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White Men Wanted

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Meeting up with Nationalist types can often be a bit of a ‘downer’. A recurring complaint is that mixed-race babies seem to be everywhere and white women have been brainwashed into chasing black men to the exclusion of men of their own race.

I am notoriously positive and optimistic about things in general, but am I naive? 

Well, I’ve had some experience of online dating sites and I can state with confidence that by far and away the single most commonly stated preference by white women in their 20s for their desired boyfriend’s ethnicity is “White Caucasian” only. I’d estimate that that more than 80% of white girls’ specifically state that they want only a white partner.

The second most common is to leave that part of her profile blank with no stated preference. This could indicate no racial preference or, more likely, that she is afraid to share her preference publicly but will exercise her choice privately.


The third most commonly stated preference is “White Caucasian or Mediterranean”, which still means white unless you want to get really puritanical about certain parts of south eastern Europe.

Fascination2You could view a hundred white female dating profiles and only find around five who would state any ethnicity other than white as acceptable to them. But these would also include white as also acceptable.

Only once did I ever see a white girl stating her preference as “black” only. She was hideous of face and cloven of foot and you would not have been sorry to lose her from the gene pool I promise you!

But perhaps my dating site experience is not fully representative so let’s look at some more scientific data.

According to a 2011 study on over one million dating website profiles:

“More than 80% of the online dating contacts initiated by whites were to other whites, with only 3% going to blacks. This trend held for both men and women, young and old.”

Another massive study of online daters found that:

“Over 90% of white women who state a racial preference prefer not to date Blacks, East Indians, Middle Easterners and Asians.”

So, despite our media’s obsessive promotion of black and mixed-race singers and sportsmen and even greater obsessive promotion of white female traitors such as Cheryl Cole and the Kardashian monsters, white women are overwhelmingly seeking a white male partner today.

Furthermore, a Princeton University study in 2006 found that:

“One of the most striking findings is that white women who describe themselves as slim, slender, athletic, fit or average are nearly seven times as likely to exclude black men as dates as women who describe themselves as thick, voluptuous, a few extra pounds, or large.”


Overall, there were some clear observable trends, in all these studies it seems that women of all races are significantly more racially loyal to their men than the men are to their women. However, men also exhibit bias toward women of their own race.

Beyond racial loyalty there was a noticeable preference among women of other races toward white men. Of all the racial and sex categories the most racially loyal group was . . . white women. The most disproportionately preferred group of all, by far, was . . . White men.


The liberal media since the last census in 2011 have joyously announced that the fastest growing racial group in Great Britain is the “mixed-race” category – yay, we are on the way to creating a coffee-coloured utopia where we can all just hold hands and under a rainbow for the rest of time!

Thankfully, this is a complete myth and is only true if the measure of growth is taken in relation to the groups’ own tiny size.

The Great British census of 2011 reported that the proportion of people of mixed white and black ethnicity was 1.1%. This was a 67% growth from the 2001 figure of 0.7%.


Nationalists need to remember that there are over 55 million white people in this country and that hardly any of them are race traitors, homosexuals, transexuals, or even leftists!

94% agree that Britain is ‘full up’

67% agree that British firms should be able to give British citizens priority over other EU citizens when hiring new workers, even if this means the UK would have to leave the EU

69% believe that immigration is having a negative effect on the UK

78% support the government’s aim to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands, including 70% of those who voted LibDem!

18% trust politicians to tell the truth

36% agree that most MPs have a high personal moral code

15% of respondents thought it would be likely for the PM to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands by the next election 77% thought it was unlikely

I feel entirely validated in my optimism for the future of my country and people but we certainly have much to do.


The future is ours if only we have the confidence and discipline to reach out together and take it!

I hope that you will join Western Spring, the only group in Great Britain with a full realistic plan led by proven Nationalists of a high-calibre. Contact us today if you have not already done so and arrange a meeting with one of our representatives in your area.



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  1. Gordo
    Posted December 8, 2015 at 2:30 am | Permalink

    Good stuff.

    We sometimes seem to doubt we are the best. We are. Quite simply.

    Two pieces of proof (1) We are (2) They hate and envy us.

    Man up FFS, your ancestors fought woolly mammoths in a blizzard and you are scared of who?

