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After Trump

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Win or lose, there will be life after Trump. And we need to start preparing for it.

If Trump wins, there will certainly be no joy in Mudville. But we will all be walking on air, won’t we? I spoke with a friend of mine the other day who was positively giddy at the thought of a Trump victory. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful?! Wouldn’t it be wonderful?!” he cackled gleefully, rubbing his hands together. Note the subjunctive. In other words, it wasn’t “Won’t it be wonderful?” My friend is cautiously optimistic — very cautiously.

We’re so used to losing we don’t won’t to get our hopes up. We don’t want to be crushed too bitterly on November 8th. The thought of four to eight years of Hillary Clinton is too horrible to put into words. But, as many have already pointed out, a Trump defeat would actually bring far worse tidings than this. If Clinton wins, she will amnesty the illegals, allow in yet more on a fast track to citizenship, and a Republican will never again be elected to the Presidency. Certainly not a Republican like Donald Trump. This it, folks. This is the big one. It’s win or die.

But let’s think positively. Since Donald Trump seems to be an honorable man, if he wins he is likely to make good on many of his promises. There are a number of things he can do simply by executive order — such as banning certain groups from entering the country legally. A Trump victory will almost certainly change the atmosphere of the country. Many of those who have supported Trump and been quiet about it will no longer see any reason to hold their tongues. After all, they’re on the winning side.

And what this really means is that right-thinking Americans (and even a few right-thinking folks overseas) will feel emboldened to speak the truth about the failure of multiculturalism, and the realities of racial differences (e.g., the facts about black crime). Trump has neither attacked multiculturalism nor uttered forbidden ideas about race. But that doesn’t matter, because the Trump movement is implicitly white, implicitly anti-multicultie, and implicitly racialist.

The PC crowd will not go away, but they will be on the defensive. A Trump victory will also further embolden nationalist movements across Europe — which, let’s face it, are already way ahead of us. But since America is still the lone superpower and Great Satan, the fall of the Liberal Establishment here will be taken by all as a signal that it is only a matter of time before Liberalism falls in Europe. I predict that there may be a dramatic effect in Germany and in Sweden, which are being pushed to the breaking point.

But let us also be realistic. As a friend of mine put it, “If Trump wins, the Left will go bat shit crazy.” If you think things are ugly now, if you think the press is out to get Trump now, you haven’t seen anything yet. There are no depths to which they will not sink in order to destroy a Trump presidency. The hostility of the press toward Richard Nixon will seem like a lover’s quarrel by comparison. And, unfortunately, Trump does have a tendency to put his foot in his mouth. Trump will definitely fight back. Wikileaks has revealed a degree of corruption on the part of the Clintons and the DNC that really boggles the mind. These scandals are not going to go away. So if Trump wins, he will likely do the right thing and try to destroy his enemies. This means that the next four years will bring a fierce political battle such as we have never seen before, and an unending series of revelations, allegations, and scandals (either real or cooked up). This is going to distract Trump from doing the work we elected him to do.

It will also further terrify the already pathetically craven and cowardly Republicans. And this is important, because Trump can’t do everything by executive order: he will have to work with Congress. In short, we’re far from out of the woods if Trump wins. But let’s be even more realistic. Even if Trump wins, and manages to get legislation passed, he can only do so much. He’s not going to send the blacks back to Africa. Race relations in America are only going to get uglier, and blacks are only going to get more unruly. They will also keep making more babies than we do. Further, even if all the illegals are repatriated there are still enough legal non-whites in this country to out-baby us, and render us a minority — just maybe a little later than originally projected.

Further, the general cultural rot is going to continue, and possibly get worse as a reaction against Trump. The universities, for example, are going to double down on the PC propaganda. Feminism is not going to go away. Genders will continue to multiply (we’re up to 58 now, did you know that?). Twenty-somethings will continue to require safe spaces. And, perhaps worst of all, the quality of education generally is going to continue to decline. Mega Alpha Businessman Trump is unlikely to do anything about the war on the humanities. People is going to be more ignorant than ever.

I’m sure you can add a few items to the above list. The long and the short of it is that we cannot allow a Trump victory to lull us into a false sense of security, or optimism. A Trump victory is not an excuse to go back to brewing mead, or other forms of Right Wing lotus eating. Our battle is far from over. Trump can do some good, but ultimately he is not the answer. And he may only prolong the life of something that really needs to die (or be killed), namely this country and its corrupt democratic system and bankrupt ideals.

The goal of White Nationalism is not the preservation of “law and order” in a multi-racial society where everyone is here legally. The goal of white nationalism is the creation of white ethno-states. It is difficult to see how that can be accomplished in North America without destroying the present system, and partitioning the country.

