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Already Dead:
The Manifesto of a Blonde Beast

2,430 words

“From this time forth
My thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth.”

In my novella The Columbine Pilgrim, published by Counter-Currents earlier this year, I explore how a seemingly “normal” person can, after enduring a series of perceived traumas and humiliations, reach a point of terrifying psychic rupture, after which he emerges profoundly transformed, grotesquely shorn of all former vestiges of sanity, restraint, and conscience.

The character of Tony Meander, protagonist of The Columbine Pilgrim, is based loosely on real-life figures from recent years—men, and in some cases mere boys, who for one reason or another were driven to commit unspeakable acts of shocking carnage. Most of these notorious desperados have quietly disappeared from public consciousness after briefly snatching some headlines in the days immediately following their rampages.

Chances are that in a short time, few will be able to identify Jared Lee Loughner as the deranged young shooter who murdered six people, including a little girl, as well as critically injuring Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords during a town hall meeting in Tuscon last January.

And hardly anyone now remembers George Sodini, the romantically unsuccessful, fiercely embittered beta-male who opened fire on an aerobics class at an L.A. Fitness center two years ago, killing three women and wounding nine before fatally shooting himself.

There are, on the other hand, certain gruesome events that are so iconic, so visually arresting, so psychologically resonant, that they are still breathlessly discussed, debated, and commemorated many years after the bloodstains have been washed away and the victims lain in the earth.

While Dylan Kleblold and Eric Harris are hardly household names, everyone now associates the word “Columbine” with the massacre these two boys perpetrated against their fellow high school students on April 20, 1999.

Likewise, the name of “Virginia Tech” will long be associated with Cho Seung-Hui’s rampage, even if Cho himself is mostly known as “some crazy Asian guy.”

And now it appears that Anders Behring Breivik, the single-handed perpetrator of last week’s Oslo massacre, will join the dubious ranks of lasting infamy, for several reasons.

For one thing, on the most shallow level, the blond, handsome and muscular Breivik has undeniable sex appeal, albeit of a slightly “gay” male-model-ish variety. Image isn’t everything, but it still means a lot in a visually-oriented culture, and though the pictures of the dapper man with the icy stare posing in body armor and Masonic vestments seem downright silly to many of us, myself included, they do have a powerful appeal to some.

For another, Breivik’s rampage is charged with a ripe, patently cinematic scent of dark drama and epic grandeur. His choice of target, namely the youth brigade of Norway’s ruling Labor party, as well as the location—an island, no less—appeal to one’s lurid imagination, whether one likes it or not. The thought of a tall, blond, menacing figure in battle gear picking off scores of helpless teenagers and young adults who have nowhere to flee (they’re stuck on an island, after all), fills us with a  sense of shuddering horror and grim pathos. It’s like some demented slasher flick; even contemplating the terrible scene is quite riveting on a primal, visceral level.

But of course, a major reason why Breivik’s depredations will endure in the public mindset is that the Left will keep bringing him up, in an effort to paint the typical white, right-wing immigration-restrictionist man-on-the-street as a mass murdering terrorist in training. Since leftist views predominate in the media, attention will be given to Breivik’s crimes as a useful means of smearing opponents of multiculturalism. Specious guilt-by-association insinuations will be continuously floated, in insufferable tones bursting with smarm and sanctimony.

Still, the theatrical, even somewhat operatic aesthetic appeal of his brutal and remorseless killing spree is the very thing that gives it the power to be exploited in the first place. Leftists will use it to brand their enemies as hate-criminals, or at least thought-criminals (“If they aren’t actually massacring their enemies, they must be fantasizing about doing so”), but it is the very glamor, if you will, of a good-looking blond beefcake in frogman gear blowing away helpless kids on an island that makes this tragic event so alluring and readymade a piece of alarmist anti-Right propaganda.

* * *

Like the above-mentioned gallery of rogues before him (Loughner, Sodini, Cho, Harris, Klebold, et al.), Breivik composed a manifesto before he set forth on his bloody self-appointed mission.

The manifesto is a requisite staple of the nihilistic desperado’s final bustle of activity prior to his supreme act of vengeance, a sort of last will and testament, a fragment to shore against the ruinous havoc he intends to wreak. The manifesto can take many forms—sometimes written, sometimes audio recorded, sometimes video recorded; in some cases, its content unfolds in the form of a diary, kept over the course of several weeks or months. At other times it comes across more of a sustained rant, composed in one seating. Sometimes, the manifesto is deeply personal, bristling with emotion; at other times, it merely comes across as a systematic compendium of seemingly impersonal grievances. (For Islamic suicide bombers, it is usually a rote statement, read off of a page, ending with a half-hearted salute and a mumbled slogan like “Long Live the Intifada!” or some such.)

