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Masters of the Universe

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Editor’s Note:

This is Alex Kurtagic’s speech from the National Policy Institute conference in Washington, D.C., September 10, 2011.

Two years ago I asked the question, “What will it take?”

How bad will it need to get, before the inconvenience of changing things becomes preferable to more of the same?

I asked this because for many years we’d been hearing about a collapse that would cause a great uprising and magically solve all our problems.

The theory was that Whites in the West tolerated their displacement because they were too comfortable, because they felt prosperous, and risking their lifestyles by speaking out against multiculturalism, against racial quotas, against the slander coming from Hollywood and Madison Avenue, seemed not worth the trouble.

People found it easier to keep quiet and isolate themselves economically.

And in 2009 it seemed the collapse was about to happen. And yet, despite the biggest economic crisis in eighty years, life carried on just like before.

More immigration, more laws, more regulations, more surveillance, more bureaucracy, more political correctness, more money printing, and more and higher taxes to pay for it all.

Not only that, but elections were held afterwards, and the same politicians, with the same policies, were returned to power.

So the question remains, “What will it take?”

The Challenge

Those who have made it their mission to educate our fellow citizens.

Not only does the ideology of radical egalitarianism permeate all institutions of power, but this ideology is so entrenched as a quasi-religious orthodoxy as to be impermeable to reason.

No matter what facts or data or arguments are presented against this ideology, no matter what degree of perversion and corruption are revealed in association with the ideologues, no matter what obnoxious effects it has on the individual, it seems impossible to dislodge this ideology from the seats of power.

One can tell millions of citizens about the negative effects of diversity and multiculturalism, one can show them mountains of data, one can underline why and how this matters in a society, why and how it impacts on them personally, and many will openly or otherwise agree with what one says; but very few to speak in public against diversity and multiculturalism, and any statement is very quickly neutralized with accusations of racism.

Any debate about diversity and multiculturalism, let alone any debate about the reasons why it’s important to have the debate, quickly degenerates into Byzantine discussions about whether or not something or someone is racist.

In education, those who go against the prevailing orthodoxy are systematically purged or marginalized.

And during elections we are presented with two or three nearly identical options, all founded on the same ideological principles. All with the same record of failure, all staffed by mediocre politicians, all infested with known liars, sell-outs, and opportunists.

And yet, even with everyone fed up with them, even with genuine alternatives available, the same two or three parties get voted into power election after election.

For over 100 years, people like us have been saying the same things, making the same arguments, presenting ever growing mountains of data, ever more facts to support our position; and yet for over 100 years, our camp has been in retreat, dwindling in numbers, losing influence, and growing ever more marginal.

Europe saw various revival movements during the first half of the 20th century.

But they were defeated politically and militarily. Much of the knowledge they produced was ignored, banned, maligned, or destroyed.

So the question arises, given what is happening to us, and given that the end product of the progressive egalitarian project is the end of us, what can we do to turn the tide? What must we do to alter the course of our society?

Left Mysticism

There are many reasons why we have not been more successful.

One of them is that certain ideas lost legitimacy after the last world war, even though those ideas were much bigger than any political movement.

Another reason is that loss of legitimacy resulted in a loss of access to institutional resources; it became more difficult for those ideas to look important.

And yet another reason was that as the equality zealots gained the ascendancy, they were able to use all of the institutional resources of the state to reconfigure how we see the world, how we learn about the world, and even how we think about the world.

And they also redeveloped the status system in our society, so that their ideas were elevated and enthroned, and those of their enemies scorned and reviled; so that their chums were promoted and praised to the skies, and their enemies demoted and ostracized as enemies of civilized society.

And through their control of institutions and the status system, they were able to encode their values and ideals.

Their values and ideas became a system of symbols.

And because symbols have emotional resonance, because they operate at the pre-rational level, at the emotional and instinctive level, the values and ideals of the Left became something a person felt, rather than something a person thought or thought about.

If we ask someone to explain how humans are equal, and if they’re able to explain it at all, we get mantras, stock phrases, hearsay, and circular reasoning, but no real explanation.

“We are all human. We all bleed red. There’s more genetic variation between individuals than there are between races.”

It’s not something a person actually thinks, or does any research on, it’s something he overhears, something he feels is right, or ought to be right, because it feels good, and it feels good to be accepted in society, and it feels good to be seen as a good person.

And when we tell him that he’s wrong, that humans are not equal, and he protests, it’s not because he’s done any research—in fact he doesn’t want to look at the research—not unless it’s convenient; it’s because he feels it’s morally wrong, or because he fears social sanction, disapproval, shame.

Thus the Left has mystified its values.

And through this mystification, the Left has made its system impervious to reason.

In doing so, its proponents effectively became the masters of our universe.

They set its boundaries, determined its laws, defined its appearance, and fixed its cosmological constants.

The Messenger is the Message

Thus those on our camp who have based their strategy for change on educating our fellow citizens, on presenting them with the facts and the arguments, have for the most part been confirming the views of people who are already agree with us.

Where there has been a conversion, most likely it’s been because of some external factor.

The facts and the arguments don’t go to the individual. The individual comes to the facts and the arguments.

The reason is that humans are rarely persuaded by facts and arguments. Rather they are impressed by their source.

In other words, the message is the messenger; and the messenger is the message.

This is why it’s said that in a society the bulk of individuals follow whomever is in charge. Even when those in charge are hostile.

They are awed by their masters not because they are reasonable, but because they are powerful and masterful, because they control their universe, because they control access to status and resources, because they are dangerous, or else because they represent an idea that is seductive, that somehow inspires them.

And they are not likely to oppose their masters because deep down they want to be like them, they want to be among them, they want to have what they have, or they want to be part of that idea, they want to be with the winning team.

The only time they oppose their masters, or discard the idea is when they cease to seem masterful, when there’s no longer a mystique around them, when they start looking weak and pathetic and all too human, when they look like they can be replaced—when something more seductive is on offer.

But the question remains: how did this hostile movement of proletarian anti-Traditionalism achieve mastery over our civilization?

How did this hostile movement gain followers in the first place, not only among the rabble who stood to gain the most from their hatred of aristocracy, but also among the most able and the most intelligent, the ones who stood to lose the most?

Love for Abstract Principles

We speak of our society having been hijacked by organized minorities.

But the fact is this: their ideas of radical egalitarianism, of modernity, of progress, of globalism, as perverse as they may seem to some of us today, go with the grain of Western culture.

Western culture is individualistic, therefore Western man is not very ethnocentric.

He is less tribal, less racial, than other peoples of the world.

Likewise, Western culture is unique for its moral universalism, and Western man tends to become enamored of abstract universal principles—liberty, equality, brotherhood, democracy, and so on.

Love for abstract principles is linked to a highly developed moral sense, which comes with a highly developed guilt complex.

Like all humans, Western man is tribal and has racial instincts, but they tend to put them aside in favor of principles, or individual utility—whatever they are at a given point in time and space.

For Western man, a much higher level of existential threat is needed to bring racial instincts to the surface.

So what we call White ethnomasochists don’t see their actions as being against their racial or even their group interests; they see them as being moral, as being high minded.

Reason Doesn’t Motivate

Humans, generally, are not motivated by rational self-interest.

Humans are motivated by the need to belong, and the need for status and self-esteem.

We want to fit into a community with whose members we identify and where we feel good about ourselves.

We are also motivated by inborn emotional tendencies.

And we humans also like to dream and fantasize, and are motivated by our own dreams and fantasies.

They may take the form of a religion, the form of a mythology, or art, or literature, or cosmology.

We dream and fantasize about what could be, about what ought to be, about how we would like to be.

It’s how we create meaning in our lives.

In the West, these daydreams often revolve around abstract principles.

Facts Don’t Persuade

At the same time there is too much information.

Too many sides to an issue, too many versions of the same story.

Most people don’t have the time or the energy to research it, to try and discover the truth, to distinguish fact from fiction, knowledge from propaganda.

The result is that most choose the data that flatter their vanity, that make them feel good about themselves, that make them feel part of their chosen community.

And they reject data that seem inconvenient or embarrassing, or that come from a source with which they cannot personally identify.

Thus, if we are to be engaged in the most difficult project that can be attempted in a society, which is fundamentally to change the dominant ideology, to overthrow the ruling order, we have to begin by accepting our fellow citizens as they are, and not as we would like them to be.

In this case, we have to accept that the individual is not generally open to persuasion. Not unless he is already looking to be persuaded.

Most want to be confirmed in their beliefs. They don’t want us to disrupt their world.

And it’s no good saying “Oh, they need to wake up and smell the carcass.”