Now let us suppose that Trump loses. This is almost too terrible to contemplate, as I have more emotionally invested in this election than in any previous. A lot more. And I know that virtually all of my readers can say the same. A Trump loss will be incredible demoralizing, but that will be the least of our problems. Again, Hillary will amnesty the illegals and the country will effectively be lost to us. Will it matter to Hillary that a huge portion of the electorate has clearly declared itself against open borders, and for the enforcement of our immigration laws? Not one bit. Liberals are so deluded they will actually take a Clinton victory as a “mandate.” As to Hillary herself, she doesn’t give a damn about what anybody thinks. She has her own agenda, and as we all know by now it involves “one hemispheric state with open borders.” Get ready to become a minority in the country your ancestors built. Get ready for old age in a country where you are going to have a big red target painted on your lily white back.

And we should also get ready for German-style thought crime laws. For censorship of the internet. Get ready to be doxed and destroyed. Gangway for more affirmative action. Get ready for black mob violence on a scale that will dwarf what we saw in the 1960s. And get ready to be defenseless, because Hillary is going to take your guns. And the police will be afraid to defend you — and even themselves — against black criminals. Get ready for more bombs thrown into marathons and cafes, and for your gay friends to keep getting shot. Get ready for your dog to be poisoned by the lady down the street in the black burka. Get ready for Sharia law. For more rape. For more cities to go the way of Detroit. For pedophilia to be declared a sexual orientation. For confused children to be surgically castrated on the orders of their insane liberal parents.

However, this could just be the kick in the butt with the frozen boot that we’ve been needing. It could be what Hegel called the “cunning of reason” (or others call Divine Providence — it comes to the same thing). Because we have a dirty little secret. For years we’ve been holding out the hope that it might be possible to fix the system, and the country. And that’s the real reason we’re so fired up about Trump, and so emotionally involved in this election. All the time we were claiming that the system cannot be fixed and must be destroyed, and that the country cannot be saved and must divide along racial lines, we’ve been secretly hoping that we were wrong, and that there might be some hope after all. There is a part of us that loves this country, for no other reason than that it is ours and it’s what we’ve always known. And the older you are, the more you feel this.

Yet it is our official position that is correct: the system cannot be fixed, and the country must be tossed into the dustbin of history. America is something that should never have been. This election, if it results in a Trump loss, may be just what we need to finally convince ourselves that we have been right all along. If Trump loses, we will, and we must, give up on effecting change within the system. Instead, we must work to subvert the system in every way possible. I know a lot of us have already been doing this. Yet in my time as a white nationalist I have seen, over and over again, my like-minded friends become infatuated with this politician or that, hoping that maybe, just maybe this one might fix things.

We are already radicalized, we just need to officially become radicals — and that means finally and irrevocably rejecting the system, and our American identity. Actually, we will become more than radicals. We will become revolutionaries. Yes, I mean real revolutionaries, with all that that entails.

When I say “we” I mean we committed White Nationalists — but we will not be alone. Because a Trump loss is going to also radicalize a huge portion of the electorate. Hell, the campaign has already gotten a lot of them halfway there. A friend of mind, a White Nationalist, told me the other day about what his parents think of the election. They are upper middle class, both with Masters Degrees. Both in their sixties. Both, until recently, average Republicans. They supported the Iraq war and voted for Bush — both Bushes. They listened to Rush and drank Snapple (my friend’s mother won’t let his father smoke cigars). They believed in “small government” and in the free market. But Trump has almost turned these average folks into skinheads. They want the wall. They want a ban on Muslim immigration. They want to see Black Lives Matter crushed. They now describe the Iraq war as “a huge mistake,” and the Bush family as “traitors.” And now that a black family has moved into their neighborhood, they have put the house up for sale.

And what of my friend? Until recently I would have thought it impossible for him to become more radical. But now he tells me that when he drives around his affluent, white neighborhood and sees the Hillary signs he no longer thinks of the people inside those houses as “misguided.” No, he told me that now he thinks “These people ought to be killed.” I know that he himself would never go that far. But if we are headed toward revolution — and I think a Trump defeat would bring this, in time — there will be blood.

The best case scenario, however, is that Trump wins. And we should all vote for him. We need to be pragmatic and recognize that Trump can do some good, and that we owe it to our elderly parents, our children, and our womenfolk to support any candidate who can make this country safer for whites. Yet, after the party is over — the party that begins the evening of November 8th and lasts for three or four days — we must recognize that Trump is just the first step in radicalizing our people. We must continue our work, and support each other. We must keep squarely in mind the goal: the creation of a white ethno-state (or ethno-states) in North America.

