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Hyperborean Home

1,770 words

French translation here

Farnham O’Reilly
Hyperborean Home
Xlibris, 2011

Hyperborean Home pioneers a new and absolutely necessary genre: racial nationalist fantasy literature, specifically Traditionalist, deep ecological, esoteric “Nature’s Witnessist,” “Natural Selectionist” fantasy literature. (We will get to those terms later.) Its only real precursor might be some of the novels of Ernst Jünger, such as Visit to Godenholm (not yet translated into English), but even that is a stretch.

One of the common themes of many Counter-Currents writers is the insufficiency of backwards-looking conservatism and data-driven empiricism to preserve and elevate our race. History and natural science are, of course, necessary for understanding the world. But we want to do more than understand the world. We want to change it. We want to create a future for our people. And for that, facts are not enough.

Facts appeal only to a small number of intellectually inclined people. Furthermore, on their own, the facts about our present circumstances are more likely to produce despair than action. What we need is a myth, meaning a concrete vision, a story of who we are and who we wish to become. Since myths are stories, they can be understood and appreciated by virtually anyone. And myths, unlike science and policy studies, resonate deeply in the soul and reach the wellsprings of action. Myths can inspire collective action to change the world.

I will not soon be forgiven for claiming that a group of Tolkien fanatics who decide to breed a super-race of elves has a greater chance of preserving the white race than the current White Nationalist movement with its mighty arsenal of bell curves, pie charts, darky stories, and nostalgic pining for Jim Crow, the Third Reich, the Confederacy, or still more distant times. I think I have found a kindred spirit in Farnham O’Reilly.

Hyperborean Home is set on earth 3,000 years in the future. The human population has been dramatically reduced. Those who remain live simple lives in harmony with Mother Nature. In the northern parts of North America, Europe, and Australia—and probably other areas, like southern South America and New Zealand—dwell the Fairest Ones. Other races dwell in other parts of the world: Orientals, Blacks, Amerindians, Middle Eastern Muslims, etc.

The different races occupy separate, homogeneous homelands. All races are concerned to preserve their genetic distinctness. The main cause of racial hatred—different races being forced together in the same living space—has been eliminated. The global capitalist system seems also to have been eliminated. Thus race relations are harmonious. For the most part, the races seem to have no contact with one another. But on the highest levels, there are cordial friendships between leaders that allow them to unite and fight for their common survival when an ancient evil returns.

Science Fiction is supposedly oriented toward a technological future, fantasy to an archaic past. But just as Star Wars is set “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away,” there is nothing to prevent us from locating a fantasy novel in the future. Indeed, if one goes far enough into the future, highly-evolved beings might appear to us as archaic and even primitive in their ways of life, and highly-evolved technology might seem like magic.

So the boundaries of science fiction and fantasy are fluid. Indeed, some of the best science fiction is archeofuturist: combining high technology with archaic values and social forms. The paradigm of archeofuturist fiction is Frank Herbert’s Dune.


Hyperborean Home is also archeofuturistic. The Fairest Ones can live without a lot of modern technology because they have focused on selective breeding—eugenics, combined with euthanasia for the culls—to improve the human body. The Fairest Ones, like Tolkien’s elves, live enormously long lives. They are extraordinary strong and beautiful. They are resistant to disease and even to radiation. They can communicate telepathically with one another and with animals. (Domestic animals have also been dramatically bred up over 3,000 years.)

Because of their biological improvements, the fairest ones can live without a lot of technology that we take for granted. But we also learn that they still prize scientific research as well as technological development to do things they still cannot do unaided. For one thing, the Fairest Ones are dedicated to erasing all traces of the technological Old Order and restoring all the things it destroyed, including countless species of animals and plants, which have been brought back with Jurassic Park technologies. The Fairest Ones also have flying machines for rapid transportation. They also did a great deal of research into space travel. But the most advanced among them are now beginning to experiment with teleportation, which will render even this technology irrelevant.

The Fairest Ones are ruled by Seers, 88 men and women of advanced age, refined wisdom, and unusual powers. They are basically wizards. Their policies are executed by a martial-religious order called the Seer Service—the SS for short.

The Fairest Ones live in extended families, and their dogs are integral parts of their families and inseparable companions. They live in agrarian communities. There are few cities, and they are small. They value education. They are vegetarians and apparently do not drink or smoke. They are monogamous and prize sexual modesty and discretion.