Humans will sooner keep on dreaming than wake up—after all, their dreams are nice and feel good, while reality is ugly and feels bad.

If we are to cause a change of allegiance, from one paradigm to another, we have to think in terms of seduction and inspiration.

As I noted before, humans are much more open to be inspired and seduced, than they are to be persuaded through facts and reason.

This is why when the Lindt company is trying to sell you chocolate, they don’t tell you how it will meet your nutritional requirements for the day; they tell you it’s going to make you feel good. Never mind how, or why.

Few care about the chemistry.

Few want the experience demystified with hard scientific facts.

This is not to say that reason, reality, or the facts, are not important, because they are.

But they are not a method of changing a person’s mind.

They are a method of confirming a person whose mind is already made up, and probably made up since before he was born.

Positive Motivation

So, how then, do we motivate our fellow citizens to proclaim an unconventional allegiance, with all the risks this entails?

Earlier I said that humans tend to be impressed by the masterful.

They come to an idea because the messenger is somehow seductive.

They want to be like him. Or with people like him.

I also said that they want to belong and to feel good about themselves.

If we are not being more successful selling our message, it’s because we are offering none of the above.

Instead, many on our side offer an endless litany of complaints about how the world has gone wrong, about how we are in decline, about how we have less and less power in our society.

Anyone looking into our camp often sees wall-to-wall negativity, pessimism, fear, paranoia, despair, and lamentation.

It all amounts to one big, long wail of self-pity.

The despair is such that the mantra we often hear on the fringes of the Right is “worse is better.”

Not because the people saying this have real solutions, but because they’re hoping the collapse will fix everything.

That is not the attitude of the masterful, of the powerful, of people who shape events.

That is the attitude of people shaped by events. The attitude of a loser.

Defeatism is a prelude to defeat.

To succeed, we have to project an image of success.

That means getting rid of the negativity.

Speaking not in terms of what we’ve lost; but in terms of what we’re going to gain; in terms of what kind of society we want to build, in terms of what happens next, not what happened before.

A winner learns from the past, but he’s always looking to the future.

He’s always facing the sun. And we are solar people. We have brought light into this world. We must not forget who we are.

We must not become slaves of the darkness.

A winner’s image is an indispensable part of a winning formula.

Alternative Society

And a winning formula means acting as if.

Acting as if we are already there.

Which implies operating like an alternative society, offering access to a parallel universe, physical and metaphysical.

Access to a different cosmology, a different system of symbols, a different way of understanding life.

The new nationalism looks like an establishment in waiting.

Not like fearful cynics who are waiting for a collapse, but like people who are building something new and important, that makes the collapse desirable because it opens the way for what comes afterwards, because it opens the way for a golden age.

Rather than looking like conservatives fighting the tide of progress, we have to be the tide—the tide that sweeps away the old and decrepit left, that sweeps them out of power, sweeps them into the landfill of history, never to rise again.

Radical and Traditional

It’s not a contradiction when some of us say that we are radical and traditional.

We are radical because we seek fundamental change—we’re not looking for reforms; we’re looking for something entirely new.

At the same time we are traditional, because our project is rooted in Tradition, even if it is futuristic.

This is why we are not conservatives: conservatism is the negation of the new; Tradition is the ongoing affirmation of the old, of the archaic. And therefore it’s endlessly regenerating. Constantly renewing.

Can Be Done

Now, when some of us speak of transforming the culture, of reconfiguring it in order to make our politics possible, many are intimidated by the scale of the task.

It seems to them a godlike undertaking, more fantasy than reality.

But this is not so.

We don’t have to be too old to remember how our culture was reconfigured by the radical Left.

It has been done before. Within living memory.

How does one transform a culture?

The process begins very simply.

It begins with pen and paper, with brush and canvas, with a man and his musical instrument.

It’s in the hands of a creative minority, who create because it’s in their nature, because it’s a compulsion, and because they are impatient with the world around them and dream of something else, they fantasize about something new.

The artist, the painter, the philosopher do what their nature compels them to do.

Over time there is a body of work.

Over time they meet others like themselves.

And they start having gatherings, and forming clubs and associations.

And in time these aggregate with others of a similar mould.

In time they develop into a current. In time they develop into a movement. And in time they emerge as a counter-culture. As a rival and competitor to the existing establishment.

This is when the struggle becomes political, and enters the political arena.

And it becomes a struggle between two opposing forces, two colliding cosmologies, two conceptions of the universe. One representing the past, another representing the future.

Only one of them becomes master of the universe.

Politics is the Last Stage

You will notice that politics is the last stage.

This is why political parties like the BNP in Britain, the Front National in France, the NPD in Germany, remain marginal, despite the obvious failures of the Left.

Politics is the last stage. Politics reflects the culture. Politics is the art of the possible.

So our politics will not be possible until we control the culture. And because we don’t control the culture we are in the period before politics.

The Left is approaching the period after politics, because their ideas have been dominant for a long time, and by now they have failed on every level. They are running on autopilot.

And now they are increasingly worried and desperate, because they can sense their own weakness, they can sense the boredom and the discontent seething underneath, the potential for a revolution.

They have failed aesthetically, criminologically, culturally, demographically, economically, politically, socially. They have failed on every front.

And by now they are vulnerable on all fronts.

War on All Fronts

This is why our project is a war on all fronts, and why it needs multiple angles of attack.

There is room for individuals of every inclination, man and woman, young and old, with different talents and abilities. Which means that anybody can wage the war in some way or another.

Some will do it as writers, others as artists, others as business people, others as protesters, others as patrons.

But to attract real talent we have to provide opportunities for talent. Which means business and professional opportunities.

Because in our economic era, being economically independent from the system, and having alternative sources of status recognition, means being intellectually and spiritually independent.

And to be attractive we have to be image conscious—because a picture speaks a thousand words.

If we want our fellow citizens to see, we have to help them visualize.

We have to show them what we mean, and we have to do it in less than a second.

Most people make up their minds about something or someone in less than a second.

They won’t read a 400-page book. They won’t even read an article. Not unless they’ve already decided to do so.

What captures their attention is what resonates with them at the level of instinct, of emotion, at the animal level, at the spiritual level.

The way music resonates. The way a landscape resonates. The way a film resonates.

Man is the symbolizing animal, he operates in symbols, structured sounds and images.

That’s why a person’s authority is instantly obvious. It’s in the way he looks. The way he sounds. The way he carries himself.

Often he becomes a symbol of authority.

So to become masters of our universe once again, to rise as new masters as the old ones fall, a new nationalism needs to look like it deserves the scepter of power.

It needs to symbolize a new beginning. And it needs to symbolize it now and always, and not wait for the collapse to clean the slate.

We don’t know when that collapse will come, or what it will look like, or even if we’ll notice it.

But if and when it does, it will clean the slate for everyone, for every competing group, and there are many others who are looking to have a bite at the cherry after the liberals are gone.

Islam is looking to dominate in Europe, and in the West. And Islamists are also hoping for a collapse.

We cannot expect a collapse to solve our problems. In fact, we shouldn’t be focusing on the collapse at all.

We should be focusing on the world we want to see after the collapse, the world we want to see tomorrow. And we have to be building it today.

Because if and when that collapse comes, if we are not ready, if we are not there, looking like the world is ours for the taking, someone else will be, and they will become the masters of our universe.

Focusing on the world of tomorrow gives us an added advantage, which is the same advantage that the utopian Left enjoyed in years past: the advantage of having a sense of mission, a greater purpose.

It’s not a 9–5 job, where a person lives for the next weekend, for the next paycheck, dragged along by involution in the Kali-Yuga. It’s about mastery over our lives, mastery over our destiny, mastery over our past, present, and future.

Being traditional also gives us an advantage that the Left doesn’t have because they are anti-Tradition: the advantage of belonging, of being part of a community of people with whom we feel at home; of having a home and a family to which one can always return; of having a past and a future; of life with meaning, because we are part of something greater than ourselves, that is timeless and transcendental.

With the Left a person is always homeless, always a stranger, always a meaningless atom in a sea of Formica, PVC, neon, polyester, and reinforced concrete.

One final advantage is that the citizenry is fed up.

The individuals now in charge, in education, in the media, in politics, have amassed such a stupendous record of failure, have committed so many abuses, have lied and stolen so blatantly, that tax payers will be receptive to something new if they see something viable.

At the moment they keep voting the same politicians back into power because they are not impressed by the alternatives. They are choosing the least worse option.

So it’s not as if we are not given plenty of material to work with.

Concluding Remarks

I would like to wrap this up by underlining the key ideas I would like you to take back at the end of this conference.

