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Demographics & Jewish Destiny, Part 1

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Part 1 of 3

Europe, like America, is plagued by a host of cultural, demographic, economic, and political problems that threaten the long-term survival of our race. The peaceful and voluntary departure of our Jewish residents will not entirely solve these problems, but it would be a good start. It would be be fastest way to turn elite opinion away from ethno-masochism and towards a preference for our own.

Thanks to the Israeli Right of Return, this departure will take place along a well-worn path. It will not be dependent on any intervention from White Nationalists. This article will uncover data that show the “Aliyah” (the In-Gathering) of most European Jewry will be necessary to save Israel from certain destruction. Aliyah from Europe will be preferable for Israel, since US Jewry have a bigger role to play protecting Israel at the heart of the New World Order, the source of their military and diplomatic protection. This seems to be a rare convergence of interests for White Nationalists and the organized Jewish elite.

More controversially, this article will illustrate that this emigration is so critical that Israel will depend on a rise in violent anti-Semitic attacks from the Muslim and Arab community to provoke a rise in emigration. Israel may even return to the tactic of black terror (carrying out terror against their own community while blaming it on an enemy) to create the push and pull factors necessary to gain more citizen-soldiers to “defend the realm.” Violence perceived to come from White anti-Semites will be counterproductive. Furthermore, it is in the interest of both White Nationalists and Israel that the push factors work on the Jewish Cultural Marxists and not just on the Neo-Con Zionists.

Zionism or Bolshevism . . . or Orthodoxy

Yoram Ettinger, member of the America-Israel Demographic Research Group (AIDRG): “An 80% Jewish majority is expected by 2035 in the combined area of pre-1967 Israel and Judea & Samaria. Such a majority would be attained by leveraging the current 67% Jewish majority, the robust Jewish demographic tailwind, the unique Aliya potential, and a long overdue demographic policy to-be-adopted by the Jewish State and world Jewry.”
“The Jewish demographic tailwind could be further bolstered by the implementation of demographic policy. Such a policy would leverage the global economic meltdown and intensified anti- Semitism, in order to realize potential Aliya from the former USSR, USA, Europe, Latin America, South Africa and Australia.”

Any discussion of the Jewish Community, with its wide variety of attitudes, may well begin with Winston Churchill’s article on the choice faced by Jews at the beginning of the 20th century between Zionism and Bolshevism. Here at the dawn of the 21st century the situation has not changed much, though Orthodox Judaism (for simplicity the phrase “orthodoxy” will be used in this section to refer to Ultra-Orthodox or Haredi, not other denominations that use the word Orthodox in their title) has proven much more resilient than any pre-war observer could have imagined.

While Orthodoxy represents only 10% of Jews today, this proportion will rise because their large families with very high retention rates and movements like the Chabad Lubavitch that are creating “reverts” to Orthodoxy (Frum). As portrayed in the documentary Defamation, directed by Yoav Shamir, Orthodox Jews are the least political but the first to be targeted by anti-Semitic attacks. As Meir Kahane put it, “Trotskys make revolutions and Bronsteins pay the price.”[1]

Orthodox Jews are rarely as anti-Zionist as the Naturei Karta, but they also typically view the Zionist movement as a diversion from the religious pursuits they are called to. Within Israel their secular countrymen view them as a 5th column that refuses to participate in military service and typically milks the public welfare system while studying the Talmud and making as many babies as possible.[2]

Orthodox Jews will make Aliyah out of necessity, but only if pushed. In a country where a third do not believe in God and only a minority believe the Torah was given to the Jews by God, the Orthodox view the Zionist project as sinfully misguided. The State of Israel is well aware that Israel needs soldiers to survive the Age of Instability,[3] not Talmudic scholars.

Zionists are what Israel obviously needs. The Jewish diaspora is full of Zionists who won’t leave their comfortable lives for Israel. Again, refer to the film Defamation, where Yoav Shamir’s grandmother, descended from one of the early settlers, criticizes Jews who remain outside of Israel. “Why would they come here and work for money, if they can make money there without working? . . .  Lending money at high rates, selling liquor, selling wine. . . . Are they waiting for another Hitler to come and kill them before they run away?” For these Jews the decision is simply a cost-benefit analysis. The departure of Jews from the Former Soviet Union (FSU) illustrates this point and will be explored in Part 2.

