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The Continuation of the World Wars by Other Means

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US prosecutor Robert Jackson and Russian assistant prosecutor General Uri Pokrovsky at the Nuremberg trials.

In the words of Robert Jackson, the chief American prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials, “We want to prove to Germany and to the world that the Nazi regime was as wicked and as criminal as we have always maintained.”

It will be shown here that the death the Allies rained down upon Germany during the Second World War, and the endless lies, insults, and genocidal levels of Third World immigration that Germany and the entire white world have suffered ever since, constitute one and the same attack. The propaganda lies employed to justify the war and the war itself were likewise identical.

There was nothing new here: in the First World War, the Allies, principally Britain and France, had attacked Germany not only with weapons but also with disgraceful and baseless lies: one notable example was the unfounded allegation that German soldiers had committed atrocities in Belgium, such as cutting off the hands of children. These were lies which the British government was later forced to admit to and formally apologize for.

This war was shortly followed by the even more bloody and destructive Second World War. Both wars were launched by the British Establishment; it was the British government which declared war on Germany in 1914, and again it was the British that declared war on Germany in 1939. Both wars were justified by the British Establishment through the use of atrocity propaganda, accusing the Germans of being monsters guilty of every imaginable crime, but without offering any proof.

The Nuremberg trials which followed the war were a cynical exercise in power politics. The procedural basis for this trial of the vanquished was drawn up by the victors and laid down in the London Agreement of August 1945. Millions had been killed and millions more were starving and homeless, and even the victorious nations were heavily damaged and bankrupt. It was under these conditions that the Allies set about establishing the political, legal, and moral framework for the post-1945 order that was to be imposed upon Europe: a political settlement which the United States and the Soviet Union in particular intended should last for a long time. The purpose of the Nuremberg trials was precisely to supply the legal and moral justification both for the war that the Allies had launched and for the “peace” that they intended to impose on Europe. (Note that the term “Europe” here includes Great Britain, since Britain’s fate was intimately bound up with the fate of the Continent.)

The Nuremberg trials were condemned at the time, and with very good reason as we shall see, by honorable and high-ranking American jurists and politicians. The Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, Harlan F. Stone, condemned the trials as a “lynching party,” and US Senator Robert Taft likewise called them a “perversion of justice” and said that America’s participation constituted a blot upon its honor. Taft predicted that in years to come, Europeans would condemn the United States for its role.

Why were these leading Americans moved to condemn the trial? In their attempt to “prove” their case against the defeated Germans, the Allies, cynically abusing the near-total power that they had attained over Germany at the war’s end, gave themselves rules and procedures as per the London Agreement that made a mockery of standard Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence as practiced in the US and Great Britain. In particular, consider articles 19 and 21:

Article 19: The court is not bound by the usual rules of evidence. The process shall be speedy and not be particularly formal; and the court will permit any piece of proof that it deems expedient.

Article 21: The court will not demand proof of generally known facts; this includes official documents and reports produced by any of the governments of the four victor powers.

In a nutshell, they were proclaiming that the law is what we say it is; and the truth is what we say it is.

To the disgrace of those who willingly participated in this perversion of justice, torture was employed by the western Allies (to say nothing of the Soviet Union) in order to obtain “proof” of alleged German atrocities. The most notorious of the “findings” of the Nuremberg trials was that the Germans had murdered millions of Jews at Auschwitz. This claim was first made by the Soviet government a few days after the capture of the Auschwitz camp by the Red Army in early 1945. These mass-murder claims were quickly bolstered by the British. A special unit of the British army had located Auschwitz’s former camp commandant, Rudolf Höss, and then set about torturing him, almost to the point of death, whereupon he signed a statement demanded of him which claimed that he had murdered millions of Jews at Auschwitz. The facts of the capture and torture of Rudolf Höss have been given by the British investigator, Rupert Butler, in his book Legions of Death, wherein he records his interviews with the men of the unit who had arrested Höss.

Articles 19 and 21 permitted this confession to be admitted as evidence, and thus “proved” the Allies’ case. Of course, in a proper court of law as conducted by civilized people, confessions obtained under duress have no probative value. We now know as a matter of fact that the allegation that the Germans murdered millions of Jews during the Second World War is without any foundation. This was confirmed when the world-recognized expert on the “Holocaust,” Professor Raul Hilberg of the University of Vermont, stated under oath as an expert witness at a trial in Toronto, Canada in 1985 that there was no factual, scientific, or forensic evidence to substantiate the existence of gas chambers allegedly used to kill Jews.

These sinister lies promulgated by the Allies at Nuremberg hang like a black cloud over the peoples of Europe. To this day, these lies are enforced by law in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, and elsewhere in Europe. The post-war political regime imposed by the Allies is still in place. All contemporary European politicians, including British politicians, completely endorse the wicked lies of the Nuremberg lynch mob; they endorse the lie that the Second World War was the “good war”; and they endorse the lie that the Germans, and by extension all Europeans, indeed all white men and women, are monsters capable of every crime imaginable.

