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No, Mr. Glassner, Trump’s Amazing Rallies Are Not a Measure of His Success

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Michael Glassner, Chief Operating Officer of Donald J. Trump for President, has written an op-ed for The Minnesota Sun in which he attempts to explain the amazing turnout at Trump’s rallies. Trouble is, he gets it all wrong.

The Trump rally phenomenon demands a serious sociological study. It’s too bad there are no longer any serious sociologists. For the most part, Trump’s enemies have ignored the rallies, since the size and enthusiasm of the crowds worries them. When the rallies are discussed at all, they are inevitably compared to mass meetings organized by – you guessed it – Hitler. “The Nazis called them ‘rallies’ too,” recently declared one liberal genius. Really, all one need say in response to this dumbass is that, no, the Nazis spoke German. They called them Reichsparteitage, “Reich party days.” And what parties they were!

Trump holds his party days inside sports arenas, and he has been doing a much better job of filling those arenas than the NFL. Not long ago, Trump’s 2020 campaign kickoff rally was held in Orlando’s Amway Center. Supporters and the curious completely filled the stadium’s twenty thousand seats, and thousands more had to be turned away. And this regularly happens whenever Trump holds a rally. The rallies, moreover, just keep getting bigger and bigger. They were large in 2016, when Trump was running for office, and have grown substantially since his election.

Trump likes to joke that when he hears that a facility has been lined up for one of his appearances, he tells the organizers to get something even bigger. Other presidents and politicians (Hillary Clinton, for example) have had trouble filling high school basketball courts. Trump easily fills mammoth sports arenas. This is remarkable. And it’s remarkable that almost no one is saying so. There has not been this much enthusiasm for an American President since . . . . Well, come to think of it, has any previous President drawn crowds like this? We are looking at something new here, and it needs to be understood.

Enter the ominously-named Mr. Glassner. He writes:

Trump rallies are often compared to rock concerts. That’s a pretty good analogy, but it doesn’t quite capture the full extent of the festival-like atmosphere at these events. They’re actually the embodiment of a vast political and cultural movement, the likes of which our country has never seen before and may never see again after January of 2025.

Glassner also mentions something I had never heard before: The rallies are attracting Democrats as well, and not just as hecklers. When Trump held a rally in El Paso, Texas earlier this year, fifty percent of the approximately thirty thousand people who showed up were registered Democrats. The rest were split “more or less evenly between Republicans and independent voters” – again, according to Glassner. He also mentions the extraordinary sense of community and good will exhibited by the attendees, who often camp out (literally) for days outside the arenas to make sure they get a seat. One can almost smell the sausage and sauerkraut boiling, and hear the raucous calls of fresh-scrubbed, blond youth bouncing on trampolines and parading around with enormous papier-mâché pretzels. But I digress.

So what is Herr Glassner’s explanation? Why, it’s that Trump keeps his promises:

It’s not difficult to understand what’s driving the surge in turnout at Trump rallies. The fundamental difference between now and 2016 is that the last time around, candidate Trump could only make promises about what he would do once elected. This time around, President Trump can boast that he has spent the past two and a half years fulfilling those promises for the American people.

Which promises might these be? Glassner states that “[Trump’s] most important promise was to restore the U.S. economy to health after eight disastrous years of Democrat control.” But this is so blazingly inaccurate it amounts to an outright lie. Of course this wasn’t Trump’s “most important promise.” I would wager very few of those who voted for Trump did so purely for economic reasons. No, Trump’s most important promise was to end illegal immigration. I submit that there is no way Glassner cannot know this. He goes on to gas about “tax cuts,” “de-regulation,” “thousands of new jobs every month,” “the labor market,” protecting “American workers from the unfair trade practices of our economic and geopolitical adversaries,” and “finally holding Beijing to account.”

Now, I don’t doubt that all of this means something to the overwhelming white middle- and working-class Trump base. But it doesn’t mean nearly as much to them as the prospect of taking back their country. In other words: sending back the illegals and stopping new ones from coming in; rolling back the “diversity” that has all but completely destroyed community in our towns and cities; and reversing trends that would make whites a minority in the nation they founded in, say, another twenty-five years.

After devoting two robust and vivid paragraphs to the economy, Glassner devotes a mere forty vague words to immigration:

Despite an all-out obstruction campaign, Donald Trump has led the fight to assemble the necessary funding for border security while successfully negotiating immigration deals with Mexico and Guatemala – key elements of his broader plan to combat the illegal immigration crisis.

That’s it. Why so little on the issue that got Donald Trump elected, and why so much on the economy? Well, for his own personal reasons, Mr. Glassner may be less than enthusiastic about a reduction in American diversity. But the larger reason is that Trump has mostly been a complete failure on immigration. Despite making “build the wall” the centerpiece of his campaign, Trump spent two years with Republicans in control of both houses of Congress – and still no wall. It’s easy to blame Congressional Republicans for this; nevertheless, one has the feeling that, to say the least, Trump let a golden opportunity slip through his fingers. He has now successfully redirected several billion dollars from military construction projects to the building of the border wall – all without Congressional action. So why hadn’t he thought of this earlier? In the two and a half years during which Trump seemingly dithered on the issue, there has been a rise in illegal border crossings and in “asylum seekers.” We saw, for example, the appearance of great “caravans” headed toward our southern border. This was an effort obviously organized and funded by forces intent on testing Trump’s will on immigration, and on getting many more illegals into the country as fast as possible.

In addition, we shouldn’t get too excited about the new reallocation of funds to border wall construction. In September, the US Border Patrol announced that 65 miles of new wall had been built, with a projected 450 more miles by the end of 2020. To put this into perspective, the US-Mexico border is 1,933 miles long. Just one day after this announcement, the US Border Patrol followed up with the report that multiple border wall projects had been stopped because funds had run out. More reallocated military money is on the way. But it’s not clear that there will be enough. And if it takes around 14 months to build 450 miles of wall, then it will take around 5 years to do the entire job (if it is even doable). I will leave it to you to speculate how many more illegal aliens could sneak in during that time. Of course, the wall is by no means a complete and total solution. Trump has also failed to be decisive on deportation: Obama deported more illegals per month than Trump has. Meanwhile, he calls for more “legal immigration” (which we don’t need either), and continues to resettle Somali refugees in American towns.