The Fairest Ones are intensely religious. They worship the Allfather and Mother Nature. They believe that from time to time, the divine takes on human form—an avatar—and enters into the world to set things right. They believe that at least some souls reincarnate. They believe that they descended from a race that spread across the world from a Hyperborean Homeland, settling for a while in a place called Atlantis.

What is the philosophy of the Fairest Ones? What led their distant ancestors to steer their posterity in such a direction, to create such a world? The Fairest Ones are followers of a figure known only as Nature’s Witness. According to the teaching of a figure known as the First Priestess, Nature’s Witness was a divine avatar who entered the world to do battle with the Old Order, also known as Six Sixty-Six, and create a New Order in which mankind lives in harmony with nature. The philosophy of Nature’s Witness is called Natural Selectionism—NS for short.

The principal enemies of Natural Selectionism are known as the Evil Ones and “Urban Men.” The Evil Ones believe that man is not part of nature. They also believe that they are the only real men. All the other two legged mammals are mere beasts of burden. They believe that their God, who is also not part of nature, gave them dominion over nature and other men. Accordingly, they instituted a way of life involving the exploitation of nature and other men, including the promotion of race-mixing, by which they hoped to render their two-legged beasts of burden docile and incapable of resisting them.

The Evil Ones based their religion on something known as the Black Book. Later, an avatar appeared among them, the One Who Came Before. He tried to civilize them, but they killed him. Then an Evil One known as the Great Deceiver twisted his teachings into an instrument by which the Evil Ones spiritually poisoned and enslaved the rest of mankind. The Evil Ones, however, apparently did not survive the fall of the Old Order. And the religion of the Great Deceiver has apparently died out among the Fairest Ones, replaced completely by Natural Selectionism.

The Evil Ones also martyred Nature’s Witness—driving him to suicide—but his spirit rose from his grave, and with the help of the First Priestess, the First Disciple (who was also martyred), and others, Natural Selectionism became a militant faith against time which eventually, by any means necessary, brought about the downfall of the Old Order before the Evil Ones could consummate their plan to completely destroy the Fairest Ones.

I will say little more about the plot of Hyperborean Home than can be gathered from the book jacket: an ancient evil has apparently reawakened, threatening the survival of the world. Thus the Fairest Ones and all the other races of the earth, as well as members of the animal kingdom—including some giant creatures previously thought to be mythical—must join together to defeat evil forever.

Come to think of it, that is pretty much the story of The Lord of the Rings, without necessarily being derivative of it. (At this level of generality, there are not that many stories anyway.) Trust me, if you love Tolkien, you will find it hard to resist this book.

Hyperborean Home is a remarkable achievement. It is imaginative and beautifully-written, with a captivating narrative. The book is also attractively designed and well-edited, and I am very picky about such things.

It is not, however, without flaws.

First, the didactic elements could be better integrated into the story. The lessons on the nature of the Old Order run on a little long, and pedagogically, they begin with a very odd topic: accounting practices! A far more dramatic and logical starting point would have been the lessons on the Black Book of the Evil Ones, which is ushered into the classroom with an SS guard and only touched with gloves, its pages turned with wooden paddles. Surely the accounting lessons could have been put in an appendix. (The novel itself is 317 pages, with 70 pages of appendices at the back—not unlike Tolkien either.)

Second, there is a stylistic imbalance. The early chapters, which I find quite captivating, have a leisurely pace and are filled with detailed descriptions. It often reminds me of Ernst Jünger at his best. (But, unfortunately, even at his best Jünger can be somewhat boring.) The middle chapters get bogged down in didactic lessons. The last chapters have a much faster-paced narrative, but the style becomes less like nuanced fantasy literature, more like pulp adventure fiction. A better model for such blow-by-blow writing would be the Iliad (the father of all sports-casting, among other things).

Finally, the Fairest Ones’ attitudes about sexuality, including their exaggerated horror of homosexuality, have much more to do with the Black Book of the Evil Ones than with our own authentic history and culture.

But these are minor quibbles when compared to the virtues of this remarkable book. One must also take into account that this is apparently the author’s first novel. I hope it is the first of many: not just other novels by Farnham O’Reilly, but of a whole new genre and literary school.

I wish that Counter-Currents had published this book, and as a publisher, that is one of the nicest things I can say about it. So what are you waiting for? Order your copy today.