Israel is now the second largest market for venture capital and has more companies quoted on the NASDAQ than any country other than the US. Furthermore, one often hears from Israelis that despite the threat of terrorism, they are safer there than in almost any of the 20 urban centers where 80% of the Diaspora lives. The pull factors should be better than ever, but push factors are not present in the G8 countries which contain 88% of the Diaspora, apart from Russia.

Today’s Bolsheviks have divided into several strands of Pied Pipers, still promising a post-Christian utopia, whether Cultural Marxist, Randian, etc. They are often critics of Israel’s policies and are simply not made of the same stuff as Moshe Dayan or Yoav Shamir’s 90-year-old grandmother who worked on a Kibbutz. For a White Nationalist however, particularly in a country that is not totally at the mercy of Neo-Con Foreign Policy Diktats, this is the bloc within the Hebrew people whose departure would be most welcome. This group is least likely to suffer anti-Semitic attacks because they are least likely to wear religious or political paraphernalia that alerts their potential attackers to their ethnicity. They are also the group most integrated into the leadership of the Left. Since the Left is the source of most anti-Semitic violence in our time, their political engagements act as armor. While the push and pull factors are least present in this group, they are the most likely to self-destruct through low fertility and inter-marriage.

These three categories overlook some blurring. The Zionist Settlers and the followers of Meir Kahane are driven by religion and dedication to Israel. White Nationalists often complain about Jews who promote both support for Israel and culture destruction in the US. The truth is most public intellectuals and “philanthropists” will strongly support one and fail to criticize the other. However, for the most part these categories remain relevant.

Israel, the Future of the Jewish People

As of 2010 Israel contained 42.5% of the world’s Jews (5.7m of 13.4m).[4] Israel is the only place in the world where births outnumber deaths in the Jewish community. The Jewish Community’s population in the US is stable and everywhere else is in decline, often terminal decline. Within this decade Israel will have a majority of the world’s Jewish youth. The demographics of Europe’s Jews will be explored in more detail in Part 2. As Jewish youth concentrates in Israel, Zionism will become more normative than it already is. The agenda of international organized Jewry will be more Israel-centric, and the survival of Israel will take precedence over the “local” concerns of the Diaspora.

Human Resources, the Real Arms Race between the Jordan and the Mediterranean[5]

The Palestinians have unsurprisingly maintained a Traditional, pyramid-shaped demographic profile much longer than their modern, economically developed neighbors. Since the Yom Kippur War, however, the natality rate (Total Fertility Rate or births per woman) has dropped from 6 to 4.7 children. The Separation Wall redrew the map of Israel’s “67 Borders” in a desperate attempt to maintain the Jewish population at 80% in the long term. For all lands West of the Jordan there is nearly a 3:2 ratio of Jews to Arabs, and depending on the source, Jews will become a minority in 2013 to 2016.[6] Between 2025 and 2030, Jews will become a minority in Israel and the West Bank (excluding Gaza where settlers have been removed). The recent anti-black race riots, and the explicit support for the rioters by Netanyahu, have proven that an assimilation strategy is not an acceptable defense against the Palestinian demographic threat either among the political elite or “Jewish Street.” This is certainly not the first time Israel has faced dire demographic numbers. The last time was only three decades ago, and the support for Land for Peace rose to a crescendo in the 1990s. Israel depended on Aliyah to maintain Israel’s Jewish and Democratic character.

Land for Peace or Aliyah

In the 1980s and 1990s Israel was much less bellicose than today out of necessity. The survival of a Jewish, Democratic state seemed unlikely in the long term. Jewish natality was following the same downward trend of other developed countries, and Palestinian natality was much higher than today. Land for Peace was the order of the day. Then a solution came in the form of Russian Jews. One million people moved to Israel after the fall of the Soviet Union, sometimes out of a desire to join their fellow Jews but more often to improve their economic prospects in a country with nice weather. Israel traded American missile secrets to the Russians in exchange for the safe passage of its Jews. (Jonathan Pollard, an American-born employee of the DoD, remains in jail for passing this info along to an AIPAC agent.)

Israel was in such dire need that they overlooked the fact that at least 1 in 5 FSU immigrants were economic refugees who were not Jews. These Russians became more Zionist than the Likudniks, with a reliable history of military service and support for Israel Beiteinu Party, a party that has markedly less regard for the Human Rights of Arabs than any Israeli political group outside of the followers of Meir Kahane.

