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White Nationalism 1.0

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Kathleen Belew
Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America
Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2018

“The influence of key veterans upon the white power movement, therefore, is part of the longer story about veterans’ claims on society, and about the expansive aftermath of modern war.”– Kathleen Belew

Kathleen Belew’s book Bring the War Home is the best book I’ve read about any form of white advocacy from an academic hostile to pro-white ideas since I became a writer for Counter-Currents. The book is a fast-paced read, and other than some sugary phrases about “white female bodies,” [1] it is mostly delightfully free of the silly vocabulary of the academic Left.

Professor Belew focuses her work on the pro-white paramilitary movement that used violence as it existed from the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 until the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. She calls this specific social force the “White Power” movement.

Belew argues that the Vietnam War was a major factor in creating the White Power movement. The lingo of the conflict migrated into the vocabulary of White Power adherents. The sense of betrayal by The Establishment of the Vietnam Veterans fed into anti-government attitudes. The War in Vietnam also changed the way White Power members saw each other. For example, in the years following World War II, those sympathetic to National Socialism faced groups like the Klu Klux Klan that were utterly opposed to them. Indeed, the Deep South was the American region most eager to go to war with Germany after 1933. After the Vietnam War, White Power groups like the Klan and the neo-Nazis came together.

The book’s central narrative congeals around the white advocate Louis Beam. He served as a helicopter door gunner in “The Nam” and organized Texas fishermen against Vietnamese refugees after the conflict. Veterans in the White Power movement knew how to handle weapons, give and follow orders, and work as a team. Louis Beam’s work served as an example for others to follow.

White Power activists knew how to fight. On November 3, 1979, blacks and Communists (many Jewish) at the Greensboro, North Carolina Morningside Homes public housing project held a widely publicized “Death to the Klan” rally. White Power activists in the Klan decided to stage a counter-protest. To make a long story short, things became violent, shots were fired, and the Klan won.

Initially, the affair was front-page news, but the Iran hostage crisis overwhelmed both the media narrative and the floundering Carter administration, so the public quickly forgot. Meanwhile, the whites arrested were found not guilty. Professor Belew argues that this event caused the White Power movement to grow considerably for the next few years.

Professor Belew points out an obvious truth. Groups like the Klan support civilization maintenance, law and order, tax payments, etc, while those blacks and Communists at a housing project cannot maintain civilization in any form. Those in the White Power movement would go on in the 1980s to support American objectives in Central America.

White Power Paramilitaries in Central America & Ronald Reagan

In 1979, it really appeared that Communism was on the final stretch to victory. Then Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980. Today, President Reagan is seen as a grandfatherly President who ruled over a prosperous and happy land. He’s the well-spoken old-timer that gently gave Communism the final push to the dust bin of history. However, in 1980, there were many very powerful Anti-anti-Communists in the mainstream media, Congress, etc. that were all loudly against Reagan. They thought he was the second coming of Hitler. Reagan had serious resistance to his presidency from day one, even regarding issues once seen as basic — such as enforcement of the Monroe Doctrine.

The Monroe Doctrine mattered in the 1980s. Soviet-backed Communist revolutions were ongoing in Central America, but most of Congress and the general public were opposed to involvement in yet another jungle war so shortly after Vietnam. At the same time, however, the general public viewed Soviet inroads in Latin America with terror. Due to this impasse, the Reagan administration waged a clandestine conflict in Nicaragua and other places in Central America. According to Belew, many of those in the White Power movement participated.

The conflict in Central America had an ongoing, but subtle, impact on American culture at the time. For example, many of the plots in the TV show MacGyver took place in a Central American setting. The actor Ed Asner (Jewish) was vocally opposed to American action there, and he thinks his show Lou Grant was canceled as a result. The central issue in the Iran-Contra Scandal was American support for anti-Communists in Nicaragua. White Power advocates with military training and few prospects at home proved to be very capable clandestine mercenaries and the non-Communist side won.

Part of the difference in the jungle war of Vietnam vs. the jungle wars in El Salvador and Nicaragua was that the American participants in the latter conflicts did not believe in “civil rights.” In Vietnam, the “civil rights”-believing Johnson administration got tripped up in lies and self-deception and thereby failed to explain basic problems to the public such as the fact that the Ho Chi Minh Trail was running through neutral territory. Meanwhile, the Americans in Central America had no “civil rights” lie to uphold, so they were free to assess their strengths, weaknesses, and overall strategy with the philosophical presupposition of seeking objective truth to reach victory. The mercenaries in Central America also had no black troops or black officers to babysit.

Leaderless Resistance

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Belew doesn’t mention this, but implied in the Ronald Reagan victories in 1980 and 1984 was a rejection of the “civil rights” structure. There were two revolutions in the 1960s; the first was in the early part of the decade, and it led to the illicit second constitution that is the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The second revolution in the late 1960s was a white spiritual revolution which contained within it a white reaction against “civil rights” that continued on deep into the 1970s and was fully mature by Reagan’s election.