  2. Theodore
    Posted December 8, 2015 at 5:07 am | Permalink

    In response to this, I can respond to the fact that the mixed category in the USA is growing rapidly (albeit small in absolute numbers), and, by way of anecdotal evidence (yes, I know, flawed and not scientific, but still..), in *predominantly white* areas of the USA, at least 50% of young couples I have seen out in the street are Black male-White female, and a strong majority of women pushing baby carriages are White women with mulatto infants. As far as infants go, it’s no contest. That’s in heavily White areas. In more mixed areas and majority-colored areas, from my numerous observation, White-White couples simply don’t exist.

    Maybe my observations are skewed by my rampant pessimism. I’d like to see numbers for the USA, for people in the teens and twenties (and early thirties).

    • The Night Porter
      Posted December 8, 2015 at 3:20 pm | Permalink

      There are clearly more black-white couples, but to say it is 50% is a gross exaggeration. I have lived in relatively upscale, very white areas of NYC for the past 15 years, the last 13 as a viable divorced guy with an appetite. Yes, things have changed, but the overwhelming number of couples -especially in more married areas like Tribeca, Flatiron, UES and UWS, are white-white. Even in hipster heavens like Williamsburg/Greenpoint, there are few black male – white female couples. There are more than in 1999, yes, but few. FAR more white male-Asian girl – now that is trend I would worry about (assuming you have a need to worry).

      Indeed, I would go further and say that whites are in the process of creating a breakaway civilization – it’s called Lower Manhattan. Being working-class and white will be awful going forward. But among the survivors, there is already an implicit white consciousness. Or I should say, an implicit white collective subconsciousness, which is a starting block. Give it five years and you will have explicit rejection of mudsharking by the white “mean girls” cohort, i.e. the alpha girls who run the pecking order and wield an incredible power in our sexually deregulated marketplace.

      In my opinion, the heightened fear of inter-racial breeding (though real) is made worse the more one watches TV and the less one is out and about. In an age of radical cocooning, where social relations are at their nadir, such fear is easily engendered and manipulated by TPTB. This is why I promote PHYSICAL socialization and a return to a more 1960s-1980s social vibe – but that’s a topic worthy of an essay.
      All the best to you…

      • Theodore
        Posted December 8, 2015 at 6:30 pm | Permalink

        50% of the couples I see when traveling around different parts of the country. Of course that is not a random sample and not reflective of the national average. But there seems to be a default pathway in that if there are male Negroes present, they will be successful with at least White females from the lower half of the SES scale.

      • Rose Madder
        Posted December 8, 2015 at 11:40 pm | Permalink

        Why 60s to 80s social vibe? I went from childhood to adulthood in that era and my experience was terrible as far as socialization went. Earlier, white society set up church and other functions where young people could learn to socialize and choose a suitable mate in the prime pair bonding years. This was available to those born in the 20s and a bit after. But by the 60s social life was destroyed for those of us growing up in more liberal areas.

        After a few short term boyfriends I married at 23. But all the social pressure was to feminism and promiscuity. My friends refused to attend my wedding and when I got pregnant I no longer had any friends.

        Many of my peers never had children and didn’t develop careers either as partying was a bigger priority than getting an education (practically free at that time). I remember the newspapers remarking on the low birthrate. Walking around pregnant, I felt like a leper. (I guess it didn’t help that we lived in a low rent gay/single welfare mom neighbourhood.)

        But, as far as the relations of the sexes goes, 60s to 80s were a low point. They may be improving now.

    • argosy jones
      Posted December 9, 2015 at 11:16 pm | Permalink

      in *predominantly white* areas of the USA, at least 50% of young couples I have seen out in the street are Black male-White female, and a strong majority of women pushing baby carriages are White women with mulatto infants.
      It’s awfully hard to believe this is a representative sample, given that there are about 5 times as many Whites as blacks in this country. There just aren’t nearly enough black men to be going out with 50% of white girls.