The arrival of Russian Jews after the fall of the FSU came at a critical point in Israel’s recent history without which Israel would not have the leverage to undertake the settlement project and to abandon the negotiation table. Without that, there would be no second Intifada and probably no rise of Hamas. And of course, without another wave of Aliyah, Israel will have to depend on natural growth, which is concentrated in the Orthodox (Haredi) Community, to counter future pressures between the social contract and the territorial aspirations of Israel.

Israel’s Fifth Column

Recent Haredi protest against military service in Jerusalem

Looking to the Haredi community, with its high natality, as a source of stability for Israel is not the best idea. Every revolutionary regime has those segments of the population which are irreconcilable with the New Order. Make no mistake, Zionism is revolutionary, not in terms of taking control of the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan away from the Muslims, but in the terms of its conception of each Jew’s relationship to the land “promised to them by God” and the covenant involved in this bargain. With that in mind, the politics of Jerusalem is perhaps more of a threat to the legitimacy and stability of the state than the politics of Gaza or the West Bank. Few outside observers realize that this tension between secular and religious Jews is at the forefront of Israeli politics.

In the summer of 2011 Tel Aviv had its own “Occupy” movement inspired by those in the US, though perhaps a bit more upscale. Many of the secular middle class had been hit by the economic crisis that they did not leave for vacation. While the leaders of the movement limit themselves to protesting the cost of living and demanding affordable housing for secular Jews, the interviews with participants often show that the economy is less important than issues of security and war.

The secular middle class is footing the bill for the more politically cohesive Orthodox, in this case the Haredi, who refuse military service and receive a disproportionate amount of welfare, and the Settlers, whom they view as violent extremists who require billions in support to subsidize and defend. More housing and construction subsidies are only possible by balancing spending toward the secular community. (It is notable that the respected demographer Sergio Della Pergola has found that the correlation between new housing starts and Aliyah is higher than most other measurable variables.) In terms of both participation and popular support, this Occupy-style protest was far more successful than its American counterparts.

Here are several examples of the flashpoints of tension with the Haredi. In Jerusalem, public buses are segregated by sex to avoid unintended physical contact and are a center of focus in Israel’s internal battle over its identity. The Supreme Court, an abomination to the Orthodox since its rulings make no reference to Halakhic Law, outlawed private segregated buses to the chagrin of the Orthodox. Buses are often pelted with rocks by young boys as they pass through Orthodox neighborhoods on Saturdays. Intel and automated public parking garages faced protests when they planned to run 7 days per week. And amongst themselves, the Ashkenazi Haredi protested the desegregation of their schools, allowing Sephardic Haredi to enter, because the Sephardic Haredi girls don’t cover their forearms and calves. In May of 2012, 65,000(!) Haredi rallied against “The Internet.” This is not a group accustomed to compromise or prioritizing logic or sustainability.

Haredi will soon reach 1 million in Israel. They already represent 10% of the population but 1 in 4 live births. This means that in 2030, without any change in Aliyah rates, while Jews will still outnumber Arabs within Israel (excluding Gaza and the West Bank) 1 in 4 young men of fighting age cannot be counted on for military service, putting the balance precariously close if not completely to the side of the Arabs. This challenge is ignored in the cheerleading demographic reports of Yakov Faitelson or former Ambassador Yoram Ettinger (whose reports are more for mass consumption). Those who run Israel are not so foolish. Integrating these Haredi into military service has become a priority, but  little progress has been made so far.

At the creation of the State of Israel, the Status Quo Agreement was set up to divide religious and secular power between the Orthodox (often anti-Zionists) and the Zionists (often Secular Jews). Included in this agreement was the exemption from military service given to young Haredi men whose primary occupation was the study of the Torah, at the time 400 students. In 2007, 11% of males avoided military service under this law. In the same year, 36% of women avoided military service on religious grounds (more than half of these are probably Orthodox who are pro-Zionist). A back of the envelope estimate is that this avoidance rate grows by 0.3 to 0.5% per year and may be applied to the CIA’s estimate that about 60,000 each of males and females reach military age each year. So 400 draft avoiders has become 6,000 in an army stretched to the limit by the manning of checkpoints and the need for constant vigilance.

