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The Left is Inferior

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They'll destroy us through dance.

They’ll destroy us through dance.

The Left is Intellectually Inferior

While reading rightist (especially Alt-Rightist) literature or blogs I see a pervading conviction that the Left is intellectually superior to the Right. I think this conviction arises from the fact that most modern intellectuals are leftist, and that liberal academia and media distort the intellectual history of the West and pretend that it has always been this way. It is not true, and thanks to the work of various Alt-Right authors we know it. 

But the fact that most intellectuals are now leftists does not mean that most leftists are intellectuals. The leftists I have worked with are probably the cream of the crop who receive the most funding and occupy important positions in NGOs, academia, and other public institutions.

Let us just begin with the fact that most of what the Left believes — egalitarianism, the blank slate, cultural reductionism, radical constructivism, etc. — has been proven by scientists and thinkers to be untrue. To put it more straightforwardly: most beliefs of the Left are bullshit.

But leftists often don’t even know their bullshit very well. They know a few quotes — mostly misquotes of leftist authors that they have heard from their mentors — but often don’t read the actual books. And those few who read often have problems understanding them or putting them in context. Except for a few leftist professors I have encountered, it was usually I who had the best knowledge of leftist literature in the room.

Furthermore, leftists are the modern equivalent of Puritans. They are just as fanatical. They consider other views to be heresy and the so-called “extreme right” as evil incarnate and the voice of the devil. Thus, they refuse to listen to what nationalists are saying. They often turn off the TV or literally cover their ears when nationalists appear in the media. They also refuse to read anything written by their opponents, as the words of Satan may corrupt your soul, and by talking with heretics you let Satan’s words spread and poison the world. Thus, leftists (apart from rare exceptions) don’t have a clue about any non-leftist literature and have a very perverted view of what we believe. And they take pride in being unwilling to change that.

The Right is much more interested in the Left and knows it far better than the other way around. The educated rightists I know have at least basic knowledge of leftist literature, and some are quite fluent in leftist ideas, which they consciously reject. Even the most educated leftists I knew (including those who claim to be interested in the history of ideas) know only basic memes about the Right perpetuated by the anti-racist/anti-white outlets.

The Left is Morally Inferior

Another myth on the Right is that many leftists are idealists who devote their lives to attaining leftist goals. It is true that some leftists are idealists and that some of them devote their time to realizing the goals of the Left. But for the most part,  leftist activists either get paid for what they do — by various municipal, national, international government agencies, and institutions — or they don’t really devote much of their time to activism. Most of the Left’s activism is limited to the internet, especially social media, and all the real-life political events are actually social events with an added political veneer. (All this, unfortunately, is also true in the case of the Right, but it is a totally different topic.)

The two examples of mythical fierce real-life leftist activism are the black bloc and the antifa. The black bloc seems to be a violent and effective street force, but in reality it is a joke infiltrated by undercover police agents. Some of their actions may seem spectacular, but this is just window smashing which does not cause any serious political change. The antifa are the pitbulls of political correctness, and just like the black bloc they can only exist because they are tolerated by the police or even used by certain forces within the system to realize their own aims. Especially in Eastern Europe they have not managed to achieve anything, and all their supposed victories were the result of the intervention of external agents, such as various government agencies or organized crime.

When you turn to non-violent activism, the Left is even more pathetic. Unmarried aging women meet in a cafe with some beta orbiters, where they bitch about their jobs, take a few pictures for posting on Facebook, proclaim they have organized another “seminar,” and then go outside to smoke a joint.

However, when money becomes involved, then the real face of Left’s morality is revealed. The leftists I have worked with had no reservations about wasting or simply embezzling money they have been entrusted by various agencies, for instance spending money earmarked for a project on a vacation, or even something as petty as collecting used bus tickets from friends then getting reimbursed for them as travel expenses. They believe that they are the best people in the world and that they deserve to get money from the dumb masses of inferior tax-payers. Now, you might wonder how I know this. Simple: leftists love to talk about themselves, and they take pride in such cleverness.

But why does nothing happen to them? Wouldn’t revealing such fraud be enough to deal the Left a deadly blow? Unfortunately not.

For one thing, there is little to no oversight. Grants are supposed to be awarded based on anonymous peer review by unbiased experts, but the whole process is corrupt. Vast sums are dispensed by non-anonymous, biased, non-experts. These are usually leftists deciding that other leftists are to be given money. Then the parties change roles, and the recipients of grants dispense money to the people who just sat in judgment over them. And exactly the same people oversee the realization of one another’s projects. It is a closed circuit of leftist money wasting.

