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Boycott the NFL & Do This Instead

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The NFL is 70% black and the NBA 75% black, and it’s time for white males to stop vicariously living out their dreams of being athletes through the actions of racial aliens who neither know them nor care about them.

Ideally, whites should participate in local sports instead of watching blacks do it on television or in stadiums. For example, I joined a basketball rec league. Our team isn’t all-white, but has about the reverse ratio of the NBA, or 3:1 white to black.

Of course, we can’t dunk or burn the net like NBA players can, but we enjoy the same sort of camaraderie they do. We experience the wins and losses. We feel the swings in momentum during games. The dismay at missed opportunities. The joy over coming through in the clutch. We witness firsthand the tragedy of seeing a player land awkwardly and hurt his knee and seriously damage it. (I would seriously recommend having the best possible health insurance if playing intramural sports.) We see roles become ironed out as difference-makers score a lot of points, hit last minute threes, and capitalize on fast breaks. Other players quietly situate into supporting roles. It’s better than high school because we’re not a bunch of kids flinching at the voice of a barking middle-aged coach but rather a group of men who decide things democratically. I can almost see the natural dynamic that must have prevailed in the Germanic Thing reasserting itself as we make the decisions as to who we’ll man up against, which type of defense to play, and how frequently we’ll sub in.

Of course, playing in an intramural league isn’t as easy as sitting back, chugging beer, and chomping on wings and pizza, but at the end of the day it’s far more rewarding. It certainly beats getting all agitated by a game on TV played by people unlike oneself.

I cited my experience of playing basketball, but your activity doesn’t need to be the same. It could be anything from billiards to horseback riding. The point is to get whites in the field of competition.

It should be noted that fantasy football doesn’t require that an individual experience camaraderie with others. Nor does it begin and end with the actions of whites since it rests largely on the actions of black professional athletes. Fantasy football takes whites out of the driver’s seat and leads to more NFL revenue, which is obviously contrary to the purpose of a boycott.

However, just because I’m calling for a boycott that doesn’t mean black athletes’ endeavors aren’t admirable in a certain sense. It really irks me when pot-bellied normies who’ve never played the game call players “a little bitch” for failing to compete on the professional level. Most people who’ve played the game have a respect for those who can’t make it at the professional or even collegiate-level.

I respect the players — particularly in the NFL, since it truly is a gladiatorial sport. Of course, they are not likely to die, but their injuries haunt them for the rest of their lives and they often must play through incredible pain. They also often must get all kinds of screws implanted in their joints so they can continue to play. For instance, Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis had a metal plate inserted in his forearm so he could play in Super Bowl 50.

I even respect the NFL player Michael Bennett for having a desire to perform an altruistic action on behalf of his race. It’s a shame that the (((media))) is misleading him to believe that, relative to other races, blacks are victims of police. Many would object that he likely has a dishonest “dindu nuffin” mentality, but I honestly think most blacks don’t understand, or care to understand, the statistics that refute their worldview. They react emotionally to national news events and therefore suffer from the spotlight fallacy, thanks to the (((national media’s))) biased focus on black deaths and lack of concern with white deaths.

When blacks do quote statistics, they often get them wrong. For instance, they cite that cops are 2.7 times more likely to shoot blacks than whites. But as Aedon Cassiel points out, it is because blacks have more encounters with police than whites do, since the former break the law more frequently. In fact, whites are more likely than blacks to be shot per police encounter.

According to the FBI blacks are more than four times more likely [1] to shoot and kill police than a combined group of whites and Hispanics. If we only counted non-hispanic whites, the difference might be higher. In sum, if there is a war between police and blacks, blacks are getting the better of police because 4 > 2.7.

Black cops are more likely to shoot perpetrators than white cops, suggesting the common denominator in an increased propensity towards violence among black people. Playing in the NFL requires aggression, and blacks are about five to six times more likely to make it to the NFL relative to their population size in the USA when compared with whites. NFL players ought to understand that the same things that makes many of them good on the field can lead to many of them behaving badly of it.

The reason for blacks’ problems with police is biological. Blacks have more testosterone on average, and scientists hypothesize that lower testosterone aided the development of civilization. Blacks are twice as likely to have at least one individual gene variant associated with violence. They also have fewer genes on average associated with intelligence. These traits are necessarily part of the black population, other things being equal.

If one combines higher testosterone, greater propensity towards violence, and lower reasoning ability with mental impairment from drug use, then one has a formula for greater likelihood of conflict, even in an all-black society. Greater levels of crime prevail in all-black nations, and it seems to be blacks have a lower potential for law-abidingness due to biological factors.

