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When Socialists and Cucks Fear Us, Borders Are Closed

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Emigration kills Africa Immigration kills Europe

Emigration kills Africa
Immigration kills Europe

France has been suffering from invasion by Arabs and Blacks for years now. The same people who opened the gates for the Arab invaders in Spain are doing the same thing again. Now these pied pipers, always playing the tune of post-Christian utopianism, have more traitors than ever helping them out. 

Luckily, these traitors are largely of the Baby Boomer generation. The most dynamic voice in politics for the young is the Bloc Identitaire and the number one political party for the young is the Front National.

The Socialists in power know this and are doing their best to make sure they don’t “boil the frog” too fast and the Identitarians and Nationalists are doing their best to sound the alarm and take power. At the same time, Hollande and Valls must please the power behind the throne.

The immigration crisis for many countries is nothing new. Before this summer, the focus has been on Sub-Saharan Africans, previously being held back by Ghaddafi, passing via Lampedusa, Italy into Europe. Italy has long been a porous point of entry, and they would give 6-month visas to asylum seekers that allowed them to pass through the Schengen Area. Many Africans (many of whom already spoke French) would then proceed to France to find illegal employment while others would go straight to Calais and take their chances on passing through to the UK. “The Jungle” near the Pas de Calais has been permanently inhabited for years by Africans, and there are ’68ers doing their best (here in fall 2014) to Collaborate with this Occupation.

FN the #1 Party in the 2015 Elections

In March, France went to the polls for the Departmental Elections. The Front National maintained their position as the #1 Party in France and maintained 25% of the vote. Because of the systematic protection against Nationalists put in place, the Front National only won 58 seats after getting over 4 million votes in the second round while the Communist Party won 116 seats with just over 100,000 votes. Nonetheless, the FN is still striking fear in the heart of the establishment. The Presidential elections will come in May 2017 at the latest, and Marine Le Pen has a greater chance to win with each day that passes. Among the under 35 voters, the FN won 30% last March and that number rises among the under-30s and the students.[1] As many inside and outside the party have pointed out, these youth don’t become Frontist to bring back the Franc. Most of them were children when the Euro was adopted in 2002.

Understanding the Crisis

The Identitarians have kept up the pressure on the Immigration issue, but let’s first turn our attention to the actual numbers and proportion of migrants crossing. In the graph below, pulled from the New York Times, one may see that the French government has kept the Asylum applications very steady under Hollande. There is a peak in late 2013 in Italy then a new normal established during the period that the media focused on Lampedusa. By comparing Sweden with Norway and Denmark, which are comparable in size, geography, climate, and social safety net, it is clear that cavalier statements about accepting newcomers has a major impact. Of course, the so-called “Syrian Wave” of the invasion can be seen to impact Turkey first and then Germany, Hungary, Austria, and the Balkans afterwards.

Now turning to the proportional impact, the picture becomes even more dramatic. Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, and Montenegro are looking at a 1% immediate shift in their population during this crisis. Sweden is looking at a shift of 2.5% of its population. Now, there is no end in sight for this crisis. Peace is not on the horizon in the Middle East. Economic development is not waiting for a hockey stick moment in Sub-Saharan Africa. Remember, these are 69% military age men coming into Europe, and over 80% of the recent arrivals are clearly not from Syria.

Germany’s Angela Merkel has been leading the way in calling for the rest of the EU countries to take in their fair share. Of course their “fair share” is actually zero.

UN conventions define a refugee as “someone who is unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion.”[2] The Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees was signed by most of the world, including Turkey and Israel which border Syria. Turkey has been funneling weapons to ISIS, and they have taken in nearly 2 million refugees so far. Israel provides medical treatment to Al Qaeda-affiliated Al Nusra Front fighters and perhaps ISIS as well. Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan are not signatories, but they have taken in 1.2 million, 250,000, and 650,000, respectively. Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf countries, all of which have GNP/capita that is greater than Hungary have not taken in any refugees, not a single one. They have not hesitated to fund jihadists as they attempt to crush and divert the Arab Spring out of the fear that the demand for democracy and transparency threatens their absolute monarchies. This scandal of rich Gulf Arabs ignoring their Sunni brothers’ cries for help is being noticed by many Muslims, and the Shi’a clerics are not hesitating to direct their strongest criticisms against the Saudis and not Europe.

