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“I’m Irish, Not White”

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Majority-minority America will not be kind to whites. Whiteness will mark you as a second-class citizen, a blot on your soul that excludes you from affirmative action and social respect. Ambitious social climbers will pretend they are non-white or cling to another protected class status to get out of their Caucasian hell.

Signs of this nightmarish future are already present. Plenty of whites claim they’re something else to achieve sacred victimhood. There are a few ways for whites to do this. First, they claim their ethnic group was discriminated against, and that makes them different from other whites. Second, they claim they have some non-white blood or come from a non-white country, and thus they aren’t white. Third, they emphasize being gay, trans, disabled, or some other protected class to gain minority status. Whichever path whites choose, they fortify anti-white sentiment and further erode the historic American nation. But minorities will not allow the whites in on their precious territory – blacks won’t buy the Irish “we wuz slaves!” act.

Whites will mainly perform this ethnomasochism among themselves, which is the point. If white Americans refuse to see themselves as whites or emphasize another identity over race, they undermine attempts at solidarity. The lack of racial consciousness to resist dispossession and the acceptance of multiracial America is what the globalists desire. That’s why elites encourage whites to accept other identities.

Outdated ethnic white grievances entered the public eye last month. CNN host Chris Cuomo, the Italian-American son of Mario Cuomo and brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, was called “Fredo” by a random person. Cuomo flipped out and threatened to assault the man. He claimed Fredo is the n-word for Italians. (Fredo refers to the hapless Corleone brother in the Godfather series.) The flare-up over such a frivolous insult may have resulted in a suspension for most television personalities. Not for Cuomo. CNN claimed “Fredo” was a vile slur and stood by its host. Other outlets seriously considered the comical event a serious act of bigotry. The Fredo slur was placed alongside century-old lynchings and the 1924 Immigration Act in the sufferings of Italian-Americans.

Italians have long been more sensitive to stereotypes and perceived slights than other whites. Mob movies love to portray Italians as the victims of WASP bigotry. The Italian-American Civil Rights League was a powerful force in the 1970s and forced Hollywood to tiptoe around Italian associations with the mafia. But Italians can no longer claim to be the Other. They’ve moved out of the ethnic enclaves and into the suburbs. Everyone, including themselves, sees them as white.

But victim status is far more valuable today. Italians still want to see themselves as oppressed by the Anglo mainstream to obtain status. In Chris Cuomo’s case, it worked. Conservatives mocked the victim signaling, but the rest of the media pretended Italians are an oppressed minority.

Other white ethnics want similar status. The Irish nurse long-dead grudges against Anglos for indentured servitude, nativism, “no Irish need apply signs,” the potato famine, and anti-Catholic bigotry. Irish ethnic animus partially inspired the Kennedy family’s promotion of mass immigration and the “nation of immigrants” myth. The Kennedys saw themselves as undertakers of America’s historic WASP elite and leaders of the white ethnic takeover. This animosity led them to ally with Jews, blacks, and other non-Anglos in their quest to remake America’s elite. The consequences of this alliance have not been good for our country.

Even though many Irish-Americans like to repeat Noel Ignatiev’s dubious assertion that the Irish were once non-white, few would say they aren’t white today. They don’t have Italians’ olive skin and dark features to persuade anyone they’re non-white. But the victim status is enough to make them feel different from the generic whites – even though a significant number of whites have Irish ancestry. But in the future, some Irish may insist they’re non-white. “I’ve never seen myself as white,” Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams said in 2016. Hilariously, he said that to defend his use of the n-word.

Non-whites won’t accept the Irish and Italians as fellow non-whites, but they will appreciate their efforts to divide white America into hostile ethnic groups.

Things get a little trickier for whites who claim some non-white heritage or fit in the broad category of Hispanic. Some whites can get away with this, but others can’t. Most Hispanics – even if they have blond hair and blue eyes – can get away with calling themselves non-white. Blond-haired, blue-eyed Anglos who call themselves Native American are not so lucky. Elizabeth Warren learned this when she said a DNA test proved she was authentically Indian. The test showed she was less than one percent Native, and it was a major humiliation for Warren. But that humiliation didn’t obliterate her past achievements due to stolen ethnicity. She likely got a job at Harvard because of her phony minority status. Warren shows a path for very white Caucasians to get a pass in a majority-minority America – just make up Native ancestry and hope your progressive politics deflects serious inquiry.

