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Interview with David Duke

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Czech version here

Editor’s Note:

The following interview appeared on TOQ Online on December 2, 2009. I am reposting it here because I conducted and edited it, and I wish to consolidate all of my work on this site. I have not changed my mind about the utility of running for office, but if anybody could change my mind on the subject, it would be David Duke.

Greg Johnson: Has anyone in the US has followed the David Duke strategy of running for political office as an explicit advocate for white interests?

David Duke: I think only a very few have done so. Even more unfortunately, most of them had no real organization, woefully inadequate finances, and very little political savvy. Often they ran for offices far beyond their reach, such as US House of Representatives, rather than local races or what I think is the best starting point: the state legislature.

Greg Johnson: What would you recommend for young nationalists who are thinking of getting involved in politics?

Here are a few of the guidelines that I think are essential for political success for our advocates.

1. Build a strong local organization such as EURO first so that you have at least a hundred dedicated volunteers and supporters. I had a local organization of about 1,000 supporters when I made my first race.

2. Pick the right race at the right time. Run for an office where you can actually touch the hands of a majority of the voters in your district. Establish residence in a district that has the right demographics and where a politician is vulnerable or a seat is opening up. “The right race at the right time.”

3. Run as a member of one of the major parties, not third party. Third party candidacies have huge disadvantages and also bring the perception of an inability to win, which is politically fatal.

4. Make sure you are an expert at campaigning. Go to Republican or Democratic political schools. Read the books on the subject. More importantly work in some campaigns and learn the science of campaigning. Have the latest voters list from the registrar of voters and get it paired with telephone numbers. Strategically develop a plan for you to conceivably knock on every door in your district, and your volunteers at least twice more singing your praises.

5. Make your candidacy very visible. One of the biggest tasks you have is to appear viable. The best way to do that in district is with yard signs. When I campaigned I walked the main thoroughfares and access roads in my District first, getting yard sign commitments. 60 days before the actual election came up, my yard sign crews went out one day and night and put up over 1000 signs. It looked like everyone was for me, and that changed the psychology of the election. Suddenly, people became unafraid to say that they were voting for me as they could see, thousands of others were.

6. Make your program true to our principles, but focused on issues that will get you votes, not cost you votes. Issues that will separate you from the crowd and give the most people strong reasons not to vote for you. For instance, even though you may favor a different US policy in the Mideast, that is not a vital issue in a state race. Why alienate people who are not educated on that issue? This is a campaign not an ideological journal like TOQ.

If something like comes up in an state election I would simply say, “Foreign policy is not an issue in a state race, but sure, I favor a policy that always puts American interest first and favors no special interests,” and then move on and say something like, “The ‘foreign policy’ that affects our state the most is the illegal alien and immigration policies that lead to more crime, more taxes and destruction of our traditional communities.”

Go with issues that have the most support among our people that are consonant with our views. For instance, hit hard against the racial discrimination of affirmative action, the cultural attacks against our people, destructions of our schools with forced integration, busing, rap, crime, etc. Hit hard on the welfare rip-off of the middle class taxpayer, the huge rip-off by the politically connected corporations, and the terrible taxes paid by our hard-pressed middle class to support these two parts of the economic vice squeezing our people.

My literature is available for everyone to see and the issues presented by it are certainly still valid. For some presentation advice read my threads on Stormfront critiquing Nick Griffin’s appearance on the BBC debate. There is a lot to be learned from those threads.

7. Note: It is vital that one does not sell out our basic concepts, yet at the same time present our views in way that is appealing rather than unattractive or disingenuous. It is tightrope that you must learn to walk if you take part in the political process.

8. Be super presentable, lose those extra pounds, or gain some muscle if need be. Physical strength and a well-dressed and well-groomed appearance are essential.

9. Attend every community election forum and usually there are dozens of them. If you do your homework you will shine above all the rest and give the people in attendance a real motivation to vote for you.

10. Operate a phone bank where you have 10 or more people who can call for you. Skype makes this very easy. Have them work the voters list. Promote a key issue or two, ask for their support, ask for a yard sign placement, and identity the favorable voters so you can get them out on election day.

11. If you are serious about the race, you need to take a leave of absence from your work, or let someone else run your business and be prepared to spend at least 5 months working 15 hour days on the project. For a local legislative house race you must raise at least $50,000 with $100,000 more desirable. If you have a good organization you can raise that kind of money. Voters are prepared to contribute to candidates, they want access to their representative.