However, Reagan didn’t dismantle the “civil rights” structure. He opted for a policy to use debt and shell games to make everyone happy except for far-seeing radicals on the political Right. Professor Belew argues that between 1981 and 1983, the frustrated White Power movement adopted a policy of leaderless resistance where small cells of activists would wage war against their enemies with no contact or support with each other.

One of these cells came to be called The Order. They had a transmittable set of ideas, and went out robbing pornography shops and armored bank cars. They were led by Robert Matthews. Within the group was David Lane. He coined the 14 words. After some considerable illegality, including murder, Matthews was killed in a police shootout and David Lane was imprisoned for life.

In 1988, Louis Beam would get tripped up in by law enforcement as well, but he was found not guilty at a highly publicized trial in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Meanwhile, the White Power Movement continued to build followers. In the early 1990s, federal law enforcement was involved in two high-profile disasters. The first was at Ruby Ridge in Idaho, and the second at the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas. As a result of these actions, a veteran named Timothy McVeigh blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Professor Belew believes that the Murrah Building was targeted by the White Power movement since 1983. She further believes that the building’s actual bomber, Timothy McVeigh, was part of the White Power movement. Although McVeigh was involved in the White Power scene, he shouldn’t be considered a white advocate.

He was not part of the generation that was in the Vietnam War, unlike the rest of the White Power movement. He was too young. Instead, he was part of the generation that grew up with the Reagan-era “dog whistles” regarding race. He never claimed to be a white advocate or have racial motivations. He did believe he didn’t get a job because of affirmative action policies, but this was not an uncommon stance at all.

Instead, McVeigh was clearly wrapped up in the implicit whiteness bunch of nonsense regarding “big government.” Therefore, he carried out his evil bombing of midgrade government employees in the heartland while he fled in a getaway car filled with tracts of Thomas Jefferson’s idiot sayings about “patriot blood” as Miracle-Gro for “liberty shrubs,” or whatever. I don’t believe any white advocate of any particular type praised McVeigh’s bombing then or since. McVeigh moved in White Power circles, was inspired by William Luther Pierce, but was not really of the same ideological group.

In the end, McVeigh targeted the building because of federal law enforcement’s actions at Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Although Belew does argue that federal law enforcement became far less violent towards American citizens in the wake of the OKC Bombing, the bombing was a big disaster for America in general and white advocacy in particular. It gave liberal-minority activists the set of tools needed to dismantle white advocate networks while serving as a smokescreen for rising Islamist terrorism.

I’ll add that attacks on Waco and Ruby Ridge by Federal Law Enforcement agencies were driven by the fact that the FBI, in particular, had become a semi-competent Praetorian Guard which started to act as an unaccountable political actor for its own ends. The FBI needed spectacular public relations coups against a marginalized group of White Power activists who were the designated “Bad Guys” in the American social narrative post-“civil rights.” The FBI crossed the line to being a political actor when its Deputy Director became the shadowy source “Deep Throat” during the Watergate coup d’état.

Are White Power Paramilitaries Worthwhile?

The problems with violent paramilitaries need to be addressed. Organizing white paramilitaries and stockpiling stolen weapons is a foolish way to advance white interests. More critical than the fact that such behavior is illegal and usually ineffective; it misses addressing the central dilemma of whites.

That dilemma, the Afro-Jacobin “civil rights” movement that culminated in the early 1960s, achieved a social victory so complete that even mild criticism of the vast and manifest problems of that victory is forbidden in most social circumstances. In other words, the true fight is over ideas — not just ideas, but the central idea in the narrative structure explaining American society since 1964.

There are other problems. Time spent building an illegal arsenal to use against blue-collar white cops in some final shootout is time not spent gaining real social power. Again and again, Belew describes White Power activists utterly stunned that one federal judge after another issued draconian judgments against them. Why not focus on becoming a federal judge themselves? Why not focus on pro-White versions of the Southern Poverty Law Center that attempt to bankrupt, say, violent groups involved in Antifa or Black Lives Matter?

White Power in the Military

Much of the book also looks at the connection between the military, veterans, and the White Power movement. Belew gives a good, but warped, account of the White Power movement in the service up to the 1990s. Having served in the 1990s (and thus known many others who also served at that time) I can state that there is very little White Power activism then, or (I suppose) now. In fact, the day-to-day problem of violence, theft of supplies, racial problems, and other forms of criminality is almost entirely fueled by blacks.

Part of my own unfortunate story of becoming a white advocate was a personal reflection upon my (somewhat limited) involvement in a witch hunt against “racists” in a paratrooper unit, contrasted later with an ugly series of investigations I was far more intimately involved with regarding a horrifying series of violent crimes perpetrated by black junior NCOs in my battalion.

This problem can’t even be dismissed as pertaining only to junior enlisted soldiers. A considerable number of Africans of all ranks are involved in criminality or are incompetent. Additionally, many Military Police “stings” against what Belew would call White Power adherents are deliberately constructed falsehoods to give senior leaders cover to arrest and discipline a large group of misbehaving blacks somewhere else. [2]

There are many deadly serious consequences related to this problem. There is an epidemic of rape in the military — mostly carried out by black junior NCOs upon female soldiers under their command. There is also ordinary crime, mentioned above. But the most serious problem consists of a culture in which those that ignore or misread the data surrounding this set of circumstances get continually promoted. If one misinterprets data involving Africans, all other interpretations of events can become warped also. Indeed, this is most likely why the Department of Defense has created a culture of lackluster senior leaders like, James “Mad Dog” Mattis, Stanley McChrystal, etc.