The Supreme Court ruled that the Status Quo regarding the military draft will expire in August 2012. Again the Haredi are taking to the streets by the thousands.[7]While civil society is lining up behind policy of drafting the Haredi, the Likud-led government depends on a coalition including Israel Beiteinu (a secular party to the right of Likud and dominated by Russian emigrés) who promised to end the double standard on military service, and Shas (a Sephardic Haredi party) that is against conscription of Haredi, who bring 12.5% and 9% of seats, respectively.[8]

Netanyahu is endangering his Premiership by pursuing this policy. He would not do this if he did not see an existential need for this change. Considering the demographic situation, this is the last chance to make such changes, particularly if non-Zionist Ashkenazi Haredi ever abandon their abstention from voting. There is little reason to hope that this will fix Israel’s demographic crisis. Clearly, they will have to depend most heavily on Aliyah to solve this problem. The question is where from and how will Israel promote Aliyah to avoid the end of the Jewish and Democratic State.


1. This is a play on words: Trotsky (a nom de guerre that represents his rejection of Orthodoxy in favor of revolution) and Bronstein (those family members who kept the old faith).

2. For the two weeks following the onset of menstruation ALL physical contact is prohibited and separate beds are maintained. At the end of this waiting period, which corresponds to the onset of ovulation, the wife takes a purifying bath, and it is a sin if the couple does not have sex that same day.

3. This is the CIA’s phrase covering approximately 2010 to 2030 in which the Muslim world passes through a Youth Bulge before reaching a stable population. This may be altered if the Arab Spring governments can reverse fertility decline in the Maghreb (in Tunisia and Libya it has already reached US/EU levels) and the Levant thus overcoming the US-NATO efforts at economic development and civil rights (which have a eugenic effect that all wise White Nationalists should applaud).

4. World Jewish Population 2010, edited by Sergio Della Pergola, et al.;

6. The Politics of Palestinian Demography by Yakov Faitelson;

8. The Netzah Yehuda Battalion was created in 1999 in an attempt to create a Haredi-friendly form of military service. This “battalion” only has 1,000 soldiers, a very poor showing considering that the Haredi men should represent 5 to 10% of the conscripts if forced to participate. It was noted by the New York Times for its destruction of livestock and other civilian property during the Invasion of Lebanon. It is not clear to this officer how “Orthodox” it really is, since soldiers are clean-shaven in promotional photos. It seems that many of its volunteers are drawn from abroad and do not come from the Israeli Haredi who have a history of distrust for the Zionist Project.

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  1. phil white
    Posted August 9, 2012 at 10:53 am | Permalink

    I understand some young Amish fought on the Federal side in the American civil war because, being idealistic as typical in youth they thought it the right thing to do.
    Similarly I expect young Orthodox in Israel will decide to do military service if they sense Israel is pressured. Also people radically re-examine their philosophy when they find their backs are to the wall.
    Ten years ago Israel could count on the autocratic or secular dictatorships in the Arab countries to protect Israel from any concerted effective Arab on slot. The dictators needed to keep Israel there as a place to divert the anger of the Arabs and away from the dictatorships. The situation was rather like that of Taiwan versus the PRC. Taiwan serves the same purpose for the Red Chinese dictatorship.
    Since the Arab Spring that fortunate circumstance for Israel is in doubt.

  2. Basileus
    Posted August 9, 2012 at 11:29 am | Permalink

    The Euro Left still is heavily Jewish in the leadership roles, especially in Britain and France: Pierre Moscovici, Laurent Fabius and Vincent Peillon are in the French Cabinet, without mention that the infamous DSK could have been President by now if was not the NYC fiasco.

    In Britain we have the Ed Miliband as the Labour leader.

    Needs to happen a major reversal.

  3. Justin Huber
    Posted August 9, 2012 at 3:06 pm | Permalink

    I can’t say that I read much of this article other than the first and last paragraphs. As for the Jews voluntarily leaving Europe to go to Israel, I wouldn’t hold my breath. The only way they’d ever do that is if somebody put a gun to their head. The last I looked, Israel didn’t exactly have a lot of spare living space.

    • Razvan
      Posted August 10, 2012 at 12:30 am | Permalink

      Indeed. As a matter of fact I suppose it is exactly the opposite to the article thesis.

      There are governmental plans to import jews into Europe in the eventuality of a nuclear with Iran – heard it on TV when an official spilled the beans. Many jews are getting back to Europe. I don’t have a percentage but it is visible. At least in Romania. I never saw a rabbi in my life till last year. They already have their neighborhoods and they are building new ones. I also saw some official lists with new Romanian citizens – of course those lists where chocked full of jewish names.

      I am afraid that the article is mere wishful thinking.