Thus, it is with good reason that Mr. Glassner – who, again, oversees Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign- deemphasizes immigration, and places the economy front and center. But it was Trump’s immigration promises that were the centerpiece of his 2016 campaign. Trump also promised not to involve the US in more foreign conflicts, especially in the Middle East. He has kept that promise, only in the sense that we have not yet involved ourselves in a new war. But with each passing day it seems more and more likely that war with Iran is inevitable – a war which would probably be far worse for the US than our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As Pat Buchanan likes to point out, war with Iran would be the defining event of Trump’s presidency.

Trump seems to be especially ill-equipped in foreign affairs. His choice of John Bolton as National Security Advisor was inexplicable, given Bolton’s reputation as a warmonger. And though Bolton is now gone, we are closer to war with Iran than we have ever been. If there are further attacks on Saudi Arabia (and God only knows if those really came from Iran), it will be difficult for Trump to avoid being pushed into a full-scale conflict. He seems very vulnerable to being “played” where foreign affairs are concerned, especially by Israel.

So, Mr. Glassner is just dead wrong: Those throngs of people who keep showing up at Trump rallies are not there because he’s kept his promises. They keep showing up because they are hoping against hope that he will – maybe, in the fullness of time, at the appropriate juncture, when the moment is ripe, or whatever. Because, of course, Trump is the only game in town. He is still the one, lone person in American politics who might at least try to do something about immigration, and our endless wars with Eurasia and Eastasia. And maybe he will. Who knows? Trump is maddeningly unpredictable. It’s easy to both underestimate him, and overestimate him. He is the second most unknowable power in the universe, next to the Almighty. So, the crowds keep showing up, because Trump is still their only hope. Sort of like why people keep showing up to church – even though, unlike Trump, God is never there to greet them. It’s a choice between Trump on the one hand, and on the other, lying, do-nothing establishment Republican cucks and certifiably insane, malevolent Leftists.

But there is more. As has been noted, especially by Trump’s enemies, the crowds at these rallies are overwhelmingly white. At his recent rally in New Mexico (which he hopes to tip in 2020), Trump’s team strategically placed a number of Hispanics behind him, bearing signs that read “Latinos for Trump.” Trump probably is more popular with non-whites than any Republican President in the last several decades, but that’s not saying much. Trump rallies are still “implicitly white” events. And that is the more significant, and interesting, reason why white people keep filling those arenas. Glassner and others have referred to the terrific sense of community and camaraderie of the crowds at these rallies. What they are witnessing is the pleasure white people take in being with each other, and standing up for themselves and the man they believe is their supporter.

Of course, no one is allowed to actually say this. No one is allowed to say that they support Trump because they think he is good for white interests. But it is just beneath the surface. And perhaps only a minority of the whites in these crowds are consciously aware of it. It is, of course, absurd to call Trump a “White Nationalist.” All signs indicate that he really believes the civic nationalist platitudes he regularly utters. But Leftists have been quite correct to see in Trump’s supporters a White Nationalist impulse, even if it is only subconscious. To be clear, I mean that at some level of their awareness, white American Trump supporters are acting based on what they perceive is in their interests as whites. They still see Donald Trump as their best hope. They flock to these events seeking a renewed sense of optimism. And they want the experience, if only for a few hours, of what it feels like to live in a homogeneous society, in which people trust one another and share the same values. They want to feel hope again, for the future of their country and their people.

The best analogy for understanding the Trump rallies and what they represent is the “megachurch” phenomenon, especially in the South. Housed in huge buildings, with “chapels” that seat thousands (sometimes tens of thousands), the megachurches are entire communities unto themselves – mostly white – offering not just Sunday religious services, but classes, daycare, counseling, sports, food courts, valet parking, and much else. Megachurches are a form of “white flight.” Their towns having been destroyed, taken from them by Walmart and “diversity,” whites have built new implicitly white communities within the walls of the megachurch. So it is with the Trump rallies: They are a temporary, implicitly white community that exists for a few hours, so long as Trump is in town.

It remains to be seen whether this enthusiasm will continue into 2020. If Trump gets us involved in another war in the Middle East, all bets are off. We may see those crowds begin to dwindle. And it remains to be seen whether there has not already been such demographic change since 2016 (as some of my friends believe) that Trump has no chance of being reelected. If that is the case, then the enthusiasm of those huge white crowds will transform into rage, as they realize that their country is irretrievably lost to them, and that there is no longer any hope of some politician getting it back. From such situations, revolutions are made.


  1. DP84
    Posted September 23, 2019 at 5:23 am | Permalink

    “Their towns having been destroyed, taken from them by Walmart and “diversity”…

    Do you think there’s any chance that the WN Movement could do what the NSDAP successfully did in the 1930s and get at least a few major corporations to realize where their long-term interests truly lay? The reason I ask is two fold:

    1. As if its not daunting enough to go up against the government, the media, the education system, and the teeming masses of angry non-whites, surely having corporations as our permanent enemy spells the absolute guarantee of defeat. It would therefore behoove WNs to at least try to get implicit corporate support, if thats even possible

    2. It may yet be possible to get such support by virtue of the fact that the media, education system, and the teeming masses all loudly insist that capitalism, neoliberalism, and corporate wealth=fascism. In reality, none of that is actually fascistic, but here’s the point: In the 1970s, Corporate America correctly perceived that its interests were under threat by the rise of the New Left. As such, they organized themselves through think tanks and other institutions to lobby for their interests, which eventually led to favorable economic policies in the 1980s. However, to garner the political capital they needed to get the politicians elected who would enact favorable policies, they needed to make an alliance with the Republican base. Thus, Reaganism was born.

    To be clear, a major corporation would never support the WN Movement for ideological reasons. If you’re rich, then you don’t need White Nationalism or White Identity. BUT, unless they go full retard and actually practice the Woke Capital ideology currently in vogue, which I refuse to believe will happen until I see it, then sooner or later, Corporate America is going to realize that their gravy train can’t and won’t keep rolling while the Democrats are getting political routes election after election on the promises of gibs for nonwhites, which necessarily means sky high taxes for them, the rich. Simply put, if corporations expect to continue to make enormous profits, then we should consider working with them on that instead of making them an enemy with left wing anti-neoliberal rhetoric, which will always be the domain of the left.

    Of course, to even get to that point in the first place would require a radical dialing down of our own racial rhetoric, something I would be willing to get behind if it meant having a few sugar daddies to make WN go mainstream.

    • Posted September 23, 2019 at 6:53 am | Permalink

      There’s the issue: How do you dial down the racial rhetoric and yet advocate for White Nationalism? This is surely why the people who are in a position to be Right-wing sugar daddies like Steve Bannon and Peter Thiel continue to put their efforts into civic nationalism rather than anything explicitly racialist. It’s understandable since the idea of white racial politics in the US and Europe has been made to appear so toxic.