The psychological motivation for the manifesto-composition is twofold. The desperado wants to provide the world with an explanation for why he felt moved to take such radical action. He also wants to psyche himself up, and remind himself that he’s crossed a kind of Rubicon; he’s come this far, he’s almost at the end, and he can’t retreat now.

Breivik apparently spent three years completing his 1,500 page opus, which he titled 2083: A European Declaration of Independence. The first half of this work is a heavily researched and footnoted exposé of the long, sinister march of cultural Marxism, multiculturalism, and other trendy-Left ideologies into the institutions of the West, an explanation of how these modes of thought came to ascension among the European elite, and a plan for combating them forcibly over the next century.

The second half of 2083 is an odd, rambling hodgepodge of disparate elements. In part, it reads as a kind of  how-to guidebook, dispensing advice on such varied issues as purchasing and using weaponry and battle gear, and bomb-making material, as well as a list of recommended targets for fellow initiates into his (perhaps entirely fictitious) order of “Justiciar Knights.”

Mixed in among interminable pages of technically-oriented prose are a few eye-opening sentiments. For example, Breivik recommends torching mosques and indiscriminately bombing large Islamic gatherings, since doing so “will result in massive Muslim rioting across the European continent, which will be a substantial destabilizing factor for many EUSSR regimes.” (EUSSR is Breivik’s term for the European Union, which he sees as another incarnation of the Soviet regime in Russia.)

Breivik also counsels the commission of “deadly and strategic attacks” against unarmed groups of Muslim women, as he thinks that this will have the benefit of enraging and radicalizing the men, “inciting them to choose the path of Jihad prematurely” and thus assuring a quicker victory for indigenous Europeans. He regrets the necessity of taking so cold-blooded an approach, but reconciles it with his notion of justice by that age-old formula for justifying atrocities: to make an omelet, you have to crack some eggs.

In fact, “cruel” seems to be a favorite word of Breivik’s; cruelty is a notion he plainly revels in, despite his protests to the contrary, as can be attested in the following statements:

There are situations in which cruelty is necessary, and refusing to apply necessary cruelty is a betrayal of the people whom you wish to protect. . . . Once you decide to strike, it is better to kill too many than not enough, or you risk reducing the desired ideological impact of the strike. . . . In many ways, morality has lost its meaning in our struggle. The question of good and evil is reduced to one simple choice: Survive or perish. Some innocent will die our operations. . . . Get used to the idea.

Much of the address of the second half of the book is directed towards the likely recruit, the man interested in joining Breivik’s ruthless and avowedly cruel crusade to repel the Islamic invaders and knock the perfidious “EUSSR” tyrants off their thrones, by any means necessary. One recommendation he makes is to exploit the gullible whenever possible—to use what the Communists used to call “useful idiots” in order to further the cause. He discusses how to go about getting funding from “financially privileged sympathizers,” people of means who look unfavorably upon Islamic infiltration, but may personally deplore violence—to pose as a charity organization, after the manner of Hamas or Hezbollah, for “victims of Jihad,” when the real purpose is to wage armed, violent terror against Muslim immigrants and their treasonous, duplicitous multicult masters.

2083 is a largely dull and tedious text, but it does contain a few amusing passages. In one section, Breivik boasts about how he successfully bilked various banks and credit card companies into loaning him all the money he needed for his operation, despite the fact that he “spent the last three years writing a book with no steady income whatsoever.” (Apparently Breivik worked a desk job for a few years before dropping out of the nine-to-five routine and dedicating himself to full-time pursuit of his Knightly activities.) As for future protégés who want to follow in his illustrious footsteps, Breivik has a few clever suggestions about how they, too, can get their families and friends to leave them alone so they can prepare for their own missions.

One “long-term cover” he recommends is to “say that you’re addicted to World of Warcraft (a popular computer game) . . . Inform them that you will be busy doing that in the future. . . . Tell them that you are ashamed and you don’t want to talk any more about it.” Another is to “say you are gay and are in the process of discovering your new self.”  Breivik admits that these strategies of deception are “cynical and manipulative . . . but extremely effective.” Once again, however, the end justifies the means: “However, the severity of our operation often requires us to be cynical, manipulative, and pragmatical (sic).”

