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After the Scottish Referendum 
10 Reasons for Optimism

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EnglishIndependenceLike many others my reaction to the news that Scotland had said no to independence was disappointment and the sense that an important opportunity had been missed. Of course, a yes vote would not have delivered a swift solution to all of the problems that concern us. In fact, by creating a naturally Left-leaning new country, it would have worsened some of those problems in the short term.

But, by removing those Labour voters from UK elections, it would have also strengthened the right in England. Scottish independence would also have represented an important blow to the corrupt political elite in Westminster. The no vote was bad news.

But there is far too much pessimism in our movement, and every new situation presents new opportunities. Therefore I would like to suggest 10 reasons why the situation in Scotland should give us cause for hope.

1. Even though the no campaign won the vote, there will be no continuation of the status quo. A couple of days before the vote the three main party leaders promised to devolve more powers to Scotland. Bizarrely, the vote to remain as part of the union will result in Scotland moving further away from it. Whilst it certainly isn’t the same thing as independence, the so-called “devo-max” model of devolution will give the impression that secessionist movements cannot be ignored. The idea of secession is now very much on the agenda.

2. Giving further powers to Scotland has brought into sharper focus the “West Lothian question.” That is, why should Scottish MPs be allowed to vote on issues that only affect England when English MPs cannot vote on matters that only affect Scotland? Many Conservative MPs are now demanding that Scottish MPs should not be allowed to vote on such legislation. We should support this movement towards an English identity and push it further, linking it to “the ethnonationalist principle that different peoples need independent homelands to express their distinct identities and pursue their unique destinies.”

3. The discussion of English votes for English laws has allowed the notion of English independence to enter mainstream discourse. The possibility of establishing an English Parliament is now being discussed without scare quotes. A Parliament for England does not seem particularly likely but discussion of it does at least remind people that we are a distinct ethnic group. Presumably some English people still have a dim recollection of what it actually means to be English.

4. A vote for independence would have been very bad news for the Labour Party. They are the default political party in Scotland, and independence would have robbed them of a large number of their MPs. Therefore, the no vote was good for them. But with the prospect of English votes for English MPs now being pursued they might end up losing those MPs on many issues anyway. The less power the Labour Party has the less chance they will have of facilitating another Rotherham.

5. Any constitutional shift in power away from the Labour Party will shift England to the Right. This will mean that discussion of issues such as immigration will have to take place with a more Right-orientated constituency in mind. Needless to say, the media will not exactly rush to reflect this shift, but it should nonetheless embolden those on the Right to pull the discourse in their direction. The wind is in our sails.

6. Further to this, we should expect to see an increase in support for UKIP. Before you flood the comments section below pointing out that UKIP is not exactly sympathetic to our cause, yes I agree. But it would still shift the discourse to the Right and bring the issues of EU membership and immigration higher up the agenda. UKIP will not save us, but its popularity makes it increasingly difficult for the establishment to bury issues that they do not like. We should be prepared to benefit from this.

7. All of the political parties involved in the Scottish referendum agree that it was a great success for democracy. Let us agree with them and demand that we should have a referendum on EU membership to further celebrate the democratic will. If Scotland can’t break off from England, then perhaps the UK as a whole can break off from the EU. This would be a much greater victory. A no vote to EU membership is a far likelier outcome than a vote for Scottish independence. UK withdrawal from the EU would be a significant defeat for our enemies.

8. As the referendum was such a success, it should strengthen the hand of other nationalist and secessionist movements around the world who can point to this process as an example of how it is possible to confront the question of independence calmly and peacefully.

9. A likely outcome for England will be the establishment of regional assemblies. This could be a bad thing. The motivation behind the creation of such assemblies is, at least in part, to break up England and erase a sense of English identity. As one “expert” puts it, “People’s experience is of their local areas. They don’t necessarily identify much broader than that.” There is a lot of wishful thinking in that statement but regional assemblies might confuse the issue of English Nationalism. However, smaller assemblies are easier to target with concerted campaigns by nationalist parties. There is no reason why English identity cannot be asserted at a local level.

