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How Europe’s War of Liberation Could Begin

Muslim immigrants burn Swedish flag.

Muslim immigrants burn Swedish flag.

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Introduction and Case Studies

The purpose of this article is to attempt to define the characteristics of modern day 4GW (4th Generation Warfare) as they apply to the intersection of ethnic conflict and failed states, and then extrapolate from that to paint a hypothetical picture of what such a scenario could look like in Europe. 

As historically-aware and conscious individuals who follow the news out of Europe closely, we are all well aware that the continent is sliding precariously into all-out destabilization and war, as a result of mass immigration and other destructive policies inflicted upon it by its leaders.

While each of us has most likely seen a few such similar hypothetical scenarios relating to Europe’s immediate future posted online, they are likely to read more like Hollywood thrillers, or World War Three pulp fiction, then rational and scholarly examinations. This article will therefore endeavor to hypothesize such a scenario in a much more sober, analytical manner.

To do this however we must first determine what the qualities most often found in such conflicts are, and for that purpose we need case studies of similar phenomena from recent history.

To that end the following conflicts are relevant: 1) the Lebanese civil war of the 1980s and the related destabilization that affected Lebanon both before and after it, 2) the Balkans conflicts of the 1990s following the breakup of Yugoslavia, 3) the Soviet-Afghan war of the 1980s and subsequent Afghan Civil War of the 1990s, 4) the First and Second Chechen Wars of the 1990s, along with the continued ethnic conflict in that region that has followed in their wake, and finally 5) the drug-war induced 4GW destabilization in Mexico that has afflicted the country over the last two decades.

These conflicts have various similarities and differences to contemporary Europe. With the exception of Mexico they all involve ethnic conflict, which is something they share with the situation in Europe. Mexico, on the other hand, is the only arguably “First World” nation noted, which is what warrants its inclusion on the list. Afghanistan is a nation that has no real tradition of the rule of law, which certainly makes it different than Europe, but it also represents a conflict that was heavily entangled with global geopolitics, just as the situation in Europe is. The Balkan conflict is the closest to the situation in Europe geographically, culturally, and in terms of its belligerents (white Europeans and Muslims), and is therefore particularly valuable as a comparison point.

The common traits of such conflicts are:

  1. Ethnic Division — The conflict in the Balkans was almost entirely defined by ethnic conflict, as Serbs, Bosniaks, Croats, and other groups warred with each other. Likewise in Afghanistan, the breakdown of the state saw nearly every ethnic class (Tajiks, Hazaras, Pashtuns) detach into separate groups with separate power structures and commanders.
  2. Ethnically or religiously-based attacks upon civilians — This was a primary symptom of the ethnic division in these conflicts. Examples range from widespread ethnically-motivated rape in the Balkans and Chechnya to the large scale killing of civilians in several of the conflicts. An example of this was the Karantina Massacre during the Lebanese Civil War, in which Maronite forces in Lebanon killed between 1000-1500 Muslim civilians, followed two days later by a similar revenge attack by the Palestinians upon Maronite civilians in Damour.
  3. Breakdown of police and government control — Ubiquitous in nearly all of these conflicts.
  4. The presence or growth of militias representing various non-governmental entities — Examples being Hezbollah and the Phalangists in Lebanon, as well as numerous militias in the Balkans.
  5. Government suppression of free speech and political parties — Ubiquitous in nearly all the conflicts mentioned.
  6. The quick breakdown of “Cosmetic Armies” with no history of real world combat or application — A prime example is again the Lebanese Civil War.
  7. Proxy support of 4GW forces by other governments — The Israeli and Iranian support of the Maronites and the Shiite Muslims, respectively, in Lebanon. As well as the support of the Afghan Mujahedeen by the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia during the Soviet-Afghan War.
  8. The use of crime to fund 4GW forces — Mexico is a prime example, as well as poppy cultivation by Islamist forces and the Taliban in Afghanistan, and economically motivated kidnapping in several of the conflicts.
  9. Barriers placed upon freedom of movement — Lebanon and the Balkans are prime examples.
  10. Refugee situations — Lebanon and Afghanistan are prime examples.

Extrapolation to Modern Europe

Our hypothetical case study of how events could similarly play out in Europe will be centered politically in Sweden, and geographically in the area around the Swedish-Danish border where the Baltic meets the North Sea.


This area should be considered the most appropriate for such an exercise because it seems to be the region of Western Europe most approaching “Failed State” status, which is historically where 4th Generation Warfare and ethnic conflict are most likely to break out.

We base this statement about Sweden upon The Fund for Peace’s official “Failed State” definition, which is based upon four characteristics. These characteristics and their relation to Sweden are produced below.

