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The French Lobby Rises:
Anti-French Rapper Purged from Verdun Commemoration

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VerdunThe degeneration of European Man is visibly evident in the state of our so-called elites. They too have grown terribly soft, culturally ignorant, and ultimately wholly without honor. One sign of this is the disgusting decline in the intellectual and moral quality of official culture, including commemorations of major events.

Consider the following. In 1979, the authorities invited no less a figure than the German writer Ernst Jünger to commemorate that titanic fratricidal struggle which was the Battle of Verdun. This was a more than justified choice, given Jünger’s portrayal of soldiering in the First World War — at once evocative and wholly lacking in maudlin sentimentality and self-pity — in such books as Storm of Steel. Underlying this spirit of Franco-German reconciliation, Jünger commemorated Verdun again in 1984 alongside President François Mitterrand and Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Verdun may be the closest thing that even the godless France of day has to sacred soil.[1] On that ground died almost 300,000 men, half of them French and the other half German. Verdun is the symbol of the hundreds of thousands of poilus — that flower of the French peasantry — who died for their fatherland.

1605131420260104In 2016, the Current Year as is well known, we can hardly imagine French leaders honoring a man of the Right and a conservative revolutionary like Jünger. Instead, the authorities thought it appropriate, for the hundredth anniversary of the bloody battle, to invite the popular (with some people) rapper Black M, a Guinean Muslim, to perform.

Black M had distinguished himself with soundtracks defending the 2005 race riots in which Africans and Muslims had wrecked neighborhoods and destroyed property in countless French cities:

The ghetto is speaking out, that’s why they’re burning cars [. . .]
Meanwhile this bitch France [cette conne de France] asks herself: Why this attitude?

And another in which he proclaimed his conquering ambition:

When will I be able to say that this year is ours?
I will also fuck France until she becomes a lover

And finally one on France’s being part of the House of War:

I feel guilty,
When I see what this country of kufars (infidels) has done to you

These lyrics may not be to your taste. But for the current “French” regime, Black M is among the great poets who allow them to “connect with the youth.” There has been a long history of the French government (notably under Jewish Minister of Culture Jack Lang) and even the U.S. State Department promoting the ugliest forms of rap among Afro-Muslim and even native youth in France.

Not all Frenchmen are so frivolous as to welcome the choice of an anti-French rapper to perform upon the sacred soil holding the bones of their grandfathers however. As Le Monde reported, the Right reacted:

The far Right is at the origin of this scandal. On May 10, the identitarian website François de Souche argued “why the rapper Black M has no place” at the Verdun commemorations, citing statements deemed “homophobic” or pejorative with regard to France. The next day, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, Front National (FN) member of parliament for the Vaucluse, and the FN senator of the Bouches-du-Rhône Stéphane Ravier, asked in turn for the Élysée to cancel Black M’s concert.

The French “fashosphere” reacted on YouTube and Twitter. Julien Rochedy, a noted plume, tweeted: “BlackM at Verdun is as indecent as would be an identitarian hard-rock concert at Gorée [a slave port in Africa] or a technoparade at Auschwitz.” A poilu’s grandson moved to sue the government. Citizens put pressure on their elected representatives. The Socialist mayor of Verdun, Samuel Hazard, could only lamely defend himself by saying the decision to invite the anti-French rapper had been a collective one:

This proposal was made to the city of Verdun. It was not the Élysée or a minister who came up with this idea, but it comes from the state [i.e. the bureaucracy]. Then this decision was taken collegially by the Verdun 2016 interministerial committee, the state, the county, and the local governments.

The usual blame game ensued: The state civil servants reacting that the Verdun officials had come up with Black M. In any event, the ruckus and pressure was such that Black M’s attendance from the commemorations was cancelled.

This whole episode is highly informative. Firstly, it highlights the degree of European nihilism, that our elites are simply incapable of taking anything seriously. Secondly, it shows the rising power of online Right-wing activism, enabled by the Internet’s breaking of the monopoly control of the mainstream media over public discourse (even though, of course, this is an unequal struggle and mainstream audiovisual media in particular remain powerful).

Following victory, Fdesouche concluded in a post entitled “Long Live the French Lobby”:

Fdesouche broke this scandal, cataloged the rapper’s licentious sttatements, played its role as a whistleblower.

Robert Ménard, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, Stéphane Ravier spread the news, gave it media coverage, made it resonate . . .

The buzz began, the mobilization was general, polymorphous . . .

3 days later, the sacrilegious concert was canceled . . .

Conclusion: When the French make the effort, when they act as a lobby, they win . . . Let’s be conscious of this from now on, let’s not let anything through . . .

No doubt this is good news. While the mainstream remains predominant, the fact is that the Right-wing constellation through outlets like the Daily Stormer and Fdesouche is capable of having a visible impact on the news cycle and even occasionally pressure policymakers. In all our countries, we dare to hope that the representatives of our people will become so strong as to be able to prevent any policies undermining the interests of the historic majority.

Of course, this symbolic victory is wholly insufficient. In an ideal world, the populations prone to producing anti-French rappers like Black M would never have been allowed to settle on French soil. In an ideal world, no French official would be so feckless and so frivolous as to even think Black M’s presence would be appropriate on our sacred ground.

Furthermore, I cannot resist pointing a double standard. The left-wing Jewish journalist Claude Askolovitch tweeted with characteristic condescending paternalism:

If they had any doubt, the little blacks who rap in France now know that even success will not protect them from the muck. #BlackM

And indeed, the current “French” regime is not averse to honoring certain anti-French individuals if they have a sufficiently powerful ethnic lobby behind them. Such was the case with Alain Finkielkraut, who refers to himself as a “philosophe” (my do they love to garb themselves in our goyishe glories), who declared in 2005 (among many other things):

I am born in Paris but I am the son of Polish immigrants. My father was deported from France. His parents were deported and were assassinated at Auschwitz. My father returned from Auschwitz to France. This country deserves our hatred. What it did to my parents was far more violent than what it did to Africans.

