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Anders Breivik’s Opening Statement, Day 2 (April 17, 2012)

Anders Breivik Preparing to Read His Statement in Oslo District Court, April 17, 2012

6,837 words

Translated and annotated by Andrew Hamilton

Translator’s Note:

The terrorism trial of Norwegian revolutionary nationalist Anders Behring Breivik, 33, began in Oslo District Court in Norway on April 16, 2012, and is expected to last until July.

He is accused of “destabilizing or destroying basic functions of society” and “creating serious fear in the population” by bombing a key government building and conducting a shooting spree on the island of Utøya at a gathering of the Workers’ Youth League (AUF, Arbeidernes ungdomsfylking), the youth auxiliary of Norway’s Left-wing, anti-white Labor Party. His July 22, 2011 crime, in which a total of 77 people died, has been described as the worst act of terrorism in Norway since WWII.

Breivik freely admits to committing the offenses, but denies culpability on the grounds that he was acting out of “necessity” (nødrett). The purpose of the trial is to determine whether he will be sent to prison, or committed to a psychiatric institution. Either way, he will spend the rest of his life in detention.

On the second day of the trial, the defendant read a statement to the court setting forth his rationale for the attacks. A complete translation of his 70-minute statement, the recording and broadcast of which was prohibited, follows. I have added some hyperlinks and brief explanatory information in square brackets.

The statement was published in Norwegian by the large Oslo tabloid newspaper Verdens Gang, as transcribed by reporters in the courtroom working “at a rapid pace.” I was unable to find a version of the text published in any English language news source, major or minor. A handful of small, private blogs posted rough translations. Mine is new. It is unclear whether the defendant’s full statement appeared in any major media outside of Norway, in any language.

Breivik’s Opening Statement, Day 2 (April 17, 2012)

Dear Judge [Wenche Elizabeth] Arntzen: [Defense attorney Geir] Lippestad indicated yesterday that it will take approximately 30 minutes or possibly longer. The prosecution yesterday laid the framework for their work, and I also ask that I may lay the framework for my defense, and I can’t get that done if I can’t use the point list.

I hope I will be allowed to explain the causes and motives related to July 22 and I hope you do not interrupt me.

I have a bulleted list, but I will start over after I’ve finished setting the parameters for my defense. So the question is whether I will get your permission to set the parameters first? I must remind you that I have undergone 1,100 pages of questioning, and I have no opportunity to explain myself without laying the framework for my defense first.

I should also mention that I have toned down the rhetoric for the sake of the victims and their relatives, and I think it should be within both acceptable limits and my rights.

I stand here today as representative of the Norwegian and European resistance movement. When I speak, I speak on behalf of the many Norwegians who do not want our indigenous rights to be taken from us.

Norwegian media and prosecutors have argued and will continue to argue that the reasons I executed the attack were random, and because I was a pathetic and spiteful loser, that I do not have integrity, that I am a notorious liar, lack morality, am insane and that I am therefore forgotten by other cultural conservatives in Europe.

They will say that I fell out of the workplace, and socially.

All this they have claimed. They also claimed that I am narcisstic, antisocial, have a phobia for germs, have gone with a face mask for many years, and that I’ve had an incestuous relationship [incestforhold] with my own mother.

They also claimed that I am a child and baby killer, despite the fact that I have not killed anyone under 14. It has been argued that I am a coward, homosexual, pedophile, psychopath, and Nazi. All this has been claimed. They also claimed that I am mentally and physically retarded, with an IQ of around 80.

I am of course not surprised by these characterizations. I expected this and wrote down in advance what would be written, and it turned out to be true.

But it is important that everyone understands why the journalists, lawyers and even the prosecutor in this case will continue to lie about me.

The answer is simple. I have conducted the most spectacular attack committed in Europe since the Second World War. And they want to do everything in their power to prevent this.

I and my nationalist brothers and sisters represent what they fear. They want to try to intimidate others from doing the same. It is the reason the massive demonization of me is going to continue.

I’ll actually start to tell a little about how it all started, and I start with the Second World War. Norway and Western Europe have not had real democracy since the interwar period. Norway and Europe are choked by almost total conformity.

Norway and other countries in Western Europe are not democratic countries and have not been democratic since the interwar period.

Liberals and cultural Marxists have since the Second World War worked together to keep (…) [all parenthetical ellipses with missing words such as this were contained in the original Norwegian language text, apparently representing brief gaps that the on-site reporters were unable to understand, or catch] from power, as their ultimate fear is that new Hitlers will pop up. What today is called democracy is in reality a cultural Marxist dictatorship.

The cultural Marxism that won out in Europe was raised shortly after the war to the only truth. Hitler came to power and this is one of the reasons why cultural Marxists have not permitted proper freedom of speech.

Cultural conservatism was reduced to a prohibited contribution, marked by barbarism and inhumanity.

These truths, created and adopted in ’45, were later reinforced under the ’68-founders I will tell about now. Nationalists and cultural conservatives lay with a broken back after the fall of the Axis powers.

Europe never had any [anti-Communist Joseph] McCarthy, so the Marxists had great latitude. They spent much time in the beginning infiltrating the school system.

In particular, these same Marxists had been told by the other parties in Europe that they were too extreme to obtain political positions. This happened not only in Norway but throughout Europe.

There were many Marxists who were university teachers and it was the most effective way to exercise power.

1968 occurred as a direct result of the fact that we had no anti-Communist leader like McCarthy. The problem was that McCarthy was too moderate. He tried to deport all cultural Marxists to the Soviet Union, but unfortunately did not. [This, of course, is incorrect.]

Cultural institutions in Western Europe were an easy target for Marxists to establish and administer. Marxists soon controlled the culture and bourgeois liberals controlled the economy.

The Marxist reforms introduced the transformation of the church, education, morals and behavior to name a few. 1968 and following were the years of Marxist cultural revolution. Reformation of social norms. A socialist egalitarian society was created.

