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Woke Capital Stops at China’s Borders

World leaders don Chinese dress at an APEC conference in Beijing in 2014. Other world powers do as the Chinese say, not vice versa.

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The American public is starting to take notice of corporate submission to China. National Basketball Association (NBA) officials and players issued several effusive apologies to the Chinese government last week after the general manager for the Houston Rockets showed support for the Hong Kong protests.

Americans were outraged over this capitulation and the NBA was pilloried in the media. China did not accept the NBA’s apologies and cancelled several league events and television contracts. The Communists particularly didn’t like league officials standing up for free speech. “We believe that any remarks that challenge national sovereignty and social stability are not within the scope of freedom of speech,” Chinese broadcaster CCTV declared.

Blizzard Entertainment also bent the knee to China last week. The video game titan banned one of its most popular gamers and confiscated his winnings after he voiced support for the Hong Kong protests.

These public capitulations follow Capitol Hill’s worries that Big Tech cooperates way too much with China. Several senators have sent letters to tech companies warning about the dangers of this close cooperation, from developing tech to oppress the Uighurs to aiding in espionage activities. Those letters have fallen on deaf ears.

The American backlash against the NBA and Blizzard probably won’t convince these corporations to change their policies. They’re too tied to the Communist state and they don’t want to alienate a large customer base. There’s more to gain by bowing to China than virtue-signaling against it.

There are some important takeaways from this situation.

First, globalism isn’t going according to plan. Global capital was supposed to spread liberal democracy and its values to the whole world. The idea was that China would become more like the West thanks to Hollywood and major league sports. The Chinese would embrace free expression and radical individualism. Like all the people of the world, they would simply see themselves as individuals and consume whatever global capital shoved down their throat.

This kowtowing to China contradicts this notion. China is becoming more consumerist and more embedded in global capital, but it hasn’t given up on its intense nationalism or identity. Instead, it’s forced global capital to accommodate it. Film studios must remove and censor any problematic content so as to not offend Chinese sensibilities. The first major sign of this was the edit of the Red Dawn remake to show North Korea, rather than China, conquering America. This made no sense, but it had to be done to please the Chinese. Likewise, the new Top Gun removes Taiwanese and Japanese back patches from Tom Cruise’s jacket out of deference to the Chinese.

The NBA is showing the same slavish groveling right now. Players and coaches who always speak out against President Trump, racism, and white privilege have chosen to stay silent about China. Star NBA player Stephen Curry hinted at the change when he said they’re “building a business” in China. They know wokeness doesn’t hurt their bottom line in the West, but it does when it extends across the Pacific.

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr managed to combine virtue-signaling with total submission to China. Kerr lectured America about mass shootings and “our human rights abuses” in order to defend Chinese totalitarianism.

It’s amazing to see an overwhelmingly black and progressive sports league gladly spout Chinese propaganda. This is the same league that banned the term “owner” to describe team owners and imposed a lifetime ban on one owner who told his girlfriend not to bring black guys to games. Now it’s kicking American fans out who hold up pro-Hong Kong signs at games.

That’s global capitalism at work.

The second big takeaway is the limits of woke capital. It’s a purely Western phenomenon; corporations aren’t dumb enough to virtue-signal in areas that won’t tolerate it. Businesses will promote Pride Month in London, but shut up about it in Dubai. They will boycott states that pass laws against gender-neutral bathrooms, but partner with nations that execute homosexuals. They’ll browbeat Westerners with anti-racism agitprop, but provide the technology the Chinese need to build concentration camps.

This hypocrisy proves that corporations ultimately care more about money than values. That shouldn’t surprise readers, but it does contradict the facade constructed by woke global capital. Go to any corporate Website and you’ll be inundated with diversity and inclusion propaganda. Advertisements show the erosion of traditional gender roles, mixed-race couples, gay families, and mandatory racial diversity. Everything is reliably woke and hostile to tradition.

Corporate executives probably do believe their own bullshit, but it doesn’t drive them. They think the virtue-signaling is good for business and that it helps them appeal to customers. But they’re not about to cut an ad lecturing China about Han privilege.