The two World Wars and the lies used to justify them, as well as the perversion of justice enacted at Nuremberg, constitutes one and the same attack on Europe and its peoples. Lies were promulgated to promote the wars, and when they were over, the Nuremberg trials set these lies in concrete, rendering them beyond all question. To paraphrase John 8:44, the Allies were murderers from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there was no truth in them.

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  1. dolph
    Posted May 3, 2017 at 12:59 am | Permalink

    Remember that Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, breaking his pact without warning, and when faced with near collapse, the Russians fought back with a desperation. The only thing which actually saved the early Soviet Union was this war.
    Hitler also declared war on America. Now, whatever one thinks of America in the present time, the America at that time simply wasn’t going to put up with that. White Americans were going to bomb and invade Germany.

    The above is also historical fact. It is also correct to say that, in Hitler’s own ideology, we should forget about Nazism because they lost, and what matters is only who wins.

    • Posted May 3, 2017 at 5:03 am | Permalink

      Hitler declared war on the US to honor his treaty with Japan. FDR maneuvered Japan into an attack on Pearl thus provoking a declaration of war by the US against Japan. The Japanese foolishly took the bait FDR put out for them.

      Prior to Pearl, the US cut off oil and other resources to Japan. Because of these sanctions Japan needed the oil in the Dutch East Indies. The US Navy was it their path as was the US possessions of Guam and the Philippines, hence the Pearl attack to remove the US Navy from the Pacific for a few years. FDR by his trickery coupled with Japan’s stupidity, saved Joe Stalin, FDR’s buddy. Joe Stalin was looking at a devastating two front war, one in the west with Hitler and one in the east with Japan. By provoking Japan, FDR took the pressure off his communist pal concerning an eastern front.

      Hitler declared war on the US because the US had already declared defacto war on Germany. The German Army was well aware that they were fighting the Russians (not the Soviets) who were being armed by FDR. This in effect was a US violation of neutrality and an act of war on Germany.

      Hitler declared war on the US to scare away American involvement in Europe and to give his U-Boats freedom to sink re-supply ships in the Atlantic. At the time, Russia was ‘on the ropes’ and on the verge of suing for peace. Hitler was aware that US intervention in Europe without the Russians was unlikely since British military incompetence coupled with US military incompetence could not withstand the full force of a feed up Battle hardened German Army. Had Hitler listened to his generals, Russia likely would have been defeated.

      Hitler invaded Russia because of Russian treachery. His spies related that the Russian Army was massing for a drive into Romania to cut off Germany’s oil supplies and thus strangle Hitler’s Germany. Remember too that Hitler was a mortal enemy to the Communist and the reverse also. Hitler removed the communist from political power in Germany.

      It was French and British foolishness that restarted the war in western Europe in 1939. They both gave war guarantees to Poland in the negotiations with Hitler over the port city of Danzig. Because of these guarantees, Poland refused to negotiate in faith with Hitler. He invaded. Both France and Britain declared war on Germany FIRST.

      As far National Socialism, Paris was a peaceful city under German rule. Look at it now. Rape of French women by German soldiers was punishable by hanging.

      A good primer on the war and US and British foolishness is Pat Buchanan’s book ‘Churchill, Hitler and The Unnecessary War’.

      • mike k
        Posted May 7, 2017 at 7:05 pm | Permalink

        The Bolsheviks.

        not ‘the Russians.’

    • Matthias
      Posted May 3, 2017 at 8:38 am | Permalink

      “Remember that Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, breaking his pact without warning, and when faced with near collapse, the Russians fought back with a desperation. […]”
      Half-truth. Hitler preempted Stalin by a hair’s breadth. The extreme concentration of military assets at the western border made possible the inicial German successes in the first place.

      “The only thing which actually saved the early Soviet Union was this war.”
      Indeed, a shame that this murderous and genocidal regime could not be nipped in the bud.

      “Hitler also declared war on America. Now, whatever one thinks of America in the present time, the America at that time simply wasn’t going to put up with that. ”
      Very superficial view. The US were part of the war from the very beginning, supporting England and the Sowiet Union with huge amounts of money, material and volunteers. Hitler’s declaration of war only formalized what was already happening since 1914, i.e. a 30-years long war against Germany.

      “The above is also historical fact. It is also correct to say that, in Hitler’s own ideology, we should forget about Nazism because they lost, and what matters is only who wins.”
      That’s the for-dummies view, but it’s true that Hitler put great emphasis on the theme of eternal struggle and seems to have turned quite depressed towards the end of the war.