The higher up in the new hierarchy of power you could get. Today the culture is controlled by Marxists and liberals govern the economy, while nationalists and cultural conservatives have been kept out of power since the Second World War. Today Norway and many countries are suffering cultural self-hatred [selvforakt] due to multicultural ideology.

A couple of questions that might be most important in our time and that all journalists, academics and politicians should ask themselves are the following:

Do you think it is undemocratic that the Norwegian people [norske folk] have never been asked through a popular referendum that they be made into a multicultural state?

Is it democratic to do so without asking people about the law?

The second question is the following:

Do you think it is undemocratic that Norway accepts so many African and Asian immigrants that they risk being made into a minority in their own capital?

And then someone will say: No, there is no problem because there are free elections.

But then the next question: Do you believe that free elections are enough, and that the press has an obligation to communicate [honestly] to people? When Norwegians and Europeans have been displaced at the steering wheel—among others, journalists.

That they will lose their culture, their land and traditions and Christianity. Our opinions are seen as inferior and we are seen as second-class citizens.

As it is now, there is no real democracy in Norway and Europe when the Marxist elite decide.They boycott democracy when they feel like it.

I’ll take an example from Austria a few years ago. We can not allow a nationalist and culturally radical party to assume power because their party is intolerant and inhumane. National and international news organizations put a lot of pressure on Austria, and called them racists and Nazis.

And the same happened when the Swiss voted against the conditions (…) Again, they described them as intolerant and inhumane.

The same is happening now in Hungary, where the nationalist alliance is a victim of the same. (…) By calling them fascists and intolerant.

Swedish news agencies continue to do the same against Sweden Democrats and the Norwegian media has done the same for 20 years against the Progress Party. Here, too, they boycott democracy and try to pressure the Norwegians and Swedes by calling them racists, cruel and intolerant.

Norwegian and European politicians and journalists should ask themselves this question:

Has the Norwegian press ever directed campaign journalism against the Progress Party before the election? The answer is yes, they have been running a smear campaign against the Progress Party for 20 years and will continue to do so, and the same is going on throughout Europe.

Norway be called a democracy when 100 percent of the news organizations support multiculturalism and systematic censoring of individuals that support ethnic and cultural protectionism?

The answer is no. Norway cannot be called a democracy as long as this systematic censorship is taking place.

Answers to a questionnaire [spørreundersøkelsen] by Frank Aarebrot in Nore show that more than 60-70 percent vote for parties on the left. The answer is that journalism colleges in Volda and at the University College in Oslo are totally dominated by socialist leaders.

Bruce Bawer [a New York City-born, anti-Norwegian, homosexual Left-wing expatriate anti-Islamic writer in Oslo—I’m guessing Jewish], among others, has written about this. And these Marxist teachers help to indoctrinate students. It is necessary to introduce a quota.

This [a compulsory ideological quota on the major media, compelling them to convey pro-nationalist views] is one of the few chances to obtain a free and objective press.

A British survey shows that 69 percent of Britons see immigration as a big problem or a very big problem. Source references are in the compendium. [Breivik’s 1,518-page 2083: A European Declaration of Independence (2011)]

The latest survey from Statistics Norway shows that 70 percent of Britons [believe that Britain] has become a dysfunctional country as a result of immigration. The source is The Times February 2010.

Another British study showed that 70 percent are dissatisfied with multiculturalism.

[The judge interrupts.]

No it is only citations that emphasize the point: Norwegian and European journalists are anti-nationalist and political activists. They allow Muslims and Marxists to fill the newspapers, but they call everyone else bigoted Islamophobes and racists.

If 70 percent of Britons believe that multiculturalism puts their country at risk, how many do you think believe the same thing in Norway?

Journalists provide information and should be objective, but they are not objective. It is a mandatory requirement for one who would call himself a journalist.

About 30 percent of Norwegians and Europeans are against multicultural activism. But there is not a single news organization that represents our views. In reality 30 percent of news organizations should take ​​our side and represent our views [under Breivik’s compulsory ideological quota system for big media].

More and more cultural conservatives realize that the democratic struggle is pointless. It is not possible to win when no real freedom of speech exists. As more realize this in the coming decades it is a short path to the weapon.

When a peaceful revolution is impossible, a violent revolution is the only possibility.

It is no secret that the opponents of multiculturalism and immigration have not been able to speak freely since the Second World War. That is the real terror.

It is these injustices that created me, and Laserman in Sweden [a killer of immigrants named after an earlier Swedish killer of Swiss-German descent, John Ausonius; it is unclear which of the two Breivik is referring to]. People who call me evil have misunderstood the difference between brutal and evil.

Brutality is not necessarily evil. To call someone evil you must know the person’s motives.

It is equally ignorant to call me evil, as to call the U.S. military leaders during World War II evil. Those who decided that 3.2 million Japanese civilians should be killed. [Breivik’s figure is within the proper range for all Japanese, military and civilian, killed during WWII—not just the victims of the atomic bombings.] They did so not because they were evil, but because they calculated that a violent action would save millions of lives.

These were good intentions and motives, even if the methods they used were brutal. I and other nationalists are using exactly the same logic. If we can force Labor to change immigration policy and stop colonization.

If we can force them to change direction by executing 70 people, then obviously this will contribute to our not losing our ethnic group, our Christianity, and our culture.

This will therefore help prevent a future civil war in Norway, which could result in the death of hundreds of thousands of Norwegians. I and other militant nationalists are a hundred percent convinced that if we manage to stop the multicultural project in Europe, we will save hundreds of thousands of lives.

Then a great civil war will be averted. We do not have the luxury that we can wait any longer with confrontation.

Because if we wait 20, 30, 40 years, the ethnic Norwegians and Europeans will be in the minority. We therefore are not able to wait long. The motives are based on our goodness and not evil.