  1. Posted July 8, 2011 at 12:45 am | Permalink

    Great review of what sounds to be a great book, Greg. And I absolutely agree that “Dune” is the ultimate archeofuturist novel. I sometimes throw in the old David Lynch movie for inspiration. We’ll never live to see it but I can see the civilization of a few thousand years from now being something like it, if all goes well.

    • Posted July 8, 2011 at 10:51 am | Permalink

      Dune, the ultimate archeofuturist novel? Lynch’s film seemed so incredible silly to me that it prevented me from reading the book!

      There are only two really numinous sci-fi films in the whole history of Hollywood, both produced by Kubrick (although Christiane Kubrick had to ask Spielberg to direct the last one because her husband died prematurely).

      Why I won’t read Hyperborean Home? Because it is too PC for my futuristic tastes. The myth which has possessed my soul is not a world with “Orientals, Blacks, Amerindians, Middle Eastern Muslims, etc” but with no non-whites at all (naturally: since I see literally thousands of Amerindians every day I step outside my home).

      Let’s put it this way. In 1978 I discovered the art of Maxfield Parrish: a world composed of nymphs on the rocks, of sylphides, dryads and ephebes. The ultimate archetype of human beauty took hold of my soul in a far more religious experience than professor Aschenbach (as explained in the other recent CC thread where I mentioned Visconti’s Death in Venice) since I was a teenager then.

      So when in my twenties I discovered some of Arthur Clarke’s novels my mind told me: This is it. In Against the Fall of Night (1948), which later became The City and the Stars (1956), the impression I got is of a world populated purely with whites. It is assumed that non-whites went extinct (correct me if I’m wrong: for many years I haven’t reread them).

      Only a pure-elves, Tolkienesque world could captivate the imagination of a nationalist as talented as Kubrick to the point of embarking on the project of filming it. Only a world radical enough, a world not only exempt from non-whites but populated with the most beautiful specimens of hyperboreans, a Parrishesque world embodied in one of those Clarke novels, is capable of creating a myth.

      This is not the world of Winnie the Pooh’s “mighty arsenal of bell curves, pie charts, darky stories, and nostalgic pining for Jim Crow”, gentlemen. This is the real thing. The real food for the soul: what Jung called the all-powerful Self.

      • Posted July 8, 2011 at 3:19 pm | Permalink

        P.S. On the other hand, Farnham O’Reilly’s article currently featured at TOO is so good that I’ve included it in my collection of best articles (here).

  2. Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted July 8, 2011 at 3:29 pm | Permalink

    The lessons on the nature of the Old Order run on a little long, and pedagogically, they begin with a very odd topic: accounting practices! A far more dramatic and logical starting point would have been the lessons on the Black Book of the Evil Ones, which is ushered into the classroom with an SS guard and only touched with gloves, its pages turned with wooden paddles. Surely the accounting lessons could have been put in an appendix.

    This is a point of singular profundity. From the Jungian perspective, To Be A Man Is To Measure, and accounting practices are the beginning of measuring in the abstract. Remember, bookkeeping is a technique, but accounting is a language, and the greatest abstraction this language deals with is an area called Valuation.

    The Adamic Covenant – the ability to Define – has its counterpart in what might be called the Pythagorean Covenant – the ability to Measure. Dr. Joseph Farrell has dealt with this in one way, with Babylon’s Banksters, and more, in his latest work, dealing with the metaphysical foundation of temporal universal systems of measurement.

    Remember, ENRON’s defense, in part, was that it was fully compliant with what are called Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. That these have become so perverted is noted by astute financial analysts, who noted the total rebuke of FASB 157, the Mark to Market Valuation Issue with alarm.

    Valuation, perverted, turns overpriced mortgages into the foundation of a corrupt banking system, and the pension funds of the citizenry. In time, the stage is set for the liquidation of the country, and the liquidation of the future of the nation, replacing assets, undervalued for sales purposes, with debt, overvalued, for sales purposes. Perverted accounting means measuring in the service of perversion, insuring perverted outcomes. Looked at the Real Economy around you lately?

    Eventually, all material economic issues reduce to physical economics, and the best way forward from that is the models of Natural Capitalism, and ecological economics as a philosophical and analytical system. This implies the repudiation of so much we have based our self identities on. THAT implies a new philosophy, and from there, the foundation of a new nation from the ashes of the failed Old Order.

