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This is Just the Beginning
Jihadist Carnage in Paris, Part 2

No solidarity for France in Pakistan

No solidarity for France in Pakistan

3,181 words

Translated by Greg Johnson

Part 1 here

The Complicity of the Muslim Base

Despite the efforts of the media to highlight the solidarity of Muslims with the whole of France in the crisis, it was easy to notice their under-representation in the giant demonstrations of January 11th. Curiously, in Lyons, population 1 million, there were 300,000 demonstrators. In Marseille, 60,000, and Lille-Roubaix-Tourcoing, 40,000; these two cities are comparable in size to Lyons. Yes . . . a massive proportion of their population is Muslim due to immigration. Note the discrepancy. It was noted throughout France that the number of demonstrators is inversely proportional to the size of the Muslim community. So the idea of a “massive solidarity” Muslims, “assimilated into the Republic,” opposed to the jihad of their co-religionists, shatters.

An increasingly significant number of young Muslims in Europe are ready and willing to go to war. They are all around you. You do not notice this internal threat. Of course the majority of the 6 million Muslims living in France (how did they come here, when you think about it?) unanimously condemn this terrorism. Are we really sure? Is this true of the younger generations? And how many who condemn terrorism in the privacy of their thoughts dare to confront it head on? Most worrisome are the mindset and attitudes of “young” Muslims, a good number of whom feel no solidarity with the victims of the attacks.

Hundreds of thousands rally in Grozny, Chechnya, in solidarity with Islam, not France

Hundreds of thousands rally in Grozny, Chechnya, in solidarity with Islam, not France

Proclamations of peace and good will from the Muslim authorities (CFCM, UOIF, “moderate” rectors and imams), often hypocritical anyway, are despised by many young Muslims. They feel their tutelary authorities are traitors, “sellouts to the West and France.” They demand a warlike, violent, intolerant, vengeful, and conquering vision of Islam, which aims to destroy us. From their perspective, they are right: they display the true millennial Islam, that of the Qur’an and hadith, in line with the historical behavior of Muhammad and his successors.

Chechen demonstrators

Chechen demonstrators

In the banlieues, there were celebrations of the massacres at Charlie Hebdo and the kosher store against blasphemers and Jews, the hereditary enemy. The avengers also shot police, symbols of the hated and envied France. In the last ten years, young Muslims have tended to radicalize and to Islamize, according to multiple alarming reports that no one has taken into account for fear of “Islamophobia” or “stigmatizing Islam.” According to sociologist Philippe Tournier, General Secretary of the Union of management staff of National Education, “It must be acknowledged that some youth have seceded.” A euphemism for a large portion of immigrant youths who approve of a fighting Islam and adopt an insurgent position.

In prisons, the minute of silence decreed for Thursday, January 8th, was met with cries of “Allah Akbar!” In banlieue schools, there was a general challenge to this minute of silence. Teachers (the Left) caved in and were ordered not to publicize this embarrassing fact. Do not endanger the dogma of “integration” . . .  Many violent incidents occurred in the days that followed both massacres. On social media there was an explosion of anti-French and anti-Jewish hatred from jihadists, relayed by anonymous thousands. For example, on Facebook: “Respect to Said, Cherif, and Coulibaly for defending Islam; they are not terrorists.” For them, these are partisans, perfectly legitimate warriors.

Anti-French protest in Indonesia: "I am not Charlie Hebdo. I love the prophet Muhammad. Destroy democracy. Establish the Islamic caliphate."

Anti-French protest in Indonesia: “I am not Charlie Hebdo. I love the prophet Muhammad. Destroy democracy. Establish the Islamic caliphate.”

The massive “republican marches” of January 11, which spring from emotion and not determination, were mocked on all social media. The slogan “Je sui Kouachi” was the third most discussed Facebook meme. You should know that one of the stars of this population is the rapper Booba, who chants “I am washing my penis in holy water.” The new generation of immigrants is well-prepared for increasing radicalization.

The Smell of Civil War

According to the director of the British domestic intelligence (MI5), Andrew Parker, “we know that a terrorist group al-Qaeda in Syria is planning large-scale attacks against the West.”