Corporations censoring for China is not without precedent. The commentators furious over the NBA’s actions have largely ignored or encouraged companies to punish employees who espouse politically incorrect positions. It may seem crazy that Marriott would fire a random employee in Nebraska for liking an anti-China tweet . . . until you realize companies do that all the time.

The Houston Rockets would have fired their general manager if he had tweeted a “build the wall” meme or said we should reduce immigration. Corporations don’t respect free speech. If you run afoul of progressive dogma, you face unemployment and widespread condemnation. It’s not surprising that corporations would treat criticism of China in the same manner. At the very least, it makes more business sense than firing employees to appease the antifa. China has over a billion people; the antifa is comprised of a few thousand freaks, at most.

While the American public is united in disgust at corporate subservience to China, there are no real solutions to the problem. Everyone wants us to take China on, but these same pundits and think-tankers who encourage this combative attitude also oppose every idea that could limit China’s growth. The DC think-tank blob and punditocracy are universally opposed to tariffs because it would slightly harm America’s economy. Tariffs are one of the few ways America can strike back at China, and yet they’re seen as bad because they might cause us to pay higher prices on goods. And it’s hard to attack the NBA when the league’s critics prefer appeasing China to harming business.

The big solution to the Chinese problem is . . . virtue-signaling. Seriously. The experts don’t want us to do anything that may inconvenience global capital, so we’re stuck with platitudes in support of Hong Kong and the Uighurs. China doesn’t care if every senator condemns their human rights abuses. China laughed at Bill Clinton when he tried to make them respect human rights over twenty years ago; they’re not about listen today, when they have an even more powerful economy and military.

Trump should be commended for wanting to impose tariffs on China. He gets flak for not virtue-signaling in favor of Hong Kong, but actions speak louder than words. He’s the only American politician who is serious about countering Chinese power; everyone else thinks a strongly-worded press statement will change the Commies’ behavior.

There are things to admire in China’s behavior. It’s a nationalistic culture that demands respect and doesn’t tolerate insults. In some ways, it’s refreshing to see global capital being forced to respect China and their demands to butt out of their own affairs. It would be nice to see America and other Western nations make multinational corporations respect their people’s history and culture. Instead, multinationals refuse to print the Betsy Ross flag on their products. Maybe one day, we will get a Mao shoe, though.

China wields so much power because it refuses to sacrifice ethnonationalism in favor of globalism. It provides the products for the megacorporations and participate in the free market, but only if global capital respects Han domination. Otherwise, China is certainly willing to part with some of the entertainment and products it receives and endure economic discomfort to advance its own interests. The Asian giant doesn’t care if the world condemns their actions; it will continue to oppress the Uighurs and refuse to cave to Hong Kongers, anyway.

China acts like a serious country. That’s why it seems prepared to dominate the world stage. America and the West favor global capitalism more than their own interests, and allow the countries that refuse to make that compromise to force the rest of the world to bow to them.

The West can only defeat China if it stops bending the knee to globalism. China exploits globalism for its own gain, while we slavishly worship it. This must change, or we will all one day stand for the Chinese national anthem.


  1. Harold Annen
    Posted October 15, 2019 at 11:56 am | Permalink

    Fantastic essay.

  2. Posted October 15, 2019 at 1:10 pm | Permalink

    And yet…. Unlike progressive opinion in America, China has no obvious wish to turn its majority into a minority. China deals with its minorities as I wish America did. An America with a white minority will prove hapless faced with a 92% Han majority in China. The impending ruin of western society is the responsibility if white masochism.

  3. SouthernNationalist
    Posted October 15, 2019 at 4:57 pm | Permalink

    We have our own contradictions in the far right…but they are dwarfed by the contradictions that this declining empire attempts to reconcile as it spirals into the abyss.

  4. Posted October 16, 2019 at 12:33 am | Permalink

    Perceptive. China is trying to take the lead of globalization away from largely U.S. based plutocrats, and for that reason there are schools of thought on the Right that see China positively, but it is still globalization, whether under US auspices or Chinese. Further Western based plutocrats will still scramble to join with Chinese plutocrats in ventures such as the New Silk Road, and Tibet remains an example of the way Western plutocracy can work with China where there are resources to be exploited.

