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We Want the Groyper War

Charlie Kirk

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Do you want the Culture War?


Then you’re in luck.

The cuckservative student group Turning Point USA’s (TPUSA) “Culture War Tour” is traveling all over the country and igniting a battle its hosts didn’t intend. Rather than pitting the cringe conservatives of TPUSA against campus Leftists, the tour has become a Dissident Right guerrilla war. Young nationalists have taken over Culture War’s Q&As and grilled TPUSA leader Charlie Kirk on his bad ideas and goofy antics. Conservative Inc. is irate over this guerrilla war and is trying to crush it through censorship and an outrageous smear campaign.

The Dissident Right’s disruption campaign is a positive development. It resembles the effective 2016 trolling that helped Donald Trump humiliate his enemies and ultimately win. It’s high energy, humorous, and, most importantly, fun. It also has the advantage of taking place in the real world, giving nationalists the opportunity to dispel the false image that they’re basement-dwelling losers. The young men questioning TPUSA are all young, smart, well-dressed, and confident. The grifters on stage look silly when compared to the young America First questioners.

This is the kind of real-world action American identiarians should engage in. It’s low-risk, it grabs media attention, and it puts our enemies on their back foot. Antifa is not going to dox those who humiliate Charlie Kirk. What’s the offense? Asking an honest question? It also positions ourselves as the True Right against the Phony Right and exposes their hypocrisy and failure to defend the historic American nation.

For readers uninformed about TPUSA, it’s the biggest conservative youth group in America. Led by the 26-year-old Kirk – a man best described as a lolcow – TPUSA rakes in millions of dollars and hosts many events every year. TPUSA didn’t support Donald Trump in the primary and Kirk himself opposed his candidacy. But after Trump won the presidency, TPUSA aggressively latched onto Trump, giving it a massive advantage over its conservative youth group competitors. Kirk rebranded his group to reflect Trumpism in the wake of 2016: It puts “America First” in much of its propaganda, and Kirk decries illegal immigration and publicly supports all of Trump’s policy positions. However, TPUSA is no nationalist group. Its main concerns are promoting free markets, limited government, and unquestionable support for Israel. Kirk says America is only an idea while insisting Israel is a holy land that is much more than an idea. Kirk and TPUSA’s leadership are fine with Israel’s status as an ethnostate, but cannot countenance any suggestion America has a core demographic group. They host “leadership conferences” for every identity group – except for whites. Moreover, he supports increased immigration and believes we should “staple green cards to the diplomas” of foreign college graduates.

His submission to Israel, questionable immigration views, and all around goofiness make Kirk a perfect target for the Dissident Right. And young nationalists have eviscerated him at every recent event.

Questioners ask Kirk to defend his advocacy for the billions America gives to Israel every year, criminal justice reform, handing out visas to foreign oligarchs, mass immigration, demographic replacement, TPUSA’s abandonment of social conservatism. Kirk has only shown himself to be a fool. He denies the USS Liberty incident ever happened and claimed it’s an anti-Zionist conspiracy theory. He calls questions about demographic replacement racist. He lies by claiming that foreign oligarchs who receive visas benefit the nation. He repeats tired clichés that Israel is our greatest ally and is the only place in the Middle East that tolerates gays – and that’s why we should give them nearly $4 billion every year! He’s retreated from his immigration boosterism and said he supports legislation to halve it – even though that contradicts many past statements.

Kirk is not alone on the stage at these events. He’s shared a stage with Donald Trump, Jr., Sen. Rand Paul, and a gay black grifter named Rob Smith. They’ve shared in Kirk’s humiliation, with Smith adding to it. Sen. Paul couldn’t answer a simple question about why whites should oppose identity politics when Conservative Inc. promotes it for everyone else. Smith called Kirk’s young critics homophobes and racists.