Muslims around the world, including ISIS, have hailed the killers as “heroes of Islam.” They will be emulated in a morbid sort of competition to see who will kill more “infidels.” Social outcasts, nourished on resentment, their inferiority complexes sublimated into superiority complexes, will not hesitate to “die as martyrs” like the Kouachi brothers or Coulibaly, hoping for posthumous fame and the superstitious “paradise of Allah.” The three killers in January 2015 wanted to surpass in horror the exploits of Mohamed Merah in Toulouse and Mehdi Nemmouche in Brussels. They took morbid emulation to the hilt. Such acts will multiply. They are regarded as heroes and martyrs in a part of the French Muslim community (including the clown Dieudonné) but also worldwide, as evidenced by social media and internet exchanges, ignored by the authorities in denial of reality. 20,000 messages on the Internet defending the attacks have been identified.

Anti-French protest in Algeria

Anti-French protest in Algeria

Dormant networks have a lot of money, which comes from both crime and foreign Islamic financing. The Kouachi brothers claimed they were trained and financed by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The mix of mob rule and Islamic radicalization is endemic in all the banlieues. The stocks weapons of war and explosives multiply. Only a tiny minority are seized. Add to that the presence on the fronts of Syria and Iraq of about 2,000 fanatics from France, many of whom return to wage war here. Against this, the French state lacks resources, men, and political will. The virile declarations of recent days are so much hot air.

The enemy enjoys a more and more extensive and fanatical recruiting pool. And seasoned. A shadow army is being formed, on the national territory, with its direct combatants and passive or active support recruited from the enormous pool of 6 million Muslims living in France. Many are ready to act at the slightest spark. The extension of the scope of the civil war, from low to medium to high intensity, is a serious threat. One can imagine a mixture of widespread violent riots, attacks, and deadly harassment. Especially as these hundreds of zones of lawlessness, abandoned by the state and uncontrolled can be used as sanctuaries for action and retreat throughout this moth-eaten country.

The Breeding Grounds of the Mujaheddin

Incitements to violent jihad are permanent and innumerable. ISIS exhorts every day, as do social media and websites. Moreover, the thousands of drifters, outcasts, and losers wanting to die as martyrs find it very easy to commit carnage. One does not need extensive military training to patch together a bomb, shoot an assault rifle (which one can procure through banlieu networks), or launch a stolen car into a crowd, or stab people at random. We risk the proliferation of these sorts of acts, including car bombings.

Anti-French protest in Iran

Anti-French protest in Iran

In recent years, the police have noticed an incredible inflation in the number of pre-Islamic terrorist cells, many of whose attacks were prevented in time. But the police are being overwhelmed. When one criminal group is taken down, another pops us. The hydra’s heads grow back. The following equation is compelling: increasing numbers of young Muslims because of uncontrolled and massive immigration and population fecundity + the radicalization of Islam around the world + the increase in recruitment and propaganda vectors including mosques and prisons totally uncontrolled by the state + increasing numbers of socioeconomic outcasts, whether through choice or simple incapacity = explosion and ethno-religious civil war.

Prisons, under a regime of incredible laxity, are a place of radicalization. Criminality and jihad are now inseparable. Of 68,000 prisoners, more than 50% are Muslim radicalized by the proselytism of self-appointed imams who may otherwise be criminal kingpins. Prison administrations are overwhelmed, and after the Taubira law, justice is disarmed. Police and intelligence services could not prevent the latest attacks although their authors were all on file. An old mentor of the Kouachi brothers, Farid Benyettou, is a nursing intern at the Paris Pitié-Salpêtrière. A former leader of the jihadist subsidiary in Buttes Chaumont, sentenced in 2008 to 6 years in prison (already low) for “criminal association in relation with a terrorist enterprise,” he was released in mid-sentence in 2011. How do you fight against terrorism under these conditions? In the United States, such an individual is sentenced to life in prison.

The Racism That Steps Forward Masked

We must also emphasize the dimension of strongly anti-French and anti-white racism and anti-Semitism of the attacks and reactions of those who commended them, as evidenced by social studies, which strongly indicate that signs of ethnic clashes are present. There are reports that in the banlieues, refusing to join in the marches of January 11th was motivated by the fact that they were gatherings of “white bourgeois” native French. Interesting. This is obviously in addition to the jihadist opposition of Muslims vs. disbelievers. Just after the killing of the Kouachi brothers and Coulibaly, the internet exploded spontaneously, without orders or organization, with messages of sympathy. For once, justice has responded by arresting internet users and “youths” for “advocating terrorism” (anti-French racist and anti-Semitic) in public places. I bet these penalties will not be applied!