And even when frauds are uncovered — as in the case of one activist who wasted project money on buying a car — nothing is made public, lest the taxpayers threaten to cut off funds. The agencies dispensing public funds have more to lose by being honest than by being plundered, so they cover everything up.

Another proof of the Left’s moral inferiority is their tendency to abuse and exploit young activists. They attract young idealists, especially students, and then use them to do all their dirty work. I see nothing wrong with demanding a lot from activists if you believe you are working for a greater cause. But if the senior leader gets money and does nothing while volunteers are doing all the dirty (and futile) work, then something is wrong. Often, they use the activists to do personal work, such as running errands or even redecorating their homes. A good case study is a local activist who asks volunteers from her organization to go with her on vacation — she does not pay for them, of course — so they can watch her kids while she gets drunk.

I know that discussing personal issues of other people seems improper, but on the other hand it lets us know exactly who we are dealing with. Among the leftists I know, there are very few people who have happy marriages or families. Most of them are very hedonistic and narcissistic, thus they are unmarried, divorced, and usually have no kids. They are most often people of low moral character, who have no reservations about using every little occasion for some personal gain or pleasure: embezzling funds, getting drunk instead of working, or cheating on their spouses or partners. Another case study: a married middle-aged woman with young children who used various projects as a pretext to go to bed with her younger co-workers, resulting in a bitter divorce.

Furthermore, the supporters of the Left are not really willing to sacrifice anything. In most cases they only claim to support the movement, but when it comes to financial support or actually doing something, most of them suddenly disappear. In the cases I know the leftists either have no funds or the money comes from various government agencies or international organizations and corporations. The only idealists are the young volunteers, although in many cases they are just normies who want to “do something” but don’t really have a clue about politics. But they soon become disillusioned. Or they become greedy immoral professional activists themselves.

The Left is not United

It is a common myth on the Right, that while the rightists are divided, the leftists have clearly defined goals and are struggling together to achieve them. While I do agree that the Left has more common goals (privileges for sexual, religious, and ethnic minorities, the destruction of ethnically homogeneous countries and nations, etc.) I do not agree that the Left is united in realizing these aims. When it comes to issues of the hierarchy of these goals, the means of achieving them, or leadership, they are just as divided as the Right, or even more.

First of all, the Left is divided on which of these goals are more important. A good case study is the recent wave of Muslim violence against women in Europe. The question is what is more important for the Left: the rights of women or the rights of ethnic and religious minorities? The most popular strategy so far was to criticize Muslim misogyny in predominantly Muslim countries and to criticize “Islamophobia” in non-Muslim countries. However, now that the Muslim war on women has come to Europe, this issue has become much more complicated. Yes, many feminists have joined this real war on women, as they hate Europeans more than they love “the second sex.” But there are many leftists who disagree with this strategy. They believe that Muslims are no exception and that they should be forced to live according to leftist cultural norms. The list of such problems goes on and on. What comes first: workers’ rights or LGBTQ rights? What should the Left focus on: the economy or culture? Should the Left criticize popular culture or use it to spread its agenda?

Secondly, the Left is divided on the question of the means of achieving its aims. The issues of entryism, political violence, internet and real life activism, gaining funds, or cooperating with the government are all controversial. Again, there are no simple answers to these questions among the Left. Instead they operate in total chaos, do what seems possible at the moment, and often change their strategies. Thus their means often conflict, leading leftist organizations to oppose and cancel each other’s actions.

Thirdly, there is the problem of leadership. The Left is comprised of extremely narcissistic individuals, each of whom believes that he or she could become the glorious leader of a globalized world. Thus, every organization strives to dominate the movement, and every member strives to dominate his or her organization. The effect is a myriad of small organizations in a state of constant cold war with each other. It is very difficult for leftists to form a coalition, and most of their cooperation ends after a short time due to the differences mentioned above. The only thing that keeps up long-term collaborations is steady stream of external funds. Although money can also be a source of conflicts, and squabbles over the division of government funds have brought many leftist initiatives to an end.

The Left is far from a “let a thousand flowers bloom” strategy. It is more of a “let a thousand knives stab a comrade’s back” strategy. You think the Right is sick with sectarian infighting? Just talk to a drunk leftist who presumes you are on his side. Or browse the polemics in the comments sections or social media profiles of some edgy leftist publications. They really hate each other. Although I don’t think the Right so far has been able to use this infighting to its advantage.

