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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 161
Greg Johnson Interviewed by Laura Raim about the Alt Right

mics1:54:07 / 302 words

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On August 22, I was interviewed about the Alternative Right by French Marxist writer Laura Raim, who was doing research for an article. As with all interviews, I made a reference copy. I think this interview turned out well, so I am making it available. The topics we covered include:





  1. Posted September 8, 2016 at 11:12 pm | Permalink

    The highly anticipated interview!

  2. Alexander
    Posted September 9, 2016 at 5:24 am | Permalink

    Thank you for uploading this.

  3. Hibiscus
    Posted September 9, 2016 at 7:27 am | Permalink

    I think it is exciting that some areas of so- called left and right overlap. Hopefully young people at least will find a common area in local production, care of the land, etc to engage a common identity as well. Laura was very resistant to the ethnostate idea but I thought greg explained well how it is a reasonable idea for people to have. The written account will be interesting. Well done!

  4. G.M.
    Posted September 9, 2016 at 3:57 pm | Permalink


  5. WN
    Posted September 9, 2016 at 4:54 pm | Permalink

    This is it. The best Alt-Right 101 I have ever heard.
    This is where one should direct normies from now on as an introduction.

  6. Juggernaut Nihilism
    Posted September 10, 2016 at 4:02 am | Permalink

    Wow, really great.

  7. Sjors Remmerswaal
    Posted September 10, 2016 at 8:59 am | Permalink

    Which magazine do i have to buy to read the article?

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted September 10, 2016 at 5:01 pm | Permalink

      La Revue du Crieur

  8. SebastianX1/9
    Posted September 10, 2016 at 6:59 pm | Permalink

    You came off very well. Heard it last night thinking it would be another sleep fest, but you established rapport with her. Truth is she is better educated than an American liberal. Excellent interview.

  9. Colliton
    Posted September 10, 2016 at 7:18 pm | Permalink

    You are a true teacher. She was fortunate to get such a generous interviewee.

  10. Posted September 10, 2016 at 8:34 pm | Permalink

    I tend to skip through a lot of WN/Alt Right podcasts, but with Greg Johnson I generally always listen through the whole thing. This interview exemplifies perfectly why I believe GJ is the foremost intellectual not only within the Alt-Right, but in America as a whole. It’s a crime against humanity that GJ is not given time on platforms like C-Span’s “Book Notes” or interviewed by Charlie Rose or NPR.

    It also exemplifies why I believe the Alt-Right will become “The Right” in American politics. The Alt-Right’s people are younger, smarter, more creative, and have a truer analysis of the state of the world compared to the cucks. They have no one as profound as GJ. They have no one who can go up against Jared Taylor in a debate. They can’t out meme Pepe’s meme army on the net. The only thing the cucks have is more money and access to institutions.

    The Alt-Right is real. It’s authentic. Cucks are plastic people; they gotta go.

    The interviewer was civil and fair and should be commended for that.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted September 10, 2016 at 9:07 pm | Permalink

      Thanks so much.

      Yeah, “Plastic people. They gotta go.”

  11. Posted September 10, 2016 at 10:22 pm | Permalink

    Greg Johnson is a class act for the “Establishment” Alt-Right(E). Greg came across as non-threatening to a Marxist frogette, who would have undoubtedly bolted at listening to Andre ‘the negro’ Anglin, or maybe even the Matt-oids (Parrot and Chaimbach). Harold Covington would have been pushing the limits. What with the sick evil corrupt Hildabeast — whose nickname was given by Mooseshell & who first gave birth to Birtherism — screeching when not coughing up a muff-ball about the Alt-Right both Establishment and Renegade pretty much everyone wants to interview a “safe” non-deep-woods, non-1488, racist maniac.

    Which is fine. Listening to the podcast and reading the blog, I see that Greg Johnson as past of the Alt-Right(E) doesn’t want to banish The Ten-Thousand Tards of the Great Unwashed paleo-Alt-Right into . . . hardly oblivion given that Daily $permer is indeed “the worlds most visited Alt-Right site”. In fact, unlike Colin Twinker-Liddell and his new pet jew (((“Kikester Waycist”))) with itz own whiggress-spanking blog, you see the value of [j]unity even given these tards and trolls can’t get along with each other for longer than a day or so at a time.

    That we cannot get along with each other because we hate each other is a virtue. For example, I’m supposed to drive 900 miles to Lake County Ohio for a libel and defamation trial on 20 Sept. 2016 because Bryan Reo — losing its frivolous $10.75 million federal lawsuit for DMCA violations by me publishing its 2004 Mentor High School yearbook and Facebook public profile page showing that it was an effeminate mongrel — has sued me again for $25,000 in its local county kort. I’m number 27 (and #42) of 43 lawsuits withing three years. Bryan Reo is the “law clerk” of one Kyle Bristow and Kyle Bristow is wanting Matt-oid Chaimback to raise $7000 from whigger & mamzer Alt-Right ZOGtards to defend the Trad Yootist for pushing a fat coontangess at a Trump Rally which the Chaimbach happened to be attending from its lair 300+ miles away. I’m now IP blocked at TradYootz.cum.

