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Meet The Whites Who Voted Against Trump

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Last week I wrote “White America Still Voted For Trump.” This is still true — 58% of white Americans backed nationalism. However, there is a group of whites who rejected nationalism and voted for a return of the corrupt status quo: affluent whites. This demographic played a major role in Joe Biden’s alleged victory, despite the greater attention paid to working-class whites.

Some on the Right continue to insist that affluent whites flocked to Trump and he lost working-class white independents. As I explained in my last piece, the best barometer for assessing working-class white support is the non-college-educated white demographic. Trump improved his vote total in 2020 from 66% to 67% among this demographic. However, some within this demographic in the Rust Belt did move toward Biden in this election. But, if the exit polls are true, the vast majority of these voters were either third party or non-voters in 2016. It’s also hard to gauge why these few white working-class voters picked the Democrats this year. They could’ve gone with Biden to express their disappointment with Trump’s limited populism, or maybe they voted for Biden because they didn’t like Trump’s “hateful” rhetoric.

The information isn’t there yet. In any case, the data point toward a bigger blue shift among middle and upper-class whites than the working class. Biden won the college educated-white vote by three points this year. Trump won this demographic by three points in 2016. The counties that shifted the most to the Democrats this year were the suburbs, including those of Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, and Minneapolis:

The globalist Brookings Institution said this of the data: “Ahead of the 2020 election, Republicans worried that Trump would lose his rural edge, in light of reduced support there in the 2018 midterm elections. But this was not the case. Instead, Trump’s loss to Joe Biden was due mostly to voters in large metropolitan suburbs, especially in important battleground states.”

NPR determined Biden won because he ramped up his base and expanded the margins in the suburbs.

Reuters concluded that “Biden won by expanding his party’s appeal among suburban voters, in middle- and upper-income communities, and in places where a large share of people graduated from college.”

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The motivations of this suburban class are not a mystery. A New York Times article published last week discovered what made a former Republican stronghold in the Minneapolis suburbs switch to Biden. Hint: it wasn’t because they thought Trump was an insufficient populist. Everyone the paper interviewed in Chaska, Minnesota, pointed toward Trump’s “racism” and “xenophobia” for why they voted for Biden.

“I saw him as someone interesting, something different — it was appealing,” one Trump-to-Biden voter told the New York Times. “You look past some of those transgressions. I can’t believe I did that. I’m ashamed.”

This same voter thought Trump’s immigration reform implied he would give amnesty and bring in more immigrants. So much for the well-informed citizen. This same ex-Trump voter is now a strong Black Lives Matter supporter following the George Floyd riots. “That was a huge turning point for me, I think, in general of really understanding the Black Lives Matter movement and just embracing it,” she said of the demonstrations that ravaged Minneapolis.

A former Green Party voter said Trump’s law-and-order rhetoric angered him and he blamed the president for the riots. That’s why he voted Democrat this year. “He’s said plenty of stupid, stupid things that upset people deeply,” he said of his town’s reaction to Trump. “That’s what’s dangerous, because people are upset. They’re struggling. And here’s this guy making it even worse with his words.”

Trump won Chaska by six points in 2016; he lost it by nine in 2020.

The article also finds strong support for BLM in the town. It interviews a black resident who noted that “support grew for the group and for black residents like himself” following the riots. White residents eagerly joined a “racial justice” Facebook group and delusional high schoolers hosted a BLM rally in town. The local Democratic Party chairwoman says the town has grown more appreciative of liberal positions, saying their floats in local parades denouncing Trump’s immigration policies “got standing ovations.”

The town’s younger, more cosmopolitan residents are also fueling the shift toward the left. A 26-year-old woman recalls how she was the first one to put up a Biden sign in her neighborhood and this convinced her neighbors to follow suit.

Vox ran a similar story right before the election on why suburban white women are turning away from Trump. Their reasons included COVID and Trump’s “rude, macho, and chaotic” rhetoric. “I don’t want my children to speak the way the president speaks,” said one suburban mom in a conservative district outside of Kansas City. “My kids, they know who Barack Obama is. We want them to see what strong, calm leadership looks like, and I can say the same thing if Mitt Romney had been elected. It’s been very difficult to navigate how we expose our children to national politics. It’s not something I think will enrich my children’s understanding of how people who make the rules behave.”