White Hispanics are rarely questioned about their non-white credentials, regardless of how white they look. Nobody ever calls Jorge Ramos, Debbie Murcarsel-Powell, or Jessica Alba white, though they all look very white. (Alba absurdly complains she lost roles because she wasn’t white enough.) The only time one can be a dreaded “white Hispanic” is if they run afoul of progressive elites. Dark-skinned George Zimmerman was dubbed a white Hispanic after he killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense. Zimmerman is far darker than Jorge Ramos, but only one of them gets called a white Hispanic. It’s a political category rather than a racial category.

Hispanics once demanded to be called white, but now insist they are non-white. The perks have changed since the 1950s, and they want to reap the rewards of dark features.

If you don’t fall into any of these categories, you’ll either have to accept you’re just a white paypig or find another protected class identity. Gays get their own month, and every corporation congratulates them on who they have sex with. Trans folks arguably get more privileges than any other group: They’ve made entire cities give up on gendered-bathrooms, made presidential candidates list their gender pronouns, and forced public education to teach their insanity to young children. They may soon force the government to cover gender-reassignment surgeries as a life-saving public service. Nobody has revolutionized our current era more than transgenders. But to join them, you have to cut your dick off – so most whites will not go down this route. There are other sexual identities whites can adopt to separate themselves from traditional society. They can say they’re bisexual or even asexual to receive platitudes and special treatment. But no identity is more powerful than trans.

There’s also the disability route, but this requires one to lose one’s mobility or brain functions. Many whites say their depression or anxiety make them disabled and deserving of special treatment. This is an inferior place to LBGT, but it has its perks. The mentally ill do receive a lot of sympathy, especially when most of the media class shares these same ailments. The problem for the depressed and anxious is they don’t receive affirmative action for their woes.

The one group that deserves its own category is the Jews. Most Jews do not see themselves as white, and white society has historically seen them as the Other. But non-whites see them as privileged whites who support a white supremacist state in Israel. Non-whites see all the money and power that Jews have and ignore the alleged injustices of the past. Jews’ status as minorities will be challenged in majority-minority America as Jews loudly proclaim they’re non-white. In spite of their long support for minority identity politics and anti-white rhetoric, Jews will likely lose this challenge. They have too much wealth and power to persuade blacks and Hispanics that they’re on the same team.

Jews will have the ability to differentiate themselves from whites when it comes time to rant about the evils of the historic American nation and how we’re a nation of immigrants. But they will be lumped in with whites most of the time, regardless of how much they protest.

Identity is the definitive category of our time. Whites who refuse to accept themselves as whites only empower our enemies. It doesn’t matter what the English did to Ireland four hundred years ago, or if you got called a wop at a bar. You’re white now, and that’s all our enemies see you as.

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  1. Posted September 25, 2019 at 3:52 am | Permalink

    The enemy has successfully transformed “white” into another word for “evil”. Respectable, civilized people do not like being thought of as evil so they do not like being thought of as white.
    The Irish and Italians are grasping at straws, but it’s their only (thin and probably false) hope of being spared.

  2. Gunnolf
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 4:23 am | Permalink

    As a proud American of Italian and Irish heritage with a wife of Irish German heritage who is American too, we are White. I have never thought of myself as otherwise.

    I’m not a niggerfellow paddy or a mick or a wop or a guinea.
    But the Irish do have far grievance with their history with the English, the limp wristed limeys, that is undeniable. Does that mean reparations? No. The Irish are extremely white, ha. Gerry “not white” Adams has been a useless idiot for quite a while now. The Italians of a more southern persuasion are on the cusp of whiteness that is a fact. Since the majority of Italians in America are southern, the greaser idea stuck. However, a northern Italian is a totally different person (such as my heritage). Should we talk of the Renaissance?

    What is gained by this discussion of who is white? Nothing. We wear our uniform. The caricatures of yesteryear were fears of the outsider by a homogeneous America. A time when nations were seen as what they are, the people. Now we are in a hellscape of no identity. America was always meant to be a white supermajority.

    And as the writer here states, the enemy sees us all as white. It makes no difference the white ethnic conflicts of yesteryear, we were once able to insult each other. We now are all getting replaced and need to value our homogeneous European culture and blood. Whites are very diverse already, but we are being group as evil for nefarious purposes. They want our blood spilled and our children unborn or killed. I’d line up next to any White man of whatever heritage to defend our homes, even if he is a cheeky Brit.