If there is someone who is evil, it’s Social Democrats, who not only engaged in systematic ethnic deconstruction, but have also [ignored] tens of thousands of threats that the consequences will be very bloody.

The only thing that should surprise Norway and Europe is why such a bloody conflict did not happen earlier.

We have arranged for Norway and Western Europe to Balkanize. Like the Balkans it will all end in bloodshed. And yes, I would have done it again, because crimes against the people and my culture are 1000 times more barbaric.

Implementation of a small barbarity is better than a great barbarity.

As stated in the compendium, it is important to trigger and provoke a witch hunt of moderates. That in turn will increase polarization and contribute to growing radicalization. Short term it will be counterproductive.

But when the moderates are persecuted, many of them will be radicalized and provoked by the witch hunt; it was therefore critically important to our cause in the long term. Cultural Marxists and (…) have had thousands of opportunities to change course since the Second World War.

But they have refused to change course again and again. The question is then:

Do AUF [the Workers’ Youth League, whose members Breivik attacked on Utøya] and Labor do this because they are evil, or just because they are naive?

And if they are simply ignorant—should we forgive them or punish them?

The answer is that most AUFers are indoctrinated and brainwashed.

Many people have been indoctrinated by adult Labor-people or by the media. All others have been indoctrinated by the Norwegian school curriculum or their parents. These were not innocent civilian children, but political activists.

As many as 44 of 65 AUFers had leading positions in the AUF and many had offices in the county council, etc. AUF is very similar to the Hitler Youth.

Utøya is an indoctrination camp for political activists, and on the 20th of July they had been indoctrinated for several hours by Marthe Michelet [b. 1975, leader of the Communist Youth 1996-98, broadcast journalist for NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, writer for Dagbladet, Norway’s third largest newspaper; she has a daughter by her Muslim partner.] The daughter of arch-communist Jon Michelet [a high-ranking figure in Norway’s Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Workers’ Communist Party (AKP) and its successor party Red].

She had been invited by AUF’s management as a speaker. This caliber feels such a huge hatred against our cultural heritage that she decided to convert to Islam.

And it’s communist speakers and leaders like this who are doing the indoctrinating.

All those who advocate multiculturalism and cultural Marxism should expect to be held liable in the future.

It is not difficult to foresee when Europe is ruled by multiculturalists. It is the price we pay.

You try to save your people, when the majority chooses propaganda and says that you are a murderer and terrorist. All this we know in advance, so we do not complain. I wrote in the compendium before the operation that I would be demonized.

To die a martyr for his people’s survival is the greatest honor in a man’s life.

This is not only our right but our duty. Knowing that I will be imprisoned does not frighten me. I was born in a prison and have lived my whole life in a prison, where there has been no freedom of speech.

A prison where freedom of speech does not exist and where I have been forced to look on as my own ethnicity is being deconstructed by cultural Marxists.

In this prison resistance is not allowed, and it is even expected that I will applaud my people’s destruction.

In this prison management has decided that if you criticize, that is not good.

Demonized, ridiculed. This prison is called Norway. It does not matter whether I’m locked up in Skøyen [an Oslo suburb] or Ila [Ila Detention and Security Prison outside Oslo. Norwegians judged to have been collaborators with the Germans, or of harboring politically incorrect racial views, were imprisoned there after WWII. Today Ila houses the men deemed by authorities to be the most dangerous in Norway. Breivik has been imprisoned there since his arrest on July 22, 2011.]

This is equally urgent no matter where you live in Norway, because you’re sitting there with a certainty that the entire country will ultimately be deconstructed to the multicultural hell we call Oslo.

And you sit there with the knowledge that democratic struggle is futile because it is controlled with the use of undemocratic methods. The latest report from Statistics Norway which shows that immigrants will be in the majority in 2040 is very misleading.

It says very little about the relationship between ethnic Norwegians and non-Norwegians. The reason the report is worthless is that they have deliberately omitted a number of other immigrant groups.

They have also excluded 3rd generation immigrants, illegal immigrants, and children where one parent is from another non-Nordic area.

The report was commissioned by multiculturalists, where they try to conceal the fact that ethnic Norwegians will be made into a minority in Oslo in just a few years.

This is going to happen. It also shows statistics from (…) that 47 percent of those born at Norwegian hospitals are non-ethnic Norwegian.

This is today’s Oslo, not Oslo in 28 years. SSB [Statistics Norway] should therefore be renamed the Labor Party central bureau.

Many have claimed that ultra-nationalists like me want to build a terrorist regime. This is wrong. I support the Japanese and South Korean model. [Although Breivik is right about Japan, the situation in South Korea is deteriorating rapidly, as described by anthropologist Peter Frost here. Breivik’s characterization of the country was correct until recently, however.]

Nothing more, nothing less. Are Japan and South Korea really such horrible regimes?

No, they are not. They are high-tech nations. And said no to multiculturalism and mass immigration in the 1970s. They are living proof that rejection of mass immigration is successful.

Discipline, honor [æreskodekser], and pride of their own heritage is essential in Japan and South Korea. Women have a secondary role in the workplace. It is therefore absolutely incorrect that people like me want to introduce a vicious terrorist regime.

Today’s most successful nations are Japan and South Korea, which have used ethnic protectionism.

This model is today the most perfect of all political models. In Europe, the alliance between Marxists and liberals after World War II basically destroyed Europe.

In addition, Europe’s Marxists have made it so ​​that we focus all our resources on social security, including sickness benefits for the inhabitants. In the opposite direction, Japan and South Korea focused on research, export and high tech products.

[Breivik then says, evidently in response to the judge, who interrupted him five times:]

It is not possible to shorten the scope of my defense.

[And, again, presumably in response to a follow-up comment by the judge:]

Yes, that’s fine. Always end the argument.

Japan, South Korea, and to some extent China are living proof that countries that say no to multiculturalism and mass immigration are successful.