“It’s a country-club-joining, fancy-car-driving neighborhood,” another suburban woman said of her Biden-curious community. “I do not think we have shifted dramatically left in this area, I think this is a recognition of how extreme the candidates in the GOP are, and their feckless, fawning allowance of anything Trump wants to do.”

These are the real 5 percenters — and they’re not into national populism. There exist no data to support the idea that the critical voters in this election were working-class whites who voted against Trump because he was a cuck.

Most reports note that the suburbs are more diverse than their Cold War heyday. A 2015 study found that at least 35 percent of suburban residents in many metropolitan areas were non-white. Middle- and upper-class non-whites are extremely Left-wing and likely influence their neighbors to vote Democrat. But this rising diversity doesn’t fully explain the situation. Increasingly, affluent whites are our primary political enemy. They embraced BLM more than any other group, as can be attested by the most cringe BLM demonstrations taking place in wealthy areas like Bethesda, Maryland. They want more immigration both because they think it’s moral and they want cheap labor to mow their lawns and take care of their kids. Many of them love gender ideology and eagerly take their kids to drag queen reading hour.

Affluent whites are the main beneficiaries of these policies, and they remain steadfast in their support of it. The election should tell us that they would rather vote for open borders, reparations, and endless wars than support someone who is rude. This demographic is going to be a major problem for the Right for years to come. Maybe some of them will wake up to their senses when they see crime rise and People of Section 8 Housing invade their neighborhood. Maybe they’re too far gone and the only strategy is to diminish their voting power.

The media’s election narrative will claim nationalism alienated these sensitive whites and the GOP must abandon Trumpism to win them back. That’s a strategy designed to lose the country. The 5 percenters are right in one aspect: the Right should focus on winning over more downscale whites than cucking to upscale whites. That’s the only viable strategy for a serious Right-wing movement.

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  1. PMcD
    Posted November 25, 2020 at 6:04 am | Permalink

    This is a solid analysis and I agree with its conclusions. But here are a few additional caveats to consider:

    (1) To the extent that this (or any analysis) is based on exit polls rather than actual vote returns, keep in mind that the exit polls are even less reliable than the generally terrible polls that were conducted this year. To your credit, you are drawing more on actual vote data, which is good.

    (2) It does appear that “cucky” college-educated whites are indeed the problem (as a whole, although not all of them). But I wouldn’t write them off entirely, at least not yet. You reference their support for issues like BLM and immigration. One thing you are missing is that this group has been proven to disproportionately lie on public opinions polls on these very issues (and by very large margins). See these two pieces:

    (3) Finally, this analysis may have been true of 2020, but it may not be for much longer. A major driver of opinion change is the concept of “threat.” The more these college-educated suburban whites see their position threatened by increased immigration, rising crime, attacks on their white privilege, affirmative action that affects them or their kids, and/or forced desegregation in their neighborhoods and schools, the more they will change their tune (and their voting habits).

    In short, this story is not over. Not even close.

    • HamburgerToday
      Posted November 25, 2020 at 8:58 am | Permalink

      Never underestimate the ethno-masochism of college-educated Whites, especially White females.

      As a White Nationalist, I’m not prepared to write off any group of Whites — every strand of White DNA is sacred — but we’re going to need to triage politically.

      I think White Nationalists would have a better chance convincing non-Whites of the merits of White Nationalism than these college-educated Whites.

      Overall, though, White Nationalism needs to present itself confidently to all races as the way forward for Whites.

      White Nationalism is White Futurism.

      • Karen
        Posted November 25, 2020 at 10:21 am | Permalink

        At some point you will wake up and let go and stop wasting your precious energy, time, and talents on the traitorous Whites that are residing among us and voting against us. They are WORSE than the black and brown people contributing to our demise.

        • Lord Shang
          Posted November 28, 2020 at 1:25 am | Permalink

          I agree 100%. White liberalism is not only a form of mental psychosis, as well as an obvious evolutionary defect, it is unique to whites. I have said that since the 80s – but I had nothing but my own correct intuition to offer. Now academic social scientific studies are starting to demonstrate that white liberals (esp ones whose liberalism is defined by racial attitudes) are indeed the sociological “outliers” among all demographic groups (including conservative whites).

