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A Letter from a Colorado Supermax

1,633 words

Matt Hale
The Racial Loyalist Manifesto
CreateSpace, 2016

Greg Johnson’s White Nationalist Manifesto (2018) is a big hit. It remains in the top ranks of the Political Philosophy category at Amazon. According to the publisher, it is selling “like gangbusters.” After reading this book, I decided to take a look at Matt Hale’s work with a similar name, The Racial Loyalist Manifesto, to see how the two books compare. Matt Hale is the successor to Ben Klassen, the founder of the pro-white religion often called the Creativity Movement. Today, he is in prison.

In looking over Matt Hale’s career – that is to say, looking over his career as described by terribly hostile sources – I am quite certain that the two of us might have crossed paths at some point. Hale is from East Peoria, a nice town built upon the rich soil of northern Illinois. Nonetheless, I’d never heard of Hale until the after the national news reported that a federal judge’s mother and husband had been murdered. In the wake of the horrible slayings, the media went on a frenzy, blaming Hale’s followers for the killings, given that the judge in question had presided over a legal case against Hale’s organization, the World Church of the Creator, and Hale himself was then on trial for having allegedly solicited an undercover FBI agent to kill the judge (he was subsequently sentenced to forty years in prison for this). By that time, I was redpilled and suspected that Hale and his disciples were not really involved. When an immigrant turned out to be the culprit, and later that same year, blacks (ironically) burned down parts of Toledo, Ohio to protest a neo-Nazi-led protest march against black crime, I decided that those like Matt Hale had a point, and that I needed to do something for my race. But going on some sort of hopeless, violent revolutionary crusade was out of the question for me. (I wasn’t to discover Counter-Currents until many years later.)

Although it is highly likely he was railroaded based on the testimony of an FBI informant and agent provocateur, nevertheless, Hale’s pro-white activism is more of an example of what not to do. He became active in the late 1980s, at a time when Americans who had been alive during the Second World War, but who were too young to have served in it, were at the height of their social power. This generation, often called the “Silent Generation,” fully believed the story of the war as described in pro-Jewish metapolitical narratives like the 1988 War and Remembrance and the 1978 Holocaust. As a result, the northern Illinois establishment moved against Hale as though he were Satan himself. When Hale burned an Israeli flag, he was arrested for violating open-flame laws; when he distributed fliers, he was fined for littering. Hale was simply too young and naïve to resist the establishment.

His activism at this time can be compared to a reckless frontal attack upon the strongest points of his enemy’s defenses. White Nationalism is a small movement, and that movement is the designated devil figure for American society’s official religion. In this religion, Americans are all J-Left Negro-worshippers. The Jews who died during the Second World War are this religion’s crucified Christ.[1] Auschwitz is its Calvary Hill. In this view, protections under the First Amendment don’t apply to pro-white protests, unless one has a considerable amount of time and money to get one’s case through the courts.

Additionally, Hale did several imprudent things in his youth, such as attacking a mall cop. As Massad Ayoob has written concerning the self-defense laws, how one gets into the “The System” of criminal justice matters. Once in “The System” as an offender, one is stuck there. When the State of Illinois denied his license to practice law, it had a case – Hale had actual arrests that they could point to as a rationale. Again with the frontal attack – why didn’t Hale get a law license in Wisconsin or Iowa first? Thus, when one of Hale’s followers went on a shooting spree, it was only a matter of time before he himself would be imprisoned.

Greg Johnson’s White Nationalist Manifesto (2018) is the best work explaining White Nationalism that I’ve read. It is much like David Duke’s Jewish Supremacism (2007), or non-White Nationalist Peter Brimelow’s book about immigration that touches on pro-white themes: Alien Nation (1995). These three books are similar in that they explain complex problems and high concepts in simple terms that can be understood by many. By contrast, Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy was written on a much higher level – high enough that I suspect more people have claimed to have readhis Culture of Critique (1998) than have actually read it.