Paramilitaries are a Result of Black Crime

Professor Belew remarks on the striking fact that both those in the White Power paramilitaries and the federal agents they squared off against wore the same style of military camouflage. However, she doesn’t mention — or realize — that both parties were upping their game due to the increasing danger of blacks. From the time the illicit 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed until the 1994 Crime Bill, blacks went on a rampage of destruction. Cities like Detroit and Newark became African-owned ruins, no different from Haiti or Zaire. In the late 1980s, one could hear automatic weapons fire on every East Coast City day and night.

Indeed, Sub-Saharan pathology is the central dilemma of American civilization. No amount of “taking a knee,” apologizing for slavery, or repeating the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King’s plagiarized quotes will change the fact that blacks, as a group, are both a dangerous menace and burden upon civilization. Deep down, everyone knows this truth.

Professor Belew argues that White Power adherents were close to the mainstream in the 1980s, but mainstream White Americans don’t come to the pro-white ideas because of Louis Beam’s oratory.

They come to those ideas because they objectively see the evidence for themselves.

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[1] The phrase does hint at an appalling increase in hostility towards white women on the part of the Left and the non-white world since 2016.

[2] I wish to offer up several anecdotes regarding this. One Military Police officer serving in the late 1960s told me the military was able to downplay racial problems by the MPs arresting and then booking black rioters individually for “disorderly conduct” and releasing them to their Company Commanders. Another event, relayed to me by a General’s Aide in Korea, was that a group of dangerous blacks needed to be dealt with, so the General invented a “KKK problem” and arrested several random whites first so that they could arrest the actual black offenders later. Along those same lines, in the mid-1990s, the military reacted to a problem of black NCOs raping female trainees at Aberdeen Proving Ground by having the Military Police throw against the wall and frisk an entire group of mostly white and newly commissioned Second Lieutenants also training there.



  1. Lord Shang
    Posted June 10, 2020 at 6:02 am | Permalink

    I totally disagree about white paramilitaries (except for eschewing “stolen weapons”). We desperately need white militias, even if they should go by such anodyne names as the “Tidewater Gun Enthusiasts League”, or the “Sierra Nevada Hunters’ Association”, etc. Of course, such organized paramilitaries should not be thought to eliminate the need for constant intellectual development, and, more important, racial truth dissemination. We will only finally win when we have both enough ideological adherents, and the physical force to effectuate our will.

    But there will be increasing need for whites to defend ourselves, and not just individually, but in coordinated fashion, at the neighborhood and even city level. In the recent antifa/BLM race war against White America, businesses less then 2 blocks from me, in my upper middle class urban neighborhood, were hit and looted. I truly thought the marxists might try to burn some of the homes, and I was armed and standing guard at the front of my house. But I was alone, despite being in contact with other armed friends in other parts of my city. Our people are too individualistic and uncoordinated to repulse serious antifa or jogger attacks. This situation is silly and unacceptable.

    Whites must form armed groups, but those groups must stay strictly within the law. There is nothing wrong (I mean, illegal) with white men gathering and forming battle contingency plans; with purchasing guns and ammo (up to certain statutory limits); with identifying places for emergency sniping; or with practicing shooting in groups instead of alone. WE MUST BUILD FELLOWSHIP AND DEMARCATED LINES OF AUTHORITY AMONG OUR PEOPLE – “shadow formations” which can instantly morph into real battle groups with structured responsibilities when exigencies require it. Those local militias, the backbone of neighborhood defense against looter thugs and communist terrorists, might one day comprise the real force behind a future declaration of racial independence and new territorial sovereignty.

    • Alexandra O.
      Posted June 10, 2020 at 7:51 am | Permalink

      I agree completely with your strategies for organizing. I’m too old to participate myself, but I can gather information, as well as bake cookies, for those handling the guns at the well-hidden city and country fortresses. Do it.

      • Lord Shang
        Posted June 12, 2020 at 2:33 am | Permalink

        My point is that everything should be done subtly, “under the radar”. Why march around with White Power flags which are bad optics (for kindly but brain-cucked whites) and attract violent (Occupationist Government-supported) antifa-terrorist responses? But not going public is not a counsel for apathy and inactivity. What we need are ways to meet up, plan, train, and educate, but without calling attention to ourselves. A group in Orange County CA could call itself the Newport Beach Boaters’ Association – while having nothing to do with boating, keeping its online postings in code, and holding regular “hobbyist get-togethers” which are really clandestine meet-ups – but meet-ups not for illegal, but rather, “thought-criminal” activity. Indeed, each white militia should have its own unique, misleading name.