Nationalists asking Kirk tough questions didn’t only begin in October, but it’s gained steam in the past few weeks. The highlight so far is last week’s tour stop at Ohio State University (OSU). Hundreds of nationalists attended to ask Kirk and Rob Smith questions, as well as to boo their responses and cheer on the questioners. American Identity Movement leader Patrick Casey even made a special appearance to challenge Kirk to a debate. The audience cheered more vigorously for Casey than for Kirk, signaling the audience’s mood.

In the aftermath of the OSU battle, TPUSA hit back hard at their critics. They unearthed old clips of Nick Fuentes, who encouraged his viewers to hijack the Culture War tour, to smear him as a Holocaust denier, fascist, and anti-Semite. The Zionist Organization of America and former Trump White House staffer Sebastian Gorka demanded Twitter ban Fuentes on the pretense that he’s a Holocaust denier. The real reason was that he promoted the humiliation of TPUSA, and the grifters want him silenced. TPUSA allegedly called dozens of conservative figures to demand loyalty from them and to fire anyone who supported the questioners. Several of their staffers and allies shared edited clips of the questioners to portray them as homophobes and racists. Blacklists were also issued to Conservative Inc. groups to ensure fealty to the Kirk regime.

Clearly, TPUSA is terrified of the “Groyper War” and wants it to end. Sadly for them, it’s only just getting started. Kirk can’t eliminate the Q&A section because that’s the main attraction, and it would signal defeat. They can’t ensure only dumb Leftists and Kirk sycophants ask questions. They’re forced to hear the Dissident Right, whether they like it or not.

This new trend is good for the cause. There are dozens of these events every year, and they all have a Q&A section. The Q&A is where they get the viral “X Conservative Figure DISEMBOWELS College Socialist” clips. They’re not going to eliminate it, and it gives young nationalists the perfect opportunity to challenge Conservative Inc. It’s much better than hosting a rally using the discredited symbols of the Old Right and needlessly brawling with the antifa. This is a far more effective way for the Dissident Right to show its real-world presence and unite around a common cause. It’s also a lot more fun and appealing to Middle America than riots in Portland.

Several more TPUSA and other conservative campus events are planned for this month, and the groypers are prepared to show up at them all. We can expect more optical trolling and viral clips from these exchanges. There’s a lot of positive energy emanating from this activism, and good things should be expected from 2020. The message just needs to be reaffirmed against TPUSA: We are America First and you are not. Asking the questions in MAGA hats drives home the message that Kirk and others betrayed Trump’s 2016 agenda. The good optics dispel smears that these are just basement-dwelling losers; in actuality it’s normal college kids who want to make America great again.

It’s been a rough few years for our side, but the energy unleashed by the Culture War portend good things for 2020. People came to the Alt Right because it was fun and rebellious, but it collapsed when it turned into a rehash of White Nationalism 1.0. The Dissident Right shouldn’t make the same mistake. It’s time to make the cause fun again.


  1. Charles K. Pearce
    Posted November 5, 2019 at 4:17 am | Permalink

    Please keep us posted on any significant developments, for those who don’t have the time to follow it

  2. Lovely Phenotypes
    Posted November 5, 2019 at 4:27 am | Permalink

    Conservatism is not this’ woke Capitalist’ garbage of the last few years. It held quite traditional values throughout time (even if they were ineffective cuckolds), but seeing as Trump has been successful and the right is rising then Conservatism must be infiltrated just as Liberalism was …just like everything is. They must be made supporters of the Great Replacement as well.

    Views on Jewish people (surprisingly), Feminism, transsexualism, tradition, homosexuality, culture, etc. can all be discussed publicly and people can have ranging views on them positive or negative, but all sides HATE or refuse talking about race and against demographic replacement. That’s the only real taboo.

    50 years ago few on either side politically would accept demographic replacement for convoluted and skewed morals on the Left or Capitalist greed at the expense of volk, values, and virtue on the Right.

    Kirk is another shill; another merchant allied with the priests to ensure the only taboo left meets its conclusion. I guess technically they do have a warrior caste. It is hordes of brown mercenaries eager to succeed what’s left of the West.