1. “Loss of control of its territory, or of the monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force” —

This is demonstrated by the Swedish government’s inability to police hostile immigrant-majority areas, as detailed by Swedish Police Captain Lars Alvarsjö, who recently told Dagbladet that the Swedish legal system “is at the point of collapse.”1 He further stated: “Lawlessness ensues [and] criminal gangs have taken over and determine the rules of the game.” Alvarsjö went on to document the fact that police are regularly attacked with Molotov cocktails, hand grenades, and gunfire.

2. “Erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions” —

This is not yet here, but the escalating restrictions on free speech and the government’s statements suggesting a willingness to ban or restrict the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats party suggests it is not far off. Furthermore there are the widespread police cover-ups of immigrant-perpetrated rape, which has lent the government and the media a rapidly increasing level of mistrust among the native populace. There is also the wholesale rejection of government authority by an entire minority ethnic group, whose numbers are increasing dramatically year to year.

3. “Inability to provide public services” —

This follows from characteristic number one. When EMT’s refuse to enter some areas of the country, and only enter other areas with bulletproof vests and police protection, that must certainly be deemed an “Inability to provide public services.” There are also increasing housing shortages precipitated by the massive numbers of “refugees” and migrants.

4. “Inability to interact with other states as a full member of the international community” —

This is a tricky one, as Sweden has for so long been one of the elite nations in the so-called “international community.” However, when looked at objectively their high standing seems illegitimate. Sweden is now home to the second highest per capita rape rate of any nation on earth, after Lesotho, in Southern Africa.[2] This can also fairly be characterized as a massive campaign of ethnically-driven mass rape. If the events going on in Sweden and the statistics reflecting them were switched with some random third world country, it is obvious that the international community would be highly critical of its human rights record, and it would most likely be treated as a pariah to some degree on the world stage.


Hypothetical Scenario Involving the Outbreak of Violence In Europe

Date: Summer 20xx (this could be 2016, 2019, 2024, etc. . . .)

