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Three Revolutions in Consciousness

All in the Family 19721,798 words

Communications technologies powerfully impact how and what people think, what they view as right and wrong—even what they are capable of thinking and valuing.

Over time, new technologies such as writing, the printing press, and motion pictures and television radically altered individual and social cognition, values, ideology, and behavior and, through them, culture, social organization, and politics.

From this perspective four epochs of human history can be distinguished: Oral tribe culture (“orality”), manuscript culture following the introduction of writing, print culture after Johan Gutenberg’s invention of movable type and the printing press, and motion pictures and broadcasting in the 20th century.

From Orality to Writing

Primary oral cultures are cultures that have never known writing.

In the West they are synonymous with prehistory, typically the province of archaeologists. Prehistory, the period before written records appeared c. 3,000 BC or 5,000 years ago, includes the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age.

Societies without written records preserved their history and literature through memorized stories, poems, and myths passed orally from generation to generation. Such remembered narratives were susceptible to disappearance, loss, and distortion.

Oral literature included folk epics, folklore, proverbs and folksongs. Well-known oral traditions that were later reduced to writing include the Homeric poems, the Vedas, and the Norse sagas.

By today’s standards, primary oral cultures were comparatively paltry in size, demographically speaking.

Their successors, scribal societies, were characterized by writing but preceded the advent of printing. In such cultures “every book was a manuscript,” though of course not every document was a book (e.g., royal edicts and papal bulls).

When writing was introduced into a primary oral culture that had never known it before, it had extremely wide-ranging effects in every area of life—culture, economics, politics, art, and more. As a result, literacy, written communications, and the preservation of written documents radically altered individual and collective ways of knowing and conceptualizing the world, fundamentally transforming human consciousness and behavior in the process.

Still, significant “oral residue” persisted in scribal societies, producing what Jewish historian Elizabeth Eisenstein called a “half-oral, half-literate culture that has no precise counterpart today.”

Mass literacy characteristic of modern industrial societies was never attained in the ancient or medieval worlds. For example, William V. Harris in Ancient Literacy (1989) estimated that a maximum 20%–30% literacy rate was achieved, but only in Hellenistic cities.

Similarly, Northern orality persisted even after returning Northerners had been exposed to writing through intimate contact with classical civilization.

Because some CC readers adhere to a cyclic view of history, I should mention that Walter Ong, a Jesuit priest-academic who studied the interface between orality and literacy (both manuscript and print), maintained that primary oral cultures are governed by cyclic thought rather than the linear/historical/evolutionary thought characteristic (in his view) of literate societies.

Cyclic thought was a function of orality. Writing, and, later, print culture, generated inward ego-consciousness and individuality.

According to Ong it was the revolution in technology—the shift from primary orality (no writing) to writing that sharply differentiated these two modes of thought.

Ong was a universalist of the Leftist type; he applied his theories indiscriminately to all of humanity, without taking into account racial and genetic differences between groups.

The Print Revolution

The advent of printing produced a second communications-based revolution in human consciousness and social affairs.

The printing press led to a tremendous increase in the number of books, a vast rise in literacy, and extremely rapid propagation of ideas among great numbers of people over large geographic areas.

During the sixth and seventh centuries AD, it is estimated that, on average, only about 120 books (in the form of hand-written manuscripts) were produced annually in Western Europe.

Gutenberg stampAfter Johan Gutenberg’s invention of movable type and the printing press in Germany circa 1450, printing presses quickly sprang up all over the continent. Within just 50 years, 1450–1500, about 8 million books were printed. In the year 1790 alone, total production amounted to more than 20 million books. This spectacular growth took place on a pan-European scale.

As a consequence, print technology was responsible for catalyzing most of the salient trends of the modern era: the Renaissance, Protestantism, individualism, democracy, capitalism, exploration, astonishing scientific and technological discoveries, the industrial revolution, population increase, Communism, and nationalism. In a sense print culture created a pan-European pooling of intellectual resources the like of which had never occurred before.

Publication of the Bible for the first time made the sacred text directly and widely accessible to any literate person who desired to read it.

Print culture was also the primary catalyst of the American Revolution, without which it probably would not have occurred, just as white revolution has not occurred in the absense of an electronic media presence, despite genocidal policies adopted in the aftermath of WWII.