If you want to help bring about fundamental change, and are actively involved in the process, I ask that you incorporate in your approach a few basic principles:

One—think irrationally. Humans have the capacity for reason, but they use reason in irrational ways.

They often have irrational motivations, which they rationalize after the fact. But they are irrational.

So to reach our fellow citizens we have to understand their motivations, and not be irritated by them when they differ from ours.

We have anticipate their needs so that we can meet them, anticipate their fears so that we can dispel them, anticipate their desires so that we can fulfill them. Especially if they are irrational.

Two—impress to inform, don’t inform to impress.

Often a person who sits through a speech doesn’t pay attention to half of what is said, he remembers only one or two phrases, one or two concepts. And not for very long.

But when there is an able speaker the listener is nearly always impressed by the delivery, he likes the energy, he likes the emotions roused in him. Therefore he listens.

We often comment on the speaker, less on what he said.

So aim to be impression oriented, to be effect oriented.

Marketing and information campaigns are not about information.

They are about eliciting a reaction, inducing and maintaining a state of mind, opening the mind to an idea—among people who are overloaded with information, who don’t want to be disturbed, who are wrapped up in their own lives.

That’s why marketing and information campaigns aim to be iconic.

That’s why they reduce everything to a soundbite, a slogan, an image, or a jingle that is infectious.

Facts are important, but at this stage they are subsidiary, because a mind remains closed so long as the spirit remains unmoved.

Three—think in pictures. Help people visualize what you are offering. A picture speaks a thousand words, and it’s a lot easier to remember. And much more difficult to argue against because images resonate at an emotional and spiritual level.

Four—be positive. No one wants to be around a person who complains all of the time, who is always negative, who is always doom and gloom. Humans respond to optimism, because they want to feel good.

And our people in the West are crying out for a renaissance. So be positive, and focus on the future.

It’s about where we came from and where we are going, not about where we are.

Five—enjoy the struggle. You will be more creative, and you’ll have more energy, and you’ll get more people interested in you, if you enjoy what you’re doing.

Because if you enjoy what you’re doing and you’re good at it, you feel confident. And everyone likes that.

So think irrationally, impress to inform, think in pictures, be positive, and enjoy the struggle.

Thank you very much.




  1. ned
    Posted September 23, 2011 at 3:49 am | Permalink

    Great read. I liked especially the part about controlling the culture. As a music major, I can tell you WN, that you desperately need A LOT more artists/humanities people to get involved; without them nothing is possible.

    A former leftist prof once told me that the poet/artist is the “outsider” of society, and thus has a better view of the cultural situation; perhaps what’s what the Left WAS way back then and now has become mainstream. Indeed it is us on the outside now.

    • White Republican
      Posted September 23, 2011 at 7:44 pm | Permalink

      The Jewish academic Peter Gay once wrote a book with the revealing title of Weimar Culture: The Outsider as Insider. The subtitle is applicable to our situation today, where the outsider is the insider, and the chandala rule.

  2. Euromike
    Posted September 23, 2011 at 6:52 am | Permalink

    This morning I went to I got a window saying this site is now blocked due to Hate Speech. I’m on the phone with my ISP Earthlink to get to the bottom of this.

    • ned
      Posted September 23, 2011 at 10:56 am | Permalink


      Ditch your ISP, they’re not worth it.

  3. Posted September 23, 2011 at 6:59 am | Permalink

    I think that Alex Linder is onto something: the bourgeois writers like those of the NPI are all striking poses to impress each other whereas, by contrast, the Germans were dead-seriously winning people over. Even politically-correct reporters could agree with Linder. A lefty reporter just labeled the timid NPI conference as “impotent”:

    So if I were forced to sum up the ambiance of the conference and their greater crusade in one word, it would be “impotent.” Not because the conference attendance ledger was heavy on sleepy, aging men (there were quite a few) or because there was a near-complete absence of women, but because they managed to gather less than 100 people for a national conference in which their collective message was largely one of impending doom. Practical ideas were few and far between and there was no cohesive call to action. All in all, this isn’t likely to be a successful recipe for mass populist motivation.

    I agree. What we need, as Linder told a timid MR intellectual, is a tough attitude toward our enemies: “We gotta be gross large powerful and scary as all fuck, like a great white shark maw coming up out of the water at the slick black jewmud-seal” (see Linder’s worldview here).

    This doesn’t mean that intellectuals have to make the transition to the dark side. It is not in their nature. It only means that tough whites have to organize politically: a parallel movement of that of the more educated NPI speakers.

    • Veteran Nationalist
      Posted September 23, 2011 at 10:12 am | Permalink

      Oh right, because Linder’s approach has been overwhelmingly successful.

      Get a grip and grow up.

      People don’t like kooks, and they don’t like wimps.

      • Posted September 23, 2011 at 5:50 pm | Permalink

        Oh right, because Linder’s approach has been overwhelmingly successful.
        Get a grip and grow up.
        People don’t like kooks, and they don’t like wimps.

        Forget Linder then and see the quotation by the lefty (“impotent”). Is his impression wrong?

      • Fourmyle of Ceres
        Posted September 23, 2011 at 6:34 pm | Permalink


        Veteran Nationalist in blockquote:

        Oh right, because Linder’s approach has been overwhelmingly successful.

        Get a grip and grow up.

        People don’t like kooks, and they don’t like wimps.

        I think you missed the larger emphasis Chechar placed on the active foundation of political effectiveness, which is quite consistent with Kurtagic’s themes.

        Chechar raised an issue addressed by Linder, which might benefit from the revision and extension of his remarks.

        Chechar in blockquote:

        I agree. What we need, as Linder told a timid MR intellectual, is a tough attitude toward our enemies: “We gotta be gross large powerful and scary as all fuck, like a great white shark maw coming up out of the water at the slick black jewmud-seal” (see Linder’s worldview here).

        Chechar then elaborated on the Linder comment, overcoming, at least in part, some of the more obvious limitations of Linder’s analysis.

        This doesn’t mean that intellectuals have to make the transition to the dark side. It is not in their nature. It only means that tough whites have to organize politically: a parallel movement of that of the more educated NPI speakers.

        This is what Linder’s position requires to be effective; “tough whites,” meaning those who do not doubt the rightness of what they are doing, and are willing to go toe to toe to support it, and political organization.

        The key seems to be a “parallel movement of the more educated NPI speakers,” supporting an alternative system, in direct opposition to the practice of genocide, I repeat, genocide, of the white Race.

        Kurtagic’s larger point complements this quite well. As members of the one minority group, and the one race, one can officially and personally discriminate against, a *ahem* Vanguard of political speakers are needed who are knowledgeable in discussing racial issues in open, and openly hostile, settings.

        This implies a Speaker’s School, as part of our political activities.

        Both American political parties just happen to offer, or have consultants they are affiliated with, provide training in effective public speaking, when you are representing the Party.

        This is Practical Politics, non-voting politics.

        This, which is nothing the Piercians would ever think of doing, is how you win.

        After all, that would require a “tough attitude” toward our own weaknesses. And, as we can not actually DO ANYTHING about our Enemies, can’t we Do SOMETHING about our Selves, starting where we are?

        I would reminds one and all who dream of The Day, that the bridge between here and there is built with better men, better women, better ideas, better Ideals, and effective organizations, supported by your efforts, and your money. Donating to counter-currents, tonight, would be an excellent start, and would demonstrate how tough-minded and sincere you are.

        The people who make counter-currents work have shown you the measure of THEIR sincerity, every time you come here.

        The measure of OUR sincerity?

        About 46%.

        $11,353 out of $25,000, according to the contributions thermometer.

        THAT is the measure of our sincerity. About 46%. So we’re about 46% sincere, so far. Masters of the Universe? No, at 46%, we are barely acolytes, much less apprentices.

        Let’s get to $25,000, and THEN start planning the Victory Parades.

        What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

      • Posted September 24, 2011 at 10:21 am | Permalink

        Focus Northwest indeed!

    • ned
      Posted September 23, 2011 at 11:10 am | Permalink

      “Germans were dead-seriously winning people over”

      In all fairness, 1933-45 was a different era, and the jewish problem was in plain sight for ALL, old AND YOUNG people to see; even Herr Hitler himself said that this NS ideology was unique to his time. Context is everything. If something is going to be done we need our own media to engage in cultural battle.

      “We gotta be gross large powerful and scary as all fuck”

      You mean like the Black Panthers?

      I’d rather engage in cultural wars; it’s legal and there’s nothing for the degenerate left to attack us with.

      Take music for example; what are they going to do? Claim that Mozart was a jew? an anti-semite? gay? No way. There are some things that they cannot touch.