          IOWs, white liberalism issues from a deep, genetic predetermination, which I suspect can only be overcome in very rare cases. It is an evolutionary-racial dead-end unique to our people. If we do not separate from these insane collective auto-genociders, they will take all of us down with them, healthy whites as well as mentally defective ones. Therefore, I have been arguing here now for several years that what we need is NOT “white separatism”, but “white nationalist separatism”. We must work towards an Ethnostate composed solely of prowhites. Now, to that extent, we must be otherwise ideologically ecumenical, as there just aren’t enough of us to be choosy. Prowhiteness must be the one overriding selection criterion for Ethnostatist inclusion. Everything else, like religion, religious values, economic systems, public policies, etc, must be subordinated to the single goal of white survivalism.

          But, yes, implied in the above, is the idea that trying to reach out to race liberals, as opposed to public policy liberals who are otherwise not race cucks, is almost certainly a waste of time and resources. White race-liberals must be written off as possible converts.

          I do further disagree with HamburgerToday’s dismissal of “college educated whites” as opposed to “college educated white liberals”. I do not know anyone not college “educated” (which ideologically usually means “miseducated”), except for various menials I employ, yet most of my friends are at least hardline conservatives, with a few actual white nationalists. I assume almost everyone who writes here is college educated, at the least. Moreover, college educated these days generally translates to “more intelligent”. My 19th century born grandfather was highly intelligent, but never went to college. Today, however, nearly everyone with any brains goes to college. Do we not want people with brains in our movement??

          We need to write off all white (race) liberals. But it is precisely among the braincucked but still ideologically moderate college educated that we can make our most valuable converts. Anyway, there are not remotely enough “working class whites” to build a mass movement for white survival. We MUST make appeals to the (mis)educated. What we must equally insist, however, is that conservative politicians stop pandering to nonwhites. If Trump had just increased his share of the white vote by 1-2% (instead of losing a bit c0mpared to 2016), he would have won, regardless of Biden-favorable fraud.

      • Bruno Bucciaratti
        Posted November 25, 2020 at 5:16 pm | Permalink

        All races have genetic detritus; ours is no exception

      • R-ang
        Posted December 1, 2020 at 3:34 am | Permalink

        I agree.
        The only problem is they’re not ready to listen to a different POV.
        The moment you bring up undeniable arguments, especially if it’s something that they weren’t aware of before, they will end the discussion and run away.
        Let me give you an example: rape by migrants. Sweden had to make a new crime cathegory for gangrapes. We all know rape in Sweden skyrocketed after large ammounts of African and muslim migrants flocked in. The counter-argument would be “but rape always happened”. That’s a fair assesment. But once you point out the gangrapes (and possibly explain what that actually means), the discussion’s over. Naturally, no such thing was happening on a daily basis in white Europe before.
        I still haven’t cracked the code of how to keep the discussion upright. Some change their views after a loved one was attacked, but that’s an extreme way of doing things and, obviously, when it comes to that, it’s already pretty late anyway.
        And without cracking the code I don’t think it’s too reasonable to try to protect someone that doesn’t want to be protected.

  2. James O'Meara
    Posted November 25, 2020 at 9:33 am | Permalink

    “Affluent whites are the main beneficiaries of these policies, and they remain steadfast in their support of it. The election should tell us that they would rather vote for open borders, reparations, and endless wars than support someone who is rude.”

    So, they much vaunted “morality” leads them to the same conclusion as Hannibal Lecter.

    The rudeness factor has been around for a while. “Sophisticated” Jews in Manhattan and the suburbs hate Trump because he reminds them and others of those Other Jews from Queens and Brooklyn. Outside NYC, he reminds people of stereotypical “New Yorkers.” What made Jeb’s comment in the debate so laughable — “people don’t want your New York values” — was that he was confusing old, ethnic New York with today’s globalist neoliberal New York. Trump was always a registered Democrat and arguably still thinks like one — call it “civic nationalism” if you must — but he’s the sort that would have supported Ed Koch (and helped him wave a rainbow flag) rather than Mario Cuomo.

    Today, Cuomo’s smoothness is aligned with neoliberalism, even among Republicans (as with the lady above who preferred Obama and Mitt). Same with Bernie: loud, pushy, angry old man from Brooklyn; and bitterly opposed by the party leaders. “They” stole the nomination from him just like “They” stole the election from Trump. Only “nice” candidates are allowed.