  • Increased friction between the Swedish state and immigrants has enflamed tensions throughout the country. Malmö begins seeing increasing immigrant on native violence of a level previously unknown. Further, the violence has become a cultural phenomenon or purposeful “Intifada” similar to the “Days of Rage” in Palestine. Swedish women are raped openly in the streets. Swedish men are attacked regularly. The police force in Malmö is on the brink of collapsing. Their operations are increasingly militarized as any form of regular policing is impossible. The immigrant communities have progressed completely out of government control, short of tactical incursions by government forces necessitating large numbers of police and riot troops with military vehicles.
  • White flight out of Malmö and the surrounding areas has left the city devoid of the personnel needed for it to function. There are massive shortages of teachers, medical personnel, firefighters, and EMT’s. Government services increasingly exist in name only. Police officers must be bussed in from neighboring areas. The justice system is collapsing and the judicial system has fully collapsed. The first hints of 4GW crime begin appearing, such as kidnappings and tolls to travel through certain areas.
  • Native Swedish vigilante violence begins as chaos escalates. There are multiple shootings of Muslim men. Some involve self-defense, others offer unclear motives and appear to be politically or “racially” motivated. Middle-Eastern restaurants are burned to the ground. Refugee centers are burned and shot up.
  • The increasingly isolated Swedish government, massively threatened by the destabilization of society, begins violently clamping down on free speech. Political “hate speech” on the internet is prosecuted vigorously. Right-wing anti-immigrant groups are attacked and shut down.
  • With Malmö in state of insurrection and chaos, and calls for violence from Muslims across Europe, Denmark completely seals off the Øresund Bridge and fully militarizes their border with Sweden. They further clamp down on civil liberties of Muslims in Denmark, afraid the crisis will spread.
  • The Swedish government outlaws the Sweden Democrats, who, despite widespread support among ethnic Swedes, still have not taken power because of the ever-increasing number of foreign born immigrants being hastily granted citizenship and voting rights. Sweden Democrat supporters march in the streets and there are acts of violence and vandalism against representations of the government and against the immigrant community.
  • Ethnic violence escalates in Stockholm and Gothenburg. There are riots in heavily immigrant areas. Massive nightly car burnings occur, along with a number of homicides. The government attempts Martial Law as the two cities becomes increasingly Balkanized.
  • In addition to the vanguard of small-scale native Swedish vigilante groups that have sprung up, larger and slightly more mainstream self-defense militias begin expanding and arming themselves, despite government attempts to violently crack down on them. These are made up of men with relevant experience in law enforcement, the military, hunting, etc., and represent a “normalization” of vigilantism.
  • Government legitimacy disappears as coalition government starts to crumble. Events from Sweden begin to appear as front-page news on a daily basis throughout Europe.
  • As violence between Swedish militias and immigrant gangs escalates, first trickles of external funding begin to appear for Preservationist groups/militias (most likely from either Denmark, Poland, Russia, Finland, or any combination of the above). Funding likewise grows for increasingly organized Islamist/immigrant groups. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations responsible.
  • Despite likely Danish funding of preservationist elements within Sweden, Denmark also continues attempting to prop up mainstream Swedish government, afraid of mass spillover should government fall and anarchy increase.
  • As Malmö becomes 100% Muslim-controlled due to massive white flight and the inability of security system to maintain order, and as violence grows throughout country, the national government topples.
  • Killings are occurring every day; Preservationist militias are patrolling streets; Muslim gangs make incursions into native areas and carry out killings; suicide bombings begin to occur.
  • The vastly overstretched Swedish police force and the “cosmetic” Swedish military collapse.
  • Preservationist militia begin taking over Swedish Army depots and bases and arming themselves.
  • Immigrant gangs and Islamists begin doing same in Malmö and other heavily Muslim areas.
  • The EU, hamstrung by political impotence and infighting and having massive problems of its own, is largely powerless to act.
  • Full-scale 4GW fighting expands between Preservationist militias and Muslim gangs/organizations. Fighting is fiercest in medium-sized towns in southern half of country, because these areas are not homogeneous like in the ghettoized suburbs. Thousands are killed as each side struggles to maintain control over neighborhoods and areas. As in Afghanistan and Lebanon, territory is fluid and some areas change sides on an almost constant basis as the fighting escalates.
  • Widespread atrocities are committed by both sides, just as they are in almost all conflicts. Hundreds of Muslims at a time are slaughtered by Swedes and buried in mass graves, just like in the Balkans. Swedish men, women, and children are murdered and often beheaded. Other Swedes are found dismembered and tortured to death. Young Swedish girls are abducted and kept as sex slaves by local commanders, just as Russian girls in Chechnya were in the 1990s. First real military weaponry begins to be used, including mortars, missile launchers, etc.
  • Native Swedish refugees attempt to flee country in large numbers; Norwegian and Finnish governments allow them in. Muslim refugees are prohibited, and large numbers of Muslims eke out existence in now war-torn suburbs, often without heat or utilities.
  • Eventually troops from neighboring European countries join fighting on behalf of Preservationist militias. The original Swedish government has ceased to exist. Numerous left-wing politicians have been executed as traitors. Heavy fighting continues. Muslims in the far south are pushed back into Malmö and contained. Fighting continues in other areas of the country.



It is difficult to extrapolate beyond this point because events would begin to be increasingly affected by other geopolitical forces, just as they were in the Balkans in the late 1990s. Depending on what is going on in the rest of Europe, what kind of administration is in power in the US, and a host of other factors, the situation could play out in a multitude of ways.

An understanding of 4th Generation Warfare suggests that the conflict would not erupt into a broader war between nation-states. By this argument the era of 2GW and 3GW wars between nation-states is over, and countries across the globe will increasingly be focused upon and united against 4GW elements within their respective societies, rather than in conflict with each other, as was the case in the 20th century. To extrapolate from this, it is highly unlikely that civil war in Europe would lead any nation-states (Russia for instance) to begin fighting any other nation states (despite what our Western mainstream media may suggest regarding Putin and the existential threat he poses.)

It is likely that with the huge numbers of Muslims now in Scandinavia, and in Europe as a whole, the occurrence of war would serve as a catalyst for both the massive movement of refugees (consider the sick irony), as well as a hardening of ethnic zones and ethnic Balkanization. A city such as Malmö that has or ends up having an almost 100% Muslim population, could, in the event of war, very likely end up like Gaza — a securitized ethnic city-state surrounded by armed adversaries, existing in a state of almost perpetual rebellion and hostility. We would see, as has been predicted, the “Lebanonization” of Europe, filled with failed states and ethnic satellites.

One additional characteristic of failed states not noted above, however, is the fact that they often serve as “incubators” of culture and revolution. This was most notably true in the case of Afghanistan in the 1980s and the culture of jihadist-Islamism that grew forth from it. As we remember, until the 1980s, “jihadism” was for the most part merely an inchoate philosophy. Whereas today we think of it as a coordinated, worldwide phenomenon represented by large organized groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda, it was, until several decades ago, mainly a philosophical phenomenon, laid out by writers such as Sayyid Qutb, debated by a tenuous group of believers from far corners of the Muslim world.