Jo Benkow, former leader of the Conservative Party issued the following statement. “An ethnically homogeneous society is a harmonious society.” [Benkow, born Josef Elias Benkowitz in 1924, was a member of the Storting (the Norwegian parliament) for 28 years, its President for 8 years, and leader of Norway’s Conservative Party. He is the uncle of the late Norwegian Jewish “journalistic fraudster” Bjørn Benkow.]

The more culturally and ethnically fragmented society becomes, the more it becomes weakened.

Where the lack of trust between citizens is reduced every day until it ends, as in Greece, where only government employees pay tax. This will not only affect [social] interaction, but in the long run lead to confrontation. It will also occur when Islam is so dominant in Norway and Europe.

It has been claimed that European left-wing academics and journalists deplore violence.

Another study from Britain shows that 40 percent of Muslims believe that September 11 can be justified.

The official lie is that while 99.9 percent of Muslims do not support violence, the truth is that 25-40 percent of Muslims support Jihadist violence. The Labor Party, academics, and journalists are intelligent people who know this truth and conceal it.

The reason that they lie about this is that there is a consensus, that is an indirect cooperation between European elites, who lead the cultural Marxist agenda behind the scenes [bak lyset, lit., “behind the light”]. With a view to protecting the multicultural experiment.

The few examples I mention here are the tip of the iceberg.

But now everything is turned upside down. The Norwegian press has the power to define things. They have decided that evil is good and good is evil.

Now the perpetrators are good, and I and others who are fighting against [them] are evil. Nationalists and cultural conservatives are treated just as badly as Islamists were treated in the Middle East before the Arab spring.

[The Norwegian transcriber here writes, “Breivik refers to a spokesman in a Norwegian organization,” without indicating whether he named the spokesman or the organization.]

The question he posed was: How much longer will European nationalists be punished for World War II? Norway has made no progress, the war never ended but is still going on today.

It is time that Europe’s liberals and Marxists stop punishing nationalists for what happened during the Second World War.

We do not accept it anymore. A weak and fragmented ethnic group will result in a weak culture, resulting in a weak nation.

An ethnic group is the actual heart of a culture. Gradually we see that the ethnic group becomes fragmented. This we see clear signs of in Oslo and other European cities. In these cities the aggressive cultures like Islam dominate more and more.

The Muslim enclaves in Europe will grow as aggressively as cancer, until one day they constitute a dominant force.

Is this really so difficult to understand? Of all our people have secured, the people’s freedom has been directly related to the integrity and strength of our ethnic group.

This is the most priceless and the most fragile. Our ethnic group is the heart of our own culture. Our culture cannot exist without a strong heart. To safeguard this ethnic group, our culture, is what our ancestors dedicated their lives to and hundreds of thousands have fought for.

Our ethnic group, our culture, our Christianity, our identity . . . It is the framework for the defense, and I have consideration for families and the victims.

[The judge interrupts again, but her specific remark was not reported.]

Originally this [opening statement] was 20 pages. I have condensed it down to 13 pages. But there is much talk about the five days I have received. I never asked for five days.

[The first five days of the trial were devoted to direct and cross-examination of Breivik. The remaining three months have been overwhelmingly allotted to testimony by police, officials, psychiatrists, victims, and others. At the moment, extensive testimony is being taken from victims.]

I have not asked for five days, only about an hour. It is the hour I have now. It is critically important to me that I get this hour to explain myself.

[The Norwegian journalist here writes, “Breivik is now starting to talk about Islamic culture and immigration after the judge has interrupted him.”]

This is more than double the Norwegian birth rate of 1.5. If this continues, we will end up a minority in our own country. Lebanon was a Christian country, but when the Muslims came in 1960, they felt themselves strong enough to take over the country.

[Defense attorney Geir Lippestad requests that Breivik be allowed to continue: “Your comment, Honorable Judge, is that we have allocated five days for the defendant’s explanation, and he has five pages left. I understand the Court’s view but I also pray that we can continue. It is essential that we get his explanation, both the written part, and the oral later.”]

As we know, the Christians lost in the 1980s. Today they are a persecuted minority that makes up less than 25 percent.

Then we come to another central European problem. Islamization that manifests itself as a large number of Muslim requirements: Shari’a laws, etc.

This gradual Islamization is funded by Arab countries, while Norway uses oil money on social security for immigrants. According to official information they have spent 600 billion kroner and financed Islamic centers in European countries.

They have financed the construction of 1,500 mosques, nearly 2,000 Islamic schools predominantly in Europe, Canada and America. It is worth noting that most of these institutions propagandize Wahhabi-Islamism, which is a very conservative form of Islam.

Journalists and political commentators have claimed that I called Mullah Krekar [a Kurdish Islamist refugee in Norway] as a witness to show my world view and that there is a rivalry. According to many of them including [Torgeir] Husby and [Synne] Sørheim [the court psychiatrists who declared Breivik criminally insane, a conclusion disputed by a subsequent psychiatric evaluation by different psychiatrists] these are psychotic delusions shared only by me and Mullah Krekar.

What these reporters have forgotten to inform the Norwegian people is that it’s not just me and Mullah Krekar who believe this, but in fact up to 60 percent of Muslims in Europe.  And in addition, a large proportion of Norwegians and Europeans, perhaps as many as 30 percent.

To say that this is psychotic delusion is stupid. Subi Sali [unkown Islamic authority cited by Breivik; the misspelling of the name is apparently a transcription error by the reporter; several misspellings occurred throughout the news report] says the following: Anyone who distinguishes religion and politics has abolished 600 Koranic verses.

It also means that anyone who does not accept a religious state and Sharia ( . . .) The same leader said that the Muslim Brotherhood does not recognize diversity merely because there are secular Muslims, but only [fundamentalist] Islam.