The Left is Weak

All these experiences and reflections lead me to one conclusion: the Left is weak. It is a lifeless zombie which is kept going only by transfusions of money from the system it claims to oppose. The impotence of the Left is especially visible when contrasted with the vigor of the Alt Right. There is not one sect among the contemporary Left that is equally intellectually interesting.

During my years on the Right I have met some kooks and awful people that I try to avoid at all costs. But on the other hand, the best people I have met — and who proved to be my best friends — are mostly from the nationalist Right. There is not one leftist I have worked with that I would want to spend any amount of my free time with or that I know would be willing to help or support me in any way.

I am sure that if the Left were the object of the kind of hate campaigns directed at us, most of them would lose their nerve and simply quit. The nationalist Right is much harder due to years of more or less explicit persecution.

In my opinion, if we seize power — or rather, when we seize power — the white Left will not be an important opponent. Sure, they will start a moral panic. They will try to “do something.” But they will be nothing more than dogs yapping at a marching battalion. I am far more afraid of the state and its police agencies, organized crime, and ethnic minority groups, all of which will not hesitate to torture and kill us to cling to their power.

Nevertheless, the Left is an opponent that we will have to deal with. We have to use their weaknesses against them, especially their greed and opportunism. Once government and international funds are cut off from the Left, many people will just stop associating with them. Many of these people can be “bribed” into obedience. If young people are offered real jobs with real salaries doing real social work, they will not volunteer for leftist activism. When it comes to hardcore leftists, many can be discredited, fired, and even imprisoned by exposing their corruption and personal abuses. The few fanatics that would remain at large can be silenced, marginalized, and ignored just as we rightists are under the present regime. 

The Left is Evil

Leftists really hate us. And by “us” I mean not just White Nationalists but all people of European descent who are not ashamed of their past. For instance, I talked with one of the young leftists I used to work with right after some nationalists managed to block a leftist event. She was obviously upset and devolved into an anti-nationalist rant. When I naively asked: “What exactly do these rightists advocate?” her reply was: “Well, of course they want to exterminate all minorities and their supporters. Like Hitler.” When I asked if she advocated killing nationalists in concentration camps like in the USSR or North Korea, the answer was that although these were fascist and nationalist states (sic!), some of their policies could be used to advance a good cause. Bear in mind that this was not a hardcore communist or antifa fighter but a liberal New Leftist and college social activist. Other interesting leftist political confessions include: children of conservatives should be taken away for adoption by homosexual couples, we should introduce a 100% inheritance tax and use the money to support leftist organizations, our fatherlands should no longer exist as a states, we should ban and burn all right-leaning books, etc.

I repeat: the Left really hates us. They consider us vermin that need to be exterminated by any means necessary. And they would kill us all, if only they had the power to do so. But they don’t. They are inferior, intellectually and morally, and largely ineffectual. I am not saying that we should ignore the Left. They are our true enemy, and this will not change. But they can be defeated. They can be disempowered, marginalized, and silenced. All of their work can be undone. We just have to decide when and how to strike. And we must not hesitate to strike with all necessary force once the time is right.


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  1. c
    Posted March 18, 2016 at 7:00 am | Permalink

    Since Marxism become a ‘critical approach’ and Communism became a ‘personal philosophy’, the Left has had nothing to offer.
    I dislike generational politics, but there has a decline on the far-Left unheard of since Hesiod’s Works and Days. And this has come despite an gradual ascendancy that spans (at least) the last fifty years.

    Does an ‘anarchist’ and critic of capitalism like Chomsky ever wonder why he remains in the employ of a billion-dollar international corporation known as a University, and especially one that develops military technology? He acts as if the Pentagon and CIA are indifferent to academics and politics and are simply a economic-technological war machine, which is exactly what a Marxist *would* say.

    ‘False opposition’ is really not strong enough a term for this sort of person. Even assuming that they believe their own nonsense, they must believe that ‘Fascism’ is so deeply entrenched that they can utter whatever critique of it that they like without being harassed. In other words, they are secretly prophets of despondency, teaching their followers to cede their power. They will never seize control of the machine, they *are* the machine.

    • c
      Posted March 18, 2016 at 7:17 am | Permalink

      ‘Since Marxism became…’
      ‘there has been a decline…’
      ‘despite a gradual ascendancy…’
      ‘…to cede their own power.’

  2. WN
    Posted March 18, 2016 at 1:07 pm | Permalink

    Very good. I agree with much of what you say. And you are absolutely right when you say that Leftist academics are not well-versed in Rightist literature–even very basic neoliberal thinkers, the likes of whom most of us detest. Their information comes secondhand (thirdhand, fourthhand…) from other Leftists. To get to the core of their arguments, one has to peel away layers and layers of their hysterical moral onion. And then they have very little. They are mostly frauds and I am absolutely convinced that they know this too. What truly amazes me is that they still somehow manage to think that they are anti-establishment radicals.