It was the cauldron of Afghanistan, a failed state where such concepts could be experimented with and acted upon, where this constellation of ideas first achieved concrete form. Individuals such as Abdullah Azzam, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and Osama bin Laden all travelled to Afghanistan independently to help fight against the Russians. Once there however, they met each other, formed common bonds, and transmuted Islamic jihadism from abstraction into solid form, thus shaping what would eventually become the most successful revolutionary movement of the last 100 years.

While groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS and their brethren in Europe are our foremost existential enemies, it is still important to take note of this phenomenon. For the devolvement of Sweden into a failed state means it could serve the same likely purpose for our own worldviews. As the conflict escalates, it is likely to attract passionate individuals from across the Occidental world, all sharing a drive to save Sweden, save Europe, and preserve our culture, heritage, and lands. Where the current climate in Europe is antithetical to these goals, and the tribal and traditionalist precepts that go along with them, a future failed Swedish state might on the other hand offer the ideal starting point from which these ideas can take root and grow, and ensure the future for which our people will most likely soon be fighting.


1.  “Rättssystemet hotas av kollaps”. Dagbladet. 12 Jan. 2016. Web. 08 Mar. 2016.

2. Iaccino, Ludovica. “Top Five Countries With Highest Rates Of Rape”. International Business Times, 29 Jan. 2014. Web. 08 Mar. 2016.

About the Author

Julian Langness is the author of FIstfights with Muslims in Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity and is the editor of



  1. Dave
    Posted March 10, 2016 at 1:53 am | Permalink

    One key difference: The Yugoslav civil war was between people of different religions but pretty much the same ethnicity and IQ, whereas native Swedes have at least a 20-point IQ advantage over the invaders. If Swedes ever get their heads out of their asses, they could be a terrifying fighting force. IQ is a huge force-multiplier because in the chaos of battle, soldiers of every rank must constantly improvise and surprise the enemy.

    Israel could crush Gaza in six hours with few casualties if it didn’t care about international opinion. Malmo wouldn’t last much longer. The Saudis do have a lot of money (though they won’t if oil prices don’t pick up soon), but how will they get supplies to the invaders after Sweden cuts the transportation links?

    • WP
      Posted March 10, 2016 at 7:16 pm | Permalink

      In addition, never forget the advantage native Europeans have over NEMAs in surviving and thriving in northern winters.

      A necessary step in Mr. Langness scenario would be for Swedish patriots to cut off all water, power, heat, gas and food supplies to muslim controlled areas, preferably waiting until the onset of the worst of winter to impose these blockades. After several months of siege before the springs comes, this would be the time to attack in mass. Whether or not to take any prisoners would be entirely a local decision.

      Europeans must become as ruthless and merciless as our ancestors if our descendants are to have any future. The 14 words must be written in blood to have any meaning.

  2. Richard Edmonds
    Posted March 10, 2016 at 6:39 am | Permalink

    How Europe’s War of Liberation could begin: the key word here is “could”, because Europe’s liberation will not, or rather need not, be as per this apocalyptic scenario. It can be done otherwise and with all respect to the author for his focus on the extremely dangerous situation in Europe, which has been caused and brought about by the unprecedented betrayal committed by the party politicians in European: the mass and endless immigration of millions of Third-worlders which is threatening our genocide.

    How might Europe be liberated, minus the civil-race war described here ?: The peoples of Eastern Europe, those so valiant and disciplined peoples can help us here. As late as the 1980s everybody assumed that the Communists regimes governing East Berlin, Warsaw, Budapest, Prague, Bucharest, Sofia and the Baltic states would endure for decades, so tight was the grip in which the Soviet Union held them, a grip backed up of course by the Soviet Union’s armed forces of occupation.

    And yet the peoples of Eastern Europe maintained discipline, and by moral force – Yes by moral force and without a bullet being fired and without any help from the West – the Soviets were required to withdraw and the world witnessed in the miraculous year of 1989 the fall of the Berlin Wall which had so cruelly divided Germany and Europe.

    Just as the various office-holders of the Communist regimes of Eastern Europe were in a symbiotic relationship with the Soviet Union and its military forces of occupation, having obtained and held their positions of authority during the Cold War by endless affirmations of appreciation to the Red Army for its victory in the Great Patriotic War (also known as the Second World War), s0 in exactly the same pattern, the politicians and the opinion-makers of contemporary Europe are in a symbiotic relationship with the United States of America and its military forces of occupation in Europe: every leading personality in contemporary Europe endlessly gives thanks for the victory in the “Good War” ( also known as the Second World War), in which of course the USA played a leading role.

