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Beauty in Life

395 words

Translated by Greg Johnson

We are approaching Christmas (another name for the winter solstice). Associated with the evergreen tree, Christmas has always been celebrated in European countries since time immemorial as the great feast presaging the revival of nature and life after the repose of winter. One cannot help but think that Europe, too, will one day emerge from its current Dormition, even if it is longer than the cycle of nature.

Christmas is for children. It is also a celebration where beauty has its place. Is it not the occasion to reflect upon this vital concept, one of the three components of the “Homeric triad“: “Nature as the foundation, excellence as a goal, the beauty of the horizon”?

Rather than a dissertation on beauty, I want to offer to those who read me some practical advice, without, however, neglecting a meditative reflection: aesthetics grounds ethics (the good is defined by what is beautiful) and ethics grounds aesthetics (the good is inseparable from the beautiful).

Cultivate beauty (aesthetic sense) for yourself and your loved ones. Beauty is not a matter of money and consumption. It resides in all things, primarily in the small details of life.

Beauty is given freely by nature: the poetry of clouds in a bright sky, the patter of rain on a tent, starry nights, sunsets in summer, the first snowflakes, the colors of the forest in winter, the first flowers in the garden, the hooting of the owl at night, the smell of a wood fire above a cottage in the country . . .

If the beauty of nature is given to us, the beauty we create in our lives requires effort and attention.

Remember that there is no beauty (or joy) without harmony of colors, materials, shapes, and styles. This is true for the home, clothing, and small accessories of life. Avoid synthetic and plastic materials in favor of natural ones.

There is no beauty without courtesy in dealings with those close and distant (except jerks).

I noted that aesthetics is the foundation of ethics. Indeed, there is no beauty without moral and physical poise. For example, keep your pains and troubles, those of the heart, body, and work to yourself for the difficult months. You’ll gain esteem for your discretion and a reputation for good company. You will also gain esteem for yourself.

Merry Christmas to all!


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  1. Posted December 21, 2020 at 11:51 am | Permalink

    Beauty is not a opinion; is SCIENCE.
    Beauty is one of the main characteristics that our individual “enemies” call us “Goys” despise, Examples like
    Christmas itself, European whites and even animes (Japanese animation, whose features refer to whites, cuteness, beauty and neoteny).

    Even though it doesn’t have much to do with the topic of the article, research about “Cute Agression” is something they have and it is very important to research about it.
    Gratitude to the gods of the universe.

  2. MBlanc46
    Posted December 22, 2020 at 9:15 am | Permalink

    In traditional Western philosophy, the Beautiful subsumes the True and the Good.

  3. Le Fauconnier
    Posted December 26, 2020 at 8:38 am | Permalink

    “Noël en taule”
    Par Robert Brasillach (1909-1945)

    Dédicacé à notre camarade Hervé Ryssen qui croupit pour 17 mois dans les geôles de la République judéo-maçonnique à cause de ses écrits.

    Qu’importe aux enfants du hasard
    Le verrou qu’on tire sur eux :
    Noël n’est pas pour les veinards,
    Noël est pour les malchanceux.
    Voici la nuit : il n’est pas tard.
    Mais la cloche tinte pour eux.

    Bon Noël des garçons en taule,
    Noël des durs et des filous,
    Ceux dont la vie ne fut pas drôle,
    La fille que bat le marlou,
    Le gars qui suivait mal l’école,
    Ils te connaissent comme nous.

    Noël derrière les barreaux,
    Noël sans arbre et sans bonhomme,
    Noël sans feu et sans cadeaux,
    C’est celui des lieux où nous sommes,
    Où d’autres ont joué leur peau,
    Sur la paille dormi leur somme.

    Les chefs qui lâchent leurs garçons,
    Ceux qui s’enfuient, ceux qui sont riches,
    Boivent sec dans leurs réveillons
    De la Bavière ou de l’Autriche,
    Mais nous autres dans nos prisons,
    Nous sommes contre ceux qui trichent.

    Je t’adopte, Noël d’ici,
    Bon Noël des mauvaises passes :
    Tu es le Noël des proscrits,
    De ceux qui rient dans les disgrâces,
    Des pauvres bougres qu’on trahit,
    Et des enfants de bonne race.

    Nous savons qu’au dehors, ce soir,
    Les amis et les cœurs fidèles,
    Les enfants ouvrant dans le noir,
    Malgré le sommeil, leurs prunelles,
    Évoquent l’heure du revoir
    Et tendent leurs mains fraternelles.

    Et pour revoir, gens du dehors,
    Le vrai Noël de nos enfances,
    Il suffit de fermer encore
    Nos yeux sur l’ombre de l’absence,
    Pour dissiper le mauvais sort
    Et faire flamber l’espérance.

    English translation:
    “Christmas in jail”
    By Robert Brasillach (1909-1945)

    Dedicated to our comrade Hervé Ryssen who languishes for 17 months in the jails of the Judeo-Masonic Republic because of his writings.

    It doesn’t matter to the children of chance
    The lock that is pulled on them:
    Christmas is not for the lucky ones,
    Christmas is for the unlucky ones.
    Here’s the night: it’s not late.
    But the bell rings for them.

    Happy Christmas for the boys in jail,
    Christmas of the tough and the scoundly,
    Those whose lives were not funny,
    The girl who beats the marlou,
    The guy who didn’t follow school well,
    They know you like we do.

    Christmas behind bars,
    Christmas without a tree and without a man,
    Christmas without fire and gifts,
    It’s the place where we are,
    Where others have played their skin,
    On the straw slept their sum.

    The chiefs who let go of their boys,
    Those who run away, those who are rich,
    Drink dry in their New Year’s Eve
    From Bavaria or Austria,
    But the rest of us in our prisons,
    We are against those who cheat.

    I adopt you, Christmas from here,
    Happy Christmas of bad passes:
    You’re the Christmas of the outlaws,
    Of those who laugh in disgrace,
    Poor bastards who are betrayed,
    And good-race children.

    We know that outside tonight,
    Faithful friends and hearts,
    Children opening in the dark,
    Despite the sleep, their prunes,
    Evoke the time of review
    And extend their fraternal hands.

    And to see again, people from outside,
    The real Christmas of our childhoods,
    Just close again
    Our eyes on the shadow of absence,
    To dispel the evil spell
    And to make hope blaze.

    Merry Christmas to all Whites Nationalists!

  4. Le Fauconnier
    Posted December 26, 2020 at 8:42 am | Permalink

    To finish, “Christmas in jail” recited by Jean-Marie Le Pen. Good listen!

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