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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 96
Greg Johnson Interviews Joshua Blakeney

114 words

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Greg Johnson interviews Canada-based English journalist Joshua Blakeney. Topics include:

  • His intellectual journey from Marxism to the Right
  • His involvement in the 9/11 truth movement
  • His evolving understanding of Zionism and the Jewish question
  • His work for Iran’s Press TV
  • His own website with Brandon Martinez, Non-Aligned Media
  • His view of an ideal world
  • Populism and elitism
  • Human biodiversity and its political implications
  • Japan as a model of a homogeneous ethnocentric society
  • The need for the revival of the patriarchal family and other traditional institutions


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  1. NorthernSun
    Posted December 6, 2014 at 8:35 am | Permalink

    Thanks for bringing this guy to my attention. Excellent discussion.

    The issue with the ‘fat Bin Laden’ video was supposedly because of a format conversion according to James Corbett. So, the video WAS Bin Laden but that doesn’t alter the fact Bin Laden was the conjured patsy.

  2. Posted December 7, 2014 at 2:23 pm | Permalink

    I will post a rather long comment, since I have been thinking about it for a long time now.
    You are courageous to talk about the issues that you talk, and to try new approaches to the challenges we face as Europeans. Imo, you are dealing with the following in the right way, while I have some comments to make:

    – NEW APPROACH: I think it is very interesting to give voice to people from different political ‘backgrounds’ and such interesting evolutions. It is interesting because this is a great example of a non-sectarian position. Indeed, we have to get influences from many different political positions, in order to come up with something new, if we are to start winning the struggle against our dispossession. Such as myself, both Blakeney and Dyal were former liberals in some way. There is an interesting pattern more and more often of individuals evolving from mainstream (liberal/relativist) political positions to political consciousness or to nationalism in the broad sense. We have to be sensitive towards this. Since the constant propaganda keeps telling us ‘we are all the same, we are all human beings…’, most of our people is alienated and no longer consider themselves part of a European People. And definitively we fight to awaken this people (or most of them). I think most of us see around us people that are on their way to re-discover their roots and ultimately awaken. Identity is very strong and runs deep in each of us. Like a kind of religion, identity provides us a place in the World, a kind of safety net in this era ‘where God is dead’. We are social beings, which means that unlike other ‘animals’ we are born defenseless (with our instincts weakened to a large extent) and need a social uterus (our own group, our ethnic kin) to grow up into. We have to keep working on this. I thank Counter-Currents and other forums for giving voice to people like Joshua. I would even suggest a monograph on former ‘liberals’ getting close to the NR positions.
    – IMPERIALISM AGAINST NON-EUROPEAN PEOPLES: considered Imperialism as the take over of other peoples and their resources, the New Right is very correct and brave to denounce Imperialism as one of our worst enemies. Too often we see people supposedly in our ranks that praise Imperialism as something to be proud of. I think it’s shameful, a great error and above all the reason why we have so many refugees and immigrants of all sorts flooding our countries. From Mali to Siria, and from Pakistan to China, ‘our’ Imperialist past and the present imperialist policies such as the ones of France and UK in Africa, or the US in the Middle East are throwing thousands of people towards our shores, also welcomed by our elites as cheap labor. I know that the European countries are not the only ones that have been imperialistic, but we have to be the spare-head when it comes to politically denounce Imperialism. People have to see that we are in the front line, and not the liberals, when it comes to fight Imperialism. Otherwise we won’t have any credibility when we denounce it. Again, we don’t want non-Europeans here, so we have to make clear that we are not the ground soldiers of Imperialism. In this regard, the proposal coming from France about ‘Re-emigration’ (sending non-Europeans back to their lands), is a very interesting position. Specifically, the work of Bloc Identitaire and Generation Identitaire in this regard is of great importance.
    – INTRA-IMPERIALISM: besides Classical Imperialism (e.g. looting the Third World for natural resources, etc), there also exists a much older and subtile Imperialism against ancient European peoples (against Bretons, Catalans, Occitans, Basques [France is clearly an example of an imperialist State, both towards European and non-European peoples], Scotts and formerly the Irish, Finnish, Poles, etc). There cannot be second-class cultures, languages or European citizens. This is unacceptable. And petty nationalism is played by both small and large countries.
    – THE JEWISH QUESTION: I think it has to be taken to the next level. We have to take a winning position in this regard, not a losing one. Let me explain: we seem to be paralyzed by their apparent might. While we have to analyse, resist and fight jewish supremacism, we cannot forget about moving on. The 9/11 events is a good example of this: I think it was Wolfowitz who said something like ‘while everybody else lays behind us asking themselves what is going on, we are taking the next step’. So, this could be well said about the 9/11 Israeli attack. We are busy trying to prove their guilt in the events, while they prepare their next strike. I don’t mean we should not denounce that and try to find proof about their responsibility in the events. But indeed we are like a strong guy bullied by a short moron, too busy to got he the Gym in order to give him the beating of his life. We don’t have to get obsessed by the supremacist jews (indeed as important an enemy as it is). We have to move on and go to the ‘Gym’. We are stronger and smarter. As said, we cannot let ourselves we paralyzed by their power. We have to focus on getting our own media, getting financially strong and to set up our own meeting points, where to debate, get physically fit and study (these don’t have to be mere ‘XIX century Clubs’. I mean that we have to use the latest technological advances, etc).

