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Video of the Day 
Rammstein’s “Mountain Film”: “Ohne Dich”

time: 5:41/ 307 words


Lyrics ©2004 Rammstein.

Ich werde in die Tannen gehen
Dahin wo ich sie zuletzt gesehen
Doch der Abend wirft ein Tuch aufs Land
und auf die Wege hinterm Waldesrand
Und der Wald er steht so schwarz und leer
Weh mir, oh weh
Und die Vögel singen nicht mehr

Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein
Ohne dich
Mit dir bin ich auch allein
Ohne dich
Ohne dich zähl ich die Stunden ohne dich
Mit dir stehen die Sekunden
Lohnen nicht

Auf den Ästen in den Gräben
ist es nun still und ohne Leben
Und das Atmen fällt mir ach so schwer
Weh mir, oh weh
Und die Vögel singen nicht mehr

Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein
Ohne dich
Mit dir bin ich auch allein
Ohne dich
Ohne dich zähl ich die Stunden ohne dich
Mit dir stehen die Sekunden
Lohnen nicht ohne dich

Unofficial Translation ©2004 Jeremy Williams.

I’m going to go into the fir trees
There where I last saw her
But the evening is throwing a cloth upon the land
and upon the ways behind the edge of the forest
And the forest it is so black and empty
Woe is me, oh woe
And the birds sing no more

Without you I cannot be
Without you
With you I am alone too
Without you
Without you I count the hours without you
With you the seconds stand still
They aren’t worth it

On the branches in the ditches
it’s now silent and without life
And breathing becomes oh so hard for me
Woe is me, oh woe
And the birds sing no more

Without you I cannot be
Without you
With you I am alone too
Without you
Without you I count the hours without you
With you the seconds stand still
They aren’t worth it without you



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  1. Donar van Holland
    Posted April 25, 2012 at 3:52 am | Permalink

    Thank you for drawing attention to this Rammstein video!

    Classical music is my real love, but I also like some Martial Industrial and Neofolk.

    I like especially German groups. Somehow, the fact that they use German instead of English gives them a more authentic feel. Unfortunately, English has become the language of internationalism, and of the world wide repression of white nationalism.

    One of my favourite groups is Darkwood, a German project that have made some English songs, but mainly sing in German. For example:

    However, Rammstein is really a category in itself. Many songs I think too noisy, but this one is absolutely great!

    I also like the fact that the video uses the theme of the “Bergfilme” a lot! The movie reviews about these movies and their present day version “Nordwand” on this site were a real eye opener! Interesting to know is that Julius Evola was also a fanatic mountaineer.

    One of the greatest Rammstein songs is “Die Brücke” :

  2. rhondda
    Posted April 25, 2012 at 5:40 am | Permalink

    Yes, exquisite.

  3. BasilX
    Posted April 25, 2012 at 10:32 am | Permalink

    There is something mystical about mountains.
    Trees,streams,rocks and snow covered peaks evince beauty and awe.
    They stir up quest to reach them.
    The hardship,endurance,sacrifice,loyalty, traits of a white man
    are epitomized in the video.

  4. rhondda
    Posted April 25, 2012 at 11:52 am | Permalink

    My goodness, Winglord has arrived already.(even though I am still a Mr. to them) Liabach has also arrived. I am awaiting Rammstein and some Greeks called Moden Agan.
    I feel as if I am in Chaucer’s Parliament of Fowls! Will I ever wake up?
    (I guess I will have to check out Darkwood too)

  5. Woodchuck
    Posted April 25, 2012 at 12:18 pm | Permalink

    Sorry, it´s good music but a left wing band with primitive, obscene and decadent lyrics.

    I prefer some serious BLACK METAL bands (Absurd, Totenburg, Leichenzug, Burzum, etc.).

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted April 25, 2012 at 2:02 pm | Permalink

      Rammstein has some pretty dirty and silly songs, which is a product of their sense of humor. But most of their music is really magnificent. I can’t really take Black Metal seriously as music, though.

  6. Petronius
    Posted April 26, 2012 at 9:19 am | Permalink
  7. Woodchuck
    Posted April 26, 2012 at 12:29 pm | Permalink

    I like Wagner, Bruckner and much more of “ancient” classic music, but today we live in a dark age of agony. Black Metal is an expression of this time. May be it is no high quality music. It is instead the sound of war, it is pure white music.

    In a healthy future time Black Metal will probably loose it´s function as battle music. If I see the world today I can´t hear “good” music. My soul is poisoned with multiracial reality and alien culture. I´m full of hate and I´m angry about it.

    Black Metal gives me the power to fight. I enjoy it untill we are able to create a better world without hate and war.

    One day I hope we all will sit together at Bayreuth to enjoy the “Meistersinger”: “Ehrt Eure deutschen Meister – dann bannt Ihr gute Geister”. But today Hagen´s call to arms (Ring der Nibelungen) sounds better in Black Metal.

    I agree with Alex Kurtagic´s writings about Black Metal.

  8. Woodchuck
    Posted April 26, 2012 at 12:55 pm | Permalink

    If there might be any doubt about the antifascism left wing band Rammstein read this:

    In einem Stern-Interview sagt der RAMMSTEIN-Sänger Till LINDEMANN wörtlich:
    “Und was die Rechten angeht: Für mich geht der Staat zu weichwurstig mit dem Problem um. Du haust einen Schwarzen halbtot, und zur Strafe gibt es Aufbaustunden (=Sozialstunden). Wir haben uns schon vor der Wende in Schwerin immer mit den Skins geprügelt – warum greift man heute nicht härter durch? Ich bin mit einem Mädchen aufgewachsen, die ist Mulattin. Die kommt immer noch jeden Sommer nach Mecklenburg zu Besuch. Die hat Angst vor den Leuten und traut sich nicht an bestimmte Plätze. Dafür schäme ich mich einfach.”

    Und über Deutschland zur Nazizeit 1933-1945 stellt Till LINDEMANN fest:
    “Das sind beschissene zwölf Jahre, die dieser Idiot namens Hitler auf dem Gewissen hat.”

    That´s reality. You can read much more if you look for it searching the internet.

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