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The Conquest of Europe Begins

migration-infographic2,269 words

Translated by Guillaume Durocher

Because of negligence – or rather due to the complicit will of the catastrophic Madam Merkel – over one million “refugees” have crammed themselves into Germany since 2015. With all the problems that that entails. Unprecedented. We’ve gone from the drip-drip to the open faucet. Greece is submerged. Europe is (willingly) impotent, and her complicit elites are in thrall to a masochist logic of self-destruction. “You’ve seen nothing yet in terms of the migratory push,” says Serge Michaïlov, a researcher at IRIS [French Institute for International and Strategic Relations] (Le Figaro, February 1, 2016). 

A Planned Invasion 

And they are coming from everywhere, exploiting the Syrian civil war: from Afghanistan to sub-Saharan Africa, through all of North Africa. This is no longer a steady-flow mass migration but indeed an invasion. It risks being the beginning of the disappearance through submersion of the immemorial peoples and civilization of Europe, which is entering a genocidal project of the authorities which rule Europe against their peoples. The death, the disappearance of the European peoples is a project which, for various reasons, unites several actors: a part of Europe’s ruling elite (especially on the Left but not only, see Madam Merkel), the majority of the ethnomasochist Left-wing European intelligentsia, certain leading American political and economic circles who want to be rid of the European competitor, and obviously of Islam itself and its various governmental and religious authorities. 

I am weighing my words: This historic phenomenon is much more important and more grave than the two world wars of 1914–1918 and 1939–1945, and Soviet communism (1917–1991), and will have much more devastating consequences.

They Arrive by the Million 

In 2015, 1.2 million migrants arrived in Europe, including 270,000 minors. On the islands of Lesbos and Keos alone, in the Aegean Sea, we record 3,000 arrivals every day according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). They are received, fed, and supported at the expense of the European Union; much better treated than the local impoverished and unemployed populations! A foreign preference . . . In Greece, a kind of waiting room for supposed refugees, 70,000 of them are counted as of the end of March, stuck in Greece. Fifty-thousand temporary housing places are planned. This summer, with fair weather, the arrivals will explode. Since the beginning of January 2016, over 350,000 migrants have already arrived in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Macedonia. This human tide of populations is greater than everything Europe has known throughout her history. 

Preferred destinations: Germany, western, and northern Europe; 2.7 million Syrians and Iraqis (and others taking advantage of the windfall) are waiting in Turkey. Without forgetting the “Italian route” which goes through the Mediterranean from Libya. In Sweden, the most submerged country of Europe, 35,000 independent minors have been welcomed in 2015, at the expense of the public, accounting for 20% of migrants who have arrived. 

Since January 1, 2016, 133,000 migrants have landed in Greece from Turkey. In 2015, 470,000 migrants went through Lesbos, largely young men and practically 100 percent Muslims. They want to rejoin their communities, already established in northern and western Europe. Taking advantage of the Europeans’ softness and weakness, the “migrants,” confident of being well within their rights, show themselves (as at Calais incidentally) demanding, aggressive, certain that they will go unpunished, undeportable, and helped by “humanitarian” organizations and the state. The invader’s logic who would be wrong to bother with trying to appear the victim. 

Islam and Europe 

Through barbed wire fences and laws, the states of central Europe and the Balkans are trying to protect Europe from the invasion by closing their borders: Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia. The “Balkan route” has seen over 1 million migrants come through in 2015. In Slovakia, the sitting prime minister, Robert Fico, has remained in office following a campaign to reject the welcoming of any “Muslim” refugees. For that is indeed what is occurring: An invasion of Europe by Islam, to call things by their name, which must make Tarik Ramadan rejoice. 

These states are violating the Schengen treaty and are disobeying the orders of the bureaucrats of the European Union. For Nicolas Bay, secretary general of the FN [Front National]: “These unelected commissioners are actually criticizing the governments – which are democratically elected – of Poland and Hungary for not bending to their orders on the “welcoming of migrants” and other suicidal impulses” (in Valeurs actuelles, March 3–9, 2016, op-ed “Quand l’Union veut empêcher les nations d’Europe de se protéger”). It just goes to show that the FN can have on this topic pertinent ideas, far from their delirious socialo-statist economic program. But this negation of European civilization and its values, of its tradition and its future, by the institutions of Brussels is not due to the EU as such, as Monsieur Bay imagines, but especially due to the European governments themselves. We need to reflect upon that question. 