According to orthodox Muslims such as the Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks to kidnap secular Mulisms like Abid Raja [a high-ranking Norwegian-born Pakistani lawyer, government official, and politician] to use for their own purposes, there are no secular and moderate Muslims, there is only the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim community wonders who has given Abid Raja the right to abolish 600 Koranic verses. One cannot trust so-called secular Muslims in Europe. There are no secular Muslims or dropouts.

The second is that all Muslims are practicing deception as the Prophet Muhammad recommended. One cannot rely on such secular Muslims, because it could be that they are implementing a so-called deception. Ethnic Norwegians and Europeans have been subjected to cruel acts since our doors opened for immigration in the 1960s and ’70s.

Since Norwegian and European multiculturalists opened the doors to immigration, about 30 million Muslims have poured into Europe. More than 90,000 of my Norwegian sisters have been raped from 1960 to the present [ = 1,764/year; seems very high].

Against the people’s will. It is primarily the Labor Party that will be held responsible for my brothers and sisters.

Many have been gang raped. More than 300,000 have been physically and mentally harassed, beaten and robbed by Muslims since the 1950s and ’60s.

Several have committed suicide as a result of these atrocities. Hundreds of Norwegians have been killed by Muslims in recent years, including [23-year-old] Martine [Vik Magnussen], who was killed and raped by a Muslim in England. [The only suspect in her 2008 murder is the son of a billionaire, one of Yemen’s richest men.]

All these atrocities are crimes against the Norwegian people and it is the Norwegian Labor Party including the AUF that are responsible for this because they’ve invited them here and continue to invite them here.

As a result, we see that ethnic Norwegians . . .

[Breivik is again interrupted by the judge, asking him to come to a conclusion.]

I have reduced this from 20 pages, I try to explain the framework and reasons for my actions.

[Norwegian reporter: “Breivik goes on and talks about the ethnic Norwegians fleeing Muslim neighborhoods. Like Groruddalen.” (The Grorud Valley in eastern Oslo containing four of the city’s boroughs.)]

Although I grew up on the west side, I see this. Oslo buys public sector flats for Muslims. They have become Muslim ghettos.

A great many Muslims do not want to be integrated. They disdain the sexual revolution and the moral decay that characterizes not only Norway, but Europe. They want Sharia.

The Norwegian delusions of politicians are that Muslims want integration and inclusion. This applies in Groruddalen, at Furuset, Holmlia [all in Oslo], in Malmö [Sweden; 2 min. English-language video], in Luton, London [English cities], Berlin and Utrecht [the Netherlands], to name a few.

The ex-President of Algeria issued a political warning to Europe in 1974: “One day, a million men will leave the southern latitudes to settle in the northern latitudes. They will not come as friends. They will go there and overcome it and defeat it with their sons (…) [excess fertility].”

They want autonomy and self-government with Sharia. The evolution of the world demonstrates the same. Muslims demand independence. This has already happened in India, Israel and Western China. We will see this in the next few decades in Europe also, as the Muslim population increases; it always starts with small demands.

Historical examples prove that it always ends with demands for autonomy and self-rule. There is not one single example in the world in which Muslim groups live in harmony with the country they settle in. Not a single example.

There is not a single example. Unfortunately there are 40 examples to the contrary that Islam has become more and more dominant.

Sitting Bull is and was a hero who was celebrated by America’s indigenous peoples. He fought on behalf of his people against General Custer.

Crazy Horse and Chief Galen [another transcription error by the reporter] were other military leaders of the American indigenous people. Were they terrorists, or were they heroes?

Were they evil or were they heroes?

American history books describe them as heroes, not terrorists. Meanwhile, nationalists in Europe are described as terrorists.

Isn’t that hypocritical and very racist? Individuals or groups that fight against foreign colonization are not terrorists, as history illustrates.

We are no more terrorists than the native Britons who fought against those who facilitated the Roman invasion. Norway has a native people. Aren’t ethnic Norwegians Norway’s indigenous people?

Haven’t these indigenous people lived here for the past 12,000 years?

The answer is yes, Norway has an indigenous people, and ethnic Norwegians are Norway’s indigenous people.

There is no difference between the battle fought in the Soviet Union and for autonomy in Bolivia, and our struggle for nationalism in Europe.

In 2009 the Bolivian parliament decided that the indigenous people in Bolivia should have autonomy if they wanted it. There is no difference between the Norwegian people and the Bolivian indigenous people.

Why are Nordic and European indigenous people treated worse than other indigenous people? Why are Norwegian indigenous activists branded as racists and Nazis, while indigenous activists in other parts of the world win support and acceptance?

It is extremely unfair and it is unacceptable. Our ancestors have lived in this country for 12,000 years and we, as Norway’s indigenous people, do not accept that our country will be colonized against our will.

We, like all other indigenous peoples, have special rights in this country, and this is something we will continue to fight for. I know that the information that I present is difficult to understand when one is taught to believe something else.

It is difficult to fight against the multicultural flow when the media pumps out such multicultural propaganda all the time.

Most Norwegians and Europeans will soon realize that multiculturalism has failed. Mark Twain said:

“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” [Notebook, 1904]

This case is about finding the truth. The documentation and examples I have provided are true. If they are true, how can what I did be illegal?

I have documented that academics, journalists are working in the same ways to combat Norwegian identity and Norwegian Christianity.

How can it be illegal to engage in armed resistance against these people? Thomas Hylland Eriksen has said “The great white spot consists in deconstructing them …..” [Eriksen is a prominent Norwegian academic and powerful advocate of white genocide like Jews Noel Ignatiev and Tim Wise, or Scandinavian-American academic Robert Jensen, in the US. Breivik has called Eriksen as a hostile witness in his trial.]

What he meant when he said this was the following: “We will deconstruct the Norwegian ethnic group, so they can never call themselves a majority again.”

This is what their plan is. They will face massive opposition. Something that July 22 [Breivik’s 2011 attack] showed. Something that Laserman showed. These preventive attacks bear witness that a European civil war is coming.

