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Donny as Shakespeare

69 words

A shithole is a shithole
by any other name.
Our minds are bright and wits full.
We will not play the game,

pretending not to mark
boatloads of refugees,
their faces savage, stark
and eager for freebies.

Norwaywards we look,
to lads and lasses fair,
where good folk pull their weight—

not to turds in a dry brook
where the gorilla stares.
Yes, we know love from hate.

15 January 2018

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  1. Country Dog
    Posted January 15, 2018 at 7:08 pm | Permalink


    Daily more strident, the shrill and persistent
    Clamors and clatters for Reason’s abandonment
    Reach new crescendos of strident insistence
    That all laud the buck naked Emperor’s finery
    On pain of some exile of length undetermined
    In social shadow, should you continue to cling to
    Quaint faith in your own lying eyes, still seeing a man
    With sorrow creased face, his Threescore and Ten most exhausted
    When the splashes of your betters’ organs most august
    Beneath your very nose, take pains to point out that he is but a helpless child
    Of tender years and tender heart, with countenance so mild.

  2. R_Moreland
    Posted January 16, 2018 at 12:57 am | Permalink

    Here’s something interesting:

    I am seeing memes which had their origins in the Alt Right coming into increasingly common usage. Conservatives, libertarians and even some oldline lefties are using terms like “cuck” to denigrate the sellouts in their ranks. And people who have been booted off the Internet, or just seen a temporary disruption of services, describe it as being “zucked.” Some even post videos on their blogs from Alt Light/Alt Right online celebs. None of these posters have gone Full Fash, but nonetheless they are doing all this openly and under their own names.

    The Internet really is a front in the metapolitical struggle. And like any good agitprop campaign, the constant repetition of a few basic themes with wide appeal can have a broad impact. Memes such as Kekistan provide a language and a virtual space around which the disaffected can rally and give form to ideas which would otherwise not be spoken.

    A recent example is with the alleged remark by the POTUS about the (ah) quality of civilization in a certain Caribbean island nation. It’s caused the usual tantrums in the usual multicult-globalist-cat-lady circles. But it has also stimulated many in the mainstream to amp up memes and videos which had their origins in the Alt Right. Why? Because they are the weapons available. And if nothing else, the memes provide a unity of effort in what is becoming an online infowar insurgency.

  3. Pietas
    Posted January 16, 2018 at 7:19 am | Permalink

    Very ot, but I observed something this weekend that I want to submit to the intellectual mill. I saw two movies, both from the summer, both of which seem to have some subtext regarding the Jennifer chambers case, the 19-year-old white female who was raped and burned alive in Panola County Mississippi several years ago, which case recently came to trial. Her former boyfriend, a much older black male was the prime suspect.

    Three billboards Outside Missouri: a woman goes off her rocker seeking justice for her teen daughter who has been killed in exactly the same manner. In the movie there is a man in his forties or fifties, though white, dating a 19 yo female! Message: sometimes there just isn’t enough evidence to find the killer and you are on a vindictive witch hunt.

    Wind River: far the better of the two. A 18 yo Indian girl is dating a much older white male. She is murder and raped and forced to run in the 20 below cold where she expires quickly and painfully. Jessica chambers came to and was found running down the street, but soon succumbed to 1000 degree burns. In the movie the girl was killed by the boyfriends a jealous associates. Message: you are assuming bc his race and too old that he is the source of foul play. No doubt he has friends who desired her also.

    Without elaborating, why are our Hollywood elites, presumably of a certain kin, so invested in this event, admittedly a local happening. I infer this is a top down phenomenon bc it occurs in two different movies(perhaps others), leading one to think this is not the peccadillo of a particular writer or director.

    I submit this to the analysis of the bigger brains in the room.

  4. Posted October 1, 2020 at 6:37 pm | Permalink

    The photo paired with the fine poem above is what enters the mind’s eye when I hear the word “Haiti”.
    And then the smell enters my mind’s nose . . .

    I invite anyone interested in poetry and politics/culture to visit my blog.

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