        This, in fact, is exactly how the groundwork for past revolutions was laid. Revolutions are never just “spontaneous” (though communist propagandists would always try to claim they were). They require many years of careful planning and propagandizing before a single shot is fired. The problem we face is that whites are being progressively enslaved, but too many have been brainwashed into believing that our approaching slavery is actually something other than slavery, and that our reduced racial conditions are ethically mandatory. Superior intellectual argument and mass education are needed to overcome this brainwashing – but patiently doing that is not enough, because we are also being progressively physically eradicated; or put another way, the conditions for our eventual physical eradication are being continuously strengthened (eliminating white police, eg, is the next tightening of the vise – not that any other of the elements that are also contributing to that ongoing tightening are being loosened; the OG is taking advantage of an opportunity that presented itself in the form of the unexpected George Floyd killing, and the half orchestrated, half spontaneous BLM mass gatherings which followed, gatherings whose energy almost certainly arose in significant part from pent-up exasperation with the enforced COVID sheltering orders and commercial closures). White preservationists must be doing parallel self-strengthening. Even though WPs are absolutely NOT anywhere close to an American majority, we, broadly understood to include not merely redpilled WNs, but all whites who are not mentally enslaved to the Diversity cult, are quite possibly the largest single ideo-demographic minority in the country.

        When I was born, more than 90% of the US was white (maybe a little less if we exclude Jews, or perhaps other Middle Eastern groups classified as “white”; but there were few of the latter pre-1965). Today, we are maybe 60% (or less, if only True Whites {racially unmixed, non-Jewish, pure ancestrally European} are counted), and continuing to fall rapidly, thanks to ongoing immigration, both legal and illegal. I may well be wrong about this, but my sense is that, for all the “Sturm und drang” (and esp media access) of the White Treason Crowd, I doubt hardcore white traitors make up more than one third of whites. Not all of these traitors, btw, are antifa-supporters (I know a very civilized, very civic-minded white guy, who’s given millions to minority uplift causes {this despite my very best efforts to steer his inherited money-based philanthropy in a productive direction}, who is absolutely NOT violent or supportive of looters, but who recently said to me that “BLM is needed now, to address centuries of past bigotry”; I’m not joking, that’s what he told me, completely sincerely). But they are the deep well of moral support upon which the antifa scum floats.

        IOWs, I would say that 30-35% of whites are race traitors, either out of psychotic self-hatred, or, more commonly, mental or character weakness; 40% are white preservationists (WNs + not-yet-but-easy-to-see-converted-WNs; ie, white persons, usually at least conservatives, willing to fight against those immediately trying to harm them or their families, but who are not yet fully ideologically committed to white survival, but who certainly aren’t knee-jerk hostile to it, either); and 25-30% are wholly racially and mostly politically apathetic. These are very rough estimates, but they roughly track matters like opposition to immigration, support for harsh criminal justice penalties, support for gun rights, concern about welfare abuse, and so forth. Contrary to media-generated perceptions, the Left electorally is not really a white phenomenon. Most famous leftists are white (as most basketball players are black), or Jewish, but the bulk of leftist votes do not come from whites (if this were not the case, and given overwhelming but not exclusive nonwhite support for Democrats and leftwing initiatives, Republicans would hardly be able to win elections; around 90% of GOP votes in fact come from whites).

        By my estimates, then, nearly a quarter of the overall US population can be classified as “white preservationist” (alas, at one time it would have been at least four-fifths). That’s about 80 million people. And a lot of those people are the nation’s very best, most capable people. Anyway, that’s the size of a significant nation, like Germany. And yet the vast majority of that population is atomized and uncoordinated. This is the group we can and need to reach intellectually, but it also must be organized and networked and coordinated for self-defense. These continuing BLM outrages represent a huge opportunity.

    • HamburgerToday
      Posted June 10, 2020 at 8:54 am | Permalink

      Agreed, except for one thing: We need to defend what our people are willing to defend. If you were the only person prepared to defend your neighborhood, it may not be worth saving. Do you and your neighbors have any contact at all?

      • Lord Shang
        Posted June 12, 2020 at 12:59 am | Permalink

        I’m (mostly) a pre-1776 American, and a third generation resident of my particular extreme Left-liberal city. It’s a very transient place, far more so even than when I was growing up in the 1960s-70s. My neighborhood is now “upper-middle class multicultural”; every race is here, ‘integrated’ nearly house by house, though whites might still be barely the majority (but they are really worthless whites; walking my dog at my local park just yesterday, I overheard a 60ish white woman describe the movie “The Butler” {never saw it, but it’s Negrolatrous, I think} to another one like her, both walking dogs, as something she was going to see, “as it has a kind of Black Lives Matter theme for these times” – NO, I am NOT making this up!!).

        It’s a place where hardly anyone knows each other (probably due to the alienating effects of unnatural diversity). There is no “neighborhood feeling” let alone civic (or America First) patriotism at all. There’s an 80-something ex-sheriff who lives on the opposite side of the street up a ways, who on patriotic days will unfurl a Stars & Stripes; ditto a house of Filipinos down the block. There’s a pickup truck I sometimes see parked around the corner that has some kind of Marines decal on it; I bet that’s a white guy, but I’ve never seen him. Most cars are clear of bumper stickers, but the ones I’ve seen invariably say things like “Earth Justice”, “Pro America, Anti-Trump”, “No Human is ‘Illegal'”, or (yes, a common favorite for years) “Black Lives Matter”, or the only one that ever made me smile, “Comey is my Homey”. You get the picture.