The Racial Loyalist Manifesto reads like a religious text. When I started it, I was reminded of the Bible’s Book of Psalms or the Sermon on the Mount. Hale has a different message from the Bible, but the cadence and rhythm of this book feels like that of a sermon. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Matt Hale is first a reverend. And there are a number of things which Hale writes in it that are also mentioned in The White Nationalist Manifesto and other writings that have appeared at Counter-Currents.

Regarding Capitalism

Matt Hale:

It is raceless capitalism that is responsible for the bringing of the black race to the American shores through the African slave trade. It is raceless capitalism that brought the non-white races into Europe by the millions after the Second World War.[2]

We will serve no economy. Rather the economy will serve ourselves.[3]

Greg Johnson:

. . . [W]e are more than consumers. We have families, friends, communities. Or we should have them.[4]

Regarding an Ethnostate

Matt Hale:

In other words, the other races cannot be included in the White political community without destroying the very purpose of that political community: the best interests of our White people. After all, if a political community is incapable of protecting the best interests of one’s own people, it is of little worth.[5]

Greg Johnson:

White Nationalism simply means the right of all white peoples to sovereign homelands.[6]

Regarding Conservatives

Matt Hale:

Conservatism is thus a needless distraction at best, a sepulcher at worst. Our values must serve our race, not our race our values. Neither “left” nor “right” but White is the issue.[7]

Greg Johnson:

Second, to escape from the charge of identity politics, conservatives insist that their goal is not to conserve a particular people—Americans, Germans, etc.—but rather to promote a list of abstract values. These values, moreover, are supposedly universally valid, which means that they should appeal equally to people of other races and nations. This leads to the absurd conclusion that if Americans were completely replaced by Mexicans, this would be a triumph of conservatism as long as the new bronze nation professed belief in “el Sueño Americano.” (That’s “the American Dream” to you gringos.)[8]

Some of What is Different

There are also some considerable differences between Hale and Johnson’s ideas. Hale endorses something of a White Imperium – a unified political body under a unified ideology. Hale writes:

. . . [N]o nation of the White Race can be allowed to come before the survival of the White Race as a whole. No branch of a tree (the nation) can be more important than the tree (the race) itself. True national (ethnic) pride is good but never with the result of harm to the greater White Race itself. We Racial Loyalists thus reject the term ‘nationalism’ in favor of Racial Loyalty and it is long overdue that all those who are actually Racial Loyalists do the same. ‘Nationalism’ only confuses the true issue: whether our race will live or die.[9]

Johnson’s ethnostate takes into account the very real differences between white ethnic groups. His idea is something like small nations grouped together in mutual defense organizations. To get a clear view of his ideas, or about similar ones from others, one can read articles here at Counter-Currents about independence movements in Scotland, England, and Catalonia, and there is an in-depth discussion on the matter here.

The White Nationalist Manifesto is a much easier read than The Racial Loyalist Manifesto. Greg Johnson’s ideas are designed to take people from where they are now toward understanding and supporting the idea of a white ethnostate and White Nationalism. Matt Hale’s manifesto is more for after the revolution. It is so dense that, theoretically, a preacher in the distant future could take some verses out of one chapter and speak on them for an hour.

So what to do about Matt Hale, who has been unjustly imprisoned for more than a decade, and will likely be kept there for many more years? It doesn’t seem that there is much that can be done in the short term. President Trump could commute his sentence after his second term starts, given that FBI Informants are often dishonest people seeking to railroad someone; after all, the FBI has been attempting to do the same to him.

But it is unlikely that freeing Matt Hale will be taken up as a cause in the short term. The risks would be quite steep, and in any event, White Nationalists don’t yet have the clout to get him a pardon or an early release. The best way to free Matt Hale is to continue doing what we are doing: being good citizens and working to change society through metapolitics.


[1] At least according to one denomination of this religion. Other denominations have Martin Luther King, Jr. as their Christ.

