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I Miss the Old Kanye

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Kanye West broke his ten-month silence on Twitter with a square photo of an indigo record, captioned “‘JESUS IS KING’ OCT 25TH” in an apparent announcement of his long-anticipated studio album. West has made multiple claims about an album release in the past, but none of them have come to fruition, leading many to speculate that this record will not materialize as well.

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Inshallah, the THOTs

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Why do we have such things as white Sharia?

I mean, it’s a funny meme, and sharing images of Ramzan “Ginger Sharia” Kadyrov to trigger jihad-watching BoomerCons is highly entertaining, but hardly anything is done just for the lulz. Now, whether there are people out there who sincerely support white Sharia is of no consequence. People support all sorts of stupid ideas, as the success of Scientology will attest. Read more …

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The French Lobby Rises:
Anti-French Rapper Purged from Verdun Commemoration

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VerdunThe degeneration of European Man is visibly evident in the state of our so-called elites. They too have grown terribly soft, culturally ignorant, and ultimately wholly without honor. One sign of this is the disgusting decline in the intellectual and moral quality of official culture, including commemorations of major events.

Consider the following. In 1979, the authorities invited no less a figure than the German writer Ernst Jünger to commemorate that titanic fratricidal struggle which was the Battle of Verdun. Read more …

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