Print was likewise the catalyst for the French, 1848, and Communist revolutions, feminism, Zionism, and many other negative social developments culminating in the deaths of tens of millions of human beings and the imposition of unparalleled tyranny and barbarism on millions more.

With the advent of printing, “the press” in the extended sense of the term made its entry onto the historical stage for the first time.

Movies and Broadcasting

Strictly speaking, this third communications revolution encompasses more than just movies and TV, though these seem emblematic of the new media as a whole. It encompasses also highly-influential, culture-changing audio-visual media such as pop music, the Internet, and video games.

In Ong’s terminology, this revolution exhibits “secondary orality.” Though heavily oral and visual, it is secondary because it is dependent upon writing and print.

Secondary orality differs from the primary orality of pre-literate cultures due to its intimate association with literacy and writing—for example, carefully scripted movies, television shows, songs, and video games. Though passively absorbed by audiences in the form of sound and moving images, the underlying productions consist of actors speaking memorized lines or people reading written material.

Television, like radio before it, was immediately popular. A decade after its introduction TV had penetrated into 90 percent of American homes.

Academics invariably assert that television is primarily a commercial medium geared to selling products. But this is profoundly misleading. Its primary purpose is propaganda, social control, and the deliberate insinuation of revolutionary change in predetermined directions.

Even television commercials are saturated with propaganda and politically correct messages and images having nothing to do with the sale of products. The same is true of entertainment programming.

Television and movies are first and foremost about power. Profit, though important, is secondary.

The media industry is dominated by a few giant companies that control the nation’s television and radio stations, broadcast, cable, and satellite networks, and studio and production facilities.

The same companies exert international influence as well. A major international TV network might be available in as many as 150 countries. Some news networks, such as CNN and BBC World News, are also international in scope.

In addition to entire channels and networks, media firms’ tentacles reach into foreign nations through the sale of individual movies or current and past television series.

Very noticeable at present are successful efforts to browbeat China through international organizations into honoring the monopoly “intellectual property rights” of dominant global media firms based outside the country. This is the foot in the door to controlling Chinese politics and culture.

There is a widespread tendency to gloss over, ignore, or perhaps not even “see” the centrality of this culture-shaping media.

Perhaps its most striking feature after its massive reach is the dominance of the audio-visual dimension (moving images, speech, music) that subtly but powerfully affects, manipulates, and alters audiences’ subconscious emotions, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors in ways that orality, written manuscripts, and print never could.

It appears to be the most powerful of the three revolutionary communications mediums in shaping and directing human behavior, at least in the prevailing ethnically monopolistic environment. The medium is less geared to rationalism and more spectacularly manipulative than those that preceded it.

The current heavy focus on computers and the Internet misleads in that it fails to recognize that the same types of content—traditional writing on the one hand (like this article) and movie/television/radio-style entertainment, news, pop music, and video games on the other, are mostly being disseminated over a new channel.

A great deal of movie-TV style entertainment and news will eventually migrate to television sets, even if it is technically disseminated over the Internet. It is more comfortable to watch that way. Tablets, smartphones, personal computers, and other devices are likely to remain adjuncts or accessories (somewhat like radios) insofar as heavy-duty entertainment is concerned.

The Internet itself is increasingly dominated by multibillion-dollar corporations such as Google (Jewish), Facebook (Jewish), Netflix, and Amazon. Internet entertainment is rapidly becoming more TV- and movie-like, with content controlled by Jewish producers.

Just as Jews previously dominated motion pictures, radio (the precursor of television), TV broadcasting, and popular music, they are increasingly dominating the Internet as well.

In each case they did not consolidate their power instantly, but over a period of years. Ultimately, they rapidly adapted to every technological change in media, no matter how disruptive it was at the time. Whites, even ethnically unconscious whites, never gained a meaningful foothold.

Insofar as advanced movie-TV style news, entertainment, education, and analysis are concerned, nearly insurmountable economic barriers to entry already exist. It would be exceedingly difficult to compete today with Google, Facebook, Netflix (which is heavily dependent upon the cooperation and goodwill of Hollywood content producers), or Amazon.

