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Twin Towers & Evil Twins

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On September 11, 2001, I was only a couple months out of high school, a couple months into my first marriage, and a couple months into my job at Radio Shack. My co-worker and I had our dozens of display televisions turned on, each one set to a different channel. I was a thousand miles away, but I felt the experience in my own chaotic and panoramic way. I was a thousand miles away, but experienced as much fear and anger as if it had happened to my hometown.

I remember the chill that came over me when my dad woke me up with a phone call and stated with uncharacteristic dread that “Son, our nation is under attack.” I shot up out of bed and peered out the window of my mold-rotted mustard yellow trailer, half-expecting to see Russian paratroopers descending on my trailer park. While the first blow was struck before I was awake, I experienced the terror of seeing the second jet strike the second tower in real-time. The surreal vision of a jumbo jet piercing through the tower made my blood run cold, and tears welled up in my eyes.

I called my co-worker and we both agreed to arrive at Radio Shack early in anticipation of a rush. We were quickly sold out of batteries, flashlights, and wind-up radios. Well, actually, we hid all but two of those in the stockroom. The gas station around the corner was jammed with cars, with more cars spilling out into the road. The price on the sign was $5.00, which was considered gouging at the time. We didn’t realize at the time that our small town was one of only a few throughout the Midwest that had that sort of run on gasoline on 9/11. From our vantage point, it appeared that the whole country was unraveling.

As the days passed, the events were contextualized and gradually digested. Policy wonks, cable news pundits, and pop culture icons feasted on it like maggots on a carcass. The feeling of absolute terror was replaced with a bored eye-roll. This epic world-historic event has since been beaten into the ground. Every single group along the political spectrum found a way to cram the event into whatever worldview they had held on 9/10. Every overwrought political video includes stock footage of the towers coming down. Every overheated argument boiled down to 9/11, challenging the Führer himself as the reductionist pseudo-intellectual’s bogeyman. It wasn’t really until 2008 that 9/11 finally jumped the shark, the last trace of America’s patience for mawkishness beaten into the ground by Rudy Giuliani‘s humiliating presidential campaign.

I have sympathy for the tens of thousands of people who suffered personal tragedies at the hands of Osama Bin Laden’s fanatical reverse-imperialists, but it belongs in context. Several times more Whites were killed last year by Blacks in America’s simmering one-sided race war than have been killed by all the Islamic terrorist attacks on Americans combined. I hesitate to minimize anybody’s tragic loss, but I’m left with no choice but to demand some perspective when these same couple thousand corpses are paraded around year after year by warmongers and assorted hucksters attempting to milk yet more political capital from their pulverized remains.

But since I was asked, and since it’s a special anniversary, I’ll briefly offer my own opinion on the event.

I’m opposed to Islamism as a movement because it’s intrinsically globalist, anti-tribal, and anti-White. While Al Qaeda is primarily fueled at the grassroots level by righteous traditionalist and nationalist currents, still Al Quaeda, its Wahhabi religious school, and Islam in general, are anti-traditional imperial political machines.

Both global Islamism and global capitalism are twin evils, sinister modern political machines exploiting and oppressing the tribes and traditions of their host populations.

Bin Laden’s Islamism is nearly as decadent as global capitalism and global Marxism. Yes, in case you missed it: I believe Al Qaeda is a bit less evil than Sean Hannity and Christopher Hitchens.

In Hitchens’ recent screed, Simply Evil, he congratulated himself and his godless global capitalist cabal for being morally superior to the Islamic radicals, casually ignoring the fact that his team’s pile of dead children is a mountain beside the molehill of corpses the Al Qaeda network and its satellites can claim. In a spell of unintended irony, he managed to explain why his opponent’s network is doomed by its own internal contradictions without pausing to realize that “our” civilization is choking to death on the same poison.

Ten years ago I wrote to a despairing friend that a time would come when al-Qaida had been penetrated, when its own paranoia would devour it, when it had tried every tactic and failed to repeat its 9/11 coup, when it would fall victim to its own deluded worldview and—because it has no means of generating self-criticism—would begin to implode. The trove recovered from Bin Laden’s rather dismal Abbottabad hideaway appears to confirm that this fate has indeed, with much labor on the part of unsung heroes, begun to engulf al-Qaida. I take this as a part vindication of the superiority of “our” civilization, which is at least so constituted as to be able to learn from past mistakes, rather than remain a prisoner of “faith.”

“Our” civilization has no means of self-criticism. It isn’t learning from past mistakes—it’s doubling down on all of them! We borrow ourselves into a corner, then try to borrow our way out of that corner. We flood our nation with a torrent of Third World immigrants, then try to solve the ensuing poverty and decline with more enticements for more immigrants. We meddle in the Islamic world until enough people on the “Arab street” are furious enough to enable Bin Laden’s scheme to bring the war over here, then respond by meddling that much harder in the Islamic world. This car has no brakes. There is no feedback loop. We’re all hostages to a secular “faith” which is even more ridiculous than Osama’s rank superstition because its claims are both falsifiable and proven false.

Bin Laden may have died just short of the anniversary, but he died a winner. Like a talented Internet troll, he constructed a conceptual frame with 9/11 that his hapless opponents mindlessly stumbled right into. He demonstrated with the same confidence of Benjamin Franklin with his kite that America’s war machine can only destroy and—being completely incapable of replacing what it destroys with anything sustainable—will eventually exhaust itself in the Sisyphean task of trying to buy and bomb their way to victory over men and women with traditional hearts and transcendent ideals.

