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A Supreme Act of Collective Will

Graphic by Harold Arthur McNeill

Graphic by Harold Arthur McNeill

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A recent report on the BBC carries the horrifying news that the German birth rate has now fallen below that of Japan, which at least still has a policy of not accepting massive amounts of refugees and other immigrants.

Apparently an average of 8.2 children per 1,000 people were born annually in Germany over the last five years, presumably with a large part of that being generated by non-White immigrants already there. The same report mentions the low birth rates of other European countries: 

Portugal 9.0
Italy 9.3
France 12.7
UK 12.7

And the extremely high one of an African country:

Niger 50

Yes, over five times as high as Germany’s!

Just so we infer the future correctly, the article comes in hard with some employment stats:

“Germany’s falling birth rate means the percentage of people of working age in the country — between 20 and 65 — would drop from 61% to 54% by 2030, Henning Voepel, director of the HWWI, said in a statement (in German).”

To which is added the conventional wisdom of “business leaders,” the high priests of our destruction:

Arno Probst, a BDO board member, said employers in Germany faced higher wage costs as a result.

“Without strong labour markets, Germany cannot maintain its economic edge in the long run,” he added.

Mr Probst said the country would need young immigrant workers to fill the significant skills gap. And more women were needed in the workforce to avoid economic problems.

Yes, that’s right. Germany needs workers – especially with a growing number of pensioners to be supported – and where is it going to get them? Why, from places like Niger, of course!

Well, maybe not Niger exactly, as it might take some time to train up a labour force with an IQ below 70 to run German industry, but you get the general idea. With Europeans having fewer and fewer kids, more and more non-Europeans, with lower and lower IQs, will be required, or will simply show up to fill the vacant spaces.

The Great Trap

The strength of the White man is immense, but he is trapped in his own system and can do little or nothing to fight back against these suicidal trends. Can he outbreed the native of Niger or his new Muslim neighbour with four wives? He can try, and in the process send his “abused” wife scuttling off to the divorce courts and a half-share in his future earnings, a form of economic gelding.

Can he try the untermenschen strategy of popping out kids with damaged women on welfare? No, it is abhorrent to his soul, over which hovers a perpetual premonition of a coming winter. He must, by his very essence, build, accumulate, prepare – all the while the State and the Third World are effortlessly tapping into his industrious diligence and prudence.

He is not only trapped in his own system, he is damned by it, and his enormous reserves of ingenuity, toughness, and organization cannot be released for his own benefit until that system collapses. But can it ever truly collapse to the degree required and before it is too late?

Nowadays, thanks to modern technology, basic human dysfunction can be perpetuated and accommodated to ever greater length. To take a simple example, a city center full of atomized, amoral individuals, with strong instincts to prey on each other, a situation that would have resulted in anarchy and savagery in any other age, can, in our age, be rendered reasonably functional by the mere expediency of CC TV.

The man of the 21st century does not need to come anywhere near the levels of discipline, hard work, and self-control as his predecessors. In fact, half his function is just to consume in a world that produces too much.

All this raises the big questions of where we came from, who we are, and what will come after us, and will it be anything like us? One million years ago, the world was inhabited by hominids of some form, more alien to us than any race today. Our relation to them is that we were better suited by our adaptations to survive. If we hadn’t been, they would have continued to fill the hominid niche. This, in essence, is who we are – the best equipped filler of the hominid niche under environmental and group competitive stresses.

But our technological tendencies have removed the environmental stresses – the shocks of climate, season, and food shortage – while our civilizing tendencies have removed our ability to define and identify in-groups and out-groups in any meaningful way, and undermined natural gender relations. In short, quality control of the human race has been lost, perhaps irrevocably.

Can it be regained? In theory there are two possible ways in which it can be:

  1. The removal of technological and civilizational factors through a social and civilizational collapse
  2. A supreme act of collective will

The problem with the first of these is that no collapse is likely to be even-handed in its effects. Also, if it were, we would merely be in for a replay of history, with Whites emerging victorious again after the usual few thousand years of butchery, superstition, and gradual enlightenment.

In reality, when the collapse comes, it will afflict some societies more than others and create opportunities for those societies that bear up best. A common scenario is that the West collapses and China takes over, using the very science it garnered from the White man. In that case, the Chinese with their collectivizing and exclusionary tendencies – and their respect for other people’s learning – will be elected “the best equipped filler of the hominid niche.”

Another scenario is that globalism continues in its present form, spreading and accelerating, so that all major societies become interpenetrated by population flows and dysgenic birth patterns to create a more equal civilizational collapse.