In spite of BLM supporters having an incorrect understanding of black-vs-police conflict, they are acting according to what appears to be a subconscious black racial instinct in handling rival groups. We have seen in the case of Zimbabwe and Haiti that the blacks envy the prosperity of whites to the extent that they depose them from power and abuse them in order to make them flee. Similarly, BLM supporters envy whites’ comparatively harmonious coexistence with the police and will likely alienate many of them from remaining sportsball fans. They have already pushed many whites away, as videos of fans burning NFL paraphilia attest.

The past experience of blacks with whites prove that diversity is ultimately a source of conflict, but many would object that diversity seems to be a strength in making NFL games more competitive. Granted, this seems to be true since the races specialize in the positions at which they’re best. Whites, being mentally faster but physically slower, often make the best quarterbacks and centers because those positions require the quickest reaction time and least amount of movement while blacks dominate movement-related positions. However, while blacks on average have certain physical comparative advantage which makes them able to contribute better to sports, this does not apply to most other life activities. Overall, they contribute more negatives to white society than positives.

While in a certain sense, it’s inspiring to see white non-quarterbacks like J.J. Watt or Rob Gronkowski keep up with the best black players, and while it’s refreshing to see whites Dirk Nowitzki and Gordon Hayward be NBA stars, racial existence is more important than letting whites test themselves against blacks physically in a sports league. The thrills from sportsball last a brief moment, but the benefits of continued white existence extend generations into the future.

While sportsball diversity may enhance the level of play, there are certainly unintended drawbacks to it. For one, it is dismaying to see how white players have imitated black players’ taunting celebrations. Don’t get me wrong, it’s often funny when the black players do it. I support their right to do Irish jigs in the end zone or pretend to pull down their pants and moon the opposing team’s crowd or run to the other team’s logo, pound the ball into the turf, and then be whacked by an angry member of the opposing team who felt his team had been disrespected. It’s all rather hilarious really. However, when whites imitate their antics it doesn’t look as good because it’s not normal for whites to act that way.

Back in the 1960s when the league was majority white, the players barely did anything when they scored. At most, they might have patted each other on the back. When Joe Namath pointed up to the sky after the Jets won the Super Bowl in the late 1960s, it was considered a big deal, but now players — including white players such as J.J. Watt — have these kinds of spastic episodes after making a big play where they flex their muscles and rock their heads back and forth as if being electrocuted. I certainly wouldn’t want to belittle their playmaking ability, but their celebrations are in bad taste.

NFL announcers suffer from a similar Dionysian syndrome whenever they yell — as if having an orgasm while being tased — when their team scores. It’s embarrassing to hear middle-aged men freak out like that. In the 1960s, announcers were cool and level-headed when teams scored, and their voices had an almost lyrical quality. By analogy, towards the end of Ancient Greece’s civilization artists stopped giving their statues a measured, noble pose and began creating ones with rippling contours which twisted and turned with passion. It seems to me that sensuousness is the mark of something that has lost its mystique, become boring, and in need of ever more flagrant expressions to produce the same effect.

A worse aspect than how blacks have influenced whites to act like them is how integrated sports have led to miscegenation. For example, the white NBA forward Dirk Nowitzki has a nonwhite wife. It bugs me when the few whites good enough to compete with blacks exit the race.

While white male / black female couples such as Nowitzki’s tend to stay together because the female experiences hypergamy and because they are psychologically and hormonally closer than with members of their own race, black male / white female couplings tend to divorce at much higher rates and be less harmonious, and this holds true for black sportball athletes who have married white women. Of course, everybody knows how the marriage of former Bills running back OJ Simpson to his white wife turned out. (He — allegedly — murdered her.) It seems to me that the only reason the (((media))) still discusses it is that he also — allegedly — killed her Jewish lover. After all, the media only seemed to notice the knock-out game when black youths targeted a Jew.

Anyway, continuing with our examples of miscegenation, former Dolphins defensive lineman Jason Taylor, who is black, married the sister of his former white teammate Zach Thomas. In recent years, they’ve divorced and now she’s suing him. Black quarterback Robert Griffin III also married a white woman only to divorce her. According to Bossip, she’s trying to get money from him. Another black quarterback, Russell Wilson, divorced his white wife, but he recently married a woman of his own race, and fortunately for him the odds of them staying together are higher.