      • HamburgerToday
        Posted September 23, 2019 at 10:03 am | Permalink

        Being explicitly pro-White is not in the cards. However, there is all kinds anti-AntiWhite messaging that is going on and the most prominent and well-place group of AntiWhites (the ones who like their hats small), know this and are screaming like crazy.

        They went have Josh Hawley for his use of the euphemism ‘cosmopolitan’ because the Small Hats know that means them, but they cannot convince the average White American that it does mean them and it’s quite vexing for those who like their hats tiny.

        It took over a hundred years for the various elites (smallhat and Anglo) to wrest power from the common people (who for most of that time were overwhelmingly White). It’s not going to possible to turn the pattern of elite rule and AntiWhiteism around in a few years.

        The enemies of Whites (and non-Whites who actually like Whites) have had their way for a very long time and they’ve gotten sloppy and careless. They didn’t see Trump coming and they’ve been driven mad by the fact that they cannot seem to shut him down and one of the reasons for that is Trump’s White ‘base’ who simply refuse to give up on him.

        Donald John Trump is a transitional figure. What comes after him will depend upon whether the loyalty of the Trump Base can be transferred to another figure who has the same slippery messaging but even harder-line policies.

    • Corday
      Posted September 23, 2019 at 7:19 am | Permalink

      Many corporations are already practicing “woke capital.” Look at a list of Democrat donors, the “pride month” logos they all unveiled this June, the racial makeup of their advertisements, and their activist impulse in removing guns from stores, adding transgender bathrooms, eliminating plastic straws, etc.

      Their calculus, which I think is accurate, is that the Left is more interested in social issues than economics. Look at all the cultural changes the Left has affected since the 1980s, while doing nothing to slow the accumulation of wealth in fewer and fewer hands. And when there are economic changes proposed by Democrats, they are about increasing the capital gains tax and income tax. Not a problem if you can afford to have everything in offshore accounts. In fact, many major corporations actually support raising taxes and increasing regulation, because they know they can afford it while any small scale competition is driven out of business. It erects a massive barrier to entry for entrepreneurs, eliminating potential threats in their embryonic state. An example of what Werner Sombart/Mussolini called decadent capitalism.

      There’s another, more important reason why corporations are pro-Left. It is to their economic advantage to have an endless supply of practically free labor. That massive reduction in payroll offsets almost any feasible raise in corporate taxes. Obviously protectionism terrifies them. It is also to their advantage to have a deracinated, cultureless public. It is best, from their perspective, if everyone is a homogeneous consumer, because it allows your target audience to be as vast as possible. They would prefer that everyone identify solely as a consumer. This is why capitalism often has the same end result culturally as communism – both tend to view society and culture as an artificial superstructure that is irrelevant compared to materialism.

      In short, I don’t think there’s any degree to which WN could water down their message that would make it appeal to corporations. The goal is to appeal to the working class and middle class. The Old Right won some upper class support in countries where there was still a trace of the Ancien Regime.

      • DP84
        Posted September 23, 2019 at 8:36 am | Permalink


        Everything you said is true, but it’s all premised on the continued ability of corporations to make huge profits, which is eventually going to come to a screeching halt. I’m going to zero in on two of your points to justify this assumption:

        “Not a problem if you can afford to have everything in offshore accounts.”

        Offshore accounts are strictly a legal loophole that can be closed at any time if and when the governments of the world decide to close them, which will happen as soon as North America and Europe become brown enough that the non-whites demand the gibs that the Democrats and the left wing parties of Europe promised them. Unlike White Americans who will bend over and vote for Republicans over and over while never holding them accountable for broken promises, non-whites don’t screw around. When they say they want something, they’ll hold you accountable. Its in their low trust nature. And as the French Revolution and Bolshevik Revolution aptly demonstrated, the power of the mob always trumps the power of wealth. The Romanov family was far richer than Apple or Facebook or Ford, and that didn’t save them.

        Offshore accounts are one of the biggest open secrets in the world. Everyone knows about them. People who couldn’t tell you who the Vice President is could tell you about the evil of offshore accounts because at some point in their lowly lives, they read about it on social media or heard about it from someone. When the non-whites come for those offshore accounts, Corporate America will yield. That’s where we come in, per the next point I’m going to highlight:

        “It is also to their advantage to have a deracinated, cultureless public. It is best, from their perspective, if everyone is a homogeneous consumer, because it allows your target audience to be as vast as possible.”

        In order to have a base of consumers, those consumers actually have to work productively and efficiently and make money. Is that going to happen when the demographics become the same as South America? I doubt it. Even if corporations could get away with an economy premised on slave wages + dirt cheap consumer goods that even slave wages can pay for, that economy would still be premised on efficiency, which only the White Race or A.I can provide. A brown population will not be productive, creative, or efficient, which will cause profits to stagnate, which will end the gravy train that allows corporations to get away with advocating for leftist causes. The White Race will be irrelevant, and A.I. is decades away from being a useful replacement. And, even if corporations get their A.I to solve the efficiency problem, again, the teeming masses of non-whites will be left dirt poor and will demand whats theirs.

        Our job in this context would be to persuade corporations to realize that demographic integrity is in their best interests. The long-term goal in the USA from our perspective is to pass an updated version of the 1924 Immigration Act. We don’t even need a repatriation program because non-whites will repatriate themselves under the right economic incentives, something Greg Johnson and others have covered in detail. It is in Corporate America’s long term interest to have a White consumer base and a White workforce, at least among the technical, specialized jobs. Woke Capital, as it currently exists, is propaganda and advertising only. If Google or Apple actually had their entire STEM department replaced by a bunch of low IQ brown people, their companies would collapse. Hence why its the high IQ Woke White Liberals who actually do those jobs while brown people aren’t actually in charge of anything important.

        “ I don’t think there’s any degree to which WN could water down their message that would make it appeal to corporations.”

        We’d have to cut out all attacks on non-whites, real or perceived. I’m using real talk here to get my points across, but basically, our websites and articles would no longer run any crimes by non-whites against Whites, would no longer talk about things like the low IQ or impulsivity of non-whites, and wouldn’t show anything that could be construed as hostility against non-whites, most of whom are in fact like the grandmas at Dylan Roofs church, or in any case are perceived that way.

        Our official public rhetoric would be relentlessly pointing out and exposing the hate and the hostility of the media and academia towards Whites, as well as positive takes about the glorious history of America and Europe, with an emphasis on what we created and what we’ve lost thanks to the Bolsheviks that run our institutions. Its not that we can’t be negative, but not against non-whites.