* * *

Some of these suggestions seem a little loopy, but then we can’t really argue with Breivik’s results: whatever we may think of what he did, he certainly managed to carry his plan through to fruition. Before Friday, July 22, Anders Behring Breivik appeared to be an ordinary young man in his early thirties, albeit one who used anabolic steroids heavily, worked out obsessively, and had no day job. His friends and acquaintances thought him a “moderate right-winger.” He even partied quite a bit, as he readily admits—one gathers he had his share of success with the ladies. Yet for the last three years, he patiently bided his time, put on a “normal” front for the world, all the while hiding the violent, ruthless, homicidal side of himself from view.

Thus, when he unleashed the beast, as it were, last Friday, everyone who thought they knew him was utterly shocked. How did he manage such complete and total subterfuge for such a lengthy period of time?

All the desperados I have researched had a similar period in their lives, a time when their wills locked onto the notion of committing a purposeful mass murder, yet during which all of these men were able to live a double-minded existence, never letting anyone know the horrific endgame they were plotting. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the Columbine duo, apparently first conceived their plan to massacre their classmates a good fifteen months before executing the operation; yet, in that time, they gave no indication or intimation of their murderous intentions to anyone. For Breivik, the span of time between preparation and completion was more than twice as long as that—nearly three years, if we are to take his word for it. How was it possible to present one face to the world, a happy-go-lucky, devil-may-care kind of mask, while secretly, deliberately nursing a beast within, preparing it for the kill?

Breivik’s answer is that he willed himself into a kind of curious self-hypnosis. In his mind, his orgy of bloodletting had already happened, long before it actually happened; he’d already killed, and had already died. That is to say, he wasn’t truly alive and walking the earth in the months and years leading up to the Oslo massacre; during all that time, he saw himself as a ghost. He fatalistically embraced what he came to see as his destiny.

“The core strength of a Justiciar Knight,” he wrote, “is that we accept the fact that we’re already dead. . . . The sooner you accept that, the sooner you will be able to function as a soldier is supposed to function: without mercy, without hesitation, without compassion, and without remorse.”

On this point, it is hard to argue with Breivik; in fact, adopting this mindset seems a touch of demonic genius. If a person comes to see his life in such terms, he can truly access the realm within himself where all things are possible. One essentially makes oneself a malleable puppet, to be controlled however one sees fit. One doesn’t hesitate, or torment oneself over possible alternatives if one has convinced himself that no such alternatives truly exist, that what will happen has in fact already happened, that he is in fact already dead.

* * *

I have argued elsewhere that the drive to politicize Breivik’s rampage, or to view it through a partisan lens, is a very basic affront to human decency. This “neocon Norwegian Rambo” committed an abominable act, and to regard him a hero since he was on “our” side puts on the same level as the type of idiot leftist who idolizes a thug like Che Guevara or justifies the crimes and abuses of smelly little tinpot tyrants like Robert Mugabe and Hugo Chavez. Yet one wonders how much good could be accomplished in the world if even a handful of decent men could, without sacrificing their consciences or their exquisite concern with morality, nevertheless dedicate themselves with such fierce and searing abandon—with the calm resolve of one “already dead”—to a good and right cause.

It is in this sense—and in absolutely no other—that we should strive to emulate the example set by Anders Behring Breivik, this man who became a monster, this layabout Aryan pretty boy who transformed himself into a fearsome and rapacious blond beast.


  1. Posted July 29, 2011 at 1:40 am | Permalink

    Magnificent piece except for the last sentences, Andy. Like you I was tormented as a minor—no: tortured in fact, no hyperbole—and I know exactly what you meant in your novel.

    What bothers me is the Harry Potter Syndrome. Do you know that through the novels Harry never uses “Avara Kadavra”, the killing spell against the bad guys? He merely uses the disarming charm, “Expelliarmus”. But only in the movies for children the Harry characters win. In real life you have to make a transition to the dark side to become a good soldier.

    I have read The Turner Diaries twice. When I read it for the first time I didn’t like the Breivik-like cruelties: for example the killing of an innocent black—the first killing of the novel—or an entire group of nationalist white warriors in Toronto for not taking care of the Jewish Problem almost at the end of the Holy Racial War. And in the Day of the Rope many innocent young women (and men) also die. Then I read Covington’s Quartet. I sensed a moral difference. Covington’s characters are not so cruel, in the sense of so many innocents dying too, as in Pierce’s characters. I imagine myself doing the things in Covington’s novels. But some passages of the Diaries make me wonder…

    But you know? Pierce was ultimately right. As soldiers of The Order, we must be like the walking death. The difference with the Quartet (Uncle Harold hasn’t finished the fifth novel) and the Diaries is that in Pierce’s world not only an ethno-state is born: in the final pages it’s described that only the white race shall inherit the Earth.