  3. Lew
    Posted December 8, 2015 at 7:36 am | Permalink


  4. Peter Quint
    Posted December 8, 2015 at 9:28 am | Permalink

    I was in the U.S. Army for twenty years and it was the norm for white women and white men to be married to a non-white. Whether it be the “mudshark” whom bragged that she dated black men only, or the little weedy looking white male that was married to the oriental female or sometimes black female. When I retired from the military service and continued my college education to obtain a master’s degree, I noticed the same phenomenon on college campuses where it was skinny, weedy, or obese white male professors whom were in a relationship with oriental females. What I am saying is that these people tend to gravitate to institutions, because they promote inter-racial marriages. Thanks for pointing out that “appearances” do not represent reality. I read that Guillaume Faye predicted that the bulk of white women in France would abdicate their race in favor of a non-white male. I hope that he is wrong!

  5. Petronius
    Posted December 8, 2015 at 10:10 am | Permalink

    Some time ago, there was an official survey by OKCupid, indicating that most people still prefer their own racial group, even on a very liberal-biased site as this. I do think that in many cases people just pay lip service, for fear of social pressure or because of some kind of value system schizophrenia. The brain washing works less in Eastern Europe (so far). On OKC, there is a big questionnaire, and one Yes/No question is “I strongly prefer to go out with people of my own race” (or so), I noticed that most Western women answer “No”, while 99% of all Eastern European women answer “Yes”, the same with other similar questions. They also hate “feminism” in the East…

  6. Thaddeus
    Posted December 8, 2015 at 12:38 pm | Permalink

    What is the source of those Fascination banners? Is it a site somwhere? A FB page? A tumblr? A Twitter? I’d love to subscribe to whomever is producing them.

  7. WG
    Posted December 8, 2015 at 1:48 pm | Permalink

    I see this online as well. But, I’m also seeing a lot more Asian male/White female couples in public, which I find very weird.

  8. Cobalt
    Posted December 8, 2015 at 1:55 pm | Permalink

    It’s sad the media has done such a good job of convincing young white men that their women are no longer interested in them. This plus the preference of women from other races to prefer white men leads to additional mixed race marriages in my experience.

    Feminism leads young white women to give all the wrong signals to their male counterparts.

    If young white women are going to need to become very explicit in showing their interest and admiration for white men or other women will snap the men up.

    It seems that some young women have woken up to this as the #womenagainstfeminism hashtag demonstrated.

    It’s no accident that the men’s rights movement and the MGTOW movement gains mainstream promotion just as young women start to reject feminism. The toxic social devide must be maintained!

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted December 8, 2015 at 1:56 pm | Permalink

      “No accident?” Tell me, in your view, are there any accidents?

      • Rose Madder
        Posted December 8, 2015 at 8:49 pm | Permalink

        I’m just guessing as to what your objection is. But will try again.

        When second wave feminism slammed into the culture as I reached puberty, I believed it was just a social trend, an accident. Now that I have educated myself a bit more on the history of feminism, I realize that it was not just an accident, or effect of modernity. The conversation about women’s roles may have been a natural reaction to the industrial revolution that changed all social roles for Europeans. However, a lot of money and effort went into installing feminism as a ruling ideology in my country. I remember this very well.

        Men’s rights organizations have been around since the 60s. They have never gained any traction in the mainstream media. There was feminism or radical feminism, period. The brand that was implemented as policy where I live was radical sneaked in the backdoor of government and loudly cheered/propagandized by mainstream media.

        I was raised by my father due to my mother suffering brain damage with brothers and no sisters. My own family is me, my husband and sons no daughters. I’ve been outspokenly against feminism since the second wave. I’m not religions, nor socially conservative, but I loath feminism. In my experience it has perhaps irreparably damaged white heterosexual pair bonding.

        So a few years ago, I went looking to see if there was any pushback that I could use to help my sons. I read Warren Farrell’s book Myth of Male Power in the 90s, then later discovered much pro-male internet material that did a great job of debunking feminist “facts”. So I donated where I could to some of these efforts.

        Then, eventually I noticed that the MRAs never explicitly stick up for White men, just generic men. But feminists are very explicit that it is white men they are against. I also noticed that the method of addressing men’s issues now is similar to the way feminism was introduced to us women. Create terrifying narratives of false rape charges and rotten divorces intended to make young white men avoid pair bonding and having children. In addition anti-feminism is increasingly concerned with the harm done by “white-feminism”. My in box is full of article on harmful “white-feminism.”