        This neighborhood is absolutely NOT worth saving from a white perspective, though I do hope it maintains property values long enough until I can retire and relocate to where some friends and distant family live in West Texas for my final years. Also, I will fight to the death to protect my house from looting or esp arson, not because I have a lot of physical wealth or possessions (I hate expensive or even decorative stuff), but because I own a library, my most valuable possession, of over 1100 books of mostly nonfiction scholarship, many of which I bought, across 40 years, from think tank, university press, and remainder sales which will never be replicated, and which includes many rightist/ethnonationalist titles which will be the basis for some serious writing I hope to do for our cause after I’ve retired.

        Ultimately, racially conscious whites MUST gather into states where we can control gun laws, police policy, and welfare benefits policy (one way to keep out undesirables, including, I’m convinced, antifa terrorists, is to severely limit state welfare giveaways), and thereby form enclaves wherein prominent WNs (like a Greg Johnson, Jared Taylor, etc) can be shielded and secure from outsider physical attack. America is being progressively decivilized; we WNs are being transformed back into pioneers occupying territory saturated with savage ‘hostiles’. Our version of “circle the wagons” must be to infiltrate and gradually take over neighborhoods, then cities, then entire states. Ultimately, this is also, I believe, the only way we will ever actually be able to win our ethnostatist racial freedom. If 80%+ of the residents of 4-5-6 states (say, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas) had already passed symbolic ballot propositions endorsing state secession from the Union, then in a time of widespread unrest (as in early June 2020!) I think those states could simply declare themselves sovereign and exit – successfully. I think this is the path to the Ethnostate.

        Of course, there would still be nonwhites living there at the time of secession. I think they could be gradually, peacefully induced to pack up and leave. Suppose most of the whites simply refused to deal with the nonwhites in any way. Never spoke to them, never patronized their restaurants or businesses, said to them each and every day, “You don’t belong here”, erected new statues to Great White Racists, removed any references to nonwhites in school textbooks, erased any building commemorations of any nonwhites, refused to hire nonwhites, etc. Just kept reiterating, “This place is for WHITES ONLY.” Over and over. I think the nonwhites would leave – exactly as whites have packed up and left when nonwhites have moved into our cities and states.

        I believe this is the only path to an American Ethnostate (Europe’s ethnostatist liberation will likely be revolutionary and violent).

    • sterplaz
      Posted June 11, 2020 at 8:37 am | Permalink

      Lord Shang: I think you are mistaken to think that Whites, in groups espousing their racial interests, are going to get the same “Constitution” applied to them that the jews and their non-White allies (and White cuck goyim) demand that the White majority apply to them over the last half century and more.

      Federal courts (full of non-Whites and Whites conditioned to bow/scrape to non-Whites) will not give freedom of speech to Whites like it was applied to jews & friends over the course of the 20th century. That specific definition of freedom of speech was meant only for non-Whites, so they could more effectively amplify their voice beyond what their numbers deserved, to more effectively help them in their quest to tear down White i.e. Western civilization. When Whites are a minority in all States and across the Nation, there will be a new definition of what is “protected speech”. And you see this coming true this year in front of our very eyes. Remember in the 1970s all that talk of how pornography/smut/obscenity/pole dancing in a titty bar was supposedly an expression of speech and therefore protected by the pseudo/parallel Constitution? Remember in the 1980s how burning an American flag, or putting it in a jar of urine, or some such, was protected speech? Remember in the 1990s how that negro NBA player refusing to stand for the National Anthem and the owner threatened to sanction him because it was a rule he agreed to follow when signing his contract? Fast forward to today: Whites are physically attacked whenever they are found in public, in a group meeting for White interests or if the White is known to be a loyal White.

      Federal courts (full of non-Whites and Whites conditioned to bow/scrape to non-Whites) will not give freedom of public assembly to Whites like it was applied to jews & friends over the course of the 20th century. That was just for non-Whites, so they were not relegated to the usual forums of group meeting that all had: town halls, colessiums, civic centers. Non-Whites wanted to walk and obstruct public streets and other public places in order to force the rest of the public to listen to their anti-White screeds in code phrase. It will not be applied to Whites meeting in public. Not only will private groups show up to attack the White gathering, the gov’t will be in on it as well. Many see Charlottesville 2017 as proof of this gov’t involvement.

      Court created rules/protocols on how the Executive Branch treats anyone they accuse of crime will not be applied to Whites the way it has been to non-Whites for the last century. That was just for non-Whites. Whites will not receive these “protections”. We have seen how George Zimmerman in Florida and now the McMichaels in Georgia, have had local cops/prosecutors clear them of any wrongdoing/crime with long accepted protocols/rules. These were swept away by some other higher political entity and the White(s) put on trial for causing some harm to a negro. All the rape/robbery/murder/assault performed on Whites by negroes is summarily ignored.