12. Also important in preparing for a run for office is long-time community involvement. Become vocal long before the election on issues that come up which dovetail with our views. Make sure you are community active. You should be active in a number of community organizations such as Kiwanis, Red Cross, Lion’s Club, Rotary, etc. Not only can you do good work for your fellows, such involvement destroys the stereotype the media tries to portray of us. And over the months, and preferably years, the people in these organizations will respect you, many will help in the campaign, others will contribute and your membership in those groups will give a lot assurance to people who are suspicious of you because of media attacks.

13. One last thing. Go to church. Find a large church and a pastor or priest that you find the most agreeable. You might be surprised but you can almost always find a pastor who is sympathetic (usually quietly) to our views. Get involved in Church activities. And by the way, never be afraid to offer a differing view in Sunday School if some of the lessons stray into political and racial drivel. Just do it in decent way and you can have the whole class agreeing.

Because the media portrays people like us to be strange, anti-social, etc. it is more important for you to engage in these activities than for almost any other politician. And almost all successful political personages do this whether they believe or not. Bill Clinton in church has to be one hell of a joke.

Your viewpoints will set you apart and the media will try to characterize you in stereotypes, so it is vitally important for you to set deep community anchors that refute those stereotypes to the people you must reach to win political office.

Those are just a few concepts that I have learned over the years. I was elected to the House of Representatives in Louisiana in race with 5 opponents who were all millionaires. I received over 60 percent of the White vote in two statewide elections for US Senate and Governor and was elected to the Republican Executive Committee in the largest Republican district of Louisiana, and then subsequently elected chairman by the other 14 elected committeemen. If I can do that with the constant media attacks on me for my affiliations decades earlier, your road is much easier. Just standing up for our people’s rights and heritage will garner a lot of publicity on its own, and if elected on that platform you will become a nationally known political figure.

It is disgrace that there aren’t at least 1000 of our people in state legislatures across America, and at least a hundred in Congress. As of now there is not one elected politician in America would say “I am proud of the fact that I defend the rights of heritage of European-Americans.” Not one. Let’s change that!

Good luck!

Greg Johnson: How would you respond to someone who would say the following: “Dr. Duke, you have political talent and skills equal to anyone in the US Senate right now. Why did you not pull out all the stops, do anything, say anything to get there? Why didn’t you renounce racism, kiss black babies, hug Oprah and blubber about your change of heart, anything to get real political power?”

David Duke: Again, it is the art of walking the tightrope. I did make it clear again and again that my beliefs weren’t the stereotypical White racist beliefs and slanders presented by the media, but I wasn’t going to renounce my core beliefs of preserving our heritage. Politics and mass democracy in the land of MTV is distasteful, and there are a thousand cuts at your integrity necessary to get elected. You are no longer a private person who can share every thought or every belief, otherwise at some point you would alienate in some way every voter. That goes for a David Duke, a Bill Clinton, or a Barak Obama. It’s the political reality of an alien controlled media.

I did whatever I had to do to get the votes I needed, but I could not and will not ever compromise the essential issues of our people’s survival. As far as I was personally concerned, I thought I had compromised too much in quest of a victory and power that could have served our Movement so much.

Also, understand, even if I would have recanted all, it would have made no difference, because the Jewish extremists who dominate the media and political process never forgive and never forget. They still would have launched all their forces against me and in reality, showing political cowardice on the key issues would have taken the wind from the sails of the thousands of dedicated people who worked day and night in my campaign.

We had an historic 42,000 supporters of the campaign in Louisiana, and 5000 volunteers. I got over 6 out of 10 of the White voters, but needed 7, and I did everything I could to get to 7, but my radical past (with photos) caused media induced prejudice among too many White voters.

The biggest factor in the race as boasted by Jewish researchers, was the economic blackmail against the state. We lost at least 2 out of 10 White folks because of that fact, they thought their jobs would be lost, their businesses driven to ground if I were elected.

Many people think they understand the incredible power of our Jewish supremacist enemies, but they have no idea of the true extent of Jewish power until they pose a real threat to system, then they unleash all their power in a torrent that few can withstand. I have endured years of constant, vicious Jewish lies and slanders, as would any man who threatened their power. Yet, I have endured and still fight for our people every day of my life. They couldn’t afford my presence among the most powerful 100 men in the world: the United States Senate. They knew that would have started a revolution, not just in America but across the Western World.