    However, the image of China as a great power poised to be the dominant power is a myth aided by fanciful economic statistics. It is wracked by internal debt, not having adopted a real banking alternative, environmental devastation, and an out-of-control Late Western economic model based on growth for its own sake, building cities that remain empty, manufacturing machinery that is unused, polluting, destroying soil fertility, on an inexorable path of self-destruction.

    The problem is not that there will be a future Chinese hegemony, but that China will not go down without dragging many others with it because of the manner by which the West has allowed its economies to be entwined with those of China for the sake of quick profits, cheap labour and a huge consumer market.

    • Posted October 16, 2019 at 1:17 am | Permalink

      China is in many ways an Israel writ large, though a much bigger one and aligned with the globalist left rather than the globalist right. They greatly benefit from self-destructive trade policies and general Western weakness today, but were the plaything of Western powers as recently as the 1930s.
      A resurgent West concerned with its own survival can easily contain and outmaneuver China.

    • K
      Posted October 16, 2019 at 7:05 am | Permalink

      @K.R. Bolton are there some resources on China that you could direct me too because at the moment, all I have been seeing is positive projections for China from people especially at People like, Godfree Roberts, claim a lot of positive things especially regarding the economy. I am not sure if he is right or wrong about that, but some things he says, especially about corruption in China, just come off incredibly inaccurate to me since living in China.

      • Posted October 16, 2019 at 2:50 pm | Permalink

        The best book I’ve read on this is by Dinny McMahon, ‘China’s Great Wall of Debt: Shadow Banks, Ghost Cities, Massive Loans, and the End of the Chinese Miracle’ (2018), the author has extensive and long time business dealings with China.

        My book ‘Geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific’ (Black House Publishing) deals with a number of crisis scenarios, including problems of water rivalry. The issue of water rivalry in the region and China’s role is an avenue well worth looking at, and there is quite a bit in recent years around on the internet.

        • K
          Posted October 17, 2019 at 4:06 am | Permalink

          Thank you for the recommendations. I appreciate it.

    • nineofclubs
      Posted October 18, 2019 at 12:43 am | Permalink

      @ KR Bolton

      ‘.. it is still globalization, whether under US auspices or Chinese.’

      Correct. There’s a difference between being ethno-nationalist and imperialist. The Chinese attitude of self-respect is admirable, but their insistence on building up China-loyal diasporas in other countries (especially Canada, Australia, NZ) makes China a hostile, imperialist threat. China will deal with capitalist globohomo in our countries because it suits their interests for now – as would any imperial power playing the long game.

      ‘..not having adopted a real banking alternative’

      Again correct. But who has? An ideal alternative would mandate publicly created new money, no interest on loans of newly created money – and private banks operating on full cash reserves. The tiny Swedish JAK bank and some Islamic banking models achieve one or two out of these three – but I’m not aware of any model that achieves all three. A genuinely socialist China might have done so, but China is a national-imperialist power with a capitalist economic base and an illiberal social policy.

      • Posted October 18, 2019 at 2:03 am | Permalink

        Agreed on all points, and the last sentence particularly well put. You would have seen the latest about China’s extended presence in the Solomons, and also Samoa.

        • nineofclubs
          Posted October 18, 2019 at 2:16 am | Permalink

          Yes. Australia is now in a foreign aid bidding war for the Pacific. We’re unlikely to win it.

          Fair enough I say.. perhaps China can take the climate refugees.

  5. George
    Posted October 16, 2019 at 6:40 am | Permalink

    There’s no other way around it. China WILL be the pre-eminent world power if America and Europe continues its current course and keeps worshiping at the sacred altar of capitalist globo-homo.
    China takes no sides other than their own and serves no agenda other than their own. When a country spends centuries under a foreign boot, (Such as Poland, Finland, etc.) they tend to be fiercely nationalistic and independent-minded.
    To them communism and Marxism-Leninism is just a vehicle to advance their own countries and NOT the other way around. Deng Xiaoping knew this, Ho Chi Mihn knew this, Stalin and Mao realized this halfway through their careers, and China today knows this better than anyone.