[2] Hale, The Racial Loyalist Manifesto, Kindle Loc. 626.

[3] Hale, Kindle Loc. 653.

[4] Greg Johnson, “5 to 9 Conservatism.”

[5] Hale, Kindle Loc. 548.

[6] Greg Johnson, The White Nationalist Manifesto (San Francisco: Counter-Currents Publishing, 2018), Kindle Loc. 104.

[7] Hale, Kindle Loc. 459.

[8] Johnson, Kindle Loc. 527.

[9] Hale, Kindle Loc. 314.


  1. Richard Edmonds
    Posted October 25, 2018 at 6:16 am | Permalink

    Request to Morris V. de Camp: You write, “Nonetheless, I’d never heard of Hale until the after the national news reported that a federal judge’s mother and husband had been murdered. In the wake of the horrible slayings, the media went on a frenzy, blaming Hale’s followers for the killings, given that the judge in question had presided over a legal case against Hale’s organization, the World Church of the Creator, and Hale himself was then on trial for having allegedly solicited an undercover FBI agent to kill the judge (he was subsequently sentenced to forty years in prison for this). By that time, I was redpilled and suspected that Hale and his disciples were not really involved. When an immigrant turned out to be the culprit…”

    Unfortunately it is not possible to access the Chicago Tribune website here in the UK, so could you please tell us more about the immigrant who turned out to be the culprit, that is, who was found to be guilty of the murders.

    I have followed the case of Matt Hale, locked up at Colorado Supermax, with a lot of sympathy and I would like to learn more.

    • Morris V. de Camp
      Posted October 25, 2018 at 2:27 pm | Permalink

      The immigrant had several names, one was Bart A. Ross the other was Bartilomiej Ciszewski. He was Polish and committed suicide shortly after the murders.

      He was mentally ill. He became angry with Judge Lefkow due to a his lawsuit involving medical malpractice.

      Any rate, a key idea of the “radical right” is that immigration policy as currently constructed is unfiltered. Any nut can come to America, blast away in the courts, and then kill a Judge’s husband and mom execution style.

      Another article is here:

  2. The prophet
    Posted October 25, 2018 at 11:11 am | Permalink

    Being “good citizens” while Western civilization collapses around us, is how we got where we are in the first place. Political & metapolitical talking clubs couldn’t prevent Cultural Marxism from devouring cultures during the 1960s and it won’t prevent Whites from becoming a persecuted minority in their own countries in the not so distant future.

    Sure, we may have gained some territory in recent years, but that’s but a traction of the territory we’ve lost ever since Joe McCarthy fell from grace and his righteous attempts to stop Cultural Marxism from subverting mainstream culture went into history as a hysterial, irrational witch hunt.

    If we keep being “good citizens” in an increasingly degenerate society, our attempts to “red pill” / “black pill” the masses will gradually fade into history the moment the Internet becomes sufficiently locked down, either to be forgotten or to go the way of McCarthyism : the embodiment of intollerance and ignorance of our era.

    Being “good citizens” when the need for revolutionary action is greater than ever, is precisely how the forces of evil will win. It is precisely how they will succeed in erasing White man from this planet, along with the history records that speak of his existence. Being “good citizens” means doing nothing!

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    — Edmund Burke

    • Morris V. de Camp
      Posted October 25, 2018 at 2:33 pm | Permalink

      When Edmund Burke wrote that, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” he was mostly propagandizing about the French Revolution.

      What he really should have said is, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do the wrong thing.” An error in judgement in such circumstances is worse than doing nothing.

      “Good citizens” become judges.
      “Good citizens” sit on juries.
      “Good citizens” have young men emulate them.
      “Good citizens” influence society.

