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We Want the Groyper War


Charlie Kirk

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Do you want the Culture War?


Then you’re in luck.

The cuckservative student group Turning Point USA’s (TPUSA) “Culture War Tour” is traveling all over the country and igniting a battle its hosts didn’t intend. Rather than pitting the cringe conservatives of TPUSA against campus Leftists, the tour has become a Dissident Right guerrilla war. Young nationalists have taken over Culture War’s Q&As and grilled TPUSA leader Charlie Kirk on his bad ideas and goofy antics. Conservative Inc. is irate over this guerrilla war and is trying to crush it through censorship and an outrageous smear campaign.

The Dissident Right’s disruption campaign is a positive development. It resembles the effective 2016 trolling that helped Donald Trump humiliate his enemies and ultimately win. It’s high energy, humorous, and, most importantly, fun. It also has the advantage of taking place in the real world, giving nationalists the opportunity to dispel the false image that they’re basement-dwelling losers. The young men questioning TPUSA are all young, smart, well-dressed, and confident. The grifters on stage look silly when compared to the young America First questioners.

This is the kind of real-world action American identiarians should engage in. It’s low-risk, it grabs media attention, and it puts our enemies on their back foot. Antifa is not going to dox those who humiliate Charlie Kirk. What’s the offense? Asking an honest question? It also positions ourselves as the True Right against the Phony Right and exposes their hypocrisy and failure to defend the historic American nation.

For readers uninformed about TPUSA [2], it’s the biggest conservative youth group in America. Led by the 26-year-old Kirk – a man best described as a lolcow – TPUSA rakes in millions of dollars and hosts many events every year. TPUSA didn’t support Donald Trump in the primary and Kirk himself opposed his candidacy. But after Trump won the presidency, TPUSA aggressively latched onto Trump, giving it a massive advantage over its conservative youth group competitors. Kirk rebranded his group to reflect Trumpism in the wake of 2016: It puts “America First” in much of its propaganda, and Kirk decries illegal immigration and publicly supports all of Trump’s policy positions. However, TPUSA is no nationalist group. Its main concerns are promoting free markets, limited government, and unquestionable support for Israel. Kirk says America is only an idea [3]while insisting Israel is a holy land that is much more than an idea. Kirk and TPUSA’s leadership are fine with Israel’s status as an ethnostate, but cannot countenance any suggestion America has a core demographic group. They host “leadership conferences” for every identity group – except for whites. Moreover, he supports increased immigration and believes we should “staple green cards to the diplomas” of foreign college graduates.

His submission to Israel, questionable immigration views, and all around goofiness make Kirk a perfect target for the Dissident Right. And young nationalists have eviscerated him at every recent event.

Questioners ask Kirk to defend his advocacy for the billions America gives to Israel every year, criminal justice reform, handing out visas to foreign oligarchs, mass immigration, demographic replacement, TPUSA’s abandonment of social conservatism. Kirk has only shown himself to be a fool. He denies the USS Liberty incident ever happened and claimed it’s an anti-Zionist conspiracy theory. He calls questions about demographic replacement racist. He lies by claiming that foreign oligarchs who receive visas benefit the nation. He repeats tired clichés that Israel is our greatest ally and is the only place in the Middle East that tolerates gays – and that’s why we should give them nearly $4 billion every year! He’s retreated from his immigration boosterism and said he supports legislation to halve it – even though that contradicts many past statements.

Kirk is not alone on the stage at these events. He’s shared a stage with Donald Trump, Jr., Sen. Rand Paul, and a gay black grifter named Rob Smith. They’ve shared in Kirk’s humiliation, with Smith adding to it. Sen. Paul couldn’t answer a simple question about why whites should oppose identity politics when Conservative Inc. promotes it for everyone else. Smith called Kirk’s young critics homophobes and racists.

Nationalists asking Kirk tough questions didn’t only begin in October, but it’s gained steam in the past few weeks. The highlight so far is last week’s tour stop at Ohio State University (OSU). Hundreds of nationalists attended to ask Kirk and Rob Smith questions, as well as to boo their responses and cheer on the questioners. American Identity Movement leader Patrick Casey even made a special appearance to challenge Kirk to a debate. The audience cheered more vigorously for Casey than for Kirk, signaling the audience’s mood.

In the aftermath of the OSU battle, TPUSA hit back hard at their critics. They unearthed old clips of Nick Fuentes, who encouraged his viewers to hijack the Culture War tour, to smear him as a Holocaust denier, fascist, and anti-Semite. The Zionist Organization of America and former Trump White House staffer Sebastian Gorka demanded Twitter ban Fuentes on the pretense that he’s a Holocaust denier. The real reason was that he promoted the humiliation of TPUSA, and the grifters want him silenced. TPUSA allegedly called dozens of conservative figures to demand loyalty from them and to fire anyone who supported the questioners. Several of their staffers and allies shared edited clips of the questioners to portray them as homophobes and racists. Blacklists were also issued to Conservative Inc. groups to ensure fealty to the Kirk regime.

Clearly, TPUSA is terrified of the “Groyper War” and wants it to end. Sadly for them, it’s only just getting started. Kirk can’t eliminate the Q&A section because that’s the main attraction, and it would signal defeat. They can’t ensure only dumb Leftists and Kirk sycophants ask questions. They’re forced to hear the Dissident Right, whether they like it or not.

This new trend is good for the cause. There are dozens of these events every year, and they all have a Q&A section. The Q&A is where they get the viral “X Conservative Figure DISEMBOWELS College Socialist” clips. They’re not going to eliminate it, and it gives young nationalists the perfect opportunity to challenge Conservative Inc. It’s much better than hosting a rally using the discredited symbols of the Old Right and needlessly brawling with the antifa. This is a far more effective way for the Dissident Right to show its real-world presence and unite around a common cause. It’s also a lot more fun and appealing to Middle America than riots in Portland.

Several more TPUSA and other conservative campus events are planned for this month, and the groypers are prepared to show up at them all. We can expect more optical trolling and viral clips from these exchanges. There’s a lot of positive energy emanating from this activism, and good things should be expected from 2020. The message just needs to be reaffirmed against TPUSA: We are America First and you are not. Asking the questions in MAGA hats drives home the message that Kirk and others betrayed Trump’s 2016 agenda. The good optics dispel smears that these are just basement-dwelling losers; in actuality it’s normal college kids who want to make America great again.

It’s been a rough few years for our side, but the energy unleashed by the Culture War portend good things for 2020. People came to the Alt Right because it was fun and rebellious, but it collapsed when it turned into a rehash of White Nationalism 1.0. The Dissident Right shouldn’t make the same mistake. It’s time to make the cause fun again.