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There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be Alive
The Ultimate White Pill

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My friends on the Right bemoan the fact that we’re not living in Leave It To Beaver. They play the “what era would you like to live in?” game, picking any time other than this one. Because this is the End Time, you see; the Kali Yuga, the Wolf Age. Hell, yes! It is all those things and more. But I, for one, feel privileged to live in Dystopia. Truly, there has never been a better time to be alive.

Why? Because we are living in one of those periods that witness the collapse of one thing and the beginning of another. There have been many of these. I lived through such a period thirty years ago when communism fell. This one is different, however, and not just because it touches me personally. We are witnessing the climax of historical processes that have been spiraling downward for more than a thousand years. We are witnessing the death of ideals (delusions, really) that have gripped the West roughly since Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity in the year 312.

Now and then we have a sense that we are living in history. Where were you when Reagan was shot, or when the Berlin Wall came down? Today, I have this sense all the time. I am living history, not just living in it. I am a part of a revolutionary movement that is – and I believe this is now unquestionable – on the ascendant. I see what others do not, or do not yet see. The volatility of the times affects me on a personal level. I am vulnerable to reprisals from the teetering but still very dangerous establishment – doxing, harassment, perhaps even imprisonment or death.

This last point was brought home to me in a major way last month when Greg Johnson was detained on arriving in the US to attend the AmRen conference. He was questioned by US government officials who refused to even give the name of the agency they worked for. A US citizen detained on re-entering the US; interrogated regarding his political views. That’s what things have come to. So thunderstruck was I by this turn of events, the most articulate thing I could manage to say to Greg was, “Things have really gotten real.” But that actually does sum up the current situation.

Yes, things have gotten really real. When I first aligned myself with the “Far Right,” almost twenty years ago, we didn’t expect events to move so quickly. We correctly identified all the decadent cultural trends, but still felt relatively comfortable. “Things probably won’t get really bad until after I’m dead,” I thought. I hoped for economic collapse (something all of us thought necessary to bring about a real reaction against the establishment). But I hoped it would happen after I died. Or that somehow it wouldn’t affect me personally. (“I want anarchy, but with full benefits,” I told a friend.) We also predicted that there would be a reaction against the Left in the form of a resurgent nationalism. But we didn’t think we’d live to see it.

How wrong we were. The decadent cultural trends have become dramatically worse just in the last three years or so. And the reaction is here, now; it is strong and it is growing. As an added bonus, the enemy is flipping out in ways I could never have conceived of ten years ago. There is every reason for hope. But there is also every reason to be afraid. Things are likely to get worse before they get better – and in some places things may not get better; they may be lost. If you identify with the Dissident Right, as I do, you and those you care for are in real peril.

But dammit, people, can you imagine a more exciting time to be alive?! Will you at least let me try to convince you of this? Of how lucky we are to be alive now, in these tumultuous times? Will you let me give you reasons to relish the present, and reasons to be hopeful about the future?


1. The rise of nationalism: Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Australia, Brazil, India, etc. The recent EU elections. The glorious ascendancy of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, which didn’t even exist six weeks before the elections! The probable death of the Labour-Conservative political establishment in the UK. And Jean-Claude Juncker’s classic “let them eat cake” response: “Stupid nationalists! In love with their own countries!” The stench of death now hangs over that man and what he stands for. And – how can I contain my ecstasy? – the demise of the pathetic Theresa May. She may have destroyed the “Conservative” Party. Now the only way they can hang onto power is to follow through on Brexit. (The Cunning of Reason at work yet again . . . )

2. The EU’s days may be numbered. Brexit was just the first sign of the people’s open revolt against globalist elites. And as I write this, the Yellow Vest protests in France are entering their sixth month.

3. That there is an immigration crisis in Europe and the US is now being admitted even by Leftists. The crisis is being pushed by NGOs moved by hatred of the West and white people. Just last week, Breitbart reported that US Border Patrol is seeing a “dramatic increase” in the number of African migrants caught illegally crossing the US-Mexico border. Quoth Breitbart:

Border Patrol agents have apprehended over 500 individuals from the continent of Africa in the Del Rio Sector since May 30, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The migrants — most of them family units from Congo, Angola and Cameroon — are increasingly found trying to cross the Rio Grande River, exacerbating an immigration crisis primarily driven by Central Americans. . . . Border Patrol is not sure what routes these African migrants are taking to reach the U.S., but their increased presence at the U.S. southern border is further contributing to the immigration crisis.

How can one not see the hand of Soros in this? While the entire crisis – Africans and all – is extremely dangerous, it may also be the one thing that can destroy moderate liberals’ support for immigration. In “How White Liberals Will Wake up,” a highly intelligent essay published recently in The Unz Review, Patrick McDermott argues that moderate liberals will not “wake up” until they actually feel directly and personally threatened by immigration. One of several factors contributing to this will be “growing direct contact” with minorities. The extraordinary, recent spike in border crossings – a trend that will likely continue for some time – now virtually guarantees that only the wealthiest liberals will be able to completely shield themselves from the diversity they claim to celebrate.

4. We were kinda kidding when we began describing liberalism as a “mental illness.” Now it’s painfully apparent that this is literally true. The post-November 2016 triggering has been epic. And when Trump wins re-election (as he almost certainly will), expect heads to explode. Especially if Trump actually goes on to finally keep his promises in his second term.