    To be clear here: the American military forces of occupation in Europe call themselves NATO; and their role was made clear at the time of the NATO attack on Yugoslavia in the late 1990s , when the supreme military commander of NATO, the US general Wesley Clark, stated that there is no place in Europe for ethnically pure states: no French France, no German Germany, no Swedish Sweden, no Dutch Netherlands, no British Britain, etc., etc.

    It is clear that for Europe (including Great Britain) to regain control over its destiny, there needs to be regime change; and the ideal solution would be as per the moral ascendency over their oppressors that the peoples of Eastern Europe achieved twenty five years ago. NATO is no friend of Europe, and the NATO-led destruction of Libya, Iraq, Syria and the Ukraine, wars in Europe’s direct neighbourhood, have not made the world nor Europe a safer place. This is the ideal time to call for NATO to be closed down. Marine Le Pen of the French Front National has led the way here: “NATO is dragging France into a war with Russia; that’s the last thing Europe needs”.

    NATO is the military force that imposes the whole multi-racial, anti-national Globalists agenda on the peoples of Europe. NATO is to be closed down and its puppet politicians are to be removed from office. Let London , Paris, Berlin, The Hague , Stockholm, Rome, all the capitals of western Europe look their other halves in East Berlin, Warsaw. Budapest, Prague, Bucharest, Sofia and the capitals of the Baltic states in the eye.

    • Harry Heller
      Posted March 11, 2016 at 7:45 am | Permalink

      YES! And Trump could lead that charge and do so on anodyne “let’s save our taxdollars from being spent on greedy and lazy Europeans” grounds which would massively resonate with his implicit America First ideological supporters.

      NATO of course must be disbanded, and all American troops, who have played such a malign role in emasculating Europe’e once great martial traditions, immediately removed. Of course, there is no guarantee that Europeans would subsequently “man up”. My suspicion is that Europeans are even more racially worthless than white Americans (that they are so is proof of my long-held thesis that race liberalism is a white biological phenomenon, mostly immune to reasoned debate). But the removal of the American security blanket would be Europe’s moment of truth, when it would finally be forced to confront its dramatically changed status in the world, and adjust itself in all ways necessary to ensure its racial and civilizational survival, or face imminent alien conquest and at least cultural (and, via miscegenation, eventually racial) extinction.

      I think this would be ‘good’ for the European soul in the long run. The weaklings will either adapt or die.

    • from_the_discard
      Posted March 13, 2016 at 8:25 pm | Permalink

      1) 1989 and the ‘end’ of Communism: see (of all places) Pat ROBERTSON: ‘The New World Order’ (1991) – Foreword and remarks re: Lenin and Golitsyn:

      “On pages 83 through 89 of this book, I quote from Anatoliy
      Golitsyn’s book, New Lies for Old, written in 1984, which gives a
      startling and detailed account of the KGB plan that was actually
      played out in 1989 to lull the West with false “liberalization.” On
      page 81 I quote headlines from the New York Times which reveal
      a virtually identical program carried out by Nikolai Lenin in 1921,
      a program he called glasnost. Such precedents for deception should
      jolt the public conscience, but memories are short.
      As I kept track of events — actually the remarkable lack of
      them —- during the August “coup,” it became all too clear that many
      facts just did not add up, except as an attempt to make the Soviet
      Union more palatable as a partner for the United States in the coming
      new world order. Consider the following.”

      2) the Northern Ireland experience during the “Troubles” might be instructive too. On that and more generally concerning the scope for a violent resolution in Europe see

      It’s Nick Griffin and I have no affiliations, so please no ‘party’ politics.

  3. Lofiminimalist
    Posted March 10, 2016 at 9:59 am | Permalink

    I do not think it will happen like this. The Islamist strategy must be to also take Denmark and Norway. Indeed, all of a Central and Northern Europe. They will all implode at more or less the same time. Since although the Muslim influx into these Scandinavian countries is not as bad, their demographic rate of increase is comparable.

    To this we can add that France will have moved further down the road towards islamisation and may take sides with the Islamists.

    It is more likely that Islam takes over quietly through democratic means since the local population is completely cucked in all these Nordic countries. A Pegida march in central Copenhagen today is never more than 30 people. Scandinavians are weak, apathetic and most importantly non violent. They have not fought a pitched battle for 200 years. they are indoctrinated into thinking about others before they think for themselves. As accomodators, It is highly unlikely that they will resist at all.
    Despite all the rapes and scandals, there have been virtually no physical attacks on Muslims. Only acts of passive aggression like placing a pigs head on a mosque door. They don’t have it in them to fight. They don’t believe that there is anything to fight for. Danish design is not haram.