    I just want to stress that, we have to come up with something new. We have a tradition behind us, but we are not here to resist but to win. In my opinion the NR is already doing that to a good extent. But this journey is not finished yet.
    In the ‘old’ debate around the name thing, I would stand for not including the term ‘Right’ in ‘New Right’: as much as I know the NR is not egalitarian, and as such is somehow on the ‘Right’, I think the ‘Left/Right’ scheme is a divisive trap. ‘Neither left nor right: we are ahead’.

    • P. Aymeric
      Posted December 10, 2014 at 4:18 pm | Permalink

      @ Galdric:
      Wow! You made a lot of fine points in your post.

      Intra-imperialism—-Great term. I’ve been harping about this for a while now on CC. Finally we have a phrase for such an important concept. Perhaps we can augment the term a little by adding one word, so it will be like this: Intra-state imperialism, or, acronymically, ISI(lol what a coincidence but oh well!).

      Pretty much all Western European nations exhibit this intra-state imperialism, including Spain, Italy, GB and Germany.

      I should also point out here that ISI PRECEDED imperialism against non-European people. Take the Spanish colonization of Americas that took place only after the unification of Aragon and Castille(kingdoms which underwent a lot of centralization even before this stage). Take Portugal. France started its colonialist adventure only after the crown firmly established its rule over the entire country and supressed local languages(Occitan, Breton, etc.) in favor of Parisian dialect. Although Genoa and other maritime states in what is now Italy established a lot of colonies across the mediterranean, they were primarily commercial in nature—glorified trading posts, really. Italy’s conquest of Lybia and East Africa only began, agian, after the Garibaldists took power.

      One other point I wanted to make about this is that Russia is very much guilty of practicing this ISI on a large scale. It tries to Russify everyone and throw them in a giant boat, essentially. Back in the day—maybe as recently as the 1500s or so—-plenty of distinct nations of Slavo-Sarmatian stock roamed across Russia. Now, however, even clearly non-European peoples like Armenians or Buryats are placing themselves under the Russian umbrella…. Perhaps we are all excited about Putin challenging NATO, we should take care not to go to far in idolizing him and Russia.

      The tribe—-well, anytime there was a highly centralized state practicing ISI and extra-imperialism, they were ever-present. Look at how intricately they were involved with the Spanish crown and even more involved in the colonization of the Americas. This is very well known.
      Benjamin Disraeli comes to mind too, of course. In the US, well, we have the federal reserve story and know how that ended up…. Soviet Union… France, too. In Italy, the tribe was more present in the political arena than ever before after the unification of the land. Same case in Germany.

      Imperialism against non-European peoples: In agreement. But we, people of European stock, should struggle and not allow guilt feelings to materialize and affect our resolve. Becuase, like you said, European states were not the only ones who practiced it historically. And what of imperialism against Europeans themselves—-whether by foreigners from Arabia/North Africa or by a foreign ideological construct like the Ottoman empire(a lot of the Ottoman administrators were of European stock—Bosnian, Venetian, etc.).

      I think I’m going to go to The Gym now.

      PS: Very nice slogan! And, yes, for that reason I capitalized Gym for a reason. The Gym.

      • Greg Johnson
        Posted December 10, 2014 at 8:40 pm | Permalink

        Just so you know, I have the spam blocker set to catch all comments that contain emoticons.

  3. Aleksandar
    Posted December 8, 2014 at 6:13 am | Permalink

    Great interview, I would really love to hear more podcasts in the future.

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