  3. Ethno
    Posted October 25, 2018 at 1:09 pm | Permalink

    >>(…) one can read articles here at Counter-Currents about independence movements in Scotland, England, and Catalonia, and there is an in-depth discussion on the matter here.<<

    Indeed one can. This has been one of the very few mistakes of Greg Johnson over the years, and one of the very few times RS clearly beat him. It is always a mistake to step out of the realms of what you know and the topics you master only to wander in areas you don't understand at all, misinformed and badly counseled by strangers over the internet, opinionated for no good reason, picking up the worst possible examples to illustrate his theory, which as a result ends up sounding suspicious and unconvincing. Those days he lost both money and potential contacts, and deservedly so.

    It was simply beyond the realm of his knowledge and human experience. To decide what's a nation and what not. To pick sides with the antifa and the worst crony capitalists. To have in front of his eyes the clear vision of #ourguys standing up against the side he ignorantly chose and to double-down in his error.

    During those days he showed he was too american to know what's a real nation. Worst of everything else were the double standards and intellectual dishonesty. You can not defend one thing for Spain or France and exactly the opposite in Italy and Germany, when facing the same scenario, just because well… They're Italy and Germany. The nations of Benito and Adolf. Regardless of becoming nation-states only by the very end of the nineteenth century. So much so that that Nietzsche himself joked about the german unification and wrote about it as something "plebeian".

    Greg should live for a period in, let's say, Bavary, and talk (in the regional dialect) to some of the Good Ol' Boys of the place to discover what they really think about other germans, or if they consider themselves german in the first place. Or he can travel north and ask there for the opinion regarding the South, or Austria.

    Italy? That's ten times worse. Ten times, not kidding.

    Nevertheless, for any half-cultivated person, the notion of Venice as 'not italian', just like Brittany regarding France or Bavary with regard to Germany is totally nuts. Ridiculous. A joke. What's next, Saint Petersburg as a non-russian 'oppressed nation'?

    Greg, just like some americans, has this utterly abstract and voluntarist understanding of what is a nation. He cannot help it. It's like reading about making love or really making it. It's simply a totally different thing. Either you lived it, or you don't. I was fortunate enough to be raised in a 99.8% homogeneous european nation, old as fuck, where the concept of 'race' was alien and never thought of just because it was so totally unnecesary. And the feeling of just being at fucking home wherever you were. And the feeling of that being just the way things are, because of course. 90% of americans don't know what I'm talking about. Greg is part of that 90%, sadly.

    At the very least he should try not to lump together different places and scenarios. Are we going to put Lombardy and Ireland circa 1900 in the same league? Scotland and Catalonia? Corsica? Is this a joke? Are we clowns?

    A theory so crude and egalitarian as to pack all these situations together is not only false (obviously), but also dangerous. Terribly dangerous. These over-arching and reductionist theories end up piling up thousands of white dead bodies in civil wars between literal cousins.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted October 25, 2018 at 2:12 pm | Permalink

      I’m approving this comment because I am a connoisseur of jaundiced rants by paranoids. I love it when lunatics act patronizing.

  4. 21st Century WN
    Posted October 25, 2018 at 2:05 pm | Permalink

    Matt Hale and his crazed World Church of the Creator never had a chance to succeed.

    It reeked of costume Neo-Nazism, with its thinly-disguised flag that mimicked both the colors and the basic design elements of the Nazi flag, its uniformed rank-and-file members, and Hale himself, prancing about in a leather trench-coat ala Heinrich Himmler. It was LARPing writ large.

    His “church” attracted mentally unstable people like Benjamin August Smith, crazed killer who “did it all for Hale”. Okay, one point for loyalty, but minus two million for sheer idiocy. The Feds always believed Hale was in on the killings anyway (at least as a planner) and that’s why they sent in FBI informant Tony Evola to nail Hale to the jail cell – sans bail. Oh, well. But talk about irony. Evola was Hale’s “Chief of Security” and yet he was the biggest breach of security in Hale’s entire outfit! Yet Matt Hale never bothered to dig into Evola’s background and because he didn’t he’s now serving four decades in a negro rape cage waiting to die.