For each one of these examples on the professional level, there are countless others on the collegiate and high-school level. In a certain sense, I can’t blame black sports stars for opting for white girls they otherwise couldn’t get, but their marriages would tend to end up better were they to follow Muhammed Ali’s advice and chose a woman of their own ethnic background. It should be noted that in spite of sports creating opportunities for miscegenation, when it comes to friendships there are questions as to just how integrated the NFL is: white players typically sit with other white players on the side line unless, that is, they’re locking arms and signaling their solidarity with their fellow millionaires.

As far as black players like Michael Bennett are concerned, if black Americans had their own nation, the (((media))) would have no white cops to scapegoat when blacks inevitably get in trouble with the law. Blacks would probably have the same crime dynamic, but they wouldn’t get so worked up over it.

Having said all these things, it would be wrong to ostracize whites who still follow professional sports. When I was young I had a natural interest in sports which corresponded with my participation in them at school. If I may be a little corny here, I would hate to kill my inner child and start believing sports are stupid. I think we shouldn’t be too harsh on people who still follow sportsball. To some extent their hearts are in the right place.

White people created basketball, football, and most modern team sports. Whites have also prized physical fitness in ancient history. The Celts valued being fit and idealized a trim waistline. The Ancient Greeks gave us the Olympics and of course many of their events are still with us today. Jews have given us none of these things yet they preside over many of them. According to Wikipedia, about half of NBA owners on this list and around a third of NFL owners on this one are Jewish or nonwhite.

To the extent that interest in athletics makes whites participate in them and conform to a warrior kshatriya ideal, whites benefit, but to the extent that it puts them in a panem et circenses role of being shudra vicariously living out their fantasies through racial aliens, it is a problem. White people need to get back in the driver’s seat and become empowered again amid the age of multiracial neoliberalism ruling the world, so ideally, they should give up sportsball fanhood and start playing themselves. Even if they don’t want to play, they can still take up some competitive team endeavor.

There is certainly something wrong when 72% of NFL fans aged 18-to-49 are white but only 30% of players are white. In the NBA it’s 40% white fans and 20% white players. Moreover, both leagues score at least an “A” for diversity hiring as of 2015, meaning their staff are probably less than 72% white and closer to the national average of 62%. As stated earlier, half of the NBA’s owners are Jewish and a third of the NFL’s owners are. It’s sad because a lot of these teams’ WASP owners have sold them to Jews in recent decades. For example, Jack Kent Cooke sold the Washington Redskins to (((Dan Snyder))). Rankin M. Smith sold the Falcons to (((Arthur Blank))).

Not only are owners and players overwhelmingly nonwhite, but the sports (((media))) are quite kosher. All this means that money spent on NFL and NBA games constitute a net wealth transfer from whites to nonwhites and Jews. Of course, most economic transactions probably involve a net wealth transfer to Jews since many sit atop income streams. Moreover, blacks disproportionately benefit from welfare, so the fact that sportsball benefits them isn’t unusual either, but it involves more of a net wealth transfer than the typical economic transaction since Jews don’t own between a half and a third of all businesses and blacks draw far less than 70-75%% of all welfare, though they draw at higher rates than whites.

Whites who still want to watch professional sports should try to spend less money on them and more on pro-white causes. If whites must have a spectator sport that unlike hockey or baseball would rival football, they should create a sport that involves a combination of intelligence and strength. That would phase out many blacks and Asians because they seldom have a high concentration of both. Then again, maybe that’s not how true excellence can be reached because intellectual brahmin and warrior kshatriya will always crystallize in different breeds thanks to genetic trade-offs.

Continued racial existence offers more long-term benefits than thrills of sportsball. Whites should reduce their involvement with sportsball and instead enter competitive events where they can be in the driver’s seat.


[1] This is because from 2005 to 2014 “whites” which unfortunately includes Hispanics with real whites, killed proportionately far fewer cops than blacks. They killed 309 and blacks killed 224. Because blacks were only 13% of the population while Hispanics and actual whites were 72%. If blacks killed at the rate of whites they would have killed about 56. Because 224/56=4, blacks are four times more likely to kill cops yet only 2.7 times more likely to be killed by them.

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  1. Don
    Posted October 4, 2017 at 2:37 pm | Permalink

    Great post but far too conciliatory.


    They’re dominated by our enemies who seek to destroy us and WHITES need to stop enriching people who hate us!

    Oprah Winfrey (propelled Obama into public spotlight), O.J. Simpson (murdered WHITE wife) and Bill Cosby (raped many WHITE women) and many other moneied Negros grew wealthy and powerful because dull witted WHITES OPENED THEIR WALLETS TO THESE ENEMIES OF OUR RACE.

