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Video from the Front Lines! 
Occupy Indianapolis Roundup

Jaenelle and Matt occupy Indy

972 words

The phone rang at five in the morning—an ungodly hour for a consultant. I craned for my phone to make sure it wasn’t a relative calling with an emergency. It wasn’t a familiar number, so I hit ignore and fell back asleep. Read more …

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Matt Parrott’s Hoosier Nation

1,787 words

In the last few months, I have been working in earnest preparing to write The White Nationalist Manifesto. (Don’t expect it too soon, though. It is a project I have been thinking about and writing notes for since June of 2009.) Recently, I have been reading other manifestos and manifesto-like works: The Communist Manifesto, the Futurist manifestos, Francis Parkey Yockey’s The Proclamation of London, George Lincoln Rockwell’s White Power, and the like. None of them, however, struck me as ideal models. Then Matt Parrot’s Hoosier Nation showed up in the Counter-Currents mailbox, and I found my best model yet.

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Hoosier Sovereignty

924 words

Thomas Hart Benton, "Parks, the Circus, the Klan, the Press," from the History of Indiana Murals, 1933

We’re not leaving America, America left us. This federal government, with its colonies of cosmopolitans and third world slum dwellers, never did share our founding principles. It’s openly hostile to the traditions of the founding nationality from which those principles emerged. This regime not only ignores our constitution, it assails our constitution. This regime not only ignores its constituents, it is engaged in a plot to abolish the electorate and appoint a new global constituency.

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