“Finkie,” a leading “anti-racist” in the 1980s who has since turned neocon, joined the Académie française as an “immortal” in 2014.

There is still much work to be done.


1. Indeed, some Jews criticized Mitterrand for considering the French dead of Verdun as more significant to France than the Jewish dead of the Shoah. The Jewish journalist Georges-Marc Benhamou  scolded the late president in his memoirs for this impious crime of indifference for his kinsmen:

Actually, François Mitterrand did not believe in the specificity of the holocaust, despite his fascination for the Old Testament and his “friendship for the Jewish people.” He had not understood the Twentieth Century and its tragedy. . . . He had always been indifferent to the Jewish question, and that is a positive point, in view of his milieu. The flip side is that this indifference never allowed him to understand the scale of the Jewish tragedy. He was a man of the Nineteenth Century, that is, a man who considered the greatest tragedy of all time to be Verdun, those thousands square kilometers overturned by bombs, that ossuary. . . .


  1. Proofreader
    Posted May 13, 2016 at 10:49 am | Permalink

    “‘Finkie,’ a leading ‘anti-racist’ in the 1980s who has since turned neocon, joined the Académie française as an ‘immortal’ in 2014.” Immortal? It would be good to put his title to the test, 300 style.

  2. The_Brahmin
    Posted May 13, 2016 at 1:04 pm | Permalink

    The focus of Indo-European religiosity and rituals was to honour the great ancestors (known and unknown) alongside the gods. That let the people connect to the their origins, their heroic figures and their foundation / cosmic myths. It gave them strength, purpose and meaning.

    Now it seems pissing upon your ancestors, their memories, their deeds, their sacredness is what the European ruling elites encourage. The historical enemy of the Indo-European people are always close-by to lend a helping hand ideologically in the whole downward spiral of degeneracy, decay and likely eventual demise.

    France elected a (((neo-con))) Sarkozy who participated in the (((American))) war in Iraq, and then, when out of power, was kissing Qatari butt. Hollande is a lost cause and meanwhile North African diaspora in France continues to grow. It’s hard to fathom who will fall first to invading hordes of ”refugees” and seekers of ”asylum” – France, UK, Germany, Belgium or Sweden?

    Kali-Yuga, the age of vice and decay indeed surrounds us.

  3. Peter Quint
    Posted May 14, 2016 at 9:28 am | Permalink

    Wilhelm Marr’s prediction in his essay “The Victory of Judaism Over Germandom: Viewed from a Nonreligious Point of View,” is coming true. He predicted in 1879 that the hammer blow to Europe would fall in 120-150 years. He must have had some inside knowledge.

  4. A Swain
    Posted May 15, 2016 at 7:22 am | Permalink

    Those including native and alien alike, who have declared war in the form of words and/or actions of hatred against the host nations of Europe that have been tolerant and generous enough to grant citizenship to such traitors, must be arrested and charged with the following crimes, most of which are crimes against White humanity,

    aiding and abetting and/or participating in White European Genocide, Treason, Sedition, Subversion, other categories of anti-White hate crime, continent-wide misappropriation of taxpayers’ funds, (embezzlement), racial, cultural & religious discrimination against native European Christian inhabitants, political corruption (election gerrymandering), fraudulent expenses claims, engagement in foreign wars based on false pretexts and enforced granting of entry into all EU member states of enemy combatants and resultant crimes committed by them, to name just some of such crimes.

    Revoking of citizenship and voting rights, denial of political, judicial, media and societal involvement, and also denial of the right to set up racially/culturally/religiously motivated campaign/political movements, etc.

    There are many Jewish residents across Europe who are no threat to the nationalist takeover agenda and who, in fact, actively support it in order that Europe be returned to its pre war demographic conditions insofar as is possible to achieve today.

  5. Walter
    Posted May 16, 2016 at 11:33 pm | Permalink

    Would Clemenceau or Poincaré have thought that a hundred years after the battle of Verdun a commemoration of the struggle, the sacrifice, the steely earnest of the French soldiers would be trivialized by politicians of their blood who can barely think, much less feel anything but a desire to fit into the drifts of fashions of opinions? This mockery of a rapper insulting the people who allow him amongst themselves cannot touch the German soldiers who lie buried there for they do not have a real place of rest at this site since Nov. 9, 1918, anyway, and they are not the object of this demonstration of modern soullessness. I am reminded of another ceremony at Verdun shown in Sieg im Westen, by the Wehrmacht in June or July of 1940, in a spirit of mourning and honoring all the soldiers who had fallen there.
    In all it makes me think of the shortsightedness the politicians demonstrated when the 1. War was over. They did neither think of making an enemy of the late war opponent, nor did they think that there was a future after the satisfaction of passions. Politicians have to think of the future and I hope that, should Europe and our people be granted another chance by fate, there will be leaders who think and work for all of us as the big family of European peoples who have to see that they have a lot more in common than what separated them.

  6. Posted May 17, 2016 at 10:21 am | Permalink

    “Of course, this symbolic victory is wholly insufficient.” …But valuable. If nothing else, a beginning. Some avalanches begin with pebbles rolling.

  7. Gunnar Tyrsson
    Posted May 18, 2016 at 11:17 pm | Permalink

    It’s way past time that the likes of “Finkie” and BoogaBooga M are shown the door…

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