        So I can’t help but notice the parallels between the MO of feminists and now the mainstream supporters of men’s rights. MRAs use factual information unlike feminists because men fact check and women don’t seem to bother.

        There is a common trait between the mainstream supporters of mens’ rights and the leadership of second and third wave feminism. I will let you guess. I discovered it by following twitter where it became obvious.

        It just seems too convenient that as young women reject women’s studies and feminism, there is a sudden interest by certain mainstream folks in mens wellbeing.

        But yes there are accidents, I’m just not certain this pattern is so accidental.

  9. sean
    Posted December 8, 2015 at 5:54 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the good news. In general, most people prefer their own kind. I do sense that women are inherently more conservative in their choices and it is men who are more willing to transgress. Inter-racial couplings are up, but not nearly as much as the media would have us believe.

  10. Charles & Charlene
    Posted December 8, 2015 at 7:10 pm | Permalink

    Thank you for this encouraging article. It has made a strong case that women, (both white and non-white) generally prefer white men who behave like proper men. Sadly, many white men of Western societies have lost their values and cultures through indoctrination by academia and Hollywood role models. As a result, they behave in ways that are shameful and degenerate. This is also true for non-white men who are exposed to these, or similar, manipulations. Many white men do not appreciate how strong a position they could be in. Most are completely unaware of how modern society has disempowered and shamed them. They themselves participate in shaming their own beautiful and intelligent women.

    A somewhat related topic is the widespread hostility against university campus groups that wish to form White European groups on campuses. The reaction to these groups that vocally specify they are not hate groups has been incredibly hostile. This is evident when one reads the hyperbole in the news and comments sections of leftist blogs. Yet, it is a cause for hope. The intense reaction to these groups is evidence that their approach is an effective way to advance European civilizational interests. Of course, this is provided that their focus of discussion remain positive and about our own group. They must not degrade themselves to the levels of their critics.

    Imagine a University with affiliations of White European groups. Members would be by invitation only to prevent infiltration by the same individuals who have degraded our academic institutions. What would the discussion topics be? Perhaps they could discuss the history of the White European Christians and Pagans; both the positive and the negative aspects. They could learn about inventors, adventurers, explorers, warriors, scoundrels, missionaries, modern medicine, white female leaders, the creation of hospitals, universities, and more. It would facilitate cultural enrichment and deeper understanding. This knowledge could then be shared with the university community at large and maybe one day it may allow white students to be included in the discussions of diversity where they do not have to apologize for where they come from.

    The White European campus group should never go to the negative regarding other identity groups in order to advance their interests. Our history, civilization and arts are rich. There is no need.

    The very idea that White men and women would take pride in the achievements of their ancestors race and ethnicity, whether under Christianity or Paganism, is threatening to the status quo of multicultural society. In the last few decades, Canadian culture has been redefined by multiculturalism. This means that today, being Canadian has less meaning as Canadian citizens no longer identify with a cohesive set of values. The world no longer sees us as peaceful. We are seen as a puppet of war criminals. It is no wonder that Canadians identify more with their religious and ethnic groups than they do with their Canadian citizenship.

    White parents must engage their children in their cultural heritage and values, how to identify and counter propaganda; and teach their boys how to treat women with the dignity and respect they deserve.

    • Rose Madder
      Posted December 8, 2015 at 9:01 pm | Permalink

      “White parents must engage their children in their cultural heritage and values, how to identify and counter propaganda; and teach their boys how to treat women with the dignity and respect they deserve.”

      I agree with your sentiment that parents must now engage their children in valuing their heritage. However, young white men are bashed from kindergarten to post secondary and beyond. Young white men need encouragement to re-moralize themselves. And young white women are taught to demoralize rather than support white men.

      So I would teach my daughters (if I had any) to also treat men with respect as long as the deserve it and to act in a manner that deserves respect.

      Young men are now very jaded about women after 50 years of constant male bashing and feminist encouragement of self destructive behaviour in young women. The female acting out has destroyed the female pedestal and it may be hard for women to get back on it.

    • c
      Posted December 9, 2015 at 4:20 am | Permalink

      I’m afraid that I do not agree with you about the future of The University. The major universities, I believe, are finished. This does not mean that they will go ‘out of business’ – they will be in *nothing but* business. This is a topic for another time.