Politically, racially, and religiously “incorrect” outsiders are further blocked from equal access to a mass audience by an immense censorship apparatus operated by the likes of the ADL, the SPLC, the Wiesenthal Center, well-funded Left-wing academic activists, domestic terrorists operating with a wink and a nod from the government, and highly selective laws against “hate” (i.e., white freedom of speech).

Communications diagram

Nevertheless, in order to succeed politically—and survive genetically—it is imperative that whites develop an alternative, “broadcast”-based media capable of reaching the masses on a continuous basis. It must eventually extend into television, movies, the Internet, popular music, video games, book publishing, periodicals, and every other form of mass media. It must include entertainment programming and commercial components rather than simply a narrow focus on explicitly racial-ideological analysis or news (like Fox News Channel for neoconservatives).

The media of mass communications must not remain solely the province of Jews and other anti-white elements. The fact that instruments of such tremendous power have been effectively monopolized by the enemies of mankind for a century is an intolerable injustice resulting in untold suffering and millions of deaths.

Ultimately, a bright, sunshiny day must arrive when Jews, Judaism, Leftists, and government receive over a vast segment of the electronic spectrum the same treatment they mete out to others 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year decade after decade.



  1. Mark Robinson
    Posted February 1, 2013 at 7:42 pm | Permalink

    A successful White American inventor:

    Edwin Howard Armstrong (December 18, 1890 – January 31, 1954) was an American electrical engineer and inventor. He has been called “the most prolific and influential inventor in radio history”.[2] He invented the regenerative circuit while he was an undergraduate and patented it in 1914, followed by the super-regenerative circuit in 1922, and the superheterodyne receiver in 1918.[3] Armstrong was also the inventor of modern frequency modulation (FM) radio transmission.

    But he meets David Sarnoff, a jewish media mogul:

    Financially broken and mentally beaten after years of legal tussles with RCA and others, Armstrong lashed out at his wife one day with a fireplace poker, striking her on the arm.[23][24] MacInnis left their apartment to stay with her sister, Marjorie Tuttle, in Granby, Connecticut.[4]

    On January 31, 1954 Armstrong removed the air conditioner from the window and jumped to his death from the thirteenth floor of his New York City apartment. His body was found fully clothed, with a hat, overcoat and gloves, the next morning by a River House employee on a third-floor balcony. The New York Times described the contents of his two-page suicide note to his wife: “he was heartbroken at being unable to see her once again, and expressing deep regret at having hurt her, the dearest thing in his life.” The note concluded, “God keep you and Lord have mercy on my Soul.”[4][25] After his death, a friend of Armstrong estimated that 90 percent of his time was spent on litigation against RCA.[4] Upon hearing the news, David Sarnoff supposedly remarked, “I did not kill Armstrong.”

  2. Max
    Posted February 2, 2013 at 12:26 am | Permalink

    Another way to look at it:
    Oral -> Writ -> Centralized mass distribution -> Decentralized mass distribution.

  3. Riki
    Posted February 2, 2013 at 10:09 am | Permalink

    A very thoughtful and insightful article and most points heartily agreed. But I did find one place where I disagree, perhaps due to some misunderstanding of differently implied or emphasized dimensions. The following statement of Mr. Hamilton is where I disagree:

    “Very noticeable at present are successful efforts to browbeat China through international organizations into honoring the monopoly “intellectual property rights” of dominant global media firms based outside the country. This is the foot in the door to controlling Chinese politics and culture.”

    If the author was speaking about the Jewish dominated Western transnational media conglomerates trying to foist their values, ideologies, ideas and perceptions on the Chinese, which the Chinese have been adamantly, and successfully, resisting with much flamboyant and high-profile self-assertion and counter-arguing, it is certainly the case, but that is not what is usually referred to as China’s “theft of intellectual property rights.”

    What is actually being circulated and discussed in most circumstances, by the West and as viewed by the Chinese themselves, is the rampant and nefarious real-act stealing and swindling of China on real intellectual properties i.e. the scientific and technological stuff predominantly, and also cultural and artistic products, which are the honest and creative intellectual fruits of other nations or individuals, and have nothing to do with politics or ideology. Such an act of China certainly constitutes an unadulterated and inexcusable crime aiding a potentially dangerous and aggressive agenda of China’s own, which is both morally wrong and objectionable, and practically harmful and menacing to the Western nations and people, national security wise. Such is flat piracy and has nothing to do with an act of bravery of resisting the arrogant impositions of the the values by Western transnational corporations. Simply two different matters.