    Moreover, spectator sports watching invariably is accompanied by the high consumption of unhealthy food and alcohol. Most sports fans, in my experience, are witless morons. Frederich Douglass once said: “A slave who was drunk gave no thought of liberty or escape to the north. It was the sober thoughtful slave who was a threat to the security of the master.”

    Does anyone dispute this?

    • KPD
      Posted October 5, 2017 at 10:50 am | Permalink

      Sports fans do love their (((Bud Light))). Sports have lost most if not all of the personalities that once made them semi-interesting when I was growing up. Rules are constantly being changed for the worse, while the commercials get longer and more frequent. Time to say: enough is enough.

      • ster plaz
        Posted October 7, 2017 at 10:02 am | Permalink

        KPD: I agree about the commercials. Even without tons of negroes showcased (with all the buffoonery they bring to a sport), I grew irked with a commercial break after almost every change of downs. And most of that money is somehow, eventually, going into a jew’s pockets. To do what? Something that represents an attack upon Whites, just for being White.

  2. nineofclubs
    Posted October 4, 2017 at 2:57 pm | Permalink

    Great piece. Participation beats observation on many levels. For Australian readers – and particularly those on the (ahem) wrong side of fifty, this article may also be of interest.


  3. Captain John Charity Spring MA
    Posted October 4, 2017 at 4:56 pm | Permalink


  4. Jaego
    Posted October 4, 2017 at 10:04 pm | Permalink

    It’s said in the most ancient times, the castes didn’t exist, specialization only coming later. Perhaps now and then, such conditions repeat for a brief season in special places. The Mythologist, Edith Hamilton said that in Ancient Athens, the jocks were the intellectuals.

  5. R_Moreland
    Posted October 4, 2017 at 11:11 pm | Permalink

    One wonders how future generations will look upon the revolt of the NFL?

    “A man called Lentulus Batiatus had an establishment for gladiators at Capua. Most of them were Gauls and Thracians. They had done nothing wrong, but, simply because of the cruelty of their owner, were kept in close confinement until the time came for them to engage in combat. Two hundred of them planned to escape, but their plan was betrayed and only seventy-eight, who realized this, managed to act in time and get away, armed with choppers and spits which they seized from some cookhouse. On the road they came across some wagons which were carrying arms for gladiators to another city, and they took these arms for their own use. They then occupied a strong position and elected three leaders. The first of these was Spartacus…”

    –from Plutarch, Life of Crassus

  6. ster plaz
    Posted October 7, 2017 at 10:14 am | Permalink

    It is absolutely galling and disgusting to find out, once again, that jews are benefitting disproportionately from a revenue stream, and the activity that created it, they had zero to do with creating. Parasites, one and all. Plus, they only do this because of the central banking system that simply loots this nation and all economic activities.

    As an aside, I have noticed many White NFL fans wear the jersey of a negro player. I don’t remember seeing many negro fans wearing a White player’s jersey. If this had been reversed, I am sure the jews who run the MSM would take notice (hell, they actually are always on the watch for it) and incessantly harp about it.

    The NFL is going to fail on its own as an entertainment. The politically correct push to make more coaches negroes will lead to less innovation of offense/defense schemes and systems. Negroes don’t have the IQ for it. There may be beta male cuck Whites who do it for them behind the scenes, though. It will also lead to pressure to make more negro quarterbacks who don’t have the IQ to read defenses before/after the snap. This will inevitably lead to less passing (arguably the most entertaining part of the game for most fans) and more running, usually boring run plays.

    In all honestly, there is no need for negro players for Whites to be interested in the sport. All negroes have really done to football is to run faster in the open field. Yes, that does have some excitement to see a long run from scrimmage. I remember Tony Dorsett of the Cowboys. He was exciting to watch because any particular play could turn into one of his famous long runs. Most of what negroes bring to the game is what they bring to society in general; unprovoked and unjustified violence, buffoonery, and other low class nonsense.

    Whites should find a football team on the high school, or small college level and be a fan of that one. And make sure that it does not involve boatloads of negroes.

  7. Posted November 4, 2019 at 10:56 am | Permalink

    there is an expression used once in a while it is called:wake up call: remember years ago the famous Baltimore colts johnny unitus et all they had a lot of whites on the team,baltimiore is mostly black. one early morning the trucks arrived all the football equipment loaded and farewell. they left because of low attendance. I watched the patriots v/s ravens game and saw all the black people so happy and making obscene gestures I turned the game off. I have followed football since 1955. no more I had it. a bunch of goons who looked like they were on work release

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