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White America Still Voted For Trump

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I was unfortunately right about the election — liberal elites stole it from the historic American nation. Through ballot harvesting, Mark Zuckerberg-funded “election administrators,” acceptance of dubious votes, and good old fashioned urban corruption, the Democrats were able to deny Donald Trump a victory on Election Day. Of course, Trump is still fighting the steal in court, but the chances of success look grimmer by the day. Our system is not built to throw out thousands of fraudulent votes ex post factoespecially when they claim it’s racist toward POC.

The main narrative the Right needs to promote after the election is that it was rigged against the historic American nation. The majority of Trump’s 73 million voters believe this and will continue to believe this for the rest of their lives. This memory will delegitimize the system in their minds and persuade them to abandon delusions about American democracy. The other side is not composed of your fellow countrymen you just happen to disagree with — they’re mortal enemies who will strip you of your rights and rig an election against your people. Trump supporters will be our base for years to come, and they’re getting woker by the day. They are also the majority of white people (58%) and the white people we want to save. White liberals aren’t exactly our base, nor are they particularly deserving of salvation.

Trump’s share of the white vote actually increased this year from 57% in 2016.

But some on our side have decided to ignore the 58% in favor of the so-called “5%.” The 5% refers to the apparent number of white men who shifted their votes from Trump to Joe Biden in 2020. This figure likely came from early CNN exit poll data, which now shows Trump’s election margin among white men declining from +31 in 2016 to +23 in 2020. That’s even bigger than 5%, but there’s more than meets the eye here. According to the same exit poll, Trump won 61% of the white male vote this year, a decline of only one percent from 2016. What made the difference is that most white men who voted third party in 2016 cast their ballots for the Democrats this year. Trump didn’t necessarily lose these voters — they were non-Trump voters who became Democrats.

Right-wing Five Percenters (who unintentionally share the same name with a Nation of Islam offshoot popular with rappers) argue these lost white men voted against Trump because he failed to deliver on his campaign promises. They are white working-class guys who want less immigration, trade protection, and an end to foreign wars. A few wignats go as far as to claim these voters are actually white nationalists, which is too ridiculous to even entertain. But the exit polls indicate these whites are affluent suburbanites. The biggest shift among whites by education was college-educated whites moving from +3 for Trump in 2016 to +3 for Biden in 2020. Trump’s advantage among non-college-educated whites slightly declined from +37 to +35. But this change was driven by third party and new voters going for Biden this year. Trump’s share of the white working-class vote actually increased from 66% in 2016 to 67% in 2020. The non-college-educated white, the hero of five percenter arguments, stuck with Trump. It was affluent whites, the primary carriers of the Great Awokening, who moved away from Trump.

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While there is no concrete explanation for why these voters went against Trump, the Bill Kristol-backed “Republican Voters Against Trump” offers some clues in their horrible testimonials. The group found many former Republicans who hated Trump because he said or did things the Real Right supports, such as tough immigration enforcement, non-interventionism, and making fun of John McCain. They’re certainly not white nationalists who could no longer tolerate Trump’s fervent Zionism.

One has to conclude that Trump still won those who want to preserve the historic American nation. Despite Trump’s misdeeds and failures, the whites who voted against him cast a ballot against nationalism. There is no data or evidence to support five percenter arguments that the Trump-to-Biden demographic — which is really more of a Gary Johnson-to-Biden and Jill Stein-to-Biden demographic — were motivated by our concerns. The well-off, soccer-watching bugman in Buckhead, Georgia is not our target audience. Our people are Trump voters, whether we like it or not.

Even if five percenter claims were true, which they’re not, it’s not a persuasive narrative. It would glorify white dissenters for choosing to dispossess their people to spite Trump. Biden plans to aggressively implement liberal immigration policies, appoint warmongers, kickstart globalist trade deals, stifle free speech, and end “systemic racism.” There is nothing in his agenda a nationalist should like. The people who will be most negatively affected by a Biden administration are five percenters themselves, especially when the presumptive president-elect directs state power against white nationalists. It’s not clear how you owned MAGApedes when the feds haul you off to prison. The five percenter narrative forces you to stand against 58% of white Americans who voted for nationalism in favor of a demographic that ultimately voted for globalism.

