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I Keep Forgetting That I’m Not an American

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The other night I turned on Fox News and watched Bill O’Reilly’s commentary on the recent WikiLeaks exposure of classified CIA documents. For those of you living in caves, under the name “Vault 7” WikiLeaks released 7,818 web pages with 943 attachments spilling the beans on the Agency’s abilities to compromise smartphones and smart TVs, as well as web browsers and even, it seems, cars. And there is much more. I greeted this news with elation: “The bastards have been exposed!”

Imagine my shock when O’Reilly cried “treason!” “Our intelligence capabilities have been set back by decades!” he moaned. Now, I most definitely do not consider O’Reilly to be “one of us.” I am laboring under no such illusions. However, I tend to agree with him more often than not, and I find him to be one of the more intelligent commentators on TV. So I watched in consternation – and then turned to other “conservative” broadcasts (all on YouTube), waiting for somebody to gloat about the fact that the Beast 666 had been exposed and its ability to spy on us compromised. But I got nothing. And it quickly dawned on me: For all their “populism” and pro-Trumpism, these people are thoroughly identified with America – or perhaps I should say that these people are Americans. And this realization put me momentarily into confusion.

Sometimes our views get all tangled and we have to ask ourselves, what do I believe? For months now, like most readers of this Website, I’ve been all agog about Donald Trump. Now, I know that he is not one of us either. Yet he offers hope, and there is a part of us that has been secretly hoping that perhaps things can be turned around. As I wrote in my essay “After Trump” (published before the election):

For years we’ve been holding out the hope that it might be possible to fix the system, and the country. And that’s the real reason we’re so fired up about Trump, and so emotionally involved in this election. All the time we were claiming that the system cannot be fixed and must be destroyed, and that the country cannot be saved and must divide along racial lines, we’ve been secretly wishing that we were wrong, and that there might be some hope after all. There is a part of us that loves this country, for no other reason than that it is ours and it’s what we’ve always known. And the older you are, the more you feel this.

Now I find that I at least appear to be of two minds about this. I am cheering all the good that Trump is doing, and for the first time in years feeling hopeful. Yet I am also cheering when the country’s intelligence apparatus is undermined. So which is it? I am an American hoping that Trump can rescue my country? Or am I an anti-American, hoping to see the destruction of what D. H. Lawrence called “the death continent”? The dialectician in me wants to sublate this antithesis, but I find I cannot. I choose the latter. In spite of my support for Trump I do yearn for the destruction of this awful country, which should never have been in the first place.

Yes, I hear your wheels turning. I hear the pitter-patter of your little fingers racing to the comments section, satisfied you need read no further to now overcharge us for what you call your “two cents.” “That’s a contradiction!” you will cry. But it is not. As I pointed out in my essay “Trump Will Complete the System of German Idealism!”, the Donald is a World-Historical Individual. But this is NOT because he is going to “save America.” It is because he is acting as an agent of destruction. Trump is one factor among many (nevertheless, right now the leading factor) helping to bring about the end of globalism and multiculturalism. He is aware of the former, but not the latter. Trump wants to keep out illegals simply because they are illegal (and often dangerous), not because he wants to keep America majority white. At least, all signs point to this.

The liberals, on the other hand, have branded Trump an enemy of multiculturalism, a White Nationalist, a fascist, and another Hitler. In doing so, they have unwittingly forced a situation in which decent, hardworking normies are going to start questioning – more and more openly – whether multiculturalism is really a good thing; whether it’s really true that “diversity is our strength.” And those same normies – overwhelmingly white – are going to start asking why they are always being demonized, and why they don’t have just as much right as anyone else to stick up for themselves. Indeed, we already see this happening.

What will be the end result of it? No one knows, of course. It is likely that if Trump’s economic policies are successful, America is going to keep plugging away for many more years. But, as most of us agree, the country doesn’t seem sustainable in the long-term. We haven’t been this divided since the War of Northern Aggression. And race relations are abysmal. With so many whites now waking up, and feeling emboldened to at least think forbidden thoughts (thanks, again, mostly to Trump), it looks increasingly likely that the process now unfolding is not going to end with a strengthened, multicultural America in which we all live happily ever after. And, of course, from the standpoint of White Nationalism, this is a very good thing.

In short, there’s absolutely no inconsistency in a White Nationalist such as myself supporting Trump. It just depends on why. A lot of us – myself included – are being lured just a bit by the siren song of patriotism. Perhaps, our hearts are telling us, there’s hope for this country (my home, after all). Perhaps it’s even okay to feel a bit proud to be an American, now that “our guy” in the White House. (Or so we think.) It’s pretty difficult – isn’t it? – living in a constant state of rebellion against all that exists; being filled with loathing every day for your culture and the stupidity of your (hopefully curable) people. “Feeling good about the country” promises us a comforting respite from the constant state of tension that we all live in. But we’ve got to resist it. We’ve got to keep our eyes on the ultimate goal.

By all means, love Trump. But love him as an avatar of Shiva the Destroyer, not Vishnu, the god who brings order. This is not my country. I am not an American. I’ve been feeling so good since November, I have to keep reminding myself of this. So what am I? Well, I am a revolutionary. I am a man without a country. But I am not a man without a nation. And that’s the whole point. We must ruthlessly root out and suppress any part of ourselves that is consciously or subconsciously thinking in terms of what Trump can do “for America.” We must think only in terms of what he can do for our people. And in those terms, Trump is simply one major player in a process that is going to unfold over a long period of time, in unpredictable ways, and probably not without considerable violence and upheaval.

So, wake up now. We’ve had our much-needed little vacation, our little shot in the arm. It’s now time to put things back into focus and start thinking like revolutionaries again. And try saying this to yourself: “I am not an American.” Say it often. It’s quite liberating, actually.

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  1. dolph
    Posted March 15, 2017 at 6:07 pm | Permalink

    If, for example, all the races and peoples of the world who want to come to America are “Americans”, which is of course the official stance of both the pro-business right and the pro-immigrant left, then, by definition, anybody who is nativist is “anti” American.

    But! Cry the conservatives. I’m the true American. I’m white, Christian, speak English, I can trace my ancestry back generations.

    Sorry, that’s not what Americanism now is. Americanism is now a universal, dissolving, jewish/corporate non-identity. To be an American, all that means is that you live in America and engage in business – you work for and spend dollars. That’s it.

    • Benjamin
      Posted March 16, 2017 at 6:35 am | Permalink

      We are amerikaners and confederates.

  2. nineofclubs
    Posted March 15, 2017 at 11:51 pm | Permalink

    Loyalty to the Nation and loyalty to the State are two different things.

    When the state dutifully serves the nation, acts of treachery against the state could well be defined as ‘treasonous’ – as your Mr O’Reilly suggests.

    But when the state no longer serves the nation, acting to expose its excesses is anything but treasonous.


  3. Posted March 16, 2017 at 9:01 am | Permalink

    Trump has made several off-hand comments that bring joy to my heart:

    “I believe in genetics.” and “If you breed a good stallion to a good mare, you’ll most likely get good offspring.” When asked about his success, he said something to the effect that he was lucky to be born with good genes.

    Maybe I’m delusional, but I like to think he’s a closet eugenicist. I feel sure he understands about race because he’s a very smart guy.

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