Win or lose, ultimately we win. But, by the way, in case you have any doubt: Trump is going to win.




  1. Generation Abyss
    Posted October 30, 2016 at 4:32 pm | Permalink

    In the first 100 days, Trump should put forward a bill cutting all federal funding to any university that institutes speech or behavior codes at variance with settled law.

  2. Aaron
    Posted October 30, 2016 at 4:44 pm | Permalink

    I’m an Australian and I desperately hope for a Trump victory. However, in the scenario that this does not happen, I believe it would be best for the conservative states of America to secede. Texas etc. should become independent of the basketcase that is the United States.

  3. Bobby
    Posted October 30, 2016 at 7:59 pm | Permalink

    …..because it’s what we’ve always known.” Jeff, I was thinking about this the other day. It suddenly struck me, while I was driving home at night, from an old buddies house who lives close to Disneyland, Anaheim, California. I had my windows open on a mild California night, in late October! As I drove home I noticed how all the schools looked the same, like army barracks. I noticed the baseball fields along with the schools and how I had played in those very same looking places as a youth, many moons ago. I noticed the beer bars I passed, typically hidden in a corner of a strip mall and how by father used to love going to them after work. He was an immigrant who came here in the mid fifties and he immediately liked the, what was for him, weird Americanism’s. He liked most Americans, even though he was a foreigner a few years earlier. He learned the language quick and he read the newspapers practically a year after arriving here. Unfortunately he died as a young man of 51 of a massive heart attack. There must have been 200 cars at his funeral, many people whom I and the rest of our family didn’t even know!! I even thought of the streets I drove on, how all of them were essentially the same, a fact I discovered when I drove from L.A. to New Orleans, during America’s bi-centennial 1976 as a young man. All the way down hwy. 10 from L.A. to New Orleans, the streets seemed to be the same gravel and asphalt most of the way. It was a surreal experience, as I drove home and had all of these thoughts on American things, flooding my brain, for which reason, I couldn’t even tell. So, I’ll stop my rant and simply say, I understand what you mean–because it’s what we’ve always known.

    • jef costello
      Posted October 31, 2016 at 5:08 am | Permalink

      Very eloquently put. Thank you.

  4. Glen
    Posted October 30, 2016 at 11:05 pm | Permalink

    Cautious optimism is cover for despair and a salve for wrong predictions.

    Reign in your ego, think positively, and be confident.

    The Trumpening is overwhelmingly comprised of Independents, “first time” voters, and “unlikely” voters from the largest, most hated, spit upon, heckled, unprotected, end-of-the-line privileged, politically controlled, and culturally disenfranchised segment of the American population.

    I needn’t tell you who they are. You already know.

    The confidence of our enemies is superficial; it is almost entirely based upon skewed and obsolete polling templates from 2008 and 2012. Republicans are undersampled, Democrats are oversampled, and Independents are often not counted at all. Specific sub-categories in each group are specifically targeted for inclusion or rejection in the samples. “Unlikely” voters are not even considered. The polls are bought. The results are intended to discourage us from voting and cover up establishment attempts to steal the election.

    Without bought predictions and phony media narratives our enemies haven’t the balls to show themselves in public. That is because deep down inside they know they are rabbits. Rabbits run, sneak in at night, steal head-of-the-line privileges, eat heartily of the free stuff, demand more, mate promiscuously with other rabbits, and crap out more rabbits. This cycle continues until the rabbit population is culled.

    What the author describes is a win-win for white nationalism, identitarianism, or the Alt-Right. Previously, I didn’t think much of the “Let a thousand flowers bloom” philosophy. With Trump, I’ve changed my mind. We are entering a chaotic phase. If we use our heads, adopt a flexible attitude, and tailor our approach we can go anywhere and know that we’re all headed toward the same goal. To paraphrase Marine Colonel Lewis Puller of the 1 MarDiv in Korea, “The poor bastards got us right where we want them. We can fire in any direction now!”

    I am one of the “older people” the author mentioned. Yes, I wanted to save my nation. For more than 50 years I’ve watched it go to hell and have lived for the opportunity to participate in its reclamation or in the beginning of a new nation. I am pleased as punch seeing the first steps taken in this direction. We cannot allow this to go to waste.

    So see to your minds, bodies, families, and kit. Lift your eyes from those iPads and interact with the real world. Exploit this new, implicitly White attitude developing in our people by laying the formal and informal infrastructure required. With or without Trump we are going to win, for the enemy has nowhere else to go.

