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Michael O’Meara’s Toward the White Republic

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I have read Michael O’Meara’s recently published Toward the White Republic. It’s an honor for me to own copy #56 with O’Meara’s personal inscription to me on the very first page.

O’Meara is absolutely right: A numinous vision always comes before galvanizing the collective unconsciousness, and the mere idea of a white ethnostate does reminds us the Latin saying “Thus I will, thus I command.”

In the 16th century, the English believed they had replaced the Jews as the chosen nation: an important factor in American history which also helped Elizabethan England in their fight against Catholic Spain. O’Meara’s powerful book demonstrates that what moves societies is not scientific fact, e.g., IQ studies of blacks versus whites, but myths. Only myths can galvanize the collective unconsciousness of a nation. Homer’s epics captivated the minds of the ancient Greeks, not the geometric discoveries of the Ionian scientists and philosophers.

For John Winthrop, the previous American colonies had failed because they were carnal and irreligious. He believed that only an enterprise founded on religion had a chance to thrive.

Even if God doesn’t exist and Christianity is ultimately false, Winthrop was right. In 1630 he led an exodus of his people to the new world. It is beyond doubt that the spirit animating these men and women was not economic but religious. A “City upon a Hill” watched by the world was the myth that galvanized the community.

In sharp contrast to present-day Americans’ aid after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, once on American soil, Winthrop was delighted by the news that North American Indians were being decimated by smallpox. It was clear to the Puritans that God had accepted their right to occupy the land.

After the Reconquista generated the sense of a religious nation, something similar happened here down the South. The Catholic myth moved the Spaniards to conquer the Aztec and Inca empires.

Winthrop’s success resolved a mystery for me. Why were the English so reluctant to establish themselves in America even a century after Columbus’ discovery while the relatively more primitive Spanish and the Portuguese had already created vast empires? The answer is patently clear: The English lacked a truly galvanizing story that conferred upon them a definite self-image and consequent self-esteem.

Something similar could be said of the Great Awakening in America’s 1730s. An awakening is what whites desperately need today, albeit one based upon a different kind of myth.

Toward the White Republic is more than a must read. Copies of this slim yet potent book could be given to your friends and acquaintances as part of the process of catalyzing white collective consciousness into another Great Awakening.

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  1. Michael O'Meara
    Posted October 11, 2010 at 1:57 am | Permalink

    Thank you César for your encouraging review.

  2. Posted October 11, 2010 at 6:04 am | Permalink

    Very insightful. There is a modern version of the Winthrop mission which is that Whites are the embodiment of the spirit of evolution. The universe evolves through the evolution of human genes and Whites embody that.

    From a Christian perspective, the Holy Spirit could be seen as entrusted with the task of the information evolution of the state of the universe. As such the White genetic code and White civilization are the embodiment of the work of the Holy Spirit. To mix or degrade these is then to go against the work of the Holy Spirit and to thwart God’s Purpose for the universe, which is embodied in the White Race and the White genetic code.

    This unifies Winthrop and Darwin and links the eugenics movement of the late 19th and early 20th century to the founding of America. This is a link they presumably felt and acted on, e.g. in the 1924 Immigration Act.

    This is likely why a certain group opposes eugenics and immigration restriction, because they see it tied to the Christian founding of America as a White City upon a Hill.

  3. Steve Ryker
    Posted November 4, 2010 at 10:51 pm | Permalink


    I too think your Review is insightful and largely correct. However, I think that now, today, something more than myth is required.

    Firstly, White Western human beings have changed radically. They (we) are no longer affected nor “moved” by anything myth-like. This is due mostly to the “Scientific Revolution” of the 1800’s, which in turn had its roots in “The Enlightenment” and the Protestant Revolution called The Reformation. This is, of course, very much oversimplifying matters, but I do believe they strike to “the Heart of the Matter.”

    I believe that what is happening today is due to 1) The destruction of the Christian faith and especially its civilization-making ethos, indeed by those two above “Revolutions,” and 2) A deliberate, consciously planned and “religiously” fervored movement on the part of Jews and Marxists, and especially disaffected Westerners whose “new faith” was – and is – Marxism, especially Cultural Marxism. The prime bait, and power, in and for this movement was the oldest of all: sex.

    The Jews then took over and/or strategically positioned themselves in essentially ALL communication-related, and thus mind-determining Industries/sectors, such as “Education,” Movies/TV/Radio/News, the Bureaucracy, the Courts and, perhaps most dangerous of all, the Corporations. This was all very, very carefully planned, and since it was literally “religious” in nature (Judaism and/or Marxism), the groups and organizations involved literally worked with a “religious fervor” and inner-determination THAT PERSEVERED. And because it was literally “religious” in nature, it had (and has) the power-source TO persevere.

    Is it “over?” Are we “Dead?” Yes, we will be very soon unless we can “galvanize” ourselves, not with “myths,” BUT WITH THE TRUTH of what these religious and political groups and their organizations HAVE DONE – AND WHY THEY DID IT, AND ARE STILL DOING IT NOW. That is absolutely first. Quite literally non-“scientific” myths won’t get the job done due to the radical changes that have taken place since 1517 (roughly), and especially in the last 200-250 years.

    After the “awakening” and the “galvanizing” of the surviving White race, based on Reality and truth, THEN will be the time for (more or less Real & realistic) myths to provide excitement, “reason” (justification & purpose) and meaning to and for life – just as they have always done.


    • Posted November 6, 2010 at 10:09 am | Permalink


      I largely agree with you but have you read O’Meara’s book? He openly advertises the kind of specific “myth” we are talking about. In Toward the White Republic there’s a whole chapter advertising Harold Covington’s trilogy. Actually, it’s a quartet since in 2008 Covington copyrighted The Brigade, an engrossing novel that I finished reading yesterday by the way (and am impatiently awaiting the rest of the saga that I’ve already ordered).

      That’s our “myth”: that Caucasians be seduced by the idea of the ethno-state. You can only imagine how our confidence and self-esteem would grow if, like John Winthrop et al, a substantial amount of 21st century nationalists lived within driving distance of each other; yes, including whole families. This myth doesn’t contradict the Scientific Revolution at all, although as to the Enlightenment and the French Revolution it would mean revaluating our values and see that Count Clermont-Tonnerre was right about the Jews and the other Revolutionary faction wrong.

      According to Toward the White Republic the “enemy is not the omnipotent Jew,” at least not the main enemy “but the corporate, technocratic elite.” Corporate capitalism is the foe. O’Meara states on page 93 that because the system prioritizes money and greed, the America’s racial hierarchy was overturned; the social engineers cleansed whites through the flooding masses of negroes, and whites became re-socialized as mindless and deracinated consumers. Page 91 provides a convincing illustration of how this System destroyed far more our traditional culture than the totalitarian regimes that the people of the Eastern bloc endured.

      Perhaps the best way to visualize how capitalism degraded the West is through the Ring metaphor in both Wagner’s Tetralogy and LOTR? Besides the Ring of Power I believe that there are other three factors: (1) Liberalism, understood as the last phase of Western Christian civilization; (2) the Jewish problem that very efficiently catalyzes both liberalism and capitalism, and with regard to (3) the cases of extreme self-hatred—e.g., those whites who openly say it’s good they will become extinct—the “monsters from the Id” as explained in some entries of my blog.

      It looks like no less than four stars have maliciously aligned to make the 21st century a century of iron and storms, which resonates with both Wagner’s Das Rheingold and Tolkien’s story of cutting down the trees and placing instead an Orc iron fortress at Isengard.

      The big question is if we, humble Hobbits, will destroy the Ring…

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