    …And he has no bottom row of teeth, good god.

    • Alexandra O.
      Posted November 5, 2019 at 8:12 am | Permalink

      I think WN has to get a grip on ‘capitalism’. White Capitalism built this country from the beginning, and still runs it, for better or worse. I do like the word “volk” as opposed, I guess, to elite capitalism, which I suppose is what is usually meant by ALL capitalism. What I would call “Volk Capitalism” is the old dreary idea of ‘Work Hard, Save Your Money, Buy a Home, and Invest in Stocks and Bonds”. I did that, as a secretary for 50 years (just retired two years ago) and I am safe and financially secure and reasonably healthy And — I am here — at CC. So, do I belong here? If you had more people my age with a few bucks to share for the cause, wouldn’t that be a better idea? Think about what ‘volk capitalism’ might mean for younger people. And if you really think that Marxist Socialism would be better for what few white people who will remain after the socialists continue to push Cultural Marxism — Diversity, etc. — and push the borders wide open, please let me know what that exact thought is.

      • Lovely Phenotypes
        Posted November 5, 2019 at 8:36 am | Permalink

        “And if you really think that Marxist Socialism would be better for what few white people who will remain after the socialists continue to push Cultural Marxism — Diversity, etc. — and push the borders wide open, please let me know what that exact thought is.”

        Where at all did I suggest Marxist Socialism was a solution to anything??? What are you talking about???

        I truly don’t think there is a solution to this. Just ride the tiger and see what monsters Zuckerberg, Gates, etc etc “the elites” have in store for us.

        I was really just trying to say Conservatism was never this “woke” nor was Liberalism ever the animal it is now. Like everything else they have been infiltrated.

      • John Wilkinson
        Posted November 5, 2019 at 8:46 am | Permalink

        I think there is a huge difference, and most people intuitively understand this, between an economy where thousands of small companies not necessarily operating in direct competition with each other, serve their communities with products while also employing local people. Commerce and trade are not inherently bad things.

        Fair, regulated competition is also beneficial, at least in certain markets.

        The problem comes about when there is a marriage between capitalism and government, where the government only serves to facilitate profits in capitalism. When the government becomes subordinate to financial interests, laws and regulations that provide cheaper labor and access to a wider consumer market become necessary to sustain growth. This has the net result of moving some production overseas to be closer to cheaper labor and new markets, while also attracting foreign consumers into the domestics market (continental US, Europe) to be closer to jobs and wealth, which drives down labor cost domestically.

        These are the natural results of having a capitalist economy driven by greed rather than serving “volk”.

        To make a Christian argument (but an argument that isn’t ABSOLUTELY Christian), when capitalists are bound by a traditional Christian morality, one not tainted by Talmudic reasoning, human greed is tempered a bit by moral concerns. Any morality that holds service to community above service to shareholders suffices, but I think many Christian traditionalist understand that this corporate oligarchy we currently live in is fundamentally immoral.

        Having said that, I believe the Christian impetus to “spread the gospel” has been a pillar of globalism since even medieval times, and it has been skewed toward that end.

      • HamburgerToday
        Posted November 5, 2019 at 9:54 am | Permalink

        Alexandra: In my view you belong here. I would simply caution you to not assume that the some of the words you grew up with — like ‘capitalism’ — means the same thing to everyone, I do think that applying the work ‘Folk’ (or ‘Volk’) to certain ‘big words’ — like ‘capitalism’ — and the ideas associated with them can open up ways of thinking about those ‘big words’ that can be useful. For example, what about ‘Volk Socialism’?

        The first thing to do when using ‘big words’ associated with ‘big ideas’ is to pin down to the best of your ability what your definition of the ‘big word’ is and how adding ‘Folk’ to it changes that the ways we might understand the ‘big word’ in productive ways.

        For example, one definition of ‘capitalism’ is ‘state-enforced’ usury’. If that is how someone understands the notion of ‘capitalism’ the idea of state-enforced usury’ being good for the Volk would be jarring.