      Whites will continue to act individually and the fed gov’t, totally in thrall to the jews, will make short work of them. Whites in the military will gladly take sides against their own race. Just this morning that sorry excuse for a White male who is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs went public and gave that putrid speech extolling diversity and ignored the prime racial engine behind these recent riots and disturbances. We see how he gave our White President “the finger”, especially saying to Trump “I am not with you”.

      • Lord Shang
        Posted June 12, 2020 at 2:51 am | Permalink

        I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said, except that I think your counsel of despair is tangential to what I wrote, as well as overly blackpilled – and excessive blackpilling is really just another excuse for apathy and laziness. Yes, true whites are being attacked from the Occupation Government above, as well as the ghetto underclass and their antifa race traitor agitator allies below. Our people are being progressively led down a path of exploitation, enslavement, and eventual extermination (or at least passive extinction). So what should be done about it?

        First, surely you would agree that something needs to be done? Beyond that, beyond big questions pertaining to the struggles of races and the rise and fall of civilizations, there is the simple matter of personal security for whites – and the strategic opportunities that such an increasing need for personal, racial security presents. Whites will be physically attacked, beaten and butchered and their property (home, business) looted and burned in increasingly frequent orgies of antiwhite mayhem. The cops were just told in all liberal cities to stand down, with predictable results. Now many cities will be consciously weakening their police forces (while not weakening their [unconstitutional] gun control laws). This is the great reversal of our real victories of the past 25 years in the war on {minority} crime (with no pushback from stupid and cowardly whites). Therefore, lawful persons of all races will be at greater risk of criminal victimization, but whites and their neighborhoods will be increasingly deliberately targeted out of racist hate.

        What do you propose individual whites do about it (beyond what has been obvious to me for two decades: we must gather into select states and take them over electorally, so that we can survive even as the nation founders)?

        • sterplaz
          Posted June 12, 2020 at 8:07 am | Permalink

          Lord Shang: The first and last paragraph of that post was my main point while the middle part(s), the majority of the post, were examples of what I meant. If it gave the impression of making the whole post appear tangential, I can maybe see that. But the first/last parts are what I was trying to get across. And I don’t see how it can be tangential. Or overly despairing, or blackpilled. I believe it is of the utmost importance to discern the truth, no matter how appalling it is and no matter how debilitating the future looks. And I believe it does seem to be both those.

          So many Whites I’ve encountered think the US Constitution is going to protect them when they become a hated minority in our own land(s). We are always hated, of course. None more than by the jews, who are the engine of this civilizational collapse we are now experiencing. I tell these Whites, the US Constitution is not being applied/enforced even now. Most of what is being enforced on Whites is not written and not espoused in spirit in that Document. As written here on Counter Currents there is a second, illicit Constitution in operation. I call it a pseudo/parallel Constitution. The political LEFT, ring leaders being the jews, have foisted this onto us and we have sat still and let it happen. This is why it will not matter if Whites were to become a super majority again in this land. We had that in the mid 1960s just before that Hart-Celler Act was enacted, when we were over 90% of the US population due to the 1924 Immigration Restriction Act. Despite that over 90%, we did not rule this nation and certainly have not since. It was jews who ruled this nation, via courts and bureaucracies. And we let them do it. If Whites had had any ability to act in concert and effect change via voting, it would have done so already.

          Now, to the point. jews are not going to allow any Whites to set up an all White ethnostate in this land or anywhere else on this earth. Germany tried that in the 1930s and jews managed to manipulate the rest of the White world (or most of it, mainly the powerful ones) to attack Germany. Make no mistake, jews are the wellspring, the moving spirit, behind all that ales the White race. They are constantly on the look out for any expression of White solidarity. And make no mistake again, jews are going to push for total gun confiscation. In order to wipe out any group(s) of Whites who band together in a militia somewhere. Most other groups of Whites, even militia groups, are most likely going to sit back and watch another White militia get taken down. Whites do not act in concert as a race. Like other races, we have our disagreements with one another. But other races will temporarily put aside those differences and band together when in contention with another (especially White) race. We Whites don’t do that. Is it because of jew propaganda via the MSM? Could be. But as matters stand today, Whites don’t band together. They certainly don’t do it for the purpose of voting in a Democracy. I cannot see how they’re going to do it for a militia movement to form a White ethnostate, or to protect associated militia movements when the jew dominated fed gov’t starts picking them off one by one.

          Getting Whites, or as many as possible, to move into certain States will be largely a matter providing some economic opportunity. Is the current economic downturn due to the Wuhan virus capable of putting Whites into such economic dire straits that they would “pull up roots” and move to a region of the nation that some Whites are building a White ethnostate? Maybe. But only if the economic activity is there for them to engage in. And that is not the case today. Manufacturing has moved largely overseas. If things nationwide are so bad in regard to physical security for Whites as an entire race that certain of those Whites would be willing to move to states to form a White ethnostate, I cannot see the jews and their fed gov’t and their anarchical organizations such as BLM/antifa/etc sitting still and allowing this to happen. Non-Whites, led by jews, are not going to agree to any “divorce” or “separation” into different ethnostates. This is not excessive blackpilling, it is just being coldly realistic.

