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David Irving & Mark Weber to Speak at the Northwest Forum

David Irving and Mark Weber

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On Saturday, March 23rd please join us for the 12th meeting of The Northwest Forum. We will be proudly hosting two men who, put together, have been banned from more countries than I can count on one hand, for the crime of raising uncomfortable questions about the Second World War.

  • David Irving David Irving is a historian dedicated to historical accuracy regardless of personal cost. He is the son of a Royal Navy commander, was educated at London University, and worked at a German steel mill to perfect his fluency in the language.  This allowed him to directly use primary sources to become the eminent authority on WWII.  His books are too numerous to list here but include Hitler’s War, Churchill’s War, The Destruction of Dresden, and The Mare’s Nest.
  • Mark Weber is the director of the Institute for Historical Review, an organization whose purpose is to “promote peace, understanding, and justice through greater public awareness of the past.” Weber is a world class speaker, writer and court-recognized expert on the holocaust. He holds a Master’s degree in Modern European History and continues to offer insight on current events and hold conferences through the IHR.
  • Others to be announced . . .

The inspiration for this lineup is the essay, “The Myths we Live By” from Jef Costello at Counter-Currents.

No one doubts that there were atrocities committed on both sides during WWII, but why is it that Hitler (and not Stalin or Mao) is uniquely cast as the epitome of evil?

Why is it the Holocaust is not treated as one of many regrettable historical tragedies (like Holodomor or the Armenian Genocide and so on)? Instead it has become a tool to suppress any form nationalism or identity politics for white people. While any other people group is encouraged to feel collective pride for its achievements, the only sense of white identity permitted to us is guilt for being white.

Just as a fake hate crime against black people is a real hate crime against white people, there are gross historical distortions of WWII that function as real hate propaganda against white identity politics of any kind. We must puncture the narrative.

As George Orwell observed in Nineteen Eighty-Four, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

About the Northwest Forum

In 2016, The Northwest Forum began as a place for real-life networking and education among White Nationalists. In 2017, we met nearly every other month despite multiple sabotage attempts. In 2018, we continued to meet frequently and began to add informal cultural activities such as the Ezra Pound birthday dinner, Italian Futurist New Year’s Party, and Forum Film Fridays (now Forum Film Sundays, “FFS” for short).

In 2019, we’re continuing to organically develop social and professional bonds between participants and increase our cultural literacy. But it’s important to note that we’re also a pop-up book shop. Founded by Greg Johnson as a Counter-Currents project, we have always had and will always have Counter-Currents titles. In fact, if you live in Seattle, despite the Amazon ban, you can probably still get your hands on a copy of The White Nationalist Manifesto within two days (or probably even same day . . . take that Prime!). In December, we added titles from Arcana Europa Media, and now in March, we’ll bring favorites from Focal Point Publications, home of David Irving’s works.

Plenty of words have been spent on the complaint that white identity politics is silenced by the establishment.  But we reject a victim mentality. We are creative and tenacious. The Amazon ban is simply another sign that they are growing frantic. The universities, the SPLC, the ADL, and so on are working at 100% capacity to silence people like Greg Johnson, Jared Taylor, Mark Weber, and David Irving.

Yet somehow, more people continue to find white identity politics. There are more conferences than ever before in places like New York, Tennessee, the good ‘ol Pacific Northwest, London, Holland, Estonia, Finland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Sweden, and too many more to list.For every explicit White Nationalist, there are a hundred others who agree in private.  White identity politics is inevitable. Our job at the Northwest Forum is to bring those people together.  We build alternative spaces. We “read banned books.”[1]

“I once asked a group of White Nationalists why they had gathered. There were many answers: meeting new people, networking, seeing old friends, etc. These reasons were good enough to get them there. But then I offered a better reason: to save the world. White Nationalists are not just struggling to save the white race, since the welfare of the whole world depends upon our triumph. If we perish, so will the whales, so will the condors, so will the tigers, so will the rainforests. So the next time you attend a White Nationalist gathering, remind yourself that you are saving the world. It will make the commute a little easier, the parking less of a hassle.” — Greg Johnson, The White Nationalist Manifesto, pp. 125-26

For general location, precise time, and to register, please RSVP to [email protected]. For the safety of all participants, we adhere to a strict vetting process for all first-time attendees. Friends, family, and kids are welcome — please contact the organizers for details.

Best regards,

Samantha Hilton
The Northwest Forum


[1] Anyone with a social media account and a few minutes to spare could really have a lot of fun with this.

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  1. Maximus
    Posted March 12, 2019 at 2:08 pm | Permalink

    As much as I admire Irvings sacrifice and great books he once said that Bomber Harris who slaughtered all Germans in Dresden was a great friend of his and he admired him a lot. What on earth did he mean by that? Someone care to elaborate? Mark Weber is a great person and great speaker. Also a hero who sacrificed much for truth and the refusal to be a drone and domesticated slave.

    Western Samurais.

  2. leon
    Posted March 20, 2019 at 10:43 pm | Permalink

    David Irving is the greatest historian of ww2 and possibly of all time, The knowledge he has acquired and given the world is priceless!

    Our Hero Historian.

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