    Once a demography guarantees democratically elected rule by Muslims, the men will simply convert and be poor Muslims, or eventually start an intellectual ‘white’ reformation of Islam.


    • Posted March 10, 2016 at 5:36 pm | Permalink

      Even if the native Europeans may not have much of a will to fight, there are certainly enough foreign men who would jump at the chance to fight the muslims when the threat of government retaliation is removed. I’m sure the Russians are very interested in having stable neighbors, especially ones with as much coastline as the Nordic countries. They would fight, or at least support the resistance movement. Many Americans would be happy to fight as mercenaries, especially if they are denied their pressure release valve of a Trump presidency.

      One of the biggest unanswered questions is when will the Europeans pull the trigger? There’s a lot of hostility towards the invaders in Norway, and they still have relatively lax gun and hunting laws, but the aversion to violence may end up causing more violence later.

      • Lofiminimalist
        Posted March 11, 2016 at 11:11 am | Permalink

        On the Russians.
        Any in intervention into Swedish politics would be deem a subversion of Swedish national sovereignty. If we look at the Swedish army today it is geared for one thing only and that is a defence against the Russians. Whenever they do excercise its a war game where Russia is the aggressor. There is a good reason for this. The Russians need to keep the oresund straight open. A consolidation of territories for them has always been to incorporate Finland and Sweden.

        Any funding of paramilitary groups within Sweden would be considered meddling into a NATO member by a foreign force. In fact just recently the Germans accused Russia of doing exactly that.

        So, the money will not come from the Russians.

        On ‘foreign aid’
        I can imagine that a few groups may fight, but not against Muslims per se. More likely to historical tribal rivals afghans versus Iranians, Kurds, versus Turks etc.

        In both cases without armaments no one is fighting anybody. Sweden is not a gun culture.
        The only way out is military defection by a general or two and a couple of divisions that could carve out a section of the country for itself. Having said that I reiterate that Sweden has not fought in a battle for 200 years. As opposed to returning jihaddhists who have been at the university of war for the past 20 years.

        One way round all of this is to have nationalists join the Ukrainian ASOV battalion as a matter of loyalty which is a European funded national socialist military batallion fighting in the Ukraine against the Russians. Then those nationalists could come home with the relevant experience to mount a credible ideological and national defence when the time came.

        For the real defence of Europe you really need a defection by generals within NATO a la Caesar. Where they can collect a large enouph army to defend all comers, both the Islamists and their left wing supporters.

    • PuerCalide
      Posted March 11, 2016 at 1:36 am | Permalink

      “They don’t believe that they have anything to fight for.”

      I’m reminded of the last few chapters of Revolt Against the Modern World. At some level I suppose many Swedes and other westerners understand that they would fight only to preserve certain bourgeois conceptions, which were themselves reactions to something grander, which itself devolved from something truly worth fighting for. That may sound confusing. What I mean to say is that, in Evola’s words, we stand among the ruins of Europe’s distant noble past. The empty clichés of Western governments, trite rhetoric about equality, “freedom,” and democracy, don’t contain the same inspiring energy of what motivates our enemies. The jihadists, barbaric and repulsive as they are, fight for an ideaology closer to Tradition and thus much more inspiring than we would. Unless, of course, we could connect modern man to the old transcendent values, and remind him that the West once stood for more than nihilism and egalitarian platitudes. And that is a daunting task.

      • Lofiminimalist
        Posted March 11, 2016 at 11:19 am | Permalink

        We forget that Evola was highly influenced by the work on Rene Guénon who was a Sufi Muslim (Shaykh ‘Abd al-Wahid Yahya).

      • Lofiminimalist
        Posted March 11, 2016 at 11:24 am | Permalink

        For this reason I think that there is the possibility of a convergence between Evolian traditionalism and Islam. We may end up appropriated Islam to defend Europe. The White Muslim reformation. This may then launch a counter jihad in defence of this new reformation. Giving Europeans the ideologically moral right to reistitute empire and generate a European revival….but I am not holding my breath.

      • Gl. A.
        Posted March 11, 2016 at 7:32 pm | Permalink

        It seems that on these kinds of websites, merely referring to “Tradition” with a capital T is thought to constitute an argument. This “Tradition” is largely the imagination of 20th century philosophers. At best, they had a decent understanding of some major world religions that they could contrast with the Europe of their day; at worst, they could be said to have constructed a xenophilic pseudo-religion out of superficial fragments of other cultures.