Anti-French protest in Mali

Anti-French protest in Mali

As for the pathetic Dieudonné, Islamist and anti-Semitic star of many immigrant “youths,” he is under prosecution for the same reason, after writing on Facebook, referring to his “brother,” the kosher store killer, “know that tonight, for me, I feel Charlie Coulibaly.” Poor guy . . . One can ask if dragging Dieudonné — the nemesis of Manuel Valls — before the court is very intelligent. It gives him enormous publicity as well as ammunition. The best censorship is the boycott, silence, and contempt.

These murders, committed by three gunmen from the Maghreb and Mali, inevitably will increase an instinctive aversion not only to Islam but against people of Afro-Arab origin among those of French descent. Despite the official discourse of the mainstream media that is contradicted by the internet, which is (for now) democratic. The racism of the attacks (above and beyond their anti-Semitism) was confirmed by the fact that before killing Jews in the kosher store, Coulibaly shot a French jogger, now hospitalized, and fatally shot an unarmed black policewoman in the back.

With 6 million Muslims in France and counting, a large part hostile and desiring (like their collaborators in power) to eradicate our identity, we are facing a time bomb. A minority, still growing, is radicalized. Short-sighted authorities not only did nothing against Muslim mass immigration, the primary source of the problem, nor against rampant Islamization, but in the name of fighting “Islamophobia” and “racism,” have favored the invaders. Simply trying to prevent attacks, with limited means, is like putting bandages on festering wounds. The problem must be solved upstream.

It is in the name of “anti-racism” that we allow this massive racism against us . . . “Anti-racism” only goes one way.

Disturbing Military Considerations

The military force of global jihad, surreptitiously assisted by our “friends” Saudi Arabia and Qatar and tolerated by neo-Islamic Turkey as it does not bother the satraps in power, is very consistent. Patrick Cockburn, a British journalist with the Independent in his investigation Le retour des djihadistes. Aux racines de l’État islamique [The Return of the Jihadists. The Roots of the Islamic State] (Équateurs, Documents) estimates at 100,000 the number of trained fighters on all fronts, Syria, Iraq, Mali, etc. It takes only a handful of these partisans bring fire and blood to Europe. He explains: “There is no need of extensive experience in military combat or a particularly advanced training to kill ten journalists and two police officers with automatic weapons.” The Kouachi brothers had been hastily trained like hundreds of other fanatics who will return. They’ll find in Europe aid, supporters, bases, partisans, weapons, and intellectuals and journalists who are “moderate” and understanding (because terrorized, viz. Stockholm syndrome).

Anti-French protest in the N-country

Anti-French protest in the N-country

The most worrisome is the 2014 survey by the British institute ICM Research, carefully censored by number of politically correct media outlets, who want to hide reality so as not to “stigmatize Islam”: 16% of “French” have a favorable opinion of the Islamic State (the sanguinary Caliphate), 27% of 18- to 24-year-olds! Meaning that a very large proportion of radicalized young Muslims approve of violent, terrorist jihad and a war of conquest in France itself. Needless to say, the battalions of potential terrorists and supporters are in place, and the Kouachi brothers, Amedy Coulibaly, the mujaheddin attacks of January 7 and 8, will be emulated. Reality contradicts the alleged scathing condemnation of the massacres by the “vast majority” of young Muslims living in France.

10,500 soldiers have been mobilized for “territorial security,” some of whom are unreliable and most of whom are inexperienced. The promises made at the last moment to stop cutting the military budget say a lot about the inconsistency of leaders who do not foresee anything but react in the short term based on events. Despite the hard work done in Mali against jihadism by the French army, which neutralized more than 1,000 partisans, nothing is being done on the “home front,” the most important one. To fight jihad in Africa and the Middle East and do nothing here but allow the out of control flood of Muslim immigration is a blind and suicidal strategy. External operations against the jihadists (ineffective so far) merely agitate homegrown jihadists to avenge the attacks by guerrilla warfare and terrorism nationwide. Not to mention the catastrophic Western interventions against dictatorships in Iraq, Syria, and Libya, which rolled out the red carpet for the jihadist tide of illegal immigration. Western foreign and domestic policy are shockingly stupid: the exact opposite of what should be done. Bombarded there, to no effect, and allowed to enter here. Putin’s Russia does the opposite.

Is the Anti-Islamic Reaction Serious?

In response to the attacks, attacks against mosques (very low intensity and limited to stupid graffiti) increased. A godsend for the Muslim authorities who exaggerate the scope of these acts, and claim that there is an increase in Islamophobic attacks, which mocks the known increase of anti-Semitic acts.