Erdogan’s Blackmail and its Objective 

The central problem is obviously the president of Turkey, the autocratic and Islamic “Sultan” Erdogan and his blackmail: He negotiates with Germany – France no longer counts, led by a lame duck – in exchange for billions of euros, to block immigration from Turkey, which is a fool’s bargain. He is also demanding the abolition of visas for Turkish visitors to the Schengen area and the resumption of negotiations for Turkey to join the EU. Erdogan’s goal is exactly the same as that of the Islamists and the criminal entity Daesh [the Islamic State]: To Islamize Europe, a thousand-year-old dream. 

Hans Werner Sinn, director of the Institute for Economic Research in Munich (Ifo) says: “Every time Germany does not show itself to be docile enough, the Turks let through a few more refugees into Europe.” R. T. Erdogan is following an understandable and intelligent logic which is that of the Ottoman Empire which he is trying to resurrect: The conquest of Europe under the Turkish yoke; no longer through (military) force but through cunning, that of migratory invasion and demography. 

Pope Francis and the Recognized and Accepted “Arab Invasion” 

“We can speak of an Arab invasion [in Europe], this is a social fact,” declared the Pope. But he is pleased by this! “How many invasions Europe has known! And she has always managed to surpass herself, to go forward to then find herself greater through the exchange of cultures.” (Interview with left-wing French Catholics, in La Vie hebdo.) 

Naïveté? Cynicism? Blindness? Or a mix of the three? In any case, the Pope, in his position on the supposed benefits of “invasions,” is showing a total misunderstanding of history, either by ignorance or ideological dogmatism. He calls bloody confrontations an “exchange” . . . These statements reflect a strange similarity with the Trotskyite ideas. Hence the suspicions on his belonging to the South-American circles of “liberation theology.” His statements, in any case, resemble those of certain leftist Islamophile intellectuals. 

Pope Francis has already signaled his moral encouragements for Muslim immigration in Europe and his opposition to any damming, in the name of a somewhat delirious conception, “gone mad,” of Christian charity. The current Catholic hierarchy, in a suicidal way and in opposition to the opinions of the “Catholic people,” has a similar position. In contrast the religious authorities of the Jewish community are steering clear of taking such positions, because of the obvious correlation between Islamization and anti-Semitism.[1] As to the persecution of the Christians of the Middle East, they are written off . . . 

Lucidity of Muslim Intellectuals 

The most lucid and courageous are often found among the male and female Arabo-Muslim intellectuals, as they know what they are talking about. For example, the Algerian writer and journalist Kamel Daoud, dragged in the mud by the leftists and the intelligentsia. Having won the Goncourt Prize for his novel Meursault, contre-enquête, he was accused of Islamophobia, a cardinal sin, and is the victim of a fatwa from Islamists and a media lynching from the left-wing French collaborationist intelligentsia. In an interview published by La Repubblica (“Cologne, lieu de fantasmes”), and translated by Le Monde, he explains the sexual assaults committed against German women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve by immigrants and Arab “refugees,” by the sexual frustration of the Arabo-Muslim male. 

He dared to assert: “Sex is the greatest misery in the world of Allah. To the point that it gives birth to this porno-Islamism which make up the speeches of Islamist preachers to recruit their followers: Description of a paradise closer to the bordello than to reward for pious people, the fantasy of virgins for the kamikaze.” Kamel Daoud is actually accused of apostasy by the Islamists and their French collaborators. He is a traitor, a “harki” [name for Algerians serving with the French Army during the Algerian War of Independence]. “The charge of Islamophobia today serves as an inquisition,” he says. 