5. What is it with these Leftists? Joe Biden just declared that “LGBTQ rights” will be his number one priority. He has also more-or-less endorsed the “Green New Deal,” which will cost $1.7 trillion if he is elected. The dim Dems keep screaming for impeachment and Nancy Pelosi may soon no longer be able to control them. Do any of these people ever stop to consider whether these are winning issues with average Americans? Are they gluttons for defeat? Idealists who’d rather lose than abandon their principles? No, it’s much weirder than that. They only read and only believe their own press. That “living in a bubble” / “echo chamber” stuff is 100% true. The Dems live in an alternate reality. Isn’t that fascinating? And isn’t it lucky for us?

6. The Left’s greatest enemy is their own lack of self-knowledge. One would have thought that Hillary’s catastrophic loss (all directly attributable to the bubble/echo chamber phenomenon) would have been an occasion for self-examination. But we should know by now that human beings, especially ideologues, will do almost anything to avoid serious introspection. This includes the people in power. For years I naïvely thought that those people were at least intelligent and prudent, even if they were bad and corrupt. Silly me. There was no need for liberals to question their beliefs or their game plan given that they knew the whole election had been stolen for Trump by Russia. The “Russia Collusion” hoax is going to go down as one of the greatest mass delusions in political history. It has altogether destroyed the credibility of vast numbers of journalists and politicians. And though it has been thoroughly debunked, still the desperate Left holds on. Just a month ago, the bitch was still claiming that the election had been “stolen” from her.

7. The Left has now moved completely away from championing the interests of working people. You can’t champion the interests of the working people of your own country and advocate unchecked migration at the same time. You can’t pretend to give a damn about the fact that our government can’t take care of the poor, homeless, and dope-addicted citizens it’s already got – and call for the open importation of migrants who will inevitably be dependent on government largesse. The real truth is that the Left has nothing but contempt for working people, especially of the white variety. They would happily see them replaced by non-white migrants, with whom they think they will seldom ever have to interact. Well, except at Pret-a-Manger. Watch this British Leftist defend immigration with that timeless question, “Who will serve us our coffee and sandwiches at Pret?” She might as well have asked “Who will empty the royal chamber pot and dance a jig when we are bored?”

Working people, who are smarter than liberal elites, see all this for what it is. US studies from shortly after the 2016 election show that working people now perceive Democrats as the “party of the rich.” Of course, it’s more complicated than that: Democrats are the party of rich-woke-college-educated-elites, the sexually odd, and the non-white lumpen proletariat. It is the complete irrelevance of the Left to the concerns of gainfully employed, average white working people that gave us Trump and Brexit. And just to prove they really do hate ordinary working people, the Left in the US now advocates the abolition of the Electoral College, which would disenfranchise millions of rural and small-town voters, and put elections under the control of a few densely-populated urban areas. If they carry through on this plan, we will see a push to partition the country and, if this is denied us, a second civil war.

8. The descent of the Left into complete and total degenerate madness. Transgender is a form of tyranny. It’s about intimidating normal, honest people into paying lip service to a lie. It’s about humiliation. It’s about training people to kowtow to outrageous falsehoods. A classic “Emperor’s New Clothes” situation: only immoral people would deny that this guy is a gal. You don’t want to be one of those bad people, do you? You want to keep your job, right? My friends, people can’t put up with bullshit like this indefinitely. The backlash has already begun. Recently, in a refreshing gesture towards sanity, USA Powerlifting banned “transgender athletes” from competition. Kiddie drag queens have arrived. As well as drag queens reading stories to children. Then there is the inevitable push to normalize pedophilia. The Left now even defends MS-13. Folks, this is way beyond Weimar Germany. And what happened to that? Remind me?

9. Leftist-controlled cities have entered into what I call “Late-Stage Liberalism.” San Francisco is now literally a shithole. Seattle is strewn with needles. When a liberal Seattleite complained to a city council member about the homeless encampment near his house, the woman replied, “What is this, Nazi Germany?” And recently we learned that bubonic plague has come to Los Angeles. Liberal cities are on the precipice. The only way to rescue them is to reject liberal policies. This is coming, though things will get far worse before they get better.

10. The triumph of Nietzsche! It has become increasingly obvious that the only way to explain the most extreme and obscene of the current Leftist follies is by means of Nietzsche’s theory of slave morality: moved by ressentiment against their betters, the weak, ugly, and defective attempt to undermine all that is strong, beautiful, noble, and healthy. The parade of freaks we’ve seen just in the last few years, wailing about their feelings, attacking everything that is decent and normal, would certainly have made Nietzsche blush. Yes, it’s quite true that liberalism is a complex phenomenon and that there are some decent and honest liberals who feel they are morally obliged to take their positions. The trouble, however, is that they get their marching orders from those much further to the Left, almost all of whom are poster children for slave morality.

This is one of the psychological oddities of liberalism: the inability of moderate liberals to really take a stand against the radical nutjobs. They are possessed, you see, by the nagging sense that those radicals represent a “purer,” more committed form of their own idealism. This is why even most moderate Leftists will hesitate before condemning Communist tyranny. They have guilty consciences. They see that the far, far Left is where their ideals would take them, if they were just consistent and hardcore enough. And they are right. Nietzsche has triumphed because today we see the quintessence of the Left laid bare as open, undisguised, flaunted slave morality. Open, undisguised, flaunted hatred of the good by the twisted and abnormal.