    From there, triple bottom line accounting will develop into the foundation of a new, intellectually honest accounting system.

    More to follow on this fascinating book, and the fascinating comments upon it.

    What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

    • Posted July 8, 2011 at 4:02 pm | Permalink


      As to your bold-typed words, for starters who hit a page such as this one for the first time in their lives, it would be more propedeutic to use a link, for example:

      Focus Northwest

      It would be great if Covington used a video for us to link to in our bold-type signatures: only the spoken word can produce galvanizing myths.

      • Fourmyle of Ceres
        Posted July 10, 2011 at 9:19 am | Permalink

        Thanks – as soon as I learn this html stuff, I’ll do that. Your ideas about linking to a Covington video is just damn brilliant. I can imagine his narration:

        “This is your world today (shots from flash mobs, Los Angeles, Detroit – Colored regions). This WAS your world fifty years ago (shots from LOOK and LIFE magazine of Los Angeles, farm families, stuff like that). Now, take the best of what was, and carry it fifty years into the future your children and grandchildren will live in. That requires a new nation, a homeland, a homeland for the White Race. Imagine THIS, instead: pictures of….” I use the paragraphs from Sterling’s Drakon, where Gwendolyn opens a black plastic “credit card sized” piece of “paper,” and it displays the world she came from. Hyperborean Ideals with Very Advanced Technology. That’s one idea. That’s why I focus on people imagining and describing the world outside their bedroom windows in 2050, describing what it will look like if they do nothing, and what it COULD and SHOULD look like, if they shifting their thinking a tiny bit from themselves to their grandchildren.

        I have really been thinking about the distribution of intelligence and abilities (“Talents,” to quote from the Bible), and the intelligent, diligent efforts of a handful of dedicated people to change enough of the world that matters – think of 1776 to 1791, for example. Or, 1861 to 1876. The necessary first step is to send money to counter-currents, regularly.

        We have been Called to participate in the greatest battle in History.

        I don’t know how, but I know this:

        We’re going to win.

        What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

  3. Posted July 8, 2011 at 7:53 pm | Permalink

    Wow, I really look forward to reading this book. I’m now working on a series of essays on novels dealing with societal collapse and/or a dystopian future. I just finished Ward Kendall’s Hold Back This Day (Counter-Currents) and was deeply troubled by the “future” it pictured. Troubled because it was far too close to what is happening to us Whites today.

    Getting back to Hyperborean Home, I think I will be very inspired by the story, hopefully in the same way I was by the excellent Northwest Quartet by Covington (I’ll include his books in my essays).

    Finally, I’ll say that my jaw dropped when I read this line: “Thus the Fairest Ones and all the other races of the earth, as well as members of the animal kingdom—including some giant creatures previously thought to be mythical—must join together to defeat evil forever.”

    To be honest, I’ve been thinking of trying my own hand at fiction, and this–minus the animals–was my starting point. Since Johnson says that he hopes this will be the start of such a genre, likely there will be room for my own work should I ever do it.

    • Fourmyle of Ceres
      Posted July 10, 2011 at 11:32 am | Permalink


      An idea you might want to consider.

      Between the Hyperborean Home, one manifestation of the metapolitical order, and where we are, an inversion of the metapolitical order, lies the temporal bridge between the extant order, and a metapolitical order, one best defined in terms of Harold Covington’s Northwest Republic.

      Why not a series of paragraphs, evolving into longer pieces, and then short stories, building the bridge between the imploding social order around us, and the Northwest Republic? You could flesh out Covington’s Vision by borrowing from his stories with short stories that use the characters – or roughly similar characters, with different names – and tell the stories of how we got from here to there.

      You could start with the idea of, say, a kid finding an ancestor’s diary from the year 2150, and using the daily diary entries as a starting point for short stories.

      Why not stand on the shoulders of giants? We have too damn few, to begin with, so take full and ruthless advantage of Covington’s efforts. Hell, call them “Tales of the Northwest Republic.”

      One good idea for a story them – an entire section – would be “The Long, Cold Winter.” You could use the diary to track the failures of the System in the lives of one family which slowly became marginalized, lost their jobs, lost their place in society, and suddenly realized they had nothing, and nothing to lose.

