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The Cuckservative

Parasitic wasp laying eggs inside living caterpillar host

Parasitic wasp laying eggs inside living caterpillar host

600 words

A caterpillar rests upon a twig,
With no intent to conquer earth or sky;
He merely wants to eat until he’s big
Enough to turn into a butterfly —
And on that day, he’ll think of flying high.

No soaring, tragic thoughts he entertains,
No hearty lust for trouble or for war;
He knows these things are never worth the pains
That could be spent on eating more and more —
At least until the time he’s waiting for.  Read more …

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Le fardeau de l’Homme Blanc, 2013

whitemansburdencrop1360 words

English original here

Remerciements à l’original de Rudyard Kipling

Reprenez le fardeau de l’Homme Blanc –
Envoyez au loin les meilleurs d’entre vous,
Vers des pays et des peuples barbares,
Et répandez le credo évangélique :
La sainte écriture de la Liberté
Pour chaque besoin matériel,
La liturgie des Droits de l’Homme,
Read more …

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The White Man’s Burden, 2013

whitemansburdencrop1291 words

French translation here

With thanks to Rudyard Kipling’s original

Take up the White Man’s burden —
Send forth the best ye breed
To heathen lands and peoples,
And spread the gospel creed:
The holy writ of Freedom
For each bodily demand,
The Human Rights liturgy,
And the Market’s ghostly hand.

Read more …

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