It is really this that I was referring to when I said earlier that we are witnessing the climax of historical processes that have been spiraling downward for more than a thousand years. It began with the importation into the West of the Jewish bacillus of Christianity. The Reformation began the process of denuding that religion of the supernatural and moving it toward a pure and simple moral fanaticism set against life and human nature. Leftism is just Protestant Christianity secularized and radicalized, made truer to its poisonous essence. And in the twisted, soy-fueled faces of today’s Leftists, the horror of the whole thing is finally unmasked: the great, yawning maw of the volcanic demon Yahweh, whose foul spirit devours healthy men and nations from the inside out. This is the horror’s final stage. This is the significance of the time we are living in.

11. Perhaps the scariest thing facing us – aside from the replacement of our people by potentially unremovable Untermenschen – is censorship. We’ve been able to make such great strides precisely because of our use of the Internet. I recently chatted with a group of conservative college students who, it turned out, were about as redpilled as your average AmRen conference attendee (two of them were even savvy on the JQ). Names like Red Ice, VDARE, Lauren Southern, Paul Joseph Watson, and Milo were bandied about. These kids came to all of this through the Internet. And now, we fear, our bully pulpit seems like it’s going to be taken from us. Conservatives – even relatively conventional ones like Milo – are being banned from social media, deplatformed, demonetized, refused PayPal accounts, refused credit card accounts, and even refused AirBNB. But the tech giants have overplayed their hand. The one-sided censorship is so outrageous, it is drawing significant media attention. Companies like CrossFit have bailed from Facebook in protest. And there are rumblings in DC about regulating these companies as public utilities . . . . To avoid this, to tamp down the criticism, and head off the launching of rival, censor-free platforms, companies like Google, YouTube, and Facebook may pull back on the censorship. Let’s hope.

12. American liberals, led by academics, are floating a new trial balloon: We have to do away with freedom of speech. Stanford University Press has just brought out a Leftist screed titled The Cult of the Constitution, with the ominous subtitle Our Deadly Devotion to Guns and Free Speech. This crap has worked in Europe (which has never had real freedom of speech anyway; not even in the UK, from which we are supposed to have inherited our “constitutional traditions”). It’s not going to work here. But it’s great that they’re trying: let them make their agenda crystal clear.

13. They’re censoring us – and shouting us down, and chasing us out of restaurants, and banning our books, and getting us fired from our jobs – because they know, at some level, that they cannot win against us in open, honest debate. Their hysterical attempts to silence us are just a concession of defeat. As a recent essay on this Website put it: “The Left has yet to realize that every time they try and censor us or punish us for our views, they make us stronger.” The truth is out and the truth is spreading. They can’t stop it now.

14. And, stepping back from the awful business of censorship for a moment, isn’t it interesting how the “central control” mode of totalitarianism has been abandoned in favor of a system in which private companies do the Left’s dirty work for them? And can defend it in the name of “free enterprise” and “property rights”? Once again, reality proves much more interesting than fiction. None of our dystopian novelists predicted this. What a terrible and terribly interesting time this is.

15. The death of the establishment media. It has been widely reported that CNN’s ratings are in freefall. This has especially been the case since Robert Mueller’s admission that there is no evidence of “Russia collusion.” But it is simply the continuation of a trend that has been in place for some time. The median age of CNN viewers is 60; that of FOX and MSNBC, 65. Viewership of the news segments of the “big three” (ABC, NBC, and CBS) is similarly geriatric. And circulation of major newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times is dwindling. The “legacy media” will probably be deader than a doornail in a generation. And much of this has to do with the fact that the bias is way too obvious: too many mainstream journalists have been exposed as activists, and no longer have any credibility. Twenty years ago, us Right wingers kept asking, “When are people going to wake up?” I’ve got news for you: they have.

16. Related point: the alternative media now reigns supreme. And all the energy is on the Right. As we all know, the Left cannot even meme.

17. Criticism of Israel and Jewish influence is becoming more open, more frequent, and widely reported. This is thanks primarily to Leftists like Ilhan Omar and Jill Stein. This is a win-win situation for us. The word gets out (even if reported with the usual handwringing and accusations of “anti-Semitism”), and at least gears in some heads begin to turn. And less Jewish money will get dumped into Leftist coffers. It’s also great that some parts of the US are passing laws criminalizing criticism of Israel – laws which will not hold up to challenge in higher courts. It’s a great way to get people thinking.

18. The “Russia Collusion” delusion is nothing compared to “global warming” hysteria, which grips the entire West. Recently, no less an environmental maven than Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore declared, in an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight, that global warming is essentially a fraud. Moore stated that governments are pushing the global warming narrative (recently rebranded as “climate change”) in order to “further centralize political power and control”:

The green politicians . . . are buying scientists with government money to produce fear for them in the form of scientific-looking materials. And then you’ve got the green businesses, the rent-seekers, and the crony capitalists who are taking advantage of massive subsidies, huge tax write-offs, and government mandates requiring their technologies to make a fortune on this. And then, of course, you’ve got the scientists who are . . . basically hooked on government grants.

Famously, none of the dire predictions made by climate change hysterics has come true. New York City was supposed to be underwater by summer 2015. Just recently, Glacier National Park in Montana began quietly removing its “Gone by 2020” signs. The Doomsday date has been revised to 2050. As others have pointed out, “climate change” is essentially a millenarian religious cult which keeps changing the date of the apocalypse. The fraud is becoming increasingly obvious, and this will have the useful effect of further eroding the people’s trust in government, in academia, and in anything about which there is a “consensus” of authorities.