    • John Mortl
      Posted May 4, 2017 at 1:16 pm | Permalink

      There is a school of thought that argues that the Soviets were on the verge of attacking the Germans and Hitler beat them to the punch with a pre-emptive strike just as they had prevented the British from successfully invading Norway by getting there just ahead of them. The Soviets had massed a huge military force in attack positions just behind the border. The reason the Germans were able to round up overwhelming numbers of POWs was because they were in unprotected attack positions and not in what would normally be defensive positions.
      Sources (1) Icebreaker: by the Russian Jew Bogden Rosen, under the pseudonym Viktor Suvorov.
      (2) Deathride: by John Mosier. (3) Stalin’s War of Extermination: by Joachim Hoffmann. (4) Stalin’s War: by Ernst Topitsch. (5) Stalin’s Role in the Coming of World War II: R. C. Raack, World Affairs Vol. 159 #2

  2. Richard Edmonds
    Posted May 3, 2017 at 7:04 am | Permalink

    The Second World War was clearly a continuation of the First: with the same countries both times combining against Germany: Great Britain, France, the United States of America and Russia / the Soviet Union.

    And both times, 1914 and 1939, it was the British government which declared on Germany. The British Establishment has never given us a justification for its launching the first bloody conflict; and all that we ever hear as a justification for the Second World War, is the Allies’ self-serving and unfounded lying propaganda that the Germans are monsters who murdered millions of Jews.

    To this day the Allies’ perversion of Justice enacted at Nuremberg supplies the moral, political and social bedrock of the post 1945 political order of the world. You want to know, Why the vast majority of Whites are so passive, so inert in the face of their obvious Race-replacement ? They are still under the spell cast at Nuremberg: they are told 24/7 by the ruling regime that Whites are potentially and inherently mass-murderers as the Germans showed at Auschwitz.; and that lie disarms them.

    I’ll end here with John 8:32: The Truth shall set Ye free.

  3. Intelligent Dasein
    Posted May 4, 2017 at 6:45 pm | Permalink

    I’ve been wondering about something. In the first chapter of Brideshead Revisited, Evelyn Waugh places into the mouth of “Hooper” these words, upon the latter passing by a sanatorium and beholding the inmates there: “Hitler would have had them to the gas chambers. I reckon we could learn a thing or two from him.” (That might not be the exacting phrasing Waugh uses, as I’m quoting from memory, but it’s close enough).

    Now here’s the thing. This fictional scene takes place in 1943. Brideshead Revisited was actually written in ’43 and ’44, and first published in ’45. So my question becomes, how did Evelyn Waugh know about Nazi “gas chambers” when he was writing the book in 1943? And even if he had only heard about “gas chambers” subsequent to VE day, and only then written or revised that portion of the book to reflect this knowledge, why would he have given such knowledge to a fictional character who could not possibly have possessed it, and whom his readership would know could not possibly have possessed it, unless he was just a clumsy writer?

    Was the “gas chambers” meme already being pushed by the Allies before the conclusion of the war in order to calumniate Germany?

  4. Walter
    Posted May 4, 2017 at 10:20 pm | Permalink

    Mr. Edmonds is quite right to point out insanity with which Germany was attacked even after it had been overwhelmed by force of arms.
    I think the insanity of successive administrations in the Federal Republic of Germany, as seen in their policies – the latest being the admission of millions of aliens to Germany and to Europe into Germany as immigrants without a formal procedure of immigration- is a consequence of this treatment as meted out by those who considered themselves the victors of the Second World War. Victims of crimes may become neurotic or insane and since the war against Germany was prosecuted as a war against Germans and their national character – we may remember the various tracts from psychologists, even psychiatrists who declared the German character in substance as lacking humanity-it was a total war of annihilation.

    Should it be possible to recover self-determination for the world of people of European descent and origin, then it will be necessary for them to formally repudiate the Treaty of Versailles and the Court at Nuremberg.
    This will formally undo the web of deceit and evil that was cast over our world by ignorant and devious men.

    • Posted May 5, 2017 at 12:36 pm | Permalink

      “Should it be possible to recover self-determination for the world of people of European descent and origin, then it will be necessary for them to formally repudiate the Treaty of Versailles and the Court at Nuremberg.
      This will formally undo the web of deceit and evil that was cast over our world by ignorant and devious men.”

      There is currently a group in Germany, which calls itself “united Germany” (einiges Deutschland), working toward this end. Below, I post a link to a translation into English of an article on their German language website explaining their plan for the re-establishment of the legal government (non-occupied and self-determining) of Germany and the legal basis for such a move.

      • Walter
        Posted May 6, 2017 at 9:14 pm | Permalink

        Thank you for this information. The trans-national recognition of the horrible betrayal committed by the imposition of the Treaty of Versailles and its equivalent, only a degree more evil, after the Second War, of the Persecutions of the Nuremberg Court, will be an important step towards separation from an unsavory past that has led European and White culture towards annihilation.

  5. Steven Rowlandon
    Posted May 31, 2017 at 9:42 pm | Permalink

    If my thoughts could cause the allied powers, their faithful followers, governments, the oligarchs, media, financial institutions, secret societies, Jews , politically correct criminals and perverts that existed between now and 300 to 500 years ago to be dropped into the Erta Ale lava pit in Ethiopia I am not sure that would suffice as punishment for their evil deeds. It would be a good start though.

    Erta Ale, Ethiopia, 01/01/2013

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