      • Sandy
        Posted September 23, 2011 at 6:03 pm | Permalink

        Ned: I wouldn’t say that the Black Panthers are scary but I would say that the police state standing behind them and protecting them is scary. Gary Yarbrough of The Order who has been in prison since 1984 just got another 14 years for his perceived thoughts; perceived thoughts, not his actions or anything he may have said. It seems to me that the powers that be find thoughts more scary than any imagined tough guy so they may smear our intellectuals as being impotent but they are far from that. Hell, they still smear Jesus Christ as being impotent two thousand years after they killed him for his thoughts! Mere cultural war is far more dangerous than you would think. Ask Gary.

    • Justin Huber
      Posted September 23, 2011 at 5:32 pm | Permalink

      Hi Chechar. I read some of your link to Alex Linder. I liked it and think he is right on. I’ll bookmark your blog.

    • Lew
      Posted September 24, 2011 at 3:02 pm | Permalink


      It’s tragic that Alex Linder shoots himself in the foot by clouding his message with school-yard insults and outrageous rhetoric. He isn’t going to move anyone off their strategy that way. Can you imagine Dr. William Pierce calling someone a polished Turd? It never seems to occur to Alex Linder that maybe there was a good reason for that.

      • Posted September 24, 2011 at 6:31 pm | Permalink


        IMHO it’s neither Pierce’s nor Linder’s fault (or Rockwell’s or Taylor’s—take a pick) the sorry state of white nationalism in the last sixty years. The trouble I’ve had with Kurtagic’s stance (“positive motivation”, etc) in this and in other C-C articles is that it seems to place fault on the entire gamut of nationalisms, from polished gentlemen to scary sharks so to speak.

        Instead, I tend to see the no-galvanizing problem in the field as the result of the jew-controlled media, the traitorous gentile elites and the deracinated masses of whites.

        Linder’s vulgar rhetoric could be very eloquent among a specific audience and, conversely, Taylor’s silver tongue could be very eloquent among another specific audience. The real problem is that because of jew-controlled media the audience barely exists. Soon I’ll order the first two books of MacDonald’s trilogy. I’ve read (and am translating) CofC but need more hard scientific data to try to grasp what’s happening to the white psyche interacting with the jews. But I am starting to agree with those who say that the jewish problem is perhaps the main problem.

        I am barely two years in the racialist field and still don’t dare to write in-depth articles on this problem. But I do agree with Linder that creating an organization of tough guys, inspired in NS but not NSpace Linder, Uncle Harold’s Northwest idea wins by default— will have very little to do with the gentleman side in nationalism. If the biography of Hitler is any example, reading his Kampf I was struck by the fact that he openly recognized that since his teenage years he made friends with thugs.

        That’s the right strategy to create a successful org. NPI is exactly at the other pole of the spectrum. Yes, Hitler may have admired Lothrop Stoddard. But for obvious reasons if this intellectual lived in Germany he should better stay at home while Uncle Adolf’s boys stormed the antifa of his day, before even dreaming to reach any power.

        And with Adolf’s-like boys the obvious rhetoric that could work is indeed Linderesque, not the academic work that I’m slowly translating to Spanish.

        As I said above: two parallel movements.

      • Lew
        Posted September 25, 2011 at 7:42 am | Permalink


        I agree the state of the movement, and its failure to move forward, is not Linder’s fault. Or, Pierce, Duke, Metzger, Mathews, Lane, or Rockwell’s, or anyone close to them in style and approach.The more I reflect on the matter, the more I realize how unfair it is to rip those men with the benefit of hindsight. While they may have made errors that are apparent with hindsight, the main reason the movement has not moved is the cultural climate manufactured by Jews.

        Pericles or Marcus Aurelius could return from the grave to lead the fight and not make progress in this cultural climate.

        The tragedy of Linder’s vulgarity and reliance on ad hominem is that it blunts the impact of his message within — for lack of a better way to put it — the “non-Linder” White racial community and, more importantly, blunts it among potential sympathizers outside the community, while at the same time attracting people who relish vulgarity and find ad hominem convincing.

        I don’t get it.

  4. Veteran Nationalist
    Posted September 23, 2011 at 8:32 am | Permalink

    Brilliant. This should be expanded into some sort of a handbook.

    I cannot stress enough, when I talk to young WNs, how crucial it is to dress with style and class, act with confidence and professionalism, and be polite and articulate.

    If you’re running a political campaign, marketing new ideas, or trying to change the culture, it is important to have proper style.

    Clothing that is eccentric or of inferior quality, or an outfit that is poorly executed, or a weird hairstyle–all of these things detract from whatever ideas or impressions you are trying to communicate. They leave a negative impression, regardless of the merit of your words.

    Style matters.

    • Sandy
      Posted September 23, 2011 at 11:39 am | Permalink

      Funny you should say that style matters for just last night a friend and I were commenting on how today’s “gangsters” dress so smartly. High self esteem?

  5. Veteran Nationalist
    Posted September 23, 2011 at 12:25 pm | Permalink

    I’m speaking here of something I’ve spoken about for years – a United White Nationalist movement run like a major US corporation, replete with political R & D strategy rooms, media centers, education facilities for training WN leadership, and community meeting halls scattered along the frontlines of America’s ongoing race war. That, I contend, is what is needed.

    You are absolutely right. Some of us are working on it.

    To a certain extent, I suppose, we need to “normalize” and tame the way WNs present themselves and their ideas, so that when some of us without a neo-nazi past finally decide to “cross the Rubicon” and come out into the open, with our real names, we aren’t associated with the kooks, kostume clowns, and wimps.

    There is another, more oblique way to tackle this challenge, that I am working on. More details later.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted September 24, 2011 at 8:32 pm | Permalink

      All radical political movements appeal first to people who are outside the mainstream. But that can be a trap, since a movement will not be able to break out of the margins until marginal people can attract mainstream people.

      There are mainstream people who are capable of joining radical causes. But they are people who are capable of putting considerations of the common good above calculations of personal interest as well as silly conventional markers of social class. We are looking for mainstream people with independent minds and the courage the act on their beliefs. The other kinds — the cowardly, conventional, or both — enter our calculations merely as ballast. Historically speaking, they are inert. But a lot can be done with the inert masses. But the last thing one needs to do is concern oneself with their minds. They respect power, and they will follow the winning team. But one will never become a winning team by concerning oneself with wooing them. It is just another version of the woman question, because we are dealing here with people who are essentially feminine.

      And that is precisely the sort of mainstream person you are presenting yourself as here. You know: the sort of people who will only fight for their race if they face no social or economic sanctions; the kind of people who are kept silent by concerns about status; the kind of people who want other people to pledge their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to the cause first; the kind of people who don’t think a cause is legitimate until it is run by men in gray flannel costumes; the kinds of people who don’t want to be embarrassed by associations with working class people, etc.

      The trouble with this outlook is that the status system in our society is now run by the enemy. And if you are ruled by those concerns, then you are ruled by them. If costume clowns are the people keeping you silent, then believe me, the Jews will provide them if necessary.

      You are too petty and small right now to contemplate getting involved under your own name. The moment that you imagine when joining up and speaking out will become comfortable for you will never arrive unless bigger and stronger people make it arrive. You are either going to have to adjust your values and become stronger, or just content yourself to stay on the sidelines and write checks. I for one will take your money, but I will not cater to your present sensibilities, because that is a dead end for our cause.

      Odd that you don’t want to be associated with wimps, because that is the vibe you are putting off here.

  6. Hurin
    Posted September 23, 2011 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

    Was this speech recorded? If not why not?

  7. Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted September 23, 2011 at 4:00 pm | Permalink

    Ward Kendall in blockquote, cites in italics:
    Practical ideas were few and far between and there was no cohesive call to action.

    When citing my observations about the white-advocacy movement, I often imagine I’m watching a scene from Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day”, where he keeps waking up to the strains of Sonny Bono crooning on his clock radio every morning, as prelude to reliving the same day over and over and over again.

    Great observation. Has it ever occurred to you that it is supposed to be that way, with one and all ranting and raving, and no one pointing to A Better Way? It’s like your trapped in The Matrix, isn’t it? Think that’s by accident? Of course not. At the end of the day, Pierce, et. al., wanted us to become, at best, Virile Republicans; at best, better Charlie Browns.

    That’s how I felt when watching the NPI video of the recent conference. For me, it was the sudden realization that I was reliving all the speeches of Dr. William Pierce, and Kevin Strom, and David Duke, and Paul Fromm, their voices dusty with bygone years, as they intoned in ghost-like echoes about how “we’re forging a new paradigm in the white nationalist movement!”, and “our enemies are really afraid of us this time around because of the truths we’re speaking!”, and “we’ve really got the right leaders now so the Jews had better watch out!”