19. The death of academia. Declining birthrates, soaring costs, and growing skepticism about the value of a university education mean that enrollments are dwindling. In a trend expected to continue, smaller colleges and universities around the US have been closing. And in certain fields, the number of majors is rapidly declining. Among the hardest hit are English, History, German, and Sociology. Academics like to attribute these diminishing numbers to the vulgarity of American culture. But surely much of the reason students no longer flock to these majors, and employers no longer value them, is that they have become rancidly politicized. The disappearance of certain fields of study is a tragedy, but the truth is that PC academics gutted them years ago. As a society, we will be better off with fewer colleges, and fewer professors in the humanities and social sciences.

20. A related point: It looks like philosophy, music, poetry, painting, sculpture, drama, film (for the most part), and the novel are pretty much dead. Yes, now and then we find some good work. The composers who are any good (e.g., Ennio Morricone, Arvo Pärt) are all very old. I can’t even name any of today’s poets, painters, sculptors, or dramatists. The best filmmakers (e.g., Martin Scorsese, David Lynch) are all old men. I do like Christopher Nolan’s films (he turns 49 in July). Are there any important novelists? I admire Tito Perdue’s works, but he’s not widely read. And is anything of any consequence at all being done in philosophy these days? Mediocrities like Sartre and Camus now seem like giants compared to the microorganisms that pass for philosophers today, none of whom I can name.

So, why is this a good thing? Because, again, we stand on the threshold. One of the reasons for the mediocrity (worse than that, really) in the humanities and the arts is, of course, the stranglehold of political correctness. Poetry and fiction must now be “relevant” – celebrating women, minorities, the transgendered, gays, furries, the homeless, dope-addicted dwarfs, crippled lesbians. Philosophy must be “feminist philosophy,” “Latino/Latina philosophy,” “philosophy of race,” “post-colonial philosophy,” “African philosophy,” or, heaven help us, “Africana philosophy.” In music and the arts, we see a real slave revolt. Beauty and harmony are passé. Ugliness reigns supreme. Truly, as Paul Joseph Watson has put it, modern art is crap. I can promise you, however, that this will not last. And I am 100% certain of this. The reason is that people need philosophy and the arts. They need them like they need food, air, and water – just not as urgently. The stranglehold of PC ideology cannot last, because no ideology set against life and reality can last. What will the new forms and movements of art and philosophy be? No one can possibly say. Again, we are moving through a time in which certain historical forces that have held sway for centuries now seem to be playing themselves out. Freed of this yoke, what will we do? The possibilities are endless.

You must understand one thing: We are not conservatives. I may speak that way sometimes when I get lazy. And sometimes it seems appropriate, since what we advocate is, in many ways, a revival of certain forms and truths that have been undermined or forgotten. But these will not reassert themselves in the exact same ways they did in the past. My aim is not to return to some earlier period in history. My aim is to unplug history and plug it back in again. It would be closer to the mark for me to call myself an archeo-futurist. I am certainly a revolutionary. To be a witness to these times is an extraordinary privilege. To act as a revolutionary, to influence the times, to do something, anything, to accelerate the process – I can conceive of nothing more important and meaningful than this. There is no earlier time period in which I could have lived a more exciting and meaningful life.

So stop your whining and embrace the fact that you live on the edge – that your whole damn culture is on the edge. This makes life sweeter – at least for certain sorts of souls. We live on the edge and risk ourselves fighting vile and corrupt, but still-powerful, enemies. We do not do this so that our descendants can live without risk. That’s one of the ideals that has produced the Last Mannish world in which we now live. No, we fight this fight so that our descendants might take undreamed-of risks, in the full knowledge of who they are, and in full possession of their homelands and heritage. And we fight this fight joyously. Cheerfully, we stare decadence in the face, as we sharpen our scythes.

How would we live otherwise? We imagine we’d like to live in the world we claim to be fighting for. Basically, this would be a world in which the yoke of liberal egalitarianism and anti-white hatred has been thrown off; a world in which white homelands have been reclaimed and multiculturalism is dead; a world in which all peoples are “nationalist” – all put their own people and culture first. But, like Moses, it may not be our destiny to see this Promised Land. Our role is to clear a path to it. And if we actually arrived there, we’d probably be like the washed-up superheroes in Watchmen: fat, bored, and unappreciated.

Embrace the present. Embrace the fact that you are a world-historical individual. And behave accordingly.


  1. C.
    Posted June 7, 2019 at 6:19 pm | Permalink

    So many interesting, engaging and hopeful points brought together here; thoroughly enjoyed.

    Indeed, it’s a wonderful and fascinating time to be alive.

  2. Lord Shang
    Posted June 7, 2019 at 7:13 pm | Permalink

    “9. Leftist-controlled cities have entered into what I call “Late-Stage Liberalism.” San Francisco is now literally a shithole. Seattle is strewn with needles. When a liberal Seattleite complained to a city council member about the homeless encampment near his house, the woman replied “What is this, Nazi Germany?” And recently we learned that bubonic plague has come to Los Angeles. Liberal cities are on the precipice. The only way to rescue them is to reject liberal policies. This is coming, though things will get far worse before they get better.”