      • Patrick Le Brun
        Posted August 10, 2012 at 3:24 am | Permalink

        I think you will both be pleasantly surprised by data presented in Part 2. I do not go into specifics about the Romanian Jewish Community because it is so small and there is less recent data in the World Jewish Population Survey, so I’ll include some data here.

        While the Romanian Census estimated their population at 6,179 in 2002, it was revised to 9,700 for the same year by Israeli demographers (with low confidence in accuracy). The “enlarged community” which includes the non-Jewish family members is 18,000 reflects their high intermarriage and low identification, typical in former communist countries. Aliyah is in the low double digits each year. The age structure of Romanian Jews was already in terminal stage in 1979 with 74% over 45 years old and only 5% under 15 years old.
        Here is an overview in the terminal drop in Romania’s Jewish Population:
        1945 428,312
        1960 200,000
        1970 70,000
        1980 33,000
        1990 17,000
        2002 9,700
        Unfortunately, I don’t have newer information.

        A nuclear attack on Israel is just propaganda; Iran knows that Israel can destroy their country in a second strike (see Anthony Cordesman’s War Game). Furthermore, a nuclear attack on the city of Jerusalem by a Muslim power is not possible for religious reasons. Iranian nukes would simply draw a redline beyond which Israel cannot cross (previously, Israel’s only limits were defined by its own capability and not its enemies’ responses). Can Israel repeat its invasion of Lebanon if there is a nuclear-armed hegemonic counterbalancing power in the region?
        If there are Jewish refugees in Romania created by an Iranian war, they are more likely to come from Western and Central Europe. Arabs and Turks will make these countries unlivable for many Jews. Will the ~20,000 Turks or several thousand Syrians or Persians do the same in Romania? I don’t know Romania well enough to answer that.
        If there is a Nuclear war though and Israel uses the Samson Option (taking out European Capitols with their nukes), it won’t be only the Arabs in Europe that the diaspora will have to worry about.

      • Razvan
        Posted August 10, 2012 at 5:18 am | Permalink

        Mr. Le Brunn, I really hope that you are right. What you say is the logical and moral thing to do for any people. I also can’t wait the second part.

        My opinion was based on some direct experiences.
        I know some cases of jews that went to Israel in the eighties or in the nineties (as kids) only to return in the last years.

        It was Vadim Tudor, then senator and the head of senatorial commission for defense that stated on TV that he and his colleagues had a discussion with some israeli generals, saying that “Romania is ready to accept as many jews as they were before the WWII, we are already planing on it”. It was few years ago (2005 or 2006), and most probably as an EU precondition and secret clause for Romania’s admission into EU.

        I also saw a list with the new Romanian citizens, published by the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry on it’s own website. It was indeed full of jewish names. It will be interesting to find something similar from other countries – especially Russia.

        I might be wrong, but I think that the israelis are preparing a second strategy if they will not be able to hold on Israel. Everything still holds only due to US man power, knowledge and money. Without it there will be no Israel.

        If there will be a major change in the American politics, one might foresee an intense jewish courtship toward Russia and even Germany.

        A small selection of disparate articles suggesting it (pure propaganda, but why?):

        It doesn’t look that they are ready to fight and die to hold Israel. They look as they are preparing to change “sides” and of course to live well on others expense.

  4. David
    Posted August 10, 2012 at 2:42 am | Permalink

    Israel cannot win.

    I actually think that they can keep the Occupation going for a long time, if not decades. Arabs don’t care that much about the Palestinians other than to bash Jews. Most Palestinians still live in impoverished refugee camps in Jordan, for example. Decades after they’ve been there. Some are 3rd generation.

    What will get Israel is interior demographics.

    Among primary school children, 50 % are either Haredi or Arab(according to Israel’s most respected think tank, the Taub Center.).

    Taub center also focuses on PISA school scores.
    They don’t count Haredi at all.
    Jews-only inside Israel are below every single country, even Greece(which is more or less like Turkey ethnically speaking).

    Arabs are closer to Kazakhstan than Greece. And Haredim often are not even taught math at all(they all just study the Torah).

    Now Haredim are actually very smart, because they are Ashkenazi. Remember, the greatest Jewish achievers have almost always been Ashkenazi, often born in Orthodox homes.

