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Good Friday Special 
On Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ

60 words

Every Easter, there is an upsurge in search engine traffic on the following articles, to which I wish to draw your attention:

Please post these articles far and wide.

Greg Johnson


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  1. Simon Elliot
    Posted April 4, 2015 at 3:17 pm | Permalink

    Why are so many white nationalists so caught up in all this religious brainstorming? You either embrace evolution or you embrace ancient scripture. Pick one or the other, you can’t have both.

    • Posted April 4, 2015 at 11:18 pm | Permalink

      Okay. I’ll choose ancient scripture, thanks.

      You might as well take dialectical materialism to go with your darwinism.

    • Arno Hansen
      Posted April 5, 2015 at 1:49 am | Permalink

      Ignoring 1,700 years of White Christian history cannot profit White Nationalism. According to Camille Paglia’s “Sexual Personae,” paganism is still alive and well in the West, despite being subjected to Christianization for over 1,700 years. How much more important then to understand Christianity, in a time when secularization has only just begun.

      You have set up the false dichotomy that ‘since ancient scripture does not support evolution, and since evolution does not support ancient scripture, that therefore ancient scripture and evolution are necessarily mutually exclusive.’ The absence of mutual support is not evidence of mutual exclusivity. Of course, literal Hebrew creationism does conflict with evolution, but I am speaking broadly about ancient scriptures and their popular interpretations.

      You can critique the fruits of Christianity or celebrate them, but to flippantly question “why are so many white nationalists so caught up in all this religious brainstorming?”, and suggest that Christianity is irrelevant (just because it’s not scientifically accurate) is ridiculous. The scientific accuracy of religion is irrelevant to the question of whether or not religion merits discussion.

      Skeptical, unemotional, logical, reasonable rationalism does not inspire the masses. They want religion–unwavering, illogical, irrational, unreasonable, and undeniable emotional principles. “Everyone is equal,” “everyone MUST be FORCED to be equal,” “weakness is morally superior.” The masses abhor a religious vacuum. Therefore, while you advocate silence on the issue, Jews, hedonists, and SJWs will continue to increase the power of their Equalitarian religion.

      White Nationalists must offer an alternative to the masses, and that alternative cannot be nothing. It could be religious pluralism, including atheism, but it must be a positive alternative. It must be constructive, and not merely deconstructive. Therefore, White Nationalists must seek to understand religion, and Christianity is an extremely relevant religion to White people. The articles posted above are a great start toward such an understanding. If you are a White Nationalist, it is your duty to make anti-theist arguments if you believe religion hurts the cause. By not showing up for the debate, you lose.

      Furthermore, mass movements are driven by two types of motivation: defense of tradition (of which Christianity is a part for Whites), and utopian idealism (of which science is a part). What grows a movement like Amishism is adherence to tradition, and what grows a movement like Marxism is almost exclusively utopian idealism. However, these two types of motivation are not be incompatible. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to diversify our assets in the area of motivation, seeing as our current failure is not a failure to gather resources, numbers, or intelligence–but rather, a failure of mass motivation.

      Compared to the present, previous generations of White civilization had very little in terms of the fruits of science. At the same time, they had none of the racial problems White Nationalists are faced with today. Instead, they had a Christian tradition, which at the very least protected them from anti-traditionalist self-deconstruction. We can argue about the racial teleology of Christianity, and in fact we should. But we cannot have that debate if we not stop “all this religious brainstorming,” as you suggest.

      Suppose you’re correct: suppose that more science means less religion, and more religion means less science. That would mean that today, the “balance” between scientific power and traditional identity has been tipped in the opposite direction of science. In that case, I think Whites could stand to lose some science. Otherwise Whites will continue to sacrifice their traditional identity for science, and at the end of this process of self-deconstruction, Whites will have neither.

      Can science alone really save White Nationalism? People first choose their positions based on their emotional feelings, and then use their logical resources to rationalize that position as best they can. This is why the scientific method has so utterly failed to save us from lies about race for the past 70 years. Science is very good at solving uncontroversial problems, or refining established technologies and procedures, but it cannot deal with the fundamental motivations of life and civilization. When it attempts to do so, in the so-called “soft sciences” of anthropology, sociology, and psychology, it falls back upon the emotional feeling of the times and builds up from there. Only by addressing Equalitarianism as a religion at the roots and offering an alternative can the branches of science be healed.

      In our secular Zeigeist, mainstream Whites intellectuals are focused on building upon and *refining* the conclusions of the Zeitgeist. Meanwhile, Jews, hedonists, and SJWs are focused on constructing, maintaining, and deepening the secular Zeitgeist. He who controls the Zeitgeist controls, to a large degree, the direction of science. To ignore religion is to ignore the battle for the heart of the masses.

      • Simon Elliot
        Posted April 5, 2015 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

        It would be a big mistake to blame science for the postmodern doctrines of equality, relativism, social constructivism, and the myriad other problems plaguing us. Real science, the kind esteemed professors get fired for, confirms our long held positions of biological determinism, cultural superiority, and the measurable difference in quality between individuals and races. Social sciences are not true sciences, and it would be a mistake to consider them as such. Real science vindicates and justifies our discriminations.

        I disagree with the popular idea that Christianity is a fundamental and inseparable part of white civilisation. Let us not forget where it originated; it is the nonsensical writings of middle eastern tribes, the same ones who wrought Judaism upon the world. Not to mention, ironically enough, that liberalism has its origins in protestant beliefs.

        I do consider myself an advocate for white preservation and improvement, but I do not see religion being at all helpful in achieving this goal. You seem to acknowledge the reality that religion is founded on myths and superstition, yet you still have respect for it. I find such a position totally baffling.

      • Michael
        Posted April 5, 2015 at 3:54 pm | Permalink

        while emotionally attached to Christianity and of course cognizant of its role in out last millennia or two of culture, Id have to disagree with your thought, while its true people are stupid and easily united by religion, ours has too much baggage, its not of European origin, its easily pwnd by socialist and multiculturalists if not actually engineered for such, and finally science has reached a point where religion can be made to seem ridiculous to even the most stupid person.Thats just a generally conservative critique for those most interested in whiteness its the poorest of all rallying flags, its actually christianity that has dismantled white nations, its most sacred tenets those that distinguish it from its parent Judaism are antithetical to and claim transcendence any familial tribal genetic or nationalism. when it no longer worked in its purest forms it was degraded further and further until it became a secular religion of its essence brotherly love of all humans. now hatred is not a prerequisite and likely counter productive to the WN movement this meme of egalitarian brotherhood of man is poison to WN

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