        I’m trying to be helpful and respectful, not patronizing so please don’t interpret me as being patronizing.

        Lastly, you will find that some of the people who participate in CC dialog can be rather sharp and harsh in their responses. In general, I don’t think they mean to be, they have, in my view, been brought up into public discourse in the internet, where many of the normal niceties of polite discourse are not honored. Most of the time, it’s not personal. It’s just how some folks ‘do their thing’ on the internet. And remember, it’s always easy to misunderstand and be misunderstood than the opposite.

  3. D.M.
    Posted November 5, 2019 at 5:05 am | Permalink

    The videos of the Q & A were beautiful to behold. The groypers righteously exposed Charlie Kuck, who dismissed crucial questions as racist, despite his claim that “We are not Leftists.” The lads asking questions were bold! The event had a good energy to it. What a great way to start the election year, by trolling the cuckservatives. And what great target: TP (Toilet Paper) USA.

  4. HamburgerToday
    Posted November 5, 2019 at 6:12 am | Permalink

    I have been watching this Groyper War emerge. It has exposed the soft belly of ‘liberalism’ that is the basis for much of Conservatism Inc. The Groyper/Nick Fuentes crowd are part of the Christian Right, but with at least two major heresies: America First (instead of knee-jerk Zionism) and anti-immigration. E. Michael Jones appears to be an important influence on the Groyper viewpoint and he is definitely not a racial nationalist of any kind. Jones views ‘white’ as an irrelevant category/status. Jones entirely focused on religious ethnicity (‘Irish Catholic’, ‘German Protestant’).

    For those of us concerned about the future of the White race, it’s important to recognize that it would take a significant mutation of the Groyper/Fuentes ideology for them to take up the banner of White Nationalism. However, their focus on Jewish influence in American affairs and opposition to (and reversal of) mass immigration is helpful.

    • D.M.
      Posted November 5, 2019 at 6:54 am | Permalink

      That is true.

      I think this bunch can be useful to us. I noticed that some alt-lite types are attracted to them and are sharing videos of the Q&A on Facebook–they are turning against cucks like Charlie K. These same alt-lite people were impervious to ethnonationalist ideas in the past. Some of the questions in the Q&A were of an ethnonationalist type. So, the Groypers might pull in some members of the vast alt-lite audience: they might be the sugar that makes the medicine go down. And Patrick Casey was there too: and he’s the real thing. Also, the Fuentes types are less likely to get de-platformed than ethno-nats.

      • John Wilkinson
        Posted November 5, 2019 at 7:51 am | Permalink

        “Also, the Fuentes types are less likely to get de-platformed than ethno-nats.”

        I highly disagree with that last statement. Alex Jones has been deplatformed for kooky gun control conspiracy theories. He makes no ethnonationalist arguments.

        The size of your audience and effectiveness of your message has more to do with deplatforming on the dissident right than specific viewpoints, as long as your dissident viewpoints are a threat to homoglobo power.

        • D.M.
          Posted November 5, 2019 at 10:58 am | Permalink

          Good point.

      • HamburgerToday
        Posted November 5, 2019 at 9:39 am | Permalink

        Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

        If my remarks seemed to indicate that the Groyper Rebellion is not a desirable phenomenon, that was not my intent, I was simply adding a note of caution regarding expecting too much from them from a WN perspective.

        There is a fine, but nonetheless important distinction between ‘ethnonationalist’ and ‘ethno-genetic nationalist’.

        ‘America First’ is, in today’s incarnation, promoting the ‘American’ ethnicity which, to my mind at least, can easily incorporate ‘America’ as a ‘propositional nation’ open to all of any race or origin who adhere to ‘American’ language, customs, etc.

        ‘Ethno-genetic nationalism’ — of which WN is a species — is more about the preservation and flourishing of distinct peoples in their own homelands than the preservation of an ‘American’ ethnicity. The WN model is — in my greatly-simplified formulation — Zionism For White People, not White Supremacist Assimilation For Non-Whites.