Enoch Powell was a member of parliament in England, and he warned as early as the 1970s what the consequences of mass immigration would be.

He said: “Rivers of blood will run through our streets.” Unfortunately, no one listened to him or the others who gave warning.

The reason is that everyone has been censored and ignored. And what do we see today?

Rivers of blood have run through many cities in Europe. And rivers of blood caused by European patriots have run through the streets of Oslo, Malmö, and Germany.

The most frustrating of all is that European multiculturalists wanted [ = “have not wanted”?] peace negotiations since World War II. They do not want dialogue, but have instead chosen (…) They will not succeed. More censorship, more ridicule, and more repression of nationalists and cultural conservatives.

[The judge asks: “Are you soon finished, Breivik?” Breivik answers: “There is a page left.”]

[French President Nicolas] Sarkozy, [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel and [UK Prime Minister David] Cameron have admitted that multiculturalism has failed in Europe. It does not work. Mass immigration has been a loss, down the drain, and has encountered many severe problems. The three powerful [leaders] in Europe finally admitting that multiculturalism does not work.

And in Norway, the reverse happens. Instead we go for more mass immigration from Asia and Africa. They refuse to change the ideological direction.

From this point I engage in self-censorship, just for the record.

They refuse to introduce ethnic and cultural protectionism. They have apparently decided to deconstruct the Norwegian ethnic group, no matter what the cost.

Thomas Jefferson said: “The tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of tyrants.” When national governments are destructive, the people have the right to abolish them.

It is their duty to overthrow such a government, and then establish new safeguards for their future security.

It is 100 percent certain that there will be a war between nationalists and internationalists in Europe. We, the first militant nationalists, are the first rain drops indicating that a big storm is coming.

There will be a gradual escalation and polarization in society and we will see further attacks. The multiculturalist government is forced to fight a two front war against us on the one hand and militant Islamists on the other.

My European nationalist brothers and sisters will triumph, which will proclaim the end of a left extreme government that has lasted since the Axis powers fell.

How can I be so certain that this will happen?

The reason is that multiculturalism is a self-destructive ideology. National cohesion is so weakened that the economy cannot sustain the welfare state. The economic crisis will make the financial crisis today look like a picnic.

The economy will crash and result in mass layoffs of public employees. People who then lived with blinders end up in a situation where they will lose everything.

When they have lost everything, they are forced into a state of suffering, and then, only then, will they dare to say what they really mean.

And at this time, having lost their religion and culture and their identity, Norwegian European men will no longer fear nationalism.

Only when we recognize within ourselves that you have to stand up for your opinions, and it will happen in a few decades in Europe, and in fifteen years in France.

In the meantime it is important that more patriots in Scandinavia and Europe take responsibility as I have done, as Peter Mangs of Malmö [a Swedish Hunter-type killer of immigrants] has done.

It is important that these Nordic and European nationalist heroes receive the attention they deserve. These heroic young men have sacrificed their lives to ensure that everything we love will not disappear.

They are all ideal knights, perfect foot soldiers for the conservative revolution. For national rebirth. Europe needs more heroes like them.

I am approaching the end.

Multiculturalism is an anti-Norwegian and anti-European hate ideology. Multiculturalism is an evil ideology that forces itself upon us.

We, the indigenous people of Norway, are now in a situation where we are losing our capital [Oslo] and our cities. We are about 5-10 years away from being a minority in our own capital.

The political elites [i båre land] are actually so brazen that they expect us to applaud deconstruction. And those who do not applaud are branded as evil racists and Nazis.

This is the real madness—they should be the object of a psychiatric evaluation and labeled as sick, not me.

The Labor Party’s parliamentary group and all other social democrats in Europe. And why is this the real madness?

This is the real madness because it is not rational to work to deconstruct their own group, their own culture, their own religion.

It is not rational to flood his country with Africans and Asians, so that our culture is lost. This is the real madness. This is the real evil. Universal human rights allow ethnic Norwegians the right of self-defense.

Responsible Norwegians and Europeans feel morally obligated to see that Norwegians are not made into a minority in their own country.

They will not accept that we are made into a minority in our own country, we will fight against multiculturalism in the Labor Party and among others working toward the same goal.

The attacks were preventative attacks in defense of Norwegian culture and my people. I acted from the principle of necessity on behalf of my people, my religion, my ethnicity, my city, and my country.

I therefore demand that I be acquitted of the charges.

This was the thirteen pages I had prepared.

[End of Statement.]

Original Norwegian text:


  1. Posted May 11, 2012 at 4:20 pm | Permalink

    Who is this juggernaut known as Andrew Hamilton? Not only does he give us years of weekly articles, he can also translate long passages from Norwegian into English!

    I really don’t know what to expect next. Fantastic! Let’s hope other media pick up on your hard work.

  2. rhondda
    Posted May 11, 2012 at 5:33 pm | Permalink

    I do not think it is psychologically sound to go after children of your own kind, no matter how logical and correct your argument is. The result of his actions was a mass demonstration about peace and love. People do not hear logical arguments when they are in the midst of emotional upheaval. They then do not want to admit their loved ones died in vain. WW2 is ample demonstration of that. Some will hear it. Most will work energetically to prove him wrong so they do not have to feel guilty for the death of children. So it goes.

    • Clancy
      Posted May 12, 2012 at 10:23 am | Permalink

      Since when are people over the age of 14 “children”?

      • Greg Johnson
        Posted May 12, 2012 at 2:00 pm | Permalink

        A funny question in an age when people in their 30s act like adolescents.

  3. Deviance
    Posted May 11, 2012 at 5:45 pm | Permalink

    Breivik was undoubtedly sincere in his opposition to ethnic replacement of Whites in the West. This is self-evident for anyone who has read the entirety of his manifesto, something few have done, and his opening declaration — thanks for the translation from Norwegian — is just another proof. The Stormfront version of Breivik as a Mossad agent or a MI6 plant is pretty ridiculous, and tells a lot about their fear that “one of them” may have transformed into reality their numerous calls to violence and revolution.