    • Right_On
      Posted November 25, 2020 at 6:52 pm | Permalink

      Re “Outside NYC, he reminds people of stereotypical “New Yorkers” “:
      It’s been noted that the reason so many Europeans hate Trump is that he conforms perfectly to their image of the brash, loaded, loud-mouthed Yank who lorded it over a demoralized Europe in the immediate post-war years. An image perfectly re-created by Philip Seymour Hoffman, playing the abrasive Freddie Miles, in “The Talented Mr. Ripley” (1999).

      And I like your “Whites in name only” — WINO’s ! Let’s make it a meme.

  3. Afterthought
    Posted November 25, 2020 at 10:01 am | Permalink

    I’m glad people understand that Trump, a psychic clone of 1960s Fred Trump, not a real thinking human with a soul like you or me, and was never going to make America great again. He was a purchase of time only.

    Even if he would get 4 more years by disqualifying fraudulent votes, he wouldnt be able to do much amidst all the rancor and division.

    America has been dead for a while. The only play was Partition. 4 years were wasted on Hitler salutes, clubs shields helmets body armor, armed marches on Whitefish, Yang, the common cold, Christianity.

    That is the point missing on the movement: the extra time is for something: Partition.

    When 15% of the remaining whites wake up to their folly, there has to be a plan in place, please dont waste any more time – give flesh to the bones if Partition: maps, laws, money, foreign policy etc. That way if we get another chance (which is far from certain) we will be prepared to actually do something about it.

    • Noseberg hypocrites
      Posted November 25, 2020 at 5:35 pm | Permalink

      Nah. Partition is a wholly unworkable pipe dream. I’m not trying to be a jerk. It will just never happen since Shlomo controls the narrative because he controls the msm.

      The only solution IS identity politics for Whites.

      In divided societies, people align in tribal groups.

      I was formerly a far left wing nut, but began to tire of the anti White animosity of the judeo left, and I couldn’t stand that identity politics was virtually praised when every other group participated in it, but the left hysterically claimed “White supremacy” any time Whites try to do the same.

      Even for a left wing nut like me, I could see that blatant anti White double standard.

      Just like the disparate groups in Guyana, Fiji, Northern Ireland, and 1000 other places people use identity politics to look out for their tribes interests, it is only fair that in the west, Whites start playing identity politics like all other groups in the west do.

      No. Our goal should be to push the idea that if identity politics are acceptable for ANY groups in the west, then it should be fair game for ALL groups in the west…..especially ours.

      • Lord Shang
        Posted November 28, 2020 at 1:41 am | Permalink

        True – but we still ultimately need Partition (I prefer “the Ethnostate”). BTW, in what ways were you a “leftwing nut”; how did you come to disavow the Left; and are there other white leftists like you, ones who are of the ideological left but who recognize raw minority racism wrapped up in universalist or class-based language?

        I ask because I have always been on the Far Right, and on everything, not just or even primarily race. I was mostly at first a law and order conservative (which naturally made me anti-black), though I was always opposed to nonwhite immigration, from as far back as I can recall (late 60s/early 70s). I just wasn’t per se a white nationalist. I cannot recall every having had an ephiphanic “awakening” on race, but I do recall thinking as a teenager in the 70s that what was poisoning race relations was black crime, and that if we could just get all the thugs off the streets, race relations would be fine. I was totally unaware of racial conflict theory, genetic similarity theory, IQ studies, etc.

        So I just know very little about the current social psychological characteristics of the left, never having been one, not associating with leftists as friends, and rarely reading their publications (though when I read the New York Review of Books on politics, they seem more intersectional than old-line socialist).

  4. Viv
    Posted November 25, 2020 at 11:04 am | Permalink

    Hope some public housing opens up in these suburbs! Sounds like an ideal landing spot for tens of thousands of Somali refugees.

  5. Posted November 25, 2020 at 11:15 am | Permalink

    Ah, I see you’re coming around.

  6. Ben
    Posted November 25, 2020 at 11:36 am | Permalink

    In short, yankees are retards.