        However, in keeping with your more hopeful view, anytime people start to question the ‘givenness’ of a dominant ideology there is no predicting how far the questioning will go. I didn’t start out as a WN, I was driven to question the dominant ideology of the liberalism and the Left by White demonization and mass immigration and found my concerns addressed most thoroughly by WN.

        I can see how the Groypers could end up being WN’s but I can also see how they could not.

    • Edward Paddington
      Posted November 5, 2019 at 11:41 am | Permalink

      How are America First and anti-immigration heresies?

      Also, Fuentes has stated numerous times that demographics is the number one issue.

      • HamburgerToday
        Posted November 5, 2019 at 1:44 pm | Permalink

        ‘America First’ is heresy because it is not ‘Israel First’.

        Anti-immigration is a heresy because it goes against the Chamber of Commerce/Koch Brothers low-wage ‘libertarianism’.

        Both ‘Israel First’ and ‘nation of immigrants’ pro-mass-immigration perspectives are core to the Donors who make Conservative Inc — and TPUSA — possible.

        • Edward Paddington
          Posted November 5, 2019 at 2:18 pm | Permalink

          Sorry, I thought you were criticizing the Groypers for that. My misunderstanding.

          Regarding your idea that it would take significant mutation for the Groyper insurgency to take up the banner of White Nationalism, what do you say about the fact that Nick Fuentes has said that the reason he is doing this (his show and being a public figure etc) is to see demographic change reversed?

          Also, do you not think that an ‘America First’ movement would be ideal for America from the White Nationalist perspective so long as it prioritises opposition to White Genocide and squarely confronts the Jewish Question (as this Groyper insurgency seems to be doing)?

          • HamburgerToday
            Posted November 5, 2019 at 4:25 pm | Permalink

            Q1: [W]hat do you say about the fact that Nick Fuentes has said that the reason he is doing this (his show and being a public figure etc) is to see demographic change reversed?
            A1: First of all, I want to make it clear that I am for anything that questions the ‘Invade the world, invite the world’ political ideology of Conservatism Inc. and improves the demographic status of Whites. However, reversing ‘demographic change’ is not the same a racially separate homelands, which is, as I understand it, at the heart of universal ethno-genetic nationalism and, most particularly, White Nationalism and the best long-term solution for racial peace for all races but most salient for Whites who are being displaced in what has been their homelands.

            Q2: [D]o you not think that an ‘America First’ movement would be ideal for America from the White Nationalist perspective so long as it prioritises opposition to White Genocide and squarely confronts the Jewish Question (as this Groyper insurgency seems to be doing)?
            A2: I think that if the end result of an ‘America First’ movement is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society, then White Genocide is not deterred but only deferred. However, as long as the Groyper/Fuentes bloc is out there kicking up their heels with youthful vigor and stirring the pot, I see no reason to criticize them for their activities as opposition to ‘demographic replacement’ is a very good first step.

  5. Chd7
    Posted November 5, 2019 at 6:54 am | Permalink

    “Antifa is not going to dox those who humiliate Charlie Kirk”

    That actually just happened.

    • John Wilkinson
      Posted November 5, 2019 at 7:46 am | Permalink

      Yeah unfortunately there is a claim being made that Toilet Paper USA aided Antifa in doxxing some of Fuentes’s personal information.

  6. R_Moreland
    Posted November 5, 2019 at 9:53 am | Permalink

    Here are some questions I would like to see someone ask of Charlie Kirk and company:

    “How come the Department of Justice is prosecuting the Rise Above Movement which has opposed violent leftist mobs in the streets?”


    “What would you recommend to prosecute city officials in Portland, Berkeley and Charlottesville who have refused to enforce the law when it comes to leftist mob violence?”

    …and related…

    “What are you doing to free political prisoners such as the members of the Rise Above Movement and the Unite the Right people who have been imprisoned for defending themselves against antifa?”

