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Murder in Dubai 
The Investigation

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Dahi Khalfan Tamim

Dahi Khalfan Tamim

The death from natural causes of an unknown foreign guest in a Dubai hotel room would have been the end of it had it not been for the unanticipated reaction of a tenacious Arab detective, Lt.-Gen. Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Chief of the Dubai Police Force—ultimately the key figure in this mystery.

Previously Tamim’s force had solved the high-profile 2007 “Pink Panther” jewelry robbery in Wafi City (the “Pink Panthers” is a gang of international jewel thieves), the murder of Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim in 2008, and the murder a few months later of former Chechen General Sulim B. Yamadayev.

Without Tamim, the massive investigation into Mabhouh’s death would not have taken place. The evidence needed to solve the case and expose the killers would never have been meticulously gathered, collated, and presented to the world for all to see. Teams were assigned to investigate, and within 24 hours of the body’s discovery police had begun tracing the killers’ identities. It is difficult to imagine another police chief anywhere in the world building such a damning public case against these particular killers.

Dubai police quickly discovered that the assassins had left clues: hotel, passport, phone, credit card, and transportation records; fingerprints and DNA evidence; and their recorded presence on incriminating CCTV (closed-circuit television) surveillance camera storage media.

“This assassination has given us a window into Mossad’s world and the way they operate,” Tamim later said. “We have learned more about their techniques, the disguises they use and their methods of spying.”

The CCTV Trail

Although Mossad was “very much aware of the CCTV in Dubai,” according to a well-informed Israeli source quoted by the London Times, it was “astonished at the ability of the Dubai police to reconstruct and assemble all the images into one account.”

Below are links to the complete 27 minutes of composite CCTV footage released by Dubai police to the international press. The clips appear to be the only ones online containing the government’s entire composite account of the affair. (A few western media outlets ran brief outtakes ranging from a few seconds to a minute or two in length.)

The original footage was supplied by the Media Office of the Dubai Government and posted by Gulf News to its website. Gulf News is a Dubai-based English language newspaper.

The important 27-minute segment (in 3 parts) tracing the arrival of the killers and their movements inside the hotel is from YouTube (the only place I was able to locate it), via a website called “Dubaisession.” Dubaisession’s clips were originally taken from Gulf News. If the same footage is still available on Gulf News’ site, it would be preferable to link to that.

Subsequently, police released a fourth, supplemental, clip (”Part 4? below) with information about additional suspects. Unlike the first three clips, the Dubaisession-YouTube clip of Part 4 can be directly compared to the Gulf News original from which it was derived, because the latter is still available at

The two clips are not identical. The difference in intelligibility is marked. The Gulf News audio track has an Arab narrator, with full English subtitles. These features are missing entirely from the YouTube-hosted footage, severely diluting its value. However, the video components of both clips appear to be identical.

“The Murder of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, 19 January 2010?

“Footage Supplied by the Media Office of the Dubai Government”


Part 1 (9 mins.) (Dubaisession-YouTube)

Part 2 (9 mins.) (Dubaisession-YouTube)

Part 3 (10 mins.) (Dubaisession-YouTube)

Shortly after release of the preceding footage, Dubai police released additional information about the killers, five of whom were Jewesses:

Part 4 (5 mins.) (Gulf News—scroll to bottom of article. The superior clip.)

Part 4 (5 mins.) (Dubaisession-YouTube. The inferior clip.)


The Jews were supplied with passports from numerous European countries. Nothing about the killers or their official documents was recognizably Jewish or Israeli.

“They were not fake passports,” veteran English foreign correspondent Robert Fisk noted. “They were real passports with fake names and pictures. The question is: Who provided the documents, the actual passports, to the Israelis? Were they stolen? Were they bought? Or was someone in the European security services saying, ‘Well, look, I know you need twelve passports. This is in return for information you gave us last week.’ Have the security and intelligence forces of the EU and other western governments gotten so close to Israeli security and intelligence forces that they’re actually handing over to them official documents that can be used in dark operations?”

Credit Cards

Team coordinator “Peter Elvinger’s” credit card was issued by DZ Bank of Frankfurt, Germany. One credit card was issued by Nationwide (UK) and two by UK-registered IDT Finance of Gibraltar.

Fourteen prepaid MasterCards used to pay for plane tickets and hotel rooms were traced to Storm Lake, Iowa’s MetaBank. The cards had been issued by MetaBank’s partner, New York City-based Payoneer, which has an R&D office in Tel Aviv, where Mossad headquarters is located. According to a report in Gulf News, Payoneer’s financiers, including Carmel Ventures and Crossbar Partners, have ties to Israel. Moshe Mor of Greylock Partners was formerly a military intelligence captain in the IDF.