    Hale, in the end, represented Stone Age white nationalism – from the era of Rockwell, Pierce, Metzger, Duke, and, of course, Ben Klassen. Bereft of ideas, all of these individuals simply created crude imitations of Hitler’s Third Reich that mostly misfits gave allegiance to. Hale, despite being intelligent, could not see a truly 21st century path toward victory unless he was sieg heiling this and that ever other minute. As such, he place a target on his back – and got “shot” – all the way into a Supermax Prison.

    Let us silently bury Matt Hale and the failed era of white nationalism to which he belonged. His ideas about white nationalism are antiquated, and are best forgotten. As for Hale himself, he will, just like Edgar J. Steele, die in prison…

    • Morris V. de Camp
      Posted October 25, 2018 at 2:29 pm | Permalink

      I don’t entirely agree with what you are saying, the system is unjustly rigged against us and not all of those people were justly tried and convicted – but I did say Matt Hale’s activism was an example of WHAT NOT TO DO.

    • 21st Century WN
      Posted October 25, 2018 at 4:47 pm | Permalink

      TK: “Seems to me entirely likely he was railroaded for having a potty mouth.”

      Hale, in all fairness, should have gotten no more than ten years in prison. That he got four times that amount exposes a fear in the American judicial system that they must never tolerate even a whisper of anyone targeting and killing their judges – especially a federal one.

      But was Hale’s “potty mouth” the reason he got slam-dunked into a negro rape cage? No. The reason was because of spree killer Benjamin August Smith, because the Feds to the bitter end believed Hale had manipulated Smith – ala “Svengali” – into committing his murders. But when they couldn’t bring Hale down as an accomplice in the murders, they sought a different way to get him. Enter stage right: Tony Evola. Evola was to implicate Hale in ordering the murder of Judge Lefkow, by hook or by crook. When Evola asked Hale if Lefkow should be “taken out”, Hale muttered the words that were destined to send him to 40 years of bar-clanging, fart-smelling, negro rape cage Hell – “Whatever you want to do, basically.”

      To the Feds, that was a sanction for murder, and that’s when they sprung a legal steel trap on Hale. Caught like a squirming rat, the once mighty “Pontifex Maximus” never had a chance. Even so, Hale – as an attorney – never once spoke out and defended himself in court, instead allowing a two-bit, incompetent crank attorney totally f*ck up his case. And Matt Hale paid a very serious price for that.

      In the end, Hale was a glory-hound, vain and conceited, hungry for media attention much like Richard Spencer and Matt Heimbach later on. It’s a modern WN tragedy, to be sure. Hale was never meant to be a leader, but he could’ve been a competent follower, taking orders from those who were his betters. Like another attorney, Edgar J. Steele, Matt Hale overrated his value in the context of the great white nationalist movement. Now, he’s nothing more than a footnote to the failure of Stone Age white nationalism….

    • BroncoColorado
      Posted October 26, 2018 at 7:59 am | Permalink

      Ok, the ‘Stone Age WN’, is now in the past, and we need at least to move forward to the WN equivalent of the Iron Age. So, what in your opinion should be the qualities of WN fitting for the hi-tech 21st century world??

      • 21st Century WN
        Posted October 26, 2018 at 12:45 pm | Permalink

        “Ok, the ‘Stone Age WN’, is now in the past, and we need at least to move forward to the WN equivalent of the Iron Age. So, what in your opinion should be the qualities of WN fitting for the hi-tech 21st century world??”

        A number of things, many of which have been proposed and discussed by others in the alt-right/WN movement. Among them:

        1 – Complete elimination of all Third Reich flags, symbols, uniforms, memes, etc. (think Jeff Schoep’s NSM)

        2 – Complete elimination of all KKK flags, symbols, robes & hoods, memes, etc (think any KKK group today)

        3 – Willingness to completely ostracize all those who refuse to eliminate these practices (sounds “cruel” but it’s necessary)

        4 – Establishment of WN headquarters, with a permanent paid staff of at least 50. (If the SPLC can do it, why can’t we? After all, it’s our problem to figure out how to finance it. If so, what’s taking us so long?)