    • d_malaparte
      Posted September 25, 2019 at 1:38 pm | Permalink

      “The Italians of a more Southern persuasion are on the cusp of whiteness, that is a fact”

      Southern Italians are the closest modern-day population to Ancient Greeks. And along with people from the Greek Islands, they cluster closer to modern Syrians and Lebanese than do other West European groups. Unless the Lebanese are not White, I don’t see how this situates Southern Italians at the cusp of Whiteness.

      And they are also cluster pretty damn close to Ashkenazi, perhaps because Jewish men married Southern Italian women for a few generations before turning endogamous and migrating to the Rhineland.

      In truth, the main difference between Southern Italians–and, more broadly, Mediterraneans–and Nordics is that the former have more Early European (Anatolian) ancestry and the latter have more Steppe ancestry. But the constituent elements are the same for all Europeans, only the proportions differ.

      • d_malaparte
        Posted September 25, 2019 at 1:45 pm | Permalink

        Edit –> Early European Farmer ancestry, most of which is Anatolian in origin

  3. Reed Johnson
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 4:25 am | Permalink

    No complaints here. Excellent concise breakdown of the modern lay of the land and useful as a primer to anyone new to the game. Are Italians, especially from the south, exactly Nordic? No, but as you point out, that’s entirely irrelevant to the ring of the ascendant non-white coalition encircling us. Of also particular use, and fresh insight, was your breakdown of how modern Hispanics are perceived, and how Jews are kidding themselves if they think they’ll escape the Frankenstein they’ve created, when non-whites just don’t care looking at their pale skin, immense wealth and power, and have a yawning disregard for muh history. Time will tell, but there’s a growing morbid interest in seeing how all this lunacy will fail, and exactly how Jews will self-destruct yet again. Thanks for sharing.

  4. James J. O'Meara
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 5:55 am | Permalink

    “Italians have long been more sensitive to stereotypes and perceived slights than other whites”

    “I understand. You people are touchy.” Capt. Quinlan (Orson Welles) to Det. Vargas (Charleton Heston in brown-face) in Touch of Evil

  5. Bernie
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 6:02 am | Permalink

    “But non-whites see them as privileged whites who support a white supremacist state in Israel.”

    Most non-whites likely just see Jews as white. Neo-conservatism started when blacks started robbing, raping, rioting and murdering the “wrong whites” in the big cities and leftists turned anti-colonialism rhetoric toward Israel.

    Of course, when non-whites do find out about Jews they tend to more strident anti-Semites than whites.

    • Peter Quint
      Posted September 26, 2019 at 7:02 am | Permalink

      I must disagree, “Neo-conservatism” started when the jews realized that they could get the republicans to do more for Israel than the democrats would.

  6. Bernie
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 6:09 am | Permalink

    I’m half Irish but thankfully my family does not try that “oh, we were so discriminated against” nonsense (or should I say malarkey?). My grandparents were born in the early 1900s. Working class Irish from New Haven who were driven from that city by blacks. The blacks didnt say “hey, lets not rob Patrick as he is Irish and not white.” The stereotypical Reagan Democrats, they hated affirmative action and black crime/welfare and were the least politically people I knew.

  7. James J. O'Meara
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 6:22 am | Permalink

    “Trans folks arguably get more privileges than any other group… Nobody has revolutionized our current era more than transgenders. But to join them, you have to cut your dick off – so most whites will not go down this route.”

    Technically incorrect but a common notion — the process is far more complex and gruesome. More importantly, a not uncommon situation in many past societies, from priests of various goddesses (Attis, for example) to the Ottoman Janissaries. Christian and Jewish prisoners found social advancement in Islamic countries via castration. Considering how nasty, brutish and short most lives were, a reasonable career move.

    • Ian Smith
      Posted September 25, 2019 at 8:45 am | Permalink

      The Janissaries weren’t castrated. However, as Christians forcibly converted to Islam, they were forced to undergo circumcision. That may be the origin of the idea.

    • Alexandra O
      Posted September 28, 2019 at 6:27 am | Permalink

      Don’t forget that a good many Trans ‘women-to-men’ — whatever they call themselves — see fit to part with their ‘boobs’, and undergo further surgery to ‘grow a dick’. Truly one of the strangest group of people on Earth.