    To borrow a line some of the young people are using,

    In Keku’s Name,

    Keku Incarnate

    (Or find a better meme.)

    I Still Believe:

  5. German Warrior
    Posted October 31, 2016 at 4:08 am | Permalink

    They are revolutionaries, we are reactionaries. And oh yes we’re being radicalized. And the time will come when enough of us are radicalized enough to wipe out revolutionaries. I believe the system can only be fixed if Trump goes full Hitler after inauguration. If he burns down the congress and declares himself emperor. Even then lets not forget despite the very generous Haavara agreement most Jews preferred to stay in Germany and become slaves in work camp over moving to Israel. Dindus and other shitskins are no different. They would rather be our slaves than live free in their own countries. We dont need nor want that. So I dont see any non-genocidal solution here.

    But lets not be too pessimistic. Cheap energy and abundant resources created an unsustainable population bubble. Declining returns on investments in energy can no longer sustain our current civilization. Malthus was always right and he will have the last laugh. And this presents a great opportunity for us to cull the (human) herd.

    I hope that this comment does get published despite extremely radical points. Yes I am radicalized like your friend or maybe even more. Its one of Europeans main traits to plan for the winter. I can merely see the winter coming. And I am wiling to do what it takes for survival of my people.

  6. Doc
    Posted October 31, 2016 at 8:15 am | Permalink

    Nice article, Jef, I found myself nodding along to much of it until I sadly reached the end.

    I had a related thought this morning after reading the Scott McConnell piece on the Alt right in American Conservative. He dwells at length on how much of our rise from a fringe movement to part of the national conversation has been due to the Muslim invasion of Europe at the hands of globalist shills (spin is mine, of course).

    I had the realization that any hand wringing liberal who is genuinely nervous about the possibilities represented by this shift in the alt right’s relevance actually *should vote for Trump.* I think McConnell is partly right in attributing this shift in consciousness to images of Muslim mass invasion and atrocious behaviors. It’s certainly true in my own case, having absorbed so much liberal propaganda through many years in liberal arts education, that I simply attempted to ignore or downplay concerns about terror incidents. I think many “educated” persons with any degree of liberal bent probably do the same. I now wonder if the reason that we attempt such hardcore denial is because deep down, we know that if we let loose, especially as a group, we do it in a big way and there is no going back.

    If softie, bleeding heart liberals don’t want to find out what the alt right is capable of, they should actually be voting for the one person who will do his best to stem the tide of violence against our community in our own land by political means – Donald Trump.

  7. TheChairman
    Posted November 1, 2016 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

    Think about this – the elites know that white America is developing an awareness. They also know that whites will revolt and correct the issue eventually. As a psychological diffuser, they put a person in like Trump that appears to be everything he is. This will allow whites to relax their defenses while the elites move to limit and censor information that will oppose their long term goals. They do this under a president like Trump so whites will remain docile. After 8 years, they continue their main agenda now with limited, if any real independent news agencies, etc. It allows them to buy time, diffuse white opposition, then continue with their program. Did Trump really “ditch” his inside team? I would like to hear some thought around this.

  8. NeoApollo
    Posted November 1, 2016 at 11:34 pm | Permalink

    After the Trump election we should definitely work on spreading the message to our people and cultivating a serious takeover of the GOP. Another key thing to focus on is making the JQ a socially acceptable question that can lead to constructive discussion amongst ourselves and the diaspora.

  9. Gladiator
    Posted November 2, 2016 at 5:01 am | Permalink

    I have no doubt that Trump will win by a whisker as I have bet my family, this past Spring, after the primaries. It have been a strange election and stranger things happen when one least expects to.

    Remember what he said that this is a “movement” and the election is not about him but it’s about “You -America”. He has has awoken something which has gone into a deep slumber for many years and in the coming years America will never be the same again!

  10. Peter Quint
    Posted November 2, 2016 at 7:56 am | Permalink

    The problem of Christianity will have to confronted. The fact that Christianity has never acted in white interests at every critical juncture, and have never produced spiritual leaders for our people is proof of criminal negligence at the very least. Christian leaders will try to lead us in the wrong direction with peripheral issues such as pornography, abortion, and gay marriage. Christian leaders have always used red herring issues such as these to give the impression that they are doing something, but Christianity was designed to absorb dissident energy. In the past Christian leaders served the white elite, and now they serve the Jews. The revolution must be about white survival, and white survival only, when we have our own living spaces peripheral issues will be easily dealt with. In fifty years I predict that most Christian leaders will perform gay marriages, and work towards normalizing pedophilia, and bestiality.

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