    Despite my moderate empathy for Breivik, terrorism — an attack which is not targeted or badly targeted is the definition of terrorism — has an usefulness which remains to be supported with serious evidence. According to a former violent lefty environmentalist whose name I’ve forgotten, the purpose of terrorism is to give credence and gravity to a cause, so that this cause can no longer be ignored or laughed at. But this ignores the character assassination of the terrorists that usually follows, and it was pretty successful with Osama Bin Laden and Kahlid Sheik Mohammed, who are now viewed by the masses as losers or idiots.

  4. White Republican
    Posted May 11, 2012 at 7:52 pm | Permalink

    Shouldn’t the Norwegian authorities also be prosecuted for “destabilizing or destroying basic functions of society” and “creating serious fear in the population” through their policies of race replacement?

  5. WG
    Posted May 11, 2012 at 10:12 pm | Permalink

    I can’t say I disagree one bit.

  6. Razvan
    Posted May 12, 2012 at 1:49 am | Permalink

    Incredible bright discourse.

  7. Lonewalker
    Posted May 12, 2012 at 4:33 am | Permalink

    He gives a number of logically sound reasons to as why multiculturalism is wrong, commonly heard arguments that is oftenly heard from people critizing the establishment. But from what I can gather he dosen’t connect these points very well to the fact that he murdered innocent people. He even say that the AUF kids were brainwashed, then why did they haft to die?

    I can see the parallel with the indians in america though, it is certainly thinkable that some indians seeing their people being pushed back and marginalised went into a rageful frenzy and killing random whites in a desperate attempt to fight back. Breivik seems to think that violence is the only way that can save western civilization, and think this overrides any moral objections one might have against this tactic.

    I think we can all agree on that Breiviks actions were heinous and that completely regardless whetever terror is a sucessful political strategy or not, it is morally reprehensible and I could not codemn a crime like this enough.

    I can certainly see how morality and empathy in whites are being manipulated by unscrupulous forces which in some ways might be just as brutal and ruthless as Breivik, but that is no argument for abandoning morality and empathy alltogether. It is our morality and empathy that makes us worried about the rise of multiculturalism, and the same morality and empathy makes us condemn the kind of terror that Breivik are guilty of.

    • Clancy
      Posted May 12, 2012 at 10:25 am | Permalink

      “He even say that the AUF kids were brainwashed, then why did they have to die?”

      Because they were the next generation of anti-White politicians?

    • Victoria
      Posted May 12, 2012 at 12:33 pm | Permalink

      His crimes are atrocious, heinous and obviously unacceptable. But to try and answer your question: He has stated several things in court for his reasons for Utoya and the kids being goals (I myself have being following the case from the court room). Firstly he has made it clear that Utoya was not his prime goal. There were several other events (the SKUP conference for example, a yearly gathering of the Norwegian press). But making the bomb took a lot more time than he expected, and he wasn’t able to finish it in time for a lot of his “first choices” of events. In the end the Government building and Utoya was the only legitimate goals left. When he bombed the Government Building he expected to die, but he didn’t. He then listened to the radio and when he heard there was confirmed only 1 dead (later increased to 8 ) he deemed the bombing as failed, and he needed to act on plan b (Utoya) to receive enough press and media attention. Utoya was at that time of the year the only political event he saw as legitimate. He has also said he thought the teenagers were older with over half being over 18 and nobody younger than 16. He was wrong on this account, and at two occasions during the shooting he saw two kids he thought couldn’t possibly be 16 or older, and he said “don’t worry, its gonna be okay” before turning away without shooting them.

      Furthermore he said his goal with the attack was several things: Send a message to the Labour party, spread his manifesto (A European Declaration of Defence) and start a witch hunt of multiculture-conservatives leading to an increased polarization which in the end would result in a radicalization of the moderates.

      He doesn’t deem the kids as innocent, he see them as political activists and traitors (44 of 69 killed has leader positions in the youth party). He has apologized for one of the 77 killings, a “civilian” (as he calls him) who was walking past the government building, and was not a political activist or supporter of the labour party. He refuses however to apologize for anyone else, who he does not see as civilians or innocent.

      • Fourmyle of Ceres
        Posted May 12, 2012 at 2:13 pm | Permalink


        Thank you for your eloquent summary.

        Most of the discussion of Breivik tend to miss the more appropriate question, “What could/should he have done instead?”

        Given his financial and social resources, he could have done a lot, following the example of, say, Marine Le Pen, with the intellectual support of Jonathan Bowden.

        He could have changed the political system forever, in a very positive way.

        He even could have sent money to counter-currents, each and every month!

      • Andrew Hamilton
        Posted May 12, 2012 at 2:24 pm | Permalink

        Many thanks for your report, Victoria!

        I had not known about the flexible, contingency nature of Utøya as a target, but it makes perfect sense in the real world.

        I’m surprised more people haven’t focused on the government building—and noted which offices it housed.

        Breivik did fully expect to be killed that day. Even now he has told the court, “Either acquit me or execute me.”

        Newspapers reported yesterday that the brother of a Utøya victim screamed “Go to hell!” at Breivik in the courtroom and threw his shoe at him. He missed Breivik, but hit his attorney sitting nearby.

        Breivik, upon being escorted back into the courtroom, said, “If someone wants to throw something, then throw it at me, not at my defense attorney.”

        The man who threw the shoe, by the way, traveled from Iraq to do it.

        As I mentioned in a previous comment, not all of the AUFers were white Norwegians.

  8. Savrola
    Posted May 12, 2012 at 8:37 am | Permalink

    It doesn’t matter what you think of Breivik, he exists in our sphere, and Counter-Currents is to be commended for it’s level appraisal of the situation.