Israel’s refusal should be especially upsetting to White Nationalists because their cousins, like Barbara Specter, who is still alive and active in Sweden, are opening the door to invaders. And anyone who believes in the Rule of Law and Human Rights should be disgusted by the fact that a wealthy Jew from the United States who allegedly had ancestors in Israel about 2000 years ago can exercise his Right of Return at any time, but Assyrian Christians undergoing Genocide cannot, even though their people have no negative history with the State of Israel. Of course, there are many more Muslim refugees than Christian refugees, and it may seem reasonable to us that Israel could refuse the Muslims but ought to take in the Christians. However, the Convention of 1951 decrees that receiving countries may not discriminate based on race or religion among other things.[3] Israel’s defenders are once again invoking a double standard to keep the Chosen People in and Arabs with a right to enter Israel under International Law out. Make no mistake, refugees from a neighboring country have that right.

So some are making the argument that Europe is rich and Turkey, etc. are poor so we should let them into Europe. International Law states that refugees have the right to seek refuge in the nearest safe country and obligates “Contracting Parties” of the Protocols mentioned above and related Conventions to accept them. Nowhere in the agreement does it say “accept them unless you don’t want to take anymore” or “accept them unless your neighbor is richer and you don’t want to spend the money.” Unless the contracting country is at war and/or the refugee’s race, religion, etc. puts him or her in danger, there is not exit loophole.

So what is Europe’s fair share? The graph below gives a sense of what Merkel has in mind about how to make this fair. France, in particular will be expected to take in more, let alone a number of Eastern European and PIGS countries who also are under serious fiscal strains. The following graphic looks at last week’s proposal from Brussels.


Clearly, France and many other countries were being targeted by Brussels for Invasion. The Socialist leaders of France, among other in the right column, initially resisted that deal. A deal was reached on Tuesday, September 22nd which will relocate 120k refugees across Europe. It is clear that the burden will be eased on Greece, Hungary, and Italy but it has not been announced where the refugees will go. The Czech Interior Minister, who is privy to the secret details of the agreement and is not accustomed to political correctness tweeted, “Very soon we’ll realise that the emperor is naked. Today was a defeat for common sense! 🙁 .” Soon, the world will find out what further destruction is in store for the White Homeland.[4]

To sum up this question what the fair share is for Europe:

What is the legal fair share?

ZERO, there are numerous “safe” countries in between Syria and Europe.

How many refugees are there in Europe?

ZERO, once these Displaced Persons leave the “nearest safe country” they stop being refugees. Some may call them “migrants seeking a better life,” but considering that Western Civilization is under attack by Jihadists and 70% of them are military aged men travelling alone, they must be seen as invaders.

What is the moral obligation that Europeans have toward these people?

None, Europe is a dying continent. Some false prophets are saying that replacing the deficit of children with migrants will fix that, but we know that will only increase instability and never solve the looming social benefits crisis. Europeans must fix themselves, their families, their countries, and their Civilization before they can help anyone else.

What is best thing we can do for the veritable refugees from Syria?

ISIS is the creation of Saudi money and theology, Libyan weapons shipped via Turkey, American CIA trainers in Jordanian paramilitary camps, Israeli medical support, and British dirty tricks on the ground. The elite in each of the countries listed in the last sentence must be removed from power. We can start by removing the parasitic elite running our countries, the oligarchs and the organized Jewish community.

Suspending Schengen at the French-Italian Border

Soon after the March elections in France, the Socialist government started threatening Italy with a suspension of the Schengen Treaty. As mentioned above, Italy was distributing 6-month visas which were being highly abused by asylum seekers ready to leave and try their luck in other countries. A month later, the Identitarians of Paris took over the balcony of the European Commission, which is just across the street from Parliament. (I interviewed one of the activists over the summer for an upcoming podcast series on tactics.)

Pressure was maintained against the system on this issue through June, when on the 24th the Identitarians of Nice conducted an action at the nearby border with Italy.

Within days of this action, the French government started systematically checking IDs at the border, thus temporarily suspending the Schengen agreement. I had passed through the Nice train station around this time. It was very similar to the Budapest station but on a smaller scale.

loutOn the train from Nice to Marseille, I saw this man making himself at home. He sat next to a blond and put his feet on the chair in front of him. After she got up to go to the restroom he lifted his leg above the table. I took the opportunity to pass out some copies of a remigration pamphlet, after the ticket takers left. Despite chaos of the station and the bad behavior of the man pictured at the right caused many French to share grimaces, no one was receptive to the pamphlets. However, a decade ago, passing out FN materials would have provoked some strong, dramatic negative reactions from White people. This time, everyone was simply passive.

I find it very difficult to gauge the importance of the Identitarian Movement. When I wear the “Je Suis Charlie Martel” shirt in public, I usually get stares from Whites and Arabs alike. If I spend a day in a city or travelling, I usually receive a couple of compliments. However, when I ask these people if they have ever heard of Generation Identitaire, they have never heard of them.

perryWhile travelling around France this summer, I would tell high school and college students that I was a journalist studying the rise of the FN in France. Not a single White student from a racially mixed area gave a negative signal, though none would state they were supporters of any party (which is culturally typical in France). However, at every train station and airport I spent time in, I would see at least one young man in a black Fred Perry shirt with red and white trim, an almost unmistakable sign of commitment to Nationalism.