  6. Ethnonationalist
    Posted October 16, 2019 at 9:59 am | Permalink

    WHY do we have to defeat China? This makes no sense. China is an ethnonationalist country just as our countries should be ethnonationalist. Ethnonationalism for everyone – except for those who use it to undermine other peoples. And honestly, who cares about free speech anyway? Free speech is not possible in a world of competing group interests. It’s the group that counts, not everyone’s little free speech. North-Western Europeans and the Americans could have free speech for a short period during their history where (a) their homelands were shielded from non-European invaders by other European countries to the South and East and (b) mass immigration had not yet begun. That’s all there ever was to free speech and these times are gone. China shows that, for a country to survive and thrive in today’s interconnected world, it has to be fairly intolerant. Right now, the Chinese are witnessing on their on Southern doorstep in Hong Kong what happens if you permit tolerance and free speech in the 21st century: mob rule will break out immediately, aided and abetted by globalist influence.

    China has too many internal contradictions and problems to be able to dominate. We do not have to defeat China, we have to get our act together and learn from it how ethnonationalism truly works. The vision everybody should have calls for different ethnonationalist countries living side-by-side in peaceful competition.

    And of course there is more free speech in China than in the West in certain spheres. Academia in China is certainly more free in discussing matters of race and HBD. (BTW, the same goes for Russia.) There is less free speech in the sense that it is not allowed to put into question the authority of the political leadership. In the West, you can tell your workmates whether you prefer Biden or Warren as long as you do not prefer Trump. What a free speech this is.

    • Digital Samizdat
      Posted October 17, 2019 at 10:38 am | Permalink

      Numerous good points.

  7. gkruz
    Posted October 16, 2019 at 11:14 am | Permalink

    “World leaders don Chinese dress at an APEC conference in China in 2014.”
    They look like a choir on the starship Enterprise.

  8. Digital Samizdat
    Posted October 17, 2019 at 10:43 am | Permalink

    In some ways, it’s refreshing to see global capital being forced to respect China and their demands to butt out of their own affairs. It would be nice to see America and other Western nations make multinational corporations respect their people’s history and culture. Instead, multinationals refuse to print the Betsy Ross flag on their products. Maybe one day, we will get a Mao shoe, though.

    As counterproductive as it my in some sense be, I have to admit I really do enjoy watching these worthless, subhuman Benedict Arnold CEOs utterly debase themselves before the Chinese! It’s nice to know that at least there’s still some justice in this world somewhere, even if there’s none left here.

  9. Comtaose
    Posted October 18, 2019 at 3:10 pm | Permalink

    Some Further Thoughts on This Essay and Clarification of a Misguided Perception

    Mr. Hampton has written a priceless and brilliant piece that should be read by every nationalism-minded Westerner with even a beginner’s level of interest and concern in the Chinese question. It is powerful, truthful, insightful, cogent and absolutely thought-provoking. I only wish I could write half-well as he did. In fact, on last Friday, CC kindly posted a fundraiser essay penned by me, in which I also discussed and dissected the same question with similar views and perspectives to those in this article, though my humble piece has failed to generate a single comment so far. How disheartening that is and how envious I am of Mr. Hampton.

    Innocuous joke aside, seriously, this essay of Mr. Hampton is truthful, insightful and convincing because it accurately identified and diagnosed not just the symptoms, but also the nature of one the most fundamental and imperative issues of our time i.e., the Chinese question which constitutes no less than an existential challenge to the White race and is bound to significantly impinge on the future survival of the White nations of the West, which I stated in earnest without a slightest exaggeration. I was particularly impressed by his arguments and analysis that while embracing and capitalizing on globalization and global trade, China at the same time is adhering to, if not actually enhancing and consolidating, its own ethno-nationalism and identity, and is making every ruthless and effective move to make the Western mainstream politics and corporations to genuflect before it with economic and market leverages.

    I also highly appreciate and applaud his golden observations that the crux of the problem is that while airing hollow words of protest and criticism and taking ineffectual half-measures against China’s drastic oppression and blatant and brutal violations of human rights of its own political dissidents and impudent advances worldwide, the western establishment elites, for the sake of business interest and profits, have persistently refused to adopt and enforce any policies that can actually limit China’s growth and effectively halt or contain its expansion out of myopia, ignorance, naivety, stupidity, greed or all the above factors combined. And the American public, despite its visible distaste and disgust at China’s conduct, woefully lacks a sense of crisis and urgency and has failed to form a national consensus to seriously confront China because of its unwillingness to sustain just a slight economic inconvenience as consumers. All these views I have held for a long time and repeatedly laid out in my past essays online including those on CC.