        People will fight for their people or their religion. Either of these things is much more compelling than an abstraction like “Tradition,” which is even more artificial than democracy and equality. I do think that there is value in Guenon (especially the Reign of Quantity) and the rest, but after seeing so many people appeal to these figures to justify giving up on Europe and/or preferring foreign cultures, I can’t help but wonder if these ideas are even a net positive to our movement at all.

        As for the article, I found it very interesting and would be excited to see more articles on the subject.

    • Don't rock my boat
      Posted March 11, 2016 at 3:47 am | Permalink

      This is what we need: positive thinking. Sigh.

  4. Bernie
    Posted March 10, 2016 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

    Fascinating article. First let me note how surreal it is that Sweden is now a multicultural hell. Even into the late 80s you could likely go days in Sweden without seeing a non-white.

    I guess my concern is whether the Swedes (or most other whites) have the guts to go to war.

    Oh, and if the following happens then I will start to entertain the thought that there really is a God:

    “Numerous left-wing politicians have been executed as traitors. “

  5. Dashui
    Posted March 10, 2016 at 10:31 pm | Permalink

    God has prepared me for this battle. He made sure I’m divorced, bitter, mad at the world., nothing to live for. i need this chance to go over there and kill everything that I see and die a glorious death!

    • WG
      Posted March 11, 2016 at 8:56 am | Permalink

      Cool story, bro. But on the contrary, the coming struggle gives us everything to live for.

  6. Vick
    Posted March 10, 2016 at 11:50 pm | Permalink

    Very well reasoned article by someone who obviously has a great handle on contemporary warfare. Thanks to Mr. Langness for sharing this knowledge.

    I’m curious though as to why Langness thinks Sweden is the most likely place for this scenario to start. Isn’t France more likely or just as likely to be the starting point? Or how about Belgium or the UK?

    Langness briefly mentions how the conflict could spread throughout Europe. This is a crucial second chapter to the conflict which could stand much more analysis, though I think his conclusion is correct: initial warfare would settle into a stasis of Muslim/Arab occupied zones surrounded by Europeans who will then be forced to grapple with a difficult choice – their own survival vs. the unpleasant and messy task of completely expelling the invaders.

  7. R_Moreland
    Posted March 11, 2016 at 3:44 am | Permalink

    Before all else, be armed — attributed to Niccolo Machiavelli

    One thing I have advocated for is an international Right to Bear Arms. Aside from the tactical use of firearms, there is the political dimension. There’s an insurgent term, “armed propaganda,” the combination of armed struggle and agitprop conducted by cadres. The presence of firearms has an energizing effect in creating resistance. This is something which was understood by the Patriots during the run up to the American Revolution. And gets back to enshrining that Right to Bear Arms.

    There’s a wider spectrum of weapons. Like agitprop. WN need posters and flyers and movies and leaflets and alternative newspapers. There’s the Internet, but there are a couple of issues with it. One is that people spend too much time tapping away and not enough getting into the realworld. The other is that sometime down the line WN access to the Internet may be shut down. (Something that ought to be considered by a nationalist party which has the cash and technical personnel is to create their own version of the various Internet services to beat out the competition.)

    As long as the Internet is here, there needs to be more for WN on how to exploit it. There are numerous books and websites on information operations, cyberwar and network centric operations. Some recommendations:
    * The Handbook of Fifth-Generation Warfare (5GW) by Daniel Abbott et alia.
    * Networks and Netwars from RAND
    * Information Warfare by Winn Schwartau
    * Cyberia by Douglas Rushkoff (for a counterculture view)

    As for realworld tactics, I’d like to see more reports from up front, such as the accounts I have seen on CC about nationalist paramilitaries in Ukraine. There is also the Afrikaner resistance in South Africa. And how Generation Identity pulls off their acts of civil disobedience.

    What works? What doesn’t? And how can WN learn lessons?

    • c
      Posted March 11, 2016 at 7:57 am | Permalink

      I agree with the above.
      On ‘agitprop’: I would like to see the war of words become more pointed. It is not enough to say what is happening and what is likely to result. Or to say that our enemies are utter hypocrites. This tactic was not even enough to shut them out in the first place.

      Sometimes our insularity and arrogance is our greatest weakness. There must be people here who have studied our enemies in enough detail to know what drives them and where their vulnerability lies.

      These enemies, especially those members of the ‘high IQ club’, tend to work by trial and error. They do not really specialize in either the ‘stroke of genius’ or in the meticulous grand strategy. They just apply constant pressure and press as many buttons as they can, then consolidate their gains politically & economically. If they wear out one button, they find another. I feel that we must take a different, more exact approach.