In this case White would stand a better chance. But, even in this case, we will have to wade through centuries of blood, bitterness, and darkness, and arrive where we were a century ago, ready to make the same mistakes all over again.

The ideal solution is for Whites to assert their claim to be “the best equipped filler of the hominid niche” through a supreme act of collective will.

This may sound hopelessly idealistic and naive. After all, humans are the mere playthings of socio-economic forces, as Marx taught, and only act outside that box when socio-economic conditions, in collusion with their basic psychology and twisted ego drives, program them with some blind irrational faith.

Mankind, no matter how high his IQ, is always sleepwalking to his doom or salvation – reacting and channelling forces, never consciously choosing his path. His “self-actualization” is merely the factors that have controlled him closest making their appearance. The evident fate of the White race stands as the clearest proof of this thesis of our blind trajectory.

But what if there is a possibility of a supreme act of collective will? What would it look like?

We can partially define this by looking at the actions that it would ipso facto have to include. These would be many and would include acts to (1) build a common identity and consciousness, (2) seize power, and (3) effect demographic change.

There would also have to be a continuum between these three aspects, with an awareness of what was involved and a common belief in the totality of the project by all those participating and acquiescence by the majority of those it was aimed at serving.

Building a common identity and shared consciousness for Whites is extremely problematic. We are ethnically and culturally split – witness the intense hatred that exists between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, and between Serbs and Croats. Then, there are all the class and ideological divisions. Herding cats as an easier occupation springs to mind.

Such divisions make seizing power difficult. It suggests that we are fated to be forever snared in false oppositions and blind interests that lead to our doom. In fact, given the difficulties of unifying Whites around a common identity, the best hope for seizing power on behalf of White racial interests might be an enlightened elite seizing power in a non-democratic manner. But this just sounds ludicrous at the moment.

Even if a consciously pro-White grouping could achieve such power there is the problem of effecting demographic change. This would be likely to result in certain forms of unpleasantness that Whites nowadays would be unwilling to stomach. Our pampered and coddled womenfolk would balk at the idea of their cunts – formerly little temples to their egos – being transformed into factories of the race. And then there would be the problem of defining the group and ensuring the removal of those people considered non-White and anti-White.

This is what White survival would actually look like, but, as it stands, we are obviously too squeamish to protect our existential interests in this way.

The saving of the White race would require a root and branch change of ideology and value systems, away from any kind of universalism and individualism – as these are the very factors, which, by disturbing our ability to perceive in-group and out-group, are destroying us.

Such a change in value systems would either mean a total abandonment of Christianity and post-Christian tendencies, or the creation of a radically reformed version of Christianity that emphasized racial exclusion and interests. This too seems extremely unlikely.

A Third Position

In addition to the above two possibilities of a social and civilizational collapse and a supreme act of collective will, there is a third possibility – a hybrid of the two.

Many of the things that seem unlikely about a supreme act of collective will – the creation of a common White identity, the restructuring of gender relations, the removal of non-Whites, the seizing of power by a government that no longer kow-tows to business interests, the rejection of millennia of Christian values – seem a lot more likely in a partial state of civilizational collapse.

One of the things that in which modern man is no longer a match for his predecessor is his low pain threshold. While our ancestors could put up with hunger, tyranny, and conditions bordering on and sometimes worse than slavery, modern mankind is not nearly so tough.

A relatively small amount of dysfunction introduced into the system could have a revolutionary potential. But in order for that potential not to be dissipated and wasted, we have to always keep in mind exactly what the Supreme Act of Collective Will will look like and involve.



  1. Walter
    Posted June 1, 2015 at 1:22 pm | Permalink

    This is the logical outcome of the program of annihilation of the German race (I am using the term as it was used in the past as a national identification) begun in the First War and intensified to levels of massive insanity during and formulated into a future long-term policy at the end of the Second War.
    All the fantastic evil resident in the Germans was to be wiped out by starvation (Morgenthau), race-mixing (Hooton) or sterilization (Kaufman) or by forcibly dispersing all the Germans the world over.
    Churchill, Roosevelt, Clemenceau, Poincare are the leading proponents of annihilation of Germany.
    No one wanted to think of Germany as a part of the whole.
    In Germany perhaps five to ten million children were killed through abortion since 1973 and having children is consistently discouraged and made economically difficult.
    German politicians are drawn from a pool of people who act consistently against German interests.
    Therefore, the current situation is not surprising.
    I am not certain, however, whether the news of this lowest birthrate is a reason for satisfaction of horror in the BBC report, or anywhere else.
    If it were it would need to lead to a rethinking of the hero stature of Churchill and Roosevelt and a reformulation of the whole basis of post-war politics.
    This would be a complete scrapping of 100 years of Western policy and could be considered a “supreme act of collective will” but I am sceptical about such a possibiility.
    Therefore, a collapse of civilizational and technological factors are more likely to provide a solution. This is most likely to occur in Western Europe after the current post-war system will fail through the string of wrong decisions it has made through the decades.
    But there will remain a desert which only a determinded will can make arable again and so the question is whether there is enough strength left to go on with self-confidence, hope and purpose after the imposed degradation of humanity in the First and Second War.