Similarly, Mohammed Sifahoui, author of Pourquoi l’islamism séduit-il? writes: “The useful idiots of left as well as the right are preventing [. . .] in the name of an idiotic cultural relativism the criticism and the discussion of fanatical dogmas.” He is also victim of attacks from his co-religionists as well as the intelligentsia. Another controversial Algerian writer is Boualem Sansal, not well seen by the authorities of his country, who provoked outrage with his futuristic novel 2084, describing “a world dominated by radical Islamism.” 

The Algerian Boualem Sansal’s Predictions 

The latter told the magazine Vzebek et Rika: “soon we will all be Muslims, so, study your Koran.” In the Express: “Islamism has found in the Maghrebi community in France, which is very ethnicized [communautarisée], wonderfully fertile ground” (February 24, 2016). 

With the fall of oil and gas prices, Algeria is going into recession, because its regime, corrupt and incompetent, has the country live practically only on profits from fossil fuel exports. To buy social peace and compensate for endemic unemployment, the regime subsidizes and “greases” the population, according to Sansal. He foresees an explosion in Algeria where Islamists will be on the verge of taking power. 

“A Syrian scenario is possible in Algeria,” he told Le Figaro (February 24, 2016). For him, his country is a time bomb. “Bouteflika has ceded the managing of the people to the Islamists. In the small towns and villages, they are masters of the field and enforce their terrifying theocratic rules. [. . .] Algeria is running towards chaos. [. . .] A scenario of slavery, of terror, on the Syrian model, seems to me perfectly credible. [. . .] The political problem will be transformed into a religious problem and exported beyond Algeria’s borders into Europe and particularly into France.” France is therefore threatened by a new wave of immigration, a massive flight from Algeria. Which obviously enters into the Islamists’ plans. 

But Sansal goes further: “Little by little, the Muslim world is being rebuilt and finding again its first ambitions and its hegemonic will. The borders of the West are beginning to be abolished because now political Islam is open spaces for itself in London, Paris, and Brussels. We can consider that in 30 years Islamism will govern the whole of the Muslim world which will have been unified. In 60 years, it will go to the conquest of Western civilization.” Long before, probably . . . Sansal is attacked and threatened in his own country. “Now, fear is everywhere, it follows me, in Algiers as in Paris.” 

The Worst-Case Scenario Is Probable 

But these lucid and courageous Muslim intellectuals are in the minority. The pacified and reformed Islam which they wish for is a utopia, contradicted by observed reality. The most extraordinary of paradoxes is the betrayal of certain European elites which are complicit and organizing mass immigration and Islamization, which opposes lucid Arabo-Muslim minorities. It is the same setup as between 1940 and 1944: Collaboration; or closer to us: the “briefcase-carriers” of the FLN [whites who would carry bombs in briefcases for the National Liberation Front’s terrorist attacks in the Algerian War of Independence].

The strength of this invading migratory flow is based on the feeling of pity provoked by the media of the system in a fickle and emotional public opinion towards the “refugees,” especially the boat people who are drowning.

These millions of migrants, who are 95% Muslims, from the Middle East, Afghanistan, North Africa, and black Africa who are landing Europe, adding themselves to the masses already present, are obviously going to import their disorder and their chaos. Islam will be at the center of this explosion which will come soon. Ivan Rioufol, in La guerre civile qui vient [The Coming Civil War], raises this likely hypothesis. We must prepare for the worst.


1. On this Faye is inaccurate. In September 2015, the Grand Rabbi of France Haïm Korsia demanded that France have a “civic and human awakening” to welcome the refugees as the “cradle of human rights.” Naturally Korsia would never demand that his homeland of Israel make such an unreciprocated altruistic commitment. “Réfugiés : l’appel du grand rabbin de France,” Le Point, September 6, 2015.

This plea was then repeated to the Catholic daily La Croix:

We cannot commemorate the tragedy of the Shoah [. . .] and remain silent in the face of other tragedies in the world! [. . .] For the refugees, we welcome them first, we talk later. That is the order in which this must happen. [. . .] The Muslims arriving have a good level of education [sic], like the foreign doctors who tend to us in our hospitals. To reject them just before they arrive would be a denial of who we are. The country [that is, France], inherently, is a land of welcome [. . .]. Tsarfat, France in Hebrew, means “melting pot.” [. . .] [French] [s]ociety is on the edge of imploding.

