded by an undiscovered motive to escape the psychological environment that formed them as children. None could ever explain why they would choose a partner of a different race if indeed there were no “differences.” If similarity was what they really searched for, as they often claimed, a better choice would obviously be someone that was like unto their parents.

        • Skyler Thomas
          Posted December 20, 2015 at 4:56 pm | Permalink

          Well first of all, you’re welcome (in response to your thanking my response to your comment).

          The White race used to account for 30-40% of the world around the latter half of the 19th century, today, however, it accounts for 5-10%. The White race is a global minority, and (worst yet) becoming minorities in their own homelands, hence: White Genocide. Over 90% of the world is brown-haired and eyed while only 2-4% is blonde-haired and blue-eyed. White people are clearly the minority. Blonde and red hair, blue and green eyes are exotic – because they’re fewer and far more recessive.

          I’m not a mind reader. Even the brightest psychologists are only making presumptions. But intuition added with consistency and experience, one’s presumptions are often right. A mechanic who looks at a car and knows what’s wrong doesn’t necessarily have x-ray vision, he’s simply worked on cars with similar problems and is now basing his presumptions on his past experiences with others. The fact that Woods grew up in heavily diverse California instead of Sweden, added with the fact that there are 15 to 20 non-Whites in the world to every White person, added with Woods’ consistency in pursuing White females, it’s a safe bet that Woods has, practically throughout his entire life, completely went out of his way to avoid non-White and dark complected mates, brushing them all aside, with the drive to explicitly attract lighter complected mates. Why would Woods do that? As a non-White – and a heavily dark complected one at that – it’s not only far easier to attract dark complected non-Whites for mates, it takes far less effort, and both he and his mate would have a much stronger change of having their traits equally expressed in their offspring. Why would Woods choose a mate with features, phenotype, heritage, etc., completely different of his own? Surely Woods knows that a dark complected non-White person is incapable of producing fair-skinned, blonde-haired, blue-eyed offspring? I’d say either Woods is resentful and despises purity and views fair-skinned, blonde-haired Nordic-types as the pinnacle of such; as a spitting image of what he’s not and can never be, and is attempting to dilute that purity by fornicating with as many White women as he can i.e. “if I must be mixed then everyone must be” – the mindset which Durocher was emphasizing. Or (b) He’s confused. He grew up in Western civilization and is attempting to conform to its standards and beauty, which doing so he believes that either he or his children will be accepted.

          Miscegenation has never been accepted or even permitted until very recently. If miscegenation existed in history’s past it existed in such small numbers that it was virtually non-existent, and in near-total secrecy. Two hundred years ago, Africans (e.g.,) were understood to be not only indifferent to Europeans, but by all accounts and standards inferior; to be completely incapable of establishing their own civilizations, and would almost certainly destroy any civilization built by others if ever allowed to become a noticeable percentage in it, and naturally with such a stigmatization any woman who fraternized with them would’ve been “outcasts” and “pariahs” in every sense. Anyway, as long as miscegenation has been around there have been laws which strictly prohibited and disincentivized it, often even with the penalty of death.

          Lastly, I completely disagree that it’s been White men pursuing non-White women – both through conquest and relationship. I’d argue there have been more White women raped by non-White men in the U.S. alone in the past 5-10 years than there have been Black and Amerindian raped by White men in the past 300. And if (a) multiculturalism-racialism didn’t exist, and (b) White women weren’t being spoon-fed feminism since birth, then White women would have no reason for pursuing non-White women. Also it’s not so much the miscegenation which bothers me, it’s the fact it’s being done in Western nations. If White men (or women) desire non-White mates that’s fine, just don’t bring them and their mixed children to White societies. The actions and desires of a few people shouldn’t effect the entire civilization and gene-pool.

  8. Peter Quint
    Posted December 17, 2015 at 10:15 am | Permalink

    I would like to point out a descriptive term uttered by Revilo P. Oliver in one of his speeches–“brutalized mulatti.” We are indeed descending more deeply into a “brutalized mulatti,” becoming more: negrified, judiazed, and coarser everyday!

  9. WWWM
    Posted December 20, 2015 at 8:20 am | Permalink

    When Obama was first running I noticed he used the color purple a lot in campaign posters and promotions. Purple being a combination of red and blue, the nation always having battles between “read and blue states.” Obama, being a combination of colors himself, was unconsciously signaling his own need to bring two colors together. This morphed into combining the two colors representing our politically divided nation, but within he was trying to bring two different parents back together, and by doing so make himself complete. Obama has failed to bring any colors together, and this psychological need remains unresolved. I wonder if he is in agony right now, without even realizing it.

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