    Also, from the comment section, I have found comments of Mr. Bolton the erudite and trenchant, who has long been a congenial colleague on the Chinese question and possessed an extremely discerning, penetrating, and gimlet-eyed perception on the China. His sober and incisive observations on China being not an opponent to globalism but one aspiring to lead the globalism for its own strategic gains as well as his warning on dangerous and inextricable entwinement of the West with China are every bit truthful, compelling and illuminating.

    Last but not least, I want to make a well-intended, polite but firm and robust counterargument to the remarks of Mr. “Ethnonationalist” in the comment section. Mister, your specious opinion is ostensibly reasonable and sensible, but allow me to venture to point out, with due respect, that your arguments are fundamentally flawed and invalid due to a serious and glaring logical fallacy. You praised. Lauded and extolled China, and justifiably so, for many of its admirable merits and solid ethno-nationalist stance, and you then use those admittedly objective and factual strengths of China to argue that the White people should not antagonize China or regard it as a foe. This is an unmitigated and astounding logical fallacy and let me explain:

    Yes, China is a strong, unabashed and unapologetic ethno-nationalist country who jealously and potently guards the ethnic and cultural domination of its dominant Han people, refuses to allow massive immigration of alien foreign peoples into its borders, and asserts itself to act ruthlessly on the international stage, which are all admirable and admiration-worthy. Yes, we certainly can and should admire these national traits of China and emulate them. But all these do not change the fact that China is hell-bent on subverting, subordinating, displacing, enslaving and even destroying the western nations with White people at the core regardless of your admiration of it and your intention to live in peaceful and independent co-existence with it. China’s vaulting ambition for global supremacy and strategic goals to undermine, enfeeble, and vitiate the West do not alter, diminish or soften because of the starry-eyed wishful thinking of the White race.

    Everything China has been doing, all its premeditated and painstaking accumulation of raw economic and military power, are all for one grand purpose, that is to sabotage, vanquish and subdue the White West in an all-rounded, all-or-nothing final showdown, for which it will pull no punches and spare no effort and is determined to attain that ultimate objective by any kind of means. Working toward that aim, not only has China been extracting astronomic wealth through its predatory and extortive trade with US, stealing latest high-techs from the entire West, beefing up its military muscle on a daily basis (China’s current military budget has reached almost 70% of that of US on PPP terms, a whopping number considering its huge population and still relatively low GDP per capita), it is now engaging in vicious and sinister maneuvers of shipping opioids to US to physically and mentally atrophy or eviscerate the younger generations of America.

    White people wish the diaspora Jews and other non-White minorities and immigrants living in the midst of the ancestral homelands of White nations to behave with a little gratitude, respect and peacefulness. But will they stop subverting, dispossessing and displacing the White race and her civilization, or stop engaging in rampant and incessant acts of heinous crimes, or stop making impudent demands to exploit and shake down the White societies?

    White nationalists may also admire some characteristics of the traditional and patriarchal Islam. But does that means we need to blindly imitate them to the extent of adopting a “White Sharia”, or inviting Muslims en masses to the White homelands, or expecting to form a permanent and trustworthy alliance with the Islamic world?

    La Raza, the radical Hispanic revanchist organization in US, is every bit as ethno-nationalist as it could possibly be. White nationalist surely can learn something useful from its organizing, networking, and ethno-racial appeal tactics. But does that justify its existence in an ideal White America? Should Whites embrace, encourage or tolerate it in the midst of a White society?

    The answer, from each and every sane and sober White nationalist, must be a decisive and unambiguous “NO”. The same rationale also applies to China. For all its admirable traits, merits and strengths, they don’t make it a less aggressive, malevolent and dangerous adversary because all our admirations and wishes to learn from it does not explain away its predetermined and constantly reinforcing goals and ambitions to harm, weaken and crush the sovereign existence of Western White people on this planet. By all patent and irrefutable evidence, China is a country that does use its ethno-nationalism to undermine other peoples, especially the White people, and does not wish to live side-by-side in peaceful competition with other peoples but instead wants to rule and trample on them as a overlord. As Mr. nineofclubs in his latest comment has so pertinently and poignantly pointed out, China is a nationalist-imperialist power. I shall further elaborate and clarify that while China adopts nationalism within its borders (that is all fine), its avaricious expansion overseas especially in White nations, demonstrated by rampant and flagrant acts of land, asset and technology acquisitions and building a potential Trojan Horse-style Chinese diasporas marks a decidedly imperialist, iniquitous and inimical presence to all other nations in general and White nations in particular.