    However, Ashkenazi/Mizrahi(Arab Jews) intermarriage has dulled the IQ potential for the secular types. And even if the ‘purity’ so to speak within the Haredi population is greater, the world moves so fast now and is so complex that you can’t just ‘pick up’ things out of nowhere. Nations now need advanced nuclear technology, lasers, optics and advance computional algorithms. These things take years upon years to learn. Even if you’re mathematically smart, you still need a lot more time. It isn’t like the Jews of the medieval old, where you just pick up a business selling something.

    Mizrahi Jews have an IQ of 93-94. Ethiopian Jews have an IQ which is even lower. Secular Ashkenazi is the single strongest demographic group because they are very similar to Jews in Europe. And that’s why the Russians who came to Israel where very highly educated and thanks to them, as well as massive aid from both the U.S: government each year as well as diaspora Jewry, Israel’s tech miracle took off.

    Still, according to the Taub center, Israel’s PISA scores are below every single OECD nation in 2009. And again, that’s discounting Haredim. And furthermore, their employment stats are not great.

    Anyone who lives in America knows that the people who dropped out of the labor force has depressed the unemployment rate a lot. Well, Israel is similar.
    You instead take something called ’employment-to-population rate’ for prime age workers. Israel was right up there with the G7 up until the 1970s, after which it has declined. The Russians were a one-shot boost.

    The same is true of the PISA scores. Israel was actually right up there with the G7 up until 1970s, when the Mizrahi children started to enter the school system en masse.

    The demographic winter which is gutting secular Ashkenazis via intermarriage, the cultural/educational weakness which is hindering Haredim(in a modern world, mind you) as well as the massive increase of Arab school children in primary kindergarten age(they are now between 27 to 30 % of all primary schoolchildren, ages 10 and below) means that Israel needs massive immigration.

    They did it in the early 90s. And they have the benefit of a diaspora which helps them slavishly. There are actually banks in the US who have nothing else in their role than to facilitate Israeli companies getting to NASDAQ or getting funded. And on top of all this, 3 billion in US aid, which keeps increasing.

    Still, demographics is destiny.

    Actually, non-Orthodox Jewry in America has a fertility rate of 1.4 children per woman and an intermarriage rate of about 50 %.

    The only thing that has kept American Jewry is the immigration of Russian Jews(most went to Israel but a substantial minority went to America. Also, a lot of Russian Jews who went to Israel first have later immigrated to America) as well as the massive birthrates of Orthodox Jews, primarily ultra-Orthodox Jews.

    Just a few months ago, the Jewish Federations of New York released a demographic report on New York Jewry. If you only look at the City alone, there are over a million Jews within the City itself.
    Among those under the age of 18, a stunning 74 % were ultra-Orthodox.
    If you look at newborn only, it’s over 80 %.

    The study looked at 3 boroughs outside the city too, the suburbs, and then the ultra-Orthodox share of those under the age of 18 declined to a ‘mere’ 68 %.
    But the suburbs are often older Jews, not infrequently secular Jews whose children have already gone out in the world.

    Of course, the NYC metro area isn’t everything, but it still represents a considerate amount of all America’s Jews(1/3 of the entire American population).

    A conservative estimate is that of all newborn Jewish babies, 40-50 % are Orthodox, and perhaps 25-30 % are ultra Orthodox. And this is conservative. On top of this, you have intermarriage which drains away even more.

    It’s easy to see why Jews are paranoid about demographics if you do your homework.
    Most will not talk about the demographic winter taking place in Israel due to the weaker Mizrahi/Sephardic/Ethopian dominance(because that would upset the balance).

    To save Israel demographically, they need to make sure a large amount of Haredi Jews become secular at an early age, as well as promote massive immigration.

    However, the trend has been reverse. Religious forces are only getting stronger.This pushes up the birthrate(which is an impressive 3 children per woman), but that in of itself is misleading because it doesn’t take into account quality. African countries have 4-5 children per woman but they are still dirt poor.

    The other trend is increasing amounts of young, secular and educated Ashkenazi Jews, the kind of intellectual elite you need, are immigrating in higher numbers. The biggest irony is that Berlin, of all places, have proven to be a favourite hotspot. Some estimate that up to 400,000 Israeli Jews, most of whom are young, secular and educated, hold German passports due to the ethnicity laws(if you’re a descendant of a Holocaust victim/survivor, you can get a German passport).

    What’s holding the Israelis back to the negotiating table isn’t only ideology but also a realization that a serious effort would most likely fail, and then violence could increase, making further young Jews just giving up.

    Aliyah to Israel is very low, 2-3000 per year.

