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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 63  
Greg Johnson Interviews Matt Parrott on Street Activism, Press Engagement, & Craig Cobb

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Editor’s Note:

After a long hiatus, Counter-Currents Radio will resume Friday podcasts, with a mixture of interviews, lectures, and “magazine” programs featuring a number of different segments.

We apologize for the poor sound quality of this podcast, but we had a bad connection which seems to have affected the quality of the recording on both ends.

Greg Johnson interviews Matt Parrott on:

  • The need for street activism
  • The Traditionalist Youth Network protest of Boxcar Books in Bloomington
  • The TYN protest of Tim Wise in Terre Haute
  • Liaison work with Klan groups, Skinhead groups, and the National Socialist Movement
  • The National Policy Institute Conference
  • The media kerfuffle about Craig Cobb’s DNA test
  • The limits of DNA testing
  • Genetic purity and white identity
  • The rationale for talking to the SPLC and the mainstream media, including 20/20



  1. Jukka H.
    Posted November 16, 2013 at 7:25 pm | Permalink

    This was a good interview. However, as a Finnish person I would like to correct a couple of Greg’s notions. First of all, the Finnish language is part of the Finno-Ugric language family, as are for example the Hungarian and Estonian languages. The other thing is that 60% of Finnish men carry the Y-DNA haplogroup N, which is an “eastern” haplogroup. This does not mean that it is a “mongol” or an “asiatic” haplogroup per se, but coming from the east it has the “mongol” stamp on it. Some other haplogroups in Europe don’t have an “arab” stamp on them, even if they have arrived geographically from the mid-east. The hard-to-remove “mongol” stamp is probably due to older non-scientific racialism of the Germanic/Scandinavian “scientists”, who back in the day spread a rumor that Finland is inhabited by small “mongolian” people – handy propaganda to make the people under the Swedish rule look like being of a “lesser race.” 40% of Lithuanian people also share the Y-DNA haplogroup N, but not much is made of the Lithuanians being “mongols.” However, as Greg mentioned the Swedes, Finns actually are genetically closest to Swedes and Estonians, and this is backed up by real science. While I do agree with Greg’s notion that we should focus on what our race is today, I felt the need to do these corrections because I felt that there was actual disinformation unintentionally spread.

  2. Posted November 16, 2013 at 7:45 pm | Permalink

    Good talk.

    We need to get out the message anyway we can, including with street activism. But the street activism needs to look like what Mr. Parrott does. Klan robes, Nazi costumes, camouflage, or skin head related images should not be included. The average White person has been programmed to associate these images with negativity and dysfunctional personalities. Mr. Parrott is the model for street activism. Too me this question is a litmus test of sorts (Is KKK, Nazi, or skinhead stuff acceptable in pro-White activism?). I can understand a younger person getting into the skinhead thing the same way I can understand a 15 year old becoming goth or grunge. But once you get in your twenties, then you need to recognize this.

    Regarding the Craig Cobb thing. I think Mr. Johnson laid out a reasonable position regarding Whiteness. In fact, I think he should write an article explaining what he said just so it’s on record.

    In my opinion Whiteness has a physical and mental component but even a spiritual component as well. The physical component relates to DNA and physical attributes. The mental component relates to belief in your own Whiteness and your personality traits (a “wigger” is not mentally White). The spiritual aspect is a little more complex.

    In some ways I see people in the pro-White struggle as being moved by what I call the “White Spirit.” While there are totally rational reasons for wanting Whiteness to exist, there’s something else at play outside of purely rationality. Could this be the White spirit moving in us? Another possibility is that the White spirit is the collective consciousness of all White people?

    The word “White” in relation to a group of humans has meaning. Obviously we’re not really white in color. 100 years ago people may have called it “Aryan?” There’s an essence of Whiteness that relates to the human group known as White. This essence is revealed and/or expresses itself through art and mythology. Entities like the god Odin, or the music of Bach, a Wagnerian opera, or a Shakespearean play radiate Whiteness.

    There’s a liberal who saw or sensed this White spirit as well and wrote a book called “Stuff White People Like.” Many of this “stuff” that “White People Like” indicate a sickness presently in the White spirit, but the author still made a good point that there’s something “White” about many of things he described.

    So who passes “the White test?” This question will work its way out very practically.

    1) Do you think you’re White?
    2) Do others think you’re White?

    People, organizations, communities, nations, states, will decide this and it will all work out.

  3. Ted
    Posted November 17, 2013 at 1:48 pm | Permalink

    I had the opportunity to listen to this today, with particular interest in the comments about race, purity, and genetics. The opinions expressed by both Greg Johnson and Matt Parrott here are, in my opinion, very reasonable – in fact rank among the most wise and rational on the subject that I’ve encountered in the “movement.”

    I therefore fully endorse the views expressed here on that subject.

    To put it another way, I’m more concerned with what Whites will be doing 1000-2000 years in the future (assuming Whites still exist), than what Whites were doing 1000-2000 years in the past. Less obsessive navel-gazing and more strategic visionary future-orientation would be beneficial to our cause.

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