    To answer your question at the beginning of your comment that why do we have to defeat China? Because China wants to defeat us. It’s as simple as that and it makes a lot of sense.

    And what’s the best and most efficient way to defeat China? Thorough and complete disengagement and disentanglement. Again, it’s as simple as that, only the West needs to muster a collective will to carry it out. White Nationalists as enlightened and steadfast vanguard in the Western societies are called upon by our times to pioneer and spearhead that cause.

    • K
      Posted October 19, 2019 at 10:45 pm | Permalink

      This is something that needs to be repeated to the fools at and Dailystormer that think China is some ally to whites. Since, they don’t know Chinese it is easy for the Chinese to show one side to them, but anybody who has a grasp of the language sees very quick how malicious they are underneath that smiling veneer.

      Most Chinese think it is karma that White nations are getting enveloped under a brown horde and when the Nortre Dame burned they saw it as repayment for the destruction of the Summer Palace in Beijing. They are not our ally.

      • Comtaose
        Posted October 20, 2019 at 10:46 pm | Permalink

        Thanks for your reply. Your sound points are fully agreed and appreciated.

      • K
        Posted October 22, 2019 at 7:16 am | Permalink

        I have lived in China for quite some time now. I was taken advantage of by a Chinese company when I arrived in China. I also preceded to have many interactions where they would outright lie to me. Your articles helped me make sense of the absolutely awful time I was having in the country. I had studied Chinese culture and history before I came, but it was basically all useless and essentially positive propaganda.
        I spent a lot time learning as much Chinese as I could after my bad experiences and reading your articles. I am not nearly as educated on them as you are and my Chinese is not nearly as good as yours, but it is good enough to see how they act online which is more representative of how they really feel than in any face to face interaction. I noticed early on they almost never state their opinion on something serious and they are always hiding what they really feel behind a smile. Words like 老实 are an insult because being honest is seen as a weakness. I learned that they are essentially “two-faced”. Many of them especially when dealing with non-chinese use the difficulty of their language to present themselves as non-threatening and harmonious when most of them secretly wish to see whites in the gutter. This is something easily observed on a place like weibo. For others that don’t know Chinese, their tv shows and movies always portray white men in a negative light and if there is a white women featured, she is lusting after the Chinese man. Wolf Warrior 2 is a fantastic example of this. Also, often times in ads they try to pair white women with Chinese men. Among other things I have observed about them, they are extremely deceitful and when they are called out on it they act as if they are the ones being harmed. The list goes on, but the more Chinese I learn the more my opinion on them worsens.

  10. LS
    Posted October 19, 2019 at 6:17 am | Permalink

    The other day I divided up my entire portfolio about evenly between Russia and China. Apart from the profit-motive, I was also motivated by the feeling that I was striking a blow against this sick civilization by withdrawing financial backing. Not one penny of my money is invested in a Western concern.

    Anyway, I would like to add that I suspect any accommodation to China by these Western entities is as much motivated by strategy as profit. The left knows it has to at least get on the ship before it can start shooting holes in the bottom.

  11. Comtaose
    Posted October 20, 2019 at 9:43 pm | Permalink

    To Mr. K and all other readers of this article

    Mr. K, you are exactly to the point regarding your observation about their malicious intent under a smiling veneer. I don’t know whether you’ve got experience living in their county, as someone who have lived and worked in their midst and have meticulously studied their history, politics and culture for years, I can honestly attest to the very fact about the general national trait of Chinese through my long time observation of and exchanges with them. Chinese, viewed as a whole and with very rare exceptions, is the single most cunning, astute, and duplicitous people on this planet, more so even than Jews, in terms of craftiness, ruthlessness, and an alternate use of Janus-style dual faces in dealing with outsiders to suit their needs, which are actually forged through thousands of years of their own history of internal power struggle from the imperial court down to the mundane life in streets where the depth and magnitude of conspiracy, machinations, deception, and cruelty make all others pale in contrast. In that very sense, the phrase “velvet paws hide sharp claws” (口蜜腹剣 in Chinese, which literally means “putting honey on one’s lips while hiding a sword inside one’s belly”) is perhaps the most apposite term to describe their dark mentality, and such inherent and indelible predisposition is also reflected by interesting facts such as a book penned by a Chinese writer named “厚黒学” (Theory of Thick Face and Black Heart) has long been a bestseller in China for decades, and books on Jewish Talmud and its derivatives have also been highly popular in China’s bookstores.