  9. Henry
    Posted May 12, 2012 at 2:10 pm | Permalink

    Anyone who went to court hoping to hear about Muslims and Islam must have felt they had arrived at a banquet. But if they went to hear Breivik spill the beans on the Jewish role in Norway’s demise then they sat in on a famine.

    How strange, that a man who can murder people by the dozen, cannot name those behind the ideas and policies which caused him to carry out those murders.

    Breivik’s ignorance and stupidity may be an example of ‘Cultural Marxism’s’ greatest achievement to date…..Misguidance.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted May 12, 2012 at 3:03 pm | Permalink

      Yes! It is amazing that Breivik could loosen the mental inhibitions on killing teenagers of his own tribe, yet he could not shake the taboos surrounding the Jewish question.

      • Sven
        Posted May 13, 2012 at 2:16 am | Permalink

        Not that amazing. He clearly got his worldview from counterjihad blogs, which are strictly pro-Jewish and thus he would never be exposed to the Jewish question. And if he ever was, he’d probably gone too far down the counterjihad route anyway and be too heavily emotionally invested in it to give the “anti-Jewish” side a fair chance.

        Gotta be impressed by Jews and how they manage to infiltrate and distort everything… I don’t follow this site that much, but I hope you have the counterjihad movement figured out? It’s Semitic…

        The two most prominent counterjihadists in the Sweden Democrats are Jews.
        When the leaders for Sweden Democratic Youth (youth leagues in Sweden have a large degree of independence from the “mother party”) wrote an article in the country’s largest newspaper, arguing that the Sweden Democrats should support a two-state solution instead of being strictly pro-Israel, the party elite went nuts. Since then they’ve tried to replace the leader of the youth league with a weak woman (with a “Polish” background, possibly Jewish but not necessarily) loyal to their cause (“cultural nationalism”, “open Swedishness” = anyone can become a Swede etc.).

  10. Visionsofglory14
    Posted May 13, 2012 at 11:58 pm | Permalink

    I suspect that Breivik probably meant to say that “McCarthy should have tried to deport all marxists to the Soviet Union, but unfortunately did not.”

    That follows logically from the preceding sentence about McCarthy’s moderateness while the translation does not.

    • Andrew Hamilton
      Posted May 14, 2012 at 3:17 pm | Permalink

      You may well be right.

      It would be analogous to this one: “The most frustrating of all is that European multiculturalists wanted [ = “have not wanted”?] peace negotiations since World War II. They do not want dialogue, but have instead chosen (…)”

      In this example, you can tell from the second sentence what he almost certainly said in the preceding sentence (the words in square brackets). The reporter presumably got it wrong.

      There were a surprising number of transcription errors for a mainstream newspaper. I am puzzled why the reporter(s)/editor(s) did not correct them prior to publication.

      The other type of error was “simple” (but not always so simple when you’re translating) spelling errors. Numerous words were misspelled. The incest accusation, for example, was not spelled correctly (correct: incestforhold). That stumped me for a bit, because I wasn’t expecting misspellings in a large mainstream newspaper.

      Another example, which I think I’ve figured out since this was posted, is: “The political elites [i båre land] are actually so brazen that they expect us to applaud deconstruction. And those who do not applaud are branded as evil racists and Nazis.”

      Here I stuck the clause I couldn’t figure out when I was translating into the body of the sentence where it otherwise belonged. I’d have to go back and look at the original to be sure, but if I remember the sentence correctly, then “i vår land” (“in our country”) would be straightforward and make perfect sense. Thus: “The political elites in our country are actually so brazen that they expect us to applaud deconstruction.”

      Two little letters can make a big difference.

  11. katana
    Posted May 14, 2012 at 3:17 am | Permalink

    Greg Johnson
    Posted May 12, 2012 at 3:03 pm | Permalink
    Yes! It is amazing that Breivik could loosen the mental inhibitions on killing teenagers of his own tribe, yet he could not shake the taboos surrounding the Jewish question.

    Sven covered some of your sentiment.

    To answer your point in another way, ask yourself which is stronger, the jewish question taboo or killing your own traitors?

  12. Ulf Larsen
    Posted May 14, 2012 at 11:20 am | Permalink

    Varg Vikernes’s (a Norwegian nationalist and founder of the Black Metal music genre back in the early ’90:s) comment on this Breivik business:

  13. Jan L
    Posted May 17, 2012 at 1:56 am | Permalink

    Very interesting. Many thanks.

    This is spot-on: “I was born in a prison and have lived my whole life in a prison, where there has been no freedom of speech.”

    Another gem: “We, the first militant nationalists, are the first rain drops indicating that a big storm is coming.”

    The last quote reminds of something Robert Frenz once wrote on FAEM. He compared the coming White revolution with popping popcorn. First one kernel pops. Then another. Then another. Then two more. Then three more. And then the whole package explodes.

    We live in interesting times.

  14. Andrew Hamilton
    Posted May 22, 2012 at 2:40 pm | Permalink

    Anders Behring Breivik used meditation to kill – he’s not the first
    The Norwegian mass murderer meditated to numb his emotions. The effect of any practice depends on our values

    Vishvapani Blomfield, Tuesday 22 May 2012 03.30 EDT

    Meditation makes you calmer and clearer and encourages empathy and kindness … right? Not if you are Anders Behring Breivik who has told psychiatrists that he used meditation to “numb the full spectrum of human emotion – happiness to sorrow, despair, hopelessness, and fear”. He still practises it behind bars to deaden the impact of his actions.

    Breivik uses meditation as a form of mind control – a way to focus the mind and exclude responses that get in his way. You could argue that he is meditating wrongly, but I think his testimony shows that the effect of any practice, meditation included, depends on the ends to which it is recruited. Breivik’s aims were determined by his racist beliefs and meditation didn’t challenge them.

    We’ve been here before. Breivik likened himself to a Japanese banzai warrior seeking satori – Japanese Zen enlightenment – to harden his heart.

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