  7. Alexandra O.
    Posted November 25, 2020 at 12:11 pm | Permalink

    So many stupid, upper-middle class white women voted strictly on their emotions and judgement of ‘upper-class manners and proper decorum’, instead of reading about the long-term impact of the issues — specifically immigration! My best friend, who’s a partner in an accounting firm — and a millionaire, for that matter — was most worried about ‘the poor children at the border’! How on earth can we get around this sentimental, misplaced altruism. The upper class well-heeled Christian churches in these neighborhoods are all immersed in “Liberation Theology”, which preaches pure ‘social justice warrior pabulum’, which makes the middle and upper classes feel better about themselves. I was horrified over BLM, as well as increases in illegal immigration. I was sad about the ‘kids at the border’, but the Border Patrol did the best they could, getting the kids together in one place, and out of the heat and/or cold of the Sonoran Desert, which their parents had thought was a great idea to bring them through! I am FURIOUS over the immigration situation, and how we are being played for fools by the NGOs from this country, telling us we are ‘sinners’ for the way we treat all the poor people in the world. My long-time friend told me as much, but I just nodded and shrugged it off — it’s not worth ruining a 50-year friendship over. I swear I will find a way to fight this insanity for the next four years and hope the suburban housewives will be ‘educated’ somehow during the battles we’ll be having with this damned SJW administration.

  8. James O'Meara
    Posted November 25, 2020 at 1:10 pm | Permalink

    “Meet the Whites who actually voted against Trump”

    Has anyone come up with this already? “Whites in name only” — WINO’s

    • kikz
      Posted November 27, 2020 at 7:01 am | Permalink

      WINOs… goflclap ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; that’s excellent!

  9. Till
    Posted November 25, 2020 at 8:20 pm | Permalink

    Great article. That is why socialism must be added to nationalism. Poor Whites need something to believe in and strive for. This is why the opioid crisis is ravaging communities. A bleak nihilism has infested them. A community that is taken care of and given goals will flourish. Rich Whites are too invested in this zionist/capitalist monster that is ruling America. Lattes, hybrid cars, gucci bags and smug self-righteousness are their gods, take those away and what do they have? A national socialism is the only way forward, to combat cultural marxism, and restrain out of control capitalism, both of which have betrayed a White future for manicured lawns, cheaper fruit, and the idea that you can exploit, cheat, and engage in every degeneracy available, as long as you’re not “racist”.

    • PC2
      Posted November 26, 2020 at 10:10 am | Permalink

      How do we make it happen??

      • Till
        Posted November 26, 2020 at 5:23 pm | Permalink

        That is the million dollar question. I’ve gone back and forth on ideas. At the moment I think the best idea, that doesn’t include violence, would be a push for more of a parliamentary system in America. The two party system will never allow in ideas that hurt their bottom line. They have to be dismantled. A multitude of smaller parties will allow for more radical ideas to get through. There has not been a time more ripe for different political parties to step forward since before the Civil War. If you look at political parties in Europe, many of them are far more right wing than the Republicans can ever hope or want to be, and I believe that the United States would be far more receptive to parties like that, if they had a chance to win. That can never happen without destroying the two party system first.

        • Lord Shang
          Posted November 28, 2020 at 2:01 am | Permalink

          But how would you get rid of the duopoly? That’s a trick question; you can’t. Study party registration and ballot access laws. The system totally favors the two parties. That probably cannot be changed from within the system.

    • Lord Shang
      Posted November 28, 2020 at 1:58 am | Permalink

      You’re way off base, morally, economically, and politically. Obviously, you are yet another prowhite who totally does not understand who your own base is, and how they think. What is your real issue: dirty-ass socialist parasitism (free stuff for me!), or saving the white race here in America? If the latter, please understand, your ONLY allies are as yet unawakened conservatives. This I KNOW, having been around and been observing rightist movements for 40 years. I know a number of affluent prowhites, and they would instantly leave any prowhite movement or candidate who started talking evil socialism. I think they are correct, but even if they aren’t, this is a fact. I’ve never met a liberal or leftist amenable to prowhiteness. Not in 40 years. I’m sure some exist, as I’m sure there are some “Trannies for Trump”. It’s a big country. I’ve made many converts to race realism; all are or were conservatives (some more so, some less).

      Socialism a) deeply offends American patriots (and if you can’t win the patriot community to prowhiteness, forget it: you’re going nowhere); b) threatens the wellbeing of vast numbers of whites (like me) who’ve worked hard and accumulated some wealth and property, which we intend to preserve at all costs; c) is deeply evil and unfair in itself, and destructive of future prosperity, which, let me be blunt, is more important to most whites, including even prowhites, than saving the race from extinction long after we’ll all be dead; d) will in practice involve massive weakening of white racial strength due to enormous wealth transfers from whites to mostly nonwhite beneficiaries; and e) would be a huge net-boost for the white-hating Occupationist Regime.

      The LAST thing prowhites should ever advocate is socialism – especially pre-Ethnostate. (And I would oppose it in the Ethnostate, too, though for different reasons).