    All of which had no effect whatsoever, except to (1) put money in the pockets of a few, and (2) provide Tonight’s Entertainment, and insure a critical mass of Racially Conscious White People never developed. Look at their “activism.” If I was with Temple Oheb Shalon, I would quietly finance these guys, and use their public relations campaigns as the foundation for my fundraising appeals.

    Unfortunately, it was only the echoes from those long-dead speeches I heard coming to me over the NPI video. What I had wanted to hear was simply not there – practical, real-world ideas that struck like fire in the blood!

    Respectfully, that’s what we are starting to do here. A tranquilized, dumbed down people will simply, slowly, drown in an inch of water, because they can not motivate themselves to get up, much less stand up. See the positive in this: after a century of being led around by the nose, we are finally making a better way, the path to a better world. Fortunately, I know some of these good ideas will be in your new book, and will hopefully inspire the next generation. You DO have a new book coming out, don’t you?

    No, I’m not talking about running off to the rain-sodden backwoods of the Pacific Northwest.

    A lot of people are choosing to make just that choice, extending it to the entire Northwest. Again, many of them ARE running away from the Third World Hell America is quickly becoming. Many are running TO Something Better. Remember, pure opposition lasts for one political cycle. The System then reorganizes to adopt the best of the Opposition, and ignore the rest. People Take The Gap, in microcosm, every time they move up exit up the Interstate, to the “better schools.”

    Linder said it best. Loosely paraphrasing, Linder said, “Take the most Godforsaken state in the union, desolate, and with horrible weather…Something like Montana or Wyoming. Put up a sign stating “WHITES ONLY,” and stand out of the way as the greatest traffic jam in history rolls in, rolling over the spot you just stood in.” This is strongly implied in conservative analyst Douglas Mackinnon’s book, “Americas’ Last Days.” Essentially, a group forces the US government to cede Wyoming and Montana to the new home, the new nation, of Jefferson. The book ends with – read this sentence closely – “tens of thousands of people start(ing) to flee Montana and Wyoming, while hundreds of thousands of Americans made their way toward the new country.”

    Care to substitute any words in that sentence? “People” versus “Americans” is certainly one way to put it.

    Harold Covington is speaking opf running TO Something Better, much damn better. More to follow on that critically important point.

    I’m speaking here of something I’ve spoken about for years – a United White Nationalist movement run like a major US corporation, replete with political R & D strategy rooms, media centers, education facilities for training WN leadership, and community meeting halls scattered along the frontlines of America’s ongoing race war. That, I contend, is what is needed. And that is what I heard nothing of.

    It can be done.

    Yes, We Can!

    But I can’t do it alone, and those who have the means to attempt it simply are not.

    John deNugent has spoken of similar concerns, and you are both right; we CAN’T “do it alone,” nor should we.

    Covington offers the best answer – “Start where you are, now, today, to be the person you would be in a Northwest Republic.” VNN/F’s “Hugh” has an entire thread dealing with just this issue, where, in effect, he discusses how to become part of the living foundation of a new nation. The Fundamentalist Christians are doing it already, with home churches, and home schooling, displacing the State Institutions, and replacing State control with local effectiveness, derived correctly from accepting responsibility, the responsibility to Start Where You Are.

    I agree about the money thing, as well. As we become effective, the money will follow. In the meantime, the Funding Thermometer for this site has been at $11,353 for too long.

    What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

  8. Veteran Nationalist
    Posted September 24, 2011 at 10:55 am | Permalink

    Forget Linder then and see the quotation by the lefty (“impotent”). Is his impression wrong?

    Of course I’m not going to agree with some commie hack who is doing his best to convince his readers that the NPI conference does not matter.

    Of course it did!

    The very fact that it occurred, in public, without violence, without the kostume kooks creating a scene, is a huge success.

    Now back to Linder…

    Linder is an eloquent nutcase who does more harm than good.

    He wants to bring others down to his level.

    The Nutcase Approach has not worked. It never will.

    Normal White men with normal lives and normal jobs and normal families, are quietly preparing the way, in the wake of such men as Taylor, Spencer, Kurtagic, and Edwards who are doing the real work out in front.

    These guys are an inspiration.

    Linder and Covington (as much as I generally agree with their views)–eh, not so much.

    Stay tuned.

    • Fourmyle of Ceres
      Posted September 24, 2011 at 1:28 pm | Permalink

      Veteran Nationalist in blockquote:

      Normal White men with normal lives and normal jobs and normal families, are quietly preparing the way, in the wake of such men as Taylor, Spencer, Kurtagic, and Edwards who are doing the real work out in front.

      These guys are an inspiration.

      These guys are following the ideas laid out by VNN/F’s “High,” in his “A World View” thread. That’s good, because that lays the foundation for greater effectiveness.

      Linder and Covington (as much as I generally agree with their views)–eh, not so much.

      Each has his place in the scheme of things. Covington does one thing, only one thing, and he does it better than anyone since Rockwell; perhaps better than Rockwell.

      Covington defines what, what should be, and lays out a complete outline for the best comprehensive Solution to our Racial problems. All we have to do if creatively fill in the blanks, expand out the outline, with the substance of our lives, of what we DO.

      Covington was the first, and only, to extend the concepts of Dr. Revilo Oliver, and Dr. Sam Francis, to their obvious conclusion. Both of the latter gentlemen were Charlie Browned into ineffectiveness, and they never knew what hit them. Covington missed that trap, by realizing the table were titled, the Game was rigged, and we were NEVER going to be allowed to win by playing THEIR Game, by THEIR Rules.

      Read the online “History of White Nationalism,” and read between the lines. Note that we always start to become effective at the organizational level, and then, suddenly, some sort of short circuit takes place. Something goes wrong, something critical to get to the next level does not happen. This Is Not By Accident. These men were steered into dead-ends: wearing white satin bedsheets and pillowcases as formal attire; morbidly obese clowns wearing disheveled, color mismatched, ununiform uniforms to impotently protest what no one cares about to begin with; refusing your inspired followers requests to start informal political organizing, the list goes on.

      ONLY COVINGTON SAW THE TRAP, thought long and hard, took a lot of body shots, and realized the only way out was Forward, through the tissue paper illusions that trap us into playing Their Game, by Their Rules. “Forward” to what? What every one of us really wants, our own racial homeland, a place where none may make afraid.

      I’ve taught my nephews, public high school graduates, to read, using the Northwest novels. I can not explain my rage when I asked my nephews to read from “A Distant Thunder,” and they stumbled across all of the words, their lips moving as they tried to match the symbols to what they were taught. The good news? They Get It. They see what Covington is talking about; they can relate to what he describes, and they are working to transform their lives so they are not victims.

      Their lives are examples of greater effectiveness.

      Stay tuned.

      And where do we turn that dial?

      Mine is on the Northwest Republic Channel.

      What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

      • Veteran Nationalist
        Posted September 24, 2011 at 2:16 pm | Permalink

        These guys are following the ideas laid out by VNN/F’s “High,” in his “A World View” thread.

        I disagree.

        They’re heeding the lessons and following in the steps of the European New Right and Euro-Nationalists.

        This fact rankles the more provincial “Amurrkins” on the WN scene, which is why they try to promote their home-team cranks who, alas, it is becoming apparent, lack the social skills, sophistication, clubbability, and education to play with the big boys.

        You can see this in the way they belittle and ridicule people like Taylor, Sunic, MacDonald, Spencer, et al..

        Their words drip with envy, resentment, inferiority.

        It’s a Class thing.

        Covington this, Covington that…

        Like it or not, in the bigger scheme of things Covington is a mere bit player.

        We need to “normalize” and tame WNism so that real White men can get involved.

        Only then will we start to move forward.

        • Greg Johnson
          Posted September 24, 2011 at 11:54 pm | Permalink

          I think you are reading this all wrong, and the bias here is your own snobbery not some imagined prole resentment for people like Taylor and Spencer.

          The fact is that Taylor and now Spencer publish Jews and put them on their conference programs. Perfectly rational people — people who are just as smart as Taylor and Spencer — can look at this and wonder what their agenda is. Because to tell anything less that the whole truth is to lie, and Jewish power is a very big part of our race’s predicament.

          We are not going to save ourselves without naming and fighting our enemies, and the organized Jewish community is public enemy number one for whites. No, they are not the “sole cause” of our predicament. There are many white traitors too. No, there is not some vast secret conspiracy. It is pretty much a vast open conspiracy.