Anti-French protest in the Philippines

Anti-French protest in the Philippines

In the evening on Monday, January 12th in Dresden, PEGIDA, a movement against the “Islamization of the West,” held a march — 25,000 people attended, a record — for the victims “in France and Nigeria.” Because at the same time as the attacks in France, Boko Haram, the Nigerian jihadist militia, committed several large-scale massacres. But in response, 100,000 counter-demonstrators marched “against intolerance” and “against Islamophobia.” Objectively, for the continuation of the Islamization of Europe. And Angela Merkel, who does nothing against the Islamization of Germany and mass immigration, has approved them! Is this how we will defend ourselves? 57% of Germans think that Islam is a threat to their country. Ultimately, this proportion is quite low.

The Prime Minister exalted: “Yes, France is at war against terrorism, jihadism, and radical Islam.” Mr. Valls to the Assembly, on January 13th, dared to say what only the FN was allowed to say, seeming to depart from the denial of reality. Standing ovation. The Marseillaise was sung for the first time by the whole Assembly since November 11, 1918. The great game of “Sacred Union.” Words, words . . . Hollande will rise in the polls and Valls too. But the problem ultimately remains intact. This is the problem of France: they make grand speeches (concocted by PR experts) with the passion of orators, but it does not matter. Talk, words . . . Only acts count.

Georges Bensoussan, in 2002, in Les territoires perdus de la République [The Lost Territories of the Republic] alerted us with a prescient insight to the rise in the banlieues of a triple syndrome: anti-Semitism, sexism, Francophobia. This racism and machismo, and the studiously ignored suffering of those students or adults who have become a minority in their homes and are often harassed. Alain Finkielkraut noted: “I think of that resident of La Courneuve asked by Le Monde after the 2005 riots who said she had had enough: ‘not to talk to anyone, pass veiled women who do not look, hear the Quran on cassettes, to be looked at funny if she smokes during Ramadan. . . . It is difficult to become a minority at home, you know.’” He added: “France is much hated in France, which is heinous” (Philosophie, February 2015). The cause is Islam. Which implies what? Even feminists are afraid to attack Islam. With a contemptible cowardice, FEMEN tries to humiliate the Catholic Church, which dares not defend itself.

Designating the Enemy is the Central Problem

In summary, after the attacks, there have been equivocal and superficial demonstrations. The real cause of the problem is never mentioned clearly: it is the thousand-year clash against Islam. But the fearful and collaborationist elites, blinded by their ideology, are unable to designate the truth of confrontation and the nature of the aggressor. In reality, we are living through an episode of a World War that began in the 7th century and which, in various forms, has never stopped since. It is the backdrop, the background noise before which all other conflicts erupt like passing thunderstorms. The gravest feature of our time is that this ancient antagonism occurs in the context of invasive immigration, never before seen in history.

Anti-French protest in Afghanistan

Anti-French protest in Afghanistan

To corroborate the character of this World War we are living in, look at the street demonstrations that occurred from Algeria to Indonesia “against Charlie” and blasphemers; not against the killers, of course, who are implicitly condoned. Fighting for “democracy,” the “Republic,” “secularism,” and “freedom” is very nice; but these are abstract and insufficient concepts. The war which resumes (not starts) concerns our very being as French and Europeans.

For the American historian Ramsay MacMullen, the Romans of the decadence of the fourth and fifth centuries, who could not preserve “Romanitas” against “barbaricum,” were defeated from within because they were defending an economic way of life instead of belonging and identity. This is what we face with immigration, especially Muslim. (Le déclin de Rome et la corruption du pouvoir [The Decline of Rome and the Corruption of Power], Les Belles Lettres, 1991.)

Now reread Julien Freund, a student of Carl Schmitt, “Even if you do not choose the enemy, the enemy chooses you. And if you truly choose an enemy, you can make it the most beautiful act of friendship. As long as he wants you to be the enemy, you are. And it will prevent you from tending your own garden” (in La notion de politique [The Concept of the Political]). This means that even if you claim to be a friend of Islam, the decision is not yours to make if Islam decides otherwise.

History is open, and its polemical essence prevents an end, which is the dream of all totalitarian ideologies. Every victory and every defeat is temporary too, regardless of the side. Hopefully this month of January 2015 signals the awakening of the people, and the beginning of the reconquista.




  1. Greg Johnson
    Posted January 26, 2015 at 1:33 am | Permalink

    I understand why Faye has adopted the strategy of focusing on Islam and avoiding the Jewish problem. I am sure he thinks that he can gain a bigger audience this way. I am sure he thinks that Islamic immigration is a more pressing problem. I am sure he thinks that it would be advantageous to posture as an anti-anti-Semite in the hope of splitting the Jewish bloc and thus reducing their opposition to French nationalism.