    Living in one of those cities, I don’t see TOTAL Collapse any time soon. A lot of people here are doing innovative things and making a lot of money. I agree about the insanity of liberalism, of course. I also agree that trends have a way, at least in America, of unfolding according to their own inner logic. Thus, old style Christians were correct in their denunciations of the Sexual Revolution, that it inevitably would lead to civilizational moral decay and maybe collapse (we are in the “middle-decay” phase, imo); indeed, their instincts to oppose even “satanic” rock & roll were probably correct, too. The natural totalitarianism of the Left, combined with the immaturity of modernity and the breakdown of social and authoritarian and martial barriers to disorder (eg, in the good ol’ days, a bunch of antifa terrorists or minority hooligans would have just been shot in the streets by the solid citizenry, no biggie, no inquest, move along …), are leading to ever more leftist violent hysterics when these new Red Guards don’t get their whole way, right now. Things will get worse as a matter of natural course.

    But in America action often breeds countervailing reaction. Ever more people in LA and SF, not all of them white Republicans like me, are getting PO’d at the bums and feces, etc. Right now, the emphasis is on – what else? – spending more tax money on “social{ist} programs”. But when I attend public meetings and voice support for taking a harder law enforcement line against the bums, I now get applauded about as much as booed.

    My point is what it has been since long before C-C was inaugurated: all civilizational trends are negative, and America not just “as we knew it” (for those over 50), but even as a future bastion of First World civility and prosperity, is dead and buried. Only White ingathering and eventual ethnostatist secession can preserve something of George Washington’s nation.

    But that does not mean that the Dystopian Apocalypse is arriving next year (even if Trump loses). Not every moron who votes Democrat is a communist or terrorist or street savage (I know many Democrat voters who are none of those things). Not every selfish Ayn Randian is altogether indifferent to declining civility. Not every Christ Firster sees Jesus in every itinerant colonist. Not every Third World immigrant is a welfare parasite.

    “There is much ruin in a [great] nation, ” Adam Smith is alleged to have said. Certainly that applies to the USA, even on the Left Coast. As things get worse, more people will move to the Right, esp the law+order Right, and this will slow down the decline. It’s happened before. Mr. Costello might well reach a ripe old age before the total collapse happens.

    • Traddles
      Posted June 8, 2019 at 7:34 am | Permalink

      Well said, Lord S. And as Roger Scruton and Douglas Murray recently discussed, there are strains of healthy conservatism amongst people who follow ideals of both the economic Right and Left, which can coexist or be blended for the good of the community. The recent upsurge of the Brexit Party in Britain is a good example….

      And I disagree with many on the Alt-Right about the Enlightenment and classical liberalism. Rather than seeing our decline and downfall strictly in those philosophies, I see it coming more from the radical movements that developed amongst eastern European Jews and other continental Europeans, especially in the late-19th Century onwards. The Enlightenment seems to have had at least two significant branches: a more empirical, moderate one which was able to embrace tradition, versus a more radical, theoretical one that encouraged the excesses of the French Revolution and afterwards. I still insist on the value of the former, empirical branch, of which the American Founders were a part.

      • Digital Samizdat
        Posted June 9, 2019 at 6:32 pm | Permalink

        Quite right. There were really two separate Enlightenments that occurred in quick succession: a scientific one, based on the principles of empiricism; and then a social-political one, based on wishful thinking. The former–while not wholly unproblematic–has some genuine achievement to its name, while the latter has been an utter disaster from start to finish. I believe we’re now living in the end game of the social-political Enlightenment. Let’s hope that something of the scientific one survives it.

      • Lord Shang
        Posted June 9, 2019 at 8:36 pm | Permalink

        Thank you Traddles, and I agree that a tighter distinction needs to be kept in mind, esp by serious rightists, between the Anglo-Scottish moderate Enlightenment, and the Spinozistic/Jacobin ‘radical’ egalitarian one. Today’s disgusting progtards all derive from the latter, abetted and exaggerated by (((socialism))) and Jewish ethnocentric radicalism (itself originally expressed as support for, first, classical liberalism, which was not without some merit, but then later and more significantly, socialism, followed by immigrationism/cosmopolitanism, and now today, every antiwhite and anti-Christian and anti-American ideology imaginable).

        While I condemn unreservedly the values of the Radical Enlightenment, I remain undecided about the more moderate Anglo-American one. As a psychological as well as genealogical “old-stock” American, I cannot help but find much in Smith, Burke, Adams, Jefferson, The Federalist Papers, etc, in both the classical conservative and liberal traditions, resonant and admirable (and much in fascism and Nazism objectionable). Limited Constitutional government; the impartial rule of law; individual liberty; inviolable private property rights; the free enterprise economy: these are some of the foundation stones of the massive successes of Anglo-American modernity. Alt-rightist denigrations of these principles in the name of White preservation (or worse: a desire for White men to avail themselves of lots of “free stuff”, like the minorities) are misplaced. These principles are philosophically, and long were historically, perfectly compatible with White preservation, traditional families, and Western Civ. It was 20th century Jewish undermining of the intellectual and institutional supports of race and religion which has sent the white race careening off into self-destructive policies.

        But the principles which originated with our race and ethnic group had much inherent value. Today, they simply need to be augmented by a new sociobiological realism.

  3. Jej
    Posted June 7, 2019 at 9:03 pm | Permalink

    Not feeling too whitepilled, honestly.

    It’s not you, it’s me.