    And do not fail to discern the fact that the Chinese elites are actually in glove with Israel and Jewish influences worldwide to advance common interest, which do exist to a fairly large extent, such as the weakening and eviscerating the Western nations and depriving them of their wealth and stealing their high techs so as to prepare for the Chinese ascendancy and hegemony globally with an eventual goal of defeating, subjugating, dispossessing, colonizing and enslaving the White peoples worldwide especially in North America which China has always and stubbornly believed to be its arch-adversary, the last stumbling block to be swept away in order to realize its vaulting ambition of global domination and sinification. China has been the largest beneficiary of the Jewish advocated and assisted hollowing-out of US industries, the inundation of US market of Chinese products through the global “free trade” scam which has grievously compromised the US both materially and spiritually, and many other economic, financial and social-cultural ills and woes of America now. And the Jews are behind all these deceptive and destructive maneuvers. You get the picture.

    China is currently part of the Jewish schemed “Brave New World” with the global free trade and free market as its pioneers and harbingers. The connivance and cooperation between China and Jews is the mainstay, while the minor, superficial and feigned conflicts or contradictions are just secondary if not utter smokescreen. In one word, China is not a victim of the Jewish intrigues, it is their strategic partner. It is one of the problems. The only thing uncertain now is that while the Jews want themselves as mind-controlling master dominating all the media and propaganda apparatus while the Chinese being their technocratic adjuncts, the equally ambitious and ruthless Chinese may be unwilling to take satisfaction in that position ladled out to them in the future world ruled by Jews and themselves as imagined by them. So there might be trouble and re-initiated fights in that world if it became true. But the mission of White nationalists should be not let them, both of them, have their way in making the world as they desire in their dark and iniquitous mind.

    • Mark Robinson
      Posted February 2, 2013 at 3:52 pm | Permalink

      Is very telling that the Red Dawn remake had to remove the Chinese villains and replace with North Koreans and “Russians nationalists”. The jewish media is protecting China from defamation, Europe (especially france) it’s not so lucky.

      • Riki
        Posted February 2, 2013 at 10:57 pm | Permalink

        Thanks for sharing the concern, Mark. The Chinese cooperation and collaboration with Israel and international Jewry is an incontestable fact yet seldom reported or paid attention in the White nationalist circles. Israel has been selling advanced military hardware, mainly air force-related weaponry and advanced radar systems to China for years, to such an extent that even the philo-semitic US government intervened and admonished Israel not to do so in few years ago. Not to speak with blind bias but completely based on my experience as a devoted China watcher having lived in China for decades and keeping a neutral and keen observation on all the political and social phenomena and trends of the Chinese society, the Chinese is perhaps the only people whose self-serving dishonesty, disingenuousness, duplicity, and unscrupulousness rival if not exceed those of the Jews. As a simple instance, China had pretended to denounced Israel on Palestinian due to its self-anointed “leader of third world countries” status, a propaganda gambit to artificially kept itself modest and humble so that it could exploit many opportunities entailed in such a status in today’s twisted world opinions of spurious piety. But China’s criticism of Israel is all faked, feigned, at best superficial and totally meaningless while under the surface it has always been hand-in-glove with the Jews to push for their mutually shared agenda of global dominance and corruption and erosion of other nations.

        China is probably the single best people at worshiping, adopting and employing the proverb “Velvet paws hide sharp claws” and “hide one’s ambitions and strengths and bide one’s time” even it has been gradually less so in recent years as it reckons it less necessary to be that cautious and reserved like in the 1980s and 1990s when it was much weaker and not yet fully-fledged power compared to now with its rapidly increasing power thanks to the ignorance, myopia, greed, and stupidity emblematic of the West’s policy and approaches to China guided by the Jews and a handful of their White traitorous elites which have made China a Frankenstein and are poised to make the future of White people and White civilization a dispensable pawn to a world dominated by the Jews and the Chinese.