  8. Viv
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 6:26 am | Permalink

    I kind of encourage whites to dis-identify publicly. What’s more important are the connections you are making privately.

    • HamburgerToday
      Posted September 25, 2019 at 7:35 am | Permalink

      I don’t think you understand the AntiWhite system that has emerged. Non-Whites determine whether someone is White or not, not Whites. The AntiWhite motto is ‘The only’good White is a subjugated White’.

  9. Joseph S. Salemi
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 6:57 am | Permalink

    Italian-Americans (such as myself) tend to be touchy about anti-Italian prejudice not on racial or ethnic grounds, but on purely political ones. In big urban centers like New York or San Francisco, the bigotry and disrespect we experience come from left-liberals and progressives, who hate the fact that as a group we tend to be very conservative and right-wing. Idiots like the Cuomo brothers are the exception — most Italian-Americans are solid supporters of what this website supports. The left knows this and resents it, which is why anti-Italian snubs and insults are part of the common parlance of academics, media personnel, mainstream journalists, feminists, technocrats, and other elitist liberal types.

    You don’t encounter many persons who hate you because your grandparents came from Calabria. But there’s a vast range of persons who hate you because you voted for Reagan and Trump, and you want to live in a white neighborhood.

    If you are white, male, conservative, heterosexual, Roman Catholic, and Italian, you have six strikes against you in modern American society.

  10. Peter Quint
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 7:13 am | Permalink

    “Jews’ status as minorities will be challenged in majority-minority America as Jews loudly proclaim they’re non-white.”

    The jews will hyper-spin the “holohoax” for several years until they finally realize that blacks, browns, reds, and yellows simply won’t buy it; there won’t be any racial guilt, or sympathy on the part of non-whites–they are not stupid enough to fall for that crap. The jews will then hyper-spin their whiteness, and make overtures to true whites–then we’ll have them by the short hairs.

    • WWWM
      Posted September 26, 2019 at 3:57 am | Permalink

      Sometimes I wonder how many non-whites are automatic holocaust skeptics. We never hear from them on the issue. Holocaust controversies are mostly between whites and Jews. Blacks probably have a hard time understanding all the technicalities of gas chambers and cremation facilities, but the ones from cities know a scam when they see it. Everyone is on to the joke but us. The Holocaust is the lead force of all the elements taking white people’s sense of reality from them.

      • Peter Quint
        Posted September 26, 2019 at 6:23 am | Permalink

        I must disagree, Christianity is the lead force of all the elements taking white people’s sense of reality from them.

  11. Bernie
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 9:05 am | Permalink

    “Why would they give a fuck about brits getting long deserving payback, even if it’s nkt coming directly from the Irish?”

    Because the same “payback” is in store for the Irish (and all whites).

  12. Brooklyn Dave
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 10:39 am | Permalink

    Here we go again. An article to stir up the varied stew of those of European heritage. Yes, in the 1800s and beginnings of the 1900s the Irish were not considered “white” by the Anglo majority in this country. You had cartoonist Thomas Nast picturing the Irish as apes etc etc. But white had a different meaning then – almost a synonym of WASP. The Irish were Catholic, and many in the 1840s-1870s didn’t even speak English, only Gaelic. Today, any American of Irish heritage who uses the “I’m Irish not White” BS is talking through is rear-end. In the vibrant and enriched society we live in, everyone who is of full European heritage is WHITE. Better get that through your heads. Anglo-Wasp, Polish, Irish, Italian or Greek should consider themselves WHITE. It doesn’t mean that we’re denying the individual differences in heritage, but the non-white world sees us as WHITE. It’s the only binding point we have. I do not see the Jews as white regardless of skin color. As a group, they have done everything in their power to trample Christian European heritage. So, as a result of that they do not receive cover from me. BTW, Gerry Adams of Simian Fein is more attached to his multi-culty leftist ideology than he would be to any true sense of Irish -ness, European-ness or White-ness.

    • WWWM
      Posted September 26, 2019 at 3:46 am | Permalink

      I think the issue of Christianity is coming to the forefront for our people. I know it means a lot to many of our people, that religion. However, it is an anti-race ideology. Savitri Devi wrote that Christianity is the Bolshevism of the ancient world. It teaches that we are all the same under God, and so we we should all be politically equal (democracy) which leads to equality economically (communism).