Earlier in the year, Bernard Cazeneuve, the Jewish Interior Minister in charge of the national police and intelligence forces, said that “Identitarians” were the #1 security threat to France. I spoke with Jean-David Cattin, the organizer of the Summer Camp for Generation Identitaire, about this. He stated that Cazeneuve was actually referring to Islamists. Cattin is convinced by interactions between Bloc Identitaire’s leadership and Cazeneuve’s office after the declaration that Cazeneuve did not know the Identitarians even existed.

I find this hard to believe especially following the occupation of the mosque of Poitiers, but I trust Jean-David’s judgement. Without a doubt Cazeneuve and the other leaders of the Socialist Party are definitely aware now. When Cazeneuve visited Poitiers after the losses in the recent Departmental elections, two young Identitarians were present to welcome him with a sign, “Je Suis Charlie Martel.” They were immediately suppressed, but they went on to present their views very well on this video, that is only available in French.

So, the timing of the border action may lead one to believe that the suspension of Schengen was done by a Socialist government afraid of the threat posed by the Identitarians. We may not know that answer for years, once the President’s archives are released or someone writes a scandalous memoir. However, the Socialists are aware of the “Nationalist Threat” and don’t want to hand any easy victories to their true opponents, the Front National.

Whatever the cause, one thing is certain, the resumption of border checks at the Franco-Italian border is the reason why there is no spike in asylum applications and why France has proportionally fewer invaders than Germany.

Countering Jihad, the non-Kosher Approach

The local organizations of Identitarians do an excellent job of staying on top of the news and reacting with actions that are beautifully accomplished and invite press coverage. When I visited the Identitarians of Lyons, they were preparing a banner to protest at the site where an Arab had decapitated his boss a couple days before. Following the attempted massacre on the train, the Identitarians occupied the roof of the Arras train station, where the terrorist was arrested one week earlier. Despite the supposed rift between the FN and the Identitarians, actions like this keep issues in front of the public and steal the monopoly over narrative that the Media normally holds. This will keep the fields fertilized as Marine Le Pen bides her time before the next election.

The Front National Against the Occupiers and the Collaborators

streetprayerIn 2010, Marine Le Pen stated that the Muslim Civil Disobedience campaign of praying in the streets of Paris was like a new Occupation. This is a reference to the Occupation of WWII. For the French Press and political establishment, we are only allowed to link Nationalists, critics of the Organized Jewish Community, and the critics of globalization from the “Right” to Nazi occupiers. Parliamentary immunity (very useful for the dozens of politicians who hide money in Switzerland) was lifted so that Marine Le Pen could be prosecuted and prevented from rising to the Presidency. This week, Marine Le Pen was brought to court over her comments on the “Occupation.” Her niece, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, a Member of Parliament, was also prevented from giving a speech in public by the Center Right mayor of Saint-Maximin last week.

The irony is overwhelming:

  • In the country where we are all Charlie, Marine Le Pen is brought to court for her use of metaphor.
  • In the country where Muslims can take over the streets every Friday, an MP can’t get a permit to speak into a microphone on the street.
  • In the continent that is facing an inundation (equivalent to over 30 million people arriving in the US over a couple years) from the civilization at war with us, we cannot compare it to that last time France was occupied by a country with whom we were at war.

The next Presidential election will be in May 2017 at the latest. As Albert Einstein said, “you cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” The 68er Baby Boomers, the Socialists, and Cuckservatives have proven to us that they cannot adjust their paradigm for understanding the situation we find ourselves in. We should not expect any deal from Brussels to fix this problem. In fact, the election may come as transfers of these people to France will peak. This will likely make immigration and security a priority for a majority of voters.

The table will be set for a Marine Le Pen victory. Luckily, the French Constitution allows a President to call for Referenda. That means an FN victory, even without a large presence in Parliament, still allows a route to revolutionary change.



2., page 3

3. “The Convention is both a status and rights-based instrument and is underpinned by a number of fundamental principles, most notably non-discrimination, non-penalization and non-refoulement. Convention provisions, for example, are to be applied without discrimination as to race, religion or country of origin. Developments in international human rights law also reinforce the principle that the Convention be applied without discrimination as to sex, age, disability, sexuality, or other prohibited grounds of discrimination.” Ibid. page 3




  1. setanta
    Posted September 25, 2015 at 1:19 pm | Permalink

    About the 30 percent of the young voters. Would you have any estimates of how many of the white voters FN pick up, additionally is there a large divergence between the male & famale votes?