    Fortunately, to the White people in the West, partly due to the fact that China currently has become a bit swollen with overconfidence in its economic successes and military strengths which resulted in its increasing arrogance and oversized self-perception, and partly for the reason of the grandiose and overambitious personality streak of its current supreme leader, China seems to have abandoned its long policy of “韬光養晦” (build one’s strengths patiently, hide one’s light under a bushel, and bide one’s time) and is sporting on daily basis an overdose of saber-rattling, chest-pounding, and table-thumping aggressiveness and antagonism. The hubris and bully of China has become so conspicuous and pronounced that even the traditionally panda-hugging Left in the western political and cultural mainstreams have started to bristle at and frown upon China, as demonstrated in the latest NBA incident, which has turned into a PR disaster for China.

    However, as I have pointed out in my previous comment and the earlier fundraiser essay, the current level of awareness and wariness of the Chinese menace is far from sufficient, and they would simply taper off and vaporize if no fundamental policy changes and corresponding action are followed. Even President Trump, for all his commendable merits and concrete measures on handling China, still has limitations, and the greedy and venal corporations and an ignorant and myopic public who have failed to understand the nature and proportion of the Chinese question, or pretend they do not, pose a major barrier to the formulation and implementation of a truly comprehensive, thorough and effective package plan of US to contain and counter China. In light of that, it is undoubtedly of great significance and of an urgent sense of mission for every sober-minded and informed White nationalist to try to educate, enlighten and awaken other Americans, both online and offline, on the Chinese question in one’s best capacity and by all practical and flexible means.

    As you mentioned the Daily Stormer, it is a good site with its distinct features which has enabled it to occupy a niche in the movement of White Nationalism despite of its flaws and foibles. I used to write some essays and comments there occasionally. Andrew Anglin is an intelligent and interesting guy with a signature flamboyance and his own share of specialties which gave him a devoted group of fans. But it is simply mind-boggling that he has been swooning over China in recent years, heaping childish and lavish praises on it and calling to ally with it, which shows his deficiencies in intellect and knowledge. At first I thought he was joking with ironies, but soon I realized he was serious and really meant it. For that reason, together with other perceptions of mine on the limitations of the content and ideas of his site, I have since almost stopped reading it, though I still wish him best in his chosen front of struggle for the interests of Whites, except for his misguided shilling for China and some other wrongheaded or unrealistic views. As a side note, you and all other readers here are welcome to spread all my writings and comments on China to, Dailystormer or any other online platforms of the movement and in real life as you see fit if you believe my writings are of any referential value for awakening or galvanizing more White people on the Chinese Question.

    Also in my old memories about Daily Stormer, I remember there used to be a rare and great mind frequently chiming in on the comment sections on Chinese question. This American guy, who is a White man and whose pseudonym on DS I forgot, commanded an admirable and astonishing amount of knowledge on China’s history, culture, politics and popular mentality and possessed an amazing faculty of analytical discernment, and constantly illuminated readers with his incisive and trenchant dissection of the Chinese, which were absolutely insightful, riveting, eye-opening and thought-provoking, even to me as a veteran China observer. He was also conversant in Chinese language and often enlisted quotes and axioms in Chinese to illustrate his points on the Chinese mentalities and other significant features that guide their thinking and action patterns vis-à-vis the White world. According to himself, he had lived in Taiwan for many years in 1980s as a teenager with his parents who were doing business there, thus his native-level dexterity in Chinese, both spoken and written. He has emphatically elaborated and shared with readers of DS his cogent and penetrating observations and reflections on the Chinese as a people from many of his first-hand experiences in Taiwan, extensive exchanges with Chinese from all walks of life, and direct and close-range observation of their inner side. His conclusion was that the Chinese are the most dishonest, insidious, deceptive, selfish, unethical, untrustworthy and dangerous tribe utterly devoid of conscience and filled with self-serving ruses and wanton, unbridled desires. And the only way to defeat China who was definitely going to pose an existential threat to the White people, is to understand their mentality and learn their ruthlessness thoroughly and to outstrip them in that regard, as the Chinese idiom “以其人之道還治其人之身” (deal with a man as he deals with you) indicates, in a merciless, unrelenting, sharp-minded and iron-hearted contest that forbids any softness, illusion or vacillation.