The most bizarre aspect of five percenters is their insistence that there was no corruption in this election. For people who want a revolution to overthrow the system, it’s very strange they want to tell millions of angry Trump voters to trust the system. It’s the definition of counter-productive and it doesn’t lead anyone to our beliefs to praise the DMV ladies who counted the votes. Too many on our side are so ensnared in their own ghetto that they can’t see the bigger picture. Millions of white Americans seeing the system as corrupt is an incredible opportunity. To throw it away is to engage in false and resentful triumphalism — the pinnacle of political stupidity.

There certainly were things Trump could have done to negate the rigging’s impact. He could’ve worked harder to pass a COVID relief plan before the election. This idea was stymied by the GOP establishment and Democrats who knew it would’ve helped Trump. Still, the president could’ve passed it and maybe won some of the third-party voters who went for Biden. He could also have spent less time promoting idiotic outreach like the Black Platinum Plan and more time trying to appeal to white voters.

But this is ultimately nitpicking at the larger issue of the system rigging the election. White Americans who want to put America First stuck with Trump. It was the cucked white Americans who voted against him. We have nothing in common with Gary Johnson or Jill Stein voters and they only make up a fraction of white America.

But we do have a lot in common with Trump voters, who will serve as the base for any and all nationalist movements. It’s smarter to be a 58 percenter than a five percenter.

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  1. PMcD
    Posted November 17, 2020 at 9:43 am | Permalink

    This article is spot on. Realism is necessary if we are going to move forward successfully.

    Yes, Trump lost mostly among college-educated whites. County and precinct-level election returns are the best indicator of this (rather than unreliable exit poll data).

    As the author notes, unfortunately (from our point of view) these suburban whites were not reacting poorly to Trump selling out other whites. They were reacting poorly to Trump’s perceived mismanagement of the Covid crisis and his abrasive personality (white college-educated women are particularly sensitive to such things).

    The problem isn’t that Trump wasn’t Trumpy enough (although he obviously was terrible from our point of view). The problem is college educated whites themselves, who are far too insulated from reality.

    The good news is that Biden will stick it to them good and hard over the next four years. Lots of systemic racism, pro-BLM, forced desegregation in housing and education, and affirmative action that keeps their precious kids out of the best schools. That should wake them up, at least more than what would have happened in a wasted Trump second term (assuming court challenges don’t work).

    Ann Coulter was right. “This would’ve been Arnold Schwarzenegger’s second term, except even worse,” she said. “Jared Kushner would be out releasing criminals, passing the amnesty … It would have been an unmitigated disaster, and we’d never be able to get the MAGA agenda back.”

    That’s still going to happen, but now whites will be less confused by it all. And maybe, just maybe, they will begin to realize the target is on their backs too. That’s when things (hopefully) will turn around.

  2. John
    Posted November 17, 2020 at 1:45 pm | Permalink

    I honestly thought that the last few yrs. of relentless anti-European(aka anti-White) from Europe to Australia would have awaken us. If it did, we would have voted as a block, but, we didn’t. I mean, we r witnessing Europeans from children to elders being physically assaulted following the MAGA gathering on Saturday November 14, 2020. How much more evidence do we STUPID Europeans need to realize that we live among ppl that want us dead. Not to mention our enemies stole the election in a massive fraud right in our faces. I have a dream that our ancestors appear before us to kick our asses in order to save our children’s future.

    • HamburgerToday
      Posted November 17, 2020 at 5:25 pm | Permalink

      Whites cannot vote as a bloc because we have no vehicle which either (a) addresses us as unitary community nor (b) seeks to harness our electoral power. That day may come. But that day is not yet.

      • John
        Posted November 18, 2020 at 12:31 pm | Permalink

        W/each passing 24hrs. our #s decrease. We need[yesterday] a leader that EXPLICITLY represents our European(aka White) interests. Equally important is – we need to understand that a ppl advocating for their own homeland r exhibiting normal & healthy racist views. We need to rejoin the rest of humanity that practices normal & healthy racism. It is not hatred of others, rather, it is love for one’s own.

  3. Afterthought
    Posted November 17, 2020 at 4:01 pm | Permalink

    After so much damage we finally understand “purge and quarantine”.

    Next lesson, the winning formula cannot be right wing, it must be a movement of racial unity en route to a government of racial unity.

    The more we flesh out our proposal the more popular it will become until it becomes inevitable.

    4 more wasted years? I’m not thinking so…

  4. HamburgerToday
    Posted November 17, 2020 at 5:22 pm | Permalink

    ‘System rigging’, however real, is still the latest coping mechanism. Two weeks ago, it was a different cope.

    Saying that White Nationalists to didn’t vote for Trump are ‘cucks’ is just a shaming tactic. It’s sad to see how much Team MAGA has declined over the years.