      • Alfred Crane
        Posted September 28, 2019 at 3:15 am | Permalink

        Christianity teaches spiritual equality, physical inequality. Physical equality to be achieved after death. From Christianity, property rights are derived, and thus the right to covenant communities. Wrong enemy, dude.

  13. Dylan Grant
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 12:54 pm | Permalink

    After we have cleansed our lands of the anti-white disease, we can go back to correcting historical injustices in a way that is non-violent and just. I can’t imagine a serious White Nationalist could be imposed to the idea of the Irish or the Scots making Gaelic their official language again out of principle, for instance, or for those groups to have more sovereignty if they want it.

    But so long as our entire race faces extinction we can’t lose ourselves over these things.

  14. EF
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 3:40 pm | Permalink

    I have enjoyed Mr Hampton’s writings for the last few years. He is a remarkable observer of the White Demise.
    I once watched on YouTube a video of Israeli children singing, “WE”RE NOT WHITE WE’RE JEWISH”
    Well while that may, in fact be true, gentiles do not have such a luxury. What the MSM doesn’t SHOW you is the massacres of White people in the USA, ON A DAILY BASIS!

    This situation in the white world is something that appears “End Times” as ludicrous as such an idea might seem to those who have been disappointed in religion.

    The very inventions that our people discovered are being and have BEEN used to mold the world views of our people.

    There was a Russian General who came to America after the (((BOLSHEVIKS))) took over his homeland.
    Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich wrote a book “Secret-World-Government” in which he identifies the (((group))) that was working to genocide the White race, i.e. the Aryans. Cherep-Spiridovich was something of a prophet by all accounts.
    His Wikipedia page under the heading LINKS lists his book but NO LINK is there. He was murdered in NYC and the cops were CROOKED even back then, in 1926, the same year his book was published.

    • Peter Quint
      Posted September 26, 2019 at 6:50 am | Permalink

      I have the book, it is written in a desultory style. However, English was not Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich’s primary language. I like the book, it makes you think along new lines. I think that it was in that book I first came across the speculation that it was the jews who killed Abraham Lincoln.

  15. Steven W
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 4:09 pm | Permalink

    Swaths of Africans enter Ireland but they’re here to understand our culture and assimilate, those English are the real problem. I’ve seen several articles or puff programs proclaiming such views, but not so tongue-in-cheek.

    These hangups are why I only agree with the cultural argument to a degree. Genetics underpin everything and cannot be a dishonest form of identity. Certainly there are differences among European groups throughout history but their genetic heritage is of much more similar stock than the African.
    I’m sympathetic to the “no more brother wars” creed. Brothers may quarrel, families may fight, but when a 3rd party enters and tries to insult one of you…you come together and expel him. Only you can insult your family, it’s different when a stranger does it.

    Even still, the English aren’t cleansing the Irish demographically at the moment, or “new Sweden” being the machination of White identity.

    I hear so often that America was doomed to fail being that it was a melting pot for Europeans, and that the browning of America is inevitable. A bulldozer of European ethnic heritage could not form strong enough bonds to expel the invaders. It’s such a flunky assessment.
    America was culturally similar to so much of Europe, only having drastically changed recently. It took a bit under a century to instill such loathsome views. People continue to argue this was an unavoidable outcome for hundreds of years and we are only now reaching the impetus, but those kind of grand inevitable views are too easily thrown around.
    Many European countries are racing the United States to demographic replacement despite maintaining their ethnic bonds.

    It’s an easy way to “complete the story” and find closure as to what is happening to us now when you will always be “out of the loop” to what is really happening. You will never be one of “the elites”.
    And also for some it is a cognitive workaround to the idea that maybe influence from media and academia, censorship and false story truly does work on everyone, even in such micro ways. Even if you agree or disagree with what is said, your thinking (your world) is shaped by your surroundings (the culture, the society, the demographics and propaganda) and enclosed by it and seeds are constantly being sewn. Sigh….

    Oh what a peaceful world it would be to not have to argue about identity so much. Truly, diversity is the death of peace of mind even among people and their own kind.

    I guess being the entirely mixed race “polyglot boardinghouse for the world” hyper-individual single person is the future’s Ubermensch. A mixed Black, White, Asian, Arab, Indian, Jew Libertarian is the future abomination that has truly reached nirvana.