        • Corday
          Posted September 23, 2019 at 9:22 pm | Permalink

          I agree completely with your last part. We cannot have a movement based on resentment. It has to flow from a love of our people and culture. I think people like Jared Taylor and Greg Johnson are making positive steps in that regard, while wignats prove more of a hindrance.

          I also agree that multiculturalism is not in the long term interests of corporations (although the largest multinationals can always just leave). Sadly, I just don’t see them thinking ahead very far. Corporate thinking tends to be relatively short term, and it often assumes the status quo will hold. By the time they see the problem, I think many whites will be economically desperate enough that they will need socialism.

          On a related note, I don’t really think this stuff is in the long term interests of many of the chief instigators. Everyone who non-whites consider white will face discrimination, no matter how much white guilt they’ve expressed or how tiny their hats are. I’m still wondering about their rationale on that (particularly those who do not have a Mid-East ethnostate to escape to).

      • HamburgerToday
        Posted September 23, 2019 at 10:09 am | Permalink

        The enshrinement into law of ‘affirmative action’ for ‘protected classes’ is what has made Woke Capital inevitable from a tactical standpoint. Businesses literally have to incorporate non-Whites and non-heterosexuals into their workplaces or get sued by the US government.

        We need to think about Title IX (and the rest of ‘Civil Rights’ law) the same way our enemies think about 2A: We need to chip away at it legally until it’s simply not a factor in corporate decision-making.

        WN’s need policy wonks who can advise politicians how to render Title IX et al null and void via The Death Of A Thousand Cuts.

    • baaltica
      Posted September 23, 2019 at 7:53 am | Permalink

      This comment is such a misread of the interests of corporate capitalism — it feels leftover from the Ron Paul libertarian era. Muh capitalism! John Galt will save us!!
      Look, corporations don’t just benefit from globalism — they are the primary driver of these trends. Consider that most of the consumer debt in the US is held by nonwhite minorities — that’s a big part of why they were brought here in the first place. They can be counted on, by corporations, to engage in a more naive and obedient pattern of consumerism which the corporations prefer (yes, they prefer it even if a part of the debtor population welches on the debt and also ignores the interest payments). Whites, especially white men, are less naive consumers, harder to scam, harder to get into serflike levels of debt.
      For this reason, there’s actually a decent case to be made that WNs should be tactically interested in getting Sanders elected — breaking the corporate stranglehold on American life is a must, without this absolutely nothing else can go forward.

      • DP84
        Posted September 23, 2019 at 10:22 am | Permalink


        I assume that corporations are motivated by profit, and that they will support whatever policies keep that in place. I do NOT assume that most corporations are motivated by any type of ideology, whether that’s fascism, like the left believes, the “Invisible Hand,” like the libertarians and cucked right believes, or woke capital, like Nazbols like you believe.

        “They can be counted on, by corporations, to engage in a more naive and obedient pattern of consumerism.”

        I know the context here is consumerism and not political organizing, but even so, “naive” and “obedient” are not exactly words I’d use to describe non-whites. In fact, those words sound like apt descriptions of the White Race, particularly the Northern European branch: Naive and obedient. Clearly, we have opposite assumptions about how the different races behave, even in an economic context

        In any case, I defer you to my response to Corday. A non-white consumer base will fail corporations in the long run for reasons I explained in my post, and I think at least a few corporations will figure that out before its said and done.

        ”For this reason, there’s actually a decent case to be made that WNs should be tactically interested in getting Sanders elected”

        If Donald Trump never could have represented White interests because he had too many Chosenites like Kushner in his inner circle, than what does that make Bernie? Answer: An even bigger con artist than the current President. Bernie Sanders will never ever EVER sign a bill that in any way benefits White Americans. He won’t break anything other than White Middle Class bank accounts and life savings.

        • baaltica
          Posted September 23, 2019 at 2:12 pm | Permalink

          DP84: Corporations are interested in power too. They’ll sometimes make short-term unprofitable decisions, in order to buy power. Then that power can be used to monopolize profitable chokepoints in the economy — thus more than making up the original short-term losses. In this way, power and profits are actually tangled up in each other — something libertarians, with their refusal to learn what the field of political economy is, never grasp.

          Your idea that capitalism depends upon whites seems wrong to me. Why can’t capitalism thrive for a few centuries while being driven primarily by industrial output in East Asia? The most profitable potential “grand transaction” in the world for the next century or two is: China makes stuff, sells it to Global South, which provides the raw materials — white people written out of equation as irrelevant. Asians are perfectly competent bourgeois industrialists, in some ways better at it than whites. There is no reason whatsoever to believe that capitalism will be loyal to whites.

          • DP84
            Posted September 23, 2019 at 4:32 pm | Permalink


            “Corporations are interested in power too.”

            They are, but not in the way you seem to think. Corporations attain power the same way they always have: By literally or figuratively dropping a giant bag of money on a politicians desk and telling him what to do. Corporations were literally doing that in the 1800s, and after populist and progressive movements banned the practice in the early 1900s, corporations funded politicians through some type of middle man, whether that’s a PAC, a Think Tank, a Lobbying Group, whatever. In some cases, corporations will try to create a revolving door between bureaucratic administration and a spot on the board of directors, or even CEO. The Left loves to freak out about that when Republicans do it, as we saw in the case of former Trump EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. I’m not gonna lie: That stuff brings out my inner Steven Crowder/Own The Libs schadenfreude. I well and truly don’t care about corporate foxes guarding their hen houses when the mother effing journalists are hunting down right wing dissenters like dogs and ruining their livelihoods, but I digress.

            The point is, your average corporation is not interested in the SPLC or ADL agenda of hunting down racists, or even flooding our countries with infinity brown people. Sure, yeah, they like the cheap labor, but like I explained in my comment to Corday, flooding the labor market with brown people is penny wise and pound foolish. The economy needs long term stability, and the only reason corporate leaders currently think the long term stability of the economy in America and Europe is secure is because, like the rest of us, they were taught to believe that the races were created with equal potential and equal merit. We’re all interchangeable cogs, right? Well guess what, sooner or later, the reality of Human Biodiversity is going to come crashing down on them, and they’re going to see that having a brown, deracinated consumer base is counterproductive when said consumer base can’t keep the economy humming along. Which brings me to your counter argument:

            “Why can’t capitalism thrive for a few centuries while being driven primarily by industrial output in East Asia?”