      “They left Home, in anger and in sorrow, and realize the country they thought was theirs was now openly hostile to them, and people who looked like them. ‘Nothing left, and nothing to lose! We’re going Home! This time, we’ll do it right, and this time, We’re Going To Win! Roger looked at his family, and hoped their looks of concern would change with his sense of confidence, that the Battle had been joined, and victory, hard-fought and hard-won, would be theirs. He looked in the back of the panel van, with all of their worldly possessions in it. The Unspoken Question was addressed to his family. ‘Our Ancestors crossed the prairies in Conestoga wagons, or pulling handcarts, across a good bit of a continent, in the face of open hostility, and hostile attacks. We’ll do that in a week. After we get there, the Real Work begins.”

      There’s an idea for you – “The Long, Cold Winter.”

      Start where you are, but get started, and send some money regularly to support counter-currents!

      What’s In YOUR future? Focus Northwest!

  4. Van Doren
    Posted July 9, 2011 at 3:28 pm | Permalink

    Finally, the Fairest Ones’ attitudes about sexuality, including their exaggerated horror of homosexuality, have much more to do with the Black Book of the Evil Ones than with our own authentic history and culture.

    This isn’t necessarily true. See Tacitus on the ancient Germans’ attitudes.

    There do seem to be figures in the hard right blogosphere, such as James J. O’Meara and others, who maintain this view, aggressively at times. I have nothing against such views or such figures, but I don’t think it’s as clear cut as they maintain. I don’t think it’s wholly due to the influence of “the Black Book of the Evil Ones.” And even if it partly is due to its influence, it isn’t necessarily negative nor necessarily incongruous with “our own authentic history and culture.” One can find admonitions against race-mixing, for example, in “the Black Book.”

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted July 9, 2011 at 4:12 pm | Permalink

      Yes, but besides Tacitus, who else? And Tacitus certainly did not leave or describe a tradition that is still alive. But the Black Book still grips the minds of most of our people, even those who think they have rejected it.

      Ultimately, the norms of an emancipated white society must be dictated by nature, not merely by religion or ancient historical reports, whether they are ours or others’. Clearly the heterosexual couple has to be considered the norm for any society that wishes to have a future.

      But nature distributes traits along bell curves, which means that there will always be outliers who are not normal. People understand that instinctively and think little of it, unless their minds have been filled with religious taboos and the attendant forms of hysterical social conformism, contrived public declarations of conformity, shunning, witch hunting, etc.

      We do not react in exaggerated horror when we see unusually tall or short people, for instance, but only because we have not been taught from infancy to think that such people are an offense to some God.

      Norms are ideals, which implies that some people will not meet them. And the only way to maintain norms is to accept that fact. The idea that everyone needs to be normal leads to two forms of insanity: (1) kill all the abnormal people, or (2) tear down all the norms so everyone can feel good about himself. Both paths ultimately lead to nihilism, the first by way of disgust, the second directly.

      • Van Doren
        Posted July 9, 2011 at 9:53 pm | Permalink

        Not every trait has a normal distribution. The number of limbs, or eyes, for example.

        It really isn’t comparable to something like variation in height. It isn’t “natural” in that way. It’s more like geese flying north for the winter. Every phenomenon that occurs or appears in nature is, in a sense, “natural.” Though that isn’t the usual connotation of the word, which tends to mean something like “normal” or “common.”

        A possible natural analogue might be some of the castes in eusocial species:

        Its cause or origin is still a mystery of course, but if it has evolved as a result of eusociality, or if it is an indication of a movement towards eusociality, it isn’t clear why “the heterosexual couple has to be considered the norm for any society that wishes to have a future.” If “the norms of an emancipated white society must be dictated by nature,” why not a eusocial nature, if that indeed is or will become “normal”? Artificial wombs and other means of non-heterosexual reproduction are not far off as technical means.

        If it’s simply a practical matter, a necessity “for any society that wishes to have a future” since it (heterosexuality) is currently the only viable technology for reproduction and thus for replicating the society in the future, why not just use technologies for non-heterosexual reproduction once they become available?

        • Greg Johnson
          Posted July 9, 2011 at 11:05 pm | Permalink

          I misspoke when I used the “bell curve” idea. It is far too specific. I should have said that nature distributes traits unequally in the most general sense possible.

          Whatever the origins of people’s sexual “orientation,” they are clearly not all normal in terms of the criterion of passing on their own genes, although even people who do not have children still have “genetic interests” in their extended racial family and its survival.

