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The Color Revolution Cook Book, Part 4:
The Identitarians’ Fight against Halal Slaughter in France

Against Kosher and Halal Slaughter Marianne Thieme, Dutch MP        Party for the Animals

Against Kosher and Halal Slaughter Marianne Thieme, Dutch MP Party for the Animals

3,268 words

Part 4 of 4

This final installment of my review of From Dictatorship to DemocracyGene Sharp’s seminal work on nonviolent strategy and tactics for regime change, also looks at how the opposition to Halal and Kosher slaughter that began with tiny groups of Identitarians and Animal Rights activists whose combined strengths became a transnational issue throughout Europe. The final three chapters of From Dictatorship to Democracy focus on Sharp’s three phases of nonviolent revolution: Selective Resistance, Mass Defiance, and Consolidation. 

Selective Resistance

In the beginning, the Movement is so weak that it must pick its battles. It is important to pick winnable minor fights. Gauge the kind of supporters you have, their level of risk and commitment, and the timeline to victory. If college students are your strength, do not plan campaigns that require sustained effort over the summer. If union workers are your strength pick an issue that touches “Kitchen Table Issues” and which is Black and White with no shades of grey. If women or the middle class families are your strength don’t use tactics that may put them in physical danger or even let that perception arise. Find out what peoples’ passions are and enable them to pursue these effectively with others.

The Identitaires have been focused on Halal since the beginning with their Pork soups offered to European homeless.  Here is a summation of activities in 2010: Renaming streets, Marching in Burqas, and occupation of a Quick in pig masks. Quick is a leading fast food chain in Western Europe that had just switched to 100% halal beef. The fact that personal choice was being removed from participation in Islamicization struck a chord with many youth.

Once engaged, constantly reassess the campaign’s progress towards victory, the effectiveness of various tactics, and the fluctuation of manpower and commitment. Use open intelligence like Gallup polls to measure progress with the general public and if that is not possible set objective milestones and measurements. Never depend on anecdotes or accounts from activists that “Everyone I know says . . .” And of course, as implied by the examples above, support pre-existing groups on their terms, if their success means achieving your goals.

One may be surprised at who is willing to work with people of our belief system when we credibly promise neither to proselytize nor to damage the image of a group when facing the public. That was certainly the case for many Identitarians who, after about 2 years of focusing on Halal slaughter began working building alliances with Animal Rights activists in a serious way in about 2012.

I hesitated to mention this, but frankly the Animal Rights activists face charges of racism on this issue whether Nationalists are involved or not. The important thing is to not give an excuse to the media and the kosher politicians to dismiss the groups and their leaders which are seeking an end to Ritual Slaughter in Our Lands. You won’t see any bomber jackets in the crowd at the protests, and when all the hippies raise their fist, its best to play along.

The Angel of Death made a brief appearance at Quick in Paris to denounce both Halal Slaughter and Americanization.

Build Support, Target the Regime’s Legitimacy

The first campaigns should build the number of supporters and reduce the legitimacy of the target. In our case this target may be “the System” or a certain groups’ presence in the Land of our Ancestors, but a Selective Resistance goal maybe the acceptability of certain practices of those whose presence we feel is illegitimate. The campaign against Halal slaughter is an example of this kind of limited, winnable campaign.

A Selective Resistance Campaign can coincide with the goals of socially acceptable groups, in this case the Animal Rights milieu.

In the past our activists have been involved in aiding anti-fur campaigns. (The sociology of the fur trade is probably the same around the world. Shutting down all of the furriers in your town would probably strike a blow for Aliyaah.)[1] With each store that shuts down, it is possible to hold a victory party and give the activists credit for changing the world. Keep people motivated.

Jeune Bretagne contre le Halal by Jeune Bretagne

The Identitarians of Bretagne launch the anti-Halal discourse in earnest with a humorous direct action.  Similar actions in supermarkets occurred across France.  Their President discussed this focus in my 2013 Counter-Currents interview with him.