  16. AE
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 6:29 pm | Permalink

    Aside from the handful of people who take Dugin seriously, I’ve never heard anyone suggest that Russia should reconquer the Baltic states. Stop being so sensitive.

  17. Carson
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 8:07 pm | Permalink

    When people asked me about my ancestry I used to say I was just all-american… until the Mexican girl I work emphatically added “Me too!” Now, I’ll just call myself white.

  18. Comtaose
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 10:16 pm | Permalink

    While the author largely stated the facts in a seemingly calm and dispassionate fashion, his words inevitably sank me in deep despair. How mentally and psychologically morbid, perverted, pathetic, and pathological the whole West with US at core has become thanks to decades of deliberate and incessant efforts of our enemies to vitiate and deprave us and our own nonchalant, indolent and/or cowardly unwillingness to resist! Do we still have any hope/chance to fight back, cleanse and restore our societies?

  19. Peter Quint
    Posted September 26, 2019 at 7:15 am | Permalink

    This conversation reminds me of an “Equal Opportunity Course” I had to take many years ago in the army. A black female instructor stated, and I paraphrase, “I went to Spain once, and I couldn’t believe how many blond, white people there were there.” Blacks have this idea that when the Mussel-men invaded Spain, that whites were bred out-of-existence, or at least to a very small minority. This erroneous viewpoint is analogous to their viewpoint that Hannibal was black, and that blacks did a lot of interbreeding with whites during the Punic War in Italy.

  20. Crom Cruach
    Posted September 26, 2019 at 10:40 am | Permalink

    As somebody who has lived in Ireland all my life, the notion that Irish people could be considered anything other than white never even entered my consciousness until I began interacting with racialism and the dissident right. Nor did I ever get the impression that anyone else made a categorical distinction between Irish people and white people. Its not something anyone even thought about. Nobody would think twice about somebody mentioning that they felt out of place “as a white person” after returning from a trip to Southeast Asia.

    The whole “I’m Irish (or Italian or whatever), not White” seems to be an almost solely American phenomenon, and Gerry Adams being a left-wing ideologue has obviously adopted the idea from the likes of Noel Ignatiev, not from any organic feeling that exists in Ireland. The difference is that in European countries, including Ireland, its “white” with a small “w” rather than a capital one. I think that tends to be a source of confusion for American white nationalists.

    As for the status of Irish and other European immigrants in the US, I’ve always had the impression that their apparent non-whiteness has been overblown by race deconstructionist academics and people who buy into that shtick. Am I saying a significant number of Anglo-Americans were not happy about Irish and other Catholic immigrants? Not at all. Nor do I believe that a significant number of Anglos didn’t think that the Irish were an inferior group of white people to them. But I highly doubt any considerable number of them actually thought the famous Harper’s Weekly cartoon (which was joke) was a serious reflection of racial anthropology. I doubt anyone thought John L. O’Sullivan, the journalist for none other than Harper’s Weekly who coined the term “manifest destiny”, or John Barry, “the Father of the American Navy”, or Denis Kearney, a leading figure in the campaign to keep Chinese immigrants out of the US, were in fact not White men. The US census or the Jim Crow Laws, as far as I’m aware, never classified Irish (or indeed Italian, Polish or German) people as non-White. If it had, I doubt many would even have been allowed entry in the first place.

    Its similar how today in Ireland, I think there should be significantly fewer Polish and Lithuanian immigrants, and that employers should favor Irish people over them (the opposite tends to be the case in many service jobs). But that doesn’t mean I think that they’re not White.

  21. Posted September 26, 2019 at 7:23 pm | Permalink

    I check off all three boxes; Irish, Italian, and Native American. But, I was born with blonde hair and blue eyes – I’m white. White people treat me white, and the swarthier races treat me white.

    That being said, Irish ain’t WASP. My familys’ history reads like James Joyce’s Dubliners. Just like how no white would call Russians white how WASP’s are white. We’re the savage whites, the last remnants of the Celtic race, we are the forest and mountain people. There are greater aggressive and anti-social tendencies from this genetic lineage. But these traits are desperately needed now more than ever. The dainty genetics of soyboys issues from the manor-born WASPs.

    Just like we know the Ashkenazi Jews are Khazarian. Modern day Irish are Celtic-Scythian, but, still very much Aryan-Vedic-Hyperborean descendants.