    This final item of the Diaries is too strong meat to digest in a mere blog comment and I won’t go further with that, save saying that if completely heartless people followed the cruel script you quoted above, the chances of setting fire on Europe by provoking the Muslim population that way would be infinitely greater than the Expelliarmus charm that this blogsite seems to promote.

  2. Petronius
    Posted July 29, 2011 at 2:46 am | Permalink

    Thanks Andi, I have been eagerly waiting for your comment.

  3. WG
    Posted July 29, 2011 at 5:21 am | Permalink

    How many times must you publicly condemn this guy?


    The deed is done. It’s over. Time to move on.

    In some years’ time, I predict, ABB will be seen as a hero to the European Nationalist crowd.

    And that his actions will probably be exceeded by new operations yet to unfold in the impending liberation war.

  4. John Norman Howard
    Posted July 29, 2011 at 11:58 am | Permalink

    Putting ABB’s deed in with the Columbine, Sodini, et. al. acts is like comparing Apocalypse Now to Friday 13th, or Citizen Kane to Porky’s.

    Call him a terrorist, if you must… that’s a valid description for a valid sort of warfare in which the very existence of one’s people is at stake… and which no one can rightfully deny any longer in re White Europe.

    And Lord God, quoting spells in Harry Potter movies? Sheesh.

    • Posted July 29, 2011 at 1:19 pm | Permalink

      And Lord God, quoting spells in Harry Potter movies? Sheesh.

      I was just trying to make the same point of yours, Porky’s, etc.

      • John Norman Howard
        Posted July 29, 2011 at 5:26 pm | Permalink

        Actually, no you weren’t.

  5. Dedalus
    Posted July 29, 2011 at 1:40 pm | Permalink

    I’m not of the Left or Right, seeing them both as two sides of an 18th century Enlightenment coin that Western man is better commiting to the dustbin of history.
    But I’m not at all impressed with the Left’s attempt to use this.
    The fact is, the reaction I’m seeing is that people are kinda spooked by the whole thing.
    Mostly, I think most people would rather not talk about it, or are simply not interested.

    But I had a conversation with a friend from the Left two days ago that was very telling.
    He asked me if I had read any of this guy’s manifesto. I told him I’d read parts of it.
    He then tried to make the connection that the left is making, anti-multiculturalism = sick and crazy, as this guy’s manifesto and actions proved, and then gave up, his argument just fizzled in mid -sentence and he literally started to drift right in front of me, as if he had lost heart and knew he was talking bs.
    I had a clear reference point regarding my friends personal life and how it clashed horribly with his beliefs. So I took mercy.

    I filled up the gap in the conversation by simply saying that I also read another manifesto written in the 19th century and used to justify the slaughter of 100 million people in less than 80 years. I gave a friendly smirk and he just stared in to space.

    I’d like to believe that similar conversations are taking place throughout what used to be refered to as “the Free world.”

    • Posted July 29, 2011 at 3:15 pm | Permalink

      @ I’d like to believe that similar conversations are taking place throughout what used to be refered to as “the Free world.”

      You bet they’re taking place! This is what it just happened to me.

  6. Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted July 29, 2011 at 3:40 pm | Permalink

    Great analysis by Nowicki, Nowicki in blockquote:

    Yet one wonders how much good could be accomplished in the world if even a handful of decent men could, without sacrificing their consciences or their exquisite concern with morality, nevertheless dedicate themselves with such fierce and searing abandon—with the calm resolve of one “already dead”—to a good and right cause.

    This is exactly what separates the metapolitical order from the incompetent fools who have self-identified as “White Nationalists” for the last century. The best Idea in the world, and the worst people you can imagine out there claiming to be us, claiming to speak for us, and claiming to represent us.

    The “already dead” theme meant “dead’ to the misleading Aspects of the temporal world, while being very, very alive to the metapolitical order so desperately needed, and which so softly, so strongly, calls the best of us forward. Those who choose not to hear it, well, Savitri spoke of them, with objective compassion.

    In the first ABB post I mentioned to need for a follow-up, a sort of “Lessons Learned,” entitled “Charlie Brown Rides Again.”

    It’s really pretty simple, and can be summed in a four basic frames of refence: metapolitical, strategic political, tactical political, and personal political.

    SUMMARY: In Fifth Generation Warfare, the moral is to the material as ten in to one.

    METAPOLITICAL: An abject failure, used to lend legitimacy to the very people he opposed, as well as the Zionists(!). In effect, his religious position was of a Christian who worshipped Judaism, seen politically as Zionism. This is not Nietzsche on steroids; it was a very confused Christian who worships Jews. He was doing the work that was an answer to the prayers of the Jews, undermining the moral legitimacy of Christianity all the while.