          But the organized Jewish community is the primary opponent of every policy necessary to preserve our people — even as they advocate the very same policies to preserve their own people. And since Jews are more sensitive to the issue of genocide than any other people on the planet, they know full well that they are promoting conditions that are leading to our extinction. White genocide is the policy of the organized Jewish community, and they have the power to enforce that agenda in every white country on the planet now.

          We know that Jews work to control the whole political spectrum. So reasonable men wonder if it has not happened with Tayor et al. They have a huge credibility problem among Jew-wise White Nationalists. And pretending that this is just prole resentment of their betters is sticking your head in an ash-heap.

          Now, I know Taylor and Spencer well enough to believe that they are not controlled by Jews, but are simply playing patty-cake with them. But others who have no personal access still can wonder. It is a real problem. And it points to the necessity of some sort of regular back-channel coordination for the movement.

          The Charles Martel Society was supposed to provide that sort of mechanism, but it never did so well, because it was founded and run by small men who kept anyone bigger at arm’s length, and now it has been hopelessly compromised by John Gardner’s public revelation that CMS has a secret membership (which makes it a prime target for the kind of hackers who splashed David Irving’s emails across the web in 2009) as well as the fact that Gardner and Sam Dickson handed TOQ Online (and the isp addresses of everyone who posted there) as well as the TOQ subscriber database (which also incorporated the CMS membership list) to “Hunter Wallace,” also known as Fade the Butcher, a psychotic with a history of revealing the identities of White Nationalist posters in order to expose them and their families to harm.

          As recently as Sept. 12 of this year, Wallace’s associate in password phishing, a Jew named Darryl Basarab, posted the real identities of a number of WN posters on the Majority Rights blog. This information was the product of Wallace and Basarab’s joint password phishing project. Wallace then threatened to draw up and release a report on a large number of posters and writers, connecting them to neo-Nazism and threatening some of them living in Europe with legal persecution.

          So the Charles Martel Society has been completely compromised and should be avoided by any White Nationalist who has anything to lose and needs to preserve his identity from the likes of Fade the Butcher.

      • Fourmyle of Ceres
        Posted September 24, 2011 at 3:59 pm | Permalink


        Veteran Nationalist in blockquote, cites in italics:
        These guys are following the ideas laid out by VNN/F’s “High,” in his “A World View” thread.

        I disagree.

        They’re heeding the lessons and following in the steps of the European New Right and Euro-Nationalists.

        And the incongruity is…?

        If you can’t become effective and lead by example at the local level, you will never be able to transform the extant institutions into the institutions that best serve the next phase of the Culture created by the Race in the fulfillment of Civilization.

        Normalization is nice, but being better, is better.

        This fact rankles the more provincial “Amurrkins” on the WN scene, which is why they try to promote their home-team cranks who, alas, it is becoming apparent, lack the social skills, sophistication, clubbability, and education to play with the big boys.

        “Big boys?” Like Nick Griffin? Like David Duke?

        “Big boys” might for for some; better boys will do for the rest, and better men will become the best builders of the New Civilization. They’ll watch Nick Griffin, with all of his “social skills, sophistication, clubbability, and education,” get cut to ribbons on Question Time, and see what quality of Resistance, much less counter-attack, he had to offer.

        Ian Stuart would not meet their standards; no master of “social skills, sophistication, clubbability, and education,” he. Thank God! A man who speaks openly of the value of Racial Warriors, who goes to great lengths with the cultural transformation tools he has, to lead from the front, and lead by example. He was no Nick Griffin, and isn’t that something to be grateful for?

        When these “big boys” start getting big results, you let us know. I’ll be generous, and let you start with Nick. Exactly what was his reason for removing NF support for Skrewdriver, again? Too much the Racial Nationalist, was it? Can’t have THAT, can we?

        There is no incongruity between the master of the Classics, Enoch Powell, and the master of prose that supports activity, like Ian Stuart, in the ends they serve. Means, yes; but not ends.

        You can see this in the way they belittle and ridicule people like Taylor, Sunic, MacDonald, Spencer, et al..

        That’s the New Arkhamists on VNN. I agree, they will never be successful. Neither was the National Alliance, past a certain very clearly defined point. That these people, who have nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, to show for a century of White Nationalism, says all you need to know. I agree Taylor and MacDonald provide excellent examples of how to be effective in a hostile environment. The larger question is, how to be more effective, in an ever more hostile environment.

        The Question asked of all politicians can be summed in Three Words: “And Then What?” If you apply this Question ruthlessly to all Taylor, Sunic, et. al., have to say, you eventually are led to the idea of a New nation, a new Racial Homeland, a Northwest American Republic.

        Their words drip with envy, resentment, inferiority.

        In the case of the New Arkhamists, obviously.

        In the case of the Northwest Republicans, no. We set a much higher bar, and remove your excuses. Blame the Jews until Hell freezes over, and you will accomplish nothing. Show people the end result of lifetimes of focused, disciplined accomplishment, and they will move with all due speed to the new nation, where none may make afraid.

        Remember, most of the New Arkhamists are nihilists because they have internalized the Enemy’s values, using their words and phrases, driven relentlessly down by the pictures they see, and the words they hear. Indeed, in their hatred of Christianity in all of its Forms, they are actively co-workers with the Jews!

        Those who dream of a Northwest Republic see the world in much greater, and much more accurate, terms.

        It’s a Class thing.

        “Class,” as in the values and beliefs of people who live in certain socio-economic strata? Like bespoke suitings versus Levi’s? Like Old Etonians versus Ol’ Miss, Oxbridge versus the UC System and Stanford, Sandhurst versus Marine OCS Quantico? “‘Jim from IT’ versus Sherlock and Watson?

        “Class,” as defined and documented by Paul Fussell, or “Class,” as in the living foundation of the meritocratic aristocracy, as defined by Evola and others discussed on this site?

        Covington this, Covington that…

        Tonights Entertainment here, Pierce over there, Nick Griffin somewhere, and ONE MAN who sees the Issues writ large, and defines the outline to The Solution.

        “Covingtion this, Covington that?”


        Covington proudly, goddamn proudly, without apology, without fear, without favor.

        And, as the Class Act he is, Covington would offer you a simple reply:

        Do Better. And your Idea of Better is…?

        Like it or not, in the bigger scheme of things Covington is a mere bit player.

        Robert Heinlein was a “bit player” in the bigger scheme of things. “Starship Troopers” did more to inspire the young men to action, whether this was joining the Armed Forces, or encouraging NASA in their drive to send men to the Moon, and bring them back – a feat unequaled in the history of the world.

        Baden Powell was a “bit player” in the scheme of things. His Scouts organizations have helped young men, and women, be better, do better, and be the living foundation of the nation.

        Of course, there was that guy two thousand years ago. He was a “bit player” in Israeli politics, much less the politics of Rome. Yet, today, Rome, the center of the greatest Empire the world has seen, makes its money from the tourists coming to see one of the fruits of His labors.

        There’s a lot more where they came from.

        So, yes, Covington.

        We need to “normalize” and tame WNism so that real White men can get involved.

        Only then will we start to move forward.

        Making us better Republicans, in a party that actively supports Civil Rights laws that “do not apply” to White people, and actively supports both Affirmative Action and the DREAM Act, seems lacking in wisdom.

        Yes, following the excellent ideas put forth by “Hugh” on VNN/F, is necessary. After all, we are like dogs chasing a car. We wouldn’t know what to do with it if we caught. We need to build a skills foundation for local governance, and extend that expertise outward into surrounding communities, surrounding churches, and, in time, surrounding regions.

        All, of course, to prove our answers to Harold Covington’s Question can be answered proudly: “And Then What?”

        In reply, then we will have our own national, Racial Homeland, where none may make afraid. Oxbridge graduates will be able to apply for citizenship. Their application might be handled by a graduate of Ol” Miss, but it will all work out.

        What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

      • Posted September 25, 2011 at 12:15 am | Permalink

        As recently as Sept. 12, Wallace’s associate in password phishing, a Jew named Darryl Basarab, posted the real identities of a number of WN posters on the Majority Rights blog. This information was the product of Wallace and Basarab’s joint password phishing project. Wallace then threatened to draw up and release a report on a large number of posters and writers, connecting them to neo-Nazism and threatening some of them living in Europe with legal persecution.

        Still a MR link to this affaire?

        • Greg Johnson
          Posted September 25, 2011 at 12:42 am | Permalink

          Here is the list:

          I am posting below some of the follow-up discussion. Pay special attention to the following post by Wallace:

          There Wallace writes:

          I’m a pretty good writer too. If I put my mind to the task, then surely I could compile a massive dossier that links the people on that list (using their real names) to Neo-Nazism, especially people like Stan who live in European countries like Belgium which frown on that sort of thing.