    Not only do I understand it his position, but I can even condone it in a qualified sense, namely that I think that some people should stake out this position and cultivate it intensively, because it brings some people from the mainstream closer to the truth. And as long as people like Kevin MacDonald exist, some of those people can be brought the rest of the way to the truth. But to bring them the rest of the way, we have to keep up a steady pressure. We have to take the Fayes of the world to task for their omissions. And frankly, in the final section of this essay, it seems like Faye is setting himself up.

    Because if he is going to use the heading “Designating the Enemy is the Central Problem,” and if he is willing to speak of an ancient war, going back to the 7th century, between Islam and the rest of the world, that fairly cries out for correction. For yes, if we are going to name the principal enemy of whites, in the dual sense of (1) who has done more to cause our present demographic and cultural decline and, more importantly, (2) who is the hard core of the opposition to fixing our problems, the answer has to be the organized Jewish community. And Jewish enmity against the rest of humanity is far older than Islam, which is only an offshoot of the Abrahamic religious tradition.

    Faye pooh-poohs the idea of “good” and “moderate” Muslims because he wants the whole community gone. But in fact he does recognize that there are “good” and “moderate” Muslims who are our objective allies against Islamic fundamentalism. He even alludes to three of them: Bashar Al-Assad, Muammar Qaddafi, and Saddam Hussein. All are/were Muslims who were committed to secular law and a good deal of religious tolerance. I want these sorts of Muslims to flourish, but outside of European lands, with all the rest of their co-religionists.

    Faye, however, wants us to believe that there are good and bad Jews. And he has never uttered a peep about sending either group away. My attitude toward Jews is exactly analogous to his views about Muslims: there are good and bad Jews, but such distinctions should not distract us from the overriding necessity of freeing European lands from Jewish power, and that means separating ourselves from the whole community. I want good and moderate Jews to flourish, but in Israel, with the rest of their people.

    Faye won’t say it, because he is engaged in politics, and politics makes liars of us all. That’s why I cleave to metapolitics: I want to speak the whole truth as a see it. And, in the longest World War of all, between the seed of Abraham and the rest humanity, telling the truth is also the only practical thing to do, since, as Faye says, we must name the enemy. We cannot fight an enemy we cannot name.

    Faye clearly does not want to be the enemy of the Jews, but as the quote from Freund implies, this does not matter. It takes two to be friends, only one to be enemies. And the Jews have marked Faye as the enemy, and all the rest of us. Whites are slated for extermination by the kinds of genocidal policies that Jews refuse to accept in their own country, while imposing them on ours. Since Jews are more aware of what promotes genocide than any other people, it is folly to think that they are unaware or ashamed of this double standard. They consciously intend to destroy us as a race, and all non-white immigrants, not just the most militant and obnoxious among them, are just Jewish biological weapons of mass destruction. Until we treat the Jews as enemies in turn, and defeat them, we are never going to be left alone to cultivate our garden.

    • Kerry Bolton
      Posted January 26, 2015 at 4:18 pm | Permalink

      It is notable that the three moderate Muslim leaders you cite, Gaddafi, al-Assad and Saddam Hussein were all targted by the USA for elimination.

  2. Bruce
    Posted January 26, 2015 at 8:02 am | Permalink

    Reading this article just makes me think that the minute Marine Le Pen wins the next election, if she does, France will erupt into war.

    The incoherence of the French elite is also quite evident. All this show of bravado about this attack, and yet all they’ve done for decades is give ground at every step. The horrifying thing is that the French people themselves, or at least a shockingly large amount of them, are still stuck in the same nonsensical and suicidal mindset as the elite. I doubt Identitarianism will see any gains in support over this attack. If anything, the trauma of terrorism just makes the sheeple cling even more desperately to the comfortable illusions fed to them by the media.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted January 26, 2015 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

      The Right is already making measurable gains in sympathy and support.

  3. Paul Miller
    Posted January 26, 2015 at 11:44 am | Permalink

    However, Faye doesn’t explain why anyone should sympathize with Charlie Merdo in the first place.
    I don’t.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted January 26, 2015 at 12:05 pm | Permalink

      I think you need to read up about what Muslims do when they take over a society. This is just a taste of the horrors that await France.