    He saw through the eyes of a Child; Judaism and Islam made their peace a long time ago, and create kabuki fights to impress their followers. Al-Jazeera English has the Palestinian Papers on their website.

    POLITICAL (Strategic): Another bitter failure, Charlie Brown. The people he attacked will gain enormous moral leverage for the foreseeable future, and will consider these “Adolescents” to be the best sort of martyrs for The Cause they could hope for. Young, talented, photogenic, they will be framed against anyone who opposes the multicultural Aspect of the class warfare that intends to destroy Western Civilization, and active supports the genocide of the White Race.

    POLITICAL (Tactical): The genocide of the White Race, by race replacement policies, just moved to a position of unquestionable moral superiority. The Enemy will raise posters of this fool in silent, and very effective, protest against us.

    POLITICAL (Personal): Here begins the lesson, Grasshopper.

    See how Charlie Brown played “Lucy’s Rules Football,” accepting the Terms, Definitions and Framework of the Enemy without question. He took to the field without looking at the playbook, and wearing the uniform suggested to make him look foolish, and easily manipulated. A total fool for Wordism. A total fool, period.

    This is where Covington succeeds, brilliantly, by placing the power where the responsibility belong, with us, each and every one of us. Covington is attempting the build the temporal bridge to the metapolitical order, an ethnostate of our own, so formally defined in the founding document, the founding corporate charter, the Constitution of the Northwest Republic. ALL of this can be achieved in an “applie-pie, strictly legal, sort of way.” (HT: Jim Giles)

    THIS is where effectiveness begins. This is where power, the test of Character, is seen as the tool it is, and harnessed to the fulfillment of a greater purpose.

    Covington does not want us to die for our Racial Homeland; he wants us to LIVE for it. ABB is dead to the world, as bullies and fools soon are, one way or another. His efforts to remake the world began and ended with an act that ended any effectiveness he might have had, and undercut the implications of his Manifesto.

    ABB wasn’t really “dead inside,” as the real Templars were, “dead” to all but the manifestation of the temporal foundation of the metapolitical order to the fullest extent possible, including their lives.

    ABB was “dead inside,” as zombies are dead. He acted out the instructions suggestions of Others with just enough consciousness to carry them out, totally devoid of compassion for the Race of the children he was slaughtering. Those children will never have a chance to have children who might see a little farther, a little more clearly, on the basis of a more accurate understanding of the metapolitical order. Irreplaceable opportunities have been lost, replaced with irreplaceable losses, forever.

    (To those who say they were not “children,” they were adolescents, I can agree, conceptually, with that point. However, billions of dollars of media time will be spent using the word “children.” Let’s save our intellectual ammunition for the battles we can win.)

    Finally, something to live for, writ large. Most of what Christianity has become, in practice, has been Judeo-Christianity, an inversion of Christianity. The metapolitical order needs a religion to help us to not merely bind back, but to bind FORWARD. We see soft hints of this in Clarke. I think it would begin with the Gospel of John, alongside a parallel commentary derived from “Imperium,” perhaps restating “Imperium” as a series of stories based in the Northwest Republic, a society based on the Fourteen Words, and religiously opposed to ANYTHING that blocks the White Race from manifesting a transcendent destiny.

    In closing, let me paraphrase a Clarkian position; “Let the Others fight over the mud; we offer our Posterity Honor, Destiny, and the Stars.”

    What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

    • maaldweb
      Posted July 31, 2011 at 5:40 am | Permalink

      Too bad you haven’t read what he actually wrote about the jews.

      • Fourmyle of Ceres
        Posted July 31, 2011 at 11:11 am | Permalink

        Mallldweb in blockquote:

        Too bad you haven’t read what he actually wrote about the jews.

        It’s not what he wrote that matters, so much as what he DID that matters.

        He handed the Jews a tremendous propaganda victory, at virtually no cost to them. It almost seems tailor-made for that purpose, doesn’t it? It’s almost as if Someone “suggested,” repeatedly to ABB that THIS presents a perfect opportunity.

        Certainly, it was perfect, for the Jews. Certainly, he seems to have treated the Jews in an “apple pie, strictly legal, sort of way.” (HT: Jim Giles)

        Think of what he could have done, if he had a metapolitical purpose.