          We Whites are truly a “cornered” prey item on the dinner list of the predators that seek to consume us. The only viable solution is a nationwide military rebellion by Whites. That has the same problems as examined above with the additional problems of what to do with nuclear weapons (we had better have complete possession and control of those), the coastal port cities where all those humongous containers are dumped (those can be used by China to dump their excess adult male i.e. military population on American shores). We would have to get control of the military airforces since those are the dominant military arm. We would have to destroy the civilian communication satellites to effectively end the LEFTIST MSM propagandizing of the American Whites (the hell with the non-Whites). All of the aforementioned is a formidable accomplishment to acheive.

          While individual Whites (like me) can get stocked and armed for any local disturbances/disruptions, there will have to be some kind of national personality for Whites to rally around for concerted action. We had best find this person while the Presidency is within our grasp. That is now on the verge of being lost via demographic replacement.

          History, I think, provides examples of this happening for us today to think it is possible. Hitler in Germany lead the Germans out of their post WW1 disaster. Napoleon rallied France out of its Revolution and against most of monarchial Europe. Caesar rallied Romans from several decades of civil wars. So, we Whites know this has happened and there is no reason to think it couldn’t happen again, and happen here in America. But, realistically, we have to remember that those three were assassinated in one way or another. Taken down, so to speak, by opposing forces. And those opposing forces were full of ((( you know who ))).

          Everything that Whites face today in America (or anywhere in the world) and all the possible avenues of resolution, point to the stark reality that it can only happen, if it will happen, with a military/armed fight, against the non-Whites (and their cuck White allies). And Whites will have to unite to do so and that means some kind of autocratic gov’t, because as said above, we Whites do not seem to act in concert well in the face of non-Whites. We cannot all be in on the decision making process aka Democracy because we always degenerate into squabbles.

          Sorry for the long post(s), but it is a deep and broad issue to discuss. In the short term, I recommend that Whites learn to grow enough of their own food, even in suburban/urban areas like me, to not go hungry. Get firearms before there are none available or too expensive. Try as much as possible to band a neighborhood together. I currently don’t have this myself; I wouldn’t trust any next door neighbors farther than I could throw them. I am truly isolated. If any roving looting/rioting bands show up, I can very likely go down in defeat but I know I can take many of them down with me before I go out. I also know that even if I succeed and survive, the fed gov’t will be the next opponent for me. Non-Whites will not tolerate any Whites standing up to them. And that fed gov’t will not care what the truth is. All they care about is that some Whitey in the ‘burbs didn’t bow down to the dark mob. Whitey is always the villain and darky is always the victim. In the meantime and at the same time we Whites have to start the long hard process of getting this Democracy crap out of our minds and start laying the ground work for the next generation of Whites to not be so propagandized by it. Democracy is the reason we are in this mess right now. And then we Whites have to somehow find that “leader”, is the word, that we can all rally around support. We are not going to solve anything by “committee” aka democracy.

          • Lord Shang
            Posted June 14, 2020 at 3:38 am | Permalink

            It’s tough to argue on the surface with much of what you write, though you also write in the same historical determinist vein as typical conspiracy theorists: “the game’s all rigged, pal, by all-powerful forces, so just sit back and enjoy the hell”. I’m a white man, so I reject that in spirit. But I, too, am historically knowledgeable, and coldly realistically do not see such cause for despair (at least not to your level). There are around 170 million whites in the US; at least 150 million true whites (and note: you paint with too broad a brush: I know two ultra hardcore patriot white-centric Jews, as well as other Jews who are hardcore Trumpers and wanted troops unleashed on the savages). Many of these whites are actual self-hating enemies; others pure cucks. But I think there are at least 15-20 million of us who would move to an ethnostate in a short period if one could be even minimally attained.

            Anyway, two points must be emphasized. First, my initial comment pertained to the need and possibility for whites to start developing self-defense networks. If all you say is true, that need is even more pronounced. And they can be developed as I opined.

            Several of my friends and their families are now discussing leaving the West Coast over the next decade, and relocating to Idaho, where we have other friends. These are all solid people. I know solid people from MA down to NC and on to FL, across GA, into TX, right on out to CA, and on up to WA. And I’m not that outgoing or have that many friends! OUR people are all over the place, in the tens of millions. Things are bleak, but with tens of millions of solid people, the notion that nothing can be done with numbers like that is too pessimistic (I’m almost tempted to accuse you of being a (((troll-plant))), dispatched to demoralize patriots).

            Second, this nation was created by white pioneers who did NOT have a “great economy” just tailor made for them to show up and enjoy. They had to go out and create that very economy out of nothing, and usually surrounded by savage hostiles. Why are we so special? Esp young patriots? Look at the Israelis- same thing. The Zionists moved to where they wanted to develop their own nation – and then they did it! WTF? Are we inferior? Plus, we are much richer today. Older whites have some money to invest, if only in a home; I won’t be showing up dead broke. Young whites don’t require great jobs to get by. They should think of themselves as “New American Settlers”, just like yesterday’s pioneers. Indeed, it’s good for enterprising young to get in early on something that’s going to be big. The more whites who move to the Pacific Northwest, the more the momentum builds. And it ain;t like anyone’s moving to Indian Territory. The US is settled. It’s just pro-whites gathering into several states for personal security and life quality, and to build up a critical mass for future action, as times become auspicious.