    Even by Mr. Hampton’s own assessment, ‘America’ is hopelessly corrupt and degenerate. It cannot even hold an election without approximately one-half of the electorate thinking the results are illegitimate.

    And this is the ‘America First’ you think White Nationalist should have ‘gone along to get along’ with?

    I didn’t vote for Trump because he didn’t earn my vote. In 2016 I gladly voted for the guy. Gave him money even. Now the enemies he created are coming for the people who gave him money in 2020. Where’s Trump on that? Still raising money, that’s where.

    Trump is simply not a hill worth White Nationalists compromising on.

    Every election I’ve been in all my life is ‘lesser to two evils’ except 2016. In 2016, I enthusiastically went to the polls. This year, ‘lesser of two evils’ is the primary argument for Trump.

    I don’t know whether or not the White Nationalist vote made a difference. How could I? Being a White Nationalist has gotten harder under Trump. He galvanized the enemies of White Nationalism and set them loose to destroy whomever they could locate. Most people — Jim Goad’s disdain not withstanding — went in to stealth mode. The result is that we have not way of knowing whether WN sentiment at the polls — nor not at them — made any difference at all.

    Both braggadacio and recriminations lack grounding.

    But, the one thing you can always count on Whites to do is tear each other apart in the name of ‘political correctness’ or, in this case, ‘political realism’.

  5. Francis XB
    Posted November 18, 2020 at 1:11 am | Permalink

    There are several conditions for a dissident movement to gain the high ground. One is division among the ruling elites. That division existed with Donald Trump in the Oval Office, pitting him against the Deep State/Managerial-Technocratic-IT-Whatever apparatus. The second condition is a crisis which wakes up the middle class and opens them to radical consciousness.

    The Great Election Fraud of 2020 just may be that crisis.

    Today there are 70+ million Americans who see the System as illegitimate. It’s not just the vote rigging. It’s the hostile elites exploiting the COVID lockdown to manipulate the election. It’s the IT de-platformings. It’s the cynical mainstream media disinformation campaigns. It’s the insurrectionary violence of 2020, encouraged and tolerated by leftist city-state-media regimes.

    The Dissident Right can act as an ideological cadre to provide the metapolitical guidance for those Americans who have been Redpilled: the drivers of big trucks flying American flags; the suburbanites buying guns and ammo like crazy; the MAGA partisans showing up in defiance of leftist violence to demonstrate for Trump; the quiet ones now posting on dissident websites that a year ago they never even knew existed. Heck, it may even be Donald Trump himself who is reevaluating the events of 2016-2020.

    For the Dissident Right, to be this cadre means playing it smart. It means pushing political lines which will appeal to a sizable chunk of those 70+ million.

    Here are some issues around which the Dissident Right can organize, in no particular order:
    * Audit the 2020 election! Regardless of how the real vote tallied, this will throw the machine on the defensive.
    * No more cancel culture! Demand laws which will protect the employment and social media access rights of all dissenters.
    * End anti-White agitation! Affirmative action, “diversity” requirements, “sensitivity” struggle sessions…they all gotta go.
    * Toss your mask! No more lockdowns; this alone would get millions of Americans onboard.
    * Defund the establishment! Boycott all hostile media, sportsball, universities and “woke” corporations.
    * Reparations for the 2020 insurrection! Start with restoring all monuments destroyed by mob violence; add to this compensation for people whose property was pillaged (perhaps by extracting fines from rioters who were arrested and politicians who issued stand down orders to the police?).
    * Free all political prisoners! The RAM people, the Proud Boys, the Kyle Rittenhouses, all other Americans who have been railroaded for exercising their rights of self-defense are to be pardoned. And further, support the right to self-defense of law abiding citizens against rioters.
    * A nationalist-populist organization, now!. Formation of an advocacy group to promote all of the above and create a new generation of leaders.

    Make these non-negotiable demands. Push them via all media, at demonstrations, on the campus, in the workplace, in the voting booth. Create a national-populist wave.

    Following the election of 2016, the Left (really, their hostile elite string pullers) declared themselves the “Resistance,” this after a constitutionally valid victory for Donald Trump. Well, turnabout is fair play and in 2020 there is real fraud and oppression in the land, courtesy of the System. As the old saw goes, a crisis is also an opportunity.

    Trump 2024: the Real Resistance!

  6. Martin R
    Posted November 20, 2020 at 11:10 pm | Permalink

    Good piece against the annoying blackpillers and 5%ers.

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