  4. Alex
    Posted June 8, 2019 at 4:07 am | Permalink

    I agree with the tone of this essay. However, I believe Mr. Costello is incorrect in his belief that Trump will be re-elected due to one word- Florida. He can’t win without Florida and now that since the last election 1mm felons can vote, at least 200k retiring Northeast boomer liberals have moved to the state and the Puerto Rican invasion after the hurricane from a few years ago ( I was in Orlando recently and it seems that there are more Puerto Rican’s there than in Puerto Rico) I believe he has very little chance of being re-elected.

    • BenjaminTheThelemite
      Posted June 8, 2019 at 10:06 am | Permalink

      I’m not gonna loose any sleep over Trump getting re-elected vs loosing.

      Will probably vote for whoever the Constitution Party nominates.

      The best thing Trump did was show us that top-down solutions aren’t real solutions, and for that as well as not starting WWIII over Syria, I don’t regret my 2016 vote for him.

      But things are far past the point of solving within the system and whether we feel the full brunt of accellerationism come January of 2021 of January of 2025 ultimately makes no real difference

  5. Traddles
    Posted June 8, 2019 at 5:42 am | Permalink

    A sorely needed corrective to the pessimism that plagues us. Thank you, Mr. Costello.

    As a lover of the Humanities, I was especially heartened by your assertion that “people need philosophy and the arts….The stranglehold of PC ideology cannot last, because no ideology set against life and reality can last.” I’ve known this in my heart, but the complete and strident domination by PC has made me forget it sometimes.

    And while you’re right to be optimistic about this in particular, I’ve long thought and still think that we should collect copies of the treasures of West Civilization, such as Shakespeare and Michelangelo and Mozart, and secretly bury them in waterproof, bug-proof boxes, in hopes that some future archaeologist will dig them up. We can’t rely on libraries and museums to preserve our cultural treasures. Libraries and museums have been badly corrupted by PC just like every other institution. It’s up to us to preserve what was good.

    Free speech and freedom of thought are also vital for me, so the recent onslaught of censorship has been especially concerning. I’m glad that you believe that “The truth is out and the truth is spreading. They can’t stop it now.” I would be interested in an elaboration of this assertion.

  6. WASP
    Posted June 8, 2019 at 2:13 pm | Permalink

    Why, why, why did you have to include the last paragraph of point number 10? Everything else is gold, but those few wrong lines ruin everything, at least for most Americans.

    • Jef Costello
      Posted June 8, 2019 at 5:42 pm | Permalink

      Thanks for the compliment. But it doesn’t matter to me what most Americans think about Christianity. We have to wake up to the fact that that religion is the source of all the Leftist poison.

      • Lyle Bright
        Posted June 9, 2019 at 5:33 pm | Permalink

        Wonderful piece I must say. The last paragraph of point #10 would need in my view to be better thought through. It is not that I disagree that ‘hyper-liberalism’ is a distortion of Christian ethics with perhaps some great degree of its emotionalism. Modern Hyper-Liberalism is a bizarre non-metaphysical perversion of Christianity.

        Yet I would say that when one studies historical Christianity, and also ‘the great chain of being’, and Thomist thinking, that a rigorous Christian position is compatible with the tenets of this movement — our movement — as it develops. I also think it wise to keep it in mind that there are many many Christians in Europe and America and it did seem to me that your critique of Christianity was excessive (though I assume you said it in good faith and honestly) and potentially alienating.

        The other aspect of this, for me in any case, is that I do not think the essence of Christian belief is really as Judaic as you assume. Christianity was born out of a radical refusal of Judaic norms. It is at its essence antagonistic to Judaism. I think E Michael Jones clarifies this. It rapidly developed an idea-base of its own as it passed through Greece. Christian theology is not Judaism in disguise. However, modern Protestant ‘Christian Zionists’ are definitely, in my view, a significant problem. (My own studies are in the Catholic theological domain).

        In any case, there you have my two cents. It would be interesting if someone were to explore the antagonism between those who hold your position (Nietzscheanesque perhaps) and adamant Christians who are strongly exposed to hyper-liberal distortions and decadence, long the lines of the Legionnaires . . .

      • BroncoColorado
        Posted June 11, 2019 at 3:20 am | Permalink

        The Litmus Test for the Christian churches is this; do any of them in their official capacity or even individual pastors support the preservation European peoples within their historical homelands? They do not.

      • Bartolo
        Posted June 16, 2019 at 6:19 am | Permalink

        Maybe we have to. But the question is: do we have to do it NOW? This is the reason the Left keeps winning. They have no problem lying and obfuscating and being Machiavellian. We have a serious case of I’m-gonna-tell-you-all-the-truth-right-now-and-if-you–don’t-like-it-fuck-you. Losing strategy.

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Posted June 22, 2019 at 9:24 pm | Permalink

        We may wake up to the poison of Christianity but if we are expecting the people we need to join us to wake up to it, Jerusalem, not Athens. will rule the world. We have to get like dialectical about this. I am fascinated by what might be done with interpretations/interpolations of the New Testament isolated from the Hebrew Bible.

  7. Mitch
    Posted June 8, 2019 at 3:02 pm | Permalink

    Great piece. Thank you for describing the feelings a lot of people are having. And that I have every day. I’ve worked in media/entertainment my whole life and though I felt fulfilled to some degree, I always had the nagging thought: if only I was born in a different time. Like when writing could really affect things and help people. And what do you know. That time has arrived.

    • Jef Costello
      Posted June 8, 2019 at 5:39 pm | Permalink

      Thank you! What a great response.