Al Qaeda isn’t winning in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya. The men who are winning are the traditional people who are fighting for their nations and religion. Bin Laden instigated a fight between global capitalism and traditional tribes, and the team he was rooting for won. Who would have thought at the beginning of this decade that America’s military-industrial machine was no match for impoverished desert tribesmen? Therein lies the genius of his strategy. Bin Laden’s victory hasn’t been completely realized yet, but he’s bled trillions from our treasuries, and we have nothing but humiliation and defeat to show for it. Our elites are running out of options. They are losing the patience of the American population they rely upon for their supplies of legitimacy, wealth, and dead soldiers.

Bin Laden attacked my country and his death was a victory for us. But the only true victory will come when the international bankers and Jewish cosmopolitans who are the implacable enemies of all humanity are defeated and deposed. Only then, after the traditional American people regain control of their destiny, will the traditional people of the Islamic world find peace and relief from this “American” aggression. We White Americans are considered among the foremost enemies of the world because we’re the most visible and powerful puppets of the global elites. It’s why we were attacked.

Some folks, including some racialists and nationalists–namely Anders Breivik–believe we should unite against Islam as our foremost opponent in response to 9/11, other terrorists attacks, and the ongoing Islamic invasion of Europe. This is a dangerous distraction which will only play into the hands of our true enemies. Our true enemies are the Jews and corporate cronies at the helm of Western Civilization. With them deposed and authentic and indigenous tradition-directed leadership at the helm, we’ll have the power and will to expel our hostile invaders, balance our bankrupt budgets, empower our struggling workers, and invigorate our barren families.

The attack on the World Trade Center was an attack on both the American people and their leaders. We, the American people, can and will recover from the attack. Our leaders; however, were dealt a body blow and led into a trap. For that reason (and with the utmost respect for the good people whose lives were tragically cut short), I believe 9/11 will ultimately prove to have been a turning point in the right direction for Western Civilization. The final victors of the fight Bin Laden kicked off ten years ago will be neither our greedy global capitalists nor his barbaric global Islamists, but the traditional peoples of both the East and West who will emerge after both evil empires have been defeated.

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  1. Posted September 8, 2011 at 9:41 am | Permalink

    Inspiring! Every paragraph has a gem that would make an excellent slogan! Which is to say, I agree with everything above!

  2. Posted September 8, 2011 at 9:58 am | Permalink

    Thanks Matt for this piece: a voice of sanity among so much nonsense I see in other white nationalist sites.

  3. Posted September 8, 2011 at 1:25 pm | Permalink

    Belarus once had a population which was over 10% Jewish. Now its Jewish population is negligible. Why? They are no longer dominant or welcome there. There are more beneficial places for them to go. Given the undesirable and depressing state of Israel, I suspect Argentina and Brazil will become migration magnets once the proper West gets politically and economically uncomfortable for them.

    I’m not a king of anything, and likely never will be. But to indulge you, I’ll wear the crown for a moment and decree that Avalon (Northwest Republic, with a less ugly name) will only grant citizenship to White Americans. Those who do not belong to our ethnic nationality will have a status similar to illegal immigrants, with tough enforcement on employers and businesses against transacting with them. The enforcement will be relatively passive but consistent, with an eye toward reducing the effectiveness of anti-Avalonian propaganda pumped out of the polished and powerful new studios in Buenos Aires or wherever.

    If we play it intelligently, the blockades and other measures to economically strangle us will have a tertiary effect of driving out those who do not belong to our ethnicity and don’t support our cause. While I theoretically support defending our homeland “by any means necessary”, a review of the math and history indicates that the best means are relatively boring and benign. The “honest” truth is that we will need to promote positive relations with the international community and won’t be able to afford to set ourselves up for vilification.

    We should allow neither our opponents outside our ranks nor intemperate radicals within our ranks to define the necessary actions in the most morbid possible terms. Perhaps morbid things will occur, but morbid things are liable to occur if we do nothing. Morbid things happen from time to time throughout history, and there’s nothing uniquely morbid about pursuing ethnic self-determination.

    We may well all gather up and prepare to defend our homeland, only to find that the regime is too exhausted and unstable to bother to stop us. We may pitch ourselves as the smart allies for China and Russia, nations which then pressure the regime to avoid a confrontation with us. America might become so economically emaciated that they leave on their own accord, with a sympathetic elite ascending to fill the leadership vacuum. It might well be a big nasty guerrilla warfare thing and so be it, but nobody actually knows.

  4. Lew
    Posted September 8, 2011 at 3:31 pm | Permalink

    Respectfully, I see no reason to go into details on that one. Jews hide their true agenda except, maybe, behind closed doors. They don’t talk about their end game. Why should we?

    • Posted September 9, 2011 at 3:50 am | Permalink


      The reason I feel compelled to speculate is because our enemies and zealots have constructed a frightful doomsday scenario for what’s going to happen if we win. As such, no realistic speculation could possibly be as damaging as what most people (even our own people) have been led to assume. I believe there’s added value in helping people envision a constructive path forward that they can look forward to.

  5. Posted September 8, 2011 at 4:19 pm | Permalink

    Matt, an excellent essay. I think your observation about bin Laden’s resemblance to an Internet troll – something I’ve never read or heard before – was brilliant. Also I think you’re right on the money in your analysis of al Qaeda and its significance.

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