        5 – Leadership chosen by election among supporters in good standing – (not arbitrarily by self-anointed “leaders” like Richard Spencer, Matt Heimbach, etc)

        6 – Establishment of a nationwide network of “meeting halls” where AR/WN supporters can meet, discuss, strategize, and socialize, building strong white relationships and families. (Much like others gather for “church”, or at their local VFW clubs on the weekend, so that this weekly meeting becomes routine, productive, and desirable)

        7 – Establishment of weekend “WN schools” for our youth, where they can be taught WHY white civilization must be preserved – taught by interesting and intelligent teachers. (Think “Boys Clubs” and “Girls Clubs”, etc as the template to guide us)

        8 – Establishment of a “Breitbart News” (Whitebart?) of white nationalism, with correspondents in all major cities of the United States. With today’s inexpensive video cameras, the AR/WN movement should be able to field “reporters” within minutes of any breaking news story pertinent to our Cause. (not talking here about weekly podcasts, but actual “live” news stories that are channeled through HQ – accessible to everyone)

        9 – Establishment of an AR/WN film studio, where very low-budget white nationalist movies can be regularly produced. Even now, amazingly good full-length movies are made by high school and college students (consult YouTube) so why hasn’t this avenue been exploited? (crickets) And no, it’s not for lack of money, since extremely low-budget, well-made non-professional movies are made all the time – some sold as Direct-To-DVD on amazon,etc. (do our supporters not have any talent or initiative?)

        10 – Start producing a positive view of what white nationalism can do for white Americans. We already know what harm that negroes and mestizos are doing to America (and should keep saying so) but we have at the same time failed to demonstrate a shining vision of just what a white America would actually be like. In other words, what is the GOOD we white nationalists have to offer? Demonstrating that is the first BIG STEP toward building a “21st century white America”.

        So, what are we waiting for?

  5. Rob Bottom
    Posted October 25, 2018 at 6:55 pm | Permalink

    I first heard of this character when a couple of his followers (probably the same person) decided to post accusations of plagiarism against Greg in the comments of the review of TWNM on The Occidental Observer, presumably without having even read the book themselves. It seems likely that Hale was screwed, but his associates certainly didn’t make a good first impression on me.

    From what little I know it sounds like Hale was trying to go the Scientology route, but his was a religion built on race instead of pseudoscience and aliens. Is that correct? The shocking thing is that Scientology has been a relative success, while any attempt at a race-based white religion seems doomed to failure.

  6. Gregorian Mick
    Posted October 26, 2018 at 3:08 pm | Permalink

    ‘By contrast, Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy was written on a much higher level – high enough that I suspect more people have claimed to have read his Culture of Critique (1998) than have actually read it.’

    You can’t be serious? I’ve read the oiginal trilogy five or six times by now and the add ons a couple of times and it is a remarkably clear easy read free of academic jargon. Separation and its discontents is a masterwork. If you want a hard to read book that influenced cofc then read John Murray Cuddihy’s book about Freud etc. That had some academic jargon. Man that was slow going for me.

    • Morris V. de Camp
      Posted October 26, 2018 at 5:24 pm | Permalink

      Separation and Its Discontents is an easy read and a great book. The other two in the series are quite academic. The best book on the JQ is Duke’s book.

      • Gregorian Mick
        Posted October 26, 2018 at 7:36 pm | Permalink

        ‘The best book on the JQ is Duke’s book’ maybe for a beginner yeah precisely because Duke details all of the small contradictions and experiences that allowed him to formulate his worldview. The great thing about separation and its discontents is that it distilled the conflict between Jews and gentiles and explained the mechanics behind them. You do not need cultural knowledge to appreciate the conflict.

        The most useful part of Macdonald’s work is the chapter detailing the efforts by Jewish organisations to promote mass immigration. He encourages people to print off the chapter and discuss with others.

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