  2. Peter Quint
    Posted June 10, 2020 at 6:42 am | Permalink

    “Part of my own unfortunate story of becoming a white advocate was a personal reflection upon my (somewhat limited) involvement in a witch hunt against “racists”…”

    That is how I became a racist, and a white nationalist, I was taught it by the masters themselves–blacks. Jews, and blacks are always spouting that tired old canard, “Racism is taught at home by parents.” but when I was growing up blacks were never talked about, there were none around. I was taught to hate by blacks over the course of a military career.

    • sterplaz
      Posted June 11, 2020 at 8:15 am | Permalink

      I had the same experience. I grew up in the 1970s rural South and only saw a few negroes and then only at the (recently desegregated) public schools. I think I had the sense that many of them were not someone I would want to be greatly involved with; at anything. I spent most of the 1980s in the Army and had my “fill” of negroes. Most of the ones who were lauded by White officers as being so great and so much better than any White counterpart, were some of the biggest screw ups. Their screw ups were just not mentioned by the White officers; political correctness in the military was well underway by the dawn of the 1980s. One had to be present to witness a screw up by the magic negro, in order to hear whispers as to how this wasn’t the first time that particular magic negro had stepped on his dick.

      It is no surprise that when the NCO ranks started have negroes in them, the claims of some kind of sex abuse by lower enlisted females start to skyrocket and become epidemic. It happened on college campuses. When (White) college females started making increased claims of sex abuse of some kind by football and basketball players, it was when negroes had become a large (enough) percentage of those sports programs. Ditto for college campuses when negroes infiltrated every corner and facet of college life.

  3. Alexandra O.
    Posted June 10, 2020 at 8:02 am | Permalink

    This post is so inspiring and informative — since I was never in the military, I never knew about any of this. It’s good to know we have so many well-trained men (and women as well) ready to lead in a crisis. And I will forever enshrine your closing remark:

    “Sub-Saharan pathology is the central dilemma of American civilization. No amount of ‘taking the knee’, apologizing for slavery, or repeating the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King’s plagiarized quotes, will change the fact that blacks, as a group, are both a dangerous menace, and a burden upon civilization. Deep down, everyone knows this truth”.

    • HamburgerToday
      Posted June 10, 2020 at 9:06 am | Permalink

      That part of the essay also stuck out for me, like a beacon of truth in the night.

    • sterplaz
      Posted June 11, 2020 at 7:58 am | Permalink

      That closing remark also stood out for me.

      I would phrase it this way: If one wants to wreck a civilization, then the best wrecking ball would be including negroes.

      This is why jews started the long march for inclusion of negroes in American i.e. White society. And this agitation began pretty much at the same time as the local/state/national segregation laws/rules were formalized.

  4. GC
    Posted June 10, 2020 at 9:27 am | Permalink

    You refer to “tracts of Thomas Jefferson’s idiot sayings about ‘patriot blood’ as Miracle-Gro for ‘liberty shrubs,’ or whatever.”

    I find your cavalier treatment to be in very bad faith. The correct quote, as I’m sure you know, is: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    This profound sentiment, far from the dismissiveness with which you try to lampoon it, is absolutely correct, and is the reason that we have a country. I’m not sure what you find so funny or kooky about it.

    Agreed with Lord Shang wholeheartedly. Neighborhood militias should indeed be the next step for our movement. Now is the time to stand. We deserve to die if we do not fight back. We are witnessing the beginning of explicit “minority” rule. Say goodbye to White law enforcement officers. Our safety is in our own hands.

    • John Wilkinson
      Posted June 10, 2020 at 12:04 pm | Permalink

      I think it’s mostly the fact that so many libertarians quote that line, while waving Gadsden flags, without ever lifting a finger to back it up. It’s kinda tiresome and depressing to watch your fellow white man talking such big talk without having the will to back it up with action.
      Well fed, deracinated white people won’t get off their couches to water their own lawns if they think that water is better served washing a black man’s feet.

  5. Titus Groan
    Posted June 10, 2020 at 12:55 pm | Permalink

    I agree that sub Saharan issues are the core dilemma of American civilization. Who could deny it under the circumstances?

    I also like hearing about the author’s experiences in the military, and how officials would use “white supremacy” investigations in order to build the political capital needed to discipline blacks. A detailed article about his experiences and wider suspicions would be interesting. I suspect that in each theatre of American life racial integration is advertised as a smooth success story and to those on the outside the illusion may be maintained, whereas to those on the inside with immediate knowledge of the details, it’s an ongoing clown show. That’s certainly true of my own profession!

  6. R_Moreland
    Posted June 11, 2020 at 6:18 pm | Permalink

    Good review.

    I’d like to see more articles on White Nationalism 1.0 as well as patriot groups such as the Minutemen and Posse Comitatus.

    What is to be learned about developing ideology, organizing, doing agitprop, etc?

    What errors did they make so activists can avoid repeating them today?

    Nationalism-populism can exploit such lessons for the 21st century.

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