  3. Exliberal
    Posted March 19, 2016 at 2:53 pm | Permalink

    I remember in my undergrad days at Berkeley 10 years ago having one of my vibrant TA’s in some stupid huge sociology class talk about how we should shoot certain people openly and the violent underbelly of the left was displayed constantly to me. What a cesspit college is these days. I am so enlivened by the intelect and moral depth of the nationalist movement as I delve deeper into it. The left is just bloated on emotion and empty theories. Although I agree they are weak and divided I don’t think we should discount them as a threat. They will flail most violently as their ship sinks further.

  4. c
    Posted March 19, 2016 at 10:20 pm | Permalink

    Yes, I hear people talk about a Masonic elite as if, along with infinite resources, they were gifted with: preternatural foresight, nerves of steel, steadfast devotion to a common goal, and a profound knowledge of the human heart. And I think… “well, maybe such people deserve to rule?”

    There are some very driven, very ruthless individuals at the top of the pyramid, no doubt. They seem to benefit from sharing mutual interests which transcend national borders and the usual cycles of democratic politics, whether it be their ethnicity, their perverse criminality, or even simply an addiction to money, sex and influence.

    On the administrative level, the far-Left are not weakened so much by our perennial problem – the Pride that makes one a solitary, a ‘Lone Wolf’. The New Right eventually will have to create institutions which allow for the promotion of these prickly individuals who do not have the latest haircuts, and who do have a native disdain for ‘networking’. This may be the greatest internal challenge.

    That being said – if you really believe that the material destruction of something is proof of one’s control over it, then you will flinch at every threat to your person and you will never make anything that endures. Quit now.

  5. Jan L
    Posted March 20, 2016 at 6:08 am | Permalink

    Leftists are unbelievably stupid. As a former leftist I know that.

    • Proofreader
      Posted March 23, 2016 at 1:34 am | Permalink

      What kind of stupidity are we dealing with here? The stupidity of low IQ, the stupidity of mental indolence and willful ignorance, or the stupidity of a doctrine and culture that sacralizes and systematizes stupidity?

      Stupidity is sometimes innate, sometimes acquired, and usually incurable.

      I think Abel Bonnard remarked that while every era has put up with its imbeciles, it is only in our era that imbeciles have been manufactured.

  6. Fr. John+
    Posted March 22, 2016 at 8:11 am | Permalink

    “Leftists are today’s Puritans”

    Don’t insult the Puritans!

    They were actually rather erudite, and brought the first musical instruments to America. They just didn’t play them on Sunday. And could discuss the fine points of Calvinism, Locke’s political theories, agriculture, gunsmithing, and animal husbandry far better than anyone living, I dare say!

  7. nocomment
    Posted March 22, 2016 at 2:58 pm | Permalink

    OT, but I find that picture of those SJWs damn scary.

  8. Proofreader
    Posted March 23, 2016 at 1:17 am | Permalink

    “I know that discussing personal issues of other people seems improper, but on the other hand it lets us know exactly who we are dealing with. ” I don’t think this is improper with leftists. After all, don’t they claim that “the personal is political”?

  9. Athena77
    Posted March 25, 2016 at 9:59 pm | Permalink

    Until recently I was a rabid leftist who hated right wing conservatives of all kinds. You are right about their irrational, visceral hatred of the Right. Their views are reinforced by academia, high school education, the media and their friends. It will take an escalation of Muslim terrorism and immediate threats to their lives, for a right wing message to get through to them. They have been thoroughly brainwashed, and aren’t aware of the echo chamber of delusion they inhabit.

  10. Svigor
    Posted April 26, 2016 at 10:07 am | Permalink

    The left’s most loyal voters are blacks, the world’s stupidest and most incompetent demographic. The left’s second-most loyal voters are mestizos, the world’s second-stupidest and -most-incompetent demographic.

    There goes the intellectual superiority pose.

  11. Svigor
    Posted April 26, 2016 at 10:12 am | Permalink

    If left is so weak, morally and intellectually inferior why “they” are in the control of massive west sabotage??

    The fact that wealth leads to the luxuries of stupidity, delusion, sloth, degeneracy, etc., is well understood by most thinkers. In other words, the left is a product of the west’s success.

    Also, the left aligns with and is a product of the oligarchs. They don’t so much follow its tenets, so much as propagate them for their own ends.

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