Can anyone claim the grand rabbi of France is not being disingenuous and doesn’t know exactly the implications of what he is advocating? “Haïm Korsia : ‘Notre société est au bord de l’implosion,” La Croix, September 30, 2015. – GD

French original:



  1. What_Is_To_Be_Done?
    Posted April 1, 2016 at 11:43 am | Permalink

    At which point do those Europeans who contributes more to cultural discourse and civic maintenance – local bureaucrats, police chiefs, high school teachers, news journalists, pastors – begin to sweat under their collective collars and begin to feel , not merely think, that something is really, really wrong with this situation to begin to speak up and fight back? Did the Germans in East Prussia who would be raped and killed by Communist soldiers barreling towards Germany have a sense of doom as early as the pause in front of Moscow, or after Stalingrad, or right before the barbarians burst though their doors with bayonets?

    • Bobby
      Posted April 1, 2016 at 10:58 pm | Permalink

      There is a king of perverted irony involving this invasion, that your questions have brought to my mind. When the ethnic Germans left their homes and farms from all parts of the Reich and former Austro-Hungarian crown lands, all over Europe and came streaming into Germany and Austria to escape the communist plague threatening to kill or deport them to Siberia, the Reich Germans and Austrians, resented those that belonged to their own tribe but had been living outside the Reich for hundreds of years. Oh, how those Austrians and Germans of today, would welcome those people with masses of flowers and who knows what else, that are from their clan, rather than a totally foreign element!!!

  2. Walter
    Posted April 1, 2016 at 12:01 pm | Permalink

    And all of this was foreseeable in 1939 when the combined idiocracy of the world was set upon Germany to destroy it once and for all.
    A catastrophe is certain. Of the outcome I am only certain of the ruination of the Catholic Church and the dissolution of “democracy”.

  3. Posted April 1, 2016 at 1:56 pm | Permalink

    The population of Africa, largely Muslim, is predicted to reach four billion (billion) by century’s end. Can Africa support that many? Any chance that, say, 10% might direct themselves toward Europe?
    An Islamist Europe with a population two or three times that of China – will it mean that civilization was but a transitory project that really never had a chance?

  4. Bobby
    Posted April 1, 2016 at 10:50 pm | Permalink

    With hindsight, it’s now easy to see what absolute disaster was in store because of the loss of the Axis powers in their battle for nationalism vs. internationalism. (globalism) How anyone of European descent, can argue otherwise seems insane today.

  5. White Witch
    Posted April 3, 2016 at 6:01 am | Permalink

    We have been stripped of the will to defend ourselves

  6. Bjørn
    Posted April 3, 2016 at 9:24 am | Permalink

    I am sorry Mr Faye, but you are only half way there. You have accepted the fact that Europe is being invaded, and something need to be done. But you’re praising your fellow muslims intellectuals who are trying to tell the same story, implying that you may be positive to the invasion given that the invading group had the appropriate fig leaf of some sympathy for western ideas.
    They are still muslim, and would eventually accept a slow muslim inroad to the european institutions. I.e. they are useful idiots, no matter how brave.
    The next time you condemn the muslim invasion, why not use writings from European intellectuals with a strong belief in the European ethnic identity? Your idea of an ideal Europe seems to have precious little bloodline to it, and much more being just an academic construct.

  7. nineofclubs
    Posted April 4, 2016 at 5:26 am | Permalink

    The Australian response to unannounced arrivals by boat (no admission, transfer to Nauru or elsewhere to have refugee status determined) seems to have stemmed the tide of ‘illegal’ migrants coming via Indonesia.
    Meanwhile, though, we continue to take more refugees per head of existing population than any other nation. And that doesn’t begin to consider our historically high levels of ‘legal’ migration.
    The significance of this is overlooked by our media, which is completely simpatico with the new consensus (leftard social positions and rightard – or what you call cuckservative – economic hegemony).
    We need to consider asylum as a temporary status. A refuge from temporary displacement that expires once the cause of that displacement is resolved. Not a back door to permanent residence.

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