          This is how people’s careers, political ambitions, families, and lives are wrecked, all to slake the spite of an internet troll who has been locked in a mental institution and who has been immersed in a new psychotic episode for well over a month now. This is the man that Sam Dickson and John Gardner turned to as a confidant, and by Gardner’s own admission, they did so in full knowledge of what he is, thinking that they could control him (which smacks of manic grandiosity).

          Here is the subsequent discussion:

          Posted by il ragno on September 12, 2011, 03:29 PM | #

          Unless MR’s new policy is to allow disturbed defectives to post real-life info on individuals, I recommend Metal Gear’s post be immediately deleted, and both him and Wallace to be shown the door posthaste.

          Look again at the post above mine: how much MORE proof do you need that these two dysfunctional mutants are simply – pardon the French – no fucking good?

          Posted by J. M. on September 12, 2011, 03:30 PM | #

          ^ For those unaware: That’s a partial list, (possibly to be soon deleted by MR), of people whose identities Daryl Basarab/Metal Gear/Iceman/Kane has mined over the last few years. Most of those identity minings occurred with Hunter Wallace’s foreknowledge and express approval (read the captured logs for proof). Most of those people have not and never had any feud with Hunter Wallace.

          Posted by Metal Gear / Iceman on September 12, 2011, 03:46 PM | #

          The majority rights staff has allowed ‘daryl basarab’ about 50 times in this thread.

          I think the list will stay.

          And I have no interest in posting on the phora. The good forum was taken away from me in 2007, and now no longer exists. What we have now is a mockery. A joke of what it used to be.

          I have never attempted to return to the phora.

          Posted by il ragno on September 12, 2011, 07:58 PM | #

          Just to illustrate the toxic nature of Iceman/Hunter’s obsessive vindictiveness, you’ll note that among the outed is someone named “Sinclair”.

          Sinclair, who’s been absent from the boards for years now, was hardly a nationalist of any kind. He was a bright and extremely-likable high school kid who found the contentious discussion of otherwise-verboten topics stimulating, but took pains to stress his neutrality and cheerful inoffensiveness at all times. He harmed no one, picked no fights, sought no spotlight. He was a kid.

          I doubt if he and “Iceman” ever interacted in any way.

          So why then does “Iceman” blithely bandy about his real name – openly hoping for misfortune to beset him as a direct consequence of his actions?

          Well, the answer’s simple really. You see, there’s only so many carp stocked in the Ol’ Phishin’ Hole, and the handful of names he’s managed to dredge up are all he’s got. Given the slim pickings, he just can’t afford to make moral distinctions between Deserving and Undeserving, or he’ll whittle down his pool of victims still further. And, as any 10-year-old could tell you, revenge is a dish best served indiscriminately to anything that moves, and at the very top of your lungs.

          He’s not gonna let a perfectly good outing go to waste simply because that person did nothing to warrant it! Besides, you look a lotmore fearsome when you can print out a really long long list, even if much of the information is clearly spurious.

          This is the sort of ‘adult’ you’re dealing with in Daryl Basarab. It’s why he feels surrounded by enemies at all times, and it’s almostcertainly why his employers give him the gate just as soon as they fully realize what sort of screwball they’ve made the error of hiring. And the Internet is his crack cocaine. It turns him into Billy Mumy in that old TWILIGHT ZONE episode, surrounded by fawning adults terrified of being wished out into the cornfield.

          I warned you earlier that prolonged indulgence of him and Fade, unless it’s properly toadying, could result in MR being the next website to take Mr Daryl’s Wild Ride, and no sooner did Hunter Wallace pronounce the warning groundless hysteria than Iceman proceeded to trumpet a list of posters’ real names that he phished out of the Phora personally. Do you still doubt that he’s prepared to do the same to you?

          Posted by Hunter Wallace on September 12, 2011, 09:38 PM | #

          I warned you earlier that prolonged indulgence of him and Fade, unless it’s properly toadying, could result in MR being the next website to take Mr Daryl’s Wild Ride, and no sooner did Hunter Wallace pronounce the warning groundless hysteria than Iceman proceeded to trumpet a list of posters’ real names that he phished out of the Phora personally. Do you still doubt that he’s prepared to do the same to you?

          Like I said above, your own cyberstalking and cyberharassment is what causes every bit of this. I also said that your silly feud with Kane had been going on four years, which started long after I left The Phora, which I had nothing to do with, concerns no one else on the internet, and would continue regardless of whether I or anyone else participated in this thread or not.

          So what happens? You come over here and start harassing Kane, insinuating that he is crazy, when he is obviously just someone who is motivated by revenge, and your own attention whoring and harassment inspires Kane to post that list of names in a public forum.

          Guess what? If you hadn’t engaged in cyberstalking, not only would this discussion have never taken place, but Kane wouldn’t have posted that list here.

          Who could have ever predicted that?

          Posted by Hunter Wallace on September 12, 2011, 09:46 PM | #

          You see, nothing here is “too deep” for anyone to understand. Daryl Basarab and Hunter Wallace are people to be avoided. It’s as simple as that.

          You see, if I really wanted to, I could go over to my website right now, and publish all your names on my blog.

          After five years of blogging on the same URL, I know the mechanics of WordPress inside and out, so much so that I know how to manipulate search engines to send traffic to my website for keywords, as in the Chrissy Lee Polis beating or the Carter Strange beating.

          I could easily put all your names into a webpage that would be the #1. search result in Google for years to come. That I haven’t already done so reflects two things:

          (1) My hope you losers would finally quit cyberstalking me and antagonizing me on other websites. I have left you alone for years now … in the expectation that you would leave me alone.

          (2) My loss of interest in your websites.

          Do you want to go down that road?

          Posted by Hunter Wallace on September 13, 2011, 02:36 AM | #

          I find your threat amusing.

          It’s real funny, right?

          Occidental Dissent is #2 in Google search results for “Carter Strange.” I’m sure that “Carter Strange” is more famous than the people whose names are found in Kane’s short list above. Lots of people have written about what happened to Carter Strange in South Carolina.

          I’m a pretty good writer too. If I put my mind to the task, then surely I could compile a massive dossier that links the people on that list (using their real names) to Neo-Nazism, especially people like Stan who live in European countries like Belgium which frown on that sort of thing.

          Posted by il ragno on September 13, 2011, 06:17 PM | #

          As he’s a self-activating Whinebot 3000 with a hair-trigger, I know better than to address Daryl Basarab directly. You can all see for yourselves by now that the merest muttered aside is enough to trip the mechanism launching yet another 200,000 words on Topic A (“nothing is ever my fault! Can’t you see it’s all the Phora Phora Phora Phora Phora???”) No thank you.

          His mentor and Big Brother, Fade/Hunter/Brad/Daedalus/Scimitar/Gaius Caligula (I’m gonna be merciful and stop at 6, but trust me – if he had a passport for every pseudonym he’s used, he’d be on Interpol’s most-wanted list) is another matter. Or at least he’d like us to think so, but he seems determined to cling to his strategy of responding to every j’accuse with half-a-dozen outright lies in the hopes of creating such an impenetrable muddle than the average Interested Onlooker will throw up his hands, pox-on-both-your-houses style, and quickly become Disinterested.

          It would make a pretty good strategy if he hadn’t melted down, again and again, in public and full view of dozens, perhaps hundreds, of witnesses. (Note that Fade’s detractors take him to task personally for his actions, whereas Fade responds by demonizing awebsite, Basarab-style….as though it had achieved a malevolent sentience in his absence). But never mind: Fade fancies himself the captain of Life’s Debate Team, and that the rules governing debate are “whoever’s still left standing, and lying, wins”. No point in directly addressing him either. No need to, either; there’s no shortage of screen-captures that tell the real story.

          But, Fade, when you write

          ….your own cyberstalking and cyberharassment is what causes every bit of this.

          So what happens? You come over here and start harassing Kane..

          you really ought to double-check the first sentence of my first post in this thread, to wit:

          I should know better than to dip my big toe into this toxic sewage, but since my name has already been bandied about, allow me to clarify one or two points.

          Confronting the liars falsely accusing you isn’t “cyberstalking and cyberharassment”. Making false accusations is. But hey!….good luck with that lawsuit of yours. Will you calling Michael Musto to the stand? How about Tetragrammaton? Never mind. It’ll be enough to have your psychiatric history entered into evidence. Don’t laugh – your , er, recent difficulties might be your best defense. They’ll go a long way towards explaining how you have no recall whatsoever of all those things you wrote (in secret and otherwise) and left a permanent record of.