10. And what of those nationalist parties? There is something of a vacuum in nationalist politics in Britain at the moment. My references to English nationalism will not be appreciated by many of those who cling to the older notion of British nationalism, but it is clear that the secessionist impulse is entirely in accord with the principles of the New Right. In the coming months and years there will be an opportunity to refashion nationalist politics in England into a genuinely English nationalist movement. This is important because it would enable a populist party to be based on authentic New Right principles. It would also place us ahead of the curve of political developments rather than continually behind it.

Clearly, a vote for Scottish independence would have been better for us. But there is a lot of confusion about where the political establishment is heading at the moment, and a great deal of uncertainty about where we will be constitutionally in a few years’ time. By following the secessionist impulse we will be harnessing the popular political will of the moment and marrying it to our own clear principles. Rather than bemoaning current trends we can be shaping and leading them. There is a significant opportunity for success here, and there is genuine cause for optimism. Let us move forward with confidence.



  1. Sandy
    Posted September 22, 2014 at 4:19 am | Permalink

    I am surprised that yet another white advocate could take this multicultural vote on Scottish independence seriously. There was nothing in the independence manifesto which came out last year to suggest that Scotland would be a homeland and a refuge for Scots and their culture.
    But judging by the number of votes that the BNP have won in such places where the Muslim rape gangs roam I doubt if a truly Scottish SNP would have had much more success.

    Independence of a geographical kind is doomed. Our hope for the foreseeable future is mere racial awareness and from there future generations can return to geography.

  2. Andrew
    Posted September 22, 2014 at 2:43 pm | Permalink

    This is a refreshing take on the Scottish events. As someone with a lot of Scottish ancestry, the results were dissappointing. But perpetual dissappointment and pessimism about the future are uncalled for. The previous poster’s “it is doomed” pronouncement is an example of this that is unhelpful. Nothing is doomed; national aspirational objectives are there for the taking for those with the energy, motivation and organization to make it happen.

  3. Sandy
    Posted September 23, 2014 at 2:02 am | Permalink

    The Cutty Sark demands I reply to young Andrew (flame war as the fiery crosses sweep the glens). First off ,I should like to remind him that the Scottish king went south to claim the English throne and make England ours and now you want to throw that away. Secondly, any sixteen year old can leave home but as darkness creeps in and the dew falls -now what? The point is Andrew, is that the SNP did not issue a clear manifesto and anyone who voted for them was voting for a pig in a poke and the change of masters offered would have done the Scots no good.

    The RBS was on its way to being one of the world’s biggest bank when, like the Darien scheme before it, it all went wrong and the central government now owns 81% of Scotland’s biggest bank. Even so, I am sure Scotland would survive on its own but under the SNP it would be an anti- white, multi cultural paradise and anything but Scottish. The pro white BNP has never done well even in areas where the Muslim rape gangs roam and I honestly doubt if the SNP is up to protecting Scotland – well we know it isn’t as its own party literature promotes multi culture and more third world immigration.

    The Greg Johnson’s of the world have it right. We are at the meta stage of politics and are only preparing the ground for future events. Your time will come but it is a long way off. Gay Scotland is not only not ready to break the the 300 year old union but has still to come up with a good reason as to why. And if I may say so, if Scotland truly believes in democracy they would give England and Wales a chance to vote on it too.

    As Scotland’s modern prophet said, “Wurr doomed.”

  4. Posted September 23, 2014 at 7:51 am | Permalink

    Since “New Right principles” are foundationally fascist and, in the moral sense, Nietzschean, I wonder what you would consider them to be, specifically. In my personal experience of the European New Right I have yet to encounter a single really creative thinker or, indeed, anybody who understands the existential nature of our struggle as something other than mere anti-liberalism or the pursuit of some imagined life of glory, as if either of these, of themselves, captured or expressed our truth. The depressing reality is that we – even those of us positioned at the intellectual apogee of the movement – are far too given to speak as though we have something important to say about our nature and consciousness. On this rock of false presumption the vessel of European nationalism can all too easily flounder.

    By way of self-explanation, I should say that only our people can supply the living answer, through their own free and natural expression, to this grand question, the essence of which is: what are true values (not what are “our ENR” vales, since the one must be the other).

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