        What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

  7. Jaego Scorzne
    Posted July 30, 2011 at 7:09 pm | Permalink

    We might take a cue from the Church and learn the lesson of turning our heads away from ugly realities and letting time soften and gifted writers mythologize. As Savitri Devi said, a Religion Out of Time depends on the Men Who Are Against Time for it’s continued existence in this world -or even Men In Time. Was Constanitine a nice man? No. He wasn’t even a Christian yet the Church made use of him and glorified him. The Church made very effective use of the warrior peoples of Northern Europe – first the Franks and then the Normans as two prominent examples.

    So our struggle is going to be Beautiful – and it will have it’s debut when we are “ready”. And we will be the debutantes, all shining and glowing, dreams of good reviews dancing in our heads. In other words, we have lost already. Oh Sons of Plato, the struggle has already begun. It will not happen according to Plan – but as it happens. We must react, bounce off events and land on our feet like a cat. Our opponents are past Masters of this Art. Review your Devi as well as your Covington. The movement will split into Two, the Politicos and the “Activists”. These Two are ONE , just like Professional Wrestlers only seem to be good guys and bad guys but are all friends backstage.

    There’s a reason why the Church chose Aristotle over Plato – the Cave bears Study and has it’s own Laws.

    • Fourmyle of Ceres
      Posted July 30, 2011 at 11:38 pm | Permalink

      Jaego Scorzne in blockquote:

      The Church made very effective use of the warrior peoples of Northern Europe – first the Franks and then the Normans as two prominent examples.

      First Rule of Fight Club IS…?

      The gelding of Western Man into the American Male is an example of the demoralization that is the foundation of the destruction of the man, the family, and the extended family, the organic nation, and the Race, being the bridge between Family and Culture. The genocide of the White Race – the centerpiece of The Enemy’s Plan – continues apace.

      We have accepted their Terms and Definitions, and now find ourselves like Charlie Brown, unable to learn the lessons. Like Winston Smith, 2 + 2 = is beyond his comprehension. Soon, he will learn, all too well, what 2 + 2 IS, and that will be the formal end of him, as he began to die the moment he surrendered his thinking to his Enemies.

      The only Force that can effectively battle demoralization is that level is the belief that you are working with God in the fulfillment of a transcendental purpose. This was the Gift of Christ to Mankind at a particularly low ebb in the development of human consciousness; in effect, the growth of the soul was slowed to nothing. Christ The Living Savior – not this gelded Jesus as defined by Judeo-Christianity – provided the impetus for Saul to become a new man, and try to convert the Jews to Christianity. We have been doing the same with those close to us; however, we have taken the thin gruel offered by self-identified “White Nationalists,” and have failed to answer the First Question of Politics – “Why Should I Listen To YOU?” After all, being Jewish certainly seemed to work for them.

      Far better to have been John, and form a new religion, one suited to the needs of the Cultural Moment. That was Christianity – real Christianity, Masculine Christianity, Patriarchal Christianity, and Unapologetic Christianity.

      For the last half-century, too many of those whom the Enemy Media identified as our Leaders in fact did a better job for our Enemies than they did for us. Their incessant attacks on Christianity, their descriptions of Jesus Christ as “a dead Jew on a stick,” all served to make the very people we tried to reach react in horror. Christianity is the ONLY religion the Jews fear. There’s a reason for that. It’s one too many of us are afraid to face.

      Yesterday’s technology served us then, and does us a disservice today. This is no less true for yesterday’s theology. Arguing about the shadows on the wall of the Cave, without having the courage to go into the Light and see what Forms those Shadows, is the hallmark of too many of our (nominal) Leaders. Creating such pseudo-religions as “Cosmotheism,” for example, served no other purpose than to prove to one and all that we were not serious, and not to be taken seriously. Various perversions of “pagan” faiths and practices demonstrated we did not know what we were talking about to those Few who really did understand the power of the Northern Mysteries.

      In short, we weren’t taken seriously, because we didn’t have anything serious to offer. Our “solutions” were to sing “Dixie,” give the same Constitutional arguments that failed the CSA, and were reduced to nullities in 1865, and play “dress-up” with costumes that made our Enemies think, “Damn, they might as well be working for us!” All too often, our “Leaders” were, and led by indirection down false paths.

      Covington and counter-currents have the only ways forward that free us from accepting the false choices of Klan robes, and NSDAP uniforms. The metapolitical project needs a temporal bridge, and Covington provides that perfectly, with his Northwest Republic. It also needs a spiritual focus that supports a religion that serves the highest and best purposes of the Race.

      I believe a church built around a new Christianity – let’s call it “The Church of the Light,” and defines its religion as the New Reformation of Christianity, based around the Restatement of Christianity, offers us tremendous opportunities in the development of new Forms, new and more effective Institutions, for the future of the Race. The union of the Gospel of John and “Imperium” is a useful Leading Thought.