          The heterosexual family is not merely a “technology” for reproduction, but also for child-rearing and education.

          • lena
            Posted July 10, 2011 at 12:36 am | Permalink

            Nature by the very construction of a penis and it’s ejaculation demands that a child be born. All there is in reality is man and woman. It is a rejection of nature, and a persons own disgust, selfish insanity, social engineering or whatever that defies its natural purpose on this earth. We are sexual creatures here to breed unless we are called to God, then we are pure, purified by Grace. If one was not meant to breed one would not be born with the package to do so. Homosexual men are not eunuchs, they are not differently constructed by nature from other males as you suggest, they are just men. They are sexual creatures defying nature, not embracing it. My attitude about homosexual men comes from love not hate, not social taboo engineering, Jesus or anything else. I want most of them to breed. I meet a beautiful man, I imagine him with a baby – that is natural, embracing and loving not ugly witch hunting. I would be so upset, so totally beside myself if one of my son’s became “gay.” I will guilt him into giving me a grandbaby, (a white one that looks like me) and it will work or I would threaten suicide. Yes, really.

            • Posted July 10, 2011 at 1:37 am | Permalink

              Lena, If you want a hetero child, all you have to do is to make sure he has a robust image of a caring, sane and virile father. Also, what we need is an ethno-state with several classes of citizenship. A healthy childrearing within benign social pressures in the future ethno-state can do the trick for your family. On the other hand, I know that abusive mothering can drag the child toward unexpected defense mechanisms, including homosexuality. The child avoids the female symbol as a way to avoid the mother and transfers his erotic drive onto people of the same sex. I could expand on this issue. However, with the exception of a couple of articles, I usually avoid talking about homosexuality in the blogs’ threads.

  5. Euromike
    Posted July 10, 2011 at 9:27 am | Permalink

    I just ordered the book and I’m looking forward to reading it. Mr. O’Reilley’s essays are great.

  6. Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted July 10, 2011 at 2:52 pm | Permalink

    Greg Johnson:

    I will not soon be forgiven for claiming that a group of Tolkien fanatics who decide to breed a super-race of elves has a greater chance of preserving the white race than the current White Nationalist movement with its mighty arsenal of bell curves, pie charts, darky stories, and nostalgic pining for Jim Crow, the Third Reich, the Confederacy, or still more distant times. I think I have found a kindred spirit in Farnham O’Reilly.

    (1) Never care what Losers think of you. At best, they are jealous. At worst, they will try to destroy you because if you are correct in the slightest, then all they have built their lives upon is seen as tragic, bitter failure – a good description of most of them, that! They will then try to destroy you. Dump Those Losers! See Revilo Olivers comments on how WNism lost fifty years – and THAT was written in 1969, with the “National Youth Alliance” offered as hope. Again, Covington has it right – “The past has failed. We must Do Better, and focus on the future.”

    (2) This has more in common than many might think with S. M. Stirling, the science fiction writer. Stirling’s forte is “military sci-fi,” but the Domination series – the story of the Draka, people who made Nietzsche look like Mary Poppins – is a fascinating tale of Racial “dystopia.” It’s dystopic because the Loyalists (18th Century), Confederate Remnant (19th Century), and NSDAP Germany types (20th Century), consciously formed a Racially Conscious Community, with eugenics running full-title, both socially and personally. Think of Tolkein with a Blood, Fire and Steel Technocracy, building spacecraft and a better breed of Humanity. (Yes, Stirling has lesbian Valkyries in his books – most of them, come to think of it – but sex is seen as a casual means to an end, whereas having and raising children is the most important single factor in the social system. Having and raising children is NOT left to chance in the world of the Domination.)

    Ecology is honored in the Domination; what we made into wastelands simply do not exist in their alternative timeline. They practiced, as did the NSDAP to the extent possible, true ecological economics (see Herman Daly for more on this discipline), and a focus on the State as a tool for protecting and developing the Race, with a transcendent focus on all matters.

    In Stirling’s world of the Domination – and hopefully, O’Reilly’s Hyperborea – Tolkein’s elves would all watch “Fight Club,” and take notes. “Want the Ring? Want the Ring? Here’s the Ring, right down on the bar here behind me. You want it? You have to come through me. Come on! Come get some!”

    Oh, Yes!

    We’re Going To Win.