    I agree with you that none of us have any real ability to “piglice our own” because with Ten-Thousand Tards, none of us can agree that over 9,996 of them are of “us”. A lot of my listening and reading is for purpose of assuring myself that most of them are waaaaaay more messed up in the head than I am — and I spent two and a half years in a maximum security state NutHouse where I left upon the bogus charges having to be dismissed a lot more psychotic than when I got in. Also, with having jew and melugeon papist-preterist See-Eye Dentists like Baal Finck and Eli jewseph-Stalin Kutz-Putz-November James, it sure sucks up a whole multitude of mamzers and addlepated whiggers having to play at Christian Identity.

    Way back in the 1990s when I was a militia-general, the common-law kortsters asked me if it wouldn’t be better to consolidate our federal lawsuits into one big lawsuit against ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final. (I was suing the Missouri LibberToon party, local regime criminals, and the City of Granby in six separate 42 USC 1983 election and civil rights federal lawsuits at the time in forma pauperis.) I asked if whether ZOG would be far more put out by one mammoth lawsuit or by a hundred rabid rats of multiple litigation by diverse parties. The answer of course, was clear. One hundred rabid sewer rats are far more dangerous than one overgrown stolid elephant.

    Yes, Doctor Greg, you are a class act. And very smart. And easy of the ears.

    But there is no globalonialism possible if instead of one Great ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final working on the Dream of Cain, Nimrod and Babylon of “mixing the seed of men” in the end time (cf. Daniel 2:44) there is nothing but balkanization extant to where there are no nation-states or even states like Alabama or Missouri much less CaliMexifornia or even counties like Cook or Orange or Newton possible and all of ZOG/Babylon is broken into 20-30 million ex-whiggers and anglo-mestizos [d]ruled over by Ten Thousand Warlords.

    And, unlike in Harold Covngton’s “Freedumb’s Sons” with ten-thousand petty ethnostates we won’t have to worry about being nuked by ZOG, and relying on some skank to poke “President Hunter Wallace” in the eye with a sharp stick.

    Hillary Clinton wants all of us Die-verse & Perverse ZOGlings under her pussy whup — Together [jewnited] Stronger. How she is going to do this pissfully what with a lot of us “basket[cases] of deplorables” who might well turn out to be obedient to ZOG as Swillery is to ZOGlaw. In fact the nightmare of Killery and ZOG is that “if they are not going to obey the “law” then why should we?” Hillary is telling us all that we just have to work together as happy obedient ZOGlings under Her [D]Rule. But why should we? Wouldn’t it be far better to let ZOG implode and let the-m-asses of die-verse ZOGlings perish from the Four Horsemen of the ZOGcapalypsis?

    The purpose of anyone seeking to overturn the Mighty Evil Empire is to facilitate “destructive criticism” as Dr. Lothrup Stoddard wrote in his masterpiece “The Revolt Against Civilization” which the survivalist Kurt Saxon republished in his U.S. Militia and I digitized. Thus the chaotic Alt-Right has in all its chaotic and self-serving warfare of each against all, the right separate and several paths of putting down the moral and legal claim of “rule of law” and “democracy” when all ZOG/Babylon is nothing but a race-war by non-whites ruled by jews against whiggers. The task of our bowel Movement is to further erode these foundations upon which the Empire uneasily rests, and let each tendency determine that which is white and how to turn whiggers into Whites.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    (Disqualified Libbertoon) Write-In Candidate for Governor of Missouri

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted September 10, 2016 at 11:57 pm | Permalink

      Thank you Pastor, it is always a pleasure.

    • Matthias
      Posted September 11, 2016 at 1:12 pm | Permalink

      Amphetamines are a hell of a drug (just kidding, Pastor).

  12. Sartor
    Posted September 11, 2016 at 1:04 am | Permalink

    This is the best summary of the Alt Right perspective I’ve come across. Yr comments on the evolution of the Alt Right were particularly illuminating as it was all rather new to me as an old Rightist and sometime youthful fan of Instauration. Most of all though, this was an enthralling account of your intellectual bildungs roman. I never thought I wld see such clarity and compass on the Right. You came across as unshakably reasonable and in absolute control of your subject. There is just so much in here that I can agree with and much that I have never heard so well expressed. The breadth and depth of your vision is inspiring.

    Almost two hours is a long time for any interview and yet you never flagged. I hung on every word and replayed sections frequently. As a model of civilized discussion this was pure joy to listen to. It also serves as an excellent introduction to our ideas and I will be forwarding the link to friends. Many thanks Greg — yours is a rare talent.

  13. Dr ExCathedra
    Posted September 11, 2016 at 5:54 pm | Permalink

    Excellent piece of work, Mr Johnson. You did not let the interviewer’s lack of skill impede you; on the contrary, you laid out a lot of issues very clearly. Well worth the listen.

  14. Hyperborean
    Posted September 12, 2016 at 5:44 pm | Permalink

    That was a really impressive interview! I have been reading counter-currents for several years now, and I am continually amazed at how I always manage to learn something new every time you are interviewed. You are by far the most articulate thinker I have encountered.

    I couldn’t help but get the impression that Laura was equally impressed, and that she found herself reconsidering her preconceived notions about the alt-right and her own marxist viewpoints. I wouldn’t be surprised if you made a future convert.

    Keep up the good work! I am a bit strapped for cash right now but I look forward to being able to make regular donations to counter-currents again in the near future.

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