  8. Oldtradesman
    Posted June 8, 2019 at 8:16 pm | Permalink

    Re: 10. Western Christian morality (What Would Jesus Do?) is the secular Left’s Platinum Rule: Do unto others (jews and POCs) as they want you to do. Forget about reciprocity. Forget about extending these ethics to the white underclass, for they are nothing more than “privileged scum” (unless they serve the Left). The Platinum Rule is why we see white leftists begging black forgiveness for slavery and pastors obsequiously greeting blacks and interracial couples at the door of urban churches throughout the country.

    Fun article. I’m happy the author is excited. My excitement is subdued. Europe won’t be free until we are free. There is no voting our way out of this.

  9. Walter
    Posted June 8, 2019 at 10:02 pm | Permalink

    It is thoroughly enjoyable to read this piece by Mr. Costello. It is like suddenly seeing little of the tunnel and instead an enormous light at the end of it.
    Above all we need hope to keep up during the gloom of these times.
    We are indeed standing at the threshold of a new age. The only certainty is the passing of the travesty of the current hyper madness that is whipping the world into impossible contortions. We don’t know what will come but it will be reset towards that which is normal, and Genderism, Uglyism, Pseudo-Intellectualism (as in much of the current irrelevant university output) and the Nanny State will have their Cannae.
    One particular gem of a formulation I will keep:
    Reformation (and hence protestantism) as moving religion toward a pure and simple moral fanaticism set against life and human nature.
    That’s something I thought about often but never put could it in such succinct and sharp words.

  10. Digital Samizdat
    Posted June 9, 2019 at 6:36 pm | Permalink

    Leftism is just Protestant Christianity secularized and radicalized, made truer to its poisonous essence. And in the twisted, soy-fueled faces of today’s Leftists, the horror of the whole thing is finally unmasked: the great, yawning maw of the volcanic demon Yahweh, whose foul spirit devours healthy men and nations from the inside out.

    For those who basically agree with this diagnosis, yet still hope that something of Christianity might be salvageable, should check an excellent article by Laurent Guyénot recently published over at Unz: “Zionism, Crypto-Judaism, and the Biblical Hoax.”

    Spoiler: the gnostics may have been on to something after all.

  11. Lord Shang
    Posted June 10, 2019 at 3:33 am | Permalink

    “We have to wake up to the fact that that religion is the source of all the Leftist poison.”

    When you’re in a hole, first stop digging. Most would argue that all leftist poison has derived from non-Christians and those who came to reject Christianity. Montaigne, Sade, Rousseau, Comte, Marx, Freud, Dewey, Russell, Adorno, Sartre, Derrida, etc, to name a tiny few – how many of the leftists and liberals who brought us to this impasse were NOT Christians (either due to birth or rejection)!

    Costello has a good feeling for American political reality, but his (and much of the European and North American New Right’s) understanding of the real tenets of Christianity and their authentic political implications is woefully inadequate.

  12. Otar
    Posted June 11, 2019 at 5:38 am | Permalink

    Bravo! Sir, Bravo!

  13. DissesMyIsland
    Posted June 11, 2019 at 12:25 pm | Permalink

    Thank you Jef, for putting into words the various related thoughts and feelings I’ve recently also come to.

    I came to CC from CH, which began by embodying the ethos of “sitting poolside and enjoying the decline”, only to evolve into the exact opposite as the degeneracy truly started to take hold and Roissy, and many of his disciples, started becoming righteously angry.

    I evolved from a young man afraid to start a family in troubling times into a grown man excited about the possibility of being deeply involved in creating/recreating a world in which I actually want to raise one.

    Thanks to all the wonderful writers here at CC who are doing your part to use your talents with the pen to create that world.

    I, for my part, will exercise my unique talents to effect the same end


  14. A.B.
    Posted June 13, 2019 at 9:31 pm | Permalink

    Any links on the situation below? I can’t find anything.

    ‘This last point was brought home to me in a major way last month when Greg Johnson was detained on arriving in the US to attend the AmRen conference. He was questioned by US government officials who refused to even give the name of the agency they worked for. A US citizen detained on re-entering the US; interrogated regarding his political views. That’s what things have come to. So thunderstruck was I by this turn of events, the most articulate thing I could manage to say to Greg was “Things have really gotten real.” But that actually does sum up the current situation.’

  15. Posted June 14, 2019 at 8:24 am | Permalink

    One of the more prescient pieces I’ve read emanating from the Dark Enlightenment. I read many of my own, independently arrived at conclusions in there. Total field, context awareness is a requirement for any war winning strategy. We must not create the analog of the leftist bubble. In this regard let me offer a course correction:

    1) Defenestrate any notion of the importance of racial profiling. There are differences in racial intelligence but they are too minor to make a big deal out of and must admit that Ashkenazi Jews have tested smarter than the rest. Claiming whiteness itself as a virtue is as idiot as claiming skull shape or body configuration as determinate of a civilization’s right to survive.

    2) Dump that Hitler jackass off the train. He personally is to blame for the loss of an entire generation of tall, blond, blue-eyed Aryan youth. The roots of the NSDAP sucked offal from the septic swamp of the occult. His well known and often discussed strategic blunders are the topic of a cosmic sarcasm and cannot be rationalized today by any but the insane. I will not fight alongside the insane.