  11. Anonymous
    Posted December 8, 2015 at 5:22 pm | Permalink

    I don’t know what the stats for interracial marriage are here in Aus, as the Govt keeps none on anything racial (except Aborigines). In the US, apparently “In 2014, 37% of Americans said having more people of different races marrying each other was a good thing for society, up from 24% four years earlier. Only 9% in 2014 said this trend was a bad thing for society, and 51% said it doesn’t make much difference,” says Pew research, who report a 7% rate for Whites. I’d like someone good with stats to control for population size and frequency of encounter (as per interracial crime stats) and hopefully reassure us on that basis.

    Also, where can I see more of those gorgeous photos?

  12. Mr Reynard
    Posted December 9, 2015 at 4:20 am | Permalink

    Quote:The liberal media since the last census in 2011 have joyously announced that the fastest growing racial group in Great Britain is the “mixed-race” category – yay, we are on the way to creating a coffee-coloured utopia where we can all just hold hands and under a rainbow for the rest of time!
    I would add & they will sing “Kumbaya My Lord.. Kumbaya “

  13. BratwurstParmigiana
    Posted December 13, 2015 at 12:09 pm | Permalink

    Other than match & pof, which sites are there for whites? I’m in the US, but would not mind re-locating to NL, AUS, NZ, ITA, GER, CAN — wherever the BW #s are better than in the US.

  14. Natural Blonde
    Posted April 29, 2016 at 2:19 am | Permalink

    Please don’t focus only on white women-who need to find white men. White men are also to be held responsible for racial treason. Right now I’m on holiday in Thailand. And what do I see: many many European and Nordic European men with local women. One time fling?-that might be ok, but many have produced mixed offspring. Those beautiful Nordic men and well beautiful also Thai women, but this is wrong…. Leave each race for their own.

    It is not easy for both sexes to find each other. Namely because Whites are Extremely desirable by other races. White men are chased by Asian women, and White women are chased by everyone else. I do not exactly know the extent how much White men are chased by asian women, but my Nordic boyfriend during travel would often be asked to be in pictures with women form China.

    I can talk only from women perspective. From my personal dating experience-I was 30 when joined dating site. Mostly I was contacted by muslims, indians, israelis (what was a bit surprising) and then by white men. And those darker men where very very persistent. Most men do not read racial preference or do not care. Many muslims can pretend to be Europeans-if have lived there or if are not located in Europe they love to pretend to be Italians… Now on attention: white men tend to be luke warm and attention is so fragile. I used to call them by my own term “timid deers”. Especially that is true for white Europeans, sorry to say but White Americans are much more manly. If for a local guy it was an issue to go to another town to see me, for a muslim it was no issue to fly over (uninvited) , send gifts flowers, etc. I did play (as talking on net) but luckily this did not progress further. Had I believed the brain washing, that race does not matter who do you think would win? Attention levels are just uncomparable. White men, please man up.
    And additionally much much more men of colour would claim their interest in marriage and children right away as in first conversation, while White men would do it rarely and quite often say “I don’t believe in marriage”, “I don’t want children”, “It’s too early to discuss”… This is quite telling. Men, please take some responsibility for yourselves and your brothers. Foreign exotic girlfriends can be fun, but don’t settle for race treason and educate your brothers who are about to commit a deadly mistake as marrying or breeding with woman of colour, there are plenty of White women and girls for you.

    • Natural Blonde
      Posted April 29, 2016 at 9:31 am | Permalink

      P.S. To make a point: tonight while dining I counted people around me. In the restaurant that we ate: 7 couples, 6 of them white man and Tai woman (minus my bf and me) and one single man. On the other side of the street I saw at least 3 mixed couples and some groups of white men. I have never heard of public condemning of this phenomena. Only women get the blame or get to carry the responsibility (look at this particular discussion-everyone counts and notices females, but what about males???). So while leaving the restaurant tonight I tried to look into the eye of those men that were nearby, but conveniently they tried to look away. I wonder why…
      Additionally to the same topic I remembered the infamous case of Ashley Madison where 99% of population were men. Married men who wanted to cheat and actively tried to do that. 40 million men!!!-or entire population of Argentina or all males of all ages from Germany. And still females, feminism and whatever else get the blame… Just some food for thought…

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