        Despite all its scandalously and monstrously mendacious claim for self-defense purpose (which is a pure lie as no country would militarily threaten China without provocation in today’s world), China is the only country in the world whose military budget has been on a steady and big-stride double-digit increase annually in the past 30 years. The current Chinese military budget, the published number and the hidden one put together, is already half of that of US. This is much more than commonly perceived and absolutely stupendous due to some distinctively Chinese factors such as the much cheaper human cost than the West in general. The latest explosive news from the Chinese military is, take a deep breath and brace for the incredibly staggering, that the military budget of 2013 increases by 180% of that of 2012, which means almost doubling, as China is alleged to be preparing an aggressive war against Japan surrounding the Japanese “Senkaku” (Chinese name “Diaoyu”) Islands which China fervently and shamelessly claimed to be its own. China is now making all the blustering, bluffing, intimidating, saber-rattling and swashbuckling minatory threats against Japan, and to a lesser degree, against Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia etc. for similar issues of island or territory water disputes, most of them lying in close vicinity to the smaller Southeastern countries and a thousand more miles away from China itself but the latter seemed to have a perfect gall and chutzpah to call them its inherent territories.

        Finally, please allow me to briefly recapitulate my utmost key concern on the US/West-China relationship which I have posted elsewhere on CC: It is the most stupid and blindly suicidal for the Western governments to claim to be fully aware and critical of China’s various grave and nefarious records such as diabolic human rights abuses and persecutions of minorities ethnic and religious groups within its border, theft and espionage of Western industrial and military high-techs, and willful military expansion eyeing for aggressive wars, and increasingly menacing and minatory attitude towards its neighboring nations etc., while keep on investing, supplying and subsidizing China to make it more powerful and uncontrollable. This gigantic stupidity must end and China must be stopped, not by unprovoked war, but by a thorough disengagement with it entirely and completely. However, in my second thought, it is simply impossible for the Western governments from US to Europe not to have already known this commonsense. The reason they choose to continue with all this can only attest to one conclusion: They have been utterly infiltrated and hijacked by the Jews who are in the same bed with China and are advancing these deleterious and heinous agendas knowingly, deliberately with premeditation. Thus it remains for the White nationalists to spread this little known latent truth and educate the public to be alert at and eventually defeat the joint enemy force of the Jews and the Chinese with all out capacities, ingenuity and resolution.

      • John
        Posted February 4, 2013 at 1:22 am | Permalink

        Mr. Robinson, do you think that the average audience of that film knows the difference between invading Chinese and invading North Koreans? The purpose was to propagate the image of a big Asiatic Communist enemy in the American imagination.

        Furthermore, the decision to change Chinese to North Koreans in that film was made because of a backlash from Chinese media and the resulting fear of being further squeezed out of the Chinese market.

  4. Lew
    Posted February 3, 2013 at 11:13 am | Permalink

    Very interesting comments. There have also been many more Chinese spies arrested in this country than Jewish ones. Kevin MacDonald recently linked a comment by another evolutionary psychologist. He mentioned China is moving ahead with a hardcore eugenics program while the West dithers in moral panic. Meanwhile, the expert didn’t say this, but we’ve been genetically rotting for 100 years due to dysgenics. The article alluded to Whites becoming irrelevant on the world stage. It’s a God damn shame, but 100 years of leadership by the most craven, venal, treacherous, fools also known as Western elites might have done us in.

    • Lew
      Posted February 3, 2013 at 11:19 am | Permalink

      China can probably get away whatever they want. Just threaten to turn off the US gov’s credit card.

  5. Lew
    Posted February 3, 2013 at 2:31 pm | Permalink

    Mass media is a bit of a double-edged sword for Jews. Occasionally, the media saturation redounds against them. For example, the way Jews treated Chuck Hagel in his confirmation hearing was astounding, and a lot of people noticed. Their goy front men McCain and Graham did most of the really ugly hatchet work — on a former colleague and decorated combat veteran no less (I mean, really, how low can you go?). No one was fooled. Everyone knows Jews are behind these attacks on Hagel. They can’t hide it because of mass media.

    Israel is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to exposing Jewish power. Best part is, Hagel committed high apostasy in calling the Israeli lobby the “Jewish” lobby. LOL. He said, in essence, Jews are intimidating the US government. Jews, of course, did what they usually do: become chagrined, drop anti-semitism charges and deny it. But then in the hearing — for Secretary of Defense — Israel was mentioned an estimated 300 times, Afghanistan hardly at all. This makes sense. WNists understand it. From the Jewish POV, it’s just white trash and sand niggers dying. There was also no mention of military families living in poverty and military suicides (again, not relevant to Jews).