“Outspoken Israeli patriot” Yuval Tal, Payoneer’s founder and head, appeared on Fox News in 2006 as an Israel Defense Force (IDF) “special ops commando.” But since the Mabhouh assassination, “Tal has been shielded by a wall of public relations representatives and does not respond to media requests for comments.” (“Hamas murder probe in Dubai: Who is Yuval Tal?” March 3, 2010. The article contains embedded video of Tal’s 2006 Fox News appearance.)[1]

On its website Payoneer says: “Our Standards: Payoneer is committed to meeting the highest standards in integrity, security, and privacy. We only service customers that operate legitimate and transparent businesses. US-based, we strictly comply with all applicable online payment regulations including KYC (Know Your Customer), BSA (Bank Secrecy Act), AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control). We are constantly improving our state-of-the art technology to assure customer authentication and privacy.”

By the Numbers

Airline flights taken: 56
Killers involved: 28
Hours of CCTV footage reviewed by Dubai police: 648

Cities visited by assassins and planners:
Hong Kong
Doha (Qatar)
Unnamed Iranian city.

Countries involved:
Austria: The communications command center for the kill.
Hong Kong
Iran: 2 killers traveled to Iran
The Netherlands
South Africa
Syria: The victim’s home.
United Arab Emirates (UAE): Site of the assassination.
United Kingdom
United States: 2 killers believed to have traveled to the US; most credit cards issued by US bank.

“Identify Their Traits, Accents, Body Language and Manners”

Gen. Tamim stressed that the dual nationals who claim their passport identities were stolen and used by the assassins were not necessarily victims: “They could be potential collaborators.”

He also announced that Dubai immigration officers would undergo intensive training to study Jewish people and identify their traits, accents, body language, and manners.

Jews: The Morally Different People (T-shirt boasting of killing pregnant Palestinian woman)

Above the Law

Jews reacted with jubilation to the news of the assassination.

They printed T-shirts boasting of the deed.

Israeli TV ads celebrating the murder were filmed in time for Passover at the end of March 2010—the Jewish holiday that commemorates the slaughter of the first-born children of Egypt.

The Cleveland, Ohio Jewish News exulted, “Murder in Dubai a job well done.”

Within less than a month of Tamim’s revelations, a global curtain of silence descended. The killing vanished completely from the headlines. There was no scandal, no outrage, no protests, no condemnatory media exposes—nothing.

Two arrests were made. Both suspects were Palestinians, alleged Israeli collaborators who provided logistical support to the death squad.

The rest of the murderers “will likely find themselves stuck at desk jobs at Mossad headquarters north of Tel Aviv for a while,” two Jewish “journalists” with ties to the Mossad write. “But eventually, they’ll return to missions in the field. As professionals, they’ll make sure to change their appearances and cover stories yet again.”


Dubai requires international assistance in its investigation if it is to have any hope of apprehending the killers.

The assassins were caught dead to rights. Locating and convicting them is not the problem; the evidence is there. But the governments that sent Ernst Zündel, Germar Rudolf, David Irving, and countless others to prison for their speech have done nothing and will do nothing in this case because the killers are Jews.[2]

“Israel will get away with this” Robert Fisk said. “There’s no doubt. That’s what they were working on the basis of, and that’s the way it will be.”

Beneath the hot desert sun of the Persian Gulf, a detective’s lone voice: “In the UAE it is rule of law that governs us, and if leaders of some countries give orders to their intelligence services to kill, this practice is rejected and is a crime in our laws, religion and Islamic traditions.”

But in the citadels of “democratic” Tel Aviv, New York, Washington, London, Dublin, Paris, Vienna, Bonn, Zurich, Brussels, and the United Nations, it’s business as usual.


1. The newspaper states that “Payoneer helps organize Birthright Israel trips, by providing debit cards for all travelers. Birthright is an Israeli charity that offers free trips to Israel for young Jews mostly from North America.”
2. Compare also CNN “national news” (the story made the top half of the front page of the New York Times and other establishment media as well): “Teen arrested in Wal-Mart racial announcement incident.” A 16-year-old NJ boy has been arrested on bias intimidation (”hate crime”) and harassment charges for announcing over the store’s loudspeaker, “All blacks need to leave the store.””Wal-Mart, the world’s largest public corporation, is working with law enforcement officials. ‘Whoever did this is wrong and acted in an inappropriate manner,’ Wal-Mart spokesman Lorenzo Lopez said. ‘Clearly this is unacceptable.’”

This kid, who may not even be white (although the hate crime charges suggest that he is) will be sanctimoniously preached at and criminally punished more severely than the racial assassins who murdered Mahmoud Mabhouh in cold blood—one of many such killings carried out in flagrant violation of international law over many decades.

TOQ Online, March 27, 2010

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  1. LEW
    Posted December 24, 2010 at 4:03 pm | Permalink

    When I saw this story in the news a while back, I remember thinking that when Jews decide they want someone dead the person is going to end up dead. Mabhouh must have been a very formidable adversary for Jews to go to all that trouble. It’s surprising Mabhouh did not do more to protect himself. Hamas puts forward a brave face in public, but their top leaders have to scared knowing that at any moment they could be murdered. A Iranian nuclear scientist was also assassinated in 2010. The Muslims should be commended for their courage in standing up to Israel and the American empire.

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