    Still, we need Israel. Becomes it’s already an Apartheid state. And the more it tries to defend itself, and the indefensible, the more effort you get from Jews abroad, which forces them to use raw power in defence of something ethnocentric.

    You can’t hide behind terms like ‘human rights’ anymore. The ethnocentrism is now naked. Just look at a guy like Adelson. This trend will only strengthen, giving further exposure. Soon the ‘delegitimization of Israel’ will give way to ‘delegitimization of Jewry’ as diaspora Jews desperately tries to defend a state far worse than Aparthied South Africa in liberal terms.

    People are also really fucking tired of wars in the Middle East. Both Dems and Reps.

    I don’t worry that much, to be honest, about them. I worry far more about the whites, many who support idiotic causes like trying to stop abortion or funding some Christian fundies or giving money to pro-plutocratic think tanks, organizations etc.

    If the Koch Brothers gave money to pro-European interests and people like them, we’d solve our problems very quickly.

    We need to focus much more on our own interior issues.
    And there’s good signs. According to a recent survey of young millenials, 55 % of all whites said that ‘discrimination of whites is as big of a problem, if not bigger of that of discrimination of blacks’.

    This is pretty huge. Decades of PC propaganda has not done a lot. One thing I know, Republicans get less than 40 % of the white young vote(some even say under 35 %).

    So that means a substantial minority of young, white liberal voters believe this too. And that’s in spite of everything. If they would start getting immersed in a careful and mild pro-European culture/setting, the percentages would increase rapidly. I think that true PC/Multiculturalists are probably less than 20 % if not even below that.

    I think the coming economic meltdown will only further this, as people start getting disillusioned.

    If Obama wins this fall, as I expect, then guess how well even more mass immigration/mass amnesty will be received?

    Still, just having good conditions is not enough. They need a good alternative too. An intelligent, cultured and sane alternative. And thus far, that’s hard to come by, at least in significant numbers.

    And that’s our job.

  5. White Republican
    Posted August 10, 2012 at 5:11 am | Permalink

    In his book Convergence of Catastrophes, which has recently been published by Arktos, Guillaume Faye argues that Israel is doomed for demographic and political reasons. The high Arab birthrate and the low Jewish birthrate makes the existing apartheid system unviable in the long run. Faye argues that the solution would be the ethnic partition of Israel (i.e. the “two-state solution” of “two states for two peoples”), which would make a “fortress Israel” strategy viable, but this is politically impossible. Jewish hardliners will not give up their dream of a “greater Israel” even if it is impossible and ultimately suicidal. There’s a real possibility that they may eventually exercise what Seymour Hersh called “the Samson option.”

  6. David
    Posted August 10, 2012 at 1:39 pm | Permalink

    The thing is though, WR, that 70 % of Israel is now non-white.

    And even among Ashkenazi, most of the newborn are of extremist ultra-orthodox Jews.

    Secular Ashekanzi Jews, the backbone of the intellectual stream within World Jewry, are disappearing with stunning speed in Israel both due to lower birth rates as well as to intermarriage which is now at 40 % or so between secular Ashkenazi and secular Mizrahi.

    So if Jews immigrate to the Western world, they will be far more foreign due to the fact that Israel already today, at least among it’s young, is far more Arab than European.

    This will also make it harder for Ashkenazi American Jewry to support it, especially as Israel continues on it’s religious right-wing turn and while the secular left, which is the dominant theme in American Jewry, is now completely obsolete inside Israel.

    Only 25 % in Israel identify with the left according to a recent Haaretz article. And among youths, it’s even lower. That is pretty extraordinary, since young people tend to be more left. Imagine how this generation of Israeli Jews will be when they’re 50? If they even get to that.

    The biggest threat to Israel isn’t the Occupation(although it’s a major problem) nor external enemies. It’s the changing demographics, and the lowering of intellectual achievement and cultural closeness with the diaspora.

    White intermarriage in the States is 9 %. And that includes intermarriage with white Jews, Asians etc.
    Dysgenic intermarriage is probably around 5 % give or take a percentage point.

    Now imagine if we had a 45-50 % intermarriage rate with blacks. Not blacks with us, but we with them. (Of course, we’d have to massively import wives and husbands from Africa in the tens of millions, but this is for a thought experiment only).

    This is the equivalent of what the Ashkenazi are doing in Israel. Sure, Mizrahi have higher IQs(around 94 or so), but they’re still very poor in intellectual achievement.

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