  7. Vauquelin
    Posted November 5, 2019 at 10:13 am | Permalink

    I get no joy from childish scuffles such as these because I fear for the wider implications. As long as infighting among the right remains more common than infighting on the left, we will remain at an overall disadvantage. I also dread attacking the center base, potentially driving the fence-sitters into the waiting arms of cuckservatives, and by extension, the liberals, and by extension, the hard left.
    But more than that I fear that Nationalists and the New Right in America will never amount to anything more than being critics. Coal Burning Point USA is at least openly doing tours and getting is message out, specifically trying to ignite a wider culture struggle against the left. I’ve yet to see the hard right accomplish the same. Kirk might be a Zionist darling who is routinely paraded around on Breitbart but even Zionist lapdogs – if popular enough – can serve as a gateway to more grounded and properly Nationalist ideas. Why attack the gateway?
    As Nietzsche said: “He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.” So, let curious Americans stand and walk first. Let TPUSA do its thing, let them lure as many Americans into the shallows of the right as possible, and let us be there to invite them deeper in when they do. It’s why the left fears groups like TPUSA and tries to control persons like Kirk, because they fear they’ll indirectly empower the hard right – and they’re correct if the hard right plays it smart. Or, you can continue making more enemies and even drive those who would call themselves right wing to cooperate with the likes of Antifa in order to suppress you. I think the better choice is obvious. Never waffle on your beliefs, but for God’s sake, let’s try to be persuasive.

    • Eric C. Brewster
      Posted November 5, 2019 at 2:08 pm | Permalink

      What a stupid comment. You sound like a Conservative Inc. operative trying to confuse and mislead groypers. Kirk and people like him are gatekeepers, not gateways, funded by wealthy Jews and propped up to tightly control the parameters of acceptable political discourse on the right. Jewish funded fake conservatives have been doing this for decades to keep discussion of the legitimate ethnic interests of Whites beyond the pale. Before we can take on the left we need to destroy these fake conservatives, who are a much more formidable enemy anyway.

    • rujv
      Posted November 5, 2019 at 8:26 pm | Permalink

      This is not infighting. It’s merely the hygiene of a movement.
      We ARE the Right, they are not.
      They are the outsiders trying to contaminate our movement and ideas.

      They are false opposition, claiming that butt sex and tranny story hour are what Conservatism has ALWAYS been about.
      They are the Oceania-has-ALWAYS-been-at-war-with-EastAsia crowd.

      Please God, make my enemies ridiculous.

    • David Pinckney
      Posted November 5, 2019 at 9:25 pm | Permalink

      No. You’re not making any sense. There’s only two camps pertinent to the concern for white survival, white nationalists, and those who stand in our way. TPUSA’s platform seems to consist of tax cuts for the rich, ethno nationalism for Jews halfway around the world and at our expense, gay liberation in Africa, and multi racial civic nationalism and race replacement immigration for the US. If that’s “right wing” so be it. We need to make a mockery of our enemies if it’s the only thing we can do in the meantime, no matter what they call themselves. Because, our survival depends on us not being silent and inactive whenever our mortal enemies deceptively call themselves right wingers.

    • Vauquelin
      Posted November 6, 2019 at 7:10 am | Permalink

      The hubris I see in these replies seems misplaced considering the continued weakness and lack of organization and leadership in the movement, but perhaps I’ve settled on the blackpill prematurely. I might also be naive to think that people like Kirk are merely gullible rather than malicious, and if only severed from Jewish influence could be educated and brought over to our side. Even if that is not the case, I believe it’s easier to persuade someone by not attacking their projects and heckling their performance in public. The right ought to be united, yet as other comments have already shown, TPUSA and Antifa have collaborated in doxxing Nationalists. When the center right considers the far right a bigger threat than the far left, you know something somewhere is going very wrong, and I don’t think these acts are doing much to heal this gap.