    • Lew
      Posted January 27, 2015 at 2:53 am | Permalink

      Next time it could be an office of the National Front, a conservative church service, a PEIGA rally or ordinary people. Marine LePen might get assassinated by Muslims. Maybe the Louve will be bombed. There is already a low-grade war of destruction by “youths” against ordinary French going on right now just as there is one of blacks against whites in the US. Muslims got our enemies this time. Helping us by taking out enemies was not what they were trying to do.

  4. Kilroy
    Posted January 26, 2015 at 1:37 pm | Permalink

    The powers that be be decided that France along with all the other European countries, should become a shapeless conglomeration of melding native and immigrant stocks. The native white French accepted the idea of being destroyed in this way, but the Muslims didn’t; they would not compromise their identity and easily fold themselves into France.
    I hope that in 50 years it will appear providential that so much of the mass immigration to Europe was Muslim. If europeans survive as a distinct people and civilization, it may be thanks to Islam.

  5. Sandy
    Posted January 27, 2015 at 12:36 am | Permalink

    Criminality and jihad are now inseparable.

    Meyer Lansky is famously said to have intertwined the criminal underclass , class with the criminal upper class to such an extent that they are now inseparable. The polite white advocates have yet to develop a criminal base to keep them in the stye to which they would like to become accustomed. Yet back in the 1980s The Order began to rob Brink trucks and give the money away so the idea is neither new nor original. Some of the boys died in incarceration and others are still inside so the truth is yet to come out. Politics is a funny thing.

  6. Arcidus
    Posted January 27, 2015 at 1:55 am | Permalink

    “Faye won’t say it, because he is engaged in politics, and politics makes liars of us all. ”

    Precisely what I feel when reading this article. Same thing I feel when someone tells me that Farage ranting about Polaks and Romanians is the perfect super-subtle backdoor strategy to restore Britain.

    Is this what the White man has come to? Really?

    Sure, these tricks will be ok to get some of the proles on side but what about those of us with some basic reasoning capabilities? We will be demotivated and in two minds about whether to give support… e.g. focusing on one enemy while pretending the other is my friend? I’m not asking for “purity” here… just enough with the “clever lying” as if this isn’t the internet age where people can deconstruct political BS within two minutes.

  7. R_Moreland
    Posted January 27, 2015 at 4:17 am | Permalink

    The threat from the Islamization of Europe is on two fronts:

    The first is in the obvious insurgency, as Fay describes, the politicized violence. This includes open acts of terrorism, riots, endemic car burnings and such. But it’s also in criminal actions which remove white Europeans from the streets. It’s a struggle for control of public spaces. And private spaces, too…there needs to be an analysis of situations like Rotherham. How much of this is the sexual subjugation of a colonized people (i.e., Pakistanis lording it over indigenous English)?

    The second front is in the existence of large Islamic populations inside Europe. Even if there were no violence, this would create considerable challenges, given relative rates of population growth. As long as Muslims believe in Islam, they are going to do what any other healthy people would do, make the politics reflect their culture. (And yes, we can see much of the Western world today is not healthy.)

    There is a caveat here insofar as there are ethnically white Muslims. Who knows, maybe they can be won over to a pan-white nationalist cost. And we can consider how several generations of Muslims fought for Britain and France during the colonial era. But all that requires white people to stand up for themselves, otherwise no one else will respect them. These decadent days, white people are not even willing to defend their own children (cf Rotherham).

    I suspect the mass demonstration in favor of Charlie Hebdo are motivated in part by French citizens knowing something is not right, and wanting to take action. But this is the only way they can do it and maintain respectability given the dominance of the multicultic establishment.

    On the global front: militant Islam seems to be on the march: ISIS, Al Qaeda in various countries, rioting over European cartoonists, the long running war on terror. Compare this situation to that of the Cold War era where modernizers (Nasser, Saddam Hussein) were running the show in Islamic countries. While they may not have been especially friendly to the Western world, they kept the lid on the Muslim Brotherhood and such. But as Western civilization appears to be losing confidence in itself, I suspect, more Muslims see no reason to support Western institutions like the secular state. Hence, the mob violence, terrorism and ISIS style insurgencies spreading across several continents—including Europe and perhaps North America next.

  8. R_Moreland
    Posted January 27, 2015 at 2:08 pm | Permalink

    RE my previous post, I meant to say: “The first is in the obvious insurgency, as Faye describes, the politicized violence.”

  9. Karen T
    Posted January 28, 2015 at 9:47 pm | Permalink

    So you don’t approve of Celine? Ah well….

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