    I heartily agree with him on his unvarnished, truthful and hard-hitting assessment of the Chinese as a whole, though I couldn’t help feeling surprised at that time as he was actually making his conclusions based on his life experiences and observations in Taiwan, a supposedly liberal and democratic state of Chinese. In my personal opinion, I believe that stark reality based on which he formed his opinions was partly caused by the end of the Japanese rule in Taiwan in 1945 and the subsequent rule of the KMT regime that arrived from mainland China to take over. Japan had actually left many positive legacies on Taiwan, both material and moral, in its half-a-century rule of the island on which I will not elaborate but only give a quick mention as that is not my main topic of discussion here. But since the arrival of KMT and following its notorious 2.28 massacre of Taiwanese and the subsequent suppressions and brainwashing, the old legacies were largely and artificially erased and the Taiwan society was reshaped, poisoned and corrupted by the Chinese mentality and practices as a result.

    And if his searing verdict on Chinese in Taiwan were true and accurate, which I think are, imagine what the mainland Chinese would be like, now the subjects of a nominally communist yet essentially plutocratic-imperialist state, who are indubitably, abysmally and hellishly more wicked, treacherous, and barbaric than those in Taiwan. Multiply the vices and turpitude of the Chinese in Taiwan as presented by the American guy by 100, and you get the picture. Finally, the last time I checked, it seems he has long disappeared from the forum of DS. I faintly remember in one of his last several comments on DS I read, he mentioned he had come back to US when he reached his college years and one of his current jobs was coaching at a martial arts center. He also talked about the importance of physical fitness and preparedness for the upcoming racial struggle in US and offered some advices and knowhow, sort of a concerned topic in the survivalist circles. This guy, with both his brain and brawn, is indeed a valuable asset in our movement, who reminds me of the Japanese phrase of 文武両道 “bun-bu-ryo-do” (striving to cultivate a mastery of both intellectual and physical prowess). I wish him all the best in his present and future endeavors.

    Lastly, you remarked that the Chinese regarded as a karma that the Western White nations are being swarmed by brown hordes and gloated over the destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral. This is very true. Along that line, I also reminisce that when I was in China and the 9.11 incident happened, many Chinese both beside me in real life and on the virtual space of the Internet were celebrating and cheering for the terrorist attack and gloating over the massive deaths of Americans. Those celebrators and cheerers included college students, my Chinese colleagues, ordinary salary men, and those from all walks of life. And their celebration and cheering should not merely be dismissed as being “callous”, “heartless”, or “mindless”, they were doing that consciously, deliberately and purposefully and must be understood that way. They just hate our guts. Under their collective thick face of unctuous and smarmy smile, they hate the White people to the marrow, are jealous of her civilization and take great joy in seeing it go down the drain, and will do whatever in their capacity to ensure or hasten the utter ruin and destruction of the White race and abolish her place in the world, as they are busily and vigorously doing now. This is not an exaggerated literary rendering, but a factual statement.

    No, China is not our ally, it is our most vicious and dangerous foe. We may admire some of their ideas and practices and learn from them, only in order to defeat them before they defeats us. Awakened and avowed White Nationalists are now facing two monumental and herculean tasks at the same time i.e., straightening our own home countries (including educating our own people, overcoming our internal enemies of invaders and traitors and restoring our own health and vitality) and dealing with the external menace of China. The former is seemingly a prerequisite of the latter, but in fact they are commensurate and interwoven. The road is long and the onus heavy, but the White race has no choice but to face it and accomplish it, for nothing lesser than our racial and civilizational survival is at stake.

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