          Do it, Fade! Hire that litigational shark! We both know you’ve got no career, or career prospects, to jeopardize…not any more, anyway….so what have you got to lose?

          In closing, may I state that I’ve been a regular at the Phora for several years, and not even I could come close to giving this much of a shit about the place. Gott im Himmel, it’s just a fucking message board!

          Thank you all, and good afternoon.

          Posted by Hunter Wallace on September 13, 2011, 10:09 PM | #

          To: Steven Michael Scwankhous

          “Hunter Wallace” never had root access to If he claims the phora was “stolen” from him, why not address the fact that he didn’t have root access until two years later? A legitimate owner would have made an issue of not having root access immediately, not 24 months later.

          (1) I’m quite sure that I was the owner of “The Phora” for five years.

          (2) I’m quite sure that I can prove that in court.

          (3) I’m also quite sure that the trademark and copyright laws in the United States will support my case … in light of any written contract between me and you in which transferred my ownership rights to you.

          “Hunter Wallace” never had root access to because he made a verbal contract with the owners of to relinquish the database of, since he had lost interest in, due to lack of technical skills, lack of registered software, and unrelenting, successfully destructive attacks upon the site resulting in a depleted database.

          Actually, the records show that I had taken some time off from the internet. I was dispirited by a malicious hack of my website – it being my personal property, I could have done anything I wanted with it.

          While I was gone, in October or November 2005, Steven and friends swiped a copy of my database off my Dreamhost hosting account, which Dreamhost can easily verify was my legal property, and which vBulletin can confirm was my property because my vandalized account was used to create the database.

          When I came back, I discovered what had been done to my website, how a copy of my database had been swiped and set up on another hosting account with a different vBulletin license and a new domain name. Steven Michael Scwankhous, a Neo-Nazi who was affiliated with the National Alliance, had committed a crime.

          Now, I am sure that I agreed to allow you to administer my database (this is common on vBulletin forums), but at no point did I ever sign a contract with you (nor was I paid to transfer my ownership rights) of my domain name and my database to you.

          “Hunter Wallace” was never gifted granted root access to after the transfer, because of “Hunter Wallace’s” well-known propensity to throw temper tantrums and act in a destructive manner to the site, a weakness he finally brought to term in 2007, when he abused his forum administrator status to maliciously hard-delete hundreds of posts, an act which resulted in seeing his forum administrator status revoked.

          As I shall explain to my attorney, Steven Michael Scwankhous stole a copy of my database (we will soon find out if he was a criminal record), which he uploaded onto a BlueHost hosting account, which violates BlueHost’s own policies and which is illegal in Alabama and other states.

          “Hunter Wallace” is not a victim of If there is indeed a victim in this affair between “Hunter Wallace” and, it is, on account of “Hunter Wallace’s” campaign to hack, phish, destroy, and spread outright lies about

          As I shall explain to the FBI Cyber Crime division, The Phora is a criminal enterprise that engages in systematic cyberstalking and cyberharassment of banned members. It has a long history of doing so. I’m sure I have plenty of witnesses which will sign sworn statements that will verify this.

          However, despite the best efforts of “Hunter Wallace” to victimise, he is unsuccessful, and the administrators of continue living their lives as gainfully employed, productive members of society, maintaining a stable, relaxed discussion forum, while “Hunter Wallace” continually stews away in the fantasy world of the “WN blogosphere” and reeling from recurrent bouts of mental illness.

          As I shall explain to FBI and the Belgian government, I was content to leave them alone … provided they clean up their forum, stop violating their TOS agreement with Bluehost, and stop harassing me and others on other websites. Unfortunately, The Phora could not respond to a reasonable request to resolve this dispute when it was delivered to them in writing.

          You see, Stan Sterkendries and Steven Michael Scwankhous confused my own disgust with The Phora, my own willingness to concentrate on my own website, with a willingness to tolerate libel, defamation, slander, theft, cyberstalking and cyberharassment from The Phora.

          In reality, I just had better things to do … and wanted to move on with my life. But, let’s see if “Phora Wins” when I file a lawsuit against Starr or whoever owns The Phora now, contact the FBI Cyber Crimes Division, as well as the Belgian government which employs Stan Sterkendries, which will surely be interested to know about his preoccupation with an American based “hate site.”

          Posted by Hunter Wallace on September 13, 2011, 10:18 PM | #

          To: Starr, Ebusitanus, and Ahknaton

          You have it within your power to overrule Stan and Overwatch … and save both of us an unnecessary legal headache, a bullshit forum feud, which a bunch of trolls are stirring up again. As I said above, I will leave you alone and never bother you again, if …

          (1) You remove all photographs of me and all mentions of my name from your website.

          (2) You sandbox all discussions of me on your website.

          (3) You remove the vandalism from my banned account and user title.

          (4) You remove this antagonistic document from your server.

          (5) You reign in the cyberstalkers and make it clear to them that stalking and harassing other people on the internet has utterly nothing whatsoever to do with a discussion forum and it is harmful and counterproductive to The Phora.

          Do you want to start this shit up again – why? Does Stan honestly want to antagonize me? I don’t think he does.

          I don’t have a problem with the three of you or with Petr or with any number of the people who are still posting there. ALL I WANT is to be left alone.

          But, if you don’t me alone, there will be consequences.

  9. Veteran Nationalist
    Posted September 24, 2011 at 7:08 pm | Permalink

    People like you (i.e., Covington) are going to be marginalized, whether you like it or not.

    Learn to play nice.

    Be clubbable.

    If not, you’ll get your fat nose smashed.

    We’re done tolerating such cranks.

    Oh, and why you’re at it, shave and lose some weight.

    And get rid of the stained t-shirts and Levis.

    You look like a slob.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted September 24, 2011 at 8:02 pm | Permalink

      Clubbing is for baby seals.

      I call troll. You’re banned.

  10. Chip Farley
    Posted September 25, 2011 at 1:14 am | Permalink

    It is great that the NPI conference was able to be held!

    For the last few times the Amren conference has been interrupted by anti-Racist hooligans.

    Has something changed in the broader culture? Has the utter failure of the Obama Administration economically disillusioned convinced Leftists so much that they have given up opposing even the supposed ‘Racialst fringe’

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted September 25, 2011 at 1:42 am | Permalink

      Leftists are not linked that closely to reality, I am afraid. The fact that the conference was at a federal facility that could not discriminate because of the 1st amendment had a lot more to do with the conference being successful.

      • Sam Davidson
        Posted September 25, 2011 at 10:18 am | Permalink


        “…to tell anything less that the whole truth is to lie…”

        Great quote.

  11. White Republican
    Posted September 25, 2011 at 7:34 am | Permalink

    I must say that the formula “a United White Nationalist movement run like a major US corporation” strikes the wrong notes, uses the wrong metaphors, and puts things in the wrong perspective. Corporations represent an organizational form that is highly inappropriate for the White nationalist movement. They are organized for exclusively economic ends, are a top heavy and inefficient form of organization, and are granted many privileges and subsidies by the state. The White nationalist movement cannot be organized on the basis of a limited liability company.

    I believe that a pluralistic conception of organization and activism is necessary. White nationalists should use multiple forms of organization and activism appropriate for cultural activism, community activism, and political activism. This requires forms of organization that are, as François Duprat put it, both supple and coherent.

    That said, I think that some of the structures that Ward Kendall proposes should be established, but it will be necessary to start on a small scale and to progressively increase the scope and the scale of organization and activism. We should favour forms of organizations and activism that are conducive to a high average level of effective activism among White nationalists. As Wendell Berry put it: “We want a movement that is a movement because it is advanced by all of its members in their daily lives.”

    All too often, it seems that organizations and their leaders are treated as alibis for the failure of White nationalism. White nationalists expect organizations and leaders to perform miracles, while doing little or nothing themselves. Indeed, it is common to find people denigrating particular leaders as nullities and as obstacles alternately or simultaneously. But are nullities genuine obstacles? If a would-be leader is effectively a failure as a leader, if he effectively commands nothing and nobody, how can he prevent you from doing what you can and should be doing? What prevents you from ignoring them, from brushing them aside, from pursuing your own work? A little more initiative, industry, and self-criticism on the part of White nationalists is surely in order.

  12. Lew
    Posted September 25, 2011 at 9:39 am | Permalink

    The NPI content left me cold as ice. The radicals at CC have trained me well. I know self-censorship when I see it now.

  13. Greg Paulson
    Posted September 25, 2011 at 2:23 pm | Permalink

    It was a great speech, I look forward to seeing the video of it.

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