    The point is, Jews can deny it with words but because of media exposure people can see the truth with their eyes who has the power.

    • Mark Robinson
      Posted February 3, 2013 at 3:58 pm | Permalink

      Do you think most White Americans are finally understanding that jews literally own the USA?

  6. Riki
    Posted February 4, 2013 at 1:17 am | Permalink

    Thanks for your comment, Lew. Judged by the current corruptness, depravity, addicted consumerism, and lack of self-reliance, the West at large and US in particular is indeed vulnerable and “threaten-able ” if China turns off the credit card of US government. That’s exactly where the root of the West’s problem lies and must be stopped and reversed. Only if we can reclaim and restore our Aryan traditional spirit of a simple and sustainable economy of White community, our righteous self-esteem, dignity and self-reliance, and our dedication to and perfection with craftsmanship and high quality products, still existing but dwindling in the West while comparatively well maintained in the Aryan nations like Germany and the sub-Aryan state of Japan, we will defeat the internal enemies and rise up again.

    As to China, it is basically a money power, lacking genuine and authentic industrial prowess and technological creativity of its own, its current steam and power being largely dependent on stealing, bribing, spying through which they churn out many copycat duplicates of the Western and Russian hardware and software alike. That is why it is absolutely necessary and imperative for the West to have the collective awareness to turn off the spigot of the endless financial and technological investment and subsidies to China which has been pouring out in the last three decades and constituted the single most significant contribution to China’s surge and its current status of an aggressive and malicious menace to the Western nations whom China is hell-bent on subjugating, plundering, ethnically cleansing and enslaving in coming decades. The same dependence of China on Western hi-techs which it is always desperate to snatch regardless of means or morality is also the weakest point of China that it fears to be exposed the most, and it is exactly what we must deny China so as to remove its pernicious and pestilent tentacles that have been constantly sucking off fresh blood and nutrients from the collective body of White nations and Japan in the last three decades which have made it grow into a Frankenstein monster to its mindless Western benefactor.

    The WN’s primary and urgent mission on the question of China is to spread the truth widely, to educate the general public beginning from our families and friends, and to commit ourselves to working toward our overall and paramount objective for racial survival, that is to strive to debunk and defeat our unpatriotic, anti-racialist, venal, corrupt, treacherous and overriding elites of the current system who, on the China issue as on all other major issues, is dictating from atop the utterly wrong diplomatic and trade policies about China which continue to favor and fatten that deadly and vicious arch-adversary and to harm, vitiate and undermine the well-being of the White people The time left is not much, and we must work harder and harder with heart and soul on this vitally important task.

    Also, it is my opinion that to China the mortal enemy of the West and White nations, it is better and safer to the West for a small number of corrupt, ruthless and brutal yet inwardly looking SOBs contained by the outside forces to rule over its vast number of rabid and vehement, ever bitter and duplicitous, rancorous, nasty and spiteful, insufferably self-righteous and haughty, flagrantly egomaniac and jingoistic mob populace, like it has been from mid 19th century to mid 20th century when it was less a threat and its inherent malice and vile not over-brimming to spill to the rest of the world, in a sharp contrast to the situation now.

    The White peoples of course need first and foremost thoroughly discredit, overthrow and vanquish our internal vermin and parasites, straighten our own politics, economy and cultural life to become the master of our own fates in our own land, and then adopt such a strategy and policy of what I call “aloof and alert disengagement” plus “measured remote control” toward China.

    • John
      Posted February 4, 2013 at 2:01 am | Permalink

      If Chinese ownership of great swathes of American debt allow it to dictate policy to the US government, then Japan should have the same power as its share of US debt is about the same as that of China (if it has not since surpassed it since late 2012). Plainly, that is not the case.

      Furthermore, Chinese support of the Palestinian cause is real, has been for decades as demonstrated by all the munitions that the Palestinian factions have received from China and that HAMAS has official representation in Beijing.