            Because the Jew fears the Samurai and therefore will not leave East Asians alone. Or, to put it more modestly, East Asians are being subjected to the same diversity propaganda by the media as Whites are. Sooner or later, this will result in China, Japan, and South Korea being flooded with non-whites. The rest is self-explanatory. There goes your Asian Engine.

            See, what you’re not understanding is that the ONLY group that wins long term from globalism – the only group that is even DESIGNED to win long term from globalism – is our friends the (((Eskimos))). Corporations, if they are retarded enough to practice woke capitalism in their businesses and not just preach it for PR purposes, will have proved Vladimir Lenin’s point that he can “sell the capitalists the rope on Friday and hang them with it on Sunday.” I’m counting on Lenin being wrong (again) and that enough corporations will realize they have no long term future in a globalized, deracinated world.

            So then, while you are correct that the East Asians could carry on the corporate gravy train once the White Race becomes irrelevant, I respond to that by saying that the 21st century will NOT be the East Asian century because Jews won’t allow it. East Asians, like Whites, are a competitive threat to them, and they believe they are entitled to dominate the globe and subjugate all other races.

            And heck, even if East Asians are allowed to exist for another couple centuries in their own homogeneous homelands, doesn’t that only benefit their own businesses? I get that corporations are by nature a multinational business and can in theory set up shop anywhere, but think about it: If you’re China, Japan, or South Korea, why not promote and reward your own rich businesses instead of placating to foreign businesses from the West? What’s Wal Mart and the fast food companies going to do about East Asian protectionism? Answer: Not a damn thing, because unlike the populations of America and Europe, who might as well be doormats, the East Asian governments and populations actually have a thing called Pride. The free trade crap that they pulled here won’t fly over there.

            What I’m saying is, either way – East Asians live or East Asians go the way of Whites – it does not and will not benefit the bottom line of Western corporations. I’d encourage you to think out the implications of your position and whether they make sense or not from a geopolitical perspective.

        • A Big Guy
          Posted September 23, 2019 at 2:37 pm | Permalink

          I get that feeling that these multi national corporations are going to get hurt by the coming demographic change but I think they have positioned themselves very well. The problem is that we the middle class nativist will suffer greatest and corporations will continue to do very well for themselves in the five to seven year windows they aim for. As welfare became less a check that was mailed to these people and instead became an EBT card these corporations found a special place in the economy of our urban dystopias. Within local governments they get grants to hire unhirable minorities and further automate. And you and I will pay for it all, that is the clever thing they don’t even have to raise our income taxes to do it, the corporations and the fed have so married property taxes and consumer inflation to keeping these corporations a steady steam roller on our once beautiful white communities.

          I can’t help but think that we should really be focusing less on a corporate sugar daddy or federal elections and start really putting efforts into agricultural councils and using internet networks to build e-commerce opportunities in small towns. Things like the various dairy councils, beef councils and ethanol plant co-op boards would be a great place for us to start planting some flags in friendly territory and gaining real world economic groupings we as a soon to be minority can count on.

          • DP84
            Posted September 23, 2019 at 5:04 pm | Permalink

            @A Big Guy:

            Here’s my thing: I have zero confidence that electioneering is a viable vehicle for White Nationalism to become mainstream and obtain power, and for obvious reasons, violence won’t work either. So then, what do we do? Well, we can try infiltrating the institutions, only to get snuffed out by journalists and activists who are constantly looking out for that. Or, we can try leveraging things in our favor, which we’ve already done with spectacular success in regards to deconstructing mainstream conservatism.

            10 years ago, in the summer of 2009, the Tea Party was all the rage, and conservatives like Glenn Beck were rock stars. The fire from those rallies burned long enough to result in a landslide victory for the GOP in the 2010 midterms. In 2019, the only people following the likes of Beck and mainstream conservatives are hopelessly naive Boomers. We picked off all the serious young thinkers and activists from them. Charlie Kirk and a select few barbie girls like Tomi Lahren are the only young conservatives with any influence. Or any conviction. If you’re a right winger under 40 years old, chances are you’re part of the Dissident Right in some capacity, even if not an outright White Nationalist.

            In my analysis, we were able to deconstruct the Right not just because of the wicked sarcasm of our memes and talking points, but also because the Right was already despised by the Left to begin with. When we came onto the scene this decade, it presented a two front war that conservatism lost. Without even knowing it, we leveraged the atavistic hatred of the Left in our favor. And we’re going to do so again as antifa and journalists move on to destroying the lives of bigger targets. Normies who don’t even know who we are, or who dismiss us as an irrelevant nuisance, will be locked in with us on the same side against the Left. That’s all coming down the tubes in the next 10 years. The times, they will be interesting.

            So to tie this back to corporations, I really do believe they are going to be facing down more 1999 style resistance from both White Liberals AND non-whites as the wheel of history rolls on. Between that and everything else I explained, it is possible than an alliance could be formed if we successfully position ourselves as the only Movement that can keep the insanity of Clown World from devouring all of civilization. But leverage is the key. We shouldn’t continue to position ourselves as “Us vs. The World,” because we’re guaranteed to lose.

          • Dragan Veselinovic
            Posted September 26, 2019 at 8:47 am | Permalink

            Great idea, however it will be hard to wrestle any significant market share from the transnational coroprations before they were crushed. Believe it or not just watched the episode of Rotten about domestic garlic producers being totally marginalized and reduced to sell only at the local markets. The big globalist Cartels in cahoots with Chinese pretty much eliminated any hopes for a small time producer. We have an uphill battle in our hands.

      • Digital Samizdat
        Posted September 24, 2019 at 3:33 pm | Permalink

        I’d go along with your plan if I thought Sanders could be trusted and was capable of enacting socialism, but sadly, I don’t. I think he’s mostly just talk. Remember how he folded at the 2016 Dem convention and endorsed Hellary right after she’d cheated him blind in front of all the world? I’m sure he’d do the same if Wall Street or the “billionaire class” ever came after him big-time. Bernie’s not much of a fighter; he’s just a Senate back-bencher with a decent voting record on some (by no means all) issues.

  2. Posted September 23, 2019 at 6:48 am | Permalink

    I hate to say it but I think that Trump’s base is so gaga over him that they most likely would support him if he decided to start another neocon war, at least initially. They might sour on him if it turned into yet another shitshow (which it would) but probably not until after the next election. Hopefully it won’t come to that. On the plus side, if Trump does lose next year, these people aren’t going to just roll over for whoever takes his place.