A Selective Resistance Campaign such as the fight against Halal may attract broad support as the story plays out in the media, especially in a country as particular about defending its culinary traditions as France. This broad support raises awareness about the group and increases the number of active members, including from different walks of life than the original core. It also attracts supporters to single issue groups that are afraid to or are ideologically opposed to our revolutionary goals. A broader core membership opens up possibilities for different kinds of actions that play to the strengths of the new members, and active, non-core supporters bring more momentum to the movement. In fact they are the final key to success.

Activists hold Street Theater against ritualistic slaughter (Method 36) in Guéret where an existing slaughterhouse had expanded to include Halal Butchery... Impossible to know who is behind the mask, isn’t it?

Activists hold Street Theater against ritualistic slaughter (Method 36) in Guéret where an existing slaughterhouse had expanded to include Halal Butchery… Impossible to know who is behind the mask, isn’t it?

Identitarian involvement is focused both on the growth of Halal sections in grocery stores and also the switch to Halal-only beef in fast food chains. In 2012 it was revealed that all of the beef slaughtered in the Region of Paris, Ile de France, was Halal. Over 98% of the White and Christian inhabitants realized they eating meat from animals subject to this barbaric religious practice, and they were financially supporting a Muslim throat-slitter. The decision was made both to exploit a growing niche market, but also because it was about €0.50 cheaper per animal to slaughter without first making the animal unconscious. Most of the Halal meat was not labelled as such.

At this point, the more committed and opportunistic Animal Rights activists began focusing on an issue in which momentum was in their favor. Aurore Lenoir is just such an activist. She distanced herself from her previous Animal Rights commitments to start NARG (No to Ritual Slaughter) which was completely focused on this controversial issue. Needless to say, our Comrades were happy to lend a hand, very discretely.

A Passionate exchange between Aurore Lenoir, leader of NARG (No to Ritual Slaughter), and the Mayor of Guéret the week after she organized of the street theater event pictured above in the Place du Marché. One of her comrades records the exchange. She forced the meeting by having moles set off smoke bombs in the city hall. The mayor brought a stack of emails that were “racist and abusive” sent after Lenoir revealed he spent the community’s funds on a feasibility study of the slaughterhouse and planned to sell government owned land for facility expansion. A week after this meeting the slaughterhouse in that district ceased Halal Butchery. Within a week NARG members celebrated then the group transitioned to new campaigns.

A Passionate exchange between Aurore Lenoir, leader of NARG (No to Ritual Slaughter), and the Mayor of Guéret the week after she organized of the street theater event pictured above in the Place du Marché. One of her comrades records the exchange. She forced the meeting by having moles set off smoke bombs in the city hall. The mayor brought a stack of emails that were “racist and abusive” sent after Lenoir revealed he spent the community’s funds on a feasibility study of the slaughterhouse and planned to sell government owned land for facility expansion. A week after this meeting the slaughterhouse in that district ceased Halal butchery. Within a week NARG members celebrated then the group transitioned to new campaigns.

Cut Off Human Resources

After “Reducing Legitimacy,” Selective Resistance Campaigns work to “Cut off Human Resources.” This happened quite literally in Guéret, where city hall employees planted smoke bombs at their office in the effort to force the Mayor to meet with protesters.[2]

The anti-Halal Campaign also has a very unique and complex effect on the links between variously linked Human Resources of the System. Because of the legal structure set up by our controllers seeking our dissolution and destruction, it is not possible to only outlaw Halal slaughter. Laws can only be written in a way that also outlaws Kosher slaughter. Notice that the Identitarians avoided completely the issue of Kosher slaughter, but the Animal Rights activists did not hesitate to attack both practices that involve throat slitting and slow death without stunning the animal.


This creates new and interesting dynamics in the socio-political environment. Now, liberal Jews are forced to protect Orthodox Jews. Orthodox and religious Zionists find themselves fighting for the legitimacy of the much larger group of Muslims — the Muslims which target them for anti-Semitic violence and aggression and lionize Arab terrorists. When the Left-Liberal Jews succeed in steering the Social Democrat Parties of Europe away from supporting such laws, Environmentalists and Animal Rights activists are given a slap in the face and made to feel like the useful idiots of the coalition. Of course the Members of the Tribe placed at the head of so many of these groups will not have a problem, but their rank and file will. It is becoming clear that a group’s position on this issue is directly related to the presence of one of these Culture Distorters at the head of their group rather than reflecting the group’s stated mission.