  22. Alexandra O
    Posted September 28, 2019 at 6:01 am | Permalink

    This essay reminds us that we must put aside our small ethnic differences and unite, since we do have common enemies. I have become vastly aware of these enemies lately (OK, I’m a little late to the party) by reading Peter McLaren’s book “Revolutionary Multiculturalism”, which I just found at my local library sales shelf. It was published in 1997, when I was working and was in a difficult relationship, so wasn’t paying attention to ‘social problems’l. McLaren, a professor at my alma mater, UCLA, writes such immense vitriol against ‘whiteness’ that it’s a wonder any of us are still alive. Well, it takes years sometimes, for ideas to filter through to the mainstream. Read McLaren, or at least his bio on Wikipedia as an introduction, and if that doesn’t make you immediately aware of the need for ‘Whites to Unite” — peacefully and quietly, of course — I don’t know what will. This essay above by Hampton is a great reminder of what we are facing, and the humor helps immensely! BTW, I’m half Irish and half English by DNA, so I can’t choose sides in that old battle between Ireland and England — I love them both, and proud to be a child of both.

  23. Alexandra O
    Posted September 28, 2019 at 6:17 am | Permalink

    Andris, please keep in mind that whites worldwide are out numbered about 6 to 1 on this planet, more or less, according to whichever demographic explanation you read. It is difficult to count people who live in jungles and deserts and do not keep records, but just the commonly accepted number is about 800 million whites, 1.3 BILLION black Africans, 1.4 BILLION Chinese, 1.2 BILLION Indians (continent of India), and about 1 BILLION Arab/Moslems scattered in 57 countries. Then there are the many tribes of South America, SE Asia — Well, you get the point! And seriously, my friend, most of these people do not ‘like’ Europeans, and they make no distinction about Russians vs. East Europeans vs. Western Europeans, or the little squabbles between England and Ireland. Remember, most of them can’t read.

  24. BlueBook
    Posted September 28, 2019 at 11:38 pm | Permalink

    White is a corner European Americans were forced into because departing Europe strictly as colonizers and capitalists seeking wealth they had no deeper identity–that was left far behind in Europe. But anyone can be a capitalist or colonizer, so European Americans suddenly found themselves in need of an identity to distinguish themselves amidst a growing tide of increasingly alien immigrants they so openly welcomed. That’s America afterall–the antithesis of Europe.

    Whitness is the European American’s last ditch attempt at an identity. But it isn’t easy doing a crash course in identity and ethnic pride. Their domestic ethnic competitors are lightyears ahead of them–especially jews. Shouldn’t have ditched and destroyed Europe.

    Could you imagine the American Indian diaspora successfully pushing to have New Dehli and Mumbai firebombed and India invaded by Russia and China?

  25. Hansard Kebold
    Posted October 2, 2019 at 5:54 am | Permalink

    If White people had a country of our own, this wouldn’t be happening.

  26. scottysaintsdeloren
    Posted October 20, 2019 at 1:58 pm | Permalink

    “Hispanic/Latino” is a completely contrived category that only recently came into full use in the last 30 years, roughly. Before that there was a cultural / farm-worker identity associated with Mexican laborers (Chicano), but the idea of categorizing tens of millions–make that 100s of millions of Latin Americans as the “other” is absurd and rather contemporary. This is especially true of the “Hispanic-even-though-I’m-really-white” crowd (as one myself, frankly). if I had a peso for every time I heard a fellow Hispanic say something like “my cousin has blond hair, blue eyes, and really looks white…” or say that of themselves. Folks, if you “look” white, you ARE white. And you dont have to have blue or green eyes or blond hair to be obviously of European (primarily) descent.

    It’s a phony category that has been expanded to include millions of people (immigrants, legal and illegal), to include white Latin Americans. It also curiously is being used like it is for blacks, as though there was any history of (Anglo/Celtic) white Americans discriminating against “Latinos” in Latin America, most of which have had no cultural or historical connection to the United States whatsoever. The idea that some Central American (Mestizo or not) can simply walk into the country and be treated like the descendant of a slave is retarded.

    Yet–white America voted for this with politicians who openly called for it, from the President to state senators. The good news is, Iberian is included in the federal standard for “Hispanic” and if any American has ANY Iberian heritage (say for example through a DNA test), you likely qualify to claim Hispanic. This is different from actual scholarships that may require actual lineage proofs. My suggestion is that every American who can, claim Hispanic and/or Latino.

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