  3. MFV
    Posted September 23, 2019 at 7:37 am | Permalink

    Five hundred miles of new wall is significant, enough to stop an overwhelming amount of trespassers from entering key areas of the United States. Fencing the entirety of the border is not anything to wish for. I doubt it would do more. According to interviews I’ve heard on 125 Sirius, the amount of illegals flooding in is down in droves and decreasing daily due to political pressure on Mexico and Central America and due the work of border patrol agents and the men and women of ICE. All in all, we’re winning. Why the black pill? Is this why you mention that God is not in the churches to greet the faithful, when He very much so is and could not be otherwise? Trump is a CivNat, never was anything but that, but his hope and style have changed the game dramatically for whites. We have rhetorical tools we didn’t have before because he broke the media’s control over the liberal indoctrination of white America, and results we can cheer on include promoting judges who will foul the attempt to keep abortion legal and safe and all that other horseshit that passes for progress. Your revolution will not happen without four more years of preparation and an uptick of general moral. Get with the program.

  4. Rhodok
    Posted September 23, 2019 at 7:57 am | Permalink

    I rather like the premise: whites among whites having a good time.

    But how much has Trump got to do with that? Imo he is simply the catalyst. It does not matter much what he says and does. The big question I have is this: Has “white fever” picked up enough steam to continue without Trump?

    As to politics, in a two party system where one party is bananas, it does not matter much what Trump has done. There is no alternative.

    • HamburgerToday
      Posted September 23, 2019 at 9:45 am | Permalink

      The Germans have a lovely word ‘gemütlichkeit’ that describes what is going on at Trump rallies. Someone like (((Glassner))) probably doesn’t know this word or what it means, nor would likely utter it even if he did.

      I have accepted the fact that POTUS DJT — nor any of his surrogate like DJTJr — are going to be explicitly pro-White. Possibly because they have no real race-consciousness (and probably don’t want any even if they gave it much thought), possibly because they know a pro-White message just wouldn’t fly at this point in American history.

      That said, DJT et all have been very cagey in their anti-Anti-White messaging, which is, I suspect, as good as we’re going to get.

      A GOP apparatchik like (((Glassner))) is not going to emphasize the ‘immigration issue’ because he’s a tool of the Chamber of Commerce (CoC) wing of the Republican Party. They love low taxes (for themselves at least) and deregulation (again, for themselves) because those are CoC hobby-horses from way back.

      As for Trump and Israel, I think he’s the only US President in 30+ years who could actually tell Israel ‘No’ and make it stick. His situation is analogous to Nixon and China. No one was under any illusions that Nixon was soft on Communism, so he could make a deal. Same with Reagan and the USSR.

      Israel would have to take ‘No’ for an answer from Trump because no one would believe Trump and not pro-Israel.

  5. Captain John Charity Spring MA
    Posted September 23, 2019 at 2:39 pm | Permalink

    Rally Assassination attempt depicted in Peaky Blinders as Tommy stages an attempt on Mosley who made a good speech

    • Vehmgericht
      Posted September 23, 2019 at 11:57 pm | Permalink

      The BBC cannot even make a gangster show without injecting its didactic agenda.

  6. inq
    Posted September 24, 2019 at 1:58 am | Permalink

    You forgot to mention Obama Care (sic) as one of the major topics that got Trump elected.
    You should know that OC is a heavy-handed tax on american people and businesses, in particular small ones. So much for “Change we can believe in” 🙂

    Mar 2019
    DOJ Concludes Obamacare Unconstitutional And Should Be Struck Down
    DoJ lawyers told a federal appeals court they think the whole of ObamaCare is unconstitutional, siding
    with a Texas district court ruling that found Obamacare unconstitutional.

    Well, let’s see if it comes back up during 2020 presidential campaign.

  7. baaltica
    Posted September 24, 2019 at 6:07 am | Permalink


    I am not following your point of view, it seems confused to me. Mine is simple: China manufactures goods, sells them to Africa, which sends back raw materials in return. This process can continue until Africa runs out of raw materials and/or the continent’s carrying capacity (prob around 4-5 billion) is saturated. What are “the jews” going to do about that? There’s nothing to be done other than invest in some of the companies doing it, because there’s literally hundreds of trillions, maybe a quadrillion, to be made in that grand transaction.

    Some jews might vaguely prefer the idea of China or Japan or South Korea becoming more diverse, at least in theory, but there’s really nothing jews can do about East Asian demographic norms — and anyway I suspect most jews do not mind that Japan is 99% Japanese. Like most people on the alt right you’ve organized your thinking around a bizarre misread of jewish interests. “The jew fears the samurai” — this has never been true. Ever. Jews get paranoid in homogeneously white societies, where they engage in a strategy of crypsis which is more effective with some (but not too much) local diversity. Jews have an issue with Muslims due the conflict over Israel. So jews’ fraught relations are with whites and muslims. But East Asians? I think that there’s actually a lot of mutual respect and no existential issue between the groups.

    In an earlier comment you said that at the end of the day, Sanders just wants to hurt white interests. And, if you’ve defined capitalism in your head as “inherently good for white interests” and socialism as “inherently bad for white interests”, then sure. But if you follow my thinking, which says that capitalism is *right now* in the process of abandoning whites for the more lucrative Asia/Africa grand transaction, then clearly capitalism is not good for white interests, and Sanders’ simple, non-racial objective of getting American society out of capitalist control seems inherently a step in a good direction, including for white people. I see no evidence that his version of socialism involves big wealth transfers from downwardly mobile middle class whites to economically stagnant and/or upwardly mobile blacks and browns. You could make that argument about “the Squad” (AOC, Omar, etc) maybe, but not Sanders, who has stuck up for the interests of rural whites in Vermont for his entire life. Get socialism now, and have the fight over what that means racially at a later date.

    • nineofclubs
      Posted September 24, 2019 at 3:16 pm | Permalink

      @ baaltica
      One of the best comments I’ve seen here in some time. Well said.
      Socialism – as an economic system – is inherently better suited to ethnically based nation-states than capitalism as we currently see it. And it’s more likely to come about in societies where the people feel high levels of trust and empathy for each other.
      I seriously think that mass immigration and multiculturalism are (effective) capitalist tools for holding off any change to our rotten economic systems by dividing organised labour. Some socialists are starting to see this – and I think Mr Sanders understands it on some level as well.


      • Poupon Marx
        Posted September 25, 2019 at 11:55 am | Permalink

        RE: “Socialism” as a system, as well as “Capitalism”, I find the word-concepts as a stand alone solitary placement, to be incomprehensible. By themselves, they are so generic, context sensitive that the outcome is equivocation. For example, a universally recognized expert on the subject said this: “Socialism is Communism”. Very neat and tide, like E=mc2. Capitalism is pure in the form of farmers’ markets’, family owned businesses, owner operator truckers, any independent business, kids’ lemonade stands. A vibrant, intelligent, strong, people want to create and be left alone to make decisions and innovate.