  10. Anonymous
    Posted November 25, 2020 at 9:43 pm | Permalink

    “Last week I wrote “White America Still Voted For Trump.” This is still true — 58% of white Americans backed nationalism. However, there is a group of whites who rejected nationalism and voted for a return of the corrupt status quo: affluent whites. ”

    We had a break from the corrupt status quo? I must have missed it. I must also have missed the part where Trump ran on a nationalistic platform. He barely mentioned immigration.

    As PMcD says, you really can’t trust polling data in an age of cancellations, and you certainly can’t trust the NYTimes going out and asking people for their opinions. Would you share your opinion with the NYTimes? And even if you did complain that Trump wasn’t nationalistic enough, they of course wouldn’t publish it because they want Trump as an albatross dragging nationalism down, associating with buffoonery. In the Bible God told Lot he would spare Sodom if he could bring him five good men. I said I’d vote for Trump or Biden if someone brought me five good men who could testify that “I think my candidate is an intelligent and competent man.”

    So, I don’t know who the real 5% are, all I know is that I’m a 5%er and if anyone asks me I’m gonna take credit for Trump’s loss. Immediately after 2012, the GOPe elite went out and wrote an “autopsy report” blaming the loss on low numbers with Hispanics due to immigration. It never made sense as the battle was fought and lost in the Midwest, where few Hispanics live. But enough people believed it they nearly got the Gang of 8 amnesty bill.

  11. Hategraphs
    Posted November 26, 2020 at 7:39 am | Permalink

    The upscale whites can be un-brainwashed with channels like Alt Hype and Amren.

  12. Ben Sanderson
    Posted November 26, 2020 at 9:15 am | Permalink

    Sorry Virginia, suburban whites are turning your state, and your country, blue.

  13. Sebastian Hawks
    Posted November 26, 2020 at 11:31 am | Permalink

    You can’t fool all of the people, but the MSM can fool most of them. These dingbats in the suburbs falling for this communist BLM crap are pretty naive. These are shock troops of the hundred billionaires who run this country. The paramilitary arm of the Media Oligarchs. It’s obvious that the riots were planned back in 2018-2019 not spontaneous events, they tried to start the riots in early May by publicizing the story of that thief in Georgia running away from Neighborhood Watch after getting caught snooping around an empty house he didn’t belong in and they concocted the big lie that he “was just out jogging.” They made a whole movie for Netflix last year about the Chicago Riots that they planned to run this year to try to portray the communist scum in the streets then and now in a positive light.

  14. Don
    Posted November 26, 2020 at 5:21 pm | Permalink

    Trump lost because of VOTER FRAUD. If this issue is ignored ,we’re screwed…permanently.

  15. kikz
    Posted November 27, 2020 at 6:46 am | Permalink

    “NPR determined Biden won because he ramped up his base and expanded the margins in the suburbs.”

    i’d argue, any red sub/exurbs going purple (election fraud aside) is mainly due to the social/economic beachheading of liberals into the red ‘burbs, running from their shitehole blue environs and bringing their liberal voting habits w/them.

    they love the quiet, safety, and affordability of White/red sub/exurbia, but then get bored, and immediately support and vote measures that would in short shrift turn the environ into exactly what they pulled up stakes and ran from.

    It’s not just interstate immigration, libs can’t among their own for long, it’s too messy, crowded, dangerous, and just plain ‘icky’.

    Here in N. TX, (30yr resident) we’ve watched them migrate to the red exurbs of Collin Co., from blue counties such as Dallas, and whine/bitch on social platforms like (CA HQ’d) Nextdoor, about what awful troglodytes the local exurbians are, because they allow dove hunting on their fields, which the urbanite yankees stupidly bought a mcmansion next to. then rail on Nextdoor about how they excitedly await the day the ‘bull dozers’ finish off the farm fields of the exurb towns/cities, oh what rejoicing there will be.

    • KatS
      Posted November 27, 2020 at 3:30 pm | Permalink

      Texas native here, as well, kikz. You couldn’t be more right about what is happening to the sprawling ‘burbs there. West and panhandle Texas might still be “red,” and the whites living there are mostly long-time residents. Not the case in the (ever-growing) DFW/Houston/San Antonio/Austin sprawls. There is an unfortunate immigration crisis affecting Texas, and it’s not just emanating from south of the border.