      Of course, China does not demand the dismantlement of Israel itself. Decades ago, Golda Meir was brushed off by the PRC delegation at an international conference on the grounds that `If every group of 3 million went off to start their own country, what would the world come to?`. Now, Israel still exists and has a nuclear arsenal to boot so it seems rather silly to still insist that Israel disappear. Of all the major powers, China and Russia are the only ones with a genuinely moderate policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

      But please explain, how is Japan a `sub`- Aryan nation? This must be the first time that I have heard a Japanese proudly refer to his country as a sub-something…You realize that you are not white right? To admire European civilization is one thing but…

      • Riki
        Posted February 4, 2013 at 9:36 am | Permalink

        Hello, Chinese John!
        Quotes from you: 1. “If Chinese ownership of great swathes of American debt allow it to dictate policy to the US government, then Japan should have the same power as its share of US debt is about the same as that of China (if it has not since surpassed it since late 2012). Plainly, that is not the case.”

        Forgive my candor, but your ignorance as manifest in your statement above is just breathtaking! In fact, it’s so hard for me to comprehend that a person as supposedly well-informed and intelligent as you could have spewed out such an all-roundly erroneous, infantile and over-simplified idea. Or perhaps you were trying to be deceitful and sophistical. How on earth can/dare you make such an inane and senseless equation of the matter of the respective political clout of China and Japan to US with their respectively owning a similar share of US debt? In doing so, you are making a grossly sweeping and inaccurate assertion that economy is everything, is all and the nothing of the rest count? Are you such a simpleton? I don’t think so. Hence you are obviously being deliberately dishonest and disingenuous on this matter. What a shame!

        China, for all its wickedness and iniquity, is a universally recognized political big power. China is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council i.e. one of the five top political and military powers on earth. China has a massive and increasingly upgraded nuclear arsenal, as well as biological and chemical arsenals. China, while hand in glove with the treasonous and despicable US corporate bigwig elites, often denounces and defies US government policies whenever it perceives a lightest affront to its overly sensitive heart. China even openly threatens to nuke US if it dares to interfere with its plan of armed annexation of Taiwan, not once, but twice or three times in the past decades. (uttered by PLA top brasses Zhu Chenghu and Chi Haotian directly into the face top US general and former Secretary of Defense on several occasions and were widely known to the news-reading Chinese themselves). China (PRC) has fought numerous wars since its founding in 1949, mostly aggressive though invariably propagandized as defensive to its domestic audience, with India, Russia, Vietnam and others. China is one of the largest weapon exporters of the world, and unlike Britain, Germany or France, bound by no ethical codes without moral qualms.

        Did Japan ever do this? Does it have the guts and temerity of doing this? What is Japan now? Japan is a political and military weakling, a milksop, to say that with much regret and sorrow, but it’s the truth. The post-war Japanese society and the whole nationhood of Japan has become very much neutralized, inorganic, timid, unassertive, flaccid, emasculated and effeminate, as pointed about Mishima in 1970s. Things might have got slightly better, also there are people saying thing have gone even worse, since then but the picture remains largely the same. Japan has no independent national defense, not even an independent foreign policy due to the lack of the former. Japan makes its every major political, economic and diplomatic move after briefing US government and receiving its “suggestions”. The Japanese taxpayers constitute a collective labor force and exploitable milk cow for the corrupt, cunning and ruthless ruling class of US. Japan has never fought a single war, no matter how light and short, with any foreign country since 1945. Japan has a stringent pacifist constitution which strictly forbade Japan to fight a single shot on any foreign soil and also bars the export of any weapon or military technology to a foreign country, all such things Japan have rigorously complied with. In one word, Japan is a vassal state of US. Mind you I say that neutrally and objectively, a-matter-of-fact style and with no personal emotion clouding my thinking.