        Now, real capitalism is inherently competitive. That competition can be moral, respectful, and friendly. That is where a moral CULTURE and societal milieu is necessary to preclude the external controls, much like a circus ring master keeping predatory carnivores in line. The massive present failures of today’s “capitalism” is a moral failure, a breakdown of morality, of commonweal, and relatively homogeneous people with the same core values.

        “Socialism” never works and never will. The implementation of National Socialism in Germany ran for a short time, not long enough to know if it was really viable or not. Any authoritative re-distribution and paternal central control, compared to the horrors and abuses at the hands of The Hostile Tribe, was bound to be beneficent and a relieve to suffer, and a restitution. Socialism, in its modern form, was birthed during the French Revolution. As Stalin implied, this was the foundation upon which Marx constructed his fantasy sand castle in the ether.

        Think of a model of machine, a car. It rolls out and is operated for a short while. Would we conclude that we have a timeless model of car that will run well for the long term? No. But when we look at “socialism”, central command control, Federalization at the expense of the states, the inadequacies and internal contradictions present themselves.

        Finally, the last nail in the coffin: The Fallacy of the Commons, among the Pilgrims. This is a true story, emblematic, and a paradigm of failure and a fundamental misunderstanding of human nature:

        • nineofclubs
          Posted September 25, 2019 at 3:06 pm | Permalink

          ‘Socialism never works and never will..’

          Perhaps we have a different definition of socialism. During the 1980’s and 90’s, the Nordic Model (including socialised medicine, relatively high tax rates, a healthy public sector and a highly unionised workforce) laid the groundwork for Sweden, Denmark and Norway to deliver the highest standards of living in the world. If that’s ‘not working’ I’ll take it any day.

          The model also worked because these countries had (no longer, sadly) fairly homogeneous ethnic populations.


    • inq
      Posted September 24, 2019 at 11:47 pm | Permalink

      I do not understand why people consider Sanders a viable presidential candidate.
      In my view he is a controlled opposition (well, welcomwe to the jewish club), whose purpose is to split electorate, create confusion, and take gullible voters (many young and inexperienced) for a ride to nowhere (socialist nirvana).
      What people do not understand is that all that socialist agenda nowdays is an equivalent to pissing against the wind of the future.
      They also talk about climate change, CO2 emissions, but have no clue what it is all about !

    • DP84
      Posted September 25, 2019 at 3:43 pm | Permalink


      We’re getting too far afield here, so I’m going to bring this all back to my original argument: White Nationalists should not make out Corporate America to be the enemy and instead should try to work with whatever corporations they can in order to get funding and support. My justification for this position is two fold:

      1. A fight with corporations and with the entire capitalist system within the rules and limits of the existing system is a fight you are doomed to lose. There’s never going to be a socialist revolution unless you resort to the violence of the Jacobins and the Bolsheviks. The best you can hope for is to reform capitalism like the Labor Movement did between 1880 and 1940.

      2. If we are going to work within the existing system to change things, then the most logical way to do that is to accumulate as much money as possible so that we can become a major player at the table, if not quite set the rules of the game. In order for a political movement to become wealthy enough to become a major player, this requires corporate funding.

      The debate that you and I have had stems from this stance of mine. It’s not about Capitalism vs. Socialism per say, it’s about whether, in the future, corporations will be able to get away with making profits in the Brave New Mocha Colored world. My contention is that they will NOT be able to get away with it because a Brown world cannot possibly sustain the very structure that is needed in order for corporations to continue churning massive profits. Simply put, a Brown world will cause the system to collapse on them.

      Capitalism as a global system may survive the way you describe – by an East Asian century – but I ask you: What does the future hold for Western corporations like Wal Mart, Ford, General Motors, Apple, the Fast Food Industry, etc? Do you believe that they’ll all just set up shop in China when North America and Europe become third world spitholes? I don’t think it’s going to work out that way. I predict that before those corporations have a chance to flee from the inevitable brown tidal wave, their wealth will be forcefully confiscated from them by the non-white controlled governments of North America and Europe. No revolution needed. I do not believe for one second that corporations can run away from the indignant non-white mob and the governmental institutions that they will control.

      My point of view is that corporations will not benefit from a brown, deracinated world in the long run, and if and when some of them see this beforehand, a mutually beneficial alliance with Corporate America will be possible.

      “But if you follow my thinking, which says that capitalism is *right now* in the process of abandoning whites for the more lucrative Asia/Africa grand transaction”

      I don’t deny that this is happening. I deny that it is sustainable.

      I also think that instead of trying to co-opt leftist talking points about big businesses and neoliberalism, which every left wing academic worth his or her salt will instantly call out in the media as a cynical attempt to use smart sounding rhetoric against them, we should instead be thinking of what kind of behind-the-scenes alliance we can make, whether that’s with corporations, normies, etc. We need to be thinking in terms of leverage, and I see a lot of promise in leveraging whatever corporate power we can muster in our favor. (I also see a lot of promise in “blending in” with the normies so that way they’ll see us as “one of them” even if we might have some “out there” views about immigration, but that’s another story).

      What this all comes down to is that I don’t see corporations as inherent enemies of the White Race. I’ve lived all my life in America, and while I have seen mom and pop businesses close when big corporations like Wal Mart move in, that’s something that can be solved by simple economic reform, which has been the White way of doing things for the last 250 years. I don’t see corporations as an existential enemy to be destroyed like, say, the SPLC, ADL, the Journalism industry, and the Republican Party (I’ve got a different approach in mind for the Democrat Party, but its beyond the scope of this comment).

  8. Poupon Marx
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 8:13 am | Permalink

    For me, what is important is keeping the goal and the end of all this: the very survival and perpetuation of the Indo-European race and its ethnicities. I have remarked several times elsewhere on Irish Savant, Unz, and Amren that we-across continents and countries-need to reconcile and adopt some same standards or reference.

    The descriptive nouns “White” and “Aryan” are too imprecise and loaded with unproductive baggage and connotation. Adapting to the latest genealogical, archaeological, and linguistic evidence, the gene pool of almost every European is shared with people east to the frontiers of Northern India, and into Asia and that there were 3 large migrations from east to westthat provided the largest number of genetic material of present day Europeans. The most precise term that is comprehensive for who we are is Indo-European.