  2. Andrew
    Posted June 1, 2015 at 2:25 pm | Permalink

    I enjoyed the essay for the most part and appreciate the writer’s Aryan writing style, which hearkens back to a more heroic age. My belief is that it while the demographic trends among European peoples are bad news, it is extremely unlikely that these trends will continue indefinitely to extinction. I have faith that there is enough ethnocentrism, xenophobia, intelligence and survival instinct within the genepool that these traits will emerge in various parts of the world in time. The decline of the European West is a process that is projected to occur over several centuries: for a population with many hundreds of millions, miscegenation and low birth rates would take many, many generations to decline to zer0. The minorities that are colonizing the West create living spaces that are unlivable for Europeans, and when White Flight is no longer an option, Europeans will be forced to engage with the stark realities of race and conflict. They have always met the challenge in the past. We are already seeing cultural shifts to abandon the system, such as in homeschooling (2 million students, mostly White). Obviously though, the European population of the future will be smaller and face more adversity.

    I don’t agree that there is a “best equipped filler of the hominid niche”. Each sub-species fills a different niche in nature, and it is very possible for numerous sub-species (races/breeds) to exist simultaneously and separately on the planet. I also do not see a scenario where China will achieve global hegemony and conquer the West. China will almost certainly exceed the GDP and other attributes of the U.S. eventually, but a conquest undertaking is unnecessary, inordinately expensive and is at odds with the insular Chinese character and culture.

    “Our pampered and coddled womenfolk would balk at the idea of their cunts – formerly little temples to their egos – being transformed into factories of the race.”

    I thought this statement was grossly inappropriate and unworthy of an otherwise well-written essay. I am guessing that the author wanted to insert some shock value, but disrespecting European womenfolk is completely uncalled for. Women are designed to bear and raise children, and if they are placed within a cultural system that honors and encourages childrearing, while protecting and providing resources to them, they fulfill their mission in life happily.

  3. Lorenz Kraus
    Posted June 1, 2015 at 9:13 pm | Permalink

    German Marriage University, coming soon!

    Since you don’t need to be on campus to get a degree in the digital age, a new a reason for your presence is necessary, that of finding a man or woman to marry.

    Universities used to be selective and exclusive to attain genuine enrichment.

    A university creates a community. You decide which community is worth being in the presence of, such as, marriage-hungry Germans age 16-24. Where, but family-formation, would you be selective and exclusive, and work to eliminate all distractions, such as asexuality pride, feminism, and diversity with people who you have virtual no chance of seriously marrying?

    Today’s universities are open and diverse, which means they have no explicit function for family-formation. “Make friends for a lifetime” is the closest they get. How about finding a spouse for your lifetime, where the diploma is your wedding ring?

    In line with this, is the Volksmark, which students can earn for work on campus and reduce tuition dollar for dollar. This would give the Volksmark have dollar parity. This would give all Germans a global ethnic currency that rejuvenates the Volk. All Germans would have an interest in it because it is a means to protect one’s financial savings, while investing in the future. I’ll have some videos on it soon.

  4. GenYES
    Posted June 1, 2015 at 10:02 pm | Permalink

    I agree with the poster above; this is a tremendously heroic essay! I don’t want to take it down a notch by interjecting economic reasoning into the debate, but I do think that we get what we pay for, and if we want quality, we have to pay for it. If we care about producing more (high quality) children, then children have to be valued, and if we care about traditional motherhood, then that also has to be valued. Clearly new citizens have economic value (just look at the arguments in favor of importing zombies from the Third World), but the anti-White State is not willing to pay for them; in fact, it’s trying to exterminate them.