        In a nutshell, China is an all-round power, politically, economically and militarily (due to 30 yeas of incessant greed, ignorance and stupidity of the West and the betrayal of the White working men and women by the Western elites of venal and deceptive Jewish elements and a handful of their White collaborators). Japan, on the other hand, is a castrated, languid, listless, craven, spineless, feckless and pathetic country that is indubitably and immensely lamentable, though I speak this with great pain and sadness. It is simply true and I just utter it with a brutal honesty. The current Japan is only good at making things as the industrious and diligent national traits are still there, largely intact and unscathed. But when viewed from other vital aspects of a healthy and confident nation, I mean the political and military aspects, Japan is woefully a timid and unprepared midget which cannot even rely on itself for its own national defense. All the traditional sense of Samurai honor and value, the inviolable dignity and ferocity, the longing for battlefield exploits, and reward for combat valiance are gone, at least for the past 60 years, at present, and into a foreseeable future. Whether they are forever lost and could ever been reclaimed or not, I cannot tell, but all I have written here reflect precisely the reality, a truth that is unpleasant and harrowing to Japan and perhaps gleeful and gloating to Chinese. China, a mundane and vulgarian society blessed by the self-destructive Western policies hijacked by Jews and White traitors; Japan, a noble warrior state turned into an abject merchant state thanks to its defeat 60 years ago due to overreach, strategic blunders, and most of all, at the hands of FDR and his commie aides. Heart-wrenching and deplorable!

        And now you have to gall to tell us China exercises no more political influence on US as Japan does simply because they possess a similar portion of US debt. Fantastic! Indeed.
        You may laugh at the current state of Japan, but you must not distort the facts.

        2. “But please explain, how is Japan a `sub`- Aryan nation? This must be the first time that I have heard a Japanese proudly refer to his country as a sub-something…You realize that you are not white right? To admire European civilization is one thing but…”

        I just borrow the view from Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. If the term “sub-” sound too unnatural and self-abasing or self-effacing to Japanese according to you, a Chinese, I might as well change it into “quasi-” or “para” to sooth your inquisitive mind. No thanks.

    • John
      Posted February 4, 2013 at 2:32 am | Permalink

      Also, about the Sino-Israeli military relationship.

      That blossomed in the 1980s and the 1990s . However, as you say, it was scaled back under American pressure. Though the cooperation between Jewish power as embodied in a specific state in a specific territory and Jewish power as embodied in a dominant element of the American global oligarchy usually works well, there are inevitably some significant contradictions. Specifically, the turning point was the cancellation of the sale of the Phalcon air defense system in 2000. At that point, it became clear for the Chinese leadership that the Israeli connection had its limits. Furthermore, China shares much of its advanced military technology with Pakistan and that itself deters the Israelis from providing too much. In any case, the principal Israeli arms customer in Asia is India rather than China.

      • Mark Robinson
        Posted February 4, 2013 at 6:16 am | Permalink

        After World War II and the establishment of the PRC in 1949, most of these Jews emigrated to Israel or the West, although a few remained. Three prominent non-Chinese lived in China from the establishment of the People’s Republic of China to the contemporary period: Sidney Shapiro, Israel Epstein, and Ruth Weiss, two American emigres and one Austrian emigre, are of Jewish descent. Another Jewish-American, Sidney Rittenberg served as interpreter to many top Chinese officials.

  7. Chinese John
    Posted February 4, 2013 at 11:38 pm | Permalink

    My dear Japanese friend, you yourself wrote that

    `the West at large and US in particular is indeed vulnerable and “threaten-able ” if China turns off the credit card of US government. That’s exactly where the root of the West’s problem lies and must be stopped and reversed. `

    Therefore, you were endorsing the fallacious argument that it is China’s ownership of large amounts of US debt that is the principal source of Chinese power over the US. I was making a correction, nothing more.

    Of course, China’s size and the fact that it is a continental power do give it advantages in securing overseas energy supplies that Japan, being a small island country, does not have and that naturally forces the US to take more heed of it.

    As for Japan’s current state, you are being too modest. If Japan is so weak, why does it not just give way before Chinese territorial claims? However much the Japanese culture has been Hello-Kittyesized since 1945, the country did become the first-rank economic power that it never was prior to the war. It is represented as one of the three poles of the Trilateral Commission. The Japanese military (excuse me, Self-Defense Forces) are also formidable and are being gradually pushed to fight again, just under a global US-led aegis rather than for Japanese interests alone. Its military spending only slightly lags behind that of France and is number 6 in the world. On a per capita basis, it is far higher than that of China. In essence, Japan is moving back to its situation during the anti-Russian Anglo-Japanese naval alliance, only replace Russia with China and replace the British senior partner with the US. It seems that a significant section of modern Japanese thinking, including nationalist opinion, is only happy when playing auxiliary to Western powers and will go to any length to denigrate their alienated cousins on the Asian mainland for the sake of pleasing those same powers.

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