Thus in the eyes of these honest Greens, the “assimilated” and secular Jews who proclaim objective universal values are unveiled as liars to a new and formerly naïve crowd. The claim to leadership positions these infiltrators hold, once seen as a birthright, are becoming as illegitimate as the throat-slitting animal torture for Allah they are now defending.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit, one of the leaders of Europe-Ecology and an open pedophile, is in favor or Ritual Slaughter and removes its opponents from power . . . surprised?

Daniel Cohn-Bendit, one of the leaders of Europe-Ecology and an open pedophile, is in favor of Ritual Slaughter and removes its opponents from power . . . surprised?

If this issue plays through the next stages, then we will see the withdrawal of support for the System from true Greens. I don’t mean to say that the Europe-Ecology party will leave the coalition government, but on the popular level Greens will abandon the Kosher Environmentalist parties, and thought leaders in this milieu will not go along with the “green-washing” half measures that corrupt leftists often make. Without the legitimacy granted to the false “Green” initiatives, the State is denied one of its key methods of grabbing new powers in our time. The Green/Illegal alien mutual support activism being fostered by the Jewish pedophile Daniel Cohn-Bendit, among others, within Europe-Ecology is on its way to being broken. Other kinds of Human Resources that are lines of support for the system will be within our reach to cut as future Selective Resistance Campaigns are pursued.

Undermine the Security Services

Children affected by tear gas fired upon peaceful protesters at the Manif Pour Tous last year.

Children affected by tear gas fired upon peaceful protesters at the Manif Pour Tous last year.

The third kind of goal and the most important of the broad goals of a Selective Resistance Campaign is “Undermine the Security Services.” Obviously, this is another kind of Human Resource to be cut off, but its importance is so key to ultimate success it deserves special mention. Sharp does not mention this, but it is a key event in almost every revolution in history.

Sharp sees the key to winning over the security services as appealing to issues they care about. This may work well with people of Color, but the Imperial Guard of our time is overwhelmingly still composed of White Men. We ought to expect them to sacrifice their own self-interest for the higher ideals of their apolitical profession. This has occurred over and over again. Perhaps the most incredible was the fact that South Africa’s generals did not attempt a coup once the beginning of their rainbow future started coming into view. However, white soldiers will not stoop to do that which is shameful.

These men disagree with Manuel Valls and Bernard-Henri Levy on who comprises the “Avant Garde de la République”

These men disagree with Manuel Valls and Bernard-Henri Lévy on who comprises the “Avant Garde de la République”

We must force the state to use its security services to do the shameful and absurd as often as possible. We must lower their morale relentlessly to the point that they hate and resent their political and corporate masters. Already the security services have gassed children in the name of gay marriage. Last month they have detained patriots in ad hoc street prisons for protesting against the beatings of soldiers and soldier’s wives at the hands of Algerian soccer fans. And every weekend they spend hours sweating in riot vans near open air markets waiting for the inevitable riots to be started by our invaders from across the Mediterranean. What future absurdities must they accomplish? What atrocities will they commit against racially aware Europeans? This will come to pass, and the gassing of children will be just the beginning. However, the signs are clear that they are well on their way to abandoning the System.

Massive Resistance – Disintegrating the Dictatorship

The process of Selective Resistance may take 5 years, 25 years, or perhaps longer before mass resistance is possible. It is not only a question of expert planning and disciplined execution, but also of the accidents of history and our versatility in the face of rapid change. Which is to say, doing everything Gene Sharp says to do will not, even by his account, lead to a quick mobilization of Massive Resistance.

Massive Resistance cannot happen until Selective Resistance has made great progress. This requires the coordination and commitment of many different kinds of people who, in sum, are essential for the economy and/or government to function. This is a great challenge to accomplish because it requires the revolutionary organizers to bridge the gap between: unionized workers and small businesses, public and private sector workers, or the military and the counter culture.