    3) Set fire to Social Darwinism. If the left lives in a threadbare, passe ideological bubble generated in 1848, how is a similar bubble created 30 years earlier, when the Age of Steam was but a wet dream, going to to be any fresher? Survival of the fittest is an obsolete, SCARCITY derived Malthusian diktat. In a technology driven SURPLUS derived instantaneously electronically connected civilization, survival of the SMARTEST is gonna out Darwin the Darwinists. If you think that leftist acquisition of control of the media, academia and youth culture was the result of stupidity, then at least have the intellectual integrity to conclude that the stupidity was OURS. But they have shot their wad, and now we begin to understand that what doesn’t kill us makes us smarter. What sort of strength that confers upon us depends on how my points #1, #2 and #3 play out.

    As a function of the laws of human venality, intelligence decays is what I’m saying and some effort should be devoted to the sorts of analysis that will mitigate that decay. In that regard let me encourage the utter destruction of all ideology, religion and philosophy and leave remaining only fact devoid of interpretation. Either that or Artificial Intelligence will do the job for us.

    • Posted June 15, 2019 at 6:46 am | Permalink

      1) No one claims whiteness is a virtue. You are mixing up categories. Whiteness is the biological part of our identity and as such must also be defended. It also just so happens to be intimately related to culture. Gone the race, gone the culture. Do you expect the Yoruba to become the champions of Japanese culture? Please, what are you, a civnat Proud Boy?
      2) I agree on this one. Please, guys, drop the Hitler crap. Every single one of our ideas can stand on its own without any reference to Hitler, which will only scare potential proselytes. And could we not use the word “Untermensch”? For f**** sake. This would not be cucking. This would be winning through smart strategy.
      3) A degree of social Darwinism is necessary, but yes, this scares people. No-one wants to have his children cast out of society when they get sick.

    • Zed
      Posted June 19, 2019 at 2:13 am | Permalink

      You Sir, are a phenomenon in your own right.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Posted June 22, 2019 at 9:37 pm | Permalink

      Hitler was no “jackass” It is easy to Monday morning quarter back him but he took on the great Anglo Judeo capitalist-communist conspiracy and made some ground for awhile.
      Ever since no one has put a dent in it. Now I am not up for “Nazi” salutes or regalia but it is important that our people understand what a colossally corrupt historiography of WW 2 (or 1) and Germany we have been handed, who is responsible for it and what its very wide ranging effects have been.

      • Walter Alter
        Posted June 23, 2019 at 10:39 am | Permalink

        Hitler’s resistance to Marxism, predatory banking policies and the overthrow of the crippling war reparations was possibly an historical necessity, but that same history shows us up front a rather largish defeat for the German people. Until it is understood how that battle was lost, how can any sort of victory be expected? The points I listed above are an attempt to address that blindness.

        Above, I call for the destruction of ideology. Why? Because, simply put, ideology is fixated knowledge leading to fixated strategy. Meanwhile the non-fixated approach of a Skorzeny or Dietrich, the direct problem solving available to a mind that possesses good terrain maps and original thinking- tactical skirmish thinking as done by platoon and squad leaders, made them successful.

        The conditions that led to Hitler’s rise were conditions of appeasement. ANY decisive leader could have worked that European intellectual cowardice and war weariness like a 3 card monte game. Herr Hitler brought some psychological and ideological baggage along that resulted in disastrous decision making. Meanwhile, Dr. Morrel’s daily amphetamine cocktail injections resulted in a paranoid obstinacy with a subsequent loss of German life and productive capacity that caused his own generals, specifically one of his best generals, to mount more than one assassination attempt. This fact alone should alarm anyone who knows the history behind the history. You don’t want to be hypnotized by personality because too many unknowns that erupt under pressure. We do not have human psychology mapped well enough to trust it. Bad mapping will lose every battle every time.

        Anyhow, we are no longer playing on the same Malthusian, social Darwinist game board. We are in the surplus-created cyber age. Top down hierarchical command and control structures are a liability when info can travel laterally at the speed of light and ideas can instantaneously reflect changes in data rather than slavishly follow old precedents, the sorts of precedents that led to defeat. As I mentioned above, the left controls the media, academia and youth culture (the future). All I want to know is the nature of the cause of that reality in functional terms.

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Posted June 23, 2019 at 6:01 pm | Permalink

          I’m not sure I understand half of what you just said. Perhaps that is my fault.
          But I will repeat. Hitler was no “jackass” I’m not looking for a new Hitler -not literally anyway –
          but I can see that his enemies – whom he did knock off schedule – are now virtually ruling the West.
          So far we haven’t done much about it. We have been stuck in our own Wiemar for at least 50 years whereas Hitler and his boys got Germany out of theirs in less than a generation. Our future historians should be taking a good critical-empirical look at Hitler and the forces he tried to deal with. They won’t be inspired to do so if we dismiss Hitler as a donkey

  16. Achilles Wannabe
    Posted June 22, 2019 at 10:01 pm | Permalink

    Folks, this is way beyond Weimar Germany.

    Excellent essay especially considering the range of points covered. But I do like the Weimar analogy.
    I’m new at this Dissident Right thing. For so long I was stuck in that neo liberal Zionist morass. I could sort of see what was going on but I was missing The Elephant without which no intellectually liberating analysis can be achieved no natter what they say at AmRen. Now I get up every day feeling liberated from my own ignorance. I feel as if I have a new rai·son d’ê·tre Win or lose, I will Know My Enemy. Life is exciting again

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