    I often wonder how much longer it will be before the modern men’s movement as conceived by authors such as Jack Donovan gives way to its antithesis – a modern women’s movement that likewise embraces aspects of traditional femininity (and thus, POWER). But then, of course, there’s the pill, and we all seem to have at least a sneaking suspicion that that has something to do with the behavior of women today. If we’re lucky a rejection of the pill will be part of the reactionary women’s movement. I know more than a few women who have decried the pill while nevertheless remaining hooked on it like an addict – who knows, maybe it is addictive.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I’d like to think that as the going gets tough, we (male and female WNs) will get tougher. I think that at least some segment of the female population (preferably the more capable fraction) is going to have to devote the greater part of its energies to producing AND educating/raising offspring at least until there’s an artificial womb to do that for them. White nationalist women, at least those who aren’t already in relationships, should be working right now to form a Bene Geserit-like order devoted to the traditional feminine seductive arts, and since such traditional women are in short supply, they should be a valuable commodity. They need to learn to use their wiles to cuckold wealthy men and steal their money or find high value mates with whom to engender high value offspring; if the woman is mediocre-looking, then (as detestable as it may sound) she always has the option to manipulate millionaire and billionaire black, hispanic, Asian, Jewish, and multiracial men and ditch them for the courts and a settlement shortly after working their way into the bank vaults; after all, I hear there are few more valuable assets than a head of naturally blonde or red hair. While engaged in such taboo relationships (at least from a WN perspective) women need to do what cuckoos have always done and find more appropriate sperm donors (in vivo or in vitro) for their children and indeed this could be an excellent ground for divorce in itself; this strategy has the benefits of taking from the enemy while enriching our group. If neither of these options is suitable for a young woman (or based on her own proclivities) she needs to consider forming/living in a Bene Geserit-like convent and making lots of babies with sperm from high IQ and agressive war-like white men (with monetary support from the cuckolds), hoping that one of them will give rise to the Kwisatz Haderach. White nationalist men, by contrast, need to be in high value occupations (especially engineering, medicine, law, and finance) and if married, should father many children – if not – supporting the WN women who are (and in the interim supporting sites like CC that are waging the necessary metapolitical war). If the men not suited for occupations of the intellect, then they need to be in the military learning how to most effectively use their bodies AND think like someone in the military. And one day we’ll have our own order of Monastic Knights – and in that darkest hour, the struggle that Colin is talking about will be feasible. Of course, I’m partly joking and mostly serious.

  5. EricStriker
    Posted June 2, 2015 at 12:05 am | Permalink

    Suicide? Who invented or exacerbates the main culprits behind our dysfunction: feminism, neo-liberal capitalism, and open borders? WHO? It even rhymes with WHO!

    This is the main problem, and it needs a solution yesterday.

    I find it funny that Europe’s business elites “need more workers”. Does Germany have 100% employment? No. That goes double or triple of unemployment ridden nations like UK, Italy, Spain, and France. Germany’s unemployment rate is 5.8%, and when capitalist statistical smoke and mirrors are taken out of it, the real number is probably closer to 10%. That means that someone is lying to us.

    Who is lying? Who owns the media, even if not micromanaging all of it in Germany, doing so via investments from New York City? And most of all, why are they lying, since in the long-run mass third world immigration has been proven to just overburden the social state rather than produce workers?

    The big businessmen are one part of the equation, but contrary to the dominant Anglo-Saxon narrative, someone whose good at business can’t be good enough to change every aspect of society to reflect their economic needs. There is another factor that is a gaping omission from this article. And that is the one and only factor we have to politically organize against and overthrow if our race plans to see the year 2200.

    • Chris Gage
      Posted June 2, 2015 at 5:33 pm | Permalink

      “contrary to the dominant Anglo-Saxon narrative”

      There is no Anglo-Saxon narrative, not for anything. Any influence Anglo-Saxons exerted upon the world died out over a century ago.

      The people who are bringing the blacks and Muslims into Europe know they’re not there to work, they’re there to breed. The vast majority of them are unemployed and live off the European taxpayers.

      At the same time, the people who brought them there use media and academia to convince them that the Europeans are actually oppressing them, and that the reason why they have no jobs is because of racism, not because they’re worthless sacks of shit with retard-level IQs and no skills beyond breeding and killing.

      Factor in the oppression of European identity and European masculinity, as well as a reverence for Islam and non-Whites in general, and you have a war waiting to happen: an army of tens of millions of angry, unemployed blacks and Muslims waiting to be sicced onto a defenseless, feminized, demoralized European populace.

      This is genocide. It is engineered, and it is Jewish in origin. This would not be the first time they’ve opened the gates to the barbarians.

      • EricStriker
        Posted June 2, 2015 at 6:15 pm | Permalink

        There certainly is an Anglo-Saxon narrative that dominates America, Australia, and to a lesser degree Canada and the UK. This developed independently and in conjunction with Jews, they are views such as a nation’s value depends on how many millionaires it has, irrational fear of government intervention (“decency” standards regulating Jewish filth in Hollywood were the work of Catholics), and globalism. Anglo culture is seriously warped and depraved and needs a revolutionary overhaul if it is to become an opponent, rather than tool, of the Jew.

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