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Kensall Green

Kensall Green currently lives in Malta. He holds a degree in literature and writes traditional poetry in many languages.
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Post-Modern Sonnet

anti-racism-brains-small-77043436 words

There is a new religion: anti-racist
Which is, more or less, made up of the same thing that any cult is,
Namely, a vacuous under-examining self-righteous group of people that a  Read more …

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Properly Done:
Seven Poems by Juleigh Howard-Hobson

Callanish Standing Stones, Scotland

1,059 words

Seven Poems by Juleigh Howard-Hobson
Featured poet, March 2012
The New Formalist
Edited by Leo Yankevich

Read more …

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Ignatius Royston Dunnachie Campbell:
A Commemoration

624 words

So much fine writing already exists here concerning Roy Campbell (October 2, 1901–April 22, 1957) that it would be hardly fair to Counter-Currents’ previous Campbell biographers to repeat—my own rephrasing notwithstanding—this  poet’s life story once again. Read more …

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After the Riots

109 words

“There will always be the English.” Raj said.
I replied “No, there will always have been
The English, but that’s gone now. England’s dead . . .
And with it, the English”. Raj said “I meant
The idea of Englishness will always
Be.” “The idea?” I asked, “What’s the idea?
That there was a real Englishness? These days
When I make statements like that it’s called a
Hate crime, or sometimes something worse than one.”
“That’s insane, who can talk with you when you
Trot out those BNP opinions
And skinhead tripe?” I didn’t bother to
Waste any more breath; Raj will never see:
English was what only English could be.

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Fourteen Lines

113 words

We can be no longer polite. Now we
Must do what we need to do so we can
Secure what must be never lost. To be
The last white men is not part of our plan.
Existence now and forever, that’s all
Of our wish, all that we want not to end:
Our selves, our ways, our race. We shall not fall,
People, we shall not falter, shall not bend
And shall not stop until we’ve made secure
A future that belongs to us again,
Future futures that will grow and endure
For eternity without worry, without strain.
White peoples have worried and strained enough
Children of our children deserve kinder stuff.

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