    What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

    • Rudolf Wallace
      Posted July 12, 2011 at 8:49 pm | Permalink

      The Draka have no loyalty whatsoever to the Aryan race; in fact, they force
      race-mixing between their Aryan and their non-Aryan subjects, just as
      the Jews do.

      The central character of Under the Yoke is a bi-sexual bitch who
      prefers sexual intercourse with women. She is among the Draka who
      are lording it over the natives in France. When her troops capture
      the ragged, starving insurgents who attacked her convoy, she
      derives exquisite pleasure from viewing the execution of the captives,
      which is performed in this manner: the men’s hands are bound behind
      their backs; stout, sharpened stakes are implanted in the ground;
      the nude men are lifted and then lowered on the stakes, which penetrate
      the rectum and the vital organs, while the men scream in agony.

      In Finland, one of her relatives leads a military unit which
      captures one of the rebels, a blond teenager. Thinking that
      the boy can be broken and persuaded to divulge information
      about his cohorts, the Draka gives the Finn to a homosexual Turk
      for the night.

      I am not exaggerating a bit when I say that I honestly believe
      that one who can enjoy reading novels like this is very far
      from being a normal Aryan.

      • Fourmyle of Ceres
        Posted July 12, 2011 at 10:44 pm | Permalink


        Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

        Stirling is a skilled, prolific writer of “military” s.f., and has dealt with all manner of Racial issues with several societies. He has often stated that the Draka universe is a dystopia – except, of course, for the Draka.

        Their conception of the Race basically starts with what we consider to be “Aryan” as a baseline, the living foundation of a Better Race. Thus, by the time they get to “Drakon,” all manner of subtle enhancements have occurred to Draka DNA over generations; what takes tens of millenia in our world takes decades in theirs.

        Tanya von Shrakenburg, the fictitious character you refer to, prefers sex with women; bluntly, so do a lot of women. One of the more interesting facts of what The Pill has brought is a sharpening of the cleavages (*ahem!*) between man and woman. Bluntly, women have always been taught to see sex as a means to an end, while men have been taught to see sex as an end unto itself. Someone is buying “sex toys,” a market so strong even chose to get into it – so to speak!

        Her identification with the Race, and the State, means an attack on one is an attack on all that is good, pure and right in the world, and her Family. The impalement – a system used to great effect by the Roman Empire, and others since – is an extreme case. It worked, for a limited purpose. Remember, the Draka live on the knife’s edge that, say, the White South African’s did. The White South African’s developed tolerance, and equality, towards the locals. After Mandela passes on – and he was in the hospital for some time last year – life for those Whites who remain in South Africa will be nasty, brutish, and short. Hence, the new Boertrek, to Georgia (as in S.S.R), fleeing with their skills, their dreams, their Families, and their lives. The logical step for the Draka would be automation on a vast scale, and control of breeding. Look at the all the reports of the “carrying capacity” of the planet of 500,000,000 people – the rest being useless eaters. See any foreshadowing in the world Stirling describes, and ours, to come? How do you RULE such a social order?

        As to Eric von Shrakenburg’s handing of the insurgent to the Turk, let’s not forget what happens all too often, in the American prison system. The Turks did pretty well on the empire front themselves, if memory serves, and I believe they are rebuilding it, in harmony with New Russian plans.

        What you are describing are two paragraphs repeat TWO PARAGRAPHS in a three volume series written by an astute student of military and political affairs. You remain silent on answering The Question my professors asked on their examinations, dealing with historical crises – “What would YOU do, what would be the basis for YOUR counterfactual, what would be the goals, and why would you chose them over other goals? Ninety minutes, Ladies and Gentlemen. Good luck.”

        If you do not want to make choices based on one set of values, you allow another set of values to triumph; triple bottom line accounting versus Bitterfields, Geneva versus Haiti, Berlin 1938 versus Stalin’s Moscow, Northwest Republic versus the America That Is Mexico With Snow.

        I would like to address one point you made:

        I am not exaggerating a bit when I say that I honestly believe that one who can enjoy reading novels like this is very far from being a normal Aryan.

        Suvorov says Stalin wrote 13 densely written books of analysis and commentary. I am not aware of even one being translated into English. Think they might be insightful guides to how someone thinks?

        What we can do is look from what is before us, and “adopt and adapt” the best, abandoning the rest. We must also learn to look into the Abyss without fear, as it will reflect the Darkness in our own souls, and we can work with that, transforming it from demon to servant angel.