      • Bob
        Posted November 6, 2019 at 10:10 am | Permalink

        The kosher right (i.e., “center right”, “moderate right”, etc.) has always been willing to ally with socialists and communists to defeat nationalists. We see that over and over again in Europe.

      • Eric C. Brewster
        Posted November 6, 2019 at 10:40 am | Permalink

        See my above comment.

  8. Nobody
    Posted November 5, 2019 at 10:55 am | Permalink

    Culture Wars is actually coming to my school next week. I look forward to seeing what’ll happen.

  9. Mad Celt
    Posted November 5, 2019 at 12:00 pm | Permalink

    The ‘old style’ conservatives want anal sex for everyone, diversity out the wazoo and all whites to lay down and die.

  10. Digital Samizdat
    Posted November 5, 2019 at 12:38 pm | Permalink

    This is the kind of real-world action American identitarians should engage in. It’s low-risk, it grabs media attention, and it puts our enemies on their back foot. Antifa is not going to dox those who humiliate Charlie Kirk.


    Led by the 26-year-old Kirk – a man best described as a lolcow …

    How about lolcuck? 😉

  11. Gentle Gentile
    Posted November 5, 2019 at 3:13 pm | Permalink

    More questions for Charlie Cuck:

    “when White americans learn that they will become a minority in their own country in 23 years even if Dems don’t open the borders further, they immediately become more right-wing. Why are you to the left of ordinary White Americans?”

    “You claimed that French and Germans are left-wing, but they have just voted for nationalist right-wing parties at record levels, parties that are to the right of you. Also, immigrants to the uS who were born in Germany are about the only group that vote majority Republican. Why are you slandering French and Germans and covering up the statistical behaviors of non-White immigrants?”

    • Vauquelin
      Posted November 6, 2019 at 7:12 am | Permalink

      “You claimed that French and Germans are left-wing, but they have just voted for nationalist right-wing parties at record levels, parties that are to the right of you.”
      If you are referring to Front National under Marine le Pen and the AfD, you are very much mistaken. These parties in their current incarnation are more moderate than Trumpism.

  12. newworldanglo
    Posted November 5, 2019 at 11:28 pm | Permalink

    This has been the most entertaining and productive thing the grass roots right wing has done for a while. Thanks to the geniuses behind the scenes.

  13. Hector Quinn
    Posted November 6, 2019 at 5:22 am | Permalink

    The only problem with this groyper uprising is its attachment to extreme right-wing Christianity. Not only does this alienate it from most people, but it’s also not particularly revolutionary. Their questions about gays and “Christian morality” are really just a throwback to the George W era. It’s not interesting and already has a place within mainstream conservatism. The pressing and truly vanguard issues that they should be focused on are those of race and Israel.

  14. Richard
    Posted November 10, 2019 at 4:24 pm | Permalink

    Hey guys… Here’s where I am at and trying to decide where I stand…. In regards to LGBTQ. I’m conflicted here because I am currently on the fence about mixing religion with a political party. No, I do not want to promote homosexuality as a norm, but I do want homosexuals to be able to live their lives with the least amount of government involvement. I want them to be just as free from government in their lives as me, so that principle makes me want to welcome them to the conservative movement. I’m confused and not sure which way to go. What do I say to a gay person who says they want limited gov and see the left as what they are, twisted. What do I say to that gay person who says to me that conservatism resonates with them? How can I turn them away when they are seeing the the light??? Help me out please.

    • Lord Shang
      Posted November 13, 2019 at 7:03 pm | Permalink

      Where does this hypothetical non-leftist gay stand on racial justice for Whites and preserving White America?

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    North American New Right, Vol. 1

    Some Thoughts on Hitler

    Tikkun Olam and Other Poems

    Under the Nihil

    Summoning the Gods

    Hold Back This Day

    The Columbine Pilgrim

    Confessions of a Reluctant Hater

    Taking Our Own Side

    Toward the White Republic

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    The Node

    The New Austerities

    Morning Crafts

    The Passing of a Profit & Other Forgotten Stories

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