      Additionally, I would like to see members of the Right be a lot more strategic in what they publicly support. For instance, it is not effective to say ‘England for the English’, let alone ‘Tradition for the English’. But the Alt-Right, and *only* the Alt-Right, will be prepared to do things to make things such as single-wage families a reality again. Most young men and many young women want such things. Their grandparents had them and fought for it politically. Would it be possible for men to protest (against feminists?) for such causes? The birth-rate/family structure issue is huge and introduces the idea to people that immigration has been an dangerous, possibly criminal evasion of a deeper problem. It is a ‘gateway’ issue.

      • R_Moreland
        Posted March 14, 2016 at 4:59 am | Permalink

        There must be people here who have studied our enemies in enough detail to know what drives them and where their vulnerability lies.

        The Left can dish it out, but they can not take it.

        I’ve found from experience that sometimes all it takes is posting flyers around a leftist-dominated campus to cause them to go into hysterics. Or consider the potential impact of a group of Rightists conducting a sit-in at the headquarters of an anti-white organization.

        There’s the tactic of using their system against them. Look at the contradictions:
        * The Left claims to be for “diversity” but practices the most mind numbing conformity.
        * The Left claims to practice “tolerance” but moves to suppress all dissent.
        * The Left claims that “race is a construct” yet advocates along racial lines.
        * The Left claims to be for “multiculturalism” yet denigrates white culture.

        These contradictions are glaringly obvious, and could be attacked by a concerted agitprop campaign. Just look at how far Trump has gotten with just some campaign speeches (whether or not he is sincere is besides the point; the impact of his presidential campaign indicates a game changer). The critical thing is that a pro-White movement would have to take the offensive on the information warfare front, would have to hammer home a few themes, and be prepared to take it to the streets.

        As I point out, there are numerous works available on infowar, PSYOP, cyberwar, civil disobedience, and etc. There are also any number of manuals on insurgent struggle written by urban guerrillas, the military, CIA, et alia. All these are out there for the public, and their principles are currently practiced by our foes.

        We need to see all this discussed and then used to create a viable movement by White Nationalists and allies.

  8. Zephyr
    Posted March 11, 2016 at 10:44 am | Permalink

    “You say it is the good cause that justifies even war? I say to you: it is the good war which justifies every cause.”

  9. JD
    Posted March 11, 2016 at 10:56 am | Permalink

    War and conflict are about gaining political objectives. History has taught us that American and NATO Forces have conceded the battle field and to the political objectives of their 3rd world enemies who engaged America and NATO in asymmetrical guerilla warfare, i.e. 4th generation warfare. With Super Powers its the book keepers and not the Generals who pull the plug on operations. The how is laid out in history. We know why we have to do it. The question is will Whites commit to do it even if it costs them their personal comfort and all the “stuff” that goes along with it?

  10. Durtal
    Posted March 11, 2016 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

    I don’t see how under this scenario an Islamic enclave around Malmo would be able to sustain itself economically or militarily, cut-off from a hinterland to re-supply and without the support of co-religionists occupying adjacent territory. Although I recognise Israel suffers from these same disadvantages!

    With this caveat I think it’s a well-thought out scenario, reminiscent in some ways of General Sir John Hackett’s ‘Third World War’ speculative future history from the 1980s.

  11. Jaroslaw
    Posted March 11, 2016 at 2:10 pm | Permalink
  12. Gladiator
    Posted March 11, 2016 at 2:54 pm | Permalink

    “Numerous left-wing politicians have been executed as traitors. ‘

    Ha, if they are ever found. They will be the first to pack up their families and leave when the first shot is heard!
    I knew one of this type of bullies when I lived in another country. When the government changed I ran into him at the same university where I took up residence!

  13. Posted March 12, 2016 at 5:11 pm | Permalink

    The migrant crisis is actually a great opportunity.

    Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich starker

  14. ziad milonas
    Posted March 16, 2016 at 2:59 am | Permalink

    I am pleased as a Christian from the Middle East that there are people like Julian Langness aware of what is happening

  15. Posted March 18, 2016 at 8:51 am | Permalink

    Excellant military/political analysis….im a veteran of US Army….there are many ex soldiers in know from age 20 to 40s who would be prepared to fight….many have been denied opportunities in civilian life, & would volunteer to assist any nation in Europe…
    ‘several left wing politicians are executed as traitors’…the left is the greatest force of hypocrisy on planet…
    i live in Pacific NorthWest, and although many whites parrot left views, in private they reveal their true bio-cultural identity… conversation..i have recruited 25 such people in past 5 years….from age 18 to 67…….& im a disabled veteran….as an old novel by Ken Kesey said ”Never Give an Inch’….

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