        I think this is part of the failure of most self-identified White Nationalists; they are afraid to learn from the Past, and apply it to themselves, and the future. They have been indoctrinated into loathing “power” for themselves, as “it corrupts.” But it doesn’t. The Use Of Power Is The Test Of Character. Transformed, it enhances effectiveness for you, your Family, your Nation and your Race. And, as Sterling implies, someone always has power, someone is always using power, and the nature of power is always changing to meet the needs of the Cultural Moment – the test of effectiveness.

        It’s a test we seem to be failing, for the moment. Hence, my great admiration for Harold Covington, who realizes we have all been indoctrinated into being Charlie Brown, the victim of Master Sergeant Thomas James Ball’s Second Set of Books, which are applied to him without him being remotely aware of them.

        Charlie Brown is a LOSER. Lucy has best hope he never watches “Fight Club,” and then read the Draka series, or even Book II of “Mein Kampf.”

        Finally, as for being a “normal Aryan,” I would rather be better than normal, particularly given what “normal” has become.

        The first step, of course, is to send money to counter-currents, regularly.

        What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

        • White Republican
          Posted July 13, 2011 at 4:44 am | Permalink

          “Suvorov says Stalin wrote 13 densely written books of analysis and commentary. I am not aware of even one being translated into English.” That comment was remarkably naive. Stalin’s writings were translated into English and doubtless many other languages. After all, Stalin was the head of a communist empire and the object of a personality cult. His collected works can be found on the internet.

        • Fourmyle of Ceres
          Posted July 13, 2011 at 3:09 pm | Permalink

          White Republican:

          Thanks for the heads-up. I was quoting from Suvorov, but that was from when there was a Soviet Uunion. On the other hand, I’ve read much more Harold Covington that I have Stalin, and believe I am a much better man for it.

          I think “Hyperborean Home” ties in very well with the metapolitical project that is at the heart of counter-currents. My citations from the Draka Trilogy (“The Domination),” and “Drakon,” all tie back to my theme that much better is possible, and, in fact, is our Duty to those who came before us, and those who will come after – our Ancestors, who created and sustained Western Civilization, and our Posterity, who will have to build greater Bridges, guided by, reaching for, and building to the day they walk Among The Stars.

          As for building the Bridge, sending money to counter-currents regularly is singularly effective.

          What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

      • Fourmyle of Ceres
        Posted July 12, 2011 at 11:57 pm | Permalink

        Rudolf (2):

        Quick questions: If you wrote a letter to your Posterity from the year 2050, what would it say? What would the world outside your bedroom windows look like? What would you have done to make it a better world? Do you think no one wants to answer this question at length becaue it is too terifying to consider?

        Stirling’s works of fiction open us to the futures we choose to create, by our indifference to Racial thinking. Is the impalement forced on the handful of the rebellious by the Draka any worse than the execution by starvation of the people of the Ukraine in the Thirties? Really? Is creating and joining the meritocratic Elite of the Draka a better choice for your grandchildren than being second class citizens in a Second World country, where your daughters are groomed to whore out for survival and social approval, and your sons are hunted like the geldings they are, prey for the predators, the chavs, and the flash mobs? Is the assertiveness and disciplined training of the Draka better for our Children than the soft gelding that is turning them into impotent Eloi before our very eyes?

        Given what we have allowed Others to create and use to control us, can you honestly say anything other than we have a Duty to Do Something about this, something intelligent, disciplined, focused, and of such scope that it requires a multigenerational focus?

        We have chosen the Soft Path of Cowardice, being rational with the irrational, sheep arguing with wolves about moderation in all things, and slowly seeing all we have developed being handed to people not competent to run shoe shine stands, much less a technological economy.

        Read “Drakon,” particularly the section where Gwendolyn opens a flat sheet of black plastic, and shows the world the Draka created, versus the world we allowed our Enemies to create, and control. Alternatively, imagine the world if Uncle Adolf had captured the British Expeditionary Force at Dunkirk, and followed the advice of his generals, taking Moscow and controlling the Soviet Union in a few months, at the most. Is success too much to consider? Have you been so demoralized by the century-long efforts of the Adversary?

        Disciplined, focused efforts are the necessary (not sufficient!) elements of success. A metapolitical focus is necessary.

        What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

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