I hope young patriots can build on what I have accomplished and take the next step upward. I am there to advise or help anyone who is really serious.

TOQ Online, December 2, 2009

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  1. Posted January 24, 2011 at 6:11 am | Permalink

    A first comment before reading the article.
    I circulated David Duke’s video (with French subtitles) demanding president Sarkozy trial for genocide of the French people. It was received with approbation and great enthusiasm.

  2. WNAO
    Posted January 24, 2011 at 6:54 am | Permalink

    Is Newsweek off its medz? They published a 100% Whites photo! The shame!

    Where is the commitment to fostering diversity and helping minorities?

    As a small part of WN fetish, we save to our hard drives any photos on the Web that are glorious reminders of our heroic and righteous segregation past. We have ocassional proud moments.

    • James H
      Posted January 24, 2011 at 10:22 pm | Permalink

      Interesting. It’s important not to read too much from Jollywood into whatever the future has in store for real-world whites, but the lack of a new Denzel, Morgan or Will for the grouping is notable.

      My take is this. Steve Sailor has capably analyzed the Jollywood situation regarding Latinos; Jollywood is fantasy, and all Latinos are either actual whites (‘Castilians’) or whites in their fantasies (mestizos). As such, they spend a little on Spanish-language fare, which will never make big market share, and a lot on blockbuster white fare, one step down from Oscar-winner stuff. So mostly, their influence at any age is very close to that of white teenagers.

      On blacks, since both genders are relatively masculine, the women tend to be just too ugly to have the big and lasting impact, so it’s mostly up to the men. But they have to be ‘clean’ (ie, act pretty white, like Obama) to appeal beyond the tiny ‘films for blacks’ market, so their aren’t too many Morgans, Denzels and Wills to make the cut. It seems no young replacement is right in the wings, which is odd. It could be that the status of blacks as ‘the only minority that matters’ is being psychologically undermined by the growing number of Latinos, even though the latter are having very little direct cultural-industry impact themselves.

      Asians are kind of like black women but for different reasons: not sexy enough to matter in Jollywood.

      That leaves whites; reliably talented, sexy cash generators.

      One interesting aspect is the relatively high-brow subject matter of the films these actors were in this year; The King’s Speech, Black Swan, possibly others. Don’t know if this is part of a larger trend, perhaps reflective of economic austerity, but highbrow definitely implies White.

  3. Andrew Hamilton
    Posted January 24, 2011 at 1:19 pm | Permalink

    This was an excellent interview, and provides loads of good, practical advice about what a meaningful political campaign entails.

    I assumed that I must have printed it out when it originally appeared, because it’s the sort of information-packed thing I’d keep.

    I had. The printed version from 2009 is titled “Interview with David Duke, Part 1.” I’d noted on it, “Apparently Part 2 never appeared.”

    Indeed, the original “Part 1” is identical to this interview.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted January 24, 2011 at 2:13 pm | Permalink

      Yes, Duke did not answer the questions I sent for Part 2. So I just dropped the “Part 1.” He is a very busy man, and I got the most important questions out of the way first.

  4. Savrola
    Posted January 24, 2011 at 4:16 pm | Permalink

    Every would-be candidate should read this interview.

  5. Posted January 25, 2011 at 3:37 am | Permalink

    Just to inform you that the French website Club Acacia has today posted a new video of David Duke : The greatest mass murder in history (with French subtitles).

  6. Lew
    Posted January 26, 2011 at 6:50 pm | Permalink

    “The biggest factor in the race as boasted by Jewish researchers, was the economic blackmail against the state. We lost at least 2 out of 10 White folks because of that fact, they thought their jobs would be lost, their businesses driven to ground if I were elected.”

    I am typing this about two miles from the zip code that sent David Duke to the Louisiana state legislature. I was a low-level volunteer for Duke in the early 90s, voted for him twice, and have briefly talked to him in person a few times over the years. He is right about the economic blackmail factor being the decisive factor in the state-wide elections that he lost. A lot of executives, managers and business owners flat out told people they were going to lose their jobs if Duke won, and I remember The Wall Street Journal boasting at the time that every company doing business in Louisiana was ready to leave instantly in the event of a Duke victory. Even though Duke won a majority of the White vote, the blackmail factor made enough of a difference that he lost.

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