      All we have to offer them is “Honor, Discipline, and the Stars.”

      It’s more than enough.

      What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

      • Jaego Scorzne
        Posted July 31, 2011 at 5:50 pm | Permalink

        A nice choice, and not only because They hate it and want it edited. The Martyr William Joyce was reading the Gospel of John in the final days before his execution and by his own word, had a powerful spiritual experience.

  8. Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted August 1, 2011 at 8:18 pm | Permalink

    Jaego Scorzne in blockquote:

    A nice choice, and not only because They hate it and want it edited. The Martyr William Joyce was reading the Gospel of John in the final days before his execution and by his own word, had a powerful spiritual experience.

    I was not aware Joyce had “a powerful spiritual experience” following his reading of the Gospel of John, before his execution.

    It does make sense, that someone who was so spiritually ready for such a moment properly met it with the air of an Initiate, the calmness and objective compassion for his fallen countrymen that Christians had as they went to face the lions.

    Rather amazing, isn’t it? Joyce went to the gallows with the quiet confidence of an Awakened man, one who was dead to the errors before him, and very alive to the possibilities that were unfolding before his Spirit, even as he left the limited confines of the human body.

    It reminds me of when Savitri appeared to a woman she described as “the Jewess” during her incarceration. The Jewess looked at her and said, “You seem to have arrived too late.” Savitri said, “No, I have arrived too soon.”

    So, too, Joyce, seeing his beloved sceptered isle become an island off the coast of Europe, having arrived “too early” to help it become what it could have, and should have, become.

    What an amazing contrast between the nihilistic surrender of Breivik, a topic I thought would have inspired much more commentary than it has, and Joyce, who saw the ending of the life of a caterpillar, and the beginning of the life of the butterfly, as one and the same moment.

    I suspect the brutally honest Insight of Greg Johnson just terrifies so many of us who identify our personal identification with “White Nationalism” with a plethora of fools, and a handful of people who recognize that “White Nationalism” is too narrow a definition, and are working to form a more accurate definition, one that will help carry them forward, and inspire unity behind Race as the foremost organizing principle of a society, and, indeed, the leading role of the vertical component of Race in the process of Civilization.

    Again, the need for a new religion is painfully obvious, as the metapolitical order requires the New Civilization to fulfill its unique destiny.

    Perhaps Joyce will join us!

    What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

    • Jaego Scorzne
      Posted August 2, 2011 at 2:06 pm | Permalink

      There’s a small booklet about Joyce entitled the Martyrdom of William Joyce, or something like that. It’s distributed by The Truth At Last. There’s a quote at the end about his spiritual experience – and some very stirring last words spoken at the gallows or whatever it was. Said that he defied the Jews – in spite of everyone else deifying them. Now I remember, Ed Fields is the guy who runs it out of Marietta, GA. You might want to get it and see for yourself.

      Breivik saw himself as the begining too. By his logic (probably correct), it is now too late to take back Europe democratically. And the longer they wait, the worse it gets. So – a first strike. I grant you that his target was “off”. And it’s unlikely anyone will directly follow him just as no one followed the Bruders Schweigen. Timing is everything. But he is a very gifted man and I plan to read at least some of his manifesto. He has at least some of the right stuff.

      Read Jared Taylor’s piece from last night: everyone is running from Breivik in terror: Wilders, Fjordman et al. Would Liberals do this? Did the Unabomber disgrace Environmentalism? Would anyone doing anything make Al Gore stop? You see, we’re still playing defence, still reacting to their cues. Bad.

      • Greg Johnson
        Posted August 2, 2011 at 2:25 pm | Permalink
      • Fourmyle of Ceres
        Posted August 2, 2011 at 8:31 pm | Permalink

        Thank you for the heads-up concerning Joyce the Martyr. I’ll look into it.

        Jaego Scorzne in blockquote:

        Breivik saw himself as the beginning too.

        I see Breivik as being manipulated by a member of the J Team, or someone who sympathizes with their aims. He handed them a tremendous victory, killing Christians and Muslims, and defining the problem, in good part, as being support – not tolerance, active support – for Muslims in Europe. I can only say, bad for Europe, bad for Christians, good for Jews.

        That having been said, Breivik acted as a disturbance in the Consensus Trance; he showed, as the Irgun and Stern gangs showed, that it was possible to strike in a direct, dramatic manner, at the heart of the Enemy. He showed, as the Irgun and Stern gangs showed, that when you shift from pure defense to the beginning of offense, you move from the learned helplessness of reacting to the learned effectiveness of acting. There can be no doubt that a lot of Muslims are looking over their shoulder tonight, and are making sure they are home as soon as possible. In theory, this could be extended to other religious and racial groups, as well.