      • kikz
        Posted November 27, 2020 at 7:26 pm | Permalink


      • Lord Shang
        Posted November 28, 2020 at 2:12 am | Permalink

        Nothing can be done -ever, due to white evolutionary defect producing race liberalism. Only hope is white nationalist ingathering, with white nationalists being brazen and aggressive about their prowhiteness in order to run liberals away, as they and their policies force us to flee them. There is no other way to win this war, a war we’ve been losing since I’ve been thinking about race from the mid-1970s. White liberal defectives ruin their areas with their liberal policies, then move to whiter and more conservative places, and start ruining them in turn. Prowhites must ingather and get real unfriendly to any liberal newcomers (as well as nonwhites). Will whites be able to do this before we are numerically reduced to an utterly powerless minority due to white liberals welcoming/importing diversity? The odds don’t seem to be in our favor.

        What I do KNOW is that for the white race to survive this shrinking planet, it cannot continue on “autopilot”. Enough whites must make affirmative decisions that race is important to them, and then make personal sacrifices for the benefit of future generations. Whites must WANT to endure racially, and not just individually.

        • KatS
          Posted November 30, 2020 at 1:21 pm | Permalink

          This is a somewhat overlooked issue when we talk about immigration woes. Harder to combat, because so many of these white neighbors are “nice” (excepting their catty Nextdoor tirades), and the kind of people who, in another time or circumstance, would be credits to their communities and local PTAs. Unfortunately, the latest white-flighters have something of a split personality. On the one hand, they want to make money, live in safe areas, and send their children to good schools; on the other, they wish to embody the moral standards of “educated” and “tolerant” people as taught to them by our cultural commissars. They feel some sort of neurotic cross between guilt and arrogance for wanting and enjoying the former, and so try to perform the rituals of the latter: they read Oprah’s nauseating Book Club picks, they plaster BLM stickers onto their Infiniti SUVs, they stake “Bye, Don” signs in their Mexican-manicured lawns, and they denigrate other whites whom they consider their inferiors. “Bobos in paradise,” indeed. While these nitwits play the “cocktail radicals” and “Marxists who golf,” it seems (at least to me) that small town and rural whites have become less passionate about defending their roots. There didn’t seem to be a huge groundswell movement to protect southern flags and statues over the summer, for example, even though that was a hill worthy enough to die on.

  16. John Michaels
    Posted November 28, 2020 at 9:18 pm | Permalink

    We know this analysis is flat wrong because white women gained +2 for Trump. It shatters your entire argument that a “woke white movement” took place.

    If you were correct, both white men & women would’ve turned from Trump. But only white males did – thereby proving the 5% crowd correct.

  17. INTP
    Posted November 29, 2020 at 9:34 pm | Permalink

    The richest MBTI is ESTJ, highly Republican and one of the least likely to be gifted. They often have ESFJ wives, a type which is the least likely to be gifted and rank 5/16 for income. Splattered among them are similarly rich ENTJs, most of whom believe in themselves and nothing else. Then there are ISTJs– good mindless tools in any system. They all get where they do by conspiring with each other against smarter people. They must maximize friends to do this. They must befriend plenty of brown people and Jews or they won’t get ahead. Go on LinkedIn. See these rich businessman whites virtue signaling their approval of random black people getting degrees. Even the non-black non-whites have started doing it, seeing it as a thing to do.

    Being leftist is a social convention which leads to power, you see. It is a way for idiots who can’t outthink smarter people to defeat them with virtue signaling. College kids learn that they don’t need to make sense if they can just regurgitate back to their effeminate professor a lot of gobbledygook about systemic oppression this and white privilege that. They’re giving the customer what he wants, you see.

    Any economy that runs on squeezing the life out of working class whites and brown people will have some remorseful whites at the top. In an attempt to compensate for the lousy pay, conditions, etc, they impose upon the less fortunate, they pretend to be their advocates. And they want to be impartial don’t you know. They won’t side with working class whites. They need to not favor any of their underlings because what matters more to them is their own power. Their big boxy home being their petty castle, their sunbleached vacations and prematurely wrinkled faces, their tedious golf trips, their vegetative free time in sports stadia bleachers, and the little den of smarmy nepotism which protects them from the harshness normal people must deal with.

    But they learn and learn so well, how to act, how to think, and what to believe so they fit in. They’re so charismatic, cool, and likable. It is all about them. The race be damned.

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