The end result of Massive Resistance must be that the government is unable to collect taxes or enforce its unpopular measures and/or that the oligarchs are unable to extract value from the labor of others, guarantee the security of their inventories or investments, or their tranquil enjoyment of their wealth.

Consolidation – Creating a Durable Replacement Regime

When facing the end of their power, oligarchs — indigenous oligarchs and oligarchs par excellence — will attempt a Putsch. They will make cosmetic changes while leaving the same system of simmering genocide in place. Imagine a Sarkozy on steroids or perhaps even more so Ron Paul. In the case of other regimes, it is replacing a secular dictator with a religious one, or a military dictator with a domestic spy dictator. Gene Sharp has several preventative measures he recommends to keep this from arising.

Withhold Legitimacy and Cooperation

First and foremost, both Legitimacy and Cooperation must be denied the putschist government. They must be made to feel the same pressures as the toppled regime. In Egypt, the democratic activists avoided the same fate as the Iranians by pivoting to pressuring the Muslim Brotherhood one year after their original success in toppling Mubarak. Democracy Activists fault the previous regime for providing the false choice of “Religious Fascists or the same old Fascists,” in their words. The fact is Liberal Democratic and Social Democratic candidates were present in the first tour of their Presidential elections, and were less divided than Islamists, but failed to even come close to the top two placements.

White Nationalists have much to learn from both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Democracy Activists in terms of organizing to survive, but our position in the US and UK is more like that of the democrats of Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood was almost entirely absent from the first toppling of the government, with the exception of public prayer as a show of power. They relied on their reserve of social capital among the masses, particularly outside of Cairo, to win the election, once a true election was allowed to take place. We, unfortunately do not have such a reserve of social capital, but are seen at best as a bizarre untried system (like democracy in Egypt) and at worst naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews.

If such a revolution were to happen in France, we should expect a rehabilitated, criminal oligarch like Alain Juppé to take over. If such a thing were to happen in the US, perhaps the ex-Kibbutzer Michelle Bachmann or Christian Zionist Preacher John Haggee would be able to convince enough of the masses that they represent a true return to the Constitution or the Mayflower Compact.

Be ready for transition and to make alignments with former enemies to bring down the putchists. Democracy Activists in Egypt effectively did this in the fall of Morsi. Now they are allowing a grace period to the new President before restarting their revolutionary efforts.

Write a Simple Constitution

Sharp emphasizes that a Constitution should be ratified in a Plebiscite before a new leader is chosen. This constitution should be rather short and written in simple language for the people to understand. Avoid centralization and provide plenty of legal roadblocks to the dictatorship returning to power. Do not include promises that cannot be delivered.

This is a challenge, particularly in the US, because the new constitution must break up the centralization of media power. This means that the people who buy ink by the barrel will be utter enemies of the new constitution. It also means that the new constitution provides the government with more power over the individual. The people must be convinced that we are not all “individuals” equal before the government. This is a false presentation of the situation. Media oligarchs want us to think “objectively” and see encroachment on “their individual liberties” is an encroachment on “individual liberties” as such. This is only one aspect of the complicated challenges we would face in creating and selling a constitution to the masses. The US Constitution is impressive in its brevity and in the reverence held for it by a large number of Americans, but there are some blind spots that were impossible to be foreseen by the Founders which have, in living memory, become Tragic Flaws. The readers of Counter-Currents have the unpleasant role of Cassandra in this Tragedy.

Create a Democratic Defense Policy

This is a concept that Sharp does very little to expound upon. Perhaps other works of his provide the necessary detail or perhaps it is necessary to go to one of their CIA -sponsored workshops to learn this part of the plan.

Warning against Terrorism and Insurgency

Sharp, the committed pacifist, finishes by warning against turning to Terrorism and Guerrilla Insurgency against putchists. He believes that such a turn of event will only contribute to a cycle of violence that will prevent the emergence of anything but a succession of tyrants.


There are three major takeaways from this book:

  • Liberation from the System limiting our People’s potential is possible.
  • Very careful thought and strategic planning will be required to achieve it.
  • Vigilance, hard work, and disciplined struggle, often at great cost, will be needed.