        I expect the Internet to shift the tone of the debate; the System will hit hard with a lot more of Consensus Trance Indoctrination. This time, it will be seen as what it is, simple propaganda. The propaganda of the deed matters; just as sending even ten dollars a month, every month, to counter-currents is far better than the grandest of intentions, so does the SUCCESSFUL striking back inspire Others to see that “it can be done.”

        Give Breivik credit where credit is due; he showed how Charlie Brown can become Schroeder; given an absence of resources, he compensated with an excess of Will. This is the point that Covington makes, over and over; once we, I repeat WE, decide something CAN be done, we DO it. Man on the Moon, and returned safely, several times, with 1960’s technology? WE can do it. We, and only we, the only Race that ever decided to GO to the Moon, and then created the rationalizations to make it the new Reality.

        I can also see Israel shaping this to their ends, but, for the first time, not being able to control the discussion. I can also see many, many Others looking over their shoulder – I repeat myself for purpose – as they realize the Consensus Trance is breaking down, and people will say:

        “Yes, Breivik was a little bit extreme in the way he approached the situation. But, you know, those people are walking a bit softer these days, and maybe the occasional act of education might prove instructive. I’m not saying do like Breivik did, no. After all, he got caught. (soft laughter, quiet smiles) You know, we have been reasonable with the unreasonable, and they have been acting out with our young ladies, our darling daughters. You know, maybe a little bit of ‘push-back’ now and again might not be a bad thing. We can follow the examples of how the Israeli’s deal with the Muslims on their doorstep, wherever that door may be. You know – Olaf, do you have the pdf’s of the books by that American, what’s his name?”

        “Covington, Harold Covington.” “Yes, Covington. You know that we can accomplish all we want to accomplish in an ‘apple-pie, strictly legal, sort of way’ – Yes, Olaf?”

        “That’s Jim Giles that says that.”

        “Well, yes, sorry. There’s more than one way to skin a herring, yes? Maybe we should form a Youth Group of our own at the local church, before they turn it into a mosque. Maybe we can help our boys be a little less like Mary Poppins, and a little more like this NASHI thing Mr. Putin has been developing. You know, basic civil defense kind of stuff, search and rescue, stuff like that. Strictly legal, of course. What do you think?”

        “No better time to start than now. There has been low attendance at a Lutheran Church in the northwest section of town. We can probably use their space to help our young men with industrial training, to make a better living for themselves, with spiritual leadership a part of the teaching. We could call this the Northwest Initiative. The boys will be selected from those who have a bit too much testosterone, and a bit too weak Vision of their Families, and their Community, in the future. They will, of course, be hand selected. Just don’t call them the Breivik Brigade.”

        *soft, muted laughter*

        “How about just calling them – and none of this is in writing – ‘The Brigade?”

        “Done. The pastor needs someone to listen to his sermons, and use his empty church. We shall provide new life to his sermons, and his church. *looks wistfully into the distance* By Odin – we could start by taking this interfaith nonsense they have been preaching, and start talking about Odin, just for a start. What else do the Israelis do that we can adopt and adapt to our unique needs?”

        “Well, I’ve been reading some ideas by this man Covington. You know, we are really trying to not just take back our government, but to reform Scandinavian society into the foundation of a New Civilization. I was thinking…”

        “Enough thinking for now! Tomorrow we start DOING. Norway can be part of the Homeland for our people, and part of the founding of the New Civilization. First, we need a list of the right sort of young man. Anders? I’ll be up late tonight working on that. Sven, you start outlining “A Distant Thunder.’ I’ll need a lot of ideas. We might have the Vision we need to insure our people do not perish. What’s so funny, Anders?”

        “Well, you just said, ‘We might have the Vision we need to insure our people do not perish.’ That’s funny, because those are Fourteen Words.”

        “Why do the number of words matter?”

        “Well, those are pretty close in sentiment to another Fourteen Words. Here, old friend, let’s let our guest go home to their wives, their sons, their daughters, and OUR Families. Let’s talk about what was, and MUST be again.”

        To be continued…

        What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

      • White Republican
        Posted August 3, 2011 at 4:58 am | Permalink

        The booklet is Michael Walsh’s The Martyrdom of William Joyce. I believe The Truth at Last went out of business a few years ago, but both Walsh’s booklet and Joyce’s Twilight Over England are available from Historical Review Press.

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