    • Patrick Le Brun
      Posted October 1, 2015 at 3:15 am | Permalink

      I have looked hard to find an answer to your question. I hope I was not so slow that you won’t read this. I have data for the recent Departmental Elections and for the Presidential Election of 2012 ( and , respectively).

      For the recent elections 28% of men and 23% of women voted for the FN. By comparison, there was a 20% gender gap in the US congressional elections of 2014 according to Gallup.

      In the Presidential election, women supported Marine Le Pen at a slightly higher rate than men. She won more women in every age grouping under 50 compared to Sarkozy. Her female support, is especially strong among the working class and women who have only finished high school or have a technical or associate degree. Her female supporters have a level of certainty closer to the two leading parties than those candidates who receive “protest votes” (p. 14). The most interesting page for me was p. 33, which asks women if they voted for the same candidate as their husband/boyfriend. 19% are single and a majority of FN voting women are not voting the same way as their husbands/boyfriends.
      There are no easy answers for why that is the case because p. 22 shows how closely women’s priorities poll alongside men’s priorities.

      Historically, the 3rd Republic and the Left stood in the way of women’s suffrage, which wasn’t enacted until after WWII. The concern was that women were more pious Catholics and less interested in “bread and butter issues” that motivated working men to keep the Socialists in power. Women voted more for the Right than men until the 80s. Since then the gender gap has been very small.

  2. william Allingham
    Posted September 25, 2015 at 2:35 pm | Permalink

    We Are Being Tricked Into Believe That If We Sacrifice Our Hard-Work Won Treasures A New Utopic Kingdom Will Come. (just like a new religion)

    we should stop justifying our actions by framing them as beneficial to africa or the rest of the world, because we would be acknowledging the tyranny of morality. Morality is subjective and irrational so we should stop trying to validate ourselves through it, instead we should embrace our preferences, thats all that matters, independently of how “irrational” or supposedly “immoral” they are:

    when objective morality seems to fade into discussion, I can always keep my preferences (by preferences I mean not my fancies or caprices, but what really makes me happy), preferences is all we have (no matter how irrational they are), for example i like white people, pork meat, technological progress etc. and dislike many things like “revealed-religions”, pre-columbian art or people who find funny to humiliate their friends in public , Is that irrational or immoral? well, i dont care. ISNT MORALITY ITSELF IRRATIONAL?

    There was a study in which people were asked if someone should eat his dog after it died from natural causes, they all said no, but couldnt give a rational reason why he should not. it simply “felt wrong”, or the question whether would you push a fat person into the train rails in order to save the lives of five people, almost everyone said no, thus some scientists believe that our morality is irrational and subjective, having evolved by arbitrary means from mother nature (and thus can be exploited as a tool for manipulation also).

    The Celts knew very well that as soon as you lose your property you lose your freedom (it was in their law), nowadays we are giving away our real wealth (our lands, high culture, etc.) in exchange of abstract things like “human rights”, “world peace” or electronic money and this can only lead in the long run to our losing our real power and freedom because at the end of the day we will need real food produced by real lands (which could be denied once it isnt under our control). Infinite resources for an infinite number of people is impossible in a Finite planet, so prosperous nations shoulnt jeopardize their tangent wealth for the promise of a “perfect world” (which depends less on the efforts of advanced nations and is simply not possible).

  3. Marc
    Posted September 26, 2015 at 10:57 pm | Permalink

    We are racing full speed toward TOTAL RACIAL/RELIGIOUS WAR and UTTER CHAOS in ALL White Nations and Territories, if some miracle does not happen RIGHT NOW!!… 10 or 15 years more of the current, suicidal trends all over the White Western World will make a Third World War INEVITABLE: it will be undoubtedly the most atrocious, bloodiest War in all of Human History, with casualties easily numbering in the hundreds of millions!…. “Congratulations”, dear cultural Marxists and fanatical Race-mixers of every shade and description: THIS will be YOUR MONSTROUS LEGACY for all future times to come!!

    • Luccas Faun
      Posted September 27, 2015 at 3:39 pm | Permalink

      Unless they somehow win this war, if there will be any winners left, and shove the blame(like they did in WW2) into “nationalist” shoes, then Humanity will be at an end one way or the other.

  4. Luccas Faun
    Posted September 27, 2015 at 3:35 pm | Permalink

    The Left is fearing the demographics and I don’t mean the low birth rate .. they are fearing that the next generation will see them in all their morally naked glory and flush their wicked ideology down the toilet, that is why they are “importing” millions of foreigners to “fix” their “demographic problem”.

  5. Turin
    Posted November 14, 2015 at 3:41 am | Permalink

    “Because of the systematic protection against Nationalists put in place, the Front National only won 58 seats after getting over 4 million votes in the second round while the Communist Party won 116 seats with just over 100,000 votes. ”

    How is that even possible?

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