It is not my hope to promote reading Gene Sharp or to promote pacifism. It is my sincere hope that serious discussions of strategy and organization will occur wherever our people are to be found, because everywhere we are under the yoke of the oligarchs and subjected to a concerted effort of cultural and genetic destruction.

Cast aside the failed strategies, the failed symbols, and the failed gods of the past. Reflect then act. Put aside several hours a week to work intelligently with a small cadre of comrades. Plan as a group how you will then work with allies. In this way we will bring forth the day of our liberation.


1. See “Jewish Demographics and Destiny” for an assessment of the voluntary departure of Jews from our White Homelands.

2. These articles in French provide an overview of events in the successful fight against Kosher/Halal Slaughter carried out by NARG and Aurore Lenoir:



  1. Russophile
    Posted July 23, 2014 at 4:45 pm | Permalink

    Thank you for an interesting and enlightening series of articles. You’re my favourite writer on this website; always clear, succint and practical.

  2. Tony
    Posted July 25, 2014 at 6:07 am | Permalink

    Indeed topical. Most outlets in the UK including private catering companies source halal meat and poultry. It is never advertised as such to the unknowing non-Muslim consumer. Apparetlty the EU are against labeling .They probably think its ‘discriminatory’. No, its actually giveing a choice. But at the same time if that were so and an explanation given to the exact nature of that animals treatment , then maybe the market for halhal would crash overnight. Then where would be the profits for this ‘cheaper’ (barbaric) meat source?

  3. White Republican
    Posted July 28, 2014 at 1:34 am | Permalink

    I think I’ll take a closer look at Gene Sharp’s work. When I have the time and opportunity, I’ll definitely inspect Gene Sharp’s The Politics of Nonviolent Action. The second volume or part, which examines in detail the nearly 200 techniques listed in Sharp’s From Dictatorship to Democracy, may be particularly interesting and useful. Such techniques should be be examined in context — political, economic, cultural, cultural, sociological, technological — rather than abstract and ahistorical terms. A shopping list of techniques won’t do.

    I believe that Sharp’s work might be useful, provided that the techniques he outlines are appropriately adapted to meet our needs. These techniques might need to be “reverse engineered” and “repackaged” so that they serve, not the color revolutions of today that have been bought and paid for by George Soros and the U.S. government, but the White revolutions of the future. One should not regard the works of such theorists in terms of a package deal in which you must accept everything as it is.

    The place of violence and non-violence in politics requires more extensive treatment than I can give in a brief comment. I’ll simply list a few ideas of mine concerning the place of violence in White nationalist politics:

    The weight of political action should generally be non-violent. As for the edge of political action, that will sometimes need to be violent.

    Non-violent political action should not be equated with system-friendly or electoralist political activism. It should have a wilful, aggressive, transgressive, anti-system character, and it should be focused on creating and occupying political spaces. It should be both creative and destructive. To use a line from Gouverner par le chaos: “Créer, c’est résister. Résister, c’est créer” (To create is to resist, to resist is to create.)

    To use the terminology of Joseph S. Nye, we should combine “soft power” and “hard power.” We should focus our efforts on the effective exercise of soft power, but we should in time leverage soft power into hard power.

    Non-violent political action should generate the energy and tensions — i.e., latent violence — that can “boil over” into violent political action. It should also generate the cultural and organizational capital needed to create the organizational forms that can effectively wield violence. To use the terminology of commerce, such organizational forms may be said to entail high overhead costs, high transaction costs, and high risks.

    Violence is for a minority. As Randall Collins emphasizes in Violence: A Micro-sociological Theory, relatively few people are violent, and even fewer people are competent at violence. This is why selection, training, and discipline is so important for institutions like the police and military to ensure that their personnel can use violent force reliably and effectively. Violent people are often extremely short-sighted, irrational, and inept, and often harm themselves more than those they seek to harm.

    The use of violence for political ends is often comparable to trying to attack someone with a knife held by the blade rather than the handle.

    Truly hard men — men like Roger Degueldre and Robert Jay Mathews — are both good to find and hard to find.

    Mindless violence is one thing, mindful violence is another.

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