    While culture, geo-political differences separate us, the future tsunami that threatens our entire race is building and will produce a catastrophic outcome from which we may never recover. This event is the ever increasing population of Africans, predominantly and the geometrically increasing populations of unassimilable Muslims, within and outside of our lands. The reality of this is straightforward and undeniable. It is coming and cannot be changed. For a greater understanding of the scale of this threat, I refer you to this article:

    This is a force of nature, of hordes of incompatible and uncontrollable BILLIONS streaming out of Africa, hungry, and wanting what we have which is what they do not have and cannot earn.

    In Russia itself, a sizable Muslim population continues to grow-just as in the West-outpacing the numbers of Christian “Whites”. Inevitably, we will face the forces of numbers from the Africans mentioned, and the incontrovertible hostility and REAL genocidal policies of Muslims present and future. The fate and disposal of Middle East Christians and White South Africans face us all. There is no avoidance of this Forza Del Destino. Only the way we respond, adequately or not, is variable.
    Some-not many-comments are a bravura and seminal moment, when the topic and orientation toward planning, options, and paths of strategy and tactics begin to enter the streams of discussions and discourse. This is a very positive development. Like so many, I owe Dr. K.M., Dr. Johnson and all the others of vision, scholarship, and courage who elucidated, identified, and educated the breath of our “Tribe” what has been and is happening, where it is coming form, who is doing it, and what it looks like. Without these pioneers, I and many, many others would still be swimming in the miasma of vagueness, misdirection, and ignorance. These are great men.

    I am looking at our present and impending dark{pardon the metaphor} future from a standpoint of strict practicality and likelihood of success. We need to take concrete and logical steps, which enable and protect us from these demographic tsunamis to come.

    Conceptually, I believe we need to develop a conscious reference of ALL the Indo-European Peoples as a <bTRIBE. This brings harmonious idealization and reference from which can be developed strategy and responses. A tribe is an extension of families and sub-groups that bind and act in concert for survival and to a lesser degree, for prosperity. Whether Western, Eastern Europeans, Asiatic Indo-Europeans, we all share and overlap far more in commonality than differences, which are cultural and regional.

    These are what I believe we must do to meet the coming demographic assault.

    1. Identify ourselves as parallel to an endangered species that needs actions and sanctions against its continued diminution. This means transcending borders of all types toward unifying Tribal survival. Even adversaries today among The Tribe will have to reconsider and reconfigure their national policies due to the coming demographic threat, which overrides any other challenge individual countries and Indo-European sub-populations have. Intra-Tribal squabbles and disagreements must be subordinated to the essentials of survival.

    2. Actions proceed from ideas. Let’s banish the weasel words of memes and narratives. We need to promulgate truths based on fact, evidence, and objectivity. As discussed here, an emerging consensus is being realized that our only hope is sequestration and ethnic/national sovereignty in nearly created states. Similar arrangements have been clamored for by Blacks and Browns repeatedly. In order for us to have our racially homogenous communities, completely autonomous, we need to ENCOURAGE these groups to pursue theirs. Thus we achieve our platform and homelands under our complete control, removed from subversion and hostile actions, indoctrination, and subversion of the young and weaker minded.

    3. Since we are about 60% of the population, a re-distribution should produce such a proportion of our new homeland. The political demographic maps show that the Red States are predominantly in “Fly-Over” country, i.e. the Midwest, but most importantly, where the Nation’s food supply comes from and where net wealth is generated. NB this fact as regards future leverage and power based relations with the other republics.

    4. I am not of the opinion that like minded minorities should be included. The most essential item in a cohesive and functioning republic is citizenship. This should be highly restrictive and be revokable under a reasonable process. The overarching goal of our sequestration is-let’s be specific and honest-genetic. We need the space and conditions with which to proceed to procreate and restock our gene pool, which has been greatly reduced by millennia of wars and conflict. Our best and most productive have marched to the battlefield never to return. I elucidated this on Irish Savant. Wars are much more than destruction of property. They are genetic reducers.

    5. Along with a new consciousness and mental framework, certain policies must be created and derived from DATA and FACTS. As an example-admitting the obvious that several solutions and remedies exist in the past-there must be laws that are necessary, de rigeur, and ineluctably constant and immutable. As an example, the role of women would be thusly proscribed: No woman can professionally advance in a profession or vocation unless she has a minimum of three children. This policy is a straightforward, concrete and empirical consequence of demographic and tribal survival. It also illustrates the shift and redirection of our thoughts and values from the impractical, unnatural, irrational, and unworkable mores and norms and sloppy thinking that is so pervasive.

    6. As the munificent Mr. Dalton has said, we only need a critical mass of Whites to start and operate our enterprise. Assume 50% of the West’s Indo-Europeans are useless to our future, either totally cucked, mentally-disordered, terminally indoctrinated, or just plain weak in every meaningful way. They are not be engaged or wasted of our time and energies. Many of them are hostile and so demented that they favor destruction of their own Tribe. With some percentage of the remaining 50% or less, we can cull and collect the quality stock that will perform and persevere. This will have to include the wide spectrum in proportion to that which a normal healthy society needs. Both sides of the medium and mean of the Bell Curve will have to be included. No outsourcing or importation of workers to do any of our jobs. We will pick our own cotton and harvest our produce “in house”.

    7. ”White Nationalism” needs to be stripped of its pejorative and prejudicial meaning and emotive quality-really hysteria-of an evil, inhumane set of qualities. Therefore, let Black Nationalism and Brown (or whatever) Nationalism gain prominence and acceptance. Since they are “special”, protected, and favored, this dovetails with the Jewish NWO order of the Kalgeri-Coudahove, Coward-Piven Plan, all of which are operating on the World Stage. They emit from the same source and have the same goal, solely to destroy functioning traditional societies based on eternal human values that work. Their goal is naked power, complete and total in a very few hands, forever.

    This is the roadmap and routes that I see as imperative. I come from a background of managing marine power plants and large ocean vessels. You work with what you have, you improvise when necessary, you remain flexible and based in reality to fit the demands of successful operation. There is no guesswork, personal indulges, caprice, or wishful thinking. The ship has to be able to perform its duties, and therefore the needs and necessities are sometimes crushing and brutal. It is a universe that demands clear thinking, effective action and execution, and deep knowledge of operating under challenging conditions and reading the trends. Our Tribe’s survival is wholly dependent on-as The Buddha said-The Right Ideas and The Right